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Nancy Allen``
02-01-2006, 05:01 PM
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...


Vengence of the Republic

The galactic war has spread throughout the galaxy. Many worlds once safe from conflict are drawn into battle as the evil Sith seek to conquer virtually at whim with no one to lead and control them.

As Jedi are hunted down by in anger over the deaths of Darth Malak and Nihilus, many loyal to the Republic are running out of patience over the slaughter of their allies. They know that even though they have been weakened by a seemingly endless number of foes, a stand must be taken.

Hoping to aid what is left of the ailing Jedi, Republic troops are sent out to find and protect those who have gone into hiding. They will certainly play a vital role to once again bring freedom and order to the galaxy...

The Doctor
02-01-2006, 05:04 PM
Is this a fic or an RP? It's hard to tell from your post - no character sheet, no rules... could you clarify?

EDIT: By Darth Nidius, do you mean Darth Nihilus?

Nancy Allen``
02-01-2006, 05:45 PM
I do mean that. I'll clarify. This is an RPG based after The Sith Lords, and the basic storyline, for now at least, centres around the Republic trying to find and protect the remaining Jedi for conflict with the Sith, who have been on a rampage since the fall of the Dark Lords. I know it's a bad analogy, but along similar lines to how terrorists have run rampant with no countries or powers to keep them in check. Basic RP rules apply, no Godplaying, no controlling of characters used by other people. Anyone from the games can be used as you so wish, or create your own character. I'll be posting mine shortly, and if no one else wants her I'll take Juhani as well. So, feel free to post if you have anu queries, and other than that jump in and have fun.

Nancy Allen``
02-01-2006, 08:37 PM
Here's my character.


Name: Jessie Nancallen
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 33
Height: 6'3
Alignment: Republic commando, neutral


Weapons: Blaster rifle, duel lightsabers purple in color


Equipment: Zabrak Combat Suit,


Heavy Battle Armor,


Powered Battle Armor


Appearance: Tall, fair skinned with brown hair in a ponytail and silver eyes. Well muscled from her training as a soldier and commonly wearing her Republic uniform to go with her menacing scowl.


Bio: Born on Deralla and raised with the purpose of joining the fight for the Republic, Jess had trained hard in the Republic military to become a soldier, but she was not satisfied with likely being posted to ship Kolto or other menial tasks, she wanted to help in the fight against the Sith. She pushed her body beyond breaking point in order to prove she was good enough to become a commando. As well as taking on missions for the Republic, Jess takes on work of her own from chasing down slavers to picking fights with Mandalorians, her faithful T3-M4 astromech droid in tow for her adventures. She also commonly shirt fronts, flattens or punches out types such as Sith thugs.

For Jessie, the greatest danger she faces is her involvement with others that work with her. On her own her mind is focused solely on the mission. However, time and time again Jess has shown that that the more she learns of the personnel demons of her companions the more dedicated she is to slaying them. Case in point: upon learning of Xor from Juhani Jess sought to eviscerate him and every other Mandalorian she encountered, not exactly becoming of someone involved with the Jedi but in her mind justified. Despite her tough manner Jess keeps a wry sense of humor, and is surprisingly gentle with those in need. Combining strength and athleticism, Jess had learnt to both wield a lightsaber and has some resistance to force powers. As strong as she is however she is not invincible...she is not the most resilient soldier ever to walk, a strong force attack would get to her. Computers and machinery are not her friends, and she can be difficult to work with, not taking attitude from others well at all. Despite these shortcomings Jessie is considered a perfect guardian for the Jedi.


Dylan Klay
02-02-2006, 06:22 AM
nice, i'll draw up a char and apply :)

The Doctor
02-02-2006, 01:05 PM
Name: Known only as Chakotay

Age: Unkown. He appears to be in his early twenties, but his name has been known along the Outer Rim for more than forty years.

Gender: Male.

Alignment: Unknown.

Clothing: He wears strong armour, similar in appearence to that of Darth Bandon, but all silver, with silver plate mail legs instead of a skirt.

Weapons: Single bladed blue lightsaber.

Ship: The name of his ship is one of the only things about him that is known for sure. It's known as the Delta Flyer, and no ship even remotely similar has ever been seen.

Appearence: He has not been seen for months, and his appearence has been mangled and disfigured by the people speaking of his deeds, claiming that he is 7 feet tall, etc.

Bio: Not much is known of this strange man. All that is known is stories about what he has done. He something of a vigilante, appearing out of hyperspace, saving dozens, if not hundreds of lives, the jumps back into hyperspace before anybody gets a chance to thank him. He's famous for saving the crew of a Thorelian cargo vessel after it's engines began leaking toxic photoplasmic radiation, risking his ow life to do so. He wields a lightsaber, suggesting possible past affiliation with the Order. These rumours are unconfirmed.

02-02-2006, 04:15 PM
Here I am:

Name: Kaedra Ossus
Age: early twenties
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: no known occupation except for the ability to wield a blade and chop thugs into bits.

Bio: From the Avalonian system and exiled because of defying the elders of her tribe. She has been wandering beyond the Outer Rim in her stock vessel known as the Falcon's Cry, until the war with Malak and found a Grey Jedi. Against the code she learn basic training of the Jedi and continued to wander in the Outer Rim seeking out those that hunted the Jedi in hopes of trying to stop them. Some say she wields a lightsaber, others say she wields a blade that sings with a fierce glow but no one knows for sure. Where she wanders now is difficult to say but the last known location was the smuggler's moon NarShadaa aiding the refugees.

The Doctor
02-02-2006, 04:30 PM
So are we going to start, or wait for more people?

Dylan Klay
02-03-2006, 02:59 AM
Name: Hyree Bishn'al
Species: Human
Apperance: Black hair, slanted eyes, yellowish toned skin. 5'9", 175lbs.
Occupation: Adventurer

Bio: a thrill seeker, carries two blasters. He has a kind heart, does a lot for the money, but can be very picky about the jobs he takes. flies around in his ship, ADD Venture with his battle bot, Bebo.

Nancy Allen``
02-03-2006, 05:46 AM
So are we going to start, or wait for more people?

Those are good. If you think we have enough we'll start right now. I'll post for me tomorrow.

02-03-2006, 11:38 AM
How many did you want? A crew for one ship or are we going to fly in our own fighter size ships?
I'm waiting in the refugee sector for the call

The Doctor
02-03-2006, 11:42 AM
((Chakotay is going to be in his own ship, I know that much.))

02-03-2006, 02:03 PM
((Maybe Chakotay would like to meet at the Refugee Sector and have a head of juma?))

The Doctor
02-03-2006, 02:22 PM
((Sure, that works. I'm not sure if we can start or not. I'm guessing we can, sp... here goes.))

The Delta Flyer shook gently as it touched down in the refugee sector of Nar Shadaa. It's nacelles retracted into it's body. There was no visible doorway into the ship. Was it a droid of some kind?
After a moment, a shimmering blue light appeared, accompanied by a comforting buzz/whine sound. The shimmer gave way to a tall man, about six feet tall, with blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing shiny silver armour, a long cylindrical object around his belt. Making sure his weapon was secured to his belt, he walked towards the cantina, hoping for a good Tarkalian ale - he hadn't had a decent drink in months.
Walking into the cantina, he headed towards the bar. He accidentally bumped into someone.
*Sorry,* he said. He then threw his right arm around the man's neck, grabbed his blaster arm with his left, and hissed into his ear.
*Give it back,* he said.
The man did nothing for a moment, then reached into his long jacket and pulled out the long cylindrical weapon. He held it up, the business end pointing towards the floor. He grabbed it, then pushed the man away. He threw him ten credits, and said
*But yourself some decent clothes.*

02-03-2006, 04:43 PM
((Here goes nothing))

A slender, tall and willowy woman approached the man who tossed the credits. She stared and scrutinized the man as if daring him to try something. Noticing the cylindrical weapon at his belt she gave no indication at his identity but stepped closer and leaned forward and whispered softly that she almost put the man in a trance, "I've been expecting you. I am Kaedra Ossus and you are?"

The Doctor
02-03-2006, 09:35 PM
The man smiled slightly. *My name is of no consequence to you, 'Kaedra Ossus',* he said. *Perhaps you know me as Chakotay.* he pushed her away gently. *You say you've been expecting me?*

02-04-2006, 12:28 AM
"Yes I know you by reputation, that you have been wandering the galaxy helping those in need. My people are gifted with the Sight and that is why I expected you," and Kaedra paused before going on, "Your stance, your walk, everything about you tells me that you have a connection, a past."
Not saying anything more, she reached into her utility belt and pulled out a small, smoothened blue grey stone. Looking at Chakotay, she placed it in his hand saying, "I don't know why yet but I sense that the Force brought us together for a reason. Take this. In a time of need, it may help you."
The stone flashed an eight pointed stone and disappeared.

The Doctor
02-04-2006, 01:05 AM
Amol looked into her eyes. *Who are you? What is this?*

Nancy Allen``
02-04-2006, 05:45 AM
How many did you want? A crew for one ship or are we going to fly in our own fighter size ships?
I'm waiting in the refugee sector for the call

**Really whoever wants to sign up. You can have your own ship if you like or you can join up with others and have something like the Ebon Hawk. It's really up to you. My post's below.**

In the skies above the Panna colony, two Sith cruisers stood by as below the city was looted. It was clear how undisciplined and out of control they were without a Sith lord to lead them, as the soldiers who had turned to the dark side committed acts that made the commanding officer of the invasion turn away in disgust, the events unfolding before him on the viewscreens of the command deck. Even though there was little resistence the man was losing his patience.
"This is taking too long." He turned to his underlings. "Move us into position to level everything." Before anyone could protest the killing of their forces he justified his orders. "If it takes this long to take over a pathetic backwater such as this they have no right to be Sith." Most of the other officers quietly made preperations, but one disagreed with the command and quietly left his post, attempting to sneak up on his commander. As he drew near, reaching for his vibroblade, the commander turned and fired once from his blaster pistol, the ugly scorch hole burning through the officer's chest, causing him to groan and slump to the floor. Without another glance the commander looked upon the Sith on the colony, wondering if they had any idea what was coming. If anyone else had any objections to his orders they were kept quiet, in light of this display of athority. A moment later powerful laser bolts begun hammering everything that was beneath them.


As the Panna colony was ravaged by the Sith, conflict was taking place elsewhere on Dantoine. The crack and hum of lightsabers mingled with the shuffle of feet and occasional grunts and heavy breathing from exertion. The flash of blue light clashed against the purple light in a bid to slice across, but it was not easy to get past someone wielding two of the weapons, even if they were a novice. Juhani swung her weapon low, aiming for her opponent's legs. This caught her foe off guard, and the Cathar Jedi was surprised that she managed to block it's path in time. The woman she was fighting against seemed surprised as well. Juhani lunged again, this time aiming for the body and pushing against the guard. This only made the woman she was fighting against push back and shove Juhani back several feet. The woman stepped back for a moment and Juhani studied her, trying to pick out a weak point. She watched the two weapons twirl in her hands, adjusting their position and where they would guard from, and chose this moment to attack. Seemingly waiting for this, her opponent backflipped away several times causing the Jedi guardian to pause, wondering what she had in mind now. One of the sabers dragging along the ground in a shower of sparks, the woman yelled with a vicious look on her face, trying to scare the alien female. But Juhani did not intimidate easily and knew, she just knew what was coming. The purple beam arched upwards, easily deflected away by Juhani's saber, and before her foe could come down with her other hand she delivered a kick to the stomach. Her opponent tried not to look as winded as the blow made her, and Juhani actually lowerd her guard a little wondering if she was all right. The woman smiled gamely and dropped one of her sabers, reaching back for her blaster rifle and firing wildly. Her aim was poor however and Juhani had little difficulty in deflecting the laser bolts.
Oh she's good, Jessie Nancallen thought. Like most of the Jedi she'd met, Juhani proved that she barely needed her protection. Still it made her feel good to be there for them if they were attacked. Focusing back on reality, Jess dropped the rifle and lashed out with the one lightsaber, swinging with such force that even though Juhani blocked it the blade pushed down and dangerously close to her. She struggled until she suddenly felt Jess stop pushing, before swinging up. Jess jumped back to give the two of them room, before swinging her lightsaber overhead. Juhani blocked the blow and striked at Jess, her attack stopped, and back and forth they went in what looked like a dazzling, deadly ballet. One would strike, have their attack blocked and then quickly have to stop the counterattack, deflect the blow and counter. As Juhani brought her lightsaber up to block Jess pushed against her. In a flash she dropped her weapon, grabbed Juhani's arm and twisted it behind her.
"Let me go," she hissed, not expecting this and her emotions getting the better of her in the heat of the battle. Jessie leaned in closer.
"Say uncle." She twisted harder and Juhani yelped, dropping her saber before Jess released her, moving to gather up the weapons.
"That was not smart," Juhani growled, her tone dangerous. "Were this not training your actions would see you dead."
"Well it was that or fight on the river, try and toss each other into the drink." Juhani just stared at her. "Hey, c'mon," she tried to reason, "you have your force powers. I need an edge if I'm to help."
"That is foolish." Juhani stopped herself before she added pride. Jess relented and handed Juhani her lightsaber.
"You're okay? I didn't hurt you?"
"No." Her tone was softer. "I just did not expect that."
"That's the beauty of it." Jess powered down her weapons clip the two sabers onto the belt of her powered battle armor.
"You would be throwing your life away by commiting such an act." Juhani was desperately trying to get through to the woman, and was heartened that the look on her face indicated that what she was saying was getting through.
"It may look like that, I know. We're trained in that sort of thing however." Jessie shrugged. "I appreciate your concern. Now, know anywhere good we can get something to eat, or should I hunt down a Kath hound?" Juhani looked at her for a moment, wondering if Jess was having a go at the way she was when she first met Revan. "Maybe some place off world, Manaan perhaps. At least the Sith still have some semblence of control there."
"Leaving for a time would be good," Juhani agreed, "but not Manaan." Jess nodded in agreement, if there was one thing worse than the Sith it was the Selkath. Still, she shrugged at the rejection, leading the Cathar along with her.
"I thought you were into fish," she said dismissively, the double meaning of the words going right over her companion's head.

Dylan Klay
02-04-2006, 09:57 AM
Bish'nal moved through his kata with the grace and determination of the deadliest predators. His movements were sure, fluid moving in and out. His fist struck out and he breathed in deep the brisk Dantooine air as he moved into the next form. Something didn't feel right with his forms. Maybe he'd have Jessie help him out when she got back from whopping up on Juhani. She was amazing for someone who didn't touch the Force. Hopefully, she'd be in one of her good moods today.

02-04-2006, 01:43 PM
Kaedra spoke softly, "Think of it as a protection. You are gifted Chakotay, truly. It is a stone of my people. Some say it has properties I think of it as the Force. It's helped out many times."
She looked at Chakotay with a pondering look before going on, "We are needed near the Panna colony. The Sith have attacked and I sense that a Jessie Nancallen requires all the help she can get on Dantooine."

The Doctor
02-04-2006, 01:47 PM
*How do you...* he began, then saw the look in her eye. She's crazy... But he felt a compelling need to help her. It disturbed him deeply...
*Alright, we can use my ship. Let's go,* he said, leaving the cantina, abandoning his happy thoughts of a good drink, heading back to the Delta Flyer.

Nancy Allen``
02-05-2006, 01:04 AM
Jess was joking about hunting down and slaughtering a Kath hound for food. It wasn't as though she wasn't able to, Juhani knew that much. It was simply that Jess would have sensibly preferred a meal at some cantina, or raid emergency supplies before resorting to such measures. It was actually food that was the topic of their discussion as the two walked along, Jess picking at the tasty looking meat she carried in a silver tin.
"Something the Jedi might think is worth trying is sending a Padawan out on their own for a day, no food, no water, just a lightsaber to defend themselves and the robes on their back, then have some food laid out for them." Juhani resisted the urge to shake her head at something that seemed so preposterous. "I remember reading a story like that, it would help with their willpower and stamina, to be able to keep going. It may even show what type of person they are, light side and dark side and all."
"You would propose such torture?" Juhani wondered, amazed at the woman. "How would this act prove they walk the path of the light?"
"They choose not to take what doesn't belong to them. It has to do with temptation, what was the name of that story?" Jess shrugged, giving up remembering the title.
"That would go far beyond temptation. For them to deny them what they need to survive, and them expect them to pass by it is..." Juhani pondered how best to put it.
"Yeah, you're probably right," Jess agreed. "How many hundreds of years have the Jedi existed? They'd know better than I." She paused watching the training of one of the people she guessed was here in the event of a Sith attack go through his moves.
"Have you ever thought about becoming a Jedi?" Juhani wondered. "You could have gained their wisdom." Jess offered her food to Juhani, but she chose to reject it.
"Yeah, I thought about it. Still do. I think twelve year olds are considered too old though, and I'm even older than Revan when the Jedi took the former Sith Lord in for retraining, right?" Before Juhani could reply Jess quickly added "Uh, don't answer that. Anyway, I think I'm happier...no. Uh, I can help more as a soldier." Juhani wondered for a moment whether to question why she wouldn't be happy as a Jedi.
"Why do you think you would serve the Jedi better as a soldier?" Juhani asked, thinking that was the wiser of the two things to talk about.
"All you Jedi know how to swing one lightsaber more effectively than I can do two, use force powers rather than intimidation and physical force, and walk the light side better than I ever could." Juhani took in this comdemnation of herself and thought of a way to reply. "If I was a Jedi you would not be much diffirent," Jess continued around a bite of the meat and pasta she was devouring. "Change is good, as a soldier I can do things you Jedi are not, in all fairness, familiar with."
"Yes," Juhani said after a moment, "that is true." She tried not to let Jess' criticism show, but the truth was guns were not a Jedi's strong point, among other things. "But the Jedi do not require training in such areas."
"I could come in and use a saber like Exar Kun, force powers like Malek and walk the light path like Jedi Revan. Same as half a dozen Jedi, I'm sure. Look at this." She pointed at the man training hard. "I wasn't kidding in saying we train hard in this sort of thing."
"I can see that," Juhani told her. "I just wonder how much more you might be as a Jedi."
"If, if...if wishes were fishes the universe would be an ocean." With a look at Juhani she added "That's a prospect that would be particularly unappealing to you." The comment may have been in jest, but Juhani didn't find it all that amusing and took it in silence. "Well since it's not you don't have to worry about those damned Selkath," Jess offered, returning to her food and watching the man.

The Doctor
02-05-2006, 01:15 AM
Amol stepped into the docks, the Delta Flyer gleaming in the dingy docking bay.
*C'mon, the beam point is over here,* he said, gesturing towards a point a few meters away from the hull. He stood there, Kaedra right behind him. He lifted a small comlink from his belt and spoke into it.
*Two for transport,* he said. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, both of them vanished in a wisp of shimmering blue light.

*Have a seat,* said Amol, walking over to the front of the ship, sitting down at the helm station. *And prepare for takeoff.*

02-05-2006, 03:34 AM
"You think I am strange don't you," Kaedra spoke in her lilty voice to Chakotay, " I suppose you would considering that my people have spent millenia hidden from the Republic. I myself have spent the last seven years in Republic space."
Seeing that Chakotay was intent on flying the Delta Flyer she refrained from talking to him and instead pulled a small comm from her belt and spoke into it, "R4, nehat te malahat puen sutehut salhutate." (R4, take the Falcon's Cry to the spaceport Garang on Dantooine. Try not to be noticed)

The Doctor
02-05-2006, 10:39 AM
((Nice language!))

Amol listened to her speak to her droid. *You still haven't answered my question,* he said when she had finished. *Who are you? Sorry, but 'Kaedra Ossus' doesn't cut it.*

Dylan Klay
02-05-2006, 11:41 AM
Bish'nal struck again, a punch, then a leg strike about shin high. The exercise he was practicing was from a military combat style, what some called Semper Fu, a joke on the Republic Marines battle cry. The art form combined many martial arts, taken from countless worlds and adjusted as needed. It was designed to take out the majority of alien species in a quick, effective manner. Why waste the effort of a front kick to the face, if they could block that and turn it against you? Why not just bantha stomp the crap out of their shin, possible breaking it and denying them moblitity? gotta love the Marines...

Stopping for a breather and some water, he brushed some of his pitch black hair back up and over his red bandana, tied in an Oriental headband. Blinking back sweat from his coal eyes, he drained the rest of his water and reached down for his towel and shirt, fading sun sending its light upon his shimmering body.

Putting the shirt on, he reached for the rest of his robes, throwing the outer tunic and cloak over his shoulder and looking out into the Dantooine fields, grass gently swaying in the soft breeze. Maybe next time, he'd catch Jessi and get that lesson.

Moving his neck back and forth, hearing the satisfying cracks, he started back toward the Enclave.

02-05-2006, 04:15 PM
((Thanks. I just made it up using pronunciation of ancient Egyptian))

"I apologize but what do you want me to say?" asked Kaedra, "I've learned the hard way not to be so trusting about who you tell who you are."
Seeing that Chakotay was not convinced she then told about herself, "You know my name, Kaedra Ossus. I am an Avalonian from a system within the Unknown Regions of space. I served in the war against Malak after being trained in secret by a Jedi. After the war, I sought to find and protect the Jedi that were being hunted by the Exchange. For my actions I was exiled and have been wandering the galaxy just as you have.
"My people are gifted in the Force but not all are like your Jedi. Some are diplomats, some are artisans and some are teachers. Some have special abilities that are rare. What I told before, the gift of Sight, it is one such gift and is not connected in using the Force. This was the reason given to me about why my people remained hidden from the Republic for millenia. I hope that satisfies your curiousity," she ended and sat quietly studying her ship's trajectory patterns in the language of her people.

The Doctor
02-05-2006, 08:40 PM
*That's better,* said Chakotay. *Now, where are we going again?*

02-06-2006, 01:46 AM
"Dantooine," Kaedra said not looking at Chakotay and still studying her datapad. She continued, "A Force Adept named Jessie Nancallen is there with a Jedi named Juhani. I believe they may be attacked by Sith forces. Every time I concentrate on her, a shadow comes across. Besides we need her help, the Panna colony is under attack, possibly to draw out the Jedi." She became silent and closed her eyes concentrating.

Nancy Allen``
02-06-2006, 06:15 AM
Juhani had taken a moment to head to the grove where she had ran to when she believed she had slain her master, leaving Jess wanting to make the journey alone. She thought about how she felt consumed by darkness, how she had affected the Kath hounds who killed a number of people who strayed from the enclave and those she had murdered for daring to draw too close. Finding the spot where she hid, Juhani knelt down to meditate. It was the Jedi and Revan who convinced her to turn away from the path she was on, but even with the best attempts of everyone around her the Cathar questioned if she was worthy of forgiveness, of being there for her should she fall to the dark side again. With Revan gone and the rest of the people she fought with against Malak having gone their seperate ways, Juhani felt alone. There were people at the enclave of course, Belaia, and Jessie. But they did not see her the way she was, and Jessie in particular did not appear all that understanding. She knew about it and sympathised, but that lack of understanding made all the diffirence. Juhani began to wonder if anyone could truely understand, having led the life she had. Such doubt began to eat at her, and her eyes flew open, deciding that this was perhaps not the best place to reflact on such memories. Climbing to her feet, Juhani wondered about discussing her thoughts with the masters back at the enclave. It would surely help, she was sure. With a final look around, Juhani began her journey back.


Jessie was thinking about finding some quiet place to reflect upon the day's events, or whatever it was that Jedi did, when she walked past Hyree Bishn'al. She just looked at him as though in some kind of a trance, the Republic commando wondering if the fight with Juhani was more exhausting than she realised, before trying to shake the cobwebs away.

Dylan Klay
02-06-2006, 08:02 AM
"Hey, Jessi," he called out to the tall woman. He was amazed at how tall she was; of course, he wasn't exaclty the poster child for height himself. Noticing her look, he frowend thoughtfully. "Are you all right? Something up?"

He liked the tall Republic commando. Her no nonsense attitude, quick wit and killer (literaly) tactics were things he admired about her; he, literally, looked up to her ((sorry, couldn't help myself)). Even in all the battles he'd been in, and his body carried more than a few half healed wounds, he still enjoyed learning a few new tricks.

The Doctor
02-06-2006, 08:04 AM
*Any particular posrt you want to land in? The Denela Starport has gone downhill,* said Amol, turning to look at her, *We'd be best to land in bay 2 of Grentula. It's safer.*

Nancy Allen``
02-06-2006, 08:12 AM
"Hmm?" Jessie asked, seeming to only notice Bishn'al just now. "Ah, shouldn't I be?" She took a seat by a concrete wall, pretty sure she was fine physically but wanted to sit for a moment anyway while appearing to bring herself to more the height of her adventuring companion. "I saw you training earlier. Quite impressive." She didn't want to admit that she didn't know who he was. "I wouldn't mind making that Bastila Shan think I'd break her arm if I was ever to spar with her." In truth just meeting her would be an achievement in itself as far as Jessie was concerned, much less fighting her.

02-06-2006, 05:00 PM
"That will be fine," Kaedra replied,not really listening completely to everything, "R4 should have a speeder there by now." Then breaking off onto another train of thought, "Ah so you will wait to strike through someone else. Clever."

((I'm going to add in another character that I'll play. His name is Tergis and he fell to the darkside but most people not even the Jedi could sense it. He had a past with Kaedra during the war with Malak which can be revealled later. No nothing like love, more like best friends. He is from the same system as Kaedra and the same species but from the planet Mikkado. He is recognizable by Kaedra through a small tattoo on his right hand. His obession is creating an ultimate weapon of the Force and will use any means to get it.))

Tergis was watching Jessie talk to Bishn'al at the enclave. He was masking his presence from the Jedi by changing his emotions to reflect that of a settler. He desired most to take this human and turn her into a Sith fighter that would surpass any foot soldier. He had heard of her reputation and how she willingly turned from using the Force like the Jedi. Knowing that she was friends with Juhani and that Juhani had once touched the darkside, he decided to convert Juhani and have her do his dirty work for him. He was thinking such thoughts when he heard across the galaxy like a whisper, "Ah so you will wait to strike through someone else. Clever."
Angry he flashed his frustration back but he couldn't mask his pleasure, "Ah my sweet so you found me. Things couldn't have been more perfect until you decide to show up."

Back on the Delta Fyer, "Knowing that you succumbed to a lust for power and those who possess it, I would follow you just to prevent it."

"Still the arrogant and caring General of our people. The failure for me is yours. No longer will I be a servant of our people's foolish code and suffer beneath weakening teachings. Here you are searching and protecting the Jedi. They will all die my sweet and I will have victory and no broken Jedi like you will stop me."

"Perhaps. We shall see," and she broke off their connection. Sitting there she took no notice of the look Chakotay was giving her. Instead she said, the bay is coming up we should reduce thrusters."

02-07-2006, 04:44 PM
Name: Kao
Species: Mandalorian
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6'7
Alignment: Jedi Guardian/Watchman
Equipment: Silver lightsaber, modified Mandalorian Blaster, Watchamn robes, Full Mandalorian Armor (Red)
Bio: One of the first "reborn" Jedi Watchman, Kao has mastered the ability of Force Stealth. Now as a protector of the Republic, he is being hunted down, but do to his abilities, he is hard to find.

Nancy Allen``
02-07-2006, 04:50 PM
Those two new characters are fine, and I like where the story is heading as well. With the forum up again I look forward to seeing what happens. I'm already planning the bit when Kaedra meets Jessie. :smirk2:

02-07-2006, 05:54 PM
Kao stood, shielded by the Force in stealth, near the entrance to the Delta Fyer's bridge. He had heard what was going on, and needed to get to the enclave, so he snuck on the Delta Fyer. So far, they've hadn't noticed him...

02-07-2006, 06:12 PM
Can i Join? If so....
Name: Aenon

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Alignment: Light

Clothing: Ligt blue hooded robe with a white stripe going down the middle of the front and back. Thin layer of mandalorian chest plate under his robes.

Weapons: Double bladed light blue lightsaber (like darth mauls hilt)

Ship: The Serian

Appearence: White blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'0" http://www.abbyshot.com/newsletters/photos/sugg-sephiroth.jpg

Bio: Raised as a young boy, Aenon had an interest in the jedi, before he joined as a padawan he had learned how to lift objects and how to deflect blaster shots. Going to the academy he stepped up to the challenge and became a Jedi Knight at the top of his class, he soon was on the council and what was left of it after sith repeatedly killed jedi all over the galaxy. Aenon now stays in the krath hound caves getting along with them each day and extending his powers.(is it ok if hes on the council?)

Nancy Allen``
02-07-2006, 07:19 PM
**OOC: Yep, that's okay if you want him on the Jedi council. Standered rules apply, not to make the character all powerful and invincible. It's less of an action orientated RP (there'll still be plenty of that, so don't worry) and more a story based one, so I don't have a problem with it.

02-07-2006, 09:56 PM
So Kao thought they didn't notice him. Kaedra had him in her sights the moment she boarded the Delta Fyer but chose not to say anything. Instead she remained in her seat as the Flyer approached the landing pad.

Silently she was thinking to herself about what the events could mean. She continued these thoughts before and after her "conversation'" with Tergis and chose to ignore evrything even the looks that Chakotay shot at her from time to time.

((Nancy Allen, what kind of plan? I don't intend on dying yet if you are thinking that. Maybe later I don't know))

The Doctor
02-07-2006, 11:05 PM
Amol turned down the thrusters, and opened a channel to the docking authority.
*This is Dr. Preltar Sernt of the Delta Flyer,* he said. *Requesting clearance to dock in bay 2.*
"Delta Flyer, this is flight control," said a female voice on the other end. "YOu are not on the list of scheduled arrivals. A 250 credit fee is required for docking."
*Understood,* said Chakotay.
There was silence. "Delta Flyer, you are cleared for docking."
He guided the ship into a smooth landing in bay 2. Standing up, he turned to Kaedra. *By the way - on this planet, I'm known as Dr. Sernt,* he said. *Just an alias I adopted. Try not to forget it.*

02-08-2006, 12:17 AM
"I would advise you not to be so rude about it 'Dr Sernt,'" Kaedra replied, "I understand that concept well especially those who try their best to hide."
She waited to follow Chakotay out of the ship pausing near Kao but didn't say anything. She pulled out her comm, "R4, nalhata puetehut." (We are here). R4 beeped his reply. Looking at Chakotay she said, "Dr., your speeder is just outside the hangar," and she smiled.

Tergis continued to watch Jessie with vested interest but made himself appear as if he were reading a datapad. He was still angry that Kaedra invaded his thoughts and was on to him. He had hated her ever since the war with Malak for doing what she did. He hated her worse than the council on Andorra who warned them to not interfere with Revan. He never wanted to forgive her ever but his hatred never clouded his judgment when it came to getting what he wanted. He knew that Kaedra would come which was why he sent that motely crew of Sith to the Panna colony. He was calculating the moment until they met face to face again.

02-08-2006, 07:43 AM
Kao stepped off the exit ramp of the Delta Fyer. After stepping off, Kao sheds his Force Stealth, and looks at the crew of the Fyer.

"Thanks for the free lift. I appreciate it."

Kao then walks over to a bystander. Kao shows him a data-pad, and the Rodian, obviously knowing who Kao is, runs into his emporium, and returns moments later with a package. Kao thanks the Rodian and pays him 100 credits. Soon after, Kao opens the package.

"Ah, it seems Hulas came through after all. This will do nicely."

Kao holds up an Aratech X-303 High Grade Sniper Rifle. Kao heads around the corner to where the Delta Fyer's cargo was being unloaded. Kao searches for a minute, then finds the right container. He opens it, and everyone gets a surprise.

"Query: Do you need something to be killed, Master?"

"Actualy, HK, yes I do."

"Happy Answer: Oh thank you Master thank y-I mean, yes Master, anything Master."

"Take this Sniper and follow me. We've got Sith to kill."

"Affrimation: Roger that, Master. HK-47 is always ready to serve."

Kao and HK walk over to the crew of the Fyer. They eye him suspiciously. Kao turns to the pilot.

"I heard you needed a hand, so here I am. Kao and HK-47 are at your service."

02-08-2006, 11:55 AM
((By the way it's Delta Flyer though I'm sure that it was just a typo like typing too fast))

"Yes and I'm sure the good doctor here doesn't like the idea that someone stowed aboard his ship," replied Kaedra with an amused smile, much to Chakotay's chagrin. She continued, "If you had just asked, R4 could have gotten you here in the Falcon's Cry with as little fuss."
R4 came beeping and warbling his beeps and whistles rather fast on the comm. Kaedra said, "Shukaran." (Thank you). Turning to the group she said, "Well the speeder's waiting. If the Doctor is willing, we should get going."
"She's here. I must work quickly," Tergis thought to himself. He decided to try a risky manuever. Filling his presence with dark energies he projected self doubting thoughts towards an unsuspecting Jessie. We'll see if you can stop me my sweet.

The Doctor
02-08-2006, 04:25 PM
((The Delta Flyer has no docking ramp. There is no entry port. The passengers must use the transporter device used by Amol in the first post with him.))

02-08-2006, 04:39 PM
((I edited my previous posts to better reflect the Delta Flyers abilities. I hope that helps a bit))

Nancy Allen``
02-08-2006, 04:41 PM
**OOC: ((Nancy Allen, what kind of plan? I don't intend on dying yet if you are thinking that. Maybe later I don't know))

No, nothing like that. I don't do that in RPs, unless players want to have their characters killed off in events that happen. Rest assured that I have a couple of storylines up my sleeve, and thanks to you a couple of surprises as well.**

"I know that..." Jessie was saying, pausing, before amending her words. "Like I'd ever be able to." Even if what she said about not being to defeat Bastila was true she had a strange feeling, like everything she had been doing was worth squat. She did have a resistence to force attacks but this one still got through. "Uh, you don't want to listen to me though. Huh?"
What the hell's wrong with me? Jess tried to wonder. For some reason she was suddenly plagued by thoughts of failing the Jedi, the Republic, her friends. In her state she could tell it was more than weariness from the day's events, there was something going on here. Could it have been some type of mental attack? A mental image of the torture Bastila was subjected to at the hands of Malek crept in, and that was more than she could stand.
"Where?" she growled, drawing her lightsaber, "Where are you?" There had to be something at work here, that was the only explanation for it.

Dylan Klay
02-08-2006, 05:09 PM
((I'm sorry, work's kept me busy. I'm a Marine in Iraq, and can't always access a computer. Since I'll probably be accompanying Jessi, you have rights to my char if my absence takes too long to move the story))

Bish'nal smiled. She didn't recognize him, not suprising, he'd been trained that way, to be forgetful, it was a useful talent...just not one he appreciated right now.

"I don't mind listening; you should be proud of your prowess. I'm Hyree, by the way." At her sudden movement, Bish'nal snapped out his own lightsaber, crouching low. Some of his first battle experiances were with trained soldiers and he'd learned well from them. "what?" He inquired. "what do you sense?" sometimes, a honed warrior sense was more accurate than the Force.

02-08-2006, 05:09 PM
Off in the distance Tergis was watching Jessie react to the feeling of self doubt that he planted. He marvelled at her ability to sense something was not right considering she did not follow the Jedi way. He decided to be even bolder and concetrated on bringing her worst fears brought to life, making them appear as if they were real. He continued to gaze at his datapad while concentrating and thinking to himself, "The dogmatic foolsof the Jedi and my people taught me well."

Waiting patiently for Chakotay to activate the transporter to the ship, Kaedra was struck by a cold feeling and realized that Tergis was using a power she knew well. She actually spoke aloud while conveying her thoughts to Tergis, You sangtathut! (bloodtraitor) You would try that on anyone if you running out of time just to get what you wanted!
Seeing that Chakotay and Kao were looking at her rather strangely, she said, "The darkside has permeated the courtyard of the enclave. The Sith attacked much quicker than I expected."

Hearing her frustration at him, Tergis smiled I always have a back door. I don't like to lose.

The Doctor
02-08-2006, 06:55 PM
*Hold on,* said Chakotay. The Delta Flyer dissolved in a shimmer of blue lights, and the landing pad replaced it. *Well,* he said. *You got me here. Lead the way.*

02-08-2006, 09:30 PM
Kaedra ran lightly on her feet while producing no sound, a technique learned from her people,towards the speeder that R4 was with just outside the hangar and readied the engine. All could hear in her mind was Tergis's taunting words, I always have a back door my sweet. Do you think you can stop me or the gale that is coming?

02-09-2006, 07:34 AM
"Tergis is close, I can sense him."

Immeadiately, thoughts begin pouring into Kao's head, the same thoughts that happened to Jessie. Kao immeadiately let the thoughts slide out of his mind. Th voice of Tergis appears in his mind now.

"You are different. I can't sense you at all, like you have been stripped of your life. Ho-" Tergis was cut off.

"That's the point Tergis, you can't sense me, but I can sense you."

Kao looked over at HK.

"You find him?" asks Kao.

"Affirmation: Yes, Master. He is 400 meters north-west of here. He is trying to cool his body to reduce his heat. He was almost immpossible to detect of thermal scaning."

"Good, now lets get him."

Kao and HK run over to the group.

"Tergis is sout-west of here, about 400 meters. We can still get to him in time and stop him if we move."

02-09-2006, 11:36 AM
((Actually you aren't supposed to know too much about him. He operates from the shadows from the Evil spawned in the Unknown Regions. He only makes himself known when he wants to so all you see right now is what he makes you see. In fact, he could make himself be an unsuspecting poor settler. Kaedra reveals more about him as the story goes on))

Sensing that Kao was reaching out, Tergis projected a presence in an unsuspecting settler confusing the sensors he knew the droid would be using. He then left the enclave and headed towards his speeder but first leaving the fears of Jessie implanted into her mind. He was grinning as he taunted Kaedra, You can try to catch me but in the end I always win

Nancy Allen``
02-09-2006, 04:14 PM
No! Jessie's mind screamed, I am stronger than this! But even thinking this was difficult due to the dark thoughts that bombarded her senses. Once, while she was working to become a commando, she was sent to investigate the aftermath of a Sith assault on a Jedi temple. The slaughter of the Jedi knights had been bad enough, and there were some rather disturbing and grusome finds such as those that had been found crucified, and then there were those who had been subjected to tortures and acts that made Jess wonder if even the Sith would seek action for them. Somehow she doubted it. What really turned her stomach was, well, there were children there. Jedi Younglings were blasted to smoking skeletal corpses or ripped asounder by Dark Jedi. That memory Jessie thought she had locked away deep, but whoever the scum was that was doing this had found it. There were other things, worse things, too horrible for her to imagine, making her reach breaking point. She reared back with her lightsaber, preparing to throw it at where she thought the threat was, but paused, the thought occuring to her even now that she could hit anyone. That may have been what the intent behind this attack was, but she never thought of it. Instead she dropped the saber and curled up into a ball, not realising that by now most of the settlers around had noticed what was going on and had run to help. With all the pain that was being inflicted on Jessie one dark thought came to her, and it wasn't from the mental torture inflicted on her. She looked at the saber, wondering if she was that desperate to end the pain, and had to admit she was sorely tempted.

02-09-2006, 04:45 PM
Your thoughts are disturbed and darkened. Do not obey the impulse Jessie. Listen to my voice and reach out with all your perceptions to find me. Follow the current towards me. Kaedra was reaching out through the Force. The damage had been done by Tergis but she was determined not to let him win. She continued as she guided the speeder towards the enclave, You have nothing to fear from me. I am coming to help you. Wipe the fear from your mind and let it become a scar that will protect the pain you felt when you saw the younglings. Wipe it away

Nancy Allen``
02-10-2006, 05:27 AM
"Huh?" Jessie thought, wondering if the torture that was being inflicted upon her was making her go crazy. Knowing what was going on helped though, and she tried to shut out her mind. Being a woman of no small emotion however made the task virtually impossible. In desperation she tried to recall the Jedi code for comfort. "There is...no emotion," she managed to get out, again reaching for her lightsaber, "there is peace." Her thoughts of suicide were gone for the moment, but Jess clutched the saber close so that in her fear she wouldn't use it on any of the settlers, or maybe Jedi that had come to her aid, yet still there should she need it.


There is something happening at the enclave. Juhani sensed this as she went past the Sandral estate. She didn't feel such a connection to Jessie that the Cathar could feel her through the Force, so there was no way to know it had anything to do with her. Something through the force made Juhani feel that it was something wrong, and seeing as how she was nearby she jumped off into a run to find out what was going on.

02-10-2006, 07:35 AM
Kao reached out into Jessie's mind, hearing all her thoughts of suicide. He noticed Kaedra was trying to stop her, but the damage was too great. The Kao felt another presence, Juhani. Juhani and Kao were students at the enclave, and knew each other well. He sensed she was near.

The Speeder rounded another corner, and there in the distance was a large group of settlers. Kao reached out one more time, sensing that Jessie's thought of suicide was about to take her over.

"Kaedra, I have a plan."

"What is-"

Before she finishes, Kao jumps foward, using the force to speed him in the air. He is directly over Jessie and using the force, pulls the lightsaber away from her. Kao lands behind the settlers, and the speeder pulls up. Kaedra and the rest of the party come over to Jessie. In the distance, Juhani comes running towards us.

02-10-2006, 10:25 AM
Kaedra had a look of concern on her face as she jumped out of the speeder and gazed at Jessie on the ground and tried to help her out. She was angry and she reflected it by sending a strongly worded thought to Tergis who actually had passed them in his speeder on his way to the Garang spaceport. She spoke softly in a voice tone that Chakotay and Kao hadn't heard before. It was almost musical, gentle, "Nela ti nehaden. Ni hara de nuen." (Don't be frightened. You are safe young one.)

Tergis had reached his ship when he felt the strongly worded thought from Kaedra. He smiled to himself knowing that things were going as planned. He contacted the fleet at the Panna colony and gave the order to declare martial law. He knew that Kaedra would follow him until he was stopped. He kept thinking Soon and very soon.

Nancy Allen``
02-10-2006, 03:42 PM
Young one? Jessie felt her thoughts clearing, but the mental attack have left her utterly exhausted and on the verge of breaking down. It took a moment for Juhani to comprehend seeing the Republic commando like this, but she was soon at her side.
"Water," she managed to croak out, all the while wishing that all the voices would get out of her head. Juhani didn't need the force to know something was wrong, and she could feel the dark work of whatever took place here. There would be time for questions later however. She saw Kao there as well, but now was not the time to be catching up. Later, she thought, once it had been ascertained what was done to Jessie.
"Help me get her to the enclave immediately," she ordered.

02-10-2006, 04:21 PM
Kao lifted Jessie into the speeder, and Kaedra to the controls. HK sat in the back, watching for any sign of Tergis.

02-11-2006, 02:04 AM
"He is gone assassin machine," Kaedra said to HK.
Kaedra began to ponder over the thoughts she interacted with when she tried to stave off disaster. She saw the pain and the death of younglings. Quickly she wiped these thoughts to the deep recesses of her mind and began to recite the proverbs of her people. While she was doing that she would gaze at times at Jessie as if trying to figure out what to do. She pondered over the source of the dark power and thought she knew where it came from but chose to remain silent. The time will come when she would tell everything.

Nancy Allen``
02-12-2006, 12:41 AM
Juhani looked at Jessie as she was taken to a room at the enclave, seeing that whatever was done to her had wiped her out, and more worrying that she seemed rather freaked out by it. In the time she had know her she cannot recall seeing her exhibit such emotions.
"What happened?" she asked, unsure of whether Jessie would be able to answer her.
"Get out." The comment didn't seem to be aimed at her, so Juhani didn't take offense to it at all. "Get out of my head." Her words made the Cathar guess what was done to Jessie, and she hoped she was wrong.
"I must give you my thanks," she said to Kao. "Do you think maybe this was the work of the Sith?"

02-12-2006, 02:02 AM
"Yes," Kaedra softly spoke, "but one not like any Sith you have known.
"The one who did this was one of my people. He wants to kill me but he craves the power, power from one such as this one," she pointed towards Jessie, "and he doesn't care who gets in his way. Not even you Cathar Jedi."
She then fell silent, waiting for the question she knew would come.

The Panna colony had been looted and the settlers were rounded up. Tergis was watching with such glee, confident that his plans would not fail. He knew she would come and she would keep coming because he held what she had been looking for.

Nancy Allen``
02-12-2006, 04:46 AM
"You doubt us Cathar?" Juhani asked, striving for humor before she realised what she was saying. It was much something Jessie would say to throw others off balence, not something the Jedi thought she would do at all. By now they had reached Jessie's room, whom they would place in bed to rest. "The Sith are targeting Republic soldiers here to protect us?" Juhani asked, the flippent tone gone from her voice.

02-12-2006, 10:04 AM
Kao and HK-47 walked the opposite way that Kaedra, Jessie and Juhani were going. Hk stopped and looked at Kao.

"Query: Something puzzeling you, Master? Do you need killing to be done?"

"No, HK. I'm just...refelcting, that's all." Kao replied.

"Affirmation: Yes, Master."

Kao walked down another hallway towards what looked like dormatories, or what was left of them. After Malak's bombardment of the enclave, this part was caved in. Kao use the Force to move a set of rocks infront of a door. He then entered.

"Query: Master, this was your housing section, was it not?"

"You are correct HK, very much correct." Kao said, with a slight appreciation in his voice.

Kao walked over to a terminal, and entered his password. Immeadiately, a large Plasteel cylinder opens up, and Kao goes to retrieve the contents inside - A Green Cerimonial Mandalorian armor (http://darthglentract.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/80mandalorianarmor.jpg). Kao donned the armor and removed an item from a side holster, a blue lightsaber, the infamous Mantle of the Force.

Dylan Klay
02-12-2006, 10:31 AM
((Sorry for the lack of posting, I got a little busy with work. I'll go ahead and bow out gracefully from this one, since it seems to have moved too far foreward. I'll try to write with ya'll again.))

02-12-2006, 11:16 PM
Kaedra thought briefly before replying, "They would if one was strong in the Force and could turn away from becoming a Jedi."
Taking a pause she continued, "Could you think of a better way to get to the Jedi? If you could convert those that protect the Jedi and place them undercover, they are in a perfect position to strike; from the shadows they would." Kaedra wasn't sure if she had revealled too much. The last time had earned her a beating from smugglers soon after she was exiled, an experience she wasn't anxious to repeat and she clamped her mouth shut anxiously.

Nancy Allen``
02-13-2006, 08:11 AM
Juhani nodded as she helped Jessie along, thinking about what she was told. To convert a Jedi to a Sith or a Sith to a Jedi was something she knew about, it was a topic commonly heard and discussed to the Cathar. There was no confusion over that. Where she did have questions was about the Sith attacking those who would defend the Jedi. Even that she understood, what made her think was the comment about those being strong in the Force being turned away from becoming a Jedi. Juhani wondered that Kaedra meant about that. She sensed however that maybe that topic was closed for the moment. Maybe it could be explained more fully with Jessie. The Jedi looked at the fallen soldier, who was moaning and mumbling to herself, but otherwise seemed fine. Juhani placed a hand on her shoulder, and it seemed as though Jessie calmed down, a little. With a little time she would be up to discussing what happened, or at least hearing the Jedi out about what she was told, Juhani hoped.
"We should probably discuss this with the Council," she suggested.

02-13-2006, 04:31 PM
Kao walked over to the other party member's room. He knocked on the door, and Kaedra opened it.

"The Council requests our presence." Kao says. "It's best if we go now, and not to keep them waiting."

02-13-2006, 04:34 PM
"Agreed," Kaedra replied, "but we do Jessie a disservice by not letting her speak before we speak to the council. I suggest meditation."

Tergis meanwhile was planning his next line of attack. He knew he caused enough damage to make them worry about the girl, the one he wanted to make his apprentice. The other, the one he served with was a course for his twisted pleasure in bringing death. All he could think was Soon my sweet. Soon

Nancy Allen``
02-14-2006, 01:21 AM
"Eh?" Pretty much everything that was said went right over Jessie's head. The expectent loom on the Jedi's face however compelled her to share her thoughts. "Unless you're going to Korriban to smash the Sith into the ground, I don't want to hear it. Otherwise..." She tried to get up, but it was clear she was far from ready to do anything. "Argh, ohhh."
"You should rest," Juhani suggested.
"Yeah." Jessie waved the Jedi off. "As I was saying, if you are going to take the fight to them, have fun."

02-14-2006, 02:12 PM
"Rest," came Kaedra's voice from the corner of the room, "we cannot leave for your presence will be required on Korriban. Besides the council must know of such things."
Kaedra then became silent in a meditative posture that levitated her off the ground. She was waiting and resting.

02-14-2006, 04:30 PM
(Korriban? What? Are we Jedi or Sith? I was led to believe we were Jedi....)

Nancy Allen``
02-14-2006, 04:44 PM
**OOC: I think maybe Jessie was taken up on the suggestion of burning the Sith to the ground.**

"Fine, suit yourself," Jessie said testily. She collapsed onto the bed. "When you're ready, wake me up and if I feel like it I'll see the council." Juhani was used to her gruff manner, but she felt as though she should say something about Jessie's lack of respect to the Jedi.
Perhaps I should not be so hard on her, the Cathar wondered, after what happened. Hoping her mood would improve after rest, she joined Kaedra in meditation.

02-15-2006, 10:47 AM
((I try to play off of what was said in earlier posts to make it flow more better))

Kaedra said nothing as she meditated but her thoughts were distracted to what she touched in Jessie's mind and from her own encounters. A temple in ruins. Jedi dead everywhere, younglings gruesomely killed. The image then switched to that of Tergis, smiling an evil grin watching worlds burn, his voice echoing in her head, 'Soon I will have my vengenance on her. My conquest will be ultimate!!' Then the plains of her homeworld were ringed by a dark shadow that threatened to consume all and then all went dark. She didn't wake from her meditation but rather contorted her head into a grimace, one that did not go unnoticed.

Nancy Allen``
02-15-2006, 04:23 PM
Juhani was sensing the same dark feeling as Kaedra was, although she was not a master yet and wasn't able to tell what exactly they were, or even if they were from the visions Kaedra were having or the dark thoughts projected onto Jessie. She certainly was aware of some type of premonition, although she wasn't able to discern the details of it.
[I]Is this the work of the dark side?[I] she wondered. [I]Or is what I am sensing things to come?[I] Juhani didn't like it, not one bit, and ceased her meditation on the matter.
"I think I have experianced enough," she said, glancing at Jessie who had promptly fallen asleep. She seemed to be at ease, aside from the slight twitch that the Cathar thought was normal given the circumstances.

02-15-2006, 04:49 PM
Kaedra didn't respond as she was drawn into her thoughts deeply. She had layered her thoughts to mask her true feelings to make it seem as if there were almost two of her in her head. She continued to hover just above the cushion she had been sitting on with her face still in that contorted grimace. Suddenly her eyes shot wide open and jumping to her feet she shouted, "Sangtathut! (bloodtraitor)" to no one in particular and then walked fast and agitated out to the courtyard gardens and stood looking at the river for a long time.

Nancy Allen``
02-16-2006, 06:47 AM
Juhani considered following Kaedra, but she didn't know where she might have gone and thought it would be better to allow her to clear her head like Jessie. She looked over the fallen soldier, trying to decide whether or not the way she twitched in her sleep was something to be concerned about. On the one hand there was little doubt in the Cathar's mind that Jessie would be thinking about what was done to her, whatever her mind was subjected to. That alone would be cause enough for Juhani to wake her, for it was certain to affect her especially given how proud she knew the commando to be. And yet the idea came to her that it may be better for her to deal with it now. Juhani wasn't able to see what Jessie might be thinking, so there was no way to be able to stop her if she needed to. Not knowing what else to do, Juhani left to seek the wisdom of the council.


It was truely a beautiful world, a tropical paradise. Somehow that made it all the more horrible, uncovering the remains of the fallen Jedi amidst the wilderness. Aside from the fact that it had been a Twi'lek the body had been blasted beyond all recognition. Jessie had crouched down to inspect the body, crying as she did so. She was well aware that this event was occuring throughout the galaxy, and she was able to come up with the Jedi's lightsaber. Maybe the council would be able to identify who it belonged to, if there was a council to take it back to. As she retrieved the weapon her mind was flodded by images of what happened. An ambush, there was no way the Jedi stood and chance and the warrior quickly fell, but that was not enough for the soldiers behind the attack. Calmly they walked up to the dead Twi'lek and proceeded to blast the body into oblivian. The scene horrified Jessie and made her sick to the stomach, and she tried to think of something else, anything else. Instead all she could see was a face that looked like death grinning and laughing at the slaughter.


"Oh Je..." Jessie sat bolt upright as the vision snapped her awake. The memories seemed so real, she wondered if it was signaling future events. She knew about the Dark Side of the Force, knew what it could do to a mind, yet it seemed so real. Suddenly she was glad that she bit back the blasphemous expression, and as her senses came to her she could tell that she was still tired, but not feeling like going to sleep. Deep down, although she would never admit it, she was afraid to. She also saw that after looking around for Juhani and the Jedi she was with that she was alone. "Where did they go?" she wondered out loud.

The Doctor
02-16-2006, 09:56 AM
((Wow... I really don't know how to come back into this... I'll think of a post. If somebody could speak to him, or something like that, it would help.))

02-16-2006, 04:17 PM
((I had Chakotay follow Kaedra to the river.))
Kaedra didn't see him but Chakotay had followed her to the river where she was staring at the water. In fact she didn't have to see him for see always seemd to know when he was near. Softly she spoke, "The river seems smooth and steady but it is not. The river changes and is always flowing, much like time, the future, the past, old friends long gone." She continued to stare at the river and waited for his response.

Tergis was glancing at a map of the desert world Tatooine and another of the Utapu system. He was all too well aware that Kaedra had an increased sensitivity to the Force since her exile and was thinking of a way to get her attention while drawing his true goal closer to him. On the map of the Utapu system he pointed at a spot and commanded his several of his generals to attack there and ordered others to attack Tatooine. Just simple invade and loot, much like the Panna colony and kill those who resisted.
After that was planned he took his ship to Korriban. On the planets surface, he began to meditate and channel the spirits of the ancient Sith Lords.

02-16-2006, 04:28 PM
Kao returned to his room and began to meditate. He had told HK to wake him up when the others had finished talking to the council.

Nancy Allen``
02-18-2006, 05:10 AM
As Jessie searched for Juhani she came across a group of Younglings training with Vibroswords. Trying to push the images she had aside she wondered where there master was and decided to head over to them.
"Hi there," she said by way of greeting, "you kids having fun?"
"Yes," most of them called out in reply. It was gratifying to know that even though they were undergoing Jedi training they were still children.
"You want to see something cool?" Jess asked. "This is something the Marines practice." She had the two Younglings with swords face each other. "Now you come in with a strike, slowly, so I can show you exactly what this is." The boy did as he was told, but the overhear blow still came too quickly for Jessie's liking. "Easy," she told him, crouching down and grabbing onto his hands. "Now you," she told the other youth, "wait for it," she brought the blade closer, "wait for it, now deflect it. Don't block it, try and pull it in...that's good." Jess got the two Younglings to stop so she could show what to do next. "Now you take one hand off the weapon and grab his arm. Yes, that's it, now step in, no, not out. Step in, you're in less danger doing it that way. Now pull the arm. Not too hard, this is just training. This technique is to disarm your opponent." Jessie didin't know why, but somehow teaching the Younglings and spending time with the children was good for her soul.
"Is this something that really does work?" one of them asked. Jess sighed inwardly.
Great, now the kids think I'm some sort of crackpot for daring to suggest using CQB against lightsabers. She buried her face in her hand and came up what she would have to honestly say was a pretty poor explanation.
"You might want to ask your instructor about it, but it works." Not wanting to discuss it any further she added "While I'm here, you haven't seen Juhani by any chance have you?" Several of them pointed to the enclave.
"She's meeting with the council." Jess nodded and got to her feet.
"Guess I'd better wait for her then."

02-18-2006, 03:15 PM
It seemed as if Chakotay were waiting for her to continue. Kaedra continued to indulge and she remembered that he liked to be well informed, "My tribe believes that to survive one must be steady like the river. The river isn't steady for it keeps flowing but people can't live like that. We all must make a choice. I made mine and was banished for it."

The Doctor
02-19-2006, 09:10 AM
((Sorry guys, I completely forgot about this thread. Thanks for bringing me back in, JediMaster12))
Chakotay din't know how to respond. He stood beside her, staring at the river himself. *There are choices in life that must be made, no matter the consequences,* he said. *Even if those consequences.... are worse than you thought they would be. The worst part is... sometimes, there's no turning back.*

02-20-2006, 02:37 PM
((No prob :D))

Kaedra still stared at the river considering what Chakotay said before speaking again, "True such as with the Jedi Revan in his decision to aid the Reublic against Malak and a choice I made during the Mandalorian wars that got me banished and made Tergis fall."
Not wanting to confuse Chakotay she told of Tergis, "We were of the same tribe and we both chose to disobey the elders to aid the Republic. My reasons were to save the Republic while Tergis sought power and glory. We saw Malachor, what had happened and returned. Because we chose war we were exiled. We went our separate ways. I wandered the Outer Rim and he wandered the Unknown Regions and he fell. He was a good soldier and a good friend."

02-23-2006, 04:22 PM
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The Doctor
02-25-2006, 12:11 AM
*Yes, well... good friends don't always stay that way,* said Chakotay. *Friends... friends are only loyal if it serves them somehow. Nobody seeks friendship for its own sake - there's always a reason.*

02-25-2006, 01:11 AM
"Possibly, but this was different. Tergis well...he was...er never mind. I suspect Jessie is ready to see the council now. We should go," and Kaedra turned and walked towards the inside of the enclave. She wasn't ready to share her secret.

Tergis was sitting in his chamber on his ship meditating. He was angry, he was emotional. His mind was full of emotions and memories of a time that he regretted deeply. He pushed it impatiently aside and told his lieutenant to plot a course for Korriban. He needed time to bask in the power of the ancient masters. He needed the power to break free.

Nancy Allen``
02-25-2006, 07:35 AM
Jessie waited outside to see what Juhani made of what had occured. The Council might have had a better idea, but she was a soldier, not a Jedi. She respected them enough to not barge in demanding answers from them or the Jedi Knight she understood was with them. She could have sought out another Jedi, the pair who fought against Malek she was certain would know, if they were even on the planet and not, say, Curascant. Or maybe even that woman she came across, Jessie understood her being a Jedi. Yet even if she did know where to find answers she wasn't sure about seeking them out. She knew what many of the Jedi were like, their hypocrasy over being prideful when they were quite proud themselves rubbing her the wrong way. A few were diffirent, humble, Jess saw that in Juhani, but no. She figured the lecture would come soon enough. She'd have her answers.

The Doctor
02-25-2006, 10:16 AM
Chakotay followed Kaedra to the enclave. What a strange woman she was... so naive. *I might have to chage that...* he muttered. *Show her what the galaxy is really like.*

02-26-2006, 09:09 PM
Not naive, Chakotay. I've seen much since the wars, including betrayal Kaedra sent through her mind as she went to find Jessie.

She found Jessie with the younglings who were training. Kaedra smiled, remembering the children of her tribe. She collected her thoughts as she walked up to Jessie and asked, "Are you alright? Did Juhani return from council chambers?"

Nancy Allen``
03-15-2006, 03:04 AM
"Yup," Jessie replied, "and we had a rather animated discussion as well. Uh, me and Juhani, that is." She leaned back, looking over at something in the distance. "It helped, take my mind off what happened." Trying to ward off the dark thoughts that were forced on her, Jess asked about telling Kaedra about it, lauching off into it before she could answer.


"You have something for Twi'leks." Jessie was watching one train after giving up her search for Kaedra and turned towards the sound of the voice. "I can sense you feel something for them." Juhani wasn't sure if maybe she was overstepping her boundries in pointing out the feelings she sensed. Upon seeing her companion's eyes narrow, she thought maybe she had, and was about to apologise when Jessie spoke.
"It's that obvious?" She seemed to relax about it, glancing back at the alien Jedi she was watching. "It's crap, the treatment they're subjugated to. I can say crap, can't I?"
"I agree." Juhani chose not to lower her standereds to the Republic soldiers, but added "they are all the same. They persucute and enslave other species, these hu..."
"Mandalorians," Jessie interrupted. "Yeah, I can think of a couple of things the Jedi should have done if they didn't want to be involved in the war." Juhani guessed she probably didn't want to know the specifics.
"I was going to say humans. But you are right, of all of them it was the Mandalorians who are the worst."
"Besides the Sith, mercenaries, the Exchange..." Jessie paused. "Whoa, maybe I should find a Cathar or Twi'lek and hopefully try and start weeding out the human side in my family."
"Wha?" Juhani wondered, stunned. "You would what?"
"Like I said, mate with some alien and have my children do the same, until there's no real human aspect left." Juhani looked at Jessie as though she were mad. "Yes I am, Jessie said before Juhani could say anything. "Did you meet with the Council?" Juhani shook her head in wonderment of the commando, how she was able to come up with such thoughts, even now.
"Yes," she answered after a moment, "they wish to speak with the other Jedi who was there, Kaedra."
"That her name?" Jessie asked, giving a shrug. "Well we'd better find her then, before our friend here thinks I might try coming onto 'em."


"I was actually going to find you, but wasn't sure where to look." A shrug, then, "Figured if I wait here you'd find me. So, you're here, I'm here. You the Jedi, sooo..." Jessie trailed off, Kaedra no doubt knowing her obvious question.

03-15-2006, 09:30 PM
Kaedra looked at Jessie and answered, "I was a Jedi yes. I disobeyed the elders of my tribe and was exiled after the war with Malak. Tergis, the one who attacked you, left before facing judgment. He wants to kill me and conquer the galaxy and he doesn't care who gets in his way." Kaedra noticed that Chakotay had followed her back to the enclave to where Jessie was and Kao had come as well.

Nancy Allen``
03-16-2006, 04:58 PM
"What do you expect of the Sith?" Jessie asked. She didn't particularly care that Kaedra was an exiled Jedi, what mattered was she was here now. "So somehow we hunt down this Tergis and slice him into patte." The prospect of hunting down the Sith both appealed and worried her, she didn't want to experiance what she had again. "Nah," she decided, digging at the ground with her foot, "bag that until at least we've spoken with the council. As much as I might like Revan I don't nessecarily want to go down that path and unwittingly turn into some Darth Lord." Looking up at Kaedra she added, "Should we be doing something about that?"

03-16-2006, 07:25 PM
"What Tergis did to you was a result of teachings, corrupted teachings of our people. It is similar to the memory technique of the Jedi but it alters one's reality. We believe that the vision journey allows us to determine what we fear, of what have you. We are to face it and it makes one stronger. Tergis knew the power of such visions and used them to terrorize people. In the end, they would do his bidding just to make the pain stop but they are never free. That is how he amassed such an army. To defeat him, we would have to see. I suspect that he would follow the Bushida way of honor, fight to the death but it is his game and we have to beat him at it," Kaedra paused to allow Jessie to absorb the information that she was given. She then continued, "I believe the council is ready for us all."

Tergis was meditating on Korriban. He was revelling in the dark power it gave and allowed himself to be consumed by it. He had a vision of one called Eomeros, one who was the first to rebell against his people. Eomeros said that if he succeeded in destroying the line of Koros, that he would be granted the powers that the ancient of Sith Lords barely penetrated. Eomeros then placed hs own spirit within Tergis' body and a tremedous change began to occur that left its mark for centuries to come.

Nancy Allen``
03-16-2006, 07:57 PM
"Like Bastila," Jessie noted. She knew what the Jedi was subjected to at the hands of Malek, she'd seen it herself. "That's..." she paused, trying to come up with words to describe her feelings of Tergis. "It's monsterous." She wondered if it could be described as terrorism. A popular word in some worlds, even if what Kaedra had described to her did not level buildings it caused more horror than anyone who committed such acts could hope for. "Before we do see the council, if I may ask, why hadn't the Jedi done anything about this?" Before Kaedra could answer Jess thought she knew. "Wait, lemme guess. Because it goes against their ways, right?"

03-16-2006, 10:04 PM
Kaedra looked at her and replied, "No. The Avalonians follow code of honor. The Elite warriors follow Bushida (think like the samurai). Tergis can only make himself visible if he wishes. It is a gift of our people, we have an ability to 'disappear' into crowds, blend in. Unfortunately we were among the few that had learned to mask ourselves within the Force meaning that a Force user cannot sense us. The only reason I found you in trouble because he was calling me. My years haven't dulled my senses but rather amplified them to a degree that I can sense across greater distances than the most experienced of the masters on my world. It is not pleasant because I 'hear' the suffering and it hurts." Kaedra kept her lips together but wanted to say more. She sensed that Jessie needed time to absorb the information that she was divulging and she sensed that Kao and Chakotay needed to understand too.

Nancy Allen``
03-25-2006, 06:45 PM
"Code of honor?" Jessie mused. "Have them stay on Manaan for a few weeks and we'll see how much they stick to it," she said knowingly. "So, we're right to...whatever it is we do? Seek wisdom from the council or however you put it? We do that now? Or should we see the others first?"

03-25-2006, 11:49 PM
"I would suspect that the council would wish to see all of us. The Force has brought us hear for a reason. I sense the council would explain it to us. What say all of you?" Kaedra asked.