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Alright this is my first fanfic and some of you have been in my rp's and they had no plot... well i hope it changes in this one lol, Feat. Darth Vader who succeeds and lives through turning back to the light side by the persuasion of his son Luke Skywalker and Luke's apprentice Aenon....

Chapter One

1 year after Anakin Skywalker a.k.a former Darth vader had survived the force of the light side and procceeded to becoming a light sider. Luke, head of the new Jedi Council has arisen and formed a series of planets devoted to Jedi Academys and the study of new padawans. Jedi have come together and become a fully functional force and the Jedi have recruited more padawans than ever recorded in the archives.

Somewhere in the Unknown regions......

Lord Cronus approached the front of the bridge. "Are the experiments ready?"

"Almost my lord, soon the sith clones will be ready, with the new technology we stole from the Kamino structure, we can now begin to make these clones do whatever and whenever we want."

"Good my aprentice, you have served me well, you will be soon rewarded"

"Yes, Lord, the Jedi have been building structures unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, they revolve around every planet that Jedi academys are on, and it gets its power from the pressure of space."
The Dark Lord turned to him, "My apprentice, there is no pressure in space"

"If not pressure then what could it be master?"

"The Jedi are smart but not too smart, they will make a move that will cost them, until then we wait and we improve upon our clones"

"Yes my lord, the Jedi will make stupid moves, so stupid their eyes will grow small when we defeat them"

"Soon, soon"

Darth Cronus walked out of the bridge and onto the turbolift. He thought
The Jedi are fools and will soon walk right into my trap

Back on Dantooine

Aenon walked through the enclave, his light blue robes blowing through the air and his hilt of his lightsaber shining in the light. He walked over to the console.
"Where is Luke?"
"He is in the Council Room waiting for you, Master Aenon"
"Thank You"

He walked over to the sliding doors and opened them up with the movement of his hand. Aenon walked towards the council and former Darth Vader where they stand. He stepped down the stairs and approached them.

"Do you know why we have summoned you here?" asked Luke
"Yes, i am to go through a series of tests so i can be a member of the council"
"That is right Master Aenon" Lakar said
Luke smiled at his father then looked at Aenon
"Your first challenge is to succesfully answer a series of questions that will be give to you by my father, Anakin" He paused for a moment....
"Are you ready Aenon?"
"Yes i am"
"Then we will begin"
Anakin looked over to Aenon
"Say that you disobeyed our order and went off and did something that we thought was unnecessary, for example, if the hundreds of citizens were in great danger, and the council told you to stay put and let the republic handle it, what would you do?"

"I would go on a mission to save those who are in danger"

"Yes, even though we told you to stay you defied us and rescued the citizens, you will live knowing another person's life was spared" exclaimed Luke

Anakin raised an eybrow and looked awkwardly at him

"Next Question"

"If your master told you to stay put and protect the queen, and you sensed that your master was in trouble, what would you do?"

"I would stay with the queen and inform other jedi or the council about what i had sensed"

"Nicely done Aenon" Luke said "You have passed our test and now the council must deliberate upon your answers and then inform you on our decision"

"His answers were the truth, he spoke from what he thought" said Master Kalam

"Yes i agree with Kalar, i sensed thoughts and truth and passion, there was no doubt" Lakar pointed out

Luke sensed doubt in his father, "Say what you need to"

"He is too perfect, and sometimes perfect isnt a good thing, when i was lord vader, i was a perfect lord in the eyes of the empire and i was turned to the light within minutes, could it not be the same circumstance for him? Could he not be turned to the darkside just as easy?Him being on teh council may pressure him like it did to me"

"We understand, but we must try, if we do not try then we will wonder if we made a right choice, even though being in the council is a great responsibility, i have been training Aenon for a long time now and i think he is ready for this"

Lakar and Kalam talked and made a decision, "We agree"

Jachlas, Reychnar, Itsmuch and Sardar all agreed with them and then talked among themselves

"If the rest of the council agrees then i must agree also" Anakin stated

"Then it is final, we shall let Aenon become a council member" Luke turned to Aenon....."The council has deliberated and we have come to the decision that, you will n... become a member of the council Master Aenon, We welcome you"

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good work, Kwh, though Ani is becoming a little pessimistic, dontcha think?:D

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thnx,Yea he is, i want him to have a little doubt but i looked it over and i put alot of negitivity in with him, lol

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that would make him be like vrook. no doubt he was against everything, but have it your way. keep it up

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I'm confused. Is Anakin a force ghost, or still in the Darth Vader suit? Because otherwise, he'd either just be virtually dead and not a pretty sight.

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Youll see

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Interesting. Are you writing a what would have been story? I'm inclined to think that Anakin is a Force Ghost and what you said about his surviving and becoming a lightsider is a metaphor. I'm waiting for the next chapter.

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Chapter Two
A new untapped power

On Darth Cronus's ship, the Chartiat, somewhere in the Unknown Regions..............

Cronus walked out of the turbolift with every intention to destroy the Jedi and the ruling of the galaxy for years to come. Walking towards the experimentation area he waved his hand of the keypad and the door gradually opened, he stepped in and looked at the experiments....

"How are they coming doctor?"

"Vvvvvvery ggggooood mmmy lllord, Ssss they are very close to, pppperfection"

"Great just great, close to perfection is not enough, perfection is what we need to achieve here! Without it you and the rest of the empire will fall to the damned..... He was interupted by the other sciencetist

"Cronus my lord, the modifications to the ship have been made and are being sent to the rest of your fleet, the shields will have more protection against the Jedi's defenses and your turrets are the most accurate they will ever be, we will no longer be needing turret gunners, the computers will do it themselves by locking on to the weakest point of a structure or another ship"

"Good good, you have served me well, when will we be ready for the attack?"

"Its only a matter of time my lord, once every ship is updated, we will have more men to pilot a one manned ship, and progress will increase, once the mutated jedi are done we will be able to strike the Jedi a blow, so hurtful that none will ever stand up to us again."

"Yes, that will be a great day, but for now you will keep working on what you do best and ill make arrangments"

Cronus walked over to the observation window where clones of dark jedi were being made, then walked back to the door. He flashed his hand over it and the door opened up. He walked over to his room. He opened it up walked in and sat down and started to meditate.

Back on Dantooine

Aenon looked over at the former darth vader, his armour once black turned white and a new mask, it was hard to define what was different about it other than that it was white he couldnt find a difference it just looked different. All of a sudden a vision snapped into his mind, he saw Anakin at the hands of Cronus, clutched by a lightsaber to the neck....then it went blank and turned black, he fell to his knees and gasped.....

"What is it?" Luke asked

"I....I...saw something"

"What did you see?"

"I saw, a dark lord and a lightsaber to Anakins neck, and... then it went blank"

"Hmm, what you saw was most likely correct, for now, sometimes the force may warn you of future disasters that may happen if you dont change a relationship or decision you make further down the road, so choose wisely, in the archives it states that Revan wrote these visions in his datapad and had numerous of these during his way as re-becoming a Jedi."

Aenon thought then got up, he walked over to Anakin

"It seems that you do not like me very much"

"It is not that i do not like you, it is that i am pushing you and to push i must doubt so you can prove me wrong, thats how i was taught and how Luke was taught, i think it should only be fair that you be taught the same way, do you want to duel me? One on one, no force powers, viroblades, and no pain stimulants, you think you are up to it?"

Aenon raised an eyebrow and shrugged

"Why not, ive got nothing to loose then other than an arm, or leg, torso or head, but im up for it"

Aenon and Anakin proceeded to the training area as the council watched them. Aenon, threw his robe off and grabbed two viroblades, then threw one to Anakin, he got into his stance with the viroblade placed at an angle slightly behind him. Anakin caught the sword and got into his stance with the viroblade in front of him at a downward angle in front of his face.


Aenon looked at him and smiled, "Oh yea"

He ran at him and slashed three times, Anaking blocked one and was slashed in the armour in the legs. Anakin then turned around as Aenon ran past him and slightly sliced a little cut on his leg, Aenon stumbled then jumped landed and slid across the floor, while turning around. He looked in front of him and Anakin wasnt there, then he looked up and he was in the air. Anakin slashed down at him, Aenon rolled to the right and slashed down at Anakin's sword. The sword dug into the floor and Aenon was in the movement of slashing the sword again when Anakin used his power to pull the sword from the ground and fling it at Aenon. Aenon saw the blade coming and swung at it and the viroblade went flying behind him where Anakin was standing, he kicked him in the back and caught his blade as it came flying at him. Anakin sliced at him but Aenon kept rolling to the right and rolling again until he was far enough from Anakin to get up then he got stable on his feet then went to Anakin in a furry of attacks, one step of anakin for every foot he lay down it was before Anakin. Slash after slash Anakin was growing weaker by the hit. Aenon came across with a horizantal slash and hit the the blade and it shattered, the sound was so loud that pieces of the wall fell off. Anakin who lay on his knees had a viroblade to his face as Aenon looked like he was drunk and was panting like a wookie.

"I guess you lost"

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Hmm...sounds like an amnesiac story. Like Revan's. Let's see where you take it.

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