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02-01-2006, 05:02 PM
[Chapter 1: Apprenticeship]

The heavy blaster cannon erupts with fire, pinning the Mandalorian squad down. The Sergeant, his once bright green armor now battle scortched, initiated once final plan. Without warning, the sergeant dove from cover and through a thermal detonator at the blaster cannon. Before the cannon exploads, the gunner guns down the sergeant without mercy. The Mandalorian squad take a moment to respect their fallen leader, and then press on.

Kao had seen everything at Malachor V. The fall of a Republic Capital ship, the destruction of his Platoon's aircraft carriers soon after they were deployed, and the loss of his sergeant. Now they were in the heart of the battle. Low on ammo, his squad was running blind into a hotzone. A grenade exploads infront of Kao, throwing him backwards. Kao immeadiatly regains his senses and throws himself against the canyon wall. As the smoke clears, he is shocked by the sight, for his squad had all been caught in the blast of the grenade. Treyu, Kao's close Mandalorian friend, motions him over. As Kao comes over, Treyu hands Kao his ammo and supplies. Treyu then shows Kao a Thorium detonator, and Kao knows what he means. Kao runs down the canyon path, and hops over a ledge for protection. Immeadiatly after, the Thorium charges go off, and the screws of Republic soldiers echo through out the canyon. Kao takes one last glance towards his comrades, and never looks back.

Kao awakes inside the medical bay of a ship. Immeadiatly, he can tell that the ship is not Mandalorian. Kao stands up, and walks over to his armor, which is lying on a nearby table. As he puts it on, he notices his weapons are not with him in the room. Kao presses a button on his wrist to open an exclosed holster, where a modified blaster pistol is holstered. After equiping the pistol, Kao slides on his helmet, and brings up his HUD.

"Hmm, seems Mandalore issued a retreat soon after I was knocked out. But the question is, where am I?"

"The question is, are you where you want to be?"


Kao turns around to find a man, dressed in Jedi fashion, infront of him. Kao immeadiatly levels his blaster. The Jedi knocks it out of Kao's hand with ease. The baster flies and hits the wall behind Kao, rendering the blaster useless.

"There is no need for weapons here." says the Jedi.

"Explain why you have taken me prisoner, and why I was not killed?" Kao replies.

"Because, I can feel the force in you Kao. It flows through you. With my help you can harness it and become a Jedi." The Jedi remarks.

"But that will be against the Mandalorian code, and I-"

"The Mandalorians have lost, and those who survived have retreated. The war is over. Now, my offer is still there, or you can choose to leave." replies the Jedi calmly.

"I...I accept your offer...Master." Kao says.

"Thank you. You may call me Master Javarn. Welcome to the Jedi, Kao."

[End Chapter 1]

02-01-2006, 06:13 PM
Interesting. A mandalorian becoming a Jedi. That is a new one and sounds good. When you wrote Welcome to the Jedi it reminded me of something in KOTOR where Uthar says welcome to the darkside. It gives a mystery behind it, something that makes me want to read more.

02-08-2006, 07:55 AM
[Chapter 2: Rogue Bounty]

"Feel the Force around you, in the trees, the rocks, the water, and the air. Feel the life swirling around you. You feel it, yes? That is the Force, for it resides in all living thinks Kao."

"Yes, I do feel it." replies Kao.

"Good." says Master Javarn. "I believe we are done today. For being a new student, and at your age, you have progressed further than any apprentice I've tought. Good work, Kao."

"Thank you, Master Javarn." says Kao.

Kao picks up his lightsaber, it's blade a strange silver color, one never seen by any Jedi before. Kao found it on Malachor, and kept it ever since. When his time to build a lightsaber came, he used it for his color crystal. Kao walked back to the small enclave, where a mysterious Rodian waited.

"Are you Kao?" the Rodian asks.

"Yes, why?" replies Kao.

"It's me, Hulas. You are in grave danger."

"Why Hulas? How could I be?" says Kao.

"The Republic has put a bounty on all remaining Mandalorians. That means you too."

02-08-2006, 12:31 PM
Hulas, the leader of the Genoharden? Wow. You do get around. Keep going on it. I like what I'm reading. I'm interested if he is there to claim the bounty for himself. I'm curious, why would the Republic put a bounty on Mandalorians?

Diego Varen
02-08-2006, 12:33 PM
I'm curious, why would the Republic put a bounty on Mandalorians?

Probably because of the Mandalorian Wars. I mean, Goto put bounty on the Jedi and maybe someone has put a bounty on the Mandalorians. Anyway Reclaimer, so far, so good, keep them coming.

Please check out any of my Fanfics.

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Thanks guys, I'll have the next Chapter up tonight or tommorow morning. If you want a spoiler, highlight the box to read it.

Hulas dies NOT by Kao or Javarn

02-09-2006, 02:02 AM
Don't forget my Fanfic either. You have a good plot going.

02-12-2006, 10:18 AM
"Are you Kao?" the Rodian asks.

"Yes, why?" replies Kao.

"It's me, Hulas. You are in grave danger."

"Why Hulas? How could I be?" says Kao.

"The Republic has put a bounty on all remaining Mandalorians. That means you too."
__________________________________________________ _______________

[Chapter 3: Revelation]

"Why would the Republic put bounties on the remaining Mandalorians? We're already scattered!" Kao exclaimed, a glint of anger in his voice.

"They want to round you all up, and wipe you clean from the galaxy!" Hulas presented, with sharp anger.

"This will not happen is I have a say." Master Javarn said, stepping into the coversation. "The Republic is mad for doing this, and it must be stopped. I will travel to the High Council on Telos and speak with Atris and the fellow Masters. Kao, stay here and await my word."

"Yes Master." Kao replied.

Master Javarn runs of to his ship, and within seconds, flies off. Hulas turns to Kao.

"Now, I must warn you there ar-" Hulas' words do not finish, for a sniper shot hit's him in the head, killing him. Kao draws out his lightsaber, and deflects two more shots. Kao finds the shooter, a Republic Mercenary. Kao lunges at the mercenary, cutting into him with his lightsaber. More mercenaries begin to flock at Kao, and each fall by his lightsaber. At the end of the battle, dozens of mercenaries lie, dead by Kao's hand. The anger was rising in Kao, but he tried to control it. Kao slowly made it back to his shelter, when the unthinkable happens.

"No...no, it can't be...not now...ahhh!!!!"

At that moment, Master Javarn had become One with the Force, thus releasing the anger inside of Kao. Images of his dark past flood his mind, and only one real thought comes to mind - Power.

[End Chapter 3]

02-12-2006, 10:44 PM
Ooh. Welcome to the Dark Side. That sounds really good. Can't wait for more.

02-16-2006, 04:29 PM
I'll have this updated soon. Thanks for the comments guys!

01-15-2007, 02:36 AM
Talk about Necro. Almost one year later. I shall revive this fan fic.

Since I now have two fan fics (this one and Legacy of One) Im gonna balance them. Ill post new chapters of the Mandalorian Apprentice every Saturday, and Legacy of One on Sundays. So stay tuned!

01-15-2007, 02:59 AM
MMM...Nice fiction, and keep it coming...

Welcome to the Dark Side, Kao. And I see you're a Bleach fan.

Diego Varen
01-15-2007, 03:19 AM
It's nice to see this Fic has returned. It was one of my favourite Fanfics and I tried to do my own version of it, but it didn't work out.

01-15-2007, 01:18 PM
Yep! I love Bleach, its amazing. And thank you for checking this Fan Fic!

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