View Full Version : Help with ACE convert XWA opt to TIE Fighter opt

01-24-2001, 09:09 AM
Hi, I have the xwing collectors series (xwing, tie fighter and Xvt Flight school). All these use the XvT engine. I am trying to convert a custom XWA opt to run in TIE fighter. What I have done is as follows:

I read the XWING.OPT (a custom xwing that works fine in XWA) file into opt2prj(v1.3) and saved it
as a new .prj file (I didn't use the merge option). I then opened the xwing.prj file with
ACE_DXF (v0.4c). I can see the fully textured custom Xwing in the display of ACE. So far so good.

I now select 'save to opt' from the file menu.
It saves it without asking me anything, nothing about whether I want to save in XWA mode or XvT mode.

I took the resultant opt file and copied it into the Tie95/IVFILES folder. When I play Tie fighter the xwing shape is OK but all the textures are
messed up. The colours appear to be navy blue and
green. If I turn 3d accelleration off then the textures look better but there is still a blue shimmer on one face.

I am told that this effect oocurs when one tries to import an XWA opt into XvT. Apparently I should be able to get ACE to convert the .prj file to an opt suitable for XvT (and therefore for the graphical upgraded version of TIE fighter). How do I get ACE to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give.