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02-03-2006, 09:29 AM
I know that Sciamano posted a request that is similar to this, but nevertheless I want to try, because there are here much more changes that there.
Here is my idea for the mod:


"High Level Force Powers" mod compatible
"Combat Simulation Area" mod compatible
"Ultimate Saber" mod compatible
"Movie Sabers" mod compatible
Avol's fixed "Vader" mod compatible
"Hardcore mod" compatible
"Putting the Sith back in TSL" mod compatible
"Improved Atris" mod compatible
"Sith Battle Simulation" mod compatible
"TSL Restoration Project" mod compatible*
"Individual On/Off Saber Sound" mod compatible
"Mind probe tells influence" mod compatible
"The Dark Apprentice" mod compatible
"Movie Robes" mod compatible
"Classic Blaster Sounds" mod compatible
"Episode IV cantinas" mod compatible
"Hoods for Jedi Robes" mod compatible
"Bao-Dur as Darth Maul" mod compatible
"Bloody Skeleton" mod compatible
"DL-44 Blaster (Han Solo's Blaster)" mod compatible

All those mods are found on pcgamemods.com, if not tell me and I'll add links to them.

*note* the titles of in-game music are that one heard in Music from the Main Menu

{snipped} - poses copyright issues - d3

-LS points gained:

if there are any suggestions or you want to change more music, tell me and I'll add it to the list.


-Kreia and Darth Traya's appearance changed to Palpatine
-Vrook as Mace Windu, and his lightsaber style changed to Juyo (7)
-Vaklu as Dooku
-Anakin selectable PC
-Young Obi-Wan selectable PC
-Vandar as Yoda, and his lightsaber style changed to Ataru (4)
-T3-M4 as R2-D2
-Old Republic soldier as Clone Trooper
-Sith Soldier as Stormtrooper
-Re-skinned Darth Sion, or he changed to General Grievous
-Zez-Kai Ell as Ben Kenobi, his lightsaber style changed to Soresu (3)


-Possibility of Mira even if you're DS
-Force Lightning appearance fixed
-Final Battle Changed: Kreia is equipped with "Palpatine's Saber", which uses the corrispondent hilt from Movie Saber Mod, and is a strong lightsaber vs. LS.
Kreia is also equipped with "Palpatine's Robe", who will give her improved stats vs. LS.
Phase 1: Kreia uses once Force Storm, then melee.
Phase 2: Kreia can use at her will every DS power but Force Storm, and also melee combat.
Phase 3: Kreia summons the 3 lightsabers. she can use at her will every DS and Universal power and also engages the player in melee.
Phase 4: Kreia summons the 3 lightsabers again if they were defeated previously, she stands still and casts only Force Storm, while the sabers melee. When she runs out of Force points, she will melee.
Unlike in the game, Kreia will have to chase the player in the whole arena if he/she escapes. Her lightsaber style will be Ataru (4).
-a scene, if possible, of a figh between Vandar and Kreia
-a line during the last dialogue with Kreia as trayus core, where the exile says "so you are indeed Darth Sidious, the Sith I found about in the Jedi Archive, you were supposed to be destroyed, yet you're here." Kreia will simply reply "indeed I am", the voice shoulnd't be a problem since kreia has so many words spoken, and her name at the final battle changes to "Darth Sidious" from Darth Traya
-a line at the Jedi enclave on dantooine that allows you to fight the masters togheter instead of having them killed by Kreia, also his must happen even if there are 3 or 2 masters, because when there's 1 battle is triggered automatically, if they're more they'll try to cut you out from the Force. when they're dead, Kreia will show up and act normally as she should, she will stun you, get captured...
-Movie Robes equipped to Jedi masters
-New launcher: Altered ROTS
-Droid Planet Restored

*of course those can only be done when the TSL restoration project releases its mod of cutted material from TSL.

I know it's an awful lot to do, but I think that, if completed, this mod can only improve TSL in terms of playability, fun and game lenght.
I will help in every way I can whoever will support and contribute to this idea.

The first thing that should be done, however, IMO is to take all the mods listed here and to try to make them compatible with each other. After that, they should be placed into one compressed file.

02-03-2006, 11:31 AM
Some parts have already been done (example possibility to get Mira if DS) and some are being done (droid planet) but I don't think the most part of this mod will ever be done.

Concerning the music part, don't even ask for it due to copyright issues.

And please, do not reiterate requests over and over. Per example, you have already asked for the lightning and the Valku modifications somewhere else. It just gets confusing.

The Doctor
02-03-2006, 11:41 AM
Most of this sounds like an almost total conversion project. There have been attempts to do such mods - none of them have made it off the ground. For example, there were people who wanted to do a Stargate conversion, adding a Teal'c PC to the selection screen, turning the Ravager into a Goua'uld(sp?) mother ship, turning Dxun into the planet where they first meet the Tokra, etc. It never got very far.

02-03-2006, 12:44 PM
well this, Doctor, is changing only what can be changed, nothing too big or too difficult at least. And Darth333, i was going to add that... some of this is ready, but I placed it in order to show the mod to the full extent. I am not asking for something to be redone, I'm just stating the necessary conditions. I know full well that some of them are already present, in fact I found that of mira yesterday, but I had to add it. For the mods, actually, I think that it shouldn't be impossible for someone capable of mixing the .2da files. For the music, then I want to know how to do it by myself, but what you said is, IMHO, a bit of nonsense. Because for copyright issues you couldn't download mp3s, and I don't believe that you don't have any. Also no profit will be made with this mod, at least from me, I think it's ok for personal use.

EDIT: also the person who did the Episode IV cantina mod is not in prison for having violated the SW copyright, isn't he? and all you people who created custom launchers with music from the "Imperial Death march", have been arrested yet :D? No seriously, I don't think that it should be cause for trouble of this size..

02-03-2006, 01:14 PM
If you want to change the music for your personal use that's fine, there are tutorials for this if you want to do it by yourself. But do not make a mod request about this on our boards. I don't care what happened or not to the others who did. LucasForums does not condone this. End of line.

02-03-2006, 01:17 PM
well since it was disturbing I removed the titles, however I still don't give up.

I would do this myself, but I don't know waht to do, and I can't find a clue in the tutorial, maybe i'm looking at the wrong one.

however, what I think that someone else should do first is to try to make the mods compatible. if there's a tutorial I'll try to edit the musics, and I'll have to test them, is the italian version different from the others?