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01-29-2006, 03:25 PM
I know this has been asked many times. I cannot get chris mod v4 to work I extract all the files into the correct folders and I put the swmod.exe in the correct place. Is there something I am missing, Do I need to take the contents of the Resources, XML and Scripts files out and put them in the gamedata folder or just leave them where they are. All I get when I start the demo is the same misson with the 3 planets. Any help would be great thnx.

01-29-2006, 04:10 PM
well for a start u need to use WINRAR. this acts jst like winzip. jst extract the files into the gamedata/data think anyway. u jst hav to extract the files into the data folder nd u should be done

01-29-2006, 04:34 PM
I have winrar, used it extracted all the files into the correct places and it still doesnt work.

01-30-2006, 01:21 PM
r u sure ur extractin the file into the rite place?
c drive/programfiles/lucasarts/empireatwardemo/gamedata/data?