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This rp will be set 25 years after the clone wars

Mandalorian History:
The Mandalorian's have been rebuilding their forces on the Dxun Moon for quite a while now. Almost 10 years had gone by since the Clone Wars and the Mandalorians gew to a bigger size than thought possible after what happened in the years before the Clone Wars. A new Mandalore has been claimed leader of the Mandalorian's once again and now will lead his soldiers into yet another battle to get revenge on those who defeated them almost a millenia ago. Mandalorians have developed new technology to help them defeat the Jedi and the Dark Jedi altogether. Using all they had left as a resource they built an armour that had resistance to a lightsaber and still had blaster resistant armour also. With the new technology Mandalorians will be able to defeat anyone in their path including the Jedi and Dark Jedi.

Jedi History:
"In Episode 7, the Jedi had been reorganized, but so had the Dark Jedi, led by Shindor of Brontic. These Dark Jedi carried not only purple, blue and green-bladed light sabers, but yellow, orange, white and black-bladed light sabers as well. The main opponent in Episode 7 was one of the chief Dark Jedi under Shindor, Spiden of Volotta. Aided by Asp, a changeling spy from Sentor, Spiden and Shindor controlled a powerful new order of Dark Jedi. Neither Shindor nor Spiden were Sith, for the Sith were truly extinct, no longer to terrorize the Galaxy. The war between the Dark Jedi and Luke’s New Jedi Order are all part of Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy, Episodes 7, 8, and 9. In the Sequel Trilogy, the threat of the Dark Jedi is vanquished, eliminating the dark side of the Force forever.
Luke Skywalker and his sister, Leia Organa Solo, continued in their positions of leadership. 20 years after Episode 7, they entered into negotiations with the fierce Raverons of the Unknown Regions. The Raverons attempted to take over the Republic, breaking their negotiations. Luckily, the Raverons failed. Luke and Leia lived to be well over 100 years old. With Leia’s passing, Grone Tisal, Chief of Coruscant Secret Security, became the next elected Chief of State. The Jedi Order continued to prosper and protect the Galaxy under Luke’s son, Ben Skywalker. Peace was established throughout the Galaxy."(Quoted from a site http://www.supershadow.com/starwars/jedi_sith.html)
Now the Jedi have seen the new technology of the Mandalorians and are trying to bring back the forbidden lightsaber created by "Crutus Penari" so deadly that it could slice through other lightsabers and the Jedi hoped that once they had a clue to the blueprints that supposedly had been destroyed that the effect would work on the Mandalorians armour as well. Their plan of action is too first try to work out a negotiation first then strike if all goes to heck.

Dark Jedi:
The Dark Jedi sieze opurtunity as another way to corrupt the jedi order, if they find what the Jedi are loooking for it may end in disaster. The Dark Jedi have also rebuilt their empire and want to take back the galaxy. The only thing that stands in their way are the New Jedi and the new council and the bear boned honored ruthless Mandalorians. The New Dark Lord of the Dark Jedi, Darth Vodda has been planning for this day where he/she will conquer the galaxy.

Republic- Republic is as strong as they will ever be, after recruiting many new soldiers they have harnessed what the Mandalorians had come up with a long time ago. The Republic scientists have almost cloned the Mandalorians armor so they can deflect blaster shots at any angle except to the neck. With their new found weapon they may be able to stop the Mandalorians and the Dark Jedi from overwhelming them.

No godmodding
No one line posts (plz)
No killing off other players without permission
3 pc max

Ghost of Crutas Penari-
Ben Skywalker-
Darth Vodda-
Senator of The Republic (Insert name here) -

Character Sheet:
Side-(Mandalorian, Dark Jedi, Republic/Jedi)-

My Character Sheet:
Name- Cronus Zethlar
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 31
Height- 6'0"
Side-(Mandalorian, Dark Jedi, Republic/Jedi)- Jedi
Alliginment- Neutral
Rank- Jedi Weapon Master
Weapons- 2 single green lightsabers
Equipment- none for the maximum fight ability
Apperance- Green Hooded robe with a white stripe going down the back from head to where it stops. http://www.thesupernaturalworld.co.uk/reviews/psi_ops/images/psi_ops_nick_scryer_fighting.jpg
Bio- As a young boy, Cronus was entered in the padawan program, a few years a being a padawan he rose to the rank of Jedi Knight, then at age 21 he reached the rank of Jedi Weapon Master, it has been his dream to become a Knight of the council and when he served under Luke it was a great feeling, he felt very proud, now he serves under Ben.

Ill Take Whatever is left.....

02-03-2006, 11:54 AM
Here's my character:
Name: Michaela Koros
Species: well Human unless you count the pointy elf ears
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Side: Jedi
Alignment: Grey
Rank: do Avalonian Jedi have a rank? Jedi Weapons Master and Watchman
Weapons: possesses the singing blade of her people and a rare bronzium crystal in her lightsaber with a strange marking etched on the hilt
Equipment: Something for breathing underwater and small utilities
Appearance: Brown hair with blond highlights, blue eyes, wears the Jedi robes of her people
Bio: Trained by the son of Andros Starlighter, the son of two Jedi, she led the resistance against the Rashikians in their attempt to expell the would be usupers. Trained as a Jedi since she was two, she developed the special ability of stealth and achieved a reputation as one of the best weapons masters of her tribe and people. She came to Coruscant as an ambassador of peace to her people and serves on a periodic time under Ben Skywalker. Though it is not known, some say that she has connection to a Jedi that saved the Republic nearly four thousand years earlier.

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Name: Darth Kreyn
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'3"
Side: Dark Jedi
Rank: Dark Jedi Master
Weopons: Red single sided lightsaber with a hilt crafted by a very skilled ancient Sith Lord
Equipment: A Silver shoulder cover with a black, silk dark jedi robe and cloak.
Appearance: Black short hair, green eyes.
Bio: Neglected by the Jedi order, Blakreyn (his name at the time) sought out the path of darkness. There he found a person named Vodda who tought him and asked him to rebuild the dark side of the force. ON an unkown planet, Darth Kreyn spent 3 years, learning the ways of the old Dark Jedi secret lightsaber techniques. ONce finally done with his training of using the force, Vodda requested him to build up a new Dark Jedi Army under his guidance..

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Character Sheet:
Name-Ben Skywalker



Age-28(Random, thought it'd fit cause he can't be that old)



Allignment-Light(not all the way)

Rank-Jedi Master, Head of Council

Weapons-A single blue lightsaber with a purple inner glow

Equipment-A small pendant, from his father, Luke's lightsaber (doesn't use), A single Republic Repeating Blaster, heavily modified.

Appearance-Jet-black Jedi attire, Brown hooded robe, black leather fingerless gloves, jet-black boots, jet-black pants.

Bio-Born in Coruscant, he lived a lavish, but harsh life. Hard training and a loveless life sent him down a self-destructive life. He can't have any emotional ties outside the council, so he fights for justice by himself throughout the galaxy. He finally became a Jedi Sentinel a year after becoming a Jedi Padawan, because he had.. 'connections' so to speak. He achieved the rank of master after filling in his father's position when he died. He has a huge sense of self pride and will give his life to save another, anyday, just like his father.

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When would you like to start?

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Well we really dont have enough people yet so.. ehh, lol

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uh.. sorry to be a pain in the butt but the yellow lightsaber belonged to the dark jedi at the time

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Alright, I changed it. I don't think that it would matter much if we started with one or two people or with tons of people, not alot of people would be active anyway. They'd just post their profile and just leave.And the Dark Jedi have control over all the colors.. do you expect me to use a pink and purple polka dotted lightsaber? lol.

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No just tell me what the thread will be for the story. :)

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(don't get the idea that im making yoda or something or copying off him because im not)

Name- Icik Eitai
Species- Unknown
Sex- Male
Age- 775
Height- 3'2" (pretty much yoda size)
Side- Dark Jedi
Alliginment- Dark
Rank- Full Dark Jedi
Weapons- Orange lightsabre with a red strip in it.
Equipment- The force, his wisdom
Apperance- Short, pale blue, black cloak a little too big for him, scar across his back and face.
Bio- How Icik became a Dark Jedi or where he was born is unknown, and don't bother asking him because he'll just tell you to go eat bantha ****. He is extremely force-sensitive and is one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy. His shortness has been seen as a weakness to the weak and ignorant. Word has it he had a fight with an old (very old) Jedi Council and joined the dark side and killed all but 3 of the Jedi Masters.

__________________________________________________ ________

Name- Airion Forti
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 22
Height- 6'0"
Side- Jedi
Alliginment- Light
Rank- Jedi Knight
Weapons- Blue-ish green lightwhip and Green lightsabre combo
Apperance- Strongly built, Long black cloak, Jet-black hair, white eyes
Bio- Airion was born on Coruscant when he was taken away by the Jedi. Airion was trained at a young age and was strong in the force. He became extremely skilled in using the force, lightsabre, and hand combat, which became very useful in many situations. He has been asked to join the Jedi council many times, but for some reason refuses.

03-16-2006, 02:22 AM
(so this is set after the original trilogy and after Luke is dead? I'll assume this when I make my dude but I'll change it if I need to.)

Character Sheet:
Name- Mandalore, Viperous Kordon
Species- Human/Mandalorian/Son of a Clone
Sex- Male
Age- Around 23
Height- 1.84 meters
Side-(Mandalorian, Dark Jedi, Republic/Jedi)- Mandalorian
Alliginment- Dark (more just anti-dark jedi, but cant seem to tell the difference between a dark jedi and a jedi)
Rank- Chief of the Mandalorian Clans
Weapons- Twin Blaster Pistols, Jetpack, Wrist Launcher
Equipment- Modern Mandalorian Armor (moddled after Bobba and Jango Fett's armor combined with Storm Trooper armor) with heavy resistance to blaster shots and lightsabers.
Apperance- His armor, unlike most of the other Mandalorians who wear a varity of colours, is metalic with hints of black. he Wears his armor most of the time, only taking it off when he is with close friends and loved ones (or when it needs to be washed :P). Unlike previous Mandalores he is not afraid to remove his helmet.
Bio- Viperous grew up on the moon Dxun. His father had been a clone from the times of the Clone Wars, but had left the battles after his vision was impared. He lived there until he was 12 when the Dark Jedi came looking for Freedon Nadd's lost tomb. The Dark Jedi enslaved his mother and killed his father leaving Viperous to die in the jungle. However Viperous survived, taming a Maalraas and riding it into the Dark Jedi camp. He then stormed through the area attacking the Sith with his Maalraas and fists. he was able to kill most of the Dark Jedi only to find his mother already dead. He fled the planet vowing to kill any Dark Jedi he encountered. Eventually he encountered other Mandalorian descendants and took leadership of small clans, eventually uniting them all as the Mandalorian clans. His workers soon developed lightsaber resistant armor and he began his assault on the Dark Jedi threat, not knowing that most of the time he was slaying Jedi. It was still all conquering to him.