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Master Kan-Maz
01-28-2006, 10:00 AM
Okay.The story is this:
Let us begin
Metal sparkled as the laser cut the door.The white troops ran to the
meditation chamber,shouting to the wookie that sit on the floor.
''Hands up'',said the squad commander.
Wookie throw his lightsaber to the floor and raised his hands.
The troops walked to the wookie slowly,with caution.
When they reached the target,the wookie rise up and turned around.
The soldiers stopped,their heads full of fear.They started to fell to the ground screaming loudly.The commander's gun flew away from his hand as the
wookie walked to him.Wookie gripped him to the air,but suddenly he let go.
''He is Force sensitive'', he said.
''Wh-what did y-you say?'',the commander mumbled.
''The Jeedais did not tell you,am I correct?'',wookie asked.
''Of what?'',commander responded with confuse.
''Oh yes,my apprentice,you can feel the Force.''
''Oh and when did I became your apprentice?'',commander asked angrily.
''Now'' wookie said,gripping him again.
The commander rose to air as he mumbled:
''Y-ye-s m-ma-master''.
The wookie let go as he walked away and the commander heared:
''Follow me.''.
The commander followed the wookie to the hall.

Did everyone catch that?

12-04-2008, 01:33 PM
read, not reviewed