View Full Version : Massive Fighter Amounts

02-07-2006, 10:16 AM
There was a way that I was able to make the Ties overwhelm the x-wings in numbers and strength, I forgot how I was able to do it but I was able to make the Star Destroyer produce more tie fighter squadrons that were changed to my liking. But I forget as well, how can you make it so a Star Destroyer will spawn Victory cruisers again?

02-07-2006, 05:06 PM
look in the XML file that says space cap hios or sometin like that it there should be somethin for that in there

02-07-2006, 05:38 PM
I think I was able to get over 25 squadrons of Tie-Fighters & 25 squadrons of Tie Bombers. Although I did have six Star Destroyers, but either way the 25 bombers should not be equal to the fighters in amount because the Star Destroyers can only create 5 squardons.

02-07-2006, 10:00 PM
xml file for the unit type: entry for unit: code:
<Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Fighter_Squadron, 5</Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>
<Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Bomber_Squadron, 5</Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>
<Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>Tartan_Patrol_Cruiser, 2</Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>
<Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Fighter_Squadron, 55</Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>
<Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Bomber_Squadron, 55</Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>
<Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>Tartan_Patrol_Cruiser, 1</Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>