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02-09-2006, 10:19 PM
As you know, in my story trilogy, the Republic is faced by a new Sith threat, in the year 67 ABY, 63 years after their destruction at the hands of Anakin Skywalker. Although the final part is titled "Fall of the Sith", by no means does the Sith threat end there and then. It continues for decades, as the Rule of Two is no more. I've decided to start a roleplay, based in 92 ABY, when the soon-to-be-born children of the protagonists are now adults. You can choose to side with the Third Galactic Republic, or the Sith Alliance, both of which have soldier and Jedi classes. I will be taking the part of Komad Kaltas, son of Alkonium Kaltas, and will of course, need someone to take the part of his twin sister Alkea.

Name: Komad Kaltas
Species: Half-human, Half-Twi'lek
Homeworld: Coruscant
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Class: Jedi Knight
Weapon: single-bladed lightsaber, orange blade
Appearance: http://www.img222.imageshack.us/img222/4384/portraitofkomad7iw.jpg

02-10-2006, 12:48 AM
I'll play Alkea, an interesting name by the way. Here's the sheet:

Name:Alkea Kaltas
Species: half human, half Twilek
Homeworld: Coruscant
Gender: female
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Class: Jedi Knight
Weapon: single bladed silver lightsaber

If possible, could I play a second character?

02-10-2006, 07:44 AM
Yeah, go ahead.

02-10-2006, 11:00 AM
OK He's a baddie:

Name: Cronus Tyrannus
Species: Human
Homeworld: Unknown
Gender: Male
Faction: Sith Alliance
Class: Sith Lord
Weapons: single bladed red lightsaber and a singing sword that shrieks the sound of evil

02-10-2006, 11:34 AM
Name: Steven Solidus
Species: Human
Homeworld: Tatooine
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Class: Jedi Knight/Jedi Gaurdian
Weapon: Blue Lightsaber
History:A well know jedi under his own right. He is a master with the light saber and his lightsaber he uses once belonged to his great-great uncle who fought in the clone wars. He was also one of the few siviours of order 66 until the imperal found him hiding on tatooine.

Steven's life started off as a slave untill he was bought by a some rodian. It turned out that the rodian was a jedi master, he took steven to the jedi academy and he was trained as a jedi gaurdian.

02-10-2006, 08:29 PM
Name: Correlinus (Cory) Kan
Species: Human
Homeworld: Tuaci (Made up)
Gender: Male
Faction: Third Galactic Republic
Class: Army General
Weapon: ZZ4-12 Blaster Riffle equiped with long range scope, Many secondaries
Picture: Coming soon

A general in his own rank, things were done his way or not done at all. With a long history of having his comrades killed immedeatly leaving him to do the mission solo, no one short of the best would dare team with him. He never wore the traditional helmet used by soldiers in the army. In fact, the only thing covering his face were a pair of sunglasses that he never seemed to remove. He claims it is because his home planet was far from the system's sun and completely dark.

02-10-2006, 09:07 PM
Name: Steven Solidus
Species: Human
Homeworld: Tatooine
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Class: Jedi Knight/Jedi Gaurdian
Weapon: Blue Lightsaber
History:A well know jedi under his own right. He is a master with the light saber and his lightsaber he uses once belonged to his great uncle who fought in the clone wars. He was also one of the few siviours of order 66 until the imperal found him hiding on tatooine.

Steven's life started off as a slave untill he was bought by a some rodian. It turned out that the rodian was a jedi master, he took steven to the jedi academy and he was trained as a jedi gaurdian.Um, I'm not sure if his great-uncle could be an Order 66 survivor. That was in 19 BBY, this is based in 92 ABY. 111 years apart.
BTW: Here's a backstory for Komad and Alkea:
These two Jedi Knights were born in 67 ABY, the same year that the Sith Lord Darth Khilbron was killed and Darth Frigidus redeemed himself. Their lightsabers were constructed using pieces from a double-bladed lightsaber used by their father Alkonium. While Alkea prefers to examine a problem before taking action, Komad is known to rush in without thinking of the consequences, often leading Republic forces into battle.

02-10-2006, 09:34 PM
Name: Mycaen nai Peelal
Species: Kaleesh
Homeworld: Kalee
Designation: Sentient
Gender: Male
Faction: Sith Alliance, Sith Order.
Class: Sith Lord, Jedi Hunter
Height: 2 Meters
Appearance: Reddish brown scaly skin,four-fingered clawed hands, legs bent back at the knees, clawed toes, almost all of his body is covered either by cloth or a Mumuu or Karabbac mask to protect his face from the sun.
Weapons: B-33 Illegally Modified Disrupter Rifle (custom for fighting Huks). The many lightsabers that he collected by defeating Jedi.
Bio: Mycaen was at war with his fellow Kaleesh against the Huks prior to the Clone Wars. During the conflict, the Republic sided with their enemy and destroyed their trade, deepening the hard times already hurting their homeworld. The InterGalactic Banking Clan, headed by San Hill, later came in and helped them out of their depression through a deal for the Kaleesh to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=2/4020501649.jpg&s=x7 <-- His picture.

02-10-2006, 09:50 PM
Finally, the first non-human character. The Kaltas Twins don't really count as non-human as their father is human. And here's another character I will take the part of:

Darth Virul
Species: Ubese
Homeworld: Unknown
Gender: male
Faction: Sith Alliance
Class: Sith Lord
Weapon: Two wrist-mounted lightsabers, both red.
Story: Apprenticed to Darth Khilbron even before the Sith revealed themselves to the Third Galactic Republic, it was Darth Virul who proposed the abolition of the Rule of Two, which both saved and destroyed Darth Bane's Sith Order. Due to there only being three Sith at the time of his master's death, and the other redeemed himself, he automatically became the Dark Lord of the Sith. His master's other apprentice, was Darth Frigidus, who redeemed himself, killing his Sith Master and reclaiming his former identity as Isomah Enu, was hounded by Virul for another fifteen years before Virul took his revenge, but Virul would not stop there.

02-10-2006, 09:55 PM
Heh. Click the picture, no, it's not a general grievous picture.. spent 30 min. trying to find a kaleesh picture..))

02-11-2006, 10:10 PM
Oh yes, and the sub factions(meaning what determines if your character is a force-user or a soldier) are for the Third Galactic Republic: Jedi Order and Republic Military. And for the Sith Alliance: Sith Order and Sith Army.

02-11-2006, 11:42 PM
Why don't we start this? It's been forever and no one else joined.

02-12-2006, 09:18 AM
Ok, anyone can still join. And since I can't really think of a good opening text crawl, I'm just going to have someone else make the first post in the story.


02-12-2006, 10:03 AM
He arched forward and stood on all four legs, chasing after a Jedi who was force sprinting away from him in a dark alley of Coruscant, fearing for his life. Mycaen took off after him, easily catching up to the Jedi. He tackled the Jedi roughly, landing on his chest. Pinning the Jedi without using barely any strength. He spoke in a rough, barely understandable tone. "I see you're a padawan.." He said, reaching down and plucking the Lightsaber from the man's sash and setting it in place on his belt, it was a single-bladed. He twisted with his feet as they sunk into the screaming man's chest. He covered his mouth with his free right hand. When his feet reached the concrete, he spread apart his clawed feet roughly, splitting the man's diaphram wide open. He jumped into the air and landed on all fours. He straightened up and walked off the other direction, sniffing the air from under his mask.

02-12-2006, 12:03 PM
Komad then revealed himself from the shadows, activating his lightsaber. "Mycaen, you will answer for your crimes." He said to the Kaleesh Sith. "The deaths of my parents will not go unavenged."

02-12-2006, 01:18 PM
Cory also stepped out from the other side and stood next to Mycaen. "Don't worry, I'll protect you." He said to the Kaleesh, giving the jedi a quick attemptedly secret nod.

02-12-2006, 03:32 PM
Mycaen grinned to himself. He said in a barely understandable rough accent. "I'd like to see you try." He flipped backwards onto the side of the building, withdrawing two red double-bladed lightsabers in each hand. He twirled them both in a ritualistic manner, leaping back and forth from each side of the alley. He leaped up onto the roof of one of the buildings. The saber's blades sunk back into the hilt as he took off on all fours, this natural speed, combined with force sprint, gave him unerring speed. He used this speed to leap across the street, and land on a large apartment building on the other side, he took off forward, out of sight.

02-12-2006, 10:04 PM
"Lord Virul, Lord Peelal has been discovered on Coruscant." A Sith Officer said to the Dark Lord. "By whom?" He asked. "A Jedi and a Republic general." the officer replied. "Which Jedi?" Darth Virul inquired. "The half-breed known as Komad Kaltas." The officer informed him. "Hmm, he and his sister are proving to be worthy adversaries." The Sith Lord commented. "Send a detachment there immediately to make sure noone else learns of our prescence on the planet." "Yes sir."

02-12-2006, 10:55 PM
"Is it wise to do so? Where there is the brother, there is the sister," Cronus Tyrannus said from a darl shadowy corner. He was wearing a black uniform, similar to the Jedi. He walked up to Lord Virul while saying, "The sister watches out for her brother but strikes from a place that comes as a surprise. Surely you know this?"

02-12-2006, 11:58 PM
Mycaen landed on the ground, snarling to himself. "Damn Jedi.. Interfering with my..hunt." He stood still as a Ship landed nearby, a small sith vessel. He boarded it as it took off, leaving Coruscant behind in a trail of smoke.

02-13-2006, 08:10 AM
"Is it wise to do so? Where there is the brother, there is the sister," Cronus Tyrannus said from a darl shadowy corner. He was wearing a black uniform, similar to the Jedi. He walked up to Lord Virul while saying, "The sister watches out for her brother but strikes from a place that comes as a surprise. Surely you know this?"
"True, but two Jedi and one General cannot defeat an entire legion of troops, regardless of who they are. We shall eliminate both Kaltas twins at once." Lord Virul replied.

02-13-2006, 04:36 PM
He sat back in a small repulsor lift. He looked around the place. He reached into his cloak and pulled out a small datapad. He x'd out a name of one of the Jedi he just killed. Two more were on his list. "Those two Jedi.. I've never seen them before..." he said to himself before slipping the datapad away.

02-13-2006, 04:42 PM
Alkea was practicing saber techniques on Coruscant when her brother met up with the Lord Peelal along with Cory. She stopped and followed through the brother sister bond to where her brother was. She asked, "What has happened?"

True, but two Jedi and one General cannot defeat an entire legion of troops, regardless of who they are. We shall eliminate both Kaltas twins at once." Lord Virul replied.

"I'd advise you not be hasty. The time will come soon enough. Right now we must build up our armies to conquer our enemies," Tyrannus replied.

02-13-2006, 04:49 PM
"Mycaen nai Peelal killed another Jedi." Komad told his sister. "General Kan and I got there just after it happened. We believe he's off-planet now. Otherwise, he's lost in the Yuuzhan'tar Jungle, and you remeber what Dad told us about that place."

02-13-2006, 05:56 PM
"Somewhat, but what does that spell for us?" Alkea asked.

02-13-2006, 06:00 PM
"Well, it means that I doubt we'll be seeing him for a while if he's in there, but that's just a theory. He likely left the planet anyway." Komad replied.
(if you're curious about the Yuuzhan'tar Jungle, check my story Fall of the Sith, at one point two Jedi Masters, Hethra Iazoki and Alkonium Kaltas, father of Komad and Alkea, are lost there for a few days)

02-13-2006, 06:28 PM
"Still we must be cautious. Such things could be a war on two fronts." She replied.

((Thanks for the tip))

02-13-2006, 06:45 PM
"I agree, but these aren't Palpatines Sith, at least not according to the Jedi archives. They were subtle, these Sith are simply blunt and straightforward." Komad commented. "Wait, Sith Troops!" He then activated his lightsaber to defend himself.

02-13-2006, 07:13 PM
The ship landed in the docking bay of a Sith ship 'Seregai II'. He stepped out of the ship and closed his cloak, walking to a door and opening it, walking to the control room of it. He walked to the viewscreen, typing in a few commands into a small keypad. The Sith pilots just now noticed him. "Oh! Welcome back Master, how was your trip? Kill any Jedi?" He nudged Mycaen's shoulder twice. "Eh?" Mycaen put a clawed hand on the man's face and gripped the sides of his face. He threw him across the room into a control console, bathing the pilot in a pool of sparks. He shrugged it off and brushed his shoulder a little. "Where are we headed?" He said in a coarse voice, not looking away from the viewscreen. "For Deralia," a Pilot said, walking up and saluting Mycaen. Mycaen didn't look away from the screen. "How soon?" The pilot looked around and replied," Three hours, the weapons are prepared, are you sure they are there?" Mycaen nodded to himself, as if reassuring a doubt in his mind. "Yes, enter hyperspace, lets get this done and over with." The pilot pivoted and walked away, heading back to his console. Mycaen growled a little and slammed a fist into a keypad, smashing it into a pile of durasteel. "Finally, i'll get that.. Jedi..."

02-13-2006, 07:26 PM
The ship landed in the docking bay of a Sith ship 'Seregai II'. He stepped out of the ship and closed his cloak, walking to a door and opening it, walking to the control room of it. He walked to the viewscreen, typing in a few commands into a small keypad. The Sith pilots just now noticed him. "Oh! Welcome back Master, how was your trip? Kill any Jedi?" He nudged Mycaen's shoulder twice. "Eh?" Mycaen put a clawed hand on the man's face and gripped the sides of his face. He threw him across the room into a control console, bathing the pilot in a pool of sparks. He shrugged it off and brushed his shoulder a little. "Where are we headed?" He said in a coarse voice, not looking away from the viewscreen. "For Deralia," a Pilot said, walking up and saluting Mycaen. Mycaen didn't look away from the screen. "How soon?" The pilot looked around and replied," Three hours, the weapons are prepared, are you sure they are there?" Mycaen nodded to himself, as if reassuring a doubt in his mind. "Yes, enter hyperspace, lets get this done and over with." The pilot pivoted and walked away, heading back to his console. Mycaen growled a little and slammed a fist into a keypad, smashing it into a pile of durasteel. "Finally, i'll get that.. Jedi..."

02-13-2006, 08:31 PM
{Deralia isn't a real planet is it? I made up one pronounced the same, only spelled Durrelia. If you just made that up... than that's reeeeaaaaaaaaallllly weird}

Cory continued down the path with the two jedi. "Dammit! 4 months of pretending to be his slave and he still caught on!"

02-14-2006, 12:01 AM
((Deralia is a planet. In KOTOR 1, Revan's home planet is Deralia, she says that to Bastila when they talk about his past, his age '3,217, healthy living you know' that conversation))

As the ship pulled out of Hyperspace, several of his own fleet appeared out of hyperspace, surrounding the planet. "Wipe the planet clean of life, I don't want them to survive," Mycaen said, looking at the planet through the viewscreen. One pilot walked up to him, saluting him then speaking," What if our calculations are wrong? What if the Jedi aren't on the planet? That's millions of lives lost, and for what? Nothing." Mycaen turned to stare the man in the eyes, his cold, red, sun-scarred eyes burned a hole through the man (not literally, of course). "Do you want what happened to him, to happen to you.. commander?" The Pilot quickly shook his head. "Prepare the weapons, I want this done smoothly, three hours," Mycaen said.

02-14-2006, 12:54 AM
Darth Tyrannus was pacing in the quarters of his ship the Avenger when he felt what he needed to feel through the Force. He still didn't agree with the hasty attack methods on Kaltas' children and decided to make a risky move. He sent through the Force his thoughts to Darth Peelal, Do not strike for there are no Jedi here. To do so will draw the strength of the Third Republic and the Jedi.

Reacting to her brother's movements, Alkea drew her lightsaber, the blade gleaming brightly as it did when she first built it. Reaching out, she sought to connect in a battle meld and use her brother-sister connection. She slid into an attack position and waited to strike.

02-14-2006, 08:29 AM
(I wouldn't really consider Komad and Alkea children. They were born in 67 ABY and this is based in 92 ABY, making them 25)
The Sith Troopers attacked. Komad blocked with his lightsaber, blocking most of their shots, but was hit a few times. He then attempted an attack used by his father before he was killed by Peelal, only to remember his father's mechanical hand, which was necessary for it to work. Instead he Force Pushed most of the Troops, then jumped into the air, pushing downward, launching many of them into the buildings around the streets.

02-14-2006, 02:08 PM
((I would think siblings still maintain their connections like Jacen and Jaina))

Alkea follwed suit with a an attack that moved so quickly that the beam of her blade wove like a silver ribbon as she fought the Sith. She coordinated her attack to follow in sync with her brothers' deflecting shots that he missed.

02-14-2006, 04:46 PM
(That's actually what I was planning: to make Komad and Alkea Kaltas reminiscent of Jacen and Jaina Solo. And keep in mind that Komad and Alkea are basically fighting the equivalent of Stormtroopers right now)
"My Lord, the Kaltas twins seem to be holding their own against our troops." One of the Sith Officers said to Lord Virul. "Very well. I have a new plan: instruct our troops to take them alive."

02-14-2006, 05:19 PM
Mycaen looked around and nodded to himself. "Cancel the bombardment. Move to Coruscant." Mycaen typed a few buttons into a keypad. "I was seven ships on the planet." The ship pulled into hyperspace. "I need one of our best men." He looked around as all the Dark Jedi on the ship walked up to him. A dark purple Twilek in jet-black Jedi robes, who was a close friend to Aurra Sing walked to the line. Another Jedi, who looked was donned in a black silk and red Jedi robe walked up, he has a black silk blindfold about his eyes, Darth Mulas. He had a darth purple aura about him and a long, single bladed lightsaber hilt was stuffed in his sash, an intricate design was on it, it was a replica of Naga Sadow's own.Mycaen smiled. There were many other Jedi there, but they were on the seven ships. "Darth Mulas and Darth Meklor, you will be my back up when we reach Coruscant." The two Jedi nodded and walked back into their quarters, the rest of the Jedi began to prepare their ships and their equipment and items.

02-14-2006, 08:49 PM
Komad pulled out a small holocommunicator, from which he recieved a message from Hethra Iazoki. "Komad, we need you and your sister back at the Temple immediately. It seems the Sith are massing at Deralia." He said to the young hybrid.

02-14-2006, 11:03 PM
Mycaen smiled to himself as the seven ships swarmed down to Coruscant. He headed to his personal 'Slave' type ship, the two skilled Sith Lords following in suit. They all boarded the ship as the ship detached and flew towards the planet. The ship landed on a small pad in the main entertainment district. He put his hands to the sides. He also had mechanical implants, but only because the thought of four Lightsabers inticed his interests. The four fingered hands split in half, along with his arm. Four arms were now available for use. He reached inside his cloak and withdrew four Lightsabers. One green, one blue, one red, one yellow. Darth Mulas brought out his lightsaber and began slaughtering pilots and smugglers as he walked out into the open. The twilek brought out a double-bladed (staffsaber, as you people put it) and began to elegantly kill any innocent that got in her way. Mycaen leaped over the landing pad's wall and out into the open. He immediately put his four arms to use, cutting down countless people within several swings. He found a Jedi padawan in the nearby cantina, slicing him up effortlessly, as his guard was down. Within minutes, the cantina was covered in bodies and severed limbs. He put the Lightsabers away and x'ed out one of the Jedi from his list. 'Try and find the last Jedi, i'm heading back to the ship,' he minded to his allies, who could barely hear their own thoughts over the screams of death and pain.

02-15-2006, 10:33 AM
"Brother the temple calls us," Alkea asked, reaching through their bond, "and the Sith are coming here to Coruscant." The Sith troopers were lying on the ground, some missing a head, others in a strange position depending on how they fell. Her blade was still ignited as she reached out through the Force to sense if more troopers were going to come.

Tyrannus was on the deck of his ship when his lieutenant came with the report. Lord Peelal was heading towards Coruscant. "Good," he said, "now we must set the trap and retreated from the view platform of The Avenger. "We will get the Kaltas but only time will tell," were his thoughts

02-15-2006, 05:33 PM
((They just slaughtered the mainstream of Coruscant, heh. They still think he's just heading there *evil laugh* nasty suprise when they notice he's not even there.))

He headed into his ship as the two Jedi came sprinting back, holding the lightsaber of the Jedi they killed. Mycaen nodded and put the saber in his cloak. "Good, hop aboard, lets get back to the ship. And more importantly, my ship." The slave fighter took off into space and flew back to the ship he commanded. They entered and immediately went to their quarters, Mycaen heading to the bridge. He typed in the hyperspace coordinates for the Yavin space station, the Sith Headquarters at the time. "Soon the rest of the Jedi will be crushed.. and their blood will be on my hands.." He said to himself as the ship lurched into hyperspeed.

02-15-2006, 10:25 PM
A foolish statement I will say. Patience, for the time will soon come. The Jedi are too weak to meet the full fury of the darkside and they know it. They will come. The thought came from Darth Tyrannus.

02-15-2006, 10:30 PM
Mycaen snorted a little. He didn't need Tyrannus interefering with his plans, or call him a fool. He took off his cloak and set it on a chair nearby, the Jedi lightsabers lining a belt around his waist and crossing his chest. Many different styles, lengths, and designs.

02-15-2006, 11:37 PM
((I never called him a fool. What I said was Tyrannus was going to make a foolish statement))

Don't defy me Peelal. Unlike the Jedi, if you are loyal I shall show no mercy but know this: the price for disobeying me will make you beg for something worse than death. I know that you collect your 'trophies' from those that you kill and that you show no mercy. I will break you should you not be loyal to me. Tyrannus was being more forceful with Peelal.

Alkea and her brother had arrived at the temple and headed for the council chambers to find out about the Sith threat. She asked her brother, "Is the threat as bad as it seems?"

02-16-2006, 08:42 AM
"All I know is Hethra called us here, and you know him better than I do." Komad replied. "Most likely the council has a new assignment for us, stopping the Sith on some backwater world."
(oh yes, and I decided that this would instead be set in 87 ABY. Things will continue as before, except Komad and Alkea will be five years younger)

02-16-2006, 04:24 PM
"True brother, but he doesn't always share information with me. Look the council is waiting," Alkea motioned with her hand.

02-16-2006, 05:35 PM
He growled a little and shrugged it off, walking to the medical facility. He leaned against a wall, not wanting to lay on the bed. "See to my men, they are in their quarters. Get the droid technician, I need some new parts." He said to himself, not able to get his arms to separate into four like he needed to.

02-16-2006, 06:15 PM
"Yes, but you're his apprentice. I think he would." Komad replied, entering the Council Chambers. "Masters." He said, bowing his head.

02-16-2006, 06:29 PM
He growled a little and shrugged it off, walking to the medical facility. He leaned against a wall, not wanting to lay on the bed. "See to my men, they are in their quarters. Get the droid technician, I need some new parts." He said to himself, not able to get his arms to separate into four like he needed to.
You will do as I command or there will be consequences. The first were your arms. I will break you if you do not do my will. Be loyal but to me and your descretions will not be revealled.Tyrannus was really pushing it.

02-16-2006, 06:50 PM
Stay out of my head Tyrannus! He thought as they were projected to Tyrannus. He growled a little as the machanic went to work. He finished and Mycaen nodded as his arms separated once again. "Good work lieutenant, go now." He headed back towards the control room, putting his arms back the way they were. He was wearing simple nomad dark black clothing, torn, battered, but homey. He's been wearing these for over twenty years, it was a custom of his people, as was his attitude and strength. I serve no man, let alone the likes of you, Tyrannus.

02-16-2006, 08:25 PM
You will serve me. I can show you a way to greater power, something you crave deep in your soul that it squirms like a worm. The time will come soon enough where you may kill the children of Kaltas. You will serve me for if you do not, the mechanic that fixes your arm will be forced to do more than that, as well as your men. You will serve me until I release you. Only then will your vengeance upon the children of Kaltas will be complete

02-16-2006, 08:32 PM
Then, a third voice entered the Kaleesh's head We will not destroy the children of Kaltas, Alkonium and Blai were both powerful Jedi, so are their children. To kill Komad and Alkea, will be a single wound to the Republic and the Jedi, but to turn them against the Jedi, we should surely win this war. You should not have killed Alkonium, Lord Peelal, he would have been a powerful ally.

02-16-2006, 09:35 PM
Maycaen sneered and payed no attention to the voices inside his head, until the one about killing Alkonium. He sighed a little and sat down in his quarters, bringing out a small box of items.Why do you think I wanted to kill him? For power? No, for vengeance. The childrens' lives will be at stake if I wouldn't have killed Alkonium. Think about it.

He projected to the two Sith Lords. He opened the box. It contained yet another cloak, but more.. Jedi-ish. It was pitch blade with a 5 foot long sash. Black rubber-armored boots, dark grey jedi robe, jet-black jedi shirts and the sash contained another arsenal of lightsabers. It is unknown how many jedi Mycaen has killed in his lifetime, but it seems to be well over one hundred.

He donned the attire, taking off his mask. The reddish brown skin being first seen for ages. He grabbed the mask that was in there. It was the exact same as the one he had on earlier, but jet black with blood red stripes. He stood up, donning the robe and heading towards the docking bay. He entered his small black Sith starfighter and took off into space. He headed towards Darth Tyrannus' ship. He entered hyperspace and sat back in the chair as the ship drove itself towards his ship.

02-16-2006, 10:20 PM
You may be right, and perhaps I should not have killed Blai. She would have been as powerful an ally as Alkonium, plus if we had turned Kaltas and his wife, his children would have been easier to sway.

02-17-2006, 11:42 AM
True but it is forseen that the children will die, though not by a weapon.

02-17-2006, 04:39 PM
He looked around as he landed in the landing pad of Darth Tyrannus' ship. He hopped out and was escorted to the control room, then to the bridge. He stood in the doorway, flipping up his hood to where only his black mask and red stripes stood out, everything else was covered by a dark grey robe. "Hello, Master." He said with a grimace.

02-17-2006, 05:52 PM
A hologram of Lord Virul appeared before Peelal. "It appears from our reports that you didn't quite finish the job with Alkonium, and he is in hiding on Tatooine. I suggest you take him alive, so we may turn him to the Dark Side. I sense that his children know this, and will also be looking for him. Take them alive as well." He said to the Kaleesh.
"Komad, Alkea, I'm glad you're here. One our spies has informed us that the Sith have taken a disturbing interest in you, and I suggest you be careful. They also have told us that your father is alive." Hethra said to Komad and Alkea. "Where?" Komad asked immediately. "Tatooine, the same planet on which he was believed to have died." The Jedi Master replied. "The Hutts swear neutrality in this war, but that won't stop us." Komad answered. "Just like your father; not deterred by anything. I hope you find him." Hethra commented.

02-17-2006, 05:59 PM
Mycaen swiped a hand through the hologram, then spun around and headed back towards his ship, not saying anything to Darth Tyrannus as he left. He only cared about finishing a job. He boarded his ship and took off into space. He turned the ship around, his fingers typing numbers into a small keypad. Before he knew it, the ship lurched into hyperspace. The ship appeared out of it moments later. It seemed he was not too far from Tattooine. He flew in, typing a few keys into his comm. unit. "Mycaen Peelal, requesting landing spot." A voice came in through some static. "Negative. We have orders from commander-" he cut it off and flew down anyway, landing on the nearest landing pad in Anchorhead. He leaped out of the ship and landed on the ground gracefully with his long, arched legs. He stood up to his towering 7 feet and headed towards the big door leading into the city. He sensed Alkonium here, but it wasn't strong.He must be masking his presence... he thought to himself,waving a gloved hand infront of the door, sliding it open with the Force. He walked into the city, flipping the robe hood up over his face, concealing his features within shadows.

02-17-2006, 07:12 PM
Alkonium, hiding in Kenobi's Hut, an old structure on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, sensed Peelal on the planet, obviously there to find and kill him. He also sensed his son and daughter were on there way here. Seven years, it hade been since Peelal had thrown him into the Sarlacc pit, leaving everyone he had cared about under the impression that he was dead. After escaping its grasp, he had no way off planet, as it seemed Hethra had taken the Hawk off planet, and the Tatooinians wanted nothing to do with the war.
In the Ebon Hawk II, a CEC YT-3000, Komad and Alkea rushed to Tatooine, with the hopes of finding their father alive, when they encountered a squadron of TIE Wraiths.

02-17-2006, 07:30 PM
Peelal. Finish the job with Kaltas but the children must be brought alive

"Father's alive Komad. How did he survive the sarlacc pit?" Alkea asked her brother.

02-17-2006, 07:33 PM
Mycaen was stopped by a legion of Assault Soldiers. "Freeze. Now, get back on your ship you core sli-" He was cut short by his throat closing in on him. In reality, Mycaen was holding a hand out towards the man, lifting him into the air and choking the life out of him. He released the man as he plopped down to the ground, dead. 'FIRE!!' the leader said, as a barrage of lasers flew towards Mycaen. He leaped into the air, withdrawing four lightsabers, separating his arms into four equal counterparts

He landed on the ground in the middle of the men. He spun his right hand and swung down, slicing one across the chest, knocking him to the ground. He arched back and donkey kicked one across the area, smacking him into a fuel canister. He threw a lightsaber towards the canister and leaped over the men with a Force jump as the lightsaber was flying towards the canister.

He landed on the other side and held a hand out. The lightsaber cut through two men, dropping two equal halves to the ground before the saber returned to his hand. He moved one hand towards the men, deflecting the lazers with one free lightsaber and using his third to throw a lightsaber towards a guard approaching and his other hand out forward too, releasing a mighty force wave towards the men, making them shake then fly backwards violently.

He grabbed the lightsabers and arched back with his arms, then flung them all out towards the men. Four lightsabers flying towards the men, guided by the Force.

No man was left alive.

The lightsabers leapt back to his hand as they slid back into their hilts. He put them away and straightened up. He flipped the hood back over his face and put a hand out towards the bodies, the ground shaking and collapsing over the bodies, swallowing them up and replacing the holes with topsoil. He walked away, not even breaking a sweat.

Now...Where is he.. He thought, heading towards the direction of Alkonium.

02-17-2006, 07:36 PM
"I don't know, most likely he'll tell us about it when we find him. Take the controls, I'll take out those TIE Wraiths." Komad replied, going up to the gun turrets.

02-17-2006, 08:00 PM
((Kaltas, I don't know about. But Alkonium is on Tat, that's where I am. I'm no where near Kaltas, they are in space.. I think))

He sniffed, grinned and force sprinted towards Obi-wan's future hut. He skidded to a halt at the door. He leaped on top, not making a noise. He moved an arm down and knocked on the door, pulling up quickly. He was on all fours, ready to pounce. He had Force cloaking on, as to cloak his presence to Force Sensitives.

02-17-2006, 08:12 PM
(Kaltas is Alkonium's last name, in case you're wondering, and it wouldn't be Obi-Wan's future hut, as this is based 87 years after Episode IV.)

02-17-2006, 08:42 PM
((Holy crap. I got everything messed up..Okay, Alkonium changed to Kaltas.. for future reference. And the hut, would be his regular hut. Right. Okay. 87 years after? Wouldn't this be in the regular star wars area? Oh, and would ya mind posting?)

02-17-2006, 08:58 PM
(alright, I know it's confusing, but this story is fine where it is, the only limitation on the roleplays here is that it is star wars. And it was Obi-Wan's hut, not will be)

02-18-2006, 03:27 PM
((Sorry for the confusion. When it involves battle or military, I tend to use last names. I'm just lazy because I could remember how to spell Kaltas))

Alkea took the controls of the ship and engaged in defensive manuevers. Her brother taught her well. She calmed herself and reached out in the battle meld to her brother.

Tyrannus had arrived at Tatooine and was hovering, watching the battle. He knew Peelal would accomplish his mission and he wanted to be there to see it.

02-18-2006, 05:30 PM
He still stood there, perched ontop of the building, near the door's arch, waiting. (C'mon Alkonium :P)

02-18-2006, 06:03 PM
(I was sort of thinking that Alkonium and Alkea escape Tatooine, but Komad is taken hostage, ok?)
Komad was able to stop the TIE Wraiths, and then he and Alkea were able to land on Tatooine, at a suitable location close to Kenobi's Hut. Spotting Peelal, Komad fired from the gun turrets at him, giving their father a chance to escape. They got out of the Hawk, just as their father left the hut. Alkonium hugged his half-breed children immediately, feeling happiness for the first time in years. "Dad! We thought you'd been killed by the Sarlacc." Komad said. "I'll tell you about it later, son, but right now we have to get out of here." Alkonium replied

02-18-2006, 07:25 PM
Mycaen growled and stood up, separating his arms into four once more. He will not get away this time...

02-18-2006, 07:26 PM
"The Sith lord is getting to his feet," Alkea motioned and she pulled out her lightsaber. Igniting it she drew on the Force and dropped into a position ready to strike.

02-18-2006, 07:28 PM
((oh, crap.. lemme edit that post))

02-18-2006, 08:20 PM
"Dad, I think this is yours." Komad said, passing his father's lightsaber to him. The two of them then activated their lightsabers. Alkonium then spun his lightsaber in his mechanical hand at an alarming speed, effectively creating a barrier between Peelal and his children.

02-18-2006, 10:30 PM
"Do you really think that would stop me?" He said with a barely understandable, rough voice. He stood to his full 7 foot height, withdrawing four lightsabers from his cloak, igniting them, and separating his arms into four counterparts, putting a lightsaber in each one. His robe fell open and his hood dropped down to reveal his jet-black Sith lord attire.

He slowly walked towards Alkonium, twirling all lightsabers at once, once. "It's a pity you will fall protecting your offspring, Kaltas," He said, "I've killed many Jedi, and you will be nothing." With that thought, he ran forward, striking the spinning saber repeatedly, effectively stopping the motion. He dueled with the Jedi for several seconds before finally getting an advantage. He struck with one lightsaber, blocked with another, struck with his third, struck with his fourth, and easily overwhelmed the Jedi, knocking the saber out of his hand. (Sorry about the auto-hitting, you can roll with it?)

He put a foot on the saber that was on the ground, grinding his foot into it, sending a small amount of sparks from it, temporarily disabling it. He put one lightsaber away and swept a hand infront of him, aimed at Alkonium. Within moments, the Jedi flew to the side, not far, but far enough to leave the other two Jedi alone with him. He grinned under his mask, putting one saber away and moving his arms back to their original position, tossing one saber up and catching it with his free right hand. He now had two sabers, ready. He twirled one after the other, following in sync with the other.

"Now.. where were we..."

02-18-2006, 10:58 PM
Alkea did a jump twist and landed behind Peelal to give a strike with her silver blade. She felt the Force flow with her as she connected with her brother and father. She produced a short lightsaber and called through the Force to toss it to her father, Father, catch.

02-19-2006, 01:11 AM
"Nice try, Jedi." He spun around and twirled his saber, blocking hers. He then proceeded to strike her saber repeatedly, both sabers clashing together in a hail of sparks. He finally turned all the way around and flipped over her. He landed behind her and put one of his lightsabers away. He used his free hand to aim at the thrown lightsaber towards Alkonium and grasp it in his free hand. He ignited it and crossed the sabers infront of her neck, from behind.

While she was standing there, he kicked the hand that had her saber in it, knocking the hilt to the ground and it rolled behind Mycaen. "Move, and she dies," he said, moving closer to her neck with both sabers.

02-19-2006, 08:11 AM
"You monster! Let her go!" Alkonium shouted. "Your fight is with me, not my children." He then used the Force to crush both of Peelal's lightsabers, giving his daughter a chance to escape. Komad then jumped in the air, to stike Peelal from above.

02-19-2006, 10:25 AM
He growled and picked up the saber that was on the ground with his right hand. He ignited it and twirled it, blocking Komad's strike. He struck Komad several times, each slice and stab being blocked quickly. "Good, but not good enough." He started to go faster, making Komad slip once. He grabbed Komad's hand right his free left hand and gripped down hard, making him scream out in pain as his saber dropped to the ground. Mycaen stomped on the saber, then spun around and grabbed Komad by the throat, putting a saber to his neck. "This time, he's going to go with me," he said, dragging Komad backwards, the saber almost touching the skin of his neck. "Move, and I rip his throat out," he said, his retractable claws shooting out of his fingers.

02-19-2006, 10:34 AM
"You may have won this round, but this isn't over, Peelal." Alkonium said, knowing that there was no way to save his son's life, other than to let Peelal win.

02-19-2006, 12:45 PM
Mycaen grinned and put his lightsaber away. He banged on Komad's head, knocking him unconscious. "Within two hours, if he is not rescued, he will die," he said, throwing him over his shoulder and Force sprinting back to Anchorhead, boarding his 'Slave' series ship. He was bluffing, because he wished to turn Komad against them, but it would be much better to kill the father and sway the sister as well. He threw the limp body of the boy into a Force cage, turning it on. The neural disruptors around the cage made sure the Jedi was in a constant state of confusion.

Master, i've captured Komad. I'm coming back to your ship to deliver him.
He said, firing up the engines and taking off into space. He punched in the hyperspace coordinates and took one more glance at the planet before lurching into hyperspeed, towards Darth Tyrannus' ship.

02-19-2006, 01:39 PM
"You have done well, Lord Peelal. Alkonium may still be alive, but this shall suffice." The hologram of Darth Virul said to him.
In the Ebon Hawk II, Alkonium and Alkea now chased after Peelal's ship, hoping to rescue Komad. "Cloak the ship so he doesn't spot us." Alkonium said to his daughter.

02-19-2006, 01:56 PM
Mycaen docked in his ship and walked out with Komad in his arms, the blast doors of the hangar closing in behind him and the deflector shields powering up. He headed to the control room and walked in the door, throwing Komad's body on the ground. "There. Do as you must."

02-19-2006, 07:55 PM
When Komad came to, he realised where he was, and how he had been reunited with father, only to be separated again. Of course, this time they would be looking for him, not his father. Immediately he thought of what Hethra had taught him about what do to if taken hostage: sneak out of the cell and head for the communications array.

02-19-2006, 09:13 PM
He motioned for two Dark Jedi to be stationed at the door. Mycaen closed his robe and two droids grabbed Komad's arms and tightened their grip, bringing him at the knees of Tyrannus. "Jedi scum.." Mycaen spat, walking to the door and standing infront of it, between the two Jedi. The only exit was covered, there was no escaping.

02-19-2006, 09:20 PM
"I know what you're planning, and it won't work. I'll never join you. Your master killed my mother, and you forced my father to spend seven years in exile on Tatooine." Komad said to the Sith Lord. "Your master underestimates the Jedi's resilience."

02-20-2006, 03:12 AM
Tyrannus spoke darkly, "Join us? No, young Komad, I will break you to serve us. When you turn to the dark side, it will be willingly. Become one of us and the ultimate power of the Force can be yours." With an evil cackle, he sent a blast of lightning at Komad.

Alkea was copiloting the Ebon Hawk II when she felt the wave of darkness and the shock of the lightning. She told her father, "They are torturing him to break him so he will fall to the dark side. What are we to do?"

02-20-2006, 01:29 PM
Mycaen just grinned evily underneath his mask, watching Komad writhe in pain. "Yes.. squirm.." He said, holding out a hand as another blast of lightning shot from his own hand and struck Komad with enough force to knock him over in a flash of blue. He let his hold of the man go and just watched.

02-20-2006, 02:28 PM
While Tyrannus was enjoying torturing Komad, he sent a message to Peelal, Turn one and we shall turn the other and you will have your revenge in killing Alkonium.

02-20-2006, 04:41 PM
"I will ... not...betray...the...Jedi...Order...not even...to save...my...own...life." Komad managed to say, knowing his sister and father would soon be here to rescue him.

02-20-2006, 07:10 PM
"Father we must hurry, I don't know how much longer he will be able to resist. Should we contact the council?" Alkea spewed forth feeling the pain of her brother.

02-20-2006, 07:24 PM
"You're right. Open a channel with Hethra. I know he'd help us." Alkonium replied.

02-21-2006, 12:18 AM
Mycaen clenched his fist, electricity flowing around his clenched fist. He shot out another stream of lightning, connecting hard with yet another blast of blue light as Komad rolled over and spat blood on the ground.

Alkonium.. it was the key word to set him off..

02-21-2006, 04:25 PM
Steady Peelal. we don't want the boy dead Tyrannus sent before speaking to Komad, "Now, how are you? Will you bow to the might of the darkside?"

Alkea opened a channel to Hethera "A Sith lord has attacked us on Dantooine, my master. He has taken Komad prisoner and we are going to find him."

02-21-2006, 04:33 PM
(They were on Tatooine, not Dantooine)
"Pain is temporary. I will never turn to the Dark Side." Komad replied, showing his resilience against the Sith.
"Alright, give me the trajectory of the Sith ship and I'll try to intercept them." Hethra replied.

02-21-2006, 06:28 PM
(Argus and Alkonium, you guys (and girl) are great, would you guys rp in my 'shattered allegiance' rp? It's just planning. I need at least 4 charactersto start it up.)

Mycaen nodded, easing up. "Would you rather me keep you alive to witness the skinning of your father or kill you now and spare the indignities..?" He said in a deep, raspy voice. Naturally, for his race.

02-21-2006, 06:43 PM
"You failed to kill him before, and you'll fail just as miserably again." Komad said, aware of the plan to rescue him. Suddenly, the ship shook, as if under attack by a Republic starfighter.

02-22-2006, 12:40 AM
Mycaen laughed at the sudden attempt to attack the ship. "A small attack like that against a Sith Star Destroyer.." He said, watching Komad. "Now, I will ask you one last time. Either join the Sith or suffer through a slow, painful death." He said, blasting him with another shot of Force lightning.

02-22-2006, 08:06 AM
"Neither. I choose to remain a Jedi." Komad said, healing himself and stealing one of Mycaen's lightsabers, giving him an effective defense against the lightning.

02-22-2006, 09:42 AM
(The cloak was shut and he was about 20 feet away and Komad was struck repeatedly with Force lightning.. mhmm..whatever.)

Mycaen laughed a little. "A feeble attempt, do you really think you could stand up against two Sith Lords?" (The shields are up and the docking bay's closed and no little bitty starfighter can get in without some humongous bomb or something :P).

Mycaen reached into his cloak and pulled out two lightsabers, igniting them and twirling them several times.

02-22-2006, 11:21 AM
Tyrannus merely smiled and said, "One Sith Lord. Peelal, you will face young Komad. I must see to the strike aboard my ship," and disappeared through one of the doors but not before saying, "don't worry, things are going as planned."

Alkea was aiming the turrets to fire at the ship to clear a pathway to be docked to the ship. Suddenly there was a lurch and the Ebon Hawk II was grabbed by the tractor beam of Tyrannus' ship. Suddenly a voice came over the comm, "Kaltas, Kaltas? Still alive are you? Such a pleasure to see you. You will be welcome of course though I doubt little Komad will last long enough."

02-22-2006, 09:57 PM
Suddenly, another ship fired upon the tractor beam, effectively knocking it out. "Alkonium, good to see you again!" Hethra transmitted to them, piloting a Republic ARC-1200. "Thanks for the assistance, Hethra!" Alkonium replied.
Now with a lightsaber, Komad entered a traditional Soresu defensive stance.

02-22-2006, 11:52 PM
Mycaen smirked. "No matter.. he won't live for long.." He said, separating his arms into four once more, withdrawing two more lightsabers. He twirled all four with an intimidating violent hum. Before Komad had a chance to react, he already charged toward him. He struck toward Komad repeatedly with each of the lightsabers, occasionally slicing shirt but most of the strikes were blocked by Komad. He leapt up and came down at him vertically with all four Lightsabers in one swift motion.

02-23-2006, 01:24 AM
Tyrannus had felt the tractor beam disable and just smiled. He sent a message intended for Alkonium You think you will be able to save your son? Too late. With a quick command the ship jumped into hyperspace.

Alkea saw the ship make the jump and shouted, "Komad!" She knew that he was alive but it was impossible to see if he would survive alone with two Sith Lords. She sent a transmission to Hathera and started plotting possible destinations.

02-23-2006, 04:49 PM
Running out of ideas, Komad sliced a hole in the floor, looked down, and back up again. "Anyone try to attack me, and I'll drop this lightsaber into the fuel tank, killing every single one of us." He said, knowing they'd believe him to be bluffing.
"Don't worry, I was able to attach a homing beacon when I destroyed their tractor beam, I'm sending the coordinates now. I'm also calling in one of our Star Destroyers." Hethra replied.

02-23-2006, 05:03 PM
"Copy that. We'll persue."

Tyrannus' thoughts began to fill Komad's head, I wouldn't do that if I were you little one. Peelal is not a patient person but I guess I have no choice. With a push of a button, the paristeel floor sent off and electrical charge, powerful enough to knock a Jedi out, right where the hole was. He then said to Peelal, "Grab the lightsaber. He should be out for quite some time until we lead the sister and father to where we must go."

02-23-2006, 05:59 PM
Mycaen snorted, not liking other people to take his challenge away like that. He snatched the lightsaber and turned off all of his. He sheated every one of them and stood over the unconscious body of the Jedi.

02-23-2006, 06:03 PM
"Sir, three Republic ships are following us through hyperspace: an ARC-1200, a CEC YT-3000, and an Anakin-class Star Destroyer. Suggested course of action?" A Sith soldier asked Peelal.

02-23-2006, 06:48 PM
"Track them down, get the ID number of the ship," he said, looking out the view screen. "Demand boarding, if they refuse, terminate them," he commanded, not looking up from the viewscreen. The man nodded and said "Done sir," he said, taking his leave. You're not getting out of this alive.. he thought, sending them out to the escaping Jedi.

02-23-2006, 07:39 PM
"Sir, you are aware that the Republic Star Destroyer is an even match for us, right?" The officer said, unaware of the Sith Lord's wrath.
Komad woke up in a cell on the brig, and realised that this might actually work better for him than in the Sith Quarters. He then yanked open the controls for the force field generator holding him in the cell, and use the Force to short-circuit it. He then looked around at the other prisoners. Many of them were just innocent civilians. He knew that escaping the ship was his priority, but he could not stand idly by and let these people die, so he released them as well. A Rodian came up to him. "Thank you for your help, young Jedi." the Rodian said to him. "Do you know the way to one of the hangars?" Komad asked. "Yes." the Rodian answered. "Good. Go there, steal a shuttle, and dock at the Republic ship following us." Komad replied.

02-23-2006, 10:33 PM
Mycaen felt an uneasy disturbance in the Force. "DO IT!" He said, walking towards the 'guest' quarters, alarms blaring as all the doors locked magnetically (as in, no keypads or locks). "Try to find the source of the break out, and quarantine it."

02-24-2006, 01:40 PM
Tyrannus came down the corridor to where Komad was standing. He stood in front of him and didn't care for the escaping Rodian. He said, "You know, I tried to make things easy but I have no choice then." He spoke into a comm with a strange language not familiar to Komad. He then looked at him, "You have just sealed your father and sister's fate. If you come quietly now I will have their lives spared. If not, then the dire consequences. I wouldn't try reahing for my lightsaber if I were you. I am very particular and have an interesting reaction."

02-24-2006, 05:01 PM
"You're forgetting, that Republic Star Destroyer is of equal strength. Attempt to destroy it, and this ship would also be destroyed. Plus, my father was the one who redeemed Darth Frigidus, when he could have easily killed him. And my sister is the apprentice of the man who killed Darth Khilbron. Both of those Sith were more powerful than you'll ever be." Komad replied, jumping into a ventilation shaft. He then began making his way to the engine room.

02-24-2006, 05:23 PM
Mycaen smirked and pressed a button on the wall, opening the ventilation shafts to space. The oxygen was immediately sucked out of the ventilation shaft as a strong gravitational force began to suck Komad violently towards the shaft at the end, open into space.

02-24-2006, 05:29 PM
Komad then immediately got out of the shafts, right in the engine room. He then pressed a few buttons on the controls, and a voice came of the intercom. "Warning: Engines overloading, will reach critical point in five minutes, evacuate immediately." He then ran as quickly as he could toward the hangar.

02-24-2006, 09:52 PM
Mycaen growled and sealed off the shafts again. He walked to the hangar and opened one door, walked in, and sealed the door behind him. He went around to each ship, using an ignited lightsaber and tear a long line in the engines of each ship, sabotaging his escape. As Komad appeared, every ship was immobilized. "You're finished, Komad," he said, pulling out three more lightsabers and separating his arms, wielding all four lightsabers simultaneously.

02-24-2006, 10:04 PM
"Nice. Not only did you cut of my only escape, but you also did the same for yourself. Because of that, I'm more likely to survive, as any minute now a Republic ship will land in here to pick me up. It's your choice, though either way, this ship is going to blow." Komad replied, activating his lightsaber.
"Master Kaltas, I don't believe we've met, but your son rescued me from the prison on that Star Destroyer. He's rigged the engines to explode and is waiting in the hangar for rescue." The Rodian messaged to Alkonium. "Thank you." Alkonium replied, veering the Ebon Hawk II into the Sith Hangar to rescue Komad.

02-25-2006, 12:00 AM
Tyrannus jumped behind Komad and grabbed him by the neck and seized his lightsaber. With a deft movement, he injected a sedative, a lethal dose to those untrained in the Force but enough to knock Komad unconcious. He was so quick that he managed to place cuffs on his wrists. He whispered, "We're not finished yet, unless you want your sister to suffer," and he dragged him to a special shuttle that was ready to go. He was angry at Peelal and showed it by using the Force to pull him with him and ordered that he man the pilot's seat.

Alkea saw the shuttle doors close and began to use teh Force to run to catch up before it took off. She ignited her lightsaber in an attempt to try to catch the door but was immediately greeted by a hail of blaster fire. She ducked behind some crates and tried to deflect the blasters to get closer. She was close when the shuttle lifted off.

02-25-2006, 12:07 AM
Alkonium stepped out of the Ebon Hawk II, activating his lightsaber. "Tyrannus, release my son." he said with a deadly look in his eyes. Hethra's ARC-1200 also landed in the hangar, getting out and activating his violet blade. "You do not stand a chance against three Jedi, Lord Tyrannus." He said.

02-25-2006, 10:02 PM
"But I do," Mycaen said, fighting against Tyrannus' force pull. He ignited all four lightsabers again and activated a small jetpack, lifting his four-fingered feet and separating them as well, holding a total siz lightsabers. He grinned under his mask. Take the Jedi Lord, i'll deal with these three.. He twirled all the lightsabers at once in a flash of color and spark.


02-25-2006, 10:12 PM
(umm, JM12, Alkea was the third Jedi Hethra was referring to, just so you know)
"I'd worry about your own safety, we have three minutes to get off this ship." Hethra said, and used his Vong Eye to predict Mycaen's attacks, able to block all six lightsabers. Alkonium then force pulled Komad's unconcious body towards him, carrying him onto the Ebon Hawk II. Hethra then Force Pushed Peelal out of the way, taking the opportunity to get back in his ARC-1200.

02-26-2006, 08:59 PM
(What the...blergh..one jedi can't block that many with just an eye...)

Mycaen growled and put his sabers away, keeping his limbs separated, except for his legs, which when put back together, shut off the jetpack, and then leapt onto the space craft as it took off into space, a small mask appearing over his face, filtered to tubes. He latched onto the hull with his claws. Not hard enough to dig through or leave indents. He force camoflauged himself, as to not let his presence be sensed or seen.

02-26-2006, 08:59 PM
((They were already in the shuttle just to clarify things but I'll play along.))
Tyrannus let out a huge Force wave that sent all the Jedi back off their feet. He summoned Peelal with a command, Let them go. I already have done what I have set out to do. We must prepare for the big event, and he got back in the shuttle and fired up the engines to get out. He was thinking to himself, "Komad will become one of us as well as his sister. That will break Alkonium."

02-26-2006, 09:02 PM
Mycaen nodded to himself and let go, but not before unsheathing a saber and igniting it, floating away he sliced a long gash into the exhaust ports and the end of the left engine before floating back to the hangar. He latched onto Darth Tyrannus' ship and crawled inside, taking off his mask and sheathing his saber. "As you wish."

02-27-2006, 04:36 PM
As the shuttle took off, Tyrannus sat back manning the piloting the shuttle and let his ship explode. He turned to Peelal and said, "We will go to a place of dark power and I will explain everything."

Alkea grabbed her brother and threw him over her shoulders and waited for the rest to get up and find away off the ship before it exploded. Holding Komad, she had uneasy feeling s pouring down her back but she didn't say a word.

02-27-2006, 07:12 PM
Mycaen nodded, adjusting his cloak and robe, sitting down in the co-pilot's chair, watching Komad.

02-27-2006, 07:22 PM
(Before I forget, here are character sheets for Alkonium and Hethra:
Alkonium Kaltas
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Coruscant
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Class: Jedi Master
Weapon: single bladed lightsaber(blue)
DOB(Date of Birth): 40 ABY

Hethra Iazoki
Species: Human(left eye is a Yuuzhan Vong creation)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Tython
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Jedi Order
Class: Grand Jedi Master
Weapon: single-bladed lightsaber(violet)
DOB: 38 ABY)

"I'm not sure what to make of. I'm glad we were able to rescue him, but I feel a dark presence around Komad." Alkonium said to Hethra on the bridge of the Valiant. "I sense it too, but I don't believe your son has turned to the Dark Side. Keep in mind, he freed those Rodians from the Sith Brig, which had cost him a chance to escape. I for one believe that he has earned the title of Jedi Knight." Hethra replied.

02-28-2006, 01:14 AM
Alkea voiced her opinion saying, "I feel it too father. I sense that some bigger plot is going on."

Tyrannus docked the shuttle on a ship that Peelal had never seen before. With a pleasant enough grin Tyrannus said, "Welcome to the Defiant. It is a ship built by the best of my former people."
He led the way to the main bridge where he gave the order to his commander, "Set a course for Amshrey in the Forbidden Stars."
"Yes Lord Tyrannus."
"Once we arrive, the plot will become clear," he told Peelal, "and from their, we will break Alkonium."

03-01-2006, 09:35 PM
Mycaen snorted slightly, sniffing a little. "Not my kind of ship.. but it will do." He headed forward, down a hall. "We will speak about this later. For the meantime, send Komad to the Torture chamber, I will be along shortly."

03-01-2006, 10:11 PM
(Komad was just rescued, just so you know)
Alone in his quarters, Komad was thinking about what the Sith did to him, and the effect it had, when he heard a knock on the door. He expected it to either be his sister or his father, but it was a young Rodian girl, who looked about his age. "Do I know you?" He asked her. "You rescued me from the Sith Prison, remember?" She answered. "You're name's Komad, right?" She then asked Komad. "Yes, and you are?" Komad responded. "Greea Bodonawieedo" She answered. "Well, I have to go, Master Iazoki is calling me to the bridge." Komad replied, looking at a communicator on his wrist. "I'd really like to see you again, Komad." Greea replied. "I'd like to see you again too, Greea." Komad replied, heading off to the bridge.
(to be honest, I'd like someone else to take the part of Greea, as being a guy, I'm just better roleplaying as guys, and I'm thinking of having Greea as a love interest for Komad)

03-02-2006, 12:27 AM
(Then who do we have? Tyrannus took one of the three...and ew.. Greea, a Rodian and Komad a human? Those would be some UGLY babies..)

03-02-2006, 07:39 AM
(Then who do we have? Tyrannus took one of the three...and ew.. Greea, a Rodian and Komad a human? Those would be some UGLY babies..)
(Well, there were four of them, and they all escaped. Actually, Komad's half-human, half-Twi'lek, meaning their kids would be half-Rodian, a quarter-human, and a quarter-Twi'lek)

03-02-2006, 09:39 AM
((Sorry, looking over JM's posts and I see Let them go. etc.. I understand now))

03-02-2006, 11:21 AM
Alkea was with her master Hathera going over calming techniques for the experience aboard Tyrannus' ship unnerved her. She wondered why Tyrannus went to all that trouble just to get Komad only to let him go. It mad her uneasy and she felt that a shadow was two steps behind her waiting for its moment to strike.

03-02-2006, 04:15 PM
He walked into the guest quarters, sitting down on the floor. He meditated, the lights going dim. Mind telling me the details?

03-02-2006, 04:51 PM
"You wanted to see me, Master?" Komad asked Hethra as he entered the Bridge. "Yes, Komad. After discussing it with your father, as well as the Council back on Coruscant, I've decided to promote you to the level of Jedi Knight." Hethra replied. "Thank you, Master Iazoki, but I honestly don't feel ready for such an honour." Komad responded. "You're modest, but you freed those Rodian on the Tormentor, sacrificing your own chance to escape, but you were able to escape on your own anyway, causing the ship to be destroyed along the way. Not an easy task. You will be Knighted as soon as we get back to Coruscant."

03-02-2006, 04:54 PM
Tyrannus sent his reply, The sedatives that I injected into the Jedi contains a small virus virtually undetectable unless you know where to look. The viral agent contains the essence of the dark side, that which I can connect. At will, I can channel thoughts of doubt, anger into Komad. I can't control him but I can give the nudge in the right direction. He will see our way unless he goes insane and kills himself. Still there is no involvement of capturing him. He will corrupt his sister and they will join us. Their father will follow and you shall have your revenge. Now leave me be. I must rest in order to begin.

03-02-2006, 08:26 PM
(when exactly did Tyrannus inject a sedative into Komad? The only times when was rendered unconcious was with a
The voice of Darth Virul entered Tyrannus. You're taking an awful risk, Lord Tyrannus. There's a chance that the virus may do nothing, or backfire, and if it does work, there's no knowing how long the effects will last."

"What did Hethra want?" Greea asked Komad, while having lunch with him on the Valiant's mess hall. "Actually, he told me that the Jedi Council is going to promote me to Jedi Knight." Komad replied. "That's good." Greea responded. "I don't mean to pry or anything, but how exactly did you end up in the Tormentor's Prison?" Komad asked Greea. "Well, to be honest, my family was caught smuggling essential Sith information into Republic hands, as well has smuggling people off Sith-occupied worlds, in a sense, helping the Republic from behind enemy lines." Greea told him, just as the door opened, and Komad saw Alkea enter the mess hall.

03-02-2006, 09:45 PM
Mycaen nodded and continued to sit there and meditate, channeling his powers through his body, using his Battle Meditation to guide his own ship, as his presence was on this ship, and not his own. There would be a large margin of error when he wouldn't be there.

03-03-2006, 12:08 PM
((I put in one of my posts that he snuck up behind Komad while facing Peelal. He had done it so quickly that Komad had littl time to react or something. It's there))

Virul, it will work for spent years searching for this energy. It comes from the place called the Forbidden Stars where the most ancient evils are said to have originated. at least from what my former people say Tyrannus sent. He was annoyed that he was doubted but then again since when to Sith Lords trust anyone. He went back to a deep meditative sleep in order to channel what he must to begin to sway Komad.

Alkea entered the mess hall and saw Komad talking to a Rodian. A little surprised she shook it off rather quick as she walked up to Komad. She spoke, "Master Hathera told me that you are to be advanced to Jedi Knight brother." At the same time, she was sending her need to talk to him alone through their brother-sister bond.

03-03-2006, 12:18 PM
Mycaen stood up, heading to the command deck. He stood there, looking out of the viewscreen. He saw two Sith fighters coming in. Their colors were so pitch black and shiny that his eyes just slid off of them as they landed in the hangar. "My.. Jedi.." He said with a beam of confidence.

03-03-2006, 05:09 PM
(well, technically it's not a sedative if it doesn't render him unconcsious, so you might want to reword that as well)
Let, me guess, you want to know who the Rodian girl is, right?Komad said through their bond, clearly with some anger in his tone.
(I still need someone else to take the part of Greea. If it helps, here's her character sheet:
Species: Rodian
Gender: female
Homeworld: Corellia
Faction: Third Galactic Republic, Smuggler
Class: Smuggler
Weapon: blaster pistol
DOB: 70 ABY)

03-04-2006, 01:14 AM
((It was a sedative laced with the virus. Sorry for the bad wording. I was concentrating on Tyrannus being a rather mysterious type of Sith Lord. The hidden agenda thing))
"No it's not that brother," Alkea said when they were outside of earshot. She looked at him intently telling Komad that she was serious and asked, "What happened aboard that Sith Lord's ship?"

Tyrannus broke into a grin. The Defiant had made it to Amshrey and he had complete use of the dark energy there. With all the strength he had and then some, he sent powerful feelings of distrust and suspicion to Komad. It was intense enough to affect the virulents that had been injected and trigger what they were designed to do.

03-04-2006, 01:18 AM
Mycaen quickly made his way to the loading ramp and walking out into the surface of the dry, barren planet. There were several huts and a Sith Academy there, well guarded with several Sith soldiers and two Dark Jedi. His own two Sith Lords followed in toe, the Twi'lek female and the Miraluka male. "We have reached Amshrey.. at last." He stretched a little bit; the dark energy flowing through him, relaxing his nerves and comforting him like a pillow.

Yes, this was home.

03-04-2006, 08:56 AM
"It was terrible. They struck me with Force Lightning until I joined them, but I didn't, so they sedated me and put me in the brig. I then escaped, freed Greea and her family, then I faced Darth Tyrannus again, but I ran, hiding in the vents, which nearly killed me, as Peelal opened them to space, but I finally made it to the engine room, where I rigged the engines to overload, destroying the ship, and then you rescued me in the hangar." Komad replied. "About Greea, she may be a smuggler, but she's a smuggler on our side, and I trust her. And don't tell me to date someone my own species, Dad didn't, and look how we turned out."
You forget your place, Lord Tyrannus. You may have been named for the great Darth Tyranus, but Lord Khilbron appointed me as his successor, before his ill-fated attempt to turn Alkonium to the Dark Side, which cost him his own life, and turned Darth Frigidus to the light.Darth Virul said telepathically to Darth Tyrannus.

03-05-2006, 03:00 AM
She is suspicious of you. She thinks you are after power. She doesn't believe you were the thoughts sent by Tyrannus when he heard Virul. He was angry at Virul but replied, At least he didn't spend years perfecting the darker mysteries of the universe and cut off Virul completely.

Alkea was not sure about Komad's response. She asked again a little forcefully to let him know she was serious, "Did they do anything to you?"

03-05-2006, 08:23 AM
Get out of my head!Komad sent a message back to Tyrannus and started to calm down. "Aside from the lightning. I don't know. They could have done anything while was unconscious." He said to Alkea.

03-05-2006, 01:17 PM
Mycaen turned to his students. "Go, make yourselves at home within the academy. I will be out here," he said, heading to a rock. He sat ontop and began to meditate, his limps separating into four legs and four arms, a total of eight limbs, looking strangely like a black widow.

03-05-2006, 01:28 PM
((Technically I was trying to be subtle, the effect was supposed to be like a storm brewing, just base feelings of suspicion, etc.))

Tyrannus then forced a huge surge of doubt, suspicon and anger, playing on Komad's own emotions and blending it with the effects of the virus.

Alkea raised an eyebrow, not saying what she was thinking which was why go all the trouble to get Komad but then release him. She stared for awhile into her brother's eyes as if trying to see what happened. She knew that agitated Komad because she was so inquisitive but she had to know.

03-06-2006, 05:44 PM
It seems I underestimated you, Lord Tyrannus. Komad will be one of us in no time. But know this: I will not have such half-breed scum attempting to usurp my position as Dark Lord of the Sith. He shall be your apprentice, but see to it that does not change. Darth Virul said to Darth Tyrannus via holocom.
"What is wrong with me? Ever since I escaped the Tormentor, I've been having trouble controlling my anger, except around Greea. Is it just my feelings for her, or does she have something to do with this?" Komad said to himself, alone in his quarters.

03-06-2006, 06:12 PM
You racist scum! Tyrannus sent to Virul. He was fed up with him.

Alkea was disturbed. She had no problem with Komad and Greea but she had a problem in the subtle changes in her brother's demeanor, almost as if he were constantly angry. She didn't say anything to Komad or her master but rather scanned recovered holovids but it seemed as if the more crucial points had been destroyed. She decided to go to her brother in his quarters and try the memory exercise she had learned from Hathera. She tapped gently on the door and asked, "Komad, could I speak to you? It's about what happened on the Tormentor."

Tyrannus sent surges of anger, implying to Komad that she didn't trust him. He pushed so hard that it vibrated the virus within to extreme levels.

03-06-2006, 06:49 PM
(I'm actually very much against racism, I just felt it would make the villain seem more evil if he disapproved of interspecies relationships, meaning Virul would be fine if Komad were either full human or full Twi'lek.
And JM12, think you could take the part of Greea?)
Komad was able to resist the virus this time. "Yeah, go ahead." He said calmly to his sister.
Your plan appears to be failing, Lord Tyrannus. If you continue to force the virus such extremes, his resistance will only grow stronger. Your plan needs more subtlety. Komad knows someone has penetrated his mind, so he is shunning your thoughts. Make him think it is his own subconscious, at it will be much easier. Darth Virul sent another message, this time of advice instead of disapproval.

03-06-2006, 07:18 PM
((Don't really have much to do so i'll just watch. For now))

03-06-2006, 07:34 PM
(Well, if you want something to do, you could take the part of Greea)

03-06-2006, 07:38 PM
Hahaha. No. Sorry, don't play chick characters.. totally messes me up.. I'll just participate in my other .. three rp's until Mycaen is needed))

03-06-2006, 08:11 PM
(Well, why not create a light side character then? Like maybe a love interest for Alkea?)

03-07-2006, 02:09 PM
((Taking Greea would make it like three characters for this RP alone. If you want I will do it. Incidentaly, I created some concept drawings of Alkea. As soon as I can get them scanned and uploaded, I'll show you. They were based on what you thought of Alkonium))

I know that. One has to test the boundaries of the virus Tyrannus sent he then sent a message to Peelal to go to Amshrey, the planet in the Forbidden Stars and walk upon the surfaces. If he survived that place, he would be worthy to learn the higher mysteries of the dark power that dwelt there. He then began to subtly influence the virus that it tricked Komad into thinking that he was not there anymore.

Alkea spoke carefully for she sensed that something was not right. She said, "I know you said you don't remember brother but I would like to try the memeory technique that Master Hathera taught me. Maybe your mind does remember but you've put a block over it. Let me help you." She waited for a response.

03-07-2006, 04:35 PM
(Well, counting Greea, I'm currently controlling five people: Alkonium, Greea, Hethra, Komad and Virul)
"Alright, worth a shot." Komad replied, building up an immunity to the virus.

03-07-2006, 05:13 PM
((Heh, he rode with Tyrannus *to* Amshrey. :) and sure.. I guess i'll make another character))

Name: Scooter Tory (Aka: The White Jedi)
Race: Human
Age: 23
Rank/Job: Jedi Architect
Appearance: He wears a light, almost white jedi robe with leather padding on the elbows, shoulders, and knees. He wears a pair of perfectly circular glasses with a red tint and he has natural silver hair, parted on either side of his forehead. He usually wears white leather boots and white leather fingerless gloves.
Weapons: One white longsaber with a curved hilt and a short white lightsaber with a curved hilt as his other one, but reversed. They each can interchange into a doublesaber, if needed.
Items: A long white razor wire, barely visible, but extremely deadly, passed down through his family. It was originally a necklace.
Biography: Unknown. He just showed up on the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus, with a note attached to his chest saying he was different and was not good enough to be in his family. He was Force sensitive, so the Jedi took him in for training, and eventually he became a Jedi Architect, surpassing the rank of Knight but not quite a master.

03-07-2006, 06:25 PM
(well, the Enclave's been abandoned for 4000 years, but you could say instead that they found him at the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus And JM12, it's Hethra, not Hathera)

03-07-2006, 10:33 PM
Scooter slowly walked towards his ship on one of the many docking pads on Ossus. He swiped a card as he walked towards the bay, approving his docking fee. He put the card away into his robes and stepped onto his ship, heading to the cockpit. He fired up the engines as the loading ramp folded up and sank into the side of the ship.

It was a small, yet homey, modified version of an ancient Republic Starfighter. He lifted up into the air as the wings spread into an star formation, with three wings on each side. He spun the ship around and sped off into space.

As the skyline appeared on his viewscreen, something read on the monitor: "Request for Air Traffic accepted. Happy spacing." He smirked. Ironic really, spacing is never happy.. He laughed a little as he started flying through space. He switched on his hyperdrive and typed in the coordinates for the Corellia system (Lets say that's where Komad and all of them are.. if they aren't, tell me the system and i'll edit.

He pulled back a lever and strapped himself in as the ship made the lurch to hyperspeed.

03-08-2006, 12:39 AM
((Actually the ship is in orbit above the planet. Alkonium, sorry about the mispelling.))
Alkea then motioned Komad to the cushions and she sat in a meditative position. She waited for Komad to follow suit.

Tyrannus was growing pleased at the immunity for some reason. He wanted Komad to build an immunity to mind attacks but the initial suspicion is there. Once activated, they run their course. With a final subtle probing, it sent the virus into full autonomy. From there it would poison the mind with thoughts of suspicion and mistrust. Tyrannus smiled. The virus would do the trick and would require a prodding every now and then should Komad fight it. The connection was made. Tyrannus could now sense everyfelling, almost as if he and Komad were one. It was a risk he was willing to take but it should work.

Greea was pacing in the quarters given to her by the Jedi. She was thinking about the rather handsome Komad. She admonished herself for thinking about it and was trying to focus on a splicing problem she was trying to figure out.

Alkea said, "Clear the mind and dwell into the thoughts that are imprinted."

03-08-2006, 09:29 AM
Scooter's ship finally came out of hyperspace infront of a rather large ship. He felt a drawing to this ship, like a faint echo, calling out to him. He typed a few keys into his console, sending a message to the ship. "Requesting boarding permission, friendly." He typed in, slowly hovering in space near the docking bay.

Hopefully they would let him in, he didn't have a good feeling about standing still.

03-08-2006, 09:34 AM
Mycaen walked to the docking bay and opened up the loading ramp to a small sith starfighter. He boarded it and headed to the cockpit, the loading ramp closing. He started up the ship as he turned it around and headed down to the planet below.

The small starfighter could barely take the constant bombardment by pieces of dried rock and the fiery atmosphere. He landed on a small docking pad, quickly getting out of his ship and walking away a few feet, the ship violently exploded seconds later.

Master, I made it. But I do not sense anything different...

03-08-2006, 11:04 AM
Do not let your senses dull fool. On the surface, never assume anything. It is old and has many scarsTyrannus sent.

03-08-2006, 04:50 PM
Komad got on the cushions with his sister, and awaited further instruction.
"Permission granted." Alkonium said to the young Jedi requesting entry.

03-08-2006, 06:57 PM
"Clear your mind. It is like a pan of clear water. The water flows through a sieve, sifting out memories," Alkea said.

03-08-2006, 07:15 PM
Komad cleared his mind, and soon he and Alkea were witnessing Komad's experience on the Tormentor, from being brought to the throneroom, to rescuing Greea, to the hangar, where they spotted Tyrannus driving a syringe into Komad's back. "That's it." He said. "We have to get to the medbay."

03-08-2006, 08:00 PM
Scooter blinked a few times, not expecting them to open it up for him. He smirked, piloting his modified Republic Starfighter into the docking bay. He landed it and walked out. His pure white clothing rather blinding to anyone to see it, in the tight quarters of this dark ship.

He slowly walked towards the command deck, passing several astromech droids. He was unfamiliar with the layout of the ship. Because of that unfamiliarity, he found himself in the quarters. He sighed and kept on walking the hallway, trying to find *someone*.

03-08-2006, 08:01 PM
Mycaen growled and nodded to himself, slowly heading to a large crater, looking down into it. He glanced away and walked towards something shining. He plucked it up and brushed the dust and dirt off of it. It was a Sith Holocron.

Master, do you know what this contains?

03-08-2006, 08:10 PM
(you know you could put those parts in a single post, right?)
I do not know exactly, but I believe it was created by Darth Sidious, shortly after the Great Jedi Purge. Be careful, about a week ago, another Sith tried to view its contents, and now he is the skeleton lying at your feet. Darth Virul replied.
A Republic Officer spotted Scooter wandering the corridors of the Valiant. "Can I help you?" He asked.

03-08-2006, 08:27 PM
Scooter blinked a few times, fluidly pushing up his glasses. "Yes, do you know where the owners of this ship are, sir?" He said, looking the man in the eyes.
Mycaen nodded but still looked over it. Master, should I.. open it and read it's contents? projected his thoughts, not sure what to do.

03-08-2006, 08:59 PM
"Well, technically, this Star Destroyer is Republic Military Property. Are you looking for one of the Jedi on board?" The Officer replied. "Masters Kaltas and Iazoki are on the bridge, but Komad and Alkea Kaltas are in Alkea's quarters."

03-08-2006, 09:03 PM
"Thank you sir," he said, walking past him to the bridge, heading to to Master Kaltas.

03-09-2006, 01:24 PM
Alkea didn't move. She was diving deeper into the memory and she touched the ugly taint that had been injected into her brother. She felt doubt and was confused. She pulled back and was immediately brought to thoughts of Greea that he brother had. She opened her eyes and stared at Komad, "You thought you didn't have to tell me?"
She said it with a tone that Komad had never noticed before.

Tyrannus was smiling. He had suspected that Alkea would be too curious and she was drawn in. Once touch by its power, it was hard to escape. He sent the impression to Komad that she was invading his privacy and that she didn't trust him. It was subtle enough to taint the virus to moved and make sure that it was stemming from his own thoughts.

Greea went out amongst the ship to search for Komad and talk to him. She was too shy to ask for directions so she decided to slice into the terminal and locate his position. She accessed the terminal that was in the quarters she was given.

03-09-2006, 04:43 PM
"I didn't know. I felt a sharp pain in my pack, but I had no idea what it was." Komad replied honestly, but defensively as well. "Surely you believe me, it's not like I'd lie to you."
Good. Alkea may be on to us, but this may allow us to lure her to the Dark Side as well. Do what you can to spread the virus to her. Darth Virul messaged Tyrannus.

Samuel Kim
03-09-2006, 06:25 PM
Hey, I'm new here...

Can I join the role-playing? Or is it too late?
I made up my own char quite a while ago... post if you let me join or no... I'm kinda randomly placed in the story eh?

03-09-2006, 06:33 PM
(Go ahead, just put his/her information in the Casting Call: The Sith Resurrection thread)

03-09-2006, 06:34 PM
(Not at all, go ahead and join if you want. We're a little far into the story but i'm sure you can roll with it)

After walking the seemingly endless hallways and staring blankly at the monotone colored walls, he finally found Alkea's quarters. He felt a faint echo in the Force, like something was not right here.

He leaned on the doorway, knocking on the turbolift door a few times, pushing up his glasses fluidly.

"Anyone home?" He said, slightly muffled since he was outside the room.

03-09-2006, 08:37 PM
Komad opened the door. "Hello. I'm Komad Kaltas, this is my sister Alkea. I think I recognise you, weren't you my father's apprentice just before he was thrown into the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine?"

03-09-2006, 09:29 PM
He nodded a little. "Strangely... I don't remember you.." He said, holding out a hand and shaking Komad's. He glanced at Alkea, pushing up his glasses smoothly. "Hello love, who might you be?" He raised an eyebrow, barely visible under his snow white hair.

03-10-2006, 12:18 AM
((Glasses? Is he old? Just curious))
Alkea looked at him but was annoyed She tried to be polite, "Hello, who are you?".
She directed her annoyance to her brother to her brother, "I don't know. You never said anything about her," referring to Greea.

Tyrannus was pleased. Through Komad he saw that Alkea was starting to doubt everything that she and her brother had built up. He sent his pleasure to Virul, She has touched the taint within. In order for it to work completely, she would need to be injected but it is too soon. Komad must persuade her.

03-10-2006, 12:52 AM
Nah, he's like 20+ he wears them because he has bad vision :). Perfectly round and 'cool', much like if you've seen Trigun.. >.> ))

He glanced at Greea, blinking a few times. "Well well..you seem to blend in well love, and you are?" He said, holding out a hand towards the Rodian, keeping Alkea in the corner of his eye.

03-10-2006, 01:25 AM
Alkea was watching the stranger aware of a presence he gave that she found plaesing. She smiled but it was not lost on Komad.

03-10-2006, 02:48 AM
He glanced back to Alkea, then back to Greea, his handshake offer still standing.

03-10-2006, 04:20 AM
Alkea held out her hand to shake. She decided that she liked him and it irked her brother.

((Alkonium, check out my thread Concept Drawings. I finally did it!!))

03-10-2006, 07:47 AM
Komad was a bit nervous about this guy hitting on his sister and his girlfriend, but decided to say nothing. "I have to go check blood for an infection I might have gotten on a Sith Star Destroyer, so I'll see you later." He said, leaving the room.

03-10-2006, 11:09 AM
Greea followed Komad out the door. At a fast pace, she managed to catch up with him. She asked, "What infection?"

Alkea looked at the stranger and asked, "What's your name?"

03-10-2006, 04:32 PM
"Alkea and I found out that Darth Tyrannus injected me with something while I was on the Tormentor, so I'm going to find out what it is exactly. Nothing to worry about." Komad replied, kissing Greea on the cheek and entering the Medbay.

03-10-2006, 05:39 PM
"Is it bad?" Greea couldn't help but ask. She really REALLY liked Komad and was concerned.

03-10-2006, 07:17 PM
"Scooter Tory.. But you can call me Scooter.." He said, pushing up his glasses. He was a legend around the galaxy, few knew his true name, and those priviledged enough to know, he trusted. The white Jedi, that thought popped into Alkea's head. He smirked, not knowing what he unconsciously did. He saved many lives under that alias, and helped many Republic ships from behind boarded and taken over. He was also a skilled pilot.

He pulled back his hand and looked her up and down, then raised an eyebrow. "So.. Half-Twilek.. a rarity.. My second time seeing one.. No offense.. they are interesting beings.."

03-11-2006, 01:25 AM
Alkea looked at him and smiled, saying, "It's my second time seeing a nice human," she paused a bit before asking, "Scooter, not a name I've heard before for a human. Still I like it. How did you get way out here?"

03-11-2006, 02:30 AM
"Meant to take a stroll.. but I found an echo in the Force, like something was wrong here. That's how I came here, wondering why such a pretty girl was in such a nasty place."

That was a pathetic attempt at flirting, but he continued. "So.. I came aboard, hoping to find this lady and protect her from evil.." He grinned sheepishly, flicking up his glasses onto his face cooly.

03-12-2006, 02:05 AM
Alkea smiled, amused at the fact that he was attempting to flirt. She replied, "And what evil is there on a ship in the middle of space, a ship full of Jedi?" She was smiling and decided to tease back. Her feelings were becoming apparent through the sibling bond she had with Komad.

03-12-2006, 12:01 PM
"Someone here is not what they seem, that's what I sensed," he said, looking around. "Anyone like that?" He spoke, pushing his glasses up on his face.

03-12-2006, 01:54 PM
"I could be." Komad replied. The physician then scanned a sample of Komad's blood and spotted something immediately. "That can't be good." Komad commented, going back to Alkea's quarters. "You were right. Tyrannus did inject me with something, so I'm going to have it dealt with." He said to his sister.

03-12-2006, 09:03 PM
Alkea wasn't really listening to Komad as she was staring a Scooter. She responded to Scooter, "Things are not as what they seem around here anyway. Take your pick."

Greea was surprised at Alkea for she had heard of her reputation and figured that something wasn't right but hen again she wasn't feeling right because she like Komad. She remained silent.

03-12-2006, 09:22 PM
(sorry to join unbelivably late)

Name: Airion Forti
Species: Human
Homeworld: Naboo
Gender: Male
Faction: Jedi Order
Class: Jedi Knight
Weapon: Blue-ish green lightwhip and orange lightsabre

03-12-2006, 09:27 PM
(aaaaaaaaah to many posts! could someone breifly tell me whats going on here?)

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(well, currently, most of the heroes are on the Republic Star Destroyer Valiant en route to Coruscant, because one of them is to be promoted to Jedi Knight, so you could start out there, or possibly on Coruscant)
Your plan has failed, Lord Tyrannus. But fortunately, I have a plan B. We shall wait until the time is right, and then force him to choose between the death of his girlfriend or the Dark Side. Lord Virul messaged Tyrannus. Because of your failiure, I will do this myself.

03-12-2006, 11:02 PM
Scooter glanced at Komad. "Here.. " He put his right, gloved hand on Komad's forehead, a strange bluish yellow light flowing out of his hand. He closed his eyes and concentrated. "L..Lord Tyrannus.. I presume. He.. you rescued that Rodian from earlier, and whilst you were unconscious.." He stopped, pulling away, his hand singing with smoke. He brushed it in the air, waving the smoke away. "I was pushed away. It seems like he's still in your mind, and in your bloodstream. Once we get to Coruscant and we have a proper medical room, i'll take that out of you," Scooter said, once again directing his attention to Alkea.

"You know.." He pushed his glasses up onto his face. "You're the most beautiful being I've set my eyes upon after leaving Dxun.."

03-12-2006, 11:20 PM
No. She has touched it. She is the one I want for what is to come Tyrannus sent. Komad was too powerful to mess with but his sister was powerful in other respects. He had studied the pair extensively and knew she had a way of striking when one least expected it while Komad showed it. He was pleased. He sent a comm message to Peelal, "How goes it on the surface? Did the Blood King awaken yet?"

"Really? I've never noticed," Alkea replied but was secretly pleased. Few people said anything about her skill but she never looked for praise. She had what some strange Jedi called 'best quality heart.' She continued, "What were you doing on Dxun?"

03-13-2006, 12:29 AM
Peelal twirled his sabers and sheathed them. Yes, he has awaken, and sent minions after me. He walked past the bodies and towards the incarnate of the Blood King. "It is a pleasure to see you.. master," he bowed his head towards the man.
"Helping some lost Republic soldiers back to their unit.. it's my kind of thing.. really. I go where help is needed, and I..help." (He is a legend, 'the white jedi', many knew of him in stories but none have truly seen him.)

He pushed his glasses back up on his face, watching her, seemingly entranced.

03-13-2006, 01:06 AM
The Blood King was amused by the kneeling figure in front of him. He sent a wave of his minions of blood towards Peelal curious to see what his "ally" Tyrannus sent him.

Alkea, amused that Scooter kept pushing his glasses felt she should do something. Right in front of Komad, she boldy took Scooter's glasses off and touched her forefinger and middle finger to his right temple. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the Force through a technique her master taught her. When she opened her eyes she smiled and placed Scooter's glasses back on leaving him to see nothing but blurriness through the lenses. She then smiled again and feeling very shy, walked out to go to a library room to hide in embarrassment. ((I don't know, maybe a meditation chamber))

03-13-2006, 09:14 AM
Airion's boots were loud in the corridor of the republic star destroyer valient. Airion twisted and turned through the maze of the ship. But then he stopped. People were talking through the force. He shook his head and headed to a sick bay.

03-13-2006, 09:29 AM
He blinked a little bit and squinted, then took off the glasses, looking around with them in his right hand. He grinned a little and put the glasses back on his face, the glass lens smoothing over and becoming thinner and smoke clouding the lens, then revealing sunglasses with a red tint.

He watched her walk away and chased after her, steadying(sp?) to a walk next to her. He put an arm around her, squeezing a little then letting his arm drop at his side. "Don't let me trouble ya.." He said, winking at her smoothly, his round sunglasses at the tip of his nose.

"You know.. you didn't need to do that.."
Peelal unsheathed two lightsabers and starting slicing his way through the minions, finally splitting his arms in four and taking out two more sabers, easily cutting down the minions as he sent them out. He managed to let loose a mighty force push, moving a rock infront of the tomb entrance, so no more minions would come. He sheathed his weapons and looked back at the king.

"Anything else?"

03-13-2006, 04:32 PM
((Alkea fixed Scooter's vision. She just did it. You could go back to whereing glasses if you wish. I was kind of hoping you'd take up the hint Xbx))

The Blood King looked at Peelal thoughtfully and walked away into a chamber leaving him where he stood. Two of the aids escorted Peelal outside and they said, "Sleep out here and he will see you again tomorrow." They turned and shut the door leaving Peelal to fend for himself that night.

03-13-2006, 04:51 PM
((Fixed it? Thought she made is worse like a joke.. Since it was all blurry..OH, with the glasses on! I'll go edit..))

03-13-2006, 05:00 PM
Peelal growled and pounded on the door, sighing a little. He headed back out of the tomb and onto the dusty barren landscape. He sat down and crossed his legs, tuning out everything around him. Knowing that he doesn't need to eat or drink, due to his implants, he'd just meditate for the night.

His limbs separated as he lifted into the air, a black and purple cloud of energy surrounding him as he fell into a deep sleep.

03-13-2006, 06:18 PM
((Acutally the planet is lush and green. The foliage hides the dangers. Think like the Mummy Returns))

Alkea just smiled and teased back, "You looked like you were nervous by pushing them up your nose like that but I thought it cute." She kept walking towards a meditation chamber where there were two cushioned settees. She motioned to one and asked, "Would you like to?"
She sat crossed-legged on the other and waited.

03-13-2006, 07:07 PM
Then, the Valiant came out of hyperspace, and was in orbit around Coruscant. Soon, a shuttle departed from the Star Destroyer, taking Greea and the Jedi to the Temple. Shortly after, Komad waited outside the Council Chambers to be Knighted. He entered the Council Chambers, and looked around at the various council members: Kalla Vel, the Mandalorian Jedi who had taken him as her apprentice, the barabel Tesar Sebatyne, Yado, who was the same species as the legendary Yoda, his father, and Hethra Iazoki, Grand Master of the Jedi Order. He kneeled before Hethra. "Komad Kaltas, it has been decided by the High Council that you have proven yourself ready for the title of Jedi Knight. Do you accept the responsibilities of this title?" Hethra said to Komad. "I accept these responsibilities." Komad replied. "Then I hereby dub thee Jedi Knight." Hethra said, cutting off Komad's padawan braid, carefully avoiding his lekku.

03-14-2006, 12:24 AM
He nodded and walked next to her, sitting down on the cushion nearby. He closed his eyes, concentrating for a moment. He spoke into her mind, his voice as smooth and refreshing as ever.

Ever heard of 'The White Jedi'?

03-14-2006, 01:37 AM
What is that? Alkea was unaware the ship had landed and everyone left. It was a surprise to everyone, even her brother.

Greea watched as Komad was made a Jedi Knight. She was pleased but she had the uneasy feeling that Komad was not pleased about his sister and the relative stranger that they had met named Scooter. He was nice but she had the feeling that Alkea felt just like her but something wasn't right. She couldn't place it and her face was in a puzzled frown as Komad approached her.

03-14-2006, 01:39 AM
He was a great Jedi, going from planet to planet, savings lives, freeing innocents. He was my father, and the job was passed down from me. He thought, concentrating more.

The only reason that the Force guided me to you, is that your troubles stood out..

03-14-2006, 10:44 AM
"Greea, my knighting was not the only thing the Council informed me of. You are the only non-Jedi currently in the Temple, but soon, there won't be any. The Force is strong in you, Greea, and I am to take you as my apprentice." Komad said to Greea, walking out of the Council Chambers.

03-14-2006, 01:38 PM
What troubles?

"What?" Greea asked. She was not sure of what that meant and wasn't sure of what else to say.

03-14-2006, 02:08 PM
"You're to become a Jedi. But tell me this, on which planet were you born? Was it occupied by the Sith then? I'm surprised you weren't brought to Ossus to be trained at a younger age." Komad asked Greea.

03-14-2006, 04:09 PM
You and your brother.. you seem to have troubles with this.. 'Darth Tyrannus' and a Kaleesh..

03-14-2006, 06:49 PM
Our spies in the Jedi Temple have done their work well. They tell me that the Rodian is to become a Jedi, meaning it will not be long before she and Komad are on a mission together. Our plan moving along very well. Darth Virul informed Tyrannus.

03-15-2006, 01:14 AM
Good. The girl is developing feelings for someone. She will become defensive.Tyrannus replied.

Alkea opened her eyes and spoke softly, "Yes. He did something to Komad and I don't think Komad is telling teh entire truth about what happened. He never kept secrets before. We tried a memory technique and I touched something but I couldn't go further." She stood up and began to rub her arms as if a chill had been sent down her spine.

Greea was still in disbelief but answered the question, "Nar Shadaa (Is this right?)."
She had mixed feelings about this whole thing and was still reeling from the shock.

03-15-2006, 09:27 AM
(Actually, I stated that Greea's homeworld was Corellia)
"Of course. That planet was taken by the Sith a year after I was born. Your parents were right to hide you from the Sith." Komad replied. "I'm not sure if I can understand the shock, my parents were both Jedi, and I just went to Ossus with them when I was old enough."

03-15-2006, 09:44 AM
He nodded and looked around, opening his eyes and glancing around the ship. "So, you a Komad are brothers? Where are your parents?" He asked, somewhat bracing for the usual answer.

03-15-2006, 06:32 PM
"Our mother is dead, and our father now sits on the Jedi Council." Komad said, entering the room with Greea, who now wore a traditional Jedi tunic. "We've got a new assignment on Raxus Prime, let's get going."

03-15-2006, 07:02 PM
He glanced up at Komad, then to Alkea. "Seems you two have.. a mission. I'll take my leave now.. " He said, standing up and bowing slightly.

"Unless you need a professional's help.." He said with a grin.

03-15-2006, 07:06 PM
"Actually, the Council wanted the four of us in particular for this one. Two Jedi Knights and two Apprentices should be able to handle themselves on this." Komad replied, forgetting that he hadn't told them about Greea becoming a Jedi.

03-15-2006, 07:14 PM
The young Rodian hasn't even been trained with a lightsaber, let alone how to use Force, but as you wish. If you need any help.." He pulled out his datapad and typed in a few numbers, sending his comm. number to Komad's.

"There.." He slipped the datapad away. He turned away and walked out of the quarters, waving before walking down the hallway.

03-15-2006, 08:52 PM
(@Xbx, what colour is Scooter's lightsaber blade anyway?
@JM12, I'm going to let you decide Greea's lightsaber blade colour, ok?)
Komad helped Greea train in the Force and lightsaber combat in the cargo hold of the Ebon Hawk II. "Don't get discouraged. Luke Skywalker, the man who restored the Jedi Order, was two years older than you are now when he started his Jedi training, and look how he turned out." He said to her.

03-15-2006, 09:03 PM
Greea was a bit frustrated because she set high standards for herself. She couldn't accept failure that easy but was giving everything she got her purple blade was an interesting color, one not seen fully since Mace Windu's saber. Alkea spent time between her master Hethra and Scooter, learning new techniques. She possessed an aptitude for healing and was a willing student but over the course of a few hours, her personality changed. It wasn't noticeable to any except her brother who sensed something ws not right.

03-15-2006, 09:35 PM
(Actually, Hethra also wielded a purple lightsaber in all three parts of the Trilogy)
"You're better. It took me two years to get as far as you've gotten." Komad continued to reassure her, knowing how long Jedi training took in the days of the First Republic. He then messaged his sister. "How far are we from Raxus Prime?"

03-16-2006, 12:22 AM
((EDIT:: Checked back, here's my exact words: Weapons: One white longsaber with a curved hilt and a short white lightsaber with a curved hilt as his other one, but reversed. They each can interchange into an S-shaped doublesaber, if needed.**Always loved Aurra Sing's ORiGINAL lightsaber...))

03-16-2006, 12:40 AM
(sorry, forgot about that)

03-16-2006, 12:50 AM
"We are coming up in two standard hours brother dear," Alkea was concentrating on the trajectory and the systems in the cockpit. She was rather good at flying and was always making adjustments for course efficiency.

03-16-2006, 12:59 AM
Good, they have taken the bait. Is the trap ready, Lord Tyrannus? Virul asked Tyrannus.
"I'm curious Greea, considering how strong the Force flows in bloodlines, were either of your parents Jedi?" Komad asked Greea as she continued her training.

03-16-2006, 03:42 PM
"No, we were always smugglers (is that right?)," Greea replied.

How shall we bait? Along the hyperspace route?" Tyrannus replied.

03-16-2006, 04:35 PM
(I never specified, so sure)
No, but deploy a squadron of TIE Marauders to "greet" them. I will then go down to the planet to make sure everything goes according to plan. Virul replied.

03-16-2006, 07:29 PM
Already done but I should warn you that they are your troopers. Mine have other obligations. I always have a backup plan Tergis was smiling.

Alkea was picking up strange readings and sent her concerns to, not Komad, but Scooter. She was puzzled by it and tried to make the readings come in clearer.

03-16-2006, 07:37 PM
(Who's Tergis? I thought Tyrannus's first name was Cronus)
"Strange, I'm beginning to sense a new dark presence, but from the Sith, but from Alkea? Could the virus have... no, it couldn't have." Komad said to Greea, beginning to fear for his sister, much like how she had for him on the Valiant.

03-16-2006, 07:53 PM
As he was sitting in his cockpit and firing up the engines, he recieved the readings. I will try to make sense of these... He began to concentrate hard, looking over them in his head.

03-16-2006, 10:07 PM
((oops. I thought I spelt Tryannus. Damn the time difference. I'm in DC and not home in CA so it is taxing until I go home on Sun))

Alkea saw the TIE marauders appear on her scopes and it was nearly too late. She called back to hang on and began to rely on the Force to guide he and avoid the laser fire. She called to no on in particular, "They set us in a trap."

03-16-2006, 10:12 PM
"Keep the ship steady, I'm headed for the upper gun turrets. Greea, you take the lower ones." Komad replied, manning the upper turrets. He began firing at the TIE Marauders.

03-16-2006, 10:42 PM
Scooter piloted his modified Republic Fighter out of the docking bay and took off toward the Marauders, waving slightly to Komad as he flew past the Turret viewscreen, launching two missiles at a TIE Marauder, blowing it to pieces.

His fingers danced along the controls as he was locked on, two missles screaming towards him. He steered his ship upwards and let go of the engines, performing a risky backflip in order to get behind the TIE Marauder, and it was successful.

As he steered behind him, the missles the TIE Marauder shot at him now followed the TIE's engine thermal heat. Using the suprise maneuver, he let loose with his lasers, shredding the fighter to bits and letting the missles finish the job. He soared upward, out of sight. Two Marauders left.

Seems you guys can take it from here.

03-16-2006, 10:58 PM
Komad shot down the remaining two TIE Marauders, and then sent a message to Scooter. "Stick close, we're going in for a landing." He said, getting down from the turret.

03-16-2006, 11:01 PM
He dove back down, spiraling in the air as he flew towards the cockpit, firing a flare in the opposite direction, staving off two loose missles.

He evened himself out with the nose of the ship, following them as they moved. I'm right here. In reality, he was a bit worried about Alkea.

03-17-2006, 12:04 AM
Alkea was doing her level best to keep them from getting too much damage. She decided to try something. "Strap yourselves in. I'm going to try something," she shouted. Without waiting for confirmation, she did a spiral formation and two of the enemy fighters fell for it chasing her as she maneuvered the ship. It wasn't a fighter but she managed to get the two to hit eachother as she made for Raxis Prime. The starboard engine had been hit bad and she attempted to go in for a landing.

((What is the terrain of Raxis Prime? I'm not up to date on the planets.))

03-17-2006, 12:39 AM
He piloted his ship towards their ship and towards the starboard engine as it started to fall. I'll stabalize it. He said, grabbing a tow cord from the back of the ship's cockpit. "Stabilize the ship," A voice overhead confirmed it as he opened up the cockpit window, leaping out as he floated towards the Starboard engine, taking heed of the blistering heat and holding his breath, using a Jedi breathing technique.

He activated an energy shield booster that he had as he went in close, to guard from the intense heat. He positioned himself towards the engine as he strapped the cord around a small hook on the side, tieing it and floating back to his ship, tieing the cord onto the end of his tow rod then landing in the seat and closing the window, letting his air out. He spun his ship around and lifted up, following the ship, letting the tow cord do it's work, deactivating the shield.

He felt lightheaded and slightly dizzy. He wouldn't be able to pilot the ship for very much longer.

Take your time, the engine is stabilized and immobile.

03-17-2006, 12:44 AM
(I think it's mostly a gritty, industrial ecumenopolis, or something like that)
"From what Kalla told me, the Sith have set up a small base here with the intention of reactivating the Dark Reaper. She couldn't discover the location of the Sith Base, so she wants to find it, and destroy it. Greea and I will search the sewers, while Alkea and Scooter will search the surface." Komad said, pointing out the area on a holographic map.

03-17-2006, 10:23 AM
"Hang on, this is going to be bumpy," Alkea shouted. With extreme control and reliance on the Force, she was able to get the ship to land without any mishaps. The ship was smoking in on engine though it had been stablized for the landing. Once the ship landed, it fell apart. Alkea looked at the systems console and said, "The starboard engine is gone, we need a new one and we have a slight hyperdrive leak. How are secondary systems?"

03-17-2006, 10:30 AM
"Mostly fine, except the navicomputer is slightly damaged. We should head out, we could possibly find parts to repair the ship." Komad replied.

03-17-2006, 10:39 AM
"Where do we start looking?" Alkea asked.

03-17-2006, 10:56 AM
"Like I said before, Greea and I will search in the sewers, while you and Scooter search the surface." Komad replied as he and Greea climbed down a open manhole.

03-17-2006, 11:07 AM
Greea wasn't so sure about it. She asked, "Why don't Alkea and I search the surface and you and what's his name search the sewers. It would be better."