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02-06-2006, 01:05 AM
I've got a new idea for a KOTOR 3 story line. I know it is very unlikely to be used but I want to hear people's opinions.

You play as Bastilla Shan who has grown tired of waiting for her beloved Revan to return from the unknown regions. You decide to try and find him. To do so you need to know where he went and why. To try and figure this out you visit his the places he went in his past (during the Mandalorian Wars etc) and to to meet his old master (including possibly a ghost kreia). Once you have learnt all you can you follow him out into the unknown region and aid him in his battle against the true sith.

I have never played through KOTOR 1 as a female although I am in the process of doing it right now but I have heard rumours that Carth also has a romantic episode with a female Revan. If so this may be possible but I am not sure so please fill me in here. Otherwise you could be a jedi who served under Revan in the war.

Carth or Bastilla could still be the main characters for a female Revan except they go after him as they are tired waiting for him to return or maybe Revan or the Exile sent out a message to the asking for assistance fighting the true sith.

Any comments?

02-06-2006, 02:44 AM
First off welcome to the forum darth_traya! :)

Second: You may have made a revolutionary breakthrough by making Bastilla the one searching for Revan. The only problem I see is that you didn't include anything if Revan was female. How would that work?

02-06-2006, 04:08 AM
First off welcome to the forum!

Now, to business. I don't think your idea would work for the same reason JediMaster12 has - Revan could have been a female and in that case Carth would have been the one in love with Revan.
Personally I think Revan should be the main character again (this is something I've repeated too many times so far, but since you're new to the forum it's the first time for you to read it), although many people want a completely new main character.
I've posted a poll regarding this matter, so you're welcome to vote and post your oppinion.
One last thing - you probably haven't seen them since you're new, but there already are at least two threads named ''KoTOR 3 Storyline Idea'' where you could have posted your idea. I don't think anyone here holds that against you, though.

02-06-2006, 05:07 PM
For an Idea in KOTOR 3, I think it would be neat if Zaalbar went with Revan...AH HA unexpected DA DA! Perhaps Revan stated that he need to go alone but Zaalbar said he swore a life debt to him/her and it must be served, and although you can kill Zaalbar if you go evil in KOTOR, if you have dominate mind and high points in persuade you can get him to kill Mission and that's that. Let's say that idea works, say by traveling to the unknown regions Zaalbar becomes more and more force sensitive...we'll say and that Revan trains him to be a jedi. It could be just me but I would just love to see a wookie with a lightsaber, I think it would be neat.

02-06-2006, 05:19 PM
Hello and welcome Beast-Thrasher:)
As to Zalbaar accompanying Revan, you make a good point. He did swear a life debt to Revan. It would be a nice touch to have some mention in Zalbaar though I think there are many people who are tired of seeing big walking carpets. :)

02-06-2006, 06:12 PM
As to your idea, darth_traya - I thought one of the main KOTOR options was the ability to play as your own character? And what if Bastila was DS, or what if Revan was female? Just start out as a new PC.

Beast-Thrasher: Sorry, but I don't think so. He went alone, and even a life-debt wouldn't matter. Besides, Zaalbar would probably stay with Mission. As for the Jedi idea, while that isn't entirely impossible, it is very unlikely that he went off and was all of a sudden trained. I would rather see someone like Mission as a Jedi. :)