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02-03-2006, 10:26 AM
You stand upon the bridge of your command ship, looking out at your assembled fleet. Support ships and escorts drift from massive warship to warship. The time to strike is now, but your enemy lurks out there somewhere, undetected. Do you hit hard and fast, trying to win in a war of attrition, or do you bring your battle fleet to bare directly on his capital planet? You've decimated him with hit and run attacks before, crippling both his navy and army. You've known constant victory and yet something scares you. You've yet to encounter his main battle fleet.

Where are they out there in the vast depths of space? To bring your full force upon his home planet might mean victory, but it could also see you losing many of your own systems as his fleets emerge from hiding. Have you sent him running yet, or is he just waiting for the right moment to destroy you? Your smugglers have infiltrated his world, and yet you're still not sure. As you stand there, looking out across the stars, he's also out there on his flagship, pondering his next move. Who will win in the ultimate battle for supremacy in the Star Wars Universe? Join the Rebel Squadrons' Righteous Indignation Division and find out.

The Rebel Squadrons is now gearing up for the release of Empire at War. You can check out our site, download the demo, and link to the various mods that have been floating around the net. Stop by the main Rebel Squadrons website and check out Righteous Indignation Division, the RS's Empire at War section. Email me at Codyman@aol.com or via private message on the RS forums.

http://www.rebelsquadrons.org (The Main Site)
http://rf.rebelsquadrons.org/ri/ (Empire At War Specific)
MGN Cody Qel'Droma
THE Rebel Squadrons

02-03-2006, 07:11 PM
Aww beat me to post eh wes?

02-04-2006, 09:57 AM
On behalf of our illustrious leader, yep :P

02-08-2006, 09:33 AM
heh, I snuck in under Giz while my registration was pending.......

MGN Cody Qel-Droma

03-01-2006, 01:43 PM
Just a quick note, we're currently standing at over 20 members, whiche I've split in half so. The two sides are currently engaged in an intersquad battle with one another. If you'd like to take part in all this, join up at:


03-01-2006, 02:42 PM
((our Newsletter))

Greeting everyone, it seems about half of you have picked up the actual retail version of the game now, a bunch of others are playing pirated copies and plan on getting the real thing, and still others are slowly getting around to finding enough change in their couches to play. This is good, Iím glad to see things progressing. On to news:

1) Ninjin and Chisha are currently competing against one another until Saturday evening (12:00 AM, so Sunday technically). The current score is Chisha with 21 points, Ninjin with 15. To score, you must play someone from the opposing task force. Point totals for win/tie/loss are 3/2/1 for skirmish and 5/4/3 for campaigns. Report any results to me. To see who you can play, check the roster at:


2) You can also look at our message boards where folks are posting their in-game MP names and their Xfire names (highly recommended to install this if you can, it actually comes with the game). The boards are at:


Current in-game names posted on the boards are: CodyOnAcid, RS_AntonNels, EMW1824, RS_lv12medi, WesBelden, Scorbolt, rs_sconn, RC427chief

Current Xfire names posted on the boards are: Codyman, randygland25, rsdavid, feakduran

Please get on the boards and post your info ASAP. Using the game and Xfire to arrange matches is the best way to go.

3) You can also log on to IRC. Our chat channel for the whole RS is where a lot of the matches are currently being set up. Our channel is on the undernet at #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL

4) There are some really cool mods already being made for the game. Currently the coolest is the EaW Realism Mod (3.0):

Added to the Gold version is the ability to play the optional 'Fleet Mode', a Death Match mode for SKIRMISH without resource collection. Start with 10000 to 100000 credits, amass a massive fleet and slug it out. Rock ON baby!>>

If youíd like to give it a try, head on over to the RS wiki, in the EaW mods section. Iím constantly updating it with new info as well:


5) Also, if youíd like any general info on EaW, including tips and tactics, total conversions, mods, editing tools, or pretty much anything RS related beyond EaW, just check out the RS Wiki in general. It also has info on most anything Iíve mentioned here, including Xfire and IRC.


6) One of our members, our esteemed XO, Wes Belden, is currently working on graphics for a number of the Total Conversion mods out there. As such, heís kind of on the front line for all developing mod tools, tricks, and ideas. This is good for us. Weíre already brainstorming ideas on how to make RS missions, maps, and other things that relate to us directly, as well as possible Interactive Tours of Duty that go beyond Multiplayer.

7) Our main website is at: http://rf.rebelsquadrons.org/ri/ Wes is constantly updating the news, so be sure to check it often.

8) Weíve just opened a 3rd task force, our academy task force for people that are new to the Rebel Squadron and new to the game. Sconn is heading it up, and itís name is Task Force Usagi. All future cadets will be placed there, but if you made it into the first two squads as a cadet, youíre exempt since it didnít yet exist. Still, Sconn will be hunting you down to make sure youíre properly adjusted into the RS. So if you have any question, dig him or myself up.

9) When the inter-task force battle is concluded, we will be prepping for playing other units outside the RS. As such, itíd really help if you have, or intend to have, a MP capable copy of the game. Upon the intersquad battle completion, Iíll be doing a sweep. If you have the game or truly intend to buy it, Iíll be asking for you to get back to me. Iím not the kind of leader to overly bloat rosters just to look bigger than we are. If youíre not planning on getting this game and partaking in what the division has to offer, I donít need you taking up space that someone else would fit better in.

10) Finally, we have a TeamSpeak server, but I have to have a room (or two) made for us. Iíll be working on that tonight. I highly recommend getting a mic and whatnot, as itís really cool to be able to say ďHis fleetís moving to attack our NW minesĒ instead of having to type it out.

Thatís all for now. Get in there and mix things up. Chisha is out for blood, and so far, Ninjinís hiding a bit. I have the utmost faith that Ninjin will show itís true colors and come out swinging shortly.

LGN Cody Qel-Droma
RID CO/Vanguard XO
THE Rebel Squadron