View Full Version : A quick reminder to all

02-01-2006, 01:07 PM
Whilst I have been offline during my move, I have come back to a host of 'issues' it seems.

These forums have rules and for some, they might seem to be a little strict but for the majority everything ticks away nicely. The one thing we don't like is spam. Creating repeated threads about different Mod versions (for example) can create confusion on the boards and also can mean that some of the community miss out on the latest version.

As most of those who post have have found, its simple to edit a post with an updated announcement. We can all get excited by the Mods and those who have created them want to get them out asap for our benefit, which is great but let's stick to the process that we have here on the Lucasarts Fan Forums, which works. Over 107,000 members can't be wrong.