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01-26-2006, 10:50 PM
EAW:WM - Full - The Warlord Mod 1.3 1/2 "Zaarin"
I added this to the MOD because of what people whished was added to it.

This mod was a great idea, props goes out to Master_Cain for making this

What's new in 1.3 1/2 from the last version:
-you will now start with 15,000 credits
-tec level 4 space station
-Added more stormtrooper squads(no u will not be able to build any squads so use them wisley, u can get troops trough out the game) IF U THINK MORE CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE PLEASE POST THEM!!!

in 1.3
-You are able to build imperial buildings and defenses.
-Troops (human) scale and mobility has been improved towards realism.
-Known crashes removed.
-You are able to call down reinforcements when the planet is allowing it.
-Use your bombing runs carefully.
-Use your ground troops carefully since they are your loyal troops and the only ones who followed you in this private rebellion.

General aspects of the Mod:

-This mod is designed to be hard, challenging and fun and you start with only one planet - expanding from that one.
-Play the game as a third faction that has followed the Admiral Zarrin in his revolt against the Empire.
-Adds all existing heroes and you will have to face them all in battle. (*Kyle_Katarn, Han_Solo, Sundered_Heart, Home_One, Mon_Mothma, Piett, Mara_Jade, Grand_Moff_Tarkin, Boba_Fett, General_Veers.)
-Your action as an admiral to turn against the empire has offered you enough support from the imperial fleet at Corellia and the main space station and shipyards in that system - this will allow you to build all the imp ships and buildings.
-This uprising has created chaos in the galaxy and many rebel or imperial troops will decide to join your army in battle (*you never know)
-Tarkin and his armada is after you and you will not be a friend of the rebellion too.
-See how the galactic civil war is evolving right before your eyes and how the rebel AI battle the imperial AI as you can stop them defeating the Rebels and the Palpatine's Imps and rule the galaxy for your self.
-Your ground troops will be limited on what you start with - this is more of an imperial fleet rebellion.
-New* Be able to retreat your forces from space battles or land battles.
-New* The scale of the troops and fighters has been corrected to a more acceptable size as well as their speeds.
-New* The other factions AI will partially ignore you if you not upset them.
-New* Unit speeds have been modded towards a bit more SW movie realism.
-New* 22 planets have been enabled (*but only on with the few maps that are available in the demo)
-New* trade routes have been added.

Enjoy - Cain (*Please also give credit to NMA Nevada Modding Association http://pff.swrebellion.com/index.php?board=23.0

PS. Full play may still be required in case of bugs pls. report them to me via PM.

Download:1.3 from here

then download 1.3 1/2 from here

u need 1.3 first to play 1.3 1/2

thanku u again Master_Cain :king1:

01-27-2006, 06:43 PM
Download:1.3 from here

The link listed above is not working.