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Three years before Revan walked on the five planets of Avalon, the Argonons, the original warrior clan of the plains, voted a conservative regional government into power on the planet Mikkado. A world of segregation was the law of this world. It was a time of war as the Argonons and the people of the cities, mainly migrant Belosians, fought over the land and twenty native warrior tribes. Our story begins eighteen years later on a small farm on the plains of Argonon.

Chapter 1: Beginnings
I was born with the songs of the great healers in my ears. They sang to end the great drought, which burnt the plains of Argon for ten years. My mother died three weeks after giving birth to me. Before she died, she gave me my father’s name Jacen Credo Cirrus but from the first day, she called me by my initials JC just as she had my father. I remember my father telling me that he was a child of Belos where he grew up with poetry and wisdom of scholars and that I was a child of Mikkado who awoke to the sound of the workman songs and fell asleep to the singing coral birds nesting for the night.

Elias’ son, Tundarai, was my best friend. From the time we were born, we did everything together, games, chores and lessons. Father taught us about Belos and Elias taught us of Mikkado. Father said life was perfect except that it never rained. My mother had been a farmer’s daughter; my father was a warrior but because he loved her so much, he tried hard to be one after she died but when the plague killed our katarans, something inside him broke and never mended. Elias said that my father needed time alone and that I must go to boarding school. For the first time in my life, I was afraid for I had never been away from home before, away from Father, away from Elias. I wanted to cry but I held it in; I was afraid that I would hurt Father even more. Before I left he gave me the draigon pearl bracelet he gave my mother when they first fell in love.

We were poor. The only school we could afford was the school and orphanage run by Argonons, the oldest of the two tribes on the plains, the other being my people, the Belosians. I remember my first lesson: twenty standard years ago the Argonons tried to throw out the Belosians but the Belosian militia was too strong. The Belosians locked up twenty thousand Argonon women and children into camp. Many died of the fevers from the river bottoms. As the only Belosian boy in school, I took the blame for all those deaths. This was made clear to me by the oldest boy at school Tvark Sigun. He led a group of the big boys, which he called his council and they all took turns bullying me trying to make me cry. When I first arrived, they found me in tears and told me I was dead meat. Scared, I didn’t say anything but allowed myself to taken by them into the yard where they dumped the leftovers from dinner on my head. Whether I was fear or shame, or both, I don’t know, but just after the bullying in the yards, I began to wet my bed. It was three weeks later when I received the news: my father was dead. He had been better but he was trampled to death by a bull kataran in the bush.

I never should have left. I should have stayed to help take care of the farm. Then he would have been alive; I know this. Since I had no other living relatives, it was decided that I would return to boarding school as an orphan, a decision that terrified me. I confided in Elias what had happened and how I became a bed wetter. Being a good Mikkado father he called on the services of the greatest healer of his tribe, a man who could make sick men well and scared men brave. I had never met anyone like him before. His name was Inkosi Kanji. Inkosi Kanji said my troubles came from fear deep in my heart and that he would be my guide on my journey to discover courage.

He called in the language of his people as I shut my eyes. I reached out with all my senses and I saw what it was that frightened me. A bull kataran was charging for me and I could feel the fear but I was no afraid. Reaching out with my hand I touched the horn on its nose. My senses came back to reality and I was touching Inkosi Kanji’s fist and he was laughing. He told me that the spirit of the great hunter warriors lived in me. I had faced the most powerful creature on the plains, one I had feared since hearing how father died. I had earned his respect for my courage. He said I was a man for all of Avalon and the system and he gave me a small draigon. I named my draigon Manzibique, meaning “Mother Courage.” During the day she would hunt for bugs and small animals outside, at night, she would nest above my bed and keep a sharp eye. He was my best and only friend.

A month later, the border dispute broke into war. This caused me more problems than bed wetting ever had. The leader of the Argonons, one called Haldiros, vowed to crush the militia and drive the Belosians out. I kept saying Inkosi Kanji’s words over and over to myself, trying not to be afraid. I had become an expert at the art of camouflage. I learned how to be the perfect nobody and often make myself “disappear” while in the same room with Tvark. Other times I would hide in the infirmary with Doc, the medic where I learned about different medicines and healing arts. My survival techniques weren’t to last forever.

One night, there was a war council of all the kids with the Judge being Tvark. I was ripped from my bed before lights out and blindfolded. They say that the mind is the best form of torture and I immediately thought that Haldiros had arrived and was going to march all the Belosians to the sea. I remember it well. Tvark was sporting a crude marking of Haldiros banner and declared that a blood oath must be taken. The blood oath was that when the time came, when Haldiros arrived, they would rise up and kill us Belosians. I expected the clout across the head but didn’t realize that he caused my nose to bleed nor that he gave me a black eye. He used the blood from my nose to make his oath. As his first act as Judge, he sentenced Manzibique to death. I remember screaming my head off saying no but was not heard over the cacophony the others were making. I watched my draigon beat its wings trying to get free and I watched the stone that killed her. Angry that he killed my only friend and with no one holding me, I ran up and pushed the Judge with all the strength I had. The Judge fell on a small flag that got stuck on his bum, which he ripped out and demanded silence from everyone laughing at him. Then the words came out, “Hang him up.”

I was grabbed and tied around the legs while hearing, “You will pay for the death of our fathers and grandmothers. All Belosians will pay, and you will be the first.”

Hanging upside down from the beam of the dormitory he continued, “For crimes committed against the people of the Plains, I sentence you to death,” and proceeded to prepare his sling. He clouted me a good one on the head and I feared that he would have the others do the same when I was rescued by the headmistress, who demanded that I be released. I do not remember what she told him but I do remember the slap she gave and as I was standing there, the Judge gave me a look filled with hate that it nearly blackened my heart.

I buried Manzibique the next day. I thought I was destined to lose everyone I had ever love or who had ever loved me, first father, my draigon and now Elias. Elias and Tundarai had to return to their tribe in the forests of Mikkades. I knew that I would never see them again and my body began to hurt with a sadness that weighed me down. A day later I was sent to the Howesian port city but was not told why. I thought it was to another orphanage. I sat there at the port on top of my suitcase not saying a word to anyone.

The Jedi Tergis Kradus was walking towards the port with his little floating droid to fetch the new arrival as requested by the council. He saw a lonely little boy sporting a black eye and a cut on his forehead looking at his hand. Realizing that something had happened to the boy to make him sad, he decided to go about a different approach. He approached the boy and said, “Hello little one. You know, my droid Two-y told me of a cure for curing sadness in little boys. Would you like to try it?”

J.C. not wanting to be rude and wanting to not be sad agreed. Tergis helped him stand and told him to stand on one leg. He then said, “Now say three times beepdobeep.”

“Beepdobeep, beepdobeep, beepdobeep.”

“Wonderful. You feel any better?”

J.C. shook his head no and Tergis made a sound as if to say ‘oh no.’ Kneeling next to J.C. he then said, “I guess that proves one thing. Never take advice from a floating droid.”

J.C. began to giggle and for the first time in a long time he smiled. Tergis was pleased and asked, “Would you like to meet him?”
“Yes, please.”

“Alright. First what is your name?”


“Very interesting name,” and with a whistle, Tergis called his droid to introduce Two-y to the boy. The droid let out a whistle at which Tergis responded, “He likes you, he likes you very much.”

That was how I met Tergis who collected droid parts, played dejarik and showed me how to talk to his droid Two-y. Tergis brought me to an enclave where there were many dressed just like him and showed me around. An older man came out and began to talk to him in a language not familiar to my young ears. What they were talking about was Tergis taking me to be his Padawan and be trained as a Jedi. I followed happily playing with Two-y not really listening. It wasn’t until we were before the council that it was announced that I would be trained and Tergis took me to a dorp not far from the enclave.

Tergis was a well-known Jedi who was known for his ambassadorial skills throughout the Avalonian system. While he was on the Argon plains, the war broke out and he couldn’t go back to Coruscant. In the border port Koron, Haldiros killed his friend and fellow ambassador because he believed in peace. In the skirmish that followed, his Padawan was killed too. He was only seven just like me. Tergis was alone here on the plains but he never spoke of it until he felt I was old enough to understand better the bonds that formed between people.

Tergis said that he believed a person needed two things in life, good health and education. He said my health was good but my education needed serious and immediate attention, at least where the Force was concerned. Tergis showed me the plains of Argon and made the plains my classroom. I even learned the language of his people. Tergis showed me to look at things through the Force and see how they were all connected down to the smallest of creatures. The lesson I remember most was when he told me that cooperation made life possible and that without it, there would have been no knowledge of the Force through the midichlorians. With cooperation, life existed.

One by one, the sharp pains of loneliness grew faint with the passing of each day. Tergis said that there was so much to learn of the Force that we couldn’t waste a second. Father used to say the same thing. Father would have liked Tergis. Tergis taught me the path of the Jedi. It is a difficult one to walk requiring great physical skill and balanced with meditation to channel the power of the Force. He opened my mind to knowledge and never talked down. Most of what he said would take me years later to understand but laid the foundations to what I would become.

I thought it was too good to last until the day that the captain of the local militia came to the dorp we were staying in and said that because Tergis was a native of Mikkado that he would have to stay within the confines of the enclave so he would not be arrested for the duration of the war. It was then that I realized that the Argonons weren’t the only ones to hate and fear others but that the Belosians were in for their fair share as well. I felt the fear slowly beginning to return.

While the brass of the local militia saw Tergis as the enemy, the locals in and around the enclave saw him as an example of diplomacy. We continued our training without much interruption though I was required to attend group lessons with other pupils. It wasn’t bad though my camouflage ability put me at an advantage and was left mostly alone. Tergis would sense often my bouts of sadness and showed me how to be mindful of my thoughts and feelings. Sensing my need to grow, he introduced me to Master Cronus who had been in the enclave longer than most of the Jedi here. Now he was my teacher in techniques with the lightsaber, giving me instruction in the forms for best defense. The credo he lived by was that, “Little can beat big when little is smart. First with the head, then with the heart.” Life began to improve in that the shadows of fear began to go back into their dark recesses. I worked hard every day between my two masters and my friends.

Diego Varen
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Nice. It is nice that there is a first person Story instead of a third person. Slightly confusing and it doesn't seem very Star Wars. Other than the Jedi Tergis Kradus, there doesn't seem like Star Wars. What Planet was JC born on and where does he live. Will JC become a Jedi? I say post more, but make it more like Star Wars should be. I think it is better than The Lost Tales Of Revan.

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Thanks, I'm trying something new, one that I've observed from my favorite movie and book and see if I could give it a slightly future-like, Star Wars like look. I'm trying the view of someone growing up during conflict and in a world filled with hate. The plains are on the planet Mikkado in the Avalonian system. I'm trying to paint a better view of the people in the system. For you I say this: The Avalonian system has five planets, the system being named after the lead planet, Avalon. The other four are Andorra, Mikkado, Sorus and Belos. This was an intro into JC's character and what influences who he is. More will be revealed later as JC grows older, and when I finish the chapter on my computer. Later it will switch entirely to third person. Kind of like a person telling a story. Thanks for the input.

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Chapter 2: Heart of the Guardian
Ten years passed before I knew it. While outside the enclave, everyone was anxious for the end of the war. Inside, everyone was concerned about one thing, the outcome of the Jedi Trials. Under the constant tutelage of Master Cronus, I became one of the best wielders of a lightsaber and a fully-fledged Jedi Knight. Tergis had grown a garden, which grew plentiful with the wild blossoms I continued to bring him while I set up a smuggling system for the oppressed hunter tribes who sought refuge within the town near the enclave. Master Cronus had come from these tribes before he started his training and I felt compelled to help them for in times of war, the lands they tended became destroyed and the wild animals left. They had been kept isolated from the rest of the population but being a Jedi, I was allowed unrestricted visits because I gathered the blossoms for the enclave gardens and handled disputes between the tribes and townspeople. A friend of the Lordos tribe, Zoran, was my interceptor and had taught me the value of life as seen through the tribes.

Since he could communicate clearly, he was given access enter the enclave. It became easier to pass the empty buckets with money or little luxuries but not as foolproof for the militia had become more tightened in their security, making it impossible to leave the vicinity of the port and the town. It wasn’t too bad because while growing up, I learned the language of the tribes and thus became the unofficial leader and interloper on their behalf, mostly at Zoran’s suggestion.

Zoran had come with a load of spring water and was setting it down near where J.C. was settling a misunderstanding between a Sotho tribesman and the militia. He said after the militia man left, “You really have the gift of the languages you know.”

They were interrupted by singing by a group of tribesmen heading towards the dike project. They were singing of the warrior who had the heart of the guardian. Knowing that they sang the song whenever he was around, he asked Zoran, “The song about the Heart of the Guardian, why do they always sing it around me?”

Zoran carefully formed his answer, “All the tribes believe that when there is drought or some disaster, it’s because the people are in conflict. Kirabaros, the heart of the guardian, well, cools things down. He stops the conflict, brings the storm to a breeze; he brings the peace.”

“Okay but what does that have to do with me? I’m just a Jedi.”

“Well my friend, you are like Kirabaros. You bring the peace between the tribes, you settle the conflict. Naturally they think you are the one from the myth. They gave you that name and sing to honor you.”

Suspecting something, J.C. asked, “Did you have anything to do about this?”
His answer was that of a confession as they walked into the enclave. Zoran tried to rectify the situation by saying, “Little one, the myth is as old as the plains, as old as Mikkado. Stronger than love, strong than hate; it gives the people the power do something they wouldn’t do before.”

J.C. was thinking over it and was about to answer when his master Tergis came walking rather fast paced saying, “J.C. good news! The war is almost over. Negotiations were just started today. At last I will be able to return to Coruscant.”

“Go back to Coruscant? If you do that, I won’t be able to see you again. That isn’t wonderful.”

“Be mindful of your thoughts; they betray you. True our time together seemed short but I can say this, you may come. The masters have given their permission if…”

They were interrupted by the commandant of the militia walking towards them waving his hand in greeting, “Master Tergis, just heard the news eh?”
“Yes,” replied Tergis, “we were just discussing it.”

Zoran retreated to tend the flowers in the garden while the commandant was speaking, “Master Jedi there is something I wish to discuss. The negotiations are going to take place here. The favor I want to ask is if you could preside as a moderator, to keep things from getting out of hand?”

“The council has to decide on that Commandant.”

“I know but well if something could show the respective leaders that we could cooperate, I think that might help with things.”

J.C. decided to interject and chose his words carefully, after taking a cue from Zoran, “Well Commandant, a good way to show cooperation would be to have the tribes sing together. It could really promote a sense that we could get along.”

“Ah, Master Tergis you have a good pupil here. That would be a good idea,” and the Commandant walked out.

Zoran had already left and was waiting near the docking bays. Tergis and J.C. joined him to discuss what was going to happen. Tergis spoke first, “Why do want us to organize something for these people?”

“Master, not them, for the tribes,” J.C. spoke before Zoran.

“The tribes don’t talk to each other. To get them to sing together, it is like going against a flood.”
“It will if the little one says so. Remember the myth,” Zoran spoke.

J.C. rolled his eyes a bit and the three of them got together to plan this event.

It was a bold moment in my life when I suggested that the tribesmen should sing. Master Tergis was requested by the council at the enclave to oversee the negotiations though I suspected that the Commandant had a say in it. He spent more of his time preparing for the arrival and I was left alone with the task of gaining the cooperation of all the tribesmen. A few were selected from each tribe and I worked with each to compose their part and they in turn taught the other members of their tribes until everyone knew their part. The one we were wary about was a sergeant that watched what we were doing. I remember his name but refuse to speak of it because of what occurred the night the delegates arrived and got ready for negotiations.

Everyone was there, Master Tergis, Master Cronus and a few members of the council. All were there except Zoran and a dark feeling began to fill the back of my mind. It was rather elusive that I couldn’t identify it. I practiced my calming and stillness exercises, thinking about the council members present. They at first didn’t want to go through with it but I think it was something about my manner when I stated my argument for the plan. They didn’t know that I had seen a Mikkado in which all the tribes and the Argonons and Belosians were living together. I knew that change is slow but I felt so right that the council gave their consent.

Master Tergis began by welcoming the delegates who were doing their best to be polite. Everyone was on tenterhooks until the ice had been broken by an Argonon delegate who asked where the entertainment was. A Belosian seconded and things began to run smoothly. I was relieved when I was asked to come up and ask the tribesmen to stand. I translated the Commandant’s words slightly blurring the truth. I told the tribes that they were welcomed to the singing indaba and that each tribe was to sing their best so as to bring honor to their tribes. I used a dialect that was a general language they could understand. After I finished, they clapped and made ready to sing. I was still worried when I started the music under Master Cronus’ care because Zoran still hadn’t arrived. It didn’t last long as I led the music.

The tribal songs sounded beautiful and harmonious under the night sky as each tribe sang their part proudly. I think just for a moment, everyone felt bonded by the music. The last tribe was the native tribe of the plains, the Lordos, left the night air with the strong warrior notes that spoke of strength and courage. There was silence when they finished and I stepped off the platform and motioned to the people that they had to be seated. I slipped away to look for Zoran outside of the enclave.

I found him before I had even reached the plaza. He had been beaten and I strongly suspected that it was of a truncheon used by the guards given that he was missing several teeth. I knelt beside him and found that he was still alive. I gently turned him onto his side and spoke his name to try to get him to focus onto me. I could sense through the Force that his life was slipping away. I remembered the pain of loss and tried to let go as Zoran spoke his last words, “Remember my friend: pride is keeping your head up when everyone else’s is down and courage is what makes you do it, Heart of the Guardian, Kirabaros,” and he became one with the Force. I sat there with his head in my hands for a long time before I noticed one of his tribe slink away into the shadows; I was there long after negotiations concluded in favor of all the people, trying to hold on.

Zoran’s death was met with sadness but also joy. It was the Lordos tradition to rejoice in the life of their dead. I was there as they sang their songs of praise with some sorrow. Master Tergis and Master Cronus were there as well listening to the songs. It was then that I realized that Zoran had been a free man before he died. When he heard all the tribes singing together, his dream had come true and I found that it had been many people’s dream. I couldn’t say much for the sergeant that killed him.

One could say that justice was served for the morning after Zoran’s death the sergeant that had been watching us was found hanging from one of the jaranda trees with Zoran’s pendant in his hand. I felt no anger, no joy, just sadness that the sergeant had not been given trial. After my treatment from the Judge, I believed that no one deserved death given the magnitude of their crime. If there was one thing I had learned from the war was that a person with no forgiveness in their heart, living was a worse punishment than death. It was a lesson I took to heart and I never forgot it.

Diego Varen
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This is getting somewhere now. However, stories don't really have both first person and third person. Personally I would stick to one, but it's up to you. It's your Fanfic. J.C. is a bit arrogant for a Jedi.

Under the constant tutelage of Master Cronus, I became one of the best wielders of a lightsaber and a fully-fledged Jedi Knight.

What War had been going on? I want to know what War had been going on in Chapter 3? Otherwise I'll be confused. Does J.C. have many Masters. There's so many. It's a good Fanfic. Keep posting.

02-12-2006, 02:40 AM
Well J.C. did have many teachers. All Jedi learn from others even though there is the master/apprentice relationship. The Jedi believe in sharing knowledge though they have to weigh the decision, Is it for the greater good. I had to switch to third person because it felt right. There are some stories that switch from first to third somewhat: Dracula and Frankenstein though I'm not sure they would count because they switch from one person to the other. J.C. is only reflecting what he has heard from others.

To answer your question, the war was the one between his people and the Argonons on the planet Mikkado. The one mentioned in Chapter 1. It was to show that while these people are ambassadors, they are just like the rest of the galaxy, with problems and hatreds. Working on Chapter 3, will post soon.

Diego Varen
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Just one question JediMaster12. What time is this set around? In KOTOR, the Star Wars Saga or other?

02-12-2006, 08:36 PM
This has the makings of a great saga! I can't wait to read more. However, I do have a few suggestions. Keep in mind that I am a teacher, but not an English teacher.

1. I would refrain from bouncing back and forth between 1st and 3rd person arbitrarily. I much prefer the 1st person narrative that you employ for most of the story.

2. Your telling of Zorans demise wasn't very clear. At first, I thought he had merely collapsed. A little more detail would have been in order.

3. Indent or separate your paragraphs by dropping down a line. While you have separated a few sections, much of your story has been hard to read because you haven't given the reader any place to rest the eye.

I believe this is going to be one of the better fics we have here. Keep up the good work!

Diego Varen
02-13-2006, 02:52 AM
If it is not too much trouble MdKnightR, could you check out my Fanfic, Darth Insurgo. See if anything is good about it. See if I need to improve on anything such as more detail, etc.

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Chapter 3: The Past and the Future
The war had ended that night, and two days later, Master Tergis and I left for Coruscant, leaving my memories behind in sadness, trying as Zoran taught me: that even one person could make a difference. I tried to remember his last words to me and live by them because no matter how much I couldn’t believe I couldn’t, my heart would never let me give up.

“Very evocative J.C. I never knew that one could grow up so fast.”

I had been telling my story to a friend I had made on Coruscant, Raynar, one who became a good friend after Master Tergis died. He died three months after we had arrived trying to resolve border issues on Antion, leaving behind a legacy of diplomacy that was to last until a one of the Avalonian people died with it many years later. That’s another story that occurs years later.

Telling this story brought back the memories but I tried not to dwell on them. The dueling chamber was a place to practice and was one of the few places that drove my mind far from my memories. This day, Raynar and I practiced techniques, something that I never failed to do whether solo or with a partner. Lately we had been practicing to move in sync within the Force. It takes much energy and focus to maintain this stance and form. It was this we were practicing with an audience, that we couldn’t see, when I received a summons. This summons to the council brought a lurch that was unpleasantly familiar.

When I arrived at the council chambers, I thought it was for a minor infraction that turned serious. That was a common problem for me when I arrived considering that I had been educated by tribesmen that viewed the galaxy in a manner not consistent with the Jedi teachings and Master Tergis’ methods didn’t exactly conform either. Still I cleared my mind and became mindful of my thoughts when I entered the chambers. Master Kavar was the first to speak, “We have summoned you here for a reason Jacen,” he never called me by my initials like everyone else did.

Master Vash, one whom I respected greatly and had been more understanding to my adjustment, continued, “We have been in session and have decided that there is no one else who knows best.”

“What is it that you wish of me my masters,” I had always been respectful of the masters even when I disagreed with them over certain issues.

Master Vash continued, “As you know with the war with Malak, the situation has not been kind to the Republic. There has been a disturbance beyond the Outer Rim.”

“What do you wish me to do?”

Master Kavar spoke, “You are to go to there for this disturbance could create a second front that could be disastrous. There was a distress from beyond the Outer Rim possibly near your homeworld.”

I tried not to give anything away about my feeling or the unpleasant lurch I had felt when I was summoned. I agreed to leave immediately and went to my ship, The Sunrider, named after Nomi, a Jedi I had read of in the Archives. Before I left, I recalled the vision I had when I was young so long ago when I discovered courage.

The enclave had changed much where I docked my ship. No more were there apprentices and masters wandering through the gardens. Tergis’ garden that he grew had turned into a wild garden within the year after we had left. I left my ship within the enclave and sealed the doors with the codes, thus ensuring that my ship would not be disturbed and headed towards the dorp that Tergis and I had spent the first few months of my training. I found everything as we had left it when the militia told us to move to the enclave.

The first few weeks passed without incident as I attempted to integrate myself back into life on the plains. I made a friend with a rather quick-witted Mikkadoan originally from the capital, Pretora, named Morias. I called him Morrie and he was agreeable to calling me J.C. He showed me the changes around the Howesian port city. I noticed that the government had, if anything, increased the segregation policies on the tribesmen. I noticed the unfairness of the situation by an incident involving a Sotho tribesmen and the militia police now run by the Argonons.

Most of the Belosians where clustered in the few concessions in the port still open to them. Morrie told me that if the Argonons weren’t bound under the system rule of Avalon, that they would have gotten rid of all the utlanders, the foreigners along with the tribesmen. He said that the blery planet went to hell within a year. I sensed that something else was driving the despair of my homeworld. I was to learn later that a darkness was coming that would threaten the Republic and the galaxy along with one that would prove to be a lone warrior fighting that darkness.

It was during my tours of the port city and the others throughout the planet that I saw her. She was tall and graceful with head of dark brown hair and soft brown eyes. She was with some of her friends but I later learned that she had been watching me for a while. I was in a melee duel with an Argonon, one that I was reluctantly volunteered to be in. I had almost had my ear sliced off when I saw her. She was beautiful, the most beautiful I had ever seen.

My senses returned when I heard an all too familiar song. A group of the People had gathered and had begun singing the song of the Heart of the Guardian. I thought that I had escaped that tale spun by Zoran. It was a part of me that I sought to forget because of the painful memory of Zoran’s death that was associated with it. To see it brought alive told me that what Zoran had begun as a bit of false hope had become a legend among the People, for they believed that the one to deliver them from darkness had arrived. The past had been met and now it had become the way into the future.

Diego Varen
02-14-2006, 03:13 PM
It's great to see Master Kavar and Miss Lonna Vash. If there still alive, is this set before the Mandalorian Wars? Anyway, it is good and it seems easier to read. Maybe MdKnightR's advice has helped. Keep posting.

02-14-2006, 03:33 PM
Well I made reference to the War with Malak (Jedi Civil War) so we are now just before Revan disappears into the Unknown Regions where Mikkado and the rest of the Avalonian system is. Yeah I figured that I should at least give paragraph indications and I edited the two previous chapters to give some more info. You may want to check on it and see if it makes a bit more sense.

02-15-2006, 02:22 PM
Chapter 4: The Myth ‘Business’
Hearing the People sing brought back my memories of this place yet I remembered my duty to the council. After the duel I watched the girl leave and I begged Morrie to find out who she was. I thank Grace that I had a levelheaded friend such as Morrie for he reminded me that I was a Jedi but he gave me the information anyway. He told me her name was Michaela Durais and that she lived at her father’s estate in the southern district.

I didn’t get a chance to see her until I after I had begun basic training to keep in physical shape. I had just finished telling Haras Groen that I wasn’t going to fight in a duel with a tribesman because it was not the Jedi way. She had come to give her permission to let me be an acquaintance though her father disapproved of Belosians. I knew that my personal feelings were betraying me but something about her attracted me to her as I listened to her saying that she was giving her own permission to see me.

Outside the training facility, the two tribesmen were waiting to speak to me. The older spoke in his halting Basic, “Master J.C., I did not want to be dishonest about things you have kept private.”

“Tell me about the singing then.”

“In bad times, people do what they know and what they know is the myth of Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian.”

“Honorable warrior Gulas, I’m not that person. This was all made up by a man at the enclave to the south.”

“Yes, honorable Zoran.”

“I know you, yes I remember from the gardens. You must know that this is true. Zoran made this all up he…”

I was interrupted by the younger tribesman, “Yes and that is why you must fight me. I am the warrior Lordes Manda. My people lose everything from this government. They can’t put their hope in stories. Hope doesn’t come from a myth but it comes from within. We make our own hope, our own future. Just because you beat some Argonon boy does not mean you are anything but a boy yourself. I must beat you to teach them that.”

I was desperate to be rid of this legend but I knew enough that some things could not be gotten rid of easily. Myths and legends were hard to dispel from the People. Knowing that I may have no choice, I asked, “What if I defeat you?”

“Then I become number one supporter and use the myth to get everyone moving. I would do anything to help my people use anything, understand?”

At this time we were approached by the police. Knowing that they could get in trouble I made the excuse that they were family servants. I thought they were going to get beaten just for being in this part of the city. As the tribesmen left, I told Lordes to let me know when to collect my gear. To the police, it looked like a simple order but with our eyes, we communicated that we would meet again. Michaela later told me how frightened she was of the tribesmen. I ended up challenging her to come and meet them. I think she felt rather rebellious when she told me that was willing to disobey her father’s orders.

I knew that it was not a good idea to be thinking of her and especially love for it is forbidden. I tended to think that it was a foolish ideal of the code. The reason I thought this was because I remembered something that Tergis had told me that he had heard from an old friend named Jolee Bindo. It was something along the lines that love didn’t lead to the dark side but passion that could lead to rage and fear could be controlled. Also that love itself could save you, not condemn you. I remembered parts of this during my fancy with Michaela.

As much as I disliked fighting not in defense, I had agreed to help the People and I do admit that I wanted to be rid of the myth. The bout was set to take place in the township Lordosania, the one closest to the enclave. We arrived at dusk and hid in the beaten down speeder we had use to get there while the police patrolled the township entrance. It was illegal to be in a township without a permit and could result in an arrest or, if you put up a fight, a beating that usually resulted in death. It was something that made me angry and sad because I felt that I couldn’t change it, at least not at that time.

The ring was set in the middle of the township and it seemed that everyone had crowded in to watch me and Lordes. The referee was one from the port of Koron and was well known for his use of the phrase, “By golly.” As we waited in our respective corners, a medicine woman was in the middle announcing the match and providing the blessing.

The duel itself is simple, much like any duel in the Outer Rim. The difference was that it consisted of three rounds and points were given in form and the most clean hits, here on Mikkado it was preferred with the fist and the foot. You also can’t kill anyone either. My reasons for disapproving of this sport were because that it did nothing but give a few minutes pleasure to those watching. I never had liked to fight, something that I had acquired from my years at the boarding school and orphanage along with my ability to turn off the tap, meaning that I never cried. I understood the basic concept of bringing honor to a warrior amongst the tribes and it was something the Argonons picked up on but I never understood the point. Even the Mandalorian way of the duel ring was something I could not fully understand. I later heard in passing that it was because I couldn’t hate, the proper Argon way of hate.

This hate was the hate that the Argons had for my people and anyone else they claimed inferior to themselves and that fell on the native tribes. Hate, a path to the dark side, is said to lead to suffering and suffering was what I saw on Mikkado. I also learned later that hate is a long-standing ideology that can outlive its own generation.

The bout began and I was immediately stuck by how strong Lordes was. It took every bit of defensive techniques that I had learned to stay out of trouble. This continued until halfway through the first round that he gave me a well placed and a well timed kick to my stomach and sent me crashing to the ground. The referee began to count to ten and I waited until eight to get back to my feet. The bout continued and I forced to spend it on a defensive play till the end of the round. At the end, I went to my corner where Haras and Morrie were waiting.

I vaguely remember being scolded for letting that kick get in and I remember saying that I couldn’t find a weakness. I was told to find one and then Morrie pointed out that he was taking on water. It had been a warm night and we were both soaked in sweat. Haras told me to aim at the stomach to get him to go down. I got up and waited for the bell. Round two was as bad as the first. Lordes was coming hard and fast. He managed to clout me a good one that sent me to the mat. I began to feel afraid again but the reassuring voice of Inkosi Kanji came and I followed to the place of my vision. I saw myself touch the horn and I got up and faced Lordes. I started to remember Master Cronus, “First with the head, then with the heart.”

I placed a few well-placed strikes to the gut of Lordes and I knew that he was beginning to feel the effects after taking on water. With a combination of strikes I got Lordes to fall. I moved away to let the referee commence the count. The People became silent as Lordes was counted out; I had won. It was a rather deathly silence, like the calm before the storm as Lordes slowly got to his feet. I saw Morrie, Michaela and Haras in my corner with a concerned look on their faces. I knew they were wondering if the People were going to get angry and try to kill them. I admit, I was nervous myself but I knew that the tribes didn’t kill without a reason, whether it was a time of war, a time to hunt or an honor killing, something that I couldn’t make a connection with.

I stood there waiting as Lordes got up. He was smiling as he walked over to me. I waited to see what he was going to do. Still smiling he lifted my left arm and shouted for all the People to hear, “The Heart of the Guardian, Kirabaros!”

The People responded, “Kirabaros!”

This continued for a while and was so loud I could barely hear Lordes say, “Now we are in business.”

I replied, “Business? What business?”

“The ‘myth’ business,” and Lordes continued to chant the name of legend. I admit that I felt way over my head and I realized that now I was marked for life in the eyes of the People. Funny how what started as an innocent thing became warped forever into legend and nothing I could do change that. The chanting continued well into the night and rang of hope as I wondered how I was going to be able to say anything about this to the council. I had no idea by this time they had scattered after what happened on the Miraluka world Katarr. For now, I was involved in the ‘myth’ business.

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Chapter 5: ‘What do you believe in? What?’
When I returned Michaela home that night, we were still discussing about what happened in the ring. She then began to tell me of a nanny she had that had lived in Lordosania and by going there, it made her think about what was happening and what could be done to change it. I myself had no idea how I was going to do that as a Jedi but I do remember having eyes only for her. We were distracted when her father’s speeder had returned home and I made a move to leave. She whispered that she looked forward to seeing me again. Smiling, I jumped over the wall of her estate and ran hiding in the shadows. Little did I know that I was being watched by the police who had been asked by her father to investigate me.

I had paid a call on her father to ask permission to see his daughter. Suffice to say it did not go well and that resulted in her going to the training facility. The phrase I remember him attributing to me was that I espoused liberal ideas procured in Belosian private schools, a phrase rather untrue and which I corrected that I procured those ideas from an expert on droid parts. I believe that led him to have me investigated thus setting into motion events that would lead me to confront my past once again.

The next morning I was jogging on the plains, heading towards the Lordosania township. I had agreed to run with Lordes, whom I referred to as Manda. The morning air was fresh and clean as I ran on the entrance road stopping to ask in Lordean where he was. The group of children I had asked pretty much led the way shouting in Lordean and Basic that the Heart of the Guardian was coming. All the way they were shouting this until they showed me Manda’s dorp. He had a big smile on his face as he asked, “How are we doing this morning Kirabaros?”

Being polite as ever, yet rather annoyed at the whole business, I replied, “I’m not really doing comfortable about this.”

“About what? You’ve earned your place among the People. Maybe some of your magic may rub off on me.”

I could see I was going to get nowhere with this yet I was prepared to argue when Miria, the chosen bride of Manda come in with a bunch of children. She was in every sense the traditional tribal bride, very respectful and commenting on my performance the night before, “You fought well last night, inkosi. I see that he got you too. He convinced me to teach the children even though I don’t how to go about it.”

I could see the love in Manda’s eyes when he commented on her natural talents. He was conversing with her in Lordean at to which I took part much to Manda’s surprise. Afterwards we took off jogging into town. I noticed long queues for basic needs and asked Manda who replied that it was regulatory; the government supplied one for every two hundred people. My mind was consumed with these images and I was thinking of these things while Manda was talking to me. I vaguely remembered at that point something Tergis once mentioned when I was little, ‘Because J.C. when it’s a person’s job to punish, it’s all they know how to do.’

The Argonons really were punishing these people by making these regulations. I could understand that they felt displaced because their lands had been taking away and they had been forced into other occupations and then there were the camps that killed their grandfathers and grandmothers. All they really knew was how to punish people. In a way, I was punished for being who I was at the boarding school and orphanage. I was thinking these things as Manda was speaking, “They only allow a few of us to go to school to learn Basic and what we learn is enough to be garbage collectors, street sweepers, or mine slaves. We can’t even read the blery segregation signs. My people grow tired, the tired become angry, and the angry become violent. Then there would be no good tomorrow for anyone on the plains or the planet, Argonon or tribes.”

Catching a breath before speaking and sensing that this was going somewhere I asked, “What are you asking?”

“I want you to start a school to teach my people to others. You taught the tribes to sing by teaching a few.”

“That was different.”

“No it isn’t.”

We had come to a supply depot and stopped for some water. I was trying to make the one reserved for non-tribal people work while Manda was getting some from another tap. I was working up into an argument, “You can’t teach a few people to teach to the many. It’s never been done before.”
“It was said like that in trying to get the tribes to sing together and yet you made it happen. They sang together for the first time ever in tribal history. Besides the People came last because of the myth and they’ll come again because of the myth.”

“A myth that I don’t even believe Manda.”

“What! What about me? I believe in it. I want to believe that it can bring about change. Tell me what do you believe in J.C., tell me. What!” Manda was speaking rather fast and rather loudly.

“Mind your mouth,” came from inside the depot.

Tribesmen were considered beneath the non-tribal peoples like the Belosians and the Argonons. I never understood why they felt that way because the Argonons were once tribal hunters themselves but such is the funny way of people and how flawed ideology can be. Since tribesmen were considered that low, it was considered being insubordinate if they questioned an order or outright protested. The punishment usually came with a beating or they were taken to one of the jails and held and beaten there. I realized that Manda was in danger of being beaten so I looked at him and pleaded with my eyes, not saying anything, asking him to calm down. As an extra measure I raised my hand towards the proprietor of the depot and motioned that I could handle it.

Needless to say, it was partially successful. Manda did calm down but he looked at me rather angry or disappointed that I could not accept that I was the Heart of the Guardian. He walked off leaving my standing there. I just couldn’t accept it because I didn’t believe in legends. I never really did even those that were in the archives; they were just stories for entertainment with lessons of wisdom from the great masters. When I was young and Zoran first called me that, I merely thought it was something that would pass in time like a bad fashion. After the events of the fight, I saw that not even a year away from the planet changed the People’s perception of me. I admit that it was my fault in that I felt compelled to help them to the best of my abilities, at least until I had a grasp of the situation.

The darkness that Master Vash mentioned wasn’t to come for another three years, which I later found out. Instead my duty, in my mind was to stabilize the planetary situation on Mikkado. In a way, I was to be the catalyst to set in motion the workings of cooperation amongst all the tribes on all the planets within the system, though I did not know this at the time.

After Manda left me standing there, I realized that I might have injured his faith in me. To repair, it I decided to travel to the waterfalls and think about the choice that I had ahead. The waterfalls were near the southern border of the plains, a place that Tergis took me when I first began my training as a Jedi. I just needed to stare at the falls and think. The glades were the same as I had seen them eleven years earlier. I stood near the edge of the cliff and watched the falls as I asked to myself over and over again, “What do you believe in? What?”

All of a sudden, I felt a familiar presence almost as if standing next to me. Then I heard a voice, the voice of Tergis, Any question that you must ask, the answer you find in nature and through the Force if you know where to look and how to ask. It was reassuring that my old master was there to guide me in death as he did in life and for the first time in my life, I felt it was clear.

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Chapter 6: ‘Night School’ and Choices
When I returned from my trip to the waterfalls, I contacted Morrie and relayed a plan on a night school. As usual, Morrie gave his reasons for it being a bad idea and that the planet was going into a sarlacc pit, ending with an agreement to and an enthusiastic response to help. We laid over possible locations and the methods of how to convince people to let us use the facilities. The best choices were the posh Belosian and Mikkadoan schools since most of the staffs and especially the heads were inclined to be liberal. I agreed to do the talking.

I had learnt during my research that Master Cronus was still living here at the port town in the merchant district and was head of the posh Belosian private school called Lords of the Realm. I hadn’t seen him in eleven years and I was surprised that he was still alive. When I met up with him for a light luncheon, I learnt that the Jedi left the enclave and went into hiding given the turn of events or they went to help their counterparts in the Republic. Those that went were not heard from again, at least until the threat to the Jedi were revealed at the battle on Onderon and Master Kavar left for Dantooine. Master Vash, I learned much later, that a Sith Lord had killed her on Korriban, a place that I had only heard of in passing. Master Cronus himself hid in the form of a teacher and taught the students that walked through his door about the benefits of inclusion of the tribes in governmental affairs. It was under this guise that I presented the plan.

After we ate, I began to lay out my plan. He listened with his usual quiet manner until I had finished proposing that we could use one of the study rooms since no one was around. He then responded, “This is Argonon law that we live under now young one.”

“Yes master.”

“You are asking me to break that law and possibly jeopardize the survival of the school,” he had a look of concern but I knew that he was also considering the options of this plan I was proposing.

“I know that you teach what you once taught me, that inclusion and not exclusion was the key to survival. How can the tribes be included if they can’t read or write Basic?”

“I quite agree with J.C. but in the end you are talking about only a dozen to be taught. Really, how much difference will that make?”

“The waterfall begins with but a drop of water. Look what comes from that my master.”

“Very clever. I can see that Tergis’ intelligence and diplomatic skill were not lost on you. I’ll give my consent for you to use the study room near the side gate, behind the gardens,” he got up out of his chair and motioned me to follow.

We walked through the school grounds as he showed me the gardens and the gate and the room. At the side gate, he revealed a key that he placed in my hand. I could sense and see that he was worried about what I was going to do so I listened to what he had to say, “I hope your thoughts are clear on this matter. You know that it is the way of the Jedi to aid when we can, provide counsel, but this idea that you want to do could spell trouble. I hope you thought carefully on your choice to help the People. You have a gift, as all life does and it differs with each one.”

“I will be cautious master. I understand.”

“Though I am concerned, I sense that you have a destiny before for you. This choice may be the one that sets you on the path towards that destiny. Now go and be careful.”

I left through the side gate with the key tucked safely into my utility belt. I went to where Manda worked as an assistant driver for the prison work gangs, supervising them in their work. I waited until I could speak unnoticed by the armed guard that watched to make sure that no one thought to run off. I informed him that I had secured a place to have our night school. He couldn’t show his smile but he let his feelings be known by saying in Lordean, “Thank you Kirabaros,” and he began to sing the song about the Heart of the Guardian. The work gang realized what was going on and began to sing the same song. I still couldn’t fully believe in the myth but I let the workers be as I left quietly to go find Michaela for she was going home today from her boarding school.

I was waiting behind the trees when school got out. She was walking with one of her friends when she saw me. She became excited and walked right up to me telling me that she had great news, “J.C. I’ve figured it all out about the dinner. Father won’t have time to say no. He won’t let me miss it and there is no one else. I have a whole speech prepared, do you want to hear it?”

Anxious to get my news out I replied, “You won’t have to. Manda asked to start a school and the head of the Lords of the Realm school gave me permission to use the study room. We are starting tomorrow night, will you join us?”

“Tomorrow night? The dinner is tomorrow night and we’ve already planned for it.”

That was true we had planned to attend together. Being a Jedi first I weighed the importance of both and found that the school was to come first.

I didn’t realize that I would hurt her feelings when I replied, “Michaela, this is important.”

“Well the dinner is important to me.”

I tried to placate her, “I thought you would understand. I have a responsibility to the People.”

She became angry, “All I understand is that I am not attending the most important dinner,” and she flounced off to the speeder taking her home. I tried to explain but she left, rather angry and I watched her leave for her home. It left me feeling confused and hurt. I thought that she would be supportive because of her experience in the township. It was then I remembered that part of love; love causes pain.

In spite of what happened Morrie and I started the school. At exactly 1900 hours he brought Miria and sixteen others who were proficient in Basic. I remember that it was raining and rather cold. It was so dark; I couldn’t see the police watching us. As planned, the study room was empty near the gardens. Everything looked near perfect.

We started with the basics of pronunciation in the vowels and sounds within Basic. Morrie was my point man, meaning that he would point at the letters while the group recited. We were interrupted once, by Michaela who, came in offering her help. She was soaked in her evening gown from the rain but she was a willing helper and never looked better.

It turned out that she ran out on her father before going to the dinner with a childhood friend of hers. She told me that her father was going to accept the premier’s offer and join the cabinet because of some residential plan involving the townships. She had become angry that her parents and their friends were jovial about their bigotry. She had ended up blowing up and declaring that she wouldn’t hate like her father. When she told me this, my heart warmed to her. I told her that a hatred as deep as her father’s takes many generations for it to dissipate and even then it never completely goes away. Hatred was like a vein in its place in the galaxy and the Force, I told her, and that veins, like the roots of trees run deep. We said nothing more about it though I became concerned at what her father might do.

Morrie and I were summoned the next morning to Master Cronus’ office. I felt stirrings deep within me and an old feeling of apprehension was returning as I walked in and stood in front of the head’s desk. Master Cronus introduced the two police, “This is Colonel Stratton of the police and his aid Sgt. Sigun.”

At the mention of his name I turned around and there he was, the Judge. Older and taller, I could see that he had not changed much in appearance. Seeing him brought back the memories of the tortures he and his council tried and did inflict on me. I didn’t have long to look for Master Cronus was telling Morrie and I that they had come with the purpose to close the night school.

Baffled I asked if they could do that.

The colonel was not a completely patient man and said that they did have the authority while being polite as if this were merely a social call. Master
Cronus had no choice but to comply and did so by decreeing, “The night school will be disbanded until further notice.”

“Permanently headmaster.”

“Yes of course permanently,” and Master Cronus watched as they left. Tvark followed behind like a proper officer but there was no mistaking the sneer and the look of hatred that was meant for my eyes alone. He had that look only one other time, the time he sentenced me to death.

After they had left Morrie asked, “Is that really the end of it sir.”

“For the moment I’m afraid that it is.”

I chose the moment to speak, “Master, if we let them get away with it on our own grounds, it will never change.”

“History disputes you J.C.”

“History tends to take too long.”

“Yes I know. It is also never kind to those who try to hurry it.”

Realizing that Master Cronus felt defeated by this I asked if there was anything else. He dismissed us but held me back to tell me that I was welcome to the enclave at the Koron port to be a teacher. It was a small consolation but I felt frustrated but calmed down as Morrie and I walked across the gardens, planning our next course of action. I told Morrie that the sergeant was indeed Tvark and about the look he gave me. During our time together, Morrie and I shared a great many things about each other, telling of life experiences. I had made Tvark sound like a school bully for I had never really become comfortable telling him about my days at the boarding school and orphanage. That day however was different and I filled in the gaps of how Tvark and his council viewed him and I.

We also switched towards planning what to do about the school. Morrie was the one who asked me if the gardens of the enclave were still accessible. He pointed out that the enclave was as good as any place to hold the school. I knew that the bay where I had stored my ship some months before was secured and that the other rooms of the enclave were readily accessible. Morrie and I both agreed that the former gardens would be better due to the space it gave. As we made plans, I was coming to realize that I had crossed a boundary that I could never turn back from. We had chosen to wage war against the system that sought for so long to subjugate the peoples of Mikkado to their will. We were choosing not the path of violence but that of education. I had begun to realize that Master Cronus was telling me that I would have to make choice.

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Chapter 7: Love and War
After the closing of the night school, things began to get worse for those around me because of me. Yet for some reason, the People were willing to side with me for to them, I was the one who could speak the languages of the tribes and could fight the dreaded Argonon. To them, I was Kirabaros; the Heart of the Guardian and that was what had me worried. The first of these incidents was on the day I was training with Manda at Haras’ facility.

Haras was able to get away with the mixing though I could never figure out why. It wasn’t until he explained it to me that I got the general picture though it still confused me. According to the Argonons, outside the duel ring, a tribesman is not an equal but inside he is. The catch was not in public only in private. Generally, the police were willing to turn a blind eye to the mixing because the commander was a dueling man and followed up on the sport. It was one of those things I could not help but raise a brow to. Looking at it, I guess I was rather lucky that Haras was one of those Argonons who didn’t believe in the segregation.

On the day that the police raided the facility, Manda and I were in the ring and I was showing him a complex defensive maneuver that Master Cronus had taught me when I was a boy. The leader of the raid was none other than Tvark Sigun and I could sense that he was out for blood. The only problem for him was to incite an incident for him to get it. He and his men came barging in and he positioned himself in front of the door. He started to speak, almost yelling, “I owe you something you bastard. My father beat me for the shame of being expelled, made to live in the barn. I was not allowed to go back to school, you made my life kak!”

My blood was rising and I tried to be calm. I took no notice of Haras as he motioned to try to keep me from jumping out of the ring, “You can’t be serious. You tried to kill me!”

“I was branded an idiot by everyone that knew of that night.”

“That knew what,” and before I knew it, Manda was climbing out of the ring to walk right up to Tvark. I saw the danger and tried to tell Manda ‘no’ by following and trying to grab him. Haras tried to stop Tvark with reason but was met with a punch in the gut that had him doubled over. I was met with a painfully blow to the stomach by a blaster rifle. I fell to the floor and was given a well-placed kick that had me groaning.

Manda had been grabbed by Tvark and was being hit repeatedly in the left eye with a punch. If allowed to, I think Tvark would have killed him had it not been for a well-reputed duelist who grabbed his wrist and simply said, “No more.”

Tvark was still angry but he stopped and released Manda with a push and gave him a kick in the stomach. He looked at Haras and said, “I’m going to make sure that this race mixing hole of yours is closed down.”

Haras full of pain and fury retorted, “You want to close this place down, go ahead an try. I don’t need animals in here.”

“It’s already full of animals,” Tvark replied with a smirk on his face. He then walked to where I was writhing in pain. Morrie was trying to help me up.

Tvark then said in a rather menacing voice, “I’m not finished with you. Or the Durais girl.”

It was then I saw that he was out for blood and that blood was going to be spilt no matter what anyone did. I was struggling against the pain and my anger when again I heard my master’s voice in my head, There is no emotion, there is peace. The time will come when you have to draw your lightsaber but you must control your thoughts and think. I calmed down but was still hurting from the kick as I watched Tvark and his men leave.

I went that night to Michaela’s school that night to talk to her. I couldn’t find her in her room and I didn’t want to risk being seen by any of the girls so I went to her father’s house using a kataran beast to ride. I’ll admit that I was in over my head about seeing her in these dangerous times for she was an Argonon, born and bred while I was one of the despised Belosians who could speak the taal, their language. That alone put me in a position of limbo, not one or the other. To top it off, I was a Jedi, though I made myself to look like I wasn’t by not carrying my lightsaber or wearing the traditional robes of the Jedi. I knew the danger but my emotions carried me on this, not logic or the tenements of the Jedi Code.

I found her father’s estate easily enough in the dark and waited till I was able to toss pebbles at her window. I was relieved to find her in her room. She opened her window smiling and signaled that I could come up but to be quiet.

Unable to contain myself I grabbed her in a hug while saying, “I couldn’t find you at school, where have you been?”

She replied after giving me a hug, “My father is sending me to live with my aunt in Pretora. He said that if I ever saw you again, he would have you arrested and ruin your life.”

I could see that she was concerned so I replied, “He can’t ruin my life. I’ve been accepted as a teacher at the Koron port school. Come with me.”

She was bewildered and it echoed in her response, “To Belos?”

“Yes. Away from here.”

“I go to Pretora tomorrow first thing.”

“My preparations will be done next month, I’ll come fetch you first thing.”

She grabbed me in a hug, “You promise.”

“I promise.”

I knew I was being foolish and had been trying to let go of my feelings for her. At first when I said my words, I thought I was betraying the People. When Morrie and I moved the school to the enclave, we had nightly lessons without interruptions. I suspected that I was being followed after night school was closed at Lords of the Realm so I took to changing my routines gradually and using my Jedi senses. I was successful for we were not discovered. Master Cronus had begun to attend these lessons and became a well-loved teacher. I knew that if I left, Master Cronus could continue the school without me. He told me after the incident at the training facility that I would be better if I left to avoid anything bad happening to the People. I was concerned with how I was going to present this to them but that melted away for those few moments in Michaela’s room. Love doesn’t lead to the dark side…control your passions, I vaguely heard my master’s thoughts about that lesson he told me long ago.

I took off the draigon pearl bracelet that I had worn since I was eight. I put it around her wrist saying, “It was my mother’s. My father gave it to her when they first fell in love.” Gazing at her eyes I said, “I love you.”

She felt the same way and hugged me long and deep whispering, “I love you too.”

Two mornings later, I was riding a bike to the training facility to see Haras. He was sitting outside his shop painting on the wall next to the door; a tribesman and an Argonon in combat position. I thought it rather bold so I asked, “Tribes and Argonons together. They’re not going to like that.”

“Blast with what they like. I train warriors not blery schuttas. I can’t teach one way and behave another, not any more I can’t.”

“You know the commander of the police is a duel man. He wouldn’t shut your place down; he'd just turn a blind eye.”

“I don’t think so sonny. Not anymore the way this planet is falling apart,” he then glanced at my hands and asked, “Know how to paint?”

“A bit, but not very good.”

Haras handed me a brush and indicated the tribesman I was to paint. Many thoughts were racing through my head as I was painting. I had a feeling that something would come out of this and it wasn’t going to be a pleasant ending. Nothing more was said between us as we painted the wall showing our defiance by allowing tribesmen to train with non-tribesmen.

Later that evening when I went to train, there was a huge crowd outside the facility. I saw Haras being dragged out by Tvark’s men and I went to try and help him. He told me to stay back and continued to struggle against his captors. Tvark was backing out pouring fuel on the floor. It was clear what his intentions were and Haras was not going to stand for it. With a burst of energy, he somehow broke free and punched his captors and then he managed to land a good one on Tvark before he was grabbed and thrown into the prison vehicle.

Tvark then insulted Haras in the taal and fired his blaster in the building to start the fire. Haras was shouting back calling Tvark rubbish and other names. In the flicker of the flames I saw Tvark give me an evil grin. I said nothing but stared in a stony silence but my appearance was that of a calm and experienced master. I had found my shou, my inner flame, something that was only described in legend but claimed by many that it came to those destined for struggle. I knew then that the masters on Coruscant were right in sending me here. They must have sensed a need to grow but more likely to protect one of their Jedi from the threat that came later when another walked on this planet and the others.

The finding of my shou marked the next phase of my life. I didn’t know exactly remembering that always in motion was the future. I did know then that I had to do something. That something was the school Morrie and I were conducting right under the very noses of the government. I was going to fight this war not by force but by resistance.

As usual, Morrie and I welcomed the ‘class’ and ushered them into the enclave. I made sure to lock the main door and thanked everyone for having the courage to come. Master Cronus was there as well and said that he too was glad that they could come. Miria asked, “Michaela, is she coming?”
I replied, “No, her father sent her to Pretora.”

I could tell that Miria was not pleased for she had grown fond of Michaela. I think she also suspected the reason because she knew of Michaela’s lineage. She didn’t say anything as we went over the lesson in the conjugation of verbs. I had Hiros, a rather bright young man and a quick learner, start with the basic words. We were going along well until we heard a knock coming from the side door. Morrie left saying that it was probably an animal. Lo and behold, I got a surprise when he said, “It seems we have a visitor.”

There she was, standing in the side door with a shy smile as she offered a small package of books and pencils. I walked up to her and said, “You’re mad.”
She just draped her cloak over my arm and said knowingly, “There’s work to be done.”

I was pleased but a dark thought crossed my mind. Normally when she would come, it was with me. I never gave her the reason, preferring not to worry her. How could you tell someone that you were trying to avoid detection even though the enclave had been abandoned when the Jedi left? Instead I preferred to have her think that it was because I wished to be in her company. This was true to some extent but I wanted to protect her from her father’s wrath for he was strictly against race mixing and the equality of all the people. I pushed these thoughts aside though I kept them in the back of my mind as we continued the lesson.

Hiros had not gotten more than halfway through the present tense when we heard the unmistakable sound of speeders approaching. Not a word was said as Michaela looked at me with a look of terror. Then there was a crash as the police barraged their way into the enclave. Standing my ground I spoke firmly, “You’re violating the sanctity of the enclave.”

“No you aren’t boy, with your damned mixing ideas. And the enclave has been abandoned so the sanctity doesn’t hold,” the commander spat back.

“I’m Durais’ daughter, leave us alone!” Michaela shouted. I think she hoped to get us off easy or something.

“Sergeant, take the girl.”

The kerfuffle started. Everyone was moving, the tribesmen trying to get out and I was trying to get to Michaela who was demanding to be let go. I was concentrated on getting to her that I didn’t see the officer coming up from behind with his arm raised to strike me with a baton. Michaela managed to grab me but something happened. In all the confusion, I had forgotten about Master Cronus. Before the baton hit Michaela, a blow that would surely have killed her, Cronus stepped in between the both of us and pushed us out of the way taking the full blow on his skull.

The sickening thud of his skull breaking sent a stream of pain through my heart as I felt him become one with the Force. Michaela tried to keep the officers away and ended hitting her head on the wall, knocking her unconscious. My senses were deadened as I stared at the lifeless face of Cronus. At first I felt rage but I became at peace. For the first time, in a long time, he was able to fight to save the ones he loved and for his beloved Mikkado. For the first time he was whole. The war had claimed its first casualty in a struggle that would continue for a further two years.
Love causes pain. How you deal with the bad part of love determines your character.

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A bike? I didn't think they had bikes in Star Wars. This is good as always.

02-18-2006, 08:06 PM
I meant swoop bike style. In the process of the last chapter. Will post as soon as I can.

02-21-2006, 01:21 AM
LAST CHAPTER?!?!? I was hoping for a much more!

02-21-2006, 02:30 AM
I meant the last chapter of the book. This is like a three parter involving Revan's movement in the Unknown Regions after she (I'm assuming it for my fanfic) left Republic space. Don't worry, there's more. No need for a heart attack :D

02-23-2006, 12:58 AM
Chapter 8: Defeat to Victory, to a Good Tomorrow
Time seemed to go by in a blur up until the burial of Master Cronus. He himself was an Argonon so they claimed the right to bury him. I was to later find out that he once was a close friend of Michaela’s father. That information came to me through Morrie who, by Grace and the will of the Force, managed to escape that night alive. He suffered a broken arm but was there with me at the burial. Haras was there as well, how he got out of prison, I had no idea.

The ceremony was rather lavish to honor Cronus’ accomplishments. Many came to witness, Argonons and Belosians, mostly from the school. It was a sharp contrast for the boys from the school were dressed in their uniforms while the Argonons seemed to have worn light tunics. I stood apart but visible to everyone and was sporting a cut over my right eye where I got hit with a good punch from an officer. Morrie didn’t look that much better as he was sporting a black eye and a cut. Behind Haras and us were some of the native Belosians who had known Cronus from his days as a Jedi at the enclave.

Closer to the burial, where the coffin was being lowered, were Michaela and her father. She was all right and didn’t physically show any signs of what happened two nights ago. She glanced at me and smiled a reassuring smile. I believe she could sense that I was hurting but I was not admitting it; I felt numb. Her father was tossing handfuls of dirt into the hole with a shaky hand. When he saw me standing there just watching, he lost his self-control and he grabbed the nearest thing, which happened to be a shovel. He was all set to hit me with it but was held back by friends of his. I vaguely remember Haras putting a restraining hand on my shoulder, which I removed promptly. The two of us stood there, looking at each other.

Then off in the distance, a song was being sung. From the fields near the burial, a ways apart, the People were coming. I saw Manda, his wife Miria, Hiros and those that had come to the school at the enclave. There were others too. I realized that Master Cronus had gone and seen the tribes after I had left and made friendships that he had kept the past year. They had all come to sing and honor him, singing a mourning song that reflected their sorrow. I noticed that it was not just the Lordos tribe, but all the tribes within the township. Each was singing the mourning song of their tribe; all extolling what Master Cronus had did in life. It was neither sad nor joyous, but both of the same.

Michaela’s father was moved by the singing, which saved my head from the shovel. He moved back to his place next to Michaela. Then for the first time since arriving, I moved to get a better view of the group. I realized that they were not just singing for Master Cronus but for me, for my bravery in trying to help the People. Even though he had died, to them it was a victory. For the first time, in a long time, I cried.

After the burial, I went back to the enclave to clean up the mess. Among the garbage, I found Master Cronus’ primer book for beginners. I remembered that he would work with a smaller group on basic reading skills. As I glanced about the gardens, I noticed that some of the wild flowers that I used to bring to Tergis were trampled on. I carefully removed them and buried them in the ground to give life to the rest of the gardens. My heart felt heavy.

Master Cronus’ death shattered me like nothing had before except for when my father died. I was defeated; I no longer had the will to resist. I had to tell Manda that I was leaving for Koron. I rode the same beast that I took to Michaela’s home to the township, feeling like a dead weight. This defeat made my body hurt with sadness and despair, the same that I felt after I buried Manzibique. My shou was wounded and it felt as if I was destined to forever be alone, to lose everything. It was at that moment that I felt my master’s presence when he first tried to make me laugh.

My heart had lightened a bit by the time I arrived in the township. Manda greeted me with the traditional tribal greeting. He looked good considering he lost his eye in that exchange at Haras’ training facility. He was happy to see me and eager to show me a surprise. He led me to the center of the township where ceremonies and announcements took place. I was not in the mood to but I knew well enough of the customs of the Lordos tribe and followed him. I was not prepared for the sight that I saw.

All twenty of the teachers that I had instructed were in front of their own class, some children, others were adults all learning. Manda was particularly proud when he led me to where his wife was teaching the children. She was sitting very properly in her chair while a boy was reading to her. She said to me, “Please. Listen.”

The boy began to read a book of poetry, in particular poetry that spoke of freedom. I was familiar with the book having read it as a boy and I had Master Tergis’ copy at my dorp. To hear the boy read a particularly moving piece, I felt slightly recharged but still willing to go through with my decision.

Unable to hold back my pride I said, “It works. It really works. Well done little one.”

Manda then began to talk really quick, full of zeal, “Now we need to work I Pretora and the Cape. We leave in the morning.”

“Manda I can’t.”

“What’s the matter Kirabaros? Tell me is the work wasted? Did Cronus die for nothing? Tell me,” he said softly for he knew I was still hurt.

I thought about his words and the choices that I had made. I saw in my mind that this was just the beginning. I also thought about Master Cronus, Tergis and Michaela. In my heart, I knew what I must do. I replied, “Alright Manda.”

That evening the tribes were having a dance and music. I was invited to partake which I did joyfully. That evening my heart was feeling lighter. Imagine how it flew when Michaela showed up in the township wearing traveling clothes. She said that she decided to do her part in helping all the people. I think she was hurt to mention it and I suspected that it didn’t go well with her father. Still it was a happy time as we all danced and sang the tribal songs. Many of the young girls were trying to have a turn to dance with me because I was the Heart of the Guardian, as their families told them. I willingly danced with them for it was a happy time.

Our happiness was interrupted when we heard a tribesman shouting, “Police! They coming for you J.C.!”

A general cacophony followed as several speeders drove in, positioning to strike. I had grabbed Michaela’s hand and followed Manda to get out when a speeder stopped us. The commander shouted at us, “Halt! You are under arrest for violating the location regulations act!”

I had my eyes locked on Tvark until everyone started to move and I pushed Michaela towards Miria. I went the other way with Manda. Tvark gave chase through the township. We had rounded a corner and stopped to hide in the shadows. A woman and her child who stood in front of us saved us from being found. I heard the screams of terror and I felt the People’s fear. I didn’t want lives to be lost on my account so I spoke to Manda, “Look I can’t let this happen. It’s me that they want.”

“It’s not about you. Giving them what they want won’t help the struggle or us any,” Manda knew that even if I turned myself in, the police would continue the violence against the People. He then pushed me to go, indicating that he was going to get me out by a side route that was rarely used. We were running when we came face to face with Tvark. Before I knew it, Manda had pushed me aside only to get a blaster to the leg.

I don’t remember much through the entire running, seeing death. I did run by some of the police who had been killed by the People. They were fighting back to keep me from being taken, risking their own lives for me. I felt a sudden sense of pride but it was overshadowed by sadness at what I had started by teaching to the few. Later I found out from Manda that he had been trying to find me before the police after seeing Miria away with the children. Somehow Michaela became separated from Miria and was somewhere alone in the township. I was just about to find out where.

I was hiding between the buildings when I heard dull thuds of someone being slammed into a wall. It was Tvark slamming Gulas into the wall of a hut demanding to know where I was. I was hidden and couldn’t see clearly but I heard a woman’s voice say, “Leave him alone!”

Michaela had found Gulas and what was happening. I sensed that she was more afraid than brave and yet she had a bearing I had never sensed before but recognized well. Tvark was telling her he would do as he pleased and called her a traitor to her people. She attempted to grab his pistol away but was given a smack across the face and she fell. Tvark was saying that he was the law and aimed his pistol at Gulas but never pulled the trigger.

After Michaela had been hit, I moved right behind him and gave him a hard shove, allowing him to release the pistol. I said, “Alright Tvark. You’ve caught me. Call them off take me in!”

“I’ll call them off when I’m finished with him,” and he made a move towards Gulas.

“No,” I said and received a punch on the face that knocked me over.

“You, I’ll take you in when your dead, you lowdown schutta,” and he swung but missed as I ducked and landed a punch to the jaw. He gave me a good punch that made me see stars and he took out his standard issue melee blade and tried to run me through with it. I gave a side step bringing my hand to my belt and withdrew the saber I had not drawn for the past year. The blade still glowed a brilliant bronze and I could feel Master Cronus’ long hours of working me through the forms and saber techniques.

Tvark looked a bit shocked. I think he didn’t know I was a Jedi because I kept it so well hidden from everyone. I know Michaela was shocked. Tvark began to swing his melee. Giving myself to the Force and the dance, I moved countering his strikes. As the blades clashed, there were sparks and smoke from the heat of my blade. At one point, he managed to knock my saber from my hand with a deft twist of his blade but I disarmed him. He gave me a kick and then rammed me into the side of a building. He spat blood in my face saying while I was moaning from pain, “Now you little schutta, let’s duel,” and gave me a head butt that would have broke my nose if I hadn’t moved my head to the side.

I was on the ground being kicked by Tvark as he screamed, “You’ll ruin the planet you bastard. You and the Durais sangtahut. Get up!!”

I got to my feet and began to fight with the head then with the heart. I landed a few punches that knocked Tvark out. I went to where Michaela and Gulas were. She was trying to staunch the bleeding from his head and I was tearing bits of my tunic to use as bandages. She didn’t say anything but I felt the need to ask, “How did you find me?”

“I felt that you would need help,” she replied rather low and continued to help Gulas.

I didn’t see Tvark point the blaster at me; I felt it happen. With a summoning of the Force, my blade flew to my hand and I ignited it. With one hand I pushed Michaela and Gulas down and with the other, I threw the blade till it lodged itself square in Tvark’s chest, killing him. The blade returned to my hand and I shut it off. Manda had seen the entire thing and was looking at me with the same look that he had the night we had dueled. Michaela began to sob because she was scared.

Without a thought, I pulled her to me and began to hug and kiss her. She responded, “You, you saved me. A Jedi.”

“I would die for you,” I said. We just continued to kiss, our love for each other bonding us together that would last all our lives.

The buildings in the township burned and lasted till morning when they were nothing more than smoldering ruins. Manda, Michaela and I hid in the bush and began to make our way towards Pretora. Michaela knew that she could never go back and Manda began to immediately teach her the language of the tribes and we just talked. We waited for the speeders with the police to pass us before getting on the road. The morning sun was just beautiful as it rose, giving strength to life on the plains. It gave a ray of hope as we walked towards our future.

Walking, I remember something Elias once told me, that if I listened I would hear the voices of my life. I listened and heard Tergis talk about justice. I heard Zoran talk about hope. I heard Inkosi Kanji, the old medicine man talk about courage. I heard Master Cronus. These are the voices of my life, the voices of Mikkado. I carry them with me as the three of us set out together to help bring our planet closer to a good tomorrow.

As Book One has ended, the second one will begin. Book Two will begin soon so wait and see, what young J.C was meant to be.

Diego Varen
02-23-2006, 01:24 AM
An excellent final Chapter. It would be nice if the next book was a bit longer. That's what I'm doing with Darth Insurgo.

02-23-2006, 04:02 AM
Just wait and see. :D

02-23-2006, 05:24 PM
A general peace has gripped the heart of the Avalonian system. Mikkado rejoices and sings for a new and good tomorrow.

Three years after the Heart of the Guardian brought equality for his people on Mikkado, a general yet uneasy peace came across the Avalonian system. The segregation policies were being terminated and the old and ancient code of honor was being restored. A time of chivalry now became the unspoken law of the system. The people of the cities never gave it a name but the tribes of Avalon called it ‘Bushida.’ The tribes attributed this new peace to their one friend, the chosen Heart of the Guardian.

This story begins in the fortress of Sigara where two Jedi Knights were trying to negotiate a peace between the kataran herders and the warriors occupying the plains of Cyrus near the southern border of the Takashi Forest.

Chapter 1: Negotiations

“You know I need that land to train my troops. They need to be ready.”

I was listening to the same argument that I had heard many times before from the warlord Sigara and it was always about the same thing, the kataran herders. Three years after starting a literary revolution to free the tribes of Mikkado from their ignorance and the segregation instituted by the Argonons. Apparently, word got around through the same osmosis that seems to affect the tribes when a major event was going to take place and the Lord Governor heard of what was going on and decided to institute reform. It has taken the better part of three years but every step taken was one step closer to equality for all and I had my wife by my side.

After we left Mikkado, Michaela and I got married by a healer of the Zherron tribe, the oldest on the planet Avalon. After the events in the township, I decided to train her as a Jedi. I had no authority from the Jedi Council but I had been out of contact with them for over a year and I had a nagging feeling that something was going to happen. Even after becoming a member of the Zherron tribe, I still felt like a shadow was chasing me, and no matter what I did, it always was two steps behind me.

I pushed this familiar feeling aside as my wife and I were listening to Sigara. Sigara was like a Mandalorian, a warrior, heart and soul. His estate was located on the plains of Cyrus and the nomadic kataran herders used the same lands to feed their herds, particularly the Bedoans. It was a constant struggle just to keep the two from fighting. After he recited his reasons, I said that I wished to listen to the Sheika of the Bedoans, the leader who led the herds on their seasonal migration. Since he was not due to arrive until tomorrow, Sigara gave us quarters for the night.

Sigara probably thought I was stalling for time but as a Jedi, I prefer to listen to all sides and base a decision or propose an agreement on that. Still Sigara was too polite to contradict me and most of the bravest of the warriors were not anxious to get into a saber duel with me; again, the osmosis of my reputation. He gave us a room overlooking the silver river of the Quioquihoni, the river of life. I spent most of the evening staring out the window, thinking of the job I had ahead of again renegotiating between the two groups. Again that feeling I had was also bothering me.

My wife must have noticed it as well for she asked if I was all right. I didn’t answer at first but then I decided to reply, “I’m just tired.”

“I know. You haven’t been sleeping well. Not since the skirmish on Belos,” and she placed her hand on my shoulder.

The skirmish was between the tribes and a warrior group called the Hunras. They would continue to cause trouble for Belos until four millennia later, long after my time. I hadn’t been sleeping well because I began to have dreams; some were nightmares, of the dark shadows in the back of my mind and of a light falling from the sky. Michaela thought it was because of the skirmish that I had those dreams. In part, that was true.

I was thinking of this when I turned around to face her and I gazed into her brown eyes, the eyes that I fell in love with. I smiled at her and said, “Memories cause dreams. I still dream of my childhood. Dreams pass in time.”

She smiled but I could tell she was not convinced. I had a tendency to forget that she knew me better than I thought. She replied, “I’d rather dream of you, of us, together at our home in the Takashi Forest during the time when the Junlaan blossoms fall. It was so beautiful then.”

I held her close in a gentle embrace and laid my head on top of hers. I gazed off, thinking of those times and trying to see still that shadow behind me. After we embraced, we went to bed. I lay awake for a time thinking and remembering of what happened three years ago. Finally I drifted off to sleep, but it was an uneasy sleep.

It was dark and foggy near the Chinooka River near our village. I was walking along the shores, following something. I don’t know what it was, but it was always there in front of me. It led me to a clearing. There I saw a dire wolf, the most majestic and regal of all the animals in the Takashi Forest. I followed his gaze towards the sky. There I saw a light coming across the sky coming to land in the forest.
Then the scene clouded in front of me. I heard screams and I felt pain and it burned through my body. Through the heat, the smoke and the blood, I saw a shadow. It was a tall one but I could not see the face and yet, it’s presence was familiar…

I awoke with a start but I did not disturb my wife for she was sleeping soundly. I lay awake trying to steady my breathing by using a Jedi calming exercise. I was curious about the flying light but I was not anxious to experience the pain again. It disturbed me that this dream was becoming more persistent. It was the shadow two steps behind me. I decided not to wake my wife so I tried to go back to sleep. It was going to be a long night.

The morning was not that much better though I hid it from my wife. After the morning meal, Sigara, Michaela and I walked out to the fields to greet the Sheika. Naomi Basra was the Sheika of the herders and had been since her husband had died in a spat between Sigara and her tribe. That was the main reason we were here. The two groups were at each other’s throats but Naomi was trying to institute peace. Normally she would have remarried but her position as the Sheika was not secure enough for her to do so she was looked at as an oddity but respected as a leader.

She came up wearing the distinguishing garb of her people with her herder’s stick in her right hand. A tent had been set up for negotiations and we all headed there. Michaela decided to wait outside and make sure nothing happened while we were in discussion. Naomi sat in her spot and right away stated that she was tired of the yearly negotiations and that she wanted her people to be left in peace on the ancestral grazing lands that they walked upon. She gave a clearly poetic speech about how they could share the land. Sigara was rather impressed with her speech and listened. I think he too was tired of this.

After listening to both testimonies I asked what they were willing to agree on. Naomi said that they would keep their herds closest to the river as always and stay away. Sigara was quiet before responding as if he were considering the options. I knew he required time to think for he was known as a brilliant tactician but he never made a move without seeing which of the odds best suited him. This was, I think, part of the reason the Cyrus herders and his warriors fought over the plains. I was waiting and I dropped off to recalling the dream that I had the night before.

It felt different. The pain had come back but more intense, like I was being tortured. I was listening to the screams in my mind when Sigara’s voice brought me back to the present, “Sheika Basra, I tire of our conflict and I wish to end this but not by force.”

Still a little out of it, I forced myself to ask, “What do you propose Sigara?”

Naomi was waiting as well. She told me later that she had hoped he would be the first to ask for peace. She wouldn’t tell me why at first but when the Junlaan blossoms came around, they were celebrating a union. Sigara paused a bit before saying, “I planned on moving my troops to a training facility, away from the plains. Since they will be gone, the herders are free to use the land as they please.”

I asked Naomi, “Is this agreeable?”

She nodded and moved towards the flap. Sigara and I stood up and she bowed to us and I bowed to her out of respect for her title. Sigara looked at me and said, “You really are Kirabaros. You bring the peace,” and he chuckled as he left.

I stood there not knowing what to say. I thought that I could leave the name Kirabaros behind. It was that osmosis effect again at work. I didn’t know this but many of the people in the Avalonian system knew the myth of Kirabaros. I thought back to when it all started with Zoran so long ago when he first explained the myth to me at the enclave. I chuckled as I left the tent. Much to my surprise, Naomi was waiting for me and asked to speak with me. I agreed to walk by the river and allowed her to lead the way.

As we were walking she spoke, “You are troubled, J.C. You mask it well but when Sigara was thinking, it dropped. Something you see perhaps, a dream?”

I stopped and looked at her with a look and I asked her, “How do you know this?”

“The twelve shinbones of the great white kataran say it is so. You are the one. You brought the peace between us.”

“Naomi, it was you both who brought it. I have no magic like they say.”

“You have more power in your presence than you think. Strength of the People in your veins,” and she left to return to the herds.

I was surprised that she was abrupt in her ending. It left me wondering about what she knew. I didn’t say any of it to Michaela as we rode back to our home in the Takashi Forest. We just enjoyed each other’s presence as we went home. Sigara had watched me leave so I didn’t hear what he said but found out much later. He whispered, “You are chosen. I hope you have the strength to sense what is to come to us.” How he knew that, I had no idea and to this day I still haven’t been able to fathom it. It was later all explained to me, but that was years later, four thousand to be exact.

Diego Varen
02-24-2006, 01:15 AM
An excellent first Chapter. Even better than the Heart Of The Guardian. J.C. reminds me of Anakin, when he has nightmares.

02-24-2006, 01:54 PM
The whole point and we'll see what happens eh? Still writing when I get a chance. I'm working on a sort of back story called the Blood King but it is set years later. Four thousand to be exact, well about. I have to see where I want to take it.

03-02-2006, 04:42 PM
Chapter 2: The Great Feast
Our welcome home was as if we had been gone for years instead of three days. The Zherron tribe, believed that if they welcomed everyone equally then that equality would come back as a blessing tenfold. I guess it worked because the tribes were semi-united and everyone was to be treated equally. Of course they attributed it to me though I’ve tried the better part of the last year to convince them that everyone contributed to the uneasy changes in our system. There were still some difficulties because, as I had learned on Mikkado, that change takes a long time, especially age-old hatreds. Still, our arrival home was met with joy.

The children swamped both Michaela and I and began to gibber in Zherroan questions about the plains and what the katarans looked like. Michaela smiled and responded in Avalonian that she would tell everyone what happened if they would calm down and follow her to our hut. That was the cue that she had a treat for them and they followed her willingly, leaving me to unpack the draigons that we rode. Everyone was waiting quietly as the chieftain approached and gave me the traditional and formal greeting of welcome.

“The gods grace a safe return for you Jacen.”

“The gods grace a welcoming home my lord Trystan.”

“It is good that you have returned. It has brought much joy to the village. See all the smiling faces. How goes our neighbors?”

“The plains will be shared equally again. The Cyrus will come during the season of the rains and honor our tribe for aid in peace.”

“Tonight, we shall feast in your honor; for the preservation of our longstanding friendship,” the chief then led the chant that brought me back memories of that night in Mikkado. He announced to the people, “The Heart of the Guardian, the Sanga, Kirabaros!”

The people responded by crying out, “Kirabaros!”

This was repeated three times and the people dispersed quickly to prepare for the feast. Trystan noticed my feelings of discomfort and asked me to follow him. We walked through the enclave and he stated, “I know you are not comfortable with the myth of Kirabaros. You must understand that the People have seen and heard of what you have done for our brethren on Mikkado. But I sense that something else troubles you.”

I was slightly annoyed with myself for allowing myself to be transparent to anyone and I nodded and said, “The dreamtime has invaded my night thoughts. They are disturbing yet uncertain.”

“Perhaps you should seek out the lore master and medicine man.”

“It is probably a vision from the Force.”

“I don’t understand fully what you call the Force but the dreamtime you have must have answers that must be sought. Seek him out when the dreamtime invades your night thoughts again.”

“I will honorable chieftain,” and he smiled at my response and left. I went to my hut to think about seeing Petronius, the lore master and medicine man.

The feast that night was grand. To be honest I didn’t give much thought to the food placed before me as I sat and watched the dancers in my assigned place next to the chieftain. Michaela sat with the chieftain’s head wife at her place some ways away. It was another one of those customs that I didn’t fully understand; the separation based on gender. The dancers told of my negotiations with Sigara and Naomi and how the plains had become free from the decade-long feud between the herders and the warlords. It ended with how Kirabaros, me, negotiated peaceful terms and had surely brought blessings upon our village.

I was impressed at the embellishment of the details but slightly annoyed. I wasn’t one who liked to have the limelight. I didn’t like drawing attention to myself and tried not to as a Jedi should but everywhere I went, it seemed as if the people had heard of the Heart of the Guardian. Michaela knew I didn’t enjoy it and tried to stress it at least to the women that I preferred to be called by the name my mother gave me. I wasn’t angry, I just couldn’t accept the simple explanation the People gave me yet time seemed to have mellowed out my thoughts for I wasn’t thinking of the dancers and everything else but what Naomi told me and the dream that I had.

I didn’t even notice the speech that the chieftain was making regarding Michaela’s contribution and mine to the tribe and about the honor we had brought because we preferred negotiation rather than conflict. He went on how this last mission of diplomacy was a sure sign from the gods that I was indeed the legendary Kirabaros. That sort of snapped me out of my reverie, as the chanting of the People grew louder. I then realized that there was no way for me to avoid what had started in the enclave on Mikkado. The Heart of the Guardian had become a legend.

I think my wife noticed my reaction and asked about what the chieftain meant later in the privacy of our home. I explained that the story of Kirabaros had been epitomized, that it had reached a point where it was no longer a myth but reality. I knew she had a hard time understanding what I meant because she had not been raised amongst tribal people but as a purebred Argonon. She knew very little of the role that myth played into everyday life and how it influenced the combat styles of the warriors and of how all were connected. She understood that through the Force all life was connected and she used that to try to understand.

The feast carried on into the night. There were dancers, acrobats and even the children insisted on performing. The warriors gave to the tales of the great hunts and battles that they had participated in or those of long ago. It was peaceful in the way one feels when they are at home. I saw that being called Kirabaros wouldn’t be a bad thing but that as long as I remained true to my heart and what I believed in, I would be just J.C. I would be me. Being there with the People brought out a feeling that I hadn’t felt since Master Tergis first found me as a boy. I opened myself to the Force and I could hear him speak to me as if he were still alive, Death is a natural part of life. When one dies, it is best to celebrate what they did in life and what made it worth living. I remembered that he told me that when he first planted the wildflower garden at the enclave and I thought of it because he was there in my heart. I felt at peace when the feast continued as Michaela and I left for home.

((Sorry for the long wait. I had a brainstrom for another story))

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Another great Chapter on the feast. It was worth the wait.

Don't worry I get brainstorms for other stories all the time. I've got four unfinished stories to sort out.

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Thanks for the compliment Pottsie. As always, you are a worthy critic. :D

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Thanks for the compliment Pottsie. As always, you are a worthy critic. :D

Now that's a new one. Thanks for the comment.

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Chapter 3: A Strange Dream
The feast was still going on when Michaela and I went home. I knew that the chieftain wouldn’t mind because he had already said his piece about the events that had occurred. At our home, Michaela had changed into what she was going to sleep in and had gone to look at the moon. I joined her and we looked at it together. I once made the comment that the moon was more beautiful than the sun in that it allowed all the beautiful things to occur under her gaze. She seemed to like that and from then on, we always watched the moon and listened to the birds singing.

That night was different and I could feel it. Even though I felt at peace, there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. I tried to push it out as we went to bed. Our pet draigon, a smaller version of the one we ride, curled up at our feet and drifted off to sleep. During that sleep, it came.

Blood, fire, smoke and bodies were all on the ground. The screams were many and loud, intense. The dead, the wounded, the dying were everywhere. The star from the sky came down and sent a bright light to reveal a shadow. Tall, imposing and covered with the blood of all that he slaughtered. He laughed as he rammed his blade through what appeared to be the tribesmen. I turned and saw Naomi and others that I knew from the Zherron tribe dead or crying out for help. I couldn’t see Michaela but I sensed she was there somewhere. I reached out to try and help but it was too late, too late…

I woke up with a start. I was disturbed by what I saw and would have jumped right out of bed if I hadn’t been aware of Michaela sleeping soundly. The images of death and dying filled me with the familiar sorrow I had felt when I was a boy and my father died and my pet draigon, killed by Tvark. As I remembered Tvark, I felt an immense shadow come across my back and it sent a chill down my spine.

With as much care as I could muster, I got out of bed and left Michaela to sleep while I thought about Tvark and that chill I felt. I sat on the rail of the veranda and gazed at the Chinooka run its silver course. I had a distinct feeling that the dream and Tvark were somehow connected to the falling star from the sky. Looking at the river, I saw a dire wolf gaze at me with its inquisitive golden eyes and then walk away, probably to hunt. I wondered what Tvark could possibly have to do with my dream seeing that I killed him to save my wife that night in the township on Mikkado. My thoughts were blending together and filling my mind with numerous possibilities that I didn’t notice Michaela until she placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.

Apparently I had awakened her, or she told me that she felt something was wrong. My first thoughts were that she was beautiful standing in the moonlight in her night shift with her long brown hair trailing down her back. She asked me, “What is it?”

Not ready and not willing to answer, I turned my gaze to her wrist. I recognized the draigon pearl bracelet and fingered it rather lovingly. I replied, “I remember when I first gave this to you.”

She was clearly annoyed and her voice gave it away when she responded, “How long is it going to take for you to be honest with me?”

“It’s nothing, just a dream,” I replied.

“You’ve had dreams before. Don’t shut me out. Please tell me.”

I could see that she was concerned for me. She didn’t have to remind me that she knew that I had not been sleeping well ever since that siege business and that my dreams were not just dreams. She knew better than to push me so she waited silently but her presence was filled with concern. I had stood up and walked towards the opposite rail looking at the village. I knew that I was doing her no justice by not telling her so I decided to swallow my need to protect her and flat out say what was bothering me, “I had a dream. Like the ones I used to have before the sieges, before the slaughter.”

“Is it bad?”

“I think something terrible is going to happen. I saw many of our friends dying or dead and a great evil was delighting in their suffering and a falling star shined its light upon him, almost as if revealing itself.”

“Do you recognize the evil being?”

“I don’t know but I think it has something to do with Tvark. The dream brought the sorrow I had felt when he killed Manzibique.”

She couldn’t really find anything to say. It wouldn’t make any sense because I had never told her about Manzibique or my time at the boarding school and orphanage. Instead she came close and placed her arm through the crook of mine and leaned close. She stood there with me and said, “No matter what happens, we will face it together.”

I wasn’t so sure about it. I knew that she didn’t forget Tvark because she saw that as the bad side of her people when they allowed their hatred to dictate their actions. I didn’t tell her that I didn’t see her in my dream but I felt her there. I thought that it meant that her fate was uncertain. I did know this; I needed to pay a visit to Petronius, the lore master and medicine man. He seemed to have an understanding of life that transcended the vision of the Jedi. I said no more as Michaela and I went back to sleep with her head on my shoulder.

No more dreams came the rest of the night and in the morning, and my tiredness was showing. Michaela didn’t make any reference to what had happened that night, knowing that I was uncomfortable that I had put her into a position of worrying. What was worse was that I was worried about what the dream meant. Funny, I kept others from worrying most of my adult life that when I had a chance to worry, I felt like I swallowed a blaster bolt, like bantha poodoo.

We didn’t discuss anything about the dream but rather laid down what was going to happen for today. Michaela would go to the chieftain’s wife for she had been invited to learn more on how to be a proper wife. I on the other would go to the indaba and discuss options with Trystan, the chief. I didn’t tell her that I would see old Petronius before that. I didn’t have to for she knew that I went to Petronius for anything that involved visions. I finished my meal and gave a kiss on Michaela’s cheek and bade her a good day.

Petronius was waiting for me at the entrance to his hut. He always seemed to know when I was troubled, which was lately. I enjoyed going to visit him for his hut was on the Chinooka River a comfortable distance from the rest of the village. You could say that he was somewhat of a hermit. He welcomed me into his hut and I was immediately welcomed with a strong scent of Judan blossoms and herbs. It was a smell that I remembered well from my days of being an orphan at the boarding school. The only difference was that I felt accepted her whereas there I was treated and disregarded as a bothersome fly.

I made my way to my familiar pallet seat, the place where visitors sat. Petronius stoked his fire in the center of the room and handed me a cup of Chinooka bark tea. It was a rather soothing brew that could put even the most reluctant into a talkable mood. As protocol dictated, I inquired about his health and his family. His daughter I helped from a rather unscrupulous warrior who thought he deserved everything he saw. Needless to say she married well and had two children. Petronius on his end questioned me about my family and why there were no children to bring on the next generation of warriors to defend the family honor. I knew he would ask this and I replied the same way every time, “When work is finished.”

It was really a cover because children were something Michaela and I never discussed being that we had our duties and I think we just wanted to be with each other. After our initial conversation, it was my cue to bring up what had been bothering me, “The dreamtime has been invading my night thoughts.”

“Yes your face shows it.”

“I think that they are visions of what is to come.”

“How certain are you?” Petronius asked.

I went into a very descriptive narrative of my dreams. Petronius didn’t say anything through out my narrative but listened deeply. When I had finished, he kept in thought, deep thought and I knew that this too disturbed him. I think he was trying to find the best way to speak his mind without having me get worked into frenzy. He replied, “Premonitions of death and war you see. Hmm…disturbing and yet hope fall from the sky.”

“What could that mean? There hasn’t been a full scale war since the Rashikians shed blood on Belos.”

“Careful you must be when sensing the future. What Grace has gifted you could mean two things instead of one.”

I knew full well that meaning. Master Tergis had told me once that the future was and is always in motion. Sometimes what we see means one thing but it really means another. He was telling me that war will come but as to whom it could be the Rashikians or it could be another. The falling star was hope though I was uncertain to what that meant. I was thinking about what he said when he spoke again, “War will come, yes, but as to who will lead it, that remains uncertain. Death will come. It is a natural part of life.”

I thought about telling him the feeling I had about Tvark and Manzibique and at first decided to not to but realized that I would be doing a greater disservice by not telling. Petronius listened to what I felt when I had my dream the night before but right away he spoke up instead of waiting, “The future meets the past. It is the only way one must grow.”

He was trying to tell me that I had to face what I had left behind on Mikkado. I thought at first he was trying to tell me that I had to have the vision quest or something. I thought in the beginning they were connected. Later when it did happen that I met what would have been the end of me and the people that I loved.

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Again a bit like AOTC. But I can talk. I've done enough copying for now. Keep posting.

PS. Have you forgot about me and my new Fanfic?

03-14-2006, 03:20 AM
No. Just going on and off. Finals ya know but I'll try to get to it.
On my story, It was my intention for it to be that way. This kind of thing leads to the lore that is being fed peacemeal in the RPs that I have a part in.

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Here is the next chapter after two weeks. It is a bit short than my usual length but any more would not have fit with the chapter title. Enjoy:

Chapter 4: The Sitting Room
While I was with Petronius, Michaela had an interesting conversation with the head wife of Lord Trystan. She later told me the details as to what had happened. It started out pleasant enough for they were working on new dance shawls for the up coming feast and dance to welcome the new year in. Michaela had been given the place of honor beside Nayana, the chieftain’s head wife, the place where one could be scrutinized and also be revered.

The conversation started out pleasant enough with the discussion on the weather and if the seasonal deer would pass through. It was a conversation where one could participate at will or be absorbed and ignore things not concerning them. Michaela was working on the fringe of hers and had been conversing with Rajia, the elderly wife of Petronius and advisor to Nayana, about the blooming of the Judan tree near our hut. When Michaela told me this later, she admitted that she was in a state that she was not there at all. I ended up stating that they had a way of putting one’s mind in that state. I was and still am ignorant of the ways of the women’s circle and why they are honored the way they are.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Nayana asked Michaela if I had any other bad dreams concerning the falling star. Michaela was rather taken aback for she never mentioned anything about my dreams. When she gazed at Nayana’s face, it was one of gentle seriousness that permeated her soft gray eyes. Nayana explained, “It is alright. It has been seen that Kirabaros will see the falling star. No one has told us.”

That was when Nayana told Michaela of the most ancient orders that were said to be as old as the Jedi itself, the Bushida Handmaidens. Most of what Michaela told me was just the accepted version that the citizenry knew. I never knew the full extent as to who they were. It was considered one of those things forbidden to the knowledge of men and one of those things that no one spoke of. It must have been considered a great risk to allow her to tell me everything but little did I know that once again my actions and fate would be bound to the fate of this ancient order.

“The Bushida Handmaidens,” Nayana explained, “are among the most revered and honored warriors and have existed since the early years before the Republic. Their primary duty is to watch and guard those that utilize the Force. Overall, servitude is to the will of the Force. The male counterparts perform the same duty. What separates us from the males is our ability to ‘see’ and discern the will of the Force and our connection to it.

“There are many groups within the order and are named as such to distinguish rank and specialty. The most powerful in terms of combat are the sisters from Belos who in turn are grouped according to skill. It is the way of things.”

“Why is it that you speak of this to me,” Michaela asked.

“We say this because we have seen what your husband as seen and we realize that it may mean that we are called to our duty once again. We speak of this for we feel that the wife of the one who unites us should know and we agree that a place should be made for her with us,” Rajia answered.

I think Michaela was in shock when she found out. For three years she had socialized with these very women who were forced to hide who they were whenever they sat together at the same indaba. Michaela told me that she was in state of shock when she learnt of it but she never said that she agreed or not. There are some things one just does not speak of. The rest I can only speculate but some how there was a connection between those women and my wife and it was a bridge I was not allowed to cross. I did learn that after that conversation they went back to speaking of what they were talking about before the revelation.

After I met with Petronius and had left for the day, I took a walk through the enclave. It always seemed to please me and lift my spirits to see the people going about their work, especially the children. I went to the fields for it was my turn to watch the herds and tend the garden. Mostly I was practicing saber techniques with the grass rake. That day it seemed that all the children came wanting to learn to be tough like me. Chuckling I went through the motions of the first and most important lesson: being gentle but at the same time, being tough. It was pleasant and would have continued if the sun stayed up but when the sun went down, it was time to head home. Michaela would be home making supper and I was expected.

Walking along the river was tranquil and I felt at peace. Nayana broke my reverie with her smooth and rich voice, “The river absorbs one’s thoughts and shows them to the seeker.”

I was surprised to see her out and speaking to me. It was worth it to listen so I remained respectfully silent and allowed her to continue, “You seek something that you thought buried and yet when you look it is still buried. What is on the surface is nothing but the spawning of the seed buried,” and she walked away. It was one of those moments where I was rather slightly annoyed at the prophetic tones of Avalonian but grateful in that they always seem to come when one needed it the most.

I thought of what she said as I walked along the river. I thought that the seed that was buried may have been that of Tvark, but the spawning was something new. It was something that would consume my mind until it was revealed to me. I did not notice the wolf that had been watching me with its amber eyes but I did hear my master’s voice in my thoughts, Through the Force, one can see the future, the past, old friends long gone. I made it home and over supper, Michaela told me what she learned of at Nayana’s indaba.

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Another good Chapter. One question. Why did you do Part 2 of Heart Of The Guardian as a Fanfic and a RP?

Jae Onasi
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I finally got enough time to sit down and read the entire fic at one time. I like your ability to create an entire culture, with its songs and traditions and such. I had a bit of trouble following it in the first couple chapters, but each chapter has been a little more descriptive so I've been able to experience the positives and problems of the culture more fully. I've enjoyed this much.

04-03-2006, 04:05 PM
@ Jae: I have been thinking about rewriting the first half to include more detail. I was trying to get from the view of a child growing into an adult. About the culture, mostly the idea came to me when I was reading up on the samurai but I thought, 'Why not have the female as the revered warrior.' Some things came from other cultures but for the most part Chinese and Japanese philosophy are the dictates

@Pottsie: I had book two mae into an RP because for one, I was curious as to how other would view the main baddie and two because it gave more room to play with in terms of travel, involving Revan, etc. Also because I needed some ideas to work with. It does me no good to have a character and not have a clue as to his introduction.

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This is a great story so far Jedimaster12 :) Just as Jae said, you are very talented at creating a whole other world. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see more.

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Chapter 5: The Falling Star
After Michaela told me of her day and her concerns about me. It was my guess that she was upset that the whole village seemed to know me better than her. Little did I know was that she was doing her duty as a new sister of the Handmaidens. I didn’t find out this until much later and of other secrets she kept from me. We went to bed early but sleep would not come to me. For some reason, I felt compelled to stay awake.

Not bearing it any longer, I got out of bed, taking care not to disturb Michaela. I walked out to the verandah to watch the sky as I normally did when I had trouble sleeping. For some reason, I felt compelled to go to the end facing the river. I spent a few minutes watching the Chinook and thinking about what Nayana said to me and also what Michaela spoke of to me about the women of the order. Mainly, I thought about Tvark, my tormentor when I was seven and about the intense hatred I could feel at that age. What I had noticed here was that cruelties were never spoken of or shown to children until the elders and their parents thought them old enough to understand. I was wondering about this when my dream became reality.

For a moment, my gaze left the river to look at the forest where I noticed an amber light, a pair of them. I thought they were the light bugs that sometimes hung around the river. When the lights blinked, I realized that it was an actual creature. It turned out to be a wolf, the same one that had been watching me earlier though I did not notice it. It would hold its gaze with me then move along the shore. It was almost as if it were beckoning me. When I failed to move, it came closer. It was strange because it was not acting as I have seen the other wolves do and I was not sure if I was to see it as a threat or not.

The wolf came across the river and right up to the verandah, its gaze never faltering. I felt drawn to it. I walked to the stoep and sat on the steps. The wolf slowly came up to me until it was close enough for me to pet him. It was a stupid thing to do but I held out my hand palm down for him to sniff. I had heard stories from the city dwellers that the wolves were vicious animals and that they ate people. The tribesmen said that it was nonsense for the wolves were our brothers and they should be respected as such by offering a scrap of meat if you had one on hand. I had none and yet here I was holding my hand out to a wolf. I was caught somewhere between insanity and reason.

The wolf, however, did not attack or even seem offended. It sniffed my hand with its nose, gently touching the tip of his nose to my hand. I must have been holding my breath for I do not recall ever breathing during those minutes that the wolf was examining my hand. I relaxed when the wolf stuck out his tongue and began to lick my hand with the same tenderness it would have done to its pups. It then came closer and allowed me to pet him. I began to stroke him and I smiled. I had never heard of anyone, tribesman or city dweller, ever touching a wolf in the manner I was. Wolves were considered noble and nurturing and it was one of the reasons the women of some of the tribes were associated with the wolf. This one seemed to know that he was to befriend me and I to him for he was not aggressive at all but like that of the wolves I had seen from afar.

He was a gentle wolf, the blackest I had ever seen and had eyes that were like amber. If my wife had seen him, she would have said that he was a handsome fellow. As I sat there petting him, I did not notice that Nayana had been watching with none other than Naomi. Later I would learn that they had been watching out for me and that they were the ones who deepened the legend of the Heart of the Guardian.

I was petting this wolf when a light caught my eye. The wolf looked up and I followed his gaze to see a red streak falling from the sky. I had never seen anything like it before. Shooting stars were rare and often seen as a sign by the lore masters and medicine men and the oldest of the women. The wolf moved to the river’s edge and stared at it. I followed him while watching the red light streak across the sky. I could see that it was going to come down nearby and I wanted to see it. Following its path I took off into the Takeshi forest. I do not remember how I managed not to come across the wild beasts but I just kept following it. I came to a clearing near the Quioquihoni and I lost sight of the red light. The wolf had kept up and stood next to me keeping a sharp eye.

Seeing that I could not locate the light again, I decided to turn back and what for morning. I went back to my home occasionally looking behind me to see if the light would show itself again. Once on the stoep of my home, I gave one last glance at the sky. Seeing nothing I turned to go in. Behind me, I heard a little moan. Turning around, the wolf was looking at me with his amber eyes and he whined again as if begging me not to leave him alone. Smiling I gave a click in the back of my throat and nodded for the wolf to follow. It must have been waiting for that or something because he bounded up the steps and into the house. I chuckled softly and followed him in. Master Tergis always said that I had a way with animals.

Michaela had not stirred from her sleep. I had no desire to wake her so I got into bed a quietly as I had left it. The wolf had followed me into my room and laid right down on my side of the bed on the floor. Smiling, I sighed and closed my eyes and went to sleep. That romp brought about the need to sleep that I had not felt earlier.

Before the sun rose above the hills, I woke up and made ready to pick up where I had left off the night before. The wolf was ready to go and was by my side. Our pet draigon stayed with Michaela along with a note I had penned to her. I jogged back to the clearing where I had last seen the red light and reached it just as the sun struck the river. I looked around and realized that I had reached the sacred clearing where the medicine men came to meditate. Young warrior came here as well to find their spirit helpers.

Sitting down in the center, I decided to try something. I sat in a cross-legged position and closed my eyes. Stilling my breathing I began to center myself and let the Force flow through me. I was trying to pick up the trail through the Force, as it was strong in this place. I concentrated so hard; I actually saw the light hit the earth. Then I saw an image in a tree. I recognized it as marker of the Grenda clan. I opened my eyes and saw the wolf looking off in a direction. Getting up, I decided to follow him for something told me that this wolf was different from the others.

We had been traveling for a while and I decided to take a break. I sat down and opened a pack that I had packed this morning. I took out a small loaf of fry bread, the warrior’s sustenance when on the move. The wolf sat with his back to me but looking as if keeping watch. Disliking the quiet I decided to talk to him, mostly to myself, “I don’t why I am even doing this but the Force works as it will.”

The wolf just listened. I went on, “Well I guess I’m going to have to call you by something. It would sound silly if I just called you ‘wolf’ if anyone saw us. How about Aapa?”

The wolf cocked his ear and turned away. I made a slight face, “Ok that’s a no. How about this: Kapu.”

The wolf moved closer and licked my hand. Pleased I gave him some fry bread, which he ate promptly. I spoke, “You like that? Ok then Kapu it is.”

Getting up I dusted the crumbs off and made ready to leave. Kapu headed off, pointing me in the right direction. We continued on until we got to the thickest parts of the forest. I figured we had gone pretty far judging from the brush. Old Petronius’ lessons had not been lost on me. Kapu’s ears suddenly pricked up and he began to growl. I could sense something was not right either and I took my lightsaber off my belt and held it ready. I inched my way forward and pushed aside some brush.

In another clearing was a woman not of this world wielding a lightsaber and facing her, were three of the largest kirath hounds I had ever seen. If they bit you, you needed a med kit fast because they had a poison in their teeth that could kill you or make you very sick. I thought she was brave for taking them on but she was a Jedi. I decided to help and began to climb the trees and race along them. The strange woman received a bite on her arm but she shook off the hound with the Force. From where I was, I could sense how powerful she was.

With a whistle I jumped out of the trees just as she tripped over a stone. I ignited my saber and waved in a way one would wave fire at a wolf. The kirath hounds growled menacingly when Kapu jumped out with his teeth bared. Kapu took on one and I took on two and thus was a dance that made those hounds angry. After a few times of being thrown by the Force, they had enough and turned to run back into the forest with their stubby tails clamped down tight to their rumps. Kapu was panting but in fun and he snorted at them. I sheathed my lightsaber and turned to the woman who was struggling to get to her feet.

She was stunningly beautiful with dark hair and brown eyes. She was wearing the robes of a Jedi and looked weary as if she had been traveling a long way. I held my hand to offer assistance, which she took gratefully. Standing up I could see that she was strong in stature and in spirit and I could sense that she had a heavy heart as if she left someone behind, someone that was important to her. I noticed her arm was bleeding slightly and I said, “Let me take a look at that.”

Without waiting for her to respond, I took her arm and looked at it. Opening my pack I applied the herbs that Petronius instructed would be helpful. She did not once flinch as I dressed her arm. When I was done she spoke softly, “Thank you.”

“A Jedi always helps another,” I replied.

She looked at Kapu, who was looking at us and the surroundings, and said, “You have the gift with animals. He trusts you.”

“Yeah, and I just met him last night,” and I smiled and packed my bag. Looking at her I asked, “Who are you?”

She must have been frightening slightly and I sensed that she had some rather unpleasant experiences. Still she spoke strongly, “I am Revan. I came her on a ship that is now a scrap heap.”

I nodded and said, “I saw your ship last night. We will talk about that later. Come let us go to my house.”

With a shriller whistle I gave, two draigons appeared. I helped Revan onto one and I climbed on the other. Kapu followed us or ran in front of us as we made our way back to my house. Along the way, I thought about the falling star and my dream and wondered if this person was a connection to the dark shadow.

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Now I see that the RP HOTG and Fanfic HOTG are similar now. Good work.

04-05-2006, 02:17 AM
Thanks Pottsie. I believe there will be some differences because people have their own ideas. Still it gives me an idea of what to work with. As always I enjoy the comments.

Jae Onasi
04-05-2006, 09:36 AM
The plot thickens. :)
The wolf description was interesting. I did wonder what would happen if Michaela woke up and found a wolf at the foot of their bed. :)

04-06-2006, 12:56 AM
Well she would have said he was a handsome fellow. :D
Chapter 6 will be up when I am finished.

05-07-2006, 03:57 AM
Finally after a month of thinking and writing, I have here Chapter 6. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 6: The Past Revealed
It was late in the day when we arrived at my home, almost dark. Revan had fallen asleep, mostly due to the slight amount of poison that she was exposed to. I had a few bites myself to know that it would soon pass. Michaela was waiting on the verandah for me and she came running to greet me. I could not tell if she was surprised to see that I brought someone with me, especially a woman. She was too much of a gentlewoman to openly question what she saw.

I jumped off the draigon and hugged her. I whispered that Revan was to be a guest. Michaela nodded at me and went to make some tea. I gently woke Revan and helped her off the draigon and led her inside. Kapu followed us inside and sat by the front door as if to guard. I sat Revan in a chair and Michaela offered some tea, a special brew to give a weary person strength. We waited for Revan to speak when she was able. When she did, it was rather a quiet thing, “Thank you for saving me. I fear that your kindness though may be your undoing.”

I could tell that she was guilty about something and I was interested to learn more but decided not to push too hard. I instead adopted a wait and see approach. Revan spoke again. “I brought a great evil, something terrible from the wars.”

“Don’t worry dear, we will help you,” was the response that came from Michaela. It surprised me because she volunteered to help. She would later tell me that she felt compelled to help.

Revan sat in her seat and breathed slowly before speaking, “During the Mandalorian wars, I did something terrible and I came here to fight it.”

I gently put my hand on her shoulder and asked, “What?”

I could tell that she was going to have some trouble speaking of this so I made no motion to urge her forward. Michaela did the same but I think on a different level of understanding. After swallowing some tea and a bit of inner struggle, Revan said, “It is the True Sith.”

My face betrayed no emotion but my mind was at a whirlwind. I had heard of the True Sith; Master Tergis used to tell me tales of when the Jedi Order first split. I remembered him telling me those tales for the express purpose of teaching me that though the Jedi may drive away evil it is never truly defeated. I could have told him that considering that the memory of the Judge was like a raw scar on my memory but I was only a child then. I had never thought that they would return and yet at the back of my mind, I could sense it. I felt it on occasion that it was in the very air that I breathed and at times it threatened to suffocate me. I spoke none of my thoughts to Revan, but instead said, “Then we must rally as soon as possible. They may come here and we must be ready.”

Michaela said, “Not tonight dear. We must plan this accordingly.”

“No I cannot ask you to help…” Revan started.

“We help all who are in need. The galaxy belongs to us all,” I replied.

I then stood up and beckoned Revan to follow me. I showed her to a room near the back of my home where I usually housed guests that were either passing through or old friends. I opened the door and went about trying to make the place comfortable. Revan helped me after a bit and in short order the room was made to her liking. I told her to rest well and that in the morning I would introduce her to the Lord of the Tribes and we would start to the capital city. Before I left she asked me, “You are a Jedi Knight are you?”

Smiling I responded, “Yes.”

“You are a Jedi and yet you have a wife? “

“Yes. I believe that love shouldn’t be feared. In the end it can be the very thing that will save you.”

She smiled at me and said, “You remind me of my old friend and mentor Jolee Bindo only you are more kinder and less grouchy.”

“I suppose old age has that effect on you.” I was familiar with Jolee and found his adventures during the war with Exar Kun to be entertaining and more education worthy. I suspected that was why Tergis used to tell me them. Still I sensed there was more to her inquiry so I asked, “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering how you could live here where this evil roams and yet still be with the one you love?” she responded hesitantly.

I could tell right away that she carried a pain in her heart. She was anxious to share it but I think she was embarrassed to impose on me or it was still a painful memory. I decided to try to coax it out of her and asked softly, “You miss him?”

She nodded and said, “The hardest part was saying goodbye. How can you tell someone you love goodbye; that you can’t take them with you because it is a place that few can walk?”

She had started with silent tears. I felt her pain roll off of her and I comforted her by hugging her. She was grateful and rewarded my aid by mentioning about him, “He is one of the best pilots of the Republic. We met when Malak was waging his war against the Republic.”

“I have heard of that war. The tradesmen that travel the lanes brought many reports as they shipped supplies to and from the frontlines. I couldn’t serve because there were other problems here on my homeworld,” I responded.

I had released her from the hug and she looked calm enough. She seemed a great deal happier. I took to the thought that it had been awhile since she had time to relax. She smiled and said, “We met and well…I guess you can figure that out,” and she turned to the spare bed and turned down the covers. She then turned back around and said, “Thank you.”

I nodded and closed the door. Upon entering my room, I saw that Michaela was already fast asleep. I didn’t try to wake her to talk to her but let her sleep. I motioned for Kapu to lie down on the floor and he did so willingly and with contentment as if he were on a vacation. I climbed silently into bed so as not to disturb Michaela. I had no idea that she intended to inform the sisters, in fact I didn’t even find out about the sisters until a critical moment later.

I lay there staring up at the ceiling of my home waiting for sleep to come. My thoughts kept drifting to the information that Revan had told me about the True Sith. Until then, I thought they were simply stories told by my master. True they were real people who had split from the Jedi, I had adopted the attitude that it was ancient history, a rather irony of the sort. I also thought about what Revan left behind: her friends, her love and it brought about feelings of respect and admiration. I remembered my father dying while I was away at boarding school and I remembered Manzibique. Even though she was a draigon, she was my friend and I lost her at the hands of the Judge.

I was thinking this when I must have fallen asleep. I dreamt the same dream again but this time it differed in some ways. Now that Revan had arrived, the dream changed to a more intense battle. Revan was there fighting by another man side by side but he arrived after another light from the sky fell. The high laughter became more distinct and terrifyingly familiar. I had no idea what I was doing in the physical world. I felt queasy and a gut wrenching emotion of fear. It was a fear that I had not felt in a long time. The last time I felt it was when I was seven years old and I had slops dumped on my head and I began a life of hiding. I didn’t wake up; I couldn’t. I was compelled to view the person who was inspiring a long buried fear. I later recalled the experience to old Petronius.

I remember wandering through the battlefield and seeing the same dead that I had been seeing in my dreams. I followed the laughter and somehow ended back in the township on Mikkado. It was then I saw him but he was not alone. He had a companion with him. I stared at the one whom I had killed and we stared for the longest time. After that I woke up but fell back into an uneasy sleep, disturbed that a past I had left behind had caught up with me.

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Short, just how I like it. I was thinking you weren't writing this anymore. Good as always.

05-08-2006, 02:23 AM
Nope still am. LIFE just gets in the way and I have ideas for a story that I have been RPing in my mind for awhile. Working on Chapter 7

Jae Onasi
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Well, I'm glad to have the story continue. Love the Jolee reference. :)

05-10-2006, 03:16 PM
Well it is connected to that and I have always thought Jolee was on the right page. Glad you liked it.

05-12-2006, 05:39 PM
Chapter 7: Acceptance and Reinforcement
The next morning I didn’t say anything to anyone. Instead I kept my thoughts to myself as I ate my morning meal and proceeded to tell Revan about the Lord of the Tribes. I hoped that protocol wouldn’t be strictly followed for I sensed that what would occur would require urgency. I also thought about the second Jedi that had arrived. I had already concluded that it was not whom Revan had loved but someone else who had walked her same path. What disturbed me the most was that somehow the Judge would return to wreak havoc on our beautiful worlds. His companion had me perplexed and I resolved to ask Petronius.

I accompanied Revan to the Council of Lords since today was the day they were in session. Kapu followed at a pace behind, almost as if to leave me to my thoughts. We did not say much except to talk about the people here. At the meeting indaba we were instructed to wait outside for the council was under deliberation for the seasonal hunting grounds. I was not invited because I was not a lord though I would give help every now and then. More often I was called as a, for lack of a better term, a referee in disputes that usually involved boundaries and breaches in agreements.

While we were outdoors, Revan asked me how I knew where to look for her. I gave credit to Kapu by saying, “He showed me,” and pointed at him.

I could tell she thought it absurd but I guess she remembered that nothing happens by coincidence. She replied, “The Force guided you to him.”

“In a manner of speaking. Our people, mostly the tribes, believe that the animals are connected to everything; that they have specific powers and qualities about them. I grew up learning it but trained in the Jedi way so I am caught between two worlds,” and I smiled.

She thought about it when we were summoned by the Council of Lords. I went first, knowing the protocol of such addresses and I felt it necessary to act as a buffer so the council wouldn’t feel the need to question too hard. We stood in the middle of the chamber which vaguely reminded me of the High Jedi Council on Coruscant. The only difference was that there was a semblance of some chaos yet it was very proper and deliberate. I hardly felt the serenity that I felt when facing the masters. Lord Trystan, as the head of the council, spoke, “Who is this that has come here?”

Before I could speak, she spoke, “I am the Jedi Revan and I come from the Republic.”

“The Republic has not been heard from for four years. Why have you come, Jedi?”

“I came because my ship was damaged. I was seeking an ancient evil that I remembered setting free. I have spent these four years seeking it out and trying to fight it.”

“There is only one evil that has plagued us since time began. No one has set it free,” the lord of the Hamas tribe interjected.

Before it could get out of hand, I replied, “She does not know of our customs or struggles. She does not know of their power. She has come as a friend, in peace.”

“Judge that we will for these are dark times ahead,” Lord Trystan said.

I knew that he was keeping the proceedings that way but he was prepared to trust my judgments. The other lords were willing too but like always, protocol must be maintained. I merely nodded and Revan did the same.

We left the council to do what they do in session. I spent the day showing Revan the village of the Zherron tribe. She was most curious at the way how we lived, not really like that on Coruscant. Kapu stayed with us while we walked around the village. Looking back at it, I think she was happier than she had been when I first saw her. Just being around people again and someone who could use the Force seemed to relax her and made her more willing to talk about people she knew and what she did before coming here. I was more interested in what had happened since I had last been there.

We had rounded a bend near where the village calligrapher lived when we heard an alarm cry out. Since it was in my language, I had to translate for Revan. The Straif cats had attacked the village. Straif cats were huge predatory cats that were extremely territorial and extremely dangerous. Normally they hunted local wildlife but ever since the new queen took over the group, they have been attacking tribesmen and killing them for food. I realized that it was that time of year again and that was why the Council of Lords had convened. It was the presentation of the children.

I think Revan sensed my agitation and worry and asked if she could help. We didn’t have long to wait in finding them for they came charging through the village snapping at the fleeing women. The men grabbed their swords, spears and bows and went to drive them off. The cats had come to try to steal one of our children, the preferred treat of the queen. I noticed that only three of the group was bringing the men to fight. I motioned to Revan to follow me and I climbed the trees to the thick branches. From our view I pointed to the nursery where the rest of the group, except the queen, was gathered. I pondered at where she may have been, not forgetting that she was unusually clever. One of them was heading for the door while the others surrounded the hut.

A ways we could both see where a branch hung low enough to get onto the roof. Revan had the idea to get through the roof and relayed it by pointing it out to me. Catching her intention, I led the way through the trees as quietly as we could both muster. The huge brute that had approached the door was growling and trying to bash down the door. The wood was strong but not indefinitely so we hurried to get to the roof. I went first, carefully pushing the thatch aside to create a large enough opening to slip through. I dropped down to find at least twenty children huddled in the middle with their teacher keeping them clustered and telling them to keep quiet. She looked relieved that I had dropped in followed by Revan sticking her head down.

I explained in whispers that we would help them get out through the roof. The teacher handed me the smaller ones, which in turn I handed in turn to Revan. I then had the teacher get out so she could steady them on the branches. The pounding on the door was getting louder as I handed children up faster. I was down to the last one named Caelos when I heard the door crack. Quickly I grabbed Caelos and jumped with him onto the roof just as the door broke open. We were quiet as the cat came in growling, looking for something that was obviously gone. I had placed Caelos onto the branch and motioned him to keep going. It was going well until the branch we were both on snapped and broke, sending us to the ground.

The noise distracted the cats and they turned to the sound and found us on the ground. I had lost my saber as it had fallen a distance away. Caelos was crying and I could sense that he had broken his leg. I positioned myself in front of him and had my hands out, ready to fight with my bare hands. At that moment, Kapu jumped out and snarled at them. The cats growled back and lunged only to be stopped by Revan. She waved her yellow lightsaber in a swinging motion, prepared to strike. I had caught sight of my lightsaber and used the Force to summon it just as the cats lunged to attack.

It was difficult keeping the cats away as they had thick hides of fur and our lightsabers did nothing more than singe it. It wasn’t until I swung at the weak spot at the base of their neck that I decapitated one. Revan was swinging at the cats continuing to singe their fur until she placed a well-placed strike into the shoulder. The cats were becoming more enraged and began to screech. Since they were screeching, their attacks were harder. It was at that moment that I got hit by a huge paw and sent flying into the hut we had escaped from, making it collapsed.

I didn’t know what had happened after that but I was able to piece it together from Caelos and Revan. Revan and Kapu held off the cats quite effectively after I had been sent flying and wounded them to a point where they were whimpering with pain. Still determined to get her meal, she sent her wounded back to the forest and decided to take on Revan herself. From what I heard, Revan made the queen so angry that she grew careless in her attack allowing Revan to decapitate the queen. It was after that happened that I was able to emerge from the crushed hut a little stunned but very much alive.

After Revan decapitated the queen, the village began to erupt with cheers. Apparently, Eómeros, Lord Trystan’s eldest son had seen what Revan did and sounded the cheer. Revan, not understanding what it meant asked me, “What does it mean?”

I simply answered, “Well, you have just killed the queen of the group. They shouldn’t bother us no more.”

I walked to where Caelos was and went over his leg to determine the location of the break and to make sure he was all right. Aside from the broken leg and some scratches, he was alive and unharmed. Eómeros was cheering and saying that the Heart of the Guardian had brought the one who set us free. I couldn’t tell Revan exactly what it meant for I didn’t want to embarrass her.

Seeing Caelos to Petronius for some healing, Lord Trystan congratulated us but I directed the attention to Revan. I guess seeing that an outsider stopping to help one of their own softened the other lords as well. We were told to be at the meeting indaba within the hour to hear our testimony and pass judgment. I realized that they were going to be willing to listen to what Revan had to say.

An hour later we were standing in front of the Lord of Lords. Lord Trystan was speaking, “While we pride ourselves on acceptance, times have been troubled lately. In light of our recent arrival and latest attack we have come to see that our previous position has been wrong. Master Jedi, we extend our greatest thanks for your aid and welcome you as a sister of the Zherron tribe.”

I was surprised at the verdict. In all my years I had never heard of an outsider becoming one of the Avalonian people. Of course many years later it would happen again. Revan was the first but not the last to receive this honor. I watched with a slight smile as Lord Trystan placed a teardrop pendant containing an aqua blue stone, her lifestone, around her neck. Stepping back, Lord Trystan continued, “We are aware that there is a disturbance that could affect us all. Can you tell us what this is?”

“It is an ancient evil known as the True Sith. I am afraid that I caused this to happen when I fought in the Mandalorian wars. I came here to the Unknown Regions to fight this threat. I realize that the magnitude may be greater than I imagined,” Revan responded.

“How do you propose we handle this?”

I had long known of the tensions between the people of the cities and the tribes. It was one of those things that had been in existence since I was a boy, even older. I knew that the only way to survive this was to band together. I knew that the proposal of such an idea was radical in of itself. This was centuries of hatred and I was about to ask them to let go of it in a matter of hours. I decided to take the risk and I replied, “We band together with the cities. Only together can we have the strength to fight against this enemy.”

I did not mention the fact that I had the thought to send for the Republic as well. For some reason, other than the compelling dream, I had the distinct feeling that the Republic would play a part in this fight. I waited while I could literally hear a gasp coming from the Council of Lords. I could tell that they must have thought that I had gone crazy. Lord Trystan called order and looked at me strangely. Seeing that I was being serious, he responded, “What you propose is radical if not impossible. However, we will consider it and let you know in the morning.”

That was our cue to leave. Revan and I didn’t discuss what had happened until we were outside council chambers and heading to my home. Kapu followed a distance behind us stopping so often to sniff at foliage. I don’t remember all of our discussion except that I distinctly remembered that Revan said that I may have said the right thing during the session. I was thinking that the idea would fly and that representatives would be sent to beseech the Lord Governor of the system. I could sense it through the Force that this was first in a chain of events that could change the relationship between the people of this system and the relationship of this system with the Republic for years to come.

Diego Varen
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Trystan from the Ebon Hawk Crew is in it. A great Chapter. I think Revan doesn't understand about these traditions.

05-15-2006, 05:31 AM
Of course but this Trystan is different from the other. Children are often named after heros and leaders. The one from the RP is from Belos.
Revan doesn't know because she just met these people.

Jae Onasi
05-15-2006, 08:16 AM
Trystan from the Ebon Hawk Crew is in it. A great Chapter. I think Revan doesn't understand about these traditions.

It takes time to learn a culture even within a country. When we moved from the North to the Deep South for a year a few years back, it took me several months just to adapt to all the 'please' and 'thank you's they said after absolutely everything--it's not done nearly as often in the North (and I wish it was, actually, so I continue that tradition here back in the North--I'd rather be overly polite than rude). I'm sure I was viewed as rude simply because I was not used to that part of the culture.
So, I wouldn't expect a stranger to understand the nuances of a culture, especially one as complex as the one JM12 has built, which I love, btw. All the little details are great.

05-15-2006, 12:03 PM
Thanks Jae and yours is going well too. Chapter 8 is in the works and I am going to post the next chapter of Broken Wounds Heal soon. Stay tuned. :D

05-22-2006, 09:20 PM
Chapter 8: Delegation and Arrivals
The morning was pleasant and clear. I felt fine considering it was the first time in a while that I had a good night’s worth of sleep. It was a silent ride along the trail towards the capital city Tyan-yu, where the Lord Governor of the whole system lived. Revan was with me on one of the gentlest draigons I had selected since it would take the better part of a day to get to the city. Michaela stayed behind claiming that she had work to do with the children and check on Caelos. In actuality she went to a gathering of the Bushida Handmaidens though of course I was unaware of this at the time.

As we were riding towards the city, Revan asked me questions on the customs and mannerisms of the people of Avalon. I tried to tell her everything I knew about conduct and the like when involving diplomatic procedures and whatnot. I had finished explaining diplomacy here when Revan spoke, “The people of the village think very highly of you. They respect you and your judgment and it’s not because you are a Jedi. I think one of the women called you Kirabaros.”

I inwardly cringed at hearing the name given to me by the People. I was a bit annoyed that they had mentioned it in front of Revan. I wasn’t sure how to explain why they called me that and not by my given name. After all, how could I make someone understand that many of these people suffered through hatreds that did not equal to anything seen in the Republic except for the Mandalorian wars though I had no part in those events. I thought carefully how to speak and I responded to Revan, “That is true.”

“Why? Is it because you did something for them?”

“Yes and no.”

I guessed Revan could sense my reluctance and my awkwardness at answering. She broke the ice about it by saying, “I was once called a leader of my tribe. A Jawa called me that.”

I chuckled because I thought it funny. I had never met a real Jawa but I have seen holos of them and heard of them from Master Tergis from his younger days. I decided to be a bit more open, “Kirabaros was a name given to me because I exhibited the qualities of the folk hero when I helped the tribes form a peace.”

“That makes sense. You have a generosity that you are ashamed to admit to because you feel that it is prideful. I like that. It reminds me of him.”

The ‘him’ was the one she left behind. I didn’t want to press her. I had decided that when she was ready to tell me she would do so when she was ready. Instead she composed herself rather well and asked my about the city Tyan-yu.

I had been to the city a few times but never really interacted with the governor. I admitted, “It is beautiful. It has its good parts and its bad parts. The palace where the governor lives is one of the more grander buildings. Sometimes the people call it the Imperial city though I think that doesn’t seem befitting.”

“It makes it sound like it was the capital of an Empire. What does the name Tyan-yu mean?”

“It means ‘leftover spirit.’ It was because the city that existed before it was destroyed in one of the wars against a bitter enemy. Some of the buildings were left and they were used to rebuild the city, hence the leftover spirit.”

Revan looked surprised but she gave a small oh. It was a piece of naming language logic as it was with many of the names. The wars that occurred so long ago destroyed the former grandeur of the cities so many of them were named as leftovers of their former glory. It would take time but Revan would eventually come to understand my people. She would even settle here as well with the one she left behind but that’s getting ahead of myself. She began to finger the life pendant, which was an interesting shade of blue green. She asked me, “Why the pendant?”

“Well, those that belong to a tribe receive such a pendant at birth and they vary in color depending on what the loremaster sees in their future. The shape indicates what tribe. The Zherron tribe accepted you for your courage and selfless act of rescuing Caelos. The tribes never really expect outsiders to help. This is due to centuries of distrust.”

“What of yours?”

“Mine is well I don’t have one because well, it’s a complicated story.”

“Is it the fact that you are a Jedi?”

“Partially,” I didn’t say any more, so Revan stopped asking. How could I tell her that I didn’t have a pendant because when I was born, it was considered wrong to marry someone from the cities. My mother was of a farmer clan but she was a member of the warrior tribes. My father came from the cities. They weren’t accepted so they moved to Mikkado where they lived until they died. I found this out when I somehow found my old playmate Tundarai a few years ago. He told me the story after I had gotten snubbed deliberately by a tribesman for not wearing a pendant and I was called a traitor. Revan must have sensed my reluctance to share so she stopped and instead continued to ask about the city. They were questions I was relieved to answer.

Tyan-yu was like a welcoming beacon when we arrived in the late afternoon, early evening. It was too late in the day to bother the governor and it would never do to insist upon barging in. I made inquiry at the gates to the palace and the guard said that the governor would be willing to listen. This came as a shock considering that the hour was the tea hour and most people would want to not deal with matters of business. Revan was surprised herself considering that she saw my shock.

Our draigons were taken and put in the stables and we were led into the palace. We were left at a massive door that was a lush shade of red. We waited until a voice from beyond the door called to us, “Enter please.”

I led the way into the room. It turned out to be a chamber that resembled a study. There were books all over the place and a large desk covered with papers. I knew the governor had a reputation for being a scholarly type and that he didn’t look the part of a governor but this chamber didn’t verify a stuffy scholar. The governor was standing at the balcony. This one in particular looked over the vast gardens behind the palace. It was an interesting picture just looking at the governor looking out.

The Lord Governor Heros Lightrunner was probably my height but he looked like a small little man. It didn’t help that he was often seen hunched over a book but a closer look revealed that he possessed a calming quality that demanded attention. It was a quality that allowed him to stand up to the overly demanding members of the council when in session. He was a quiet man that preferred to examine things closely and would often come up with the strangest conclusions but they were truth. Many suspected that he was once a Jedi or at least was a Force Adept and we found exactly who was that day.

He had turned when we entered and watched us approach. His first words threw me off and I think it did Revan, “Hmm, I expected a delegation of tribesmen, not Jedi. I suppose you came to tell me something involving the fate of our worlds?”

“How did you know we were Jedi?” Revan asked while I was still trying to form words.

“Your stance, your walk and I can feel what you call the Force around you,” was the reply.

“Are, are you a Jedi?” Revan continued her line of questioning.

“Was and yet it never leaves you completely. Still I am surprised that Lord Trystan sent a pair of Jedi to discuss negotiations about uniting.”

Finally regaining my voice I said, “The logic being that it was my suggestion, Lord Governor.”

“I expected as much from Kirabaros. Still perhaps you or maybe your friend here can explain about the shadows that cloud our worlds?”

Ignoring the mentioning of Kirabaros I looked at Revan and nodded at her to speak. She began, “I have been following a great evil that I had been chasing for the last four years. It was something I did during the Mandalorian wars. I came back to fight it.”

Governor Heros looked at me as if to confirm her story. He didn’t say anything but instead crossed to his desk. He picked up a datapad and said, “This evil may have united with our centuries old enemy. Tell me, have you heard of the Rashikians?”

Revan shook her head but I answered, “Yes, they were once our people but they grew too greedy and desired to dominate. We drove them out and they have been waging war since to try and take over Avalon and her sister planets.”

“Yes but in the ten years, they have not bothered us. I think they were waiting for their chance to strike. Either that or it is something that has not been seen since the days of Kirabaros, your namesake,” Governor Heros pointed at me before continuing, “One thing for certain is that we need to unite on way or another with the tribes.”

“The problem is trying to put aside differences,” I voiced rather quietly. I was all too well aware that hatreds were hard to die. It took three years just for the tribes to start getting along but that didn’t mean there still wasn’t some distrust. The old feelings of apprehension and dread came into my mind of when I first started getting the tribes to talk together.

Revan seemed to sense my apprehension and spoke accordingly, “That may be a problem but if we come as Jedi, guardians of peace and justice, they would be willing to listen. The tribes seem to respect you a lot Jedi Credo maybe the same could be done with the congress here in the cities.”

“That may work,” Governor Heros replied, “However I must not put forth this motion or it will be seen as a motive on my part. Perhaps you young Jedi could convince the governors while Kirabaros brings the Council of Lords to consent. Lord Trystan could then come and present his case. I know this sounds too much time but this is the option I see right now.”

“I understand governor,” I responded, “but when we left, the Council of Lords wanted us to see if the city people would be willing to cooperate. They are willing right now and understand the threat that is coming.”

“Yes,” the governor murmured. I suspected that he was thinking of something. He pondered over what I had said in his mind for quite some time. It was so quiet that a pin could drop and you could hear it clink on the floor. Finally he spoke, “Then we must come to a conclave at the Four Points.”

“What is that?” Revan asked.

“Conclave is something that hasn’t occurred in over a millennia. It is where all the rulers get together in the sacred place of our forebears to decide our fate. The Lord Governor and the Lord of Lords preside and keep order,” I responded. Master Tergis had me learn everything about my people. I began to suspect that he might have seen what the future held for me when he first met me as a little boy scared and frightened. Maybe it was the turn of events that would eventually lead Avalon and her sister planets to become part of the Republic.

I was thinking this when Governor Heros agreed to hold conclave. I would go to Lord Trystan and deliver the message. I was getting ready to go when one of the guards burst in saying in rapid Avalonian that he and several others had captured a strange sentient trying to steal a speeder or a ship. Revan was confused since she didn’t know a word of the language but followed my lead as I followed the governor down to the main audience chamber where a human man was struggling against two armed guards, Bushido guards, the best there was.

With a buckling of his body he made a move that sent the two guards flying and withdrew a lightsaber. I noticed that Revan had recognized him and made a move to go to him but I held her back with a motion of my hand. I walked up to the sentient and asked him to put away his lightsaber saying that it was a misunderstanding. He must have been distrustful and held up his blade. I think he may have noticed mine and wasn’t sure as how to react. I just kept my gaze steady and looked at him and didn’t move. It may have seemed like moments until he finally put away his lightsaber and said, “I am looking for Revan if she is here. I came here to help her fight this war that is coming.”

Revan couldn’t contain herself at the sight of an old friend and said, “Darius? I thought you were dead or in exile.”

The exchange that happened revealed that Darius was the Exile that had followed Revan’s path after reestablishing his connection to the Force. I realized that this human was the one in my dreams. It seemed that the more people we met, I met, the more I saw of the war that was to come. I kept this to myself as the misunderstandings were cleared up. My only concern was that this was something that was going to get extremely unpleasant and a matter of life and death.

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Darius is a good name for the Exile. I never have any good names. The game I'm playing on TSL at the moment, my LSF Exile is called Serra Zilla. Is that alright?

Anyway good Chapter.

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Names for the PC: whatever rocks your boat. Mine are not very original. One time I used Rowan Darklighter and another I did Adrianne Solo. So you can see how original I am :lol:
I am glad you liked the chapter. It was actually much longer than my other ones. A new one on Broken Wounds is up too.

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Chapter 9: Conclave
It wasn’t difficult to assemble the leaders for conclave. In fact most of the people seemed to know that it was going to happen before it was announced. I attributed it to the strange osmosis that occurs; it was like news went where no signals went to such as the remote pockets of land. I vaguely remembered Zoran once telling me that if the People concentrated hard enough, they could cause what they were thinking to happen. I of course kept these thoughts to myself as I was sure that both parties were well aware of this phenomenon. I was more concerned for Naomi since she is the first woman to attend conclave.

I was also thinking of the events that transpired to the point where I met the Exile Darius. I knew better than to think that it was anything but the Force at work. I had been under the instruction of Tergis and Cronus and the masters at Coruscant to know that nothing could compare with the mystery of the Force. I do admit that I was shocked when I learned from Darius that the masters I had known were all gone. The fact I couldn’t sense it through the Force made me feel ashamed. I was especially sad to hear that Masters Kavar and Vash were dead. They made me feel more welcome when I came to Coruscant. Vrook, I felt guilty that I had no sympathy. He had always irked me in my form, my technique, that I was too headstrong, the usual things he seemed to say with all the padawans.

I was a willing guide to acquaint Darius with the Zherron tribe since they were closer to the Four Points. Kapu stayed by me the entire time as if watching the Exile and Revan trying to discern what they were going to do. He also kept looking to the east as if something was supposed to come over the hills. I made a mental note of it and kept it at the back of my mind as I introduced Darius to Michaela. She used the grace she learned as the privileged daughter of the Durais family. We sat around the table waiting for the hour when Revan and I would go to conclave. Darius brought us up to date on the state of the Republic. I especially noticed it when Revan had a tear in her eye when Darius said that Carth Onasi was waiting for her.

Upon hearing that name, I vaguely remembered hearing of that pilot. There was no end to the stories on how he was one of the Republic’s best pilots and that he has seen quite a bit of combat. I also remembered that he lost his wife on Telos when former Admiral Saul Karath bombed the planet. I put two and two together and figured out that Revan and Carth must have met and fell in love. She remembered something terrible she had done and went on her own to try and stop it and she left him behind. Judging from the sentence, I guessed that Carth had never gave up hope on her return, as if he knew that she was still alive. I said nothing but pushed a cup of tea towards the both of them. Revan would later come to know that I had subtle ways of reassurance as well as Darius.

Kapu let out a howl to signify that the moon had risen high in the sky. It was something that all wolves did. Revan and I made ready to leave. I motioned for Darius to follow but he opted to stay with Michaela. I thought he deserved to be present but I guess he thought that some of the guards were a little sore at what he did to them earlier. I thought later that it was a good thing that he didn’t come but that comes much later and I am getting ahead of myself.

Conclave is considered one of the most sacred events surrounding the history of Avalon. It is said that when conclave occurs, no one can insult another person and that proper respect must be shown at all times, at least that’s how the historical documents put it. It was a monumental event because their had not been a formal conclave for the last thousand years. Sure meetings and councils occurred but conclave is different. It is the agreement of all and everyone agrees to uphold. What happens here in a way becomes law. It was a sight to see as Revan and I were going to be a part of it.

The Four Points was a natural wonder in of itself. The megaliths were arranged into four points each facing the four directions of the wind. Smaller stone slabs were set in between these megaliths to create a ring of stone. Within the ring were stone seats where the major leaders would be sitting. Outside were similar seats but in bench form for the advisors and special speakers who would be speaking. In the very center of all this was the fire pit that was being tended to by two of Lord Trystan’s warriors, one which was Eómeros. Revan and I moved to the benches outside the ring of megaliths. Kapu had come with us and had seated himself next to me in a spot where I could scratch his ears absentmindedly.

We didn’t have long to wait as the advisors of the five governors were filing in and taking their seats. Followed by them were the governors and Lord Trystan and Naomi. Naomi looked out of place being that she was the only woman at this conclave and I felt a little worried that she may be intimidated but I reminded myself that she was tougher than she looked. We all stood and waited until the leaders sat in their seats. As soon as the leaders sat, old Petronius came into the center and said in the archaic version of our language, “Now that we are here by the grace of the gods, we begin conclave.”

As he was saying this, I wondered how old Petronius really was. It is true that our people could live for millennia and not age as quickly. We can die like normal sentients with weapons and the like so we were not immortal or anything like that. I was thinking of asking Petronius about his linguistic skills when I noticed how alert Revan was looking as she watched the proceedings. I calmed her by telling her that the leaders would end up doing most of the talking.

For the first hour or so, each leader was introducing themselves. Each spoke in their own native dialect in order to announce the diversity of the people present. Kapu ended up stretching out and lying down. I remembered sitting there and starting to feel numb from sitting in the same spot. I actually felt more comfortable kneeling in a meditative position; I was not a sitting person. Sitting there I almost lost track of the time. It was Petronius’ voice that brought me out of my stupor with his announcing Governor Heros.

Even though he was a small man, he looked as if he were tall in the manner that he stood. He stood and approached near the center so as to be heard. He spoke in his firm and gentle voice, “Friends, I have called this conclave to discuss a threat that could affect us all as members of this system. This threat stems from an ancient evil and from an enemy that has waged war against us for millennia. I come to call and ask you fellow members of this council to unite against this threat.”

He was speaking in Avalonian, as was tradition of conclave. I ended up translating what he said to Revan so she could follow what was going on. When Governor Heros was finished with his request, Governor Galidran of Andorra stood up and asked, “Governor Heros, as much as we respect you for governing our system, I have to ask, do you have proof of this?”

“I have here two Jedi,” and Governor Hero motioned to us. That was our cue to stand and I made a small motion to Revan who stood up with me. Governor Heros continued, “One is Kirabaros and with him is a Jedi from the Republic who has been chasing this threat, following it to try to end it.”

Governor Galidran responded, “I trust you judgment when it concerns Kirabaros but who is this Jedi that is a stranger amongst us?”

“She is the adopted sister of the Zherron tribe,” Lord Trystan responded without standing. He just continued to sit almost with a bored expression. He was never one for pomp and circumstance but he valued tradition and custom and did his best to uphold them. Everyone was silent as if waiting for him to continue. When he didn’t, Governor Galidran continued, “And what does this sister of the Zherron tribe know of this evil.”

I was getting angry and it showed because I couldn’t translate at the moment. I knew that Galidran was a tough nut to crack. He reminded me a lot of Master Vrook for he was never satisfied with anything and was always criticizing actions one way or another. I remember when I went to Andorra to speak to him about potential trade arrangements with the Avalon tribes. He criticized my attire and said something along the lines that I never thought of the big picture, that I rushed into things without thinking of the consequences. Needless to say I was never anxious to be in a conversation with him after that.

I almost lost the gist of the conversation when Naomi broke in with her gentle voice, “The Jedi are honorable. If they have something to say to us then let them say it and then we can decide what to do.”

“Then let them speak,” Heros replied.

The others nodded and Galidran sat down still looking like the sour grape he was. I gave a slight tug on Revan’s robe sleeve and we both stood up. I could tell that Revan was nervous so I led the way to the center of the circle. Once there I introduced Revan and myself and allowed Revan to speak. I knew that she didn’t speak our language but I was confident that she could tell everything that needed to be said. To be honest, I was impressed with her linguistic abilities. She went into a detailed description of her journey here in the Unknown Regions chasing an unknown evil, which she revealed to be the True Sith. She told of herself and what she did during the Mandalorian wars and the Jedi Civil War. I noticed that she left out certain things that were sensitive and private, like her relationship to Carth. She later told me that she felt as if the council was looking right through her and watching her as if she would do something. She even told of meeting with the Rashikians once, something she hadn’t spoken of before.

When she finished, we stood there and waited. We must have waited for at least fifteen minutes until Naomi asked, “And what do you suggest we do?”

I answered in the same manner as I did in front of the Council of Lords, “Stand together and if necessary, appeal to the Republic. What happens here could affect the whole galaxy.”

“Absurd,” Galidran responded, “the tribes and the cities have been at war for centuries. There is no way they could change their feelings in a short amount of time.”

“And what of the Republic,” Governor Druga of Aztlan cut in, “they have not been around ever since the Great Divide. Why should we ask them for aid when they have never offered?”

“My lords,” I tried to calm everyone, “we are being threatened as a whole. No one tribe is being threatened but all of us. From what Jedi Revan has told us it threatens the galaxy as a whole. There is more at stake than petty feuds.”

“And I suppose you are the ones who want to lead us?” Druga asked, raising his voice.

“Unless you want to and lead us into disaster,” Galidran started to shout.

In an instant, everyone was shouting trying to be heard over the other. Each of the delegate’s advisors were standing and trying to shout their opinions. It was a kerfuffle and I saw that it was going to go downhill. I saw Petronius trying to keep order in concordance of conclave. It seemed as if bad tensions would leave with this meeting until the noise was broken by a single voice that seemed to overshadow the others, “Stop the fighting!”

Everyone turned to see where it had come from. Two dozen pairs of eyes, including mine, looked at the one person who had spoken, Revan. She repeated, “Stop this fighting. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. We are supposed to be here to come up with a plan to meet this threat…”

“A threat that you brought here,” Druga sated.

“No a threat that has lived in this region of space as long as you claimed it,” she retorted, “You complain of each other’s differences when you should be putting them aside. You are the chosen leaders of your groups. You were chosen because you are believed to be wise enough to communicate with each other effectively and peaceably. Why can’t you stop this bickering? It is pointless!”

I noticed that the delegates had become silent. I myself was rather taken aback by the silence. It was broken when Druga spoke, “You are right. I am ashamed that I let my pettiness take the better of me. As governor of Aztlan, I pledge my duty and available troops to the aid of our system Avalon and if necessary, to the Republic.”

One by one the other governors and Naomi agreed. Heros asked then in the traditional manner if all agreed to unite. When they said yes, Petronius spoke again, “By order of this conclave, we as people of the Avalonian system pledge to each other our lives and honor. So let it be written, so let it be done.”

Conclave had been concluded just as the morning star began to rise above the hills. The sight was beautiful but I was expressing my amazement at Revan’s boldness. We were discussing how it was she who got everyone to agree and walking back to the village and Kapu was following us from behind. All of a sudden a large explosion sounded near by sending the soil flying. Everyone was starting to scream and run as more explosions were ripping through the sky. I looked up and could make out a single ship firing at the surface of Avalon. I remember pushing Revan to run towards the village so as to get to safety when a large explosion sounded near us, powerful enough to send us flying. The last thing I remember was seeing black.

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Good Chapter. Why wasn't Zez-Kai Ell mentioned?

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Wow, you really have an ability to create cultures and worlds and really make them come to life. This is a very well written fic. Will you please review mine when you have the oppurtunity. It's called the Galactic Scream. Thank you.

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Thank you. Pottsie I didn't mention Zez Kai-Ell because well you'll see :D
Currently I am working on a chapter that will require me to do a bit of explaining and well, you'll find out. Sith at Peace thank you for your comments. A lot of this culture I have had to act out to myself and play certain characters so I can get a feel. A plus was that I read up on certain modern cultures for ideas. So you guys can see I am very eccentric. Stay tuned for another chapter soon ;)

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Chapter 10: Mobilization
I was told I was out for two days and within two weeks the Rashikians had taken over the western provinces, killing all who resisted and claiming that their leader was coming. I remember waking up in the hospital to find my wife gazing at me with a concerned look in her eyes. My head felt like someone had sat on it and my body felt that it had been through a trash compactor. My concern was for Michaela and the People. I tried to ask but was told to rest because I had received a nasty smack to the head. Seeing that I wasn’t going to get any answers, I was going to resort to other means of getting information. I sent for Revan.

Revan appeared looking primed for battle but rather tired. I asked for the status on the People. When she revealed that the western provinces were taken and the other planets were under siege, I nearly got out of bed only to be met by sharp blows of pain. I was actually lucky to suffer some bruises and abrasions, not to mention a bump on the head, but I was annoyed that it was enough for me to gasp in pain. Controlling my pain and using the Jedi healing techniques, I managed to subdue the pain to a dull to be able to sit up at the edge. I asked, “Anyone else been hit?”

“When they attacked, they killed some of the advisors to the delegates. Some of the tribal lords were killed and Eómeros went missing after the explosion. Lord Trystan has been looking for him but no trace of him has been found. Jacen, what are we going to do?”

I could tell that she was scared. I guessed she thought that this was her fault some how but I wasn’t going to let her feel that way. I also started feeling her emotions as if I were her, emotions that were not my own. I brushed this aside as I replied, “We will uphold what was made law at conclave. We will fight this enemy.” I looked at her and said, “This is my home and I must defend it.”

“You sound like I did when I went to fight the Mandalorian wars,” Revan interrupted sadly and I felt it. The pain and the sorrow entered and a sharp coldness went down my spine. It must have looked like I was in pain when I doubled over a bit but I said I was fine. Looking at her I could see right away that she was afraid that she might become what she once was.

Realizing this I tried to be gentler on my reasoning, “You are right. I just realized something though. I saw it when I saw them fire upon us. The same thing that caused the Mandalorians to wage war is doing the same thing here but something else is backing it.”

I began to explain about how I saw the shadow in my dreams. I explained my thoughts to her and she listened. I could tell that she was debating on whether or not to wage war again. As she was sitting there deciding I realized that something needed to be done in order not only to help my people but the Republic as the Exile had done before joining us here. Gently and firmly I added, “And it is time to rebuild the Jedi here.”

Revan left with that statement in her mind and I was left to spend a painless night asleep but dreaming once again the dream that had been haunting me ever since Revan arrived.

Two days later I was allowed to leave the medbay where I had been taken but I wasn’t feeling myself. There were times that I would feel emotions that were not my own and they often came at the strangest of times. I was annoyed but kept it hidden. I had a job to do and Revan and Darius agreed to help me. I set out to find them in the camp that the Zherron had set up a ground staging area in the grassy knoll outside Tyan-yu. There was talk of a battle but the time in the medbay gave me time to think that this was a precursor to something big. Revan was right, this was something that would be the biggest showdown of light versus dark and yet it involved something that was never finished on Mikkado. That I was sure of.

I found Revan, Darius and Michaela talking with Lord Trystan in the largest of the tents. They were discussing on tactics to reinforce along the river closest to the Taitai tribe south of the city. Revan was saying that the weakest point was the bend but it was better to reinforce the whole river. Michaela agreed with her which surprised me since she was never one to fight. I think the attack made her realize what was at stake. I entered the tent quietly but she noticed me. She stood up and hugged me deeply which I returned with equal affection. She brushed my two stray locks and stroked my hair and looked at my face. She said in a sad and joking voice, “That scar above your left eye looks good. You’re still my J.C.,” and she smiled.

“It is good to see you Jacen,” Revan said.

“I agree. You gave everyone a scare when you got that nasty bump on the head,” Darius added.

“I admit that I still have a headache from the bump but I’m all the better for it,” I replied. I didn’t say anything about the plethora of emotions that were not my own that were invading my mind on occasion. Later my not telling anyone would have profound effects on the ones I loved and the ones I called proudly my friends. Feeling uncomfortable going on I asked, “About the river defense, how many do we have ready?”

Taking my cue, Lord Trystan replied, “It’s not the number, it’s the mobilization. The armies are in disarray as to whom to obey. The other governors have returned to their planets to mobilize their fleets and armies but they are clueless as how to mobilize.”

“Simple,” I replied.

I think Revan and Darius knew what I was going to say but both couldn’t help but ask, “How?”

“We call up the Jedi. The Bushida warriors,” was my answer.

“What Jedi? They all left at the end of the last war on Mikkado,” Trystan replied.

“I thought about it while I was in the medbay. They are the only ones with sufficient numbers to lead the troops. They are not considered Jedi by the Republic but they have the training of the Jedi,” I replied.

Trystan let out an ‘oh’ sound. He knew what I was talking about. The Bushida were the warrior equivalent of the Jedi Weaponsmasters but they were well rounded in their skills. Considered the best, they used to guard the system itself but with the distrust of the Jedi and what not, they isolated themselves except for the few that personally guarded the governors at their palaces. I had no idea how many of them were there but it was a helluva lot more than the Jedi of the order in the Republic. It had been that way for over a thousand years. The academy here on Avalon was high in the mountain passes, difficult to get there by ship. In fact damn near impossible. I was thinking about this and almost didn’t hear what Trystan said, “The journey is long and dangerous. Would they be willing to help?”

“They will not ignore the call. It is a matter of honor…Bushida,” I ended in a whisper. I was getting tired having just having gotten out of the medbay but I knew that in order to lead the troops we needed the ones that were trained this way. I didn’t think myself was worthy to lead an army and I said this in my subtle way, “Besides I don’t think they would refuse to hear any reasons to join if they were presented by warriors like Revan and Darius.”

The stunned silence was unnerving for a padawan but I maintained my serious look. I think they were surprised that I didn’t mention myself in the delegation that could go to the head academy. The fact of the matter is that I don’t consider myself worthy. Sitting in front of me were two people that saved the Republic and the galaxy and what have I done? Just mostly forced disagreeing parties together and let them decide. I guess I thought of myself as a nobody or something. Later Revan would tell me that it was a noble quality but a weakness that the Rashikians would be willing to exploit. More likely it stemmed from my childhood years at boarding school about how ugly the kids used to make me feel. I didn’t say anything except, “Will you think about it?”

I felt stupid but I sensed that I needed to leave. Their emotions were starting to bug me and were hurting my head. I stood outside the tent and breathed in the night air. All of a sudden a new wave of emotions hit my senses. I turned to my left and saw a small group, a family huddled around a fire. The emotions were so deep I felt as if I were one of them, refugees. I just stood looking at them for a few moments and one of them caught my eye, a teenaged boy. My eyes opened when I recognized who it was, little Caelos!

I went to their fire. He greeted me with a hug which surprised me. I wasn’t used to having children hug me and it always caught me off guard. In two weeks he matured from the little boy that Revan rescued. He had the makings of a great man and a Jedi. I wondered why the Bushida had not identified him yet. It occurred to me that there were probably many that they hadn’t identified. I tucked these thoughts to myself as I listened to Caelos’ tale of how his family had been run out of their vacation home by the Rashikians in the west and the murder of his father. I listened. I didn’t realize that he had sat next to me and leaned against me. My heart opened to him. I remember thinking that he was just a kid thrust into manhood by war. It made me realize that if I ever had any children, I would want them to grow up in a world without war. In a way, it gave me a purpose besides defending my home. I also felt out of place because I couldn’t distinguish which were my own feelings and which were his own.

I stayed there the entire night. It did nothing for my head which was still reeling from the emotions. The morning was beautiful. I had never seen anything like it before. There was an array of colors that encircled the camp that mixed in with the sun and morning mist. Michaela found me wandering the fields just looking at the pretty colors. When she touched my shoulders I said, “Look at it. The colors are amazing though I don’t know why there are dark shadows over there.”

She looked at me as if something were wrong. She responded, “Lord Trystan wants to see you and Revan and Darius.”

I was wondering why she looked at me that way but I followed her to the main tent or rather to the outside where Trystan had gathered the tribal leaders that were there and the Lord Governor. He was speaking to the People in their language and they were listening. When he saw me approach, he broke back into Basic announcing, “And here are the ones who will lead the group to summon the warriors that live in our mighty mountains: Kirabaros and Jedi Revan and Darius!”

I raised my left brow and it was noticeable because of my scar. I was magnanimous about it and just waved my hand in acknowledgement. The People were cheering and I could feel the collective cheer. It was like an electric shock that ran down my spine as I listened to the cheers. When it died down the People took their time to disperse. I watched a bit and then distracted myself by looking at the colors again. Trystan tugged at my arm and directed me away to talk. When we were a safe distance away he spoke straight to the point, “Kirabaros, your comments disturbed me. Not about the idea of seeking our lost brothers but what you implied of yourself. You of all people have done much for our people, your people.”

“What have I done to deserve anything? The last daring thing I did was teach an illegal school…”

“That sparked the movement for freedom and equality, the like which hadn’t been seen in years. Don’t sell yourself short. You have a path that differs from your fellow Jedi. I can see it even though I do not understand your Force.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say in response to that. Lord Trystan was not one to navel gaze as Petronius once called it yet it touched me. For years I held everyone at an arm’s length away except for my wife. It was then it hit me; I would be leaving her behind for the first time since we were married. Lord Trystan nodded as if he knew what I was thinking. I left to find her. She was with Nayana and Naomi at the small fork cleaning out the laundry. I approached and respectfully greeted Nayana and Naomi who nodded while saying, “Michaela was right. The scar suits you. Makes you more manly than the pretty boy you were two weeks ago.”

Michaela was smiling and blushing. She asked, “Why are you here and not preparing for tomorrow? I need time to get your pack ready.”

Making a slight cough but Nayana and Naomi ignored it. I was slightly annoyed but I didn’t have the backbone to back it up. I instead replied, “Well, I was wondering if you would like to spend the day with me?”

I caught a whiff of sadness from her and realized I made the mistake of reminding her that I was leaving her. She passed it off rather quickly by saying, “Not today I have work but tonight is fine.”

Apparently that was all the answer I would get. Before I knew it, I delved deep into her emotions. I felt her love, and something else that was buried. I couldn’t put my finger on it because she started burying it deep and began to shut me out. I was broken out of it when Revan came over the hill with Darius calling to me to make final plans. I looked at Michaela who looked at me with a smile and sent me on my way. I did not see the look of concern on her face nor the looks of concern on the faces of the others.

That day ended in tiredness but I was determined to be with my wife. When I entered the tent that was ours she was already sleeping on the pallet we shared, or at least I thought that she was. I sat next to her and began to stroke her cheek. She responded by turning over and looking at me. Seeing my look of affection, she smiled. I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. She reached with her free hand and caressed my hair and kissed me back. That night, well…let’s just say that we reestablished our love for each other

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Good Chapter as always. Is it just me, or is Revan a bit depressed?

05-31-2006, 07:25 PM
Just wait and see :D

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Chapter 11: The Long Journey
There were no huge farewells the next morning as the three of us had left early. Three draigons were somehow located in all the chaos, including my especial pet Lagos whom I raised myself and they were loaded with our packs for things we would need to get through the passes. I admit I was oblivious to everything except Michaela as she gave me a goodbye kiss that I think was daring for her modest self; right full on the lips. She held my head for quite a bit until I almost fell of my draigon. I was becoming increasingly aware of a pang of guilt that was not my own. It was a very feminine guilt and it disturbed me. I broke the kiss and whispered, “I’ll be careful.”

She whispered, “Don’t get any more scars. The one you have is manly enough,” and she stroked my cheek before backing away. She mouthed, ‘I love you.’

I smiled and chirruped for Lagos to get moving. Revan and Darius followed silently behind. Not a word was spoken as the three of us, and Kapu, headed for the Shin-tao Mountains, the entrance to the mountain road that would take us to the academy. The feminine guilt was being mingled with some masculine guilt as we went along and it was beginning to annoy me. I didn’t know what was happening to me and I was too stubborn to seek help from Petronius, who miraculously survived the initial bombardment with his home in tact. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought the bump to my head had something to do with it. My thoughts were interrupted when Darius sent through the Force that we were being followed.

Revan confirmed it with her own feelings. I responded out loud and said, “Over there. There’s a red weaver, the most melodious of the birds. Funny thing is that they are sharp hunters but primarily scavengers. If you follow it, you usually find a kill that they can scent for up to miles.”

They took the hint and maneuvered their draigons to find the someone or something following us. I stopped Lagos by the Hamas Ford and dismounted. I went by the Judan tree and took a look around. I heard the snap and hid behind some bushes. I removed my lightsaber and waited until my quarry was in my sights. I took a jump and tackled the figure, my lightsaber falling to the ground. We tussled as Revan and Darius came up panting. I managed to pull the hood back to reveal the head of Caelos?

“I followed you because I wanted to help,” Caelos said.

I stood up and helped him up. I was going to say no and that it was too dangerous but Revan got there first. “Why do you want to help?” she asked.

“I want to take back what belongs to my family and defend my home,” he said trying to nurse a cut that he had received on his forearm when I tackled him.

“Do you realize that where we are going is dangerous?” Revan continued.

“Or that your family may be missing you,” Darius added.

I didn’t say anything. Rather I was snapped down memory lane by Caelos’ emotions. It reminded me of something I had forgotten. The will to help, the need to help, it was driving me mad in my mind. I was struggling to differentiate between my feelings and his. Damn the emotional charge of the young! I think Revan must have sensed it or she saw me give a faraway look like I wasn’t listening for she somehow brought me back by asking, “Jacen, what do you think?”

I didn’t reveal my confusion and instead concentrated on Caelos trying to ignore his emotions and being firm, “Caelos, you should be at home.”

“I want to go with you Kirabaros. I want to help. Besides, my family moved in with my father’s family and I had to leave. The eldest boy clause.”

I knew that was a cover up. I knew that Caelos was close to his father but his father’s family wasn’t. I sensed it had to do with Caelos’ abilities. Revan and Darius were quiet as I turned to look at the mountains. I knew that even though Caelos was considered a man by tribal standards, war was not a time to be on your own. I knew I was going to be questioned later but I thought to hell with it. I turned towards Caelos and said, “Where we are going is a long journey and it is dangerous. If you come, will you listen to us and whatever we tell you?”

“Yes,” Caelos nodded. I think he was scared that I stared at him in that manner but I was being dead serious. Revan and Darius were sending waves of disapproval but I could sense amusement behind Revan, more like a memory. For an instant, a young girl, a blue Twi’lek flashed through my mind and she was being defiant in some way but it was funny. I barely could suppress a grin but managed to keep my stern look. I motioned for everyone to follow me and we headed towards our draigons. I mounted Lagos and reached down and pulled Caelos behind me. I looked at Revan and Darius and said, “You wouldn’t understand,” and gave Lagos the go to run and we headed up the trail.

The shadows were dancing like the devils from the fall festival held on the third night of the last lunar month. My eyes kept scanning the pass for any signs of bandits or rogue warriors that killed for pleasure. Caelos had fallen asleep, his head resting on my back, his breaths steadily and constantly keeping my back warm. Ever since we picked up Caelos, Revan and Darius hadn’t really spoken to me. I think they questioned my judgment or something. It didn’t occur to me that they had both noticed my spacing out and my constant insistence on seeing colors of every kind.

Darius broke the silence by asking, “Why do you insist that you are nothing special?”

It caught me off guard so I answered rather lamely, “Well…I do nothing worth all the attention.”

“Blast it! I heard what the tribes say about you. I learned from a Petronius that you are always the first to stave off disaster and your wife told me how you defied the laws of Mikkado to give the tribes an equal opportunity,” Darius responded. I could see where this was going; at least I thought I did. He continued, “What you did and what you are doing is for the benefit of your people. You are trying to unite peoples that have fought against each other for centuries under one banner. Who was it that suggested we even look for these special Jedi?”

I said nothing. I was actually dumbfounded by what he was saying. True I believed in justice and peace. Tergis taught me the Jedi Code first thing when he took me in. Then again how could I bare my soul about the events that led me to my way of thinking? Darius was still talking, “Against our judgment, you took in Caelos. You give of yourself as if you were candy. These warriors that you speak of in me, I never met him or rather I left that part of me behind. I had no choice but to take it up again when I returned to the Republic. To this day, my choices haunt me.”

“They haunt me too even though I don’t remember all of them,” Revan said softly. For some damn reason, her emotions kept invading my thoughts. It was almost as if we could share similar thoughts or rather emotions. Later this would save me in my greatest challenge during this war. I didn’t dwell on it for long and decided that this was better a time than any to tell about me. I began slowly, “You are more than I could be because you fought for what you believed in. I never really did that. It was the People that fought for what they wanted, equality.”

I held up my hand to stop Darius from talking. I had to say it now, “I don’t consider myself something because I was never told I was.”

“How can that be?” Revan asked softly. For some reason she was interested and I was curious as to why.

I responded, “I was orphaned at seven but before that, I…well…was the unwanted member in school.” I started to find it easier to talk because they were listening. They wanted to know why. I continued, “I was in a boarding school that was ran by the Argonons, the ones who oppressed the tribes. I was not one of them and they hated me. The boys subjected me to tortures that were childish now but painful emotionally and physically…” and my voice dropped. Lagos stopped to get water from the spring. The others followed. It was obvious that I wasn’t going to talk anymore.

I could feel Caelos stir but it was only to adjust himself to continue sleeping. I couldn’t blame him. He must have been following us for hours before we found him. After Lagos was satisfied, we continued on. I was anxious to reach the Tonshau Gate, the halfway point to the academy. Kapu looked tired but was stubborn, or loyal, I couldn’t decide which. He followed behind the three of us to keep a sharp eye. It was quiet; at least I thought it was. I was too busy listening to the surroundings for I had picked up a strange presence that was not friendly and yet felt familiar.

Camp was not much talkative either. Revan and Darius spent their time talking about times they shared. Caelos was sleeping near the fire. I had wandered to the lookout and sat there looking at the sky. Even though we were in the mountains, the stars were bright. I gazed at them remembering what Tergis told me about the stars being a beacon. It may not always be clear but it was there. I continued to sit there and gaze at the stars. All of a sudden, I was somewhere else…

The plains of Dantooine were grassy and peaceful. The Jedi enclave was a gentle edifice against an even gentler setting. I could see Jedi walking along the paths heading in for the night. I caught a glimpse of a couple by the bridge that ran across the river. I edged closer to take a look. I saw a man in a rather odd orange jacket standing next to a familiar shape. I just stood there and watched. I had a rather stupid grin or a smile on my face.

The scene changed back to my old nightmares but it was again different. The township was again on fire but Revan, Darius, Michaela and dozens of others that I had not met were staring at me. Then entered a hooded figure and next to him was, who was it? The next thing I knew, I was seeing carnage and blood and fire. All were dead. All were dead…

I woke up with a start to a gentle hand touching me. I looked up and stared into the dark brown eyes of Revan. Her long hair in a single braid fell over her shoulder and she had a look of concern on her face. The fire had long since gone out leaving the scene in darkness. I couldn’t get past the fact that it was she who came. I raised myself up from where I had fallen asleep and sat up. I asked, “What are you doing?”

“You were thrashing in your sleep. I thought I could help. I used to have these things. I still do,” was her reply.

That not being the answer that I wanted and being slightly cranky I repeated myself, “That’s not what I meant. What are you doing here? Why did you come here?”

I instantly regretted what I said for I felt sadness, a separation. It was getting on my last nerve and I started shouting, “Stop it will you! I feel the same way but do you have to make your point?!”

It was then I received a sharp pain to my shoulder and I fell over and off the rock. I landed with a hard thud on the ground. Twelve shadows came out brandishing their deadly swords. I grabbed my lightsaber and switched it on, its brilliant orange blazing in the night. Darius and Revan drew theirs showing a silver and yellow. I turned on the second blade to reveal my saber staff. I ignored my own pain and Force Jumped to get to Caelos who was scared. I grabbed him and flung him up onto a ledge. I narrowly missed the thrust one of the thugs had on me and his blade raked my ribs drawing blood.

Revan and Darius had paired up to watch each other’s back, a smart thing considering that these guys were not your average warrior. I caught a whiff of the language as one of them taunted me. It was the cursed branch of Avalonian, one only uttered by the foolish and those that followed the way of the darkness. I shouted that they were Rashikians and to watch it.

It seemed forever until we managed to drive them off. Kapu had managed to pummel a few with his spring attacks. At one point I was hit on my sore shoulder and I fell bringing my saber up to block the strike. The Rashikian struggled to bring my blade down to my throat and cursed at me in his language. I was getting angry and with a huge surge of the Force I sent them all flying. It was enough for they didn’t attack again and left us alone. I rolled onto my side and tried to staunch the bleeding on my side. I called out, “Everyone all right?”

Hearing confirmation of everyone, I stood up slowly grabbing my side. I tried to hold in the pain. The next thing I knew I was hearing a voice through the Force, Don’t hide it. Let me help you. In the darkness, I felt a small and slender hand on my side. I felt the effects of Force Healing. Aloud Revan said, “That should be enough to stop the bleeding but I’d be careful if I were you.”

I was sore but I nodded gratefully. Caelos crawled down from his ledge saying nothing. I think he realized what he was getting into and didn’t want to hear an ‘I told you so’ lecture. There was nothing really to be done for my robes so I left them alone. We decided to keep moving so we loaded up our draigons and took off. I wasn’t anxious to get going but I wanted to make sure that Caelos was safe and I sucked in my pain throughout the ride.

The nighttime journey was uneventful as the Rashikians didn’t show up. I thought it could be that we were getting closer to the academy. There was no time to dwell on it for the pain in my side was intense I felt like falling off. Revan had done enough so I wouldn’t go through shock but the pain and the soreness in my shoulder was still there and it was killing me, or was it her? I couldn’t tell for emotions were starting to run wild again as a fog came across us. Day was coming and the morning mist was coming in swirling around. Caelos must have been amusing himself by making it swirl around in circles. I didn’t notice as I was trying to control the torrent of emotions. It cleared as we crossed a bridge to reveal a temple like structure. We had arrived.

Renegade Puma
06-01-2006, 04:29 AM
Great stuff JM12! You are a very talented writer. :) I am a Cena fan BTW. Keep up the great work.

Diego Varen
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Good Chapter.

Jae Onasi
06-01-2006, 02:30 PM
Now that I've caught up on all my other projects, I've been able to catch up here, too. You've been busy! :)

As always, enjoyable reading. I love seeing all the little cultural details in addition to all the big ones.
The only thing I found distracting was when you dropped into more informal/slang speech, like 'these guys' instead of 'these men' or 'these people'. That's just because I view Jacen as a more formal kind of man, but ymmv.
I found the Conclave details interesting and can certainly feel Jacen's reticence at accepting his role in his world. Seeing him work through the insecurity is fascinating.

06-01-2006, 04:43 PM
Chapter 12: The Academy
I had a wave of nostalgic emotion, not of my own before falling off Lagos. I awoke to a gentle calm that I hadn’t felt in months. I sat up to find myself in a room that vaguely reminded me of my old room when Tergis trained me on Mikkado. I looked to find Revan reading a book. No one else was around. I was so uncomfortable that I wanted to bolt right then and there. I didn’t feel any feelings for her. It was more or less someone trying to be kind and I didn’t know how to take it.

She must have sensed my feelings for she put the book down and said, “Don’t worry. I made a promise to watch out for you. Besides, I have a love and I…miss him.”

I didn’t like seeing her cry so I tried to comfort her when I saw her tears fall and I felt I was being stupid. I replied, “Thank you. I…um…am sorry of what I said. I was just well…”

“You were compensating for a power that was manifesting itself at an inopportune moment,” a voice from the door sounded.

I turned to see someone who would be a mentor and a friend. He introduced himself as Tulre Halfraven and a leading master of the council of the academy. I had my left eyebrow cocked as if waiting for an explanation while at the same time I asked, “What power?”

Tulre just smiled and looked at me and came closer. He wore robes similar to that of the Jedi but they differed in certain ways. He answered my question, “One I hadn’t see in years.” Then seeing the confused look on my face, he explained, “This power manifests itself in emotions. It is extremely rare and even rarer when someone exhibits it to a degree such as you do.”

Still not convinced I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Surely you have noticed it: the colors you see but no one else can’t. You feel emotions not your own and for some reason, you formed an emotional attachment to one of your companions.”

I looked at Tulre with a look that said simply, ‘what?’ Tulre didn’t say anything as if giving me time to think. Everything he said was as if he had seen what I had seen and experienced. I looked at him and asked, “How…”

“Do I know? Once long ago a Jedi Knight came to these halls asking for my help. He claimed that he had a padawan that had a unique ability that had so far not shown significant degree but he believed that it may manifest to something more powerful. I came to a small academy on Mikkado where I met an eight year old boy who impressed me with his ability to guess what a person was feeling and taking that as if it were his own. The Jedi was a man called Tergis and his padawan was a boy called Jacen whom he affectionately called J.C.”

I searched my memory but I couldn’t recall seeing him. “I…I…”

“Don’t remember. I preferred it that way when I placed the mental blocks on you. It is not your fault that the bump to the head caused this.”

I was grateful but something was nagging at me. I asked, “What makes this different from Jedi ability?”

He chuckled slightly but seemed sad. He replied, “It is a Jedi ability but it is localized here in our system. Jedi sense emotions but you tend to act them out and they are often blurred between others and your own.” Seeing I was not convinced as I pulled on a tunic and sat on the edge of the bed to listen some more, he continued, “It is the belief of many of the older masters, including me, that this place is where the Force began. It is said that the planets themselves were created by the Force for those who needed refuge. Of course being that we are sentients, there is no avoiding potential conflicts as they occur in other parts of the galaxy. This academy is one of five that train students in the ways of the Jedi but also in the ancient combat traditions and honor codes of our people.”

“Then how did the Jedi form in the Republic?” the question came from Revan.

I glanced at her and saw that she had a lively interest in this. I thought that maybe it had to do with the evil that she was chasing. Surprisingly I answered, “Possibly to find other Force sensitive and establish more academies. It could have been possible that they lost the ability to find this place.” Sounded like nonsense but I couldn’t figure out any other way to account for the fact that some people knew where Avalon was and others didn’t, especially our own people. Then it occurred to me and I asked Revan, “How did you find this place?”

She seemed taken aback and she seemed to think hard about it. She replied, “I don’t know. What I remember of being Darth Revan, I never remembered this system nor ever heard of it. After I was redeemed, I kept getting this image of this planet in my head and a set of hyperspace coordinates. After that I found you and Michaela, this planet.”

Tulre said nothing but I could sense that he was thinking of something. Instead he said, “Well I suppose you’ll be hungry. Your other companions are fine. When you are ready you can speak to the council. The mess is down the hall and on your left. There is some attire for you in that footlocker there in the corner,” and he turned and left.

It was a lot to take in about what I had learned of myself and the place that I called home. I glanced about the halls as I walked through them eating a piece of fruit and Revan following or rather walking beside me. I never noticed how small she was nor how pretty. She was slender with dark hair that came down in a long braid. Her Jedi robes reminded me of Tergis’; they were dark, pristine and not a piece out of place. I guess she noticed me looking at her for she said, “You are just as bad as Carth.”

Embarrassed I said, “Well I…my mind was too preoccupied to notice a good warrior.”

“Please. If you were any more obvious, your eyeballs would be falling out by now,” she said smiling. Then on a serious note she asked, “I hope you don’t sense any of my emotions.”

“No. In fact I think Tulre did something so I can’t feel them like I did.” Then stopping and looking her in the eye I saw her memories of her and her pilot. I brushed it aside and said, “I meant what I said. I am sorry about what I said that night. I miss my love too. I could sense the regret that you had when you left him behind.” I saw the tears starting to brim and I wanted to give her a hug or something. Instead I said, “Hey Pretty Girl don’t start. I’m trying to be understanding here.”

She smiled and started to chuckle. Where did the heck did that come from? I thought to myself. She responded. “Thanks. You have sense of humor there. Too bad I don’t have a name for you unless I can call you Kirabaros.” With that, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and turned to walk down the hall. She turned and said, “By the way. I think the council is ready to see us.”

“Well that didn’t take long did it?” Darius said over an evening meal, “Though I do wonder why it took them two months to tell us anything.”

“I think they knew we’d be coming to ask for help,” I replied. Caelos wasn’t with us. He had been taken in by the academy and they wanted him to get to know the others better. I had smiled when I learned that. What was even better was the fact that Tulre had begun showing me how to control my ability these past two months. It came so easily and yet it worried me that it might not be so easy under stress. I think that was one of the reasons they kept us and the other being that they needed to alert the other Jedi. I said nothing about my thoughts to anyone but for some reason Revan asked me about it.

“Possibly,” Revan replied, “they are difficult to sense in their intentions. Besides maybe they know something we don’t.” It was directed mainly at me and I could tell when she gave me a piercing stare with her pretty brown eyes.

I was pinching the bridge of my nose trying to stifle a yawn. I excused myself and walked out to walk the balcony. I was unaware that I was being followed until I heard a voice that said, “The new robes suit you.”

“Thanks. I just needed to be alone for awhile.”

Revan approached and put her petite hand on my shoulder, “For some reason you can’t hide everything from me. You are worried about your ability, your dreams, and this war. It eats you alive.”

True that was what I was feeling. I turned to face her and met her dark brown eyes and said, “My nightmares have just begun. This is something far worse than the Mandalorian wars or any other war. It is out for revenge on me.”

“How do you know?”

“I felt a familiar presence. It’s come for me and I fear that it may be my fault if my home is destroyed because of me. Sooner or later, I have to face it.”

“Not alone. You can’t stand against a whole army by yourself,” she was confused.

“Not an army. One person.” I sounded like a broken holovid or something but it made sense to me. The nauseous feelings and the memories from my childhood, it made sense. My past was catching up to me.

Understandingly Revan gripped my shoulders, looked into my eyes and said, “I know that feeling. I thought I had to fight alone too. Carth didn’t want to hear any of it either and that was why I left without telling him and I have regretted every single day. I see now that this is bigger than anything I thought possible. You showed me that and Darius did too when he came when he did. Only together can we succeed.” She then released me and stood back. She then said softly, “But I see that you need time to think,” and she turned and walked away.

I was astounded by what she said to me. It was as if she knew me better than I did myself at times but then I realized that I was exactly how she was, at least when it came to shouldering burdens. She was trying to stop me before it was too late and to not leave behind the best things in life. Even though I couldn’t feel anything at the moment, I could tell that her voice was full of regret. I wanted to do something for her but I needed to think. I took a glimpse at the stars and closed my eyes.

I recalled some of the lessons that Tergis taught me long ago. Everything needs cooperation like sun and rain. So different and yet by working together they create harmony and life. I continued to listen to the winds and didn’t notice that Tulre had come up from behind until he placed a hand on my shoulder. He said, “Tergis was right. You do have great talent.”

“He said that about anyone who needed encouragement,” I replied.

“True but he saw something in you. By the way, the little lady you were traveling with had a sad look on her face.”

“Regret. Regret about leaving him behind.”

“And what are you going to do to deal with the emotions when you leave this place and have to take care on your own?”

I stared at the landscape intently and didn’t say anything at first. Tulre was waiting for an answer so I said, “I won’t.” I turned to look at Tergis. I repeated myself, “I won’t have to because I am going to Republic space. I will some how put the Republic on alert about this threat.”

“Or are you doing this for her?”

“Both. I realized that after conclave, councils are ineffective. I mean the formality of it. We can’t pretend that nothing is happening.”

“Yes but if you rush into this, you could become her.”

“I won’t.”

“Why not?”

“I won’t because I love her.”

“You love her?”

“Yes, as a sister and a friend.” I looked at Tulre. I asked humbly, “Will you help me?”

He led me down the hall towards the hangar bay. Kapu followed us after spending his time running through the grounds. Once in the hangar bay, Tulre pointed to a sleek fighter ship being attended to by a strange little astromech that bleeped when he saw us. He looked like he was once top of the line but it looked like he had taken some damage. Tulre said, “That’s T3-M4. Our scouts found him wandering around the Manago Forest. Where he’s from, I have no idea.”

“Can he fly in a fighter?”

The droid beeped an affirmation and then made softer beeps as Kapu went up and started sniffing. Tulre replied, “Does that answer your question? Now this ship is different from Republic classes so I doubt that you may be greeted as a friendly.”

“That’s good. As long as it can fly and fight if necessary.”

“If you do this, remember that home can not be easily found.”

I nodded my thanks and left to grab what was left of my stuff. I stopped to check on Darius and Revan who were sound asleep. I gave a quick peck on Revan’s cheek and whispered softly, “I’ll be back. Just hold the line.” I didn’t know why I said it but I felt it was necessary.

The fighter was ready to go when I got back and T3 was ready to go. Kapu looked sad that he couldn’t go but Tulre opened a compartment for him and he climbed in. He looked at me and said, “May the Force be with you.”

I nodded and lifted off heading for Republic space. I did not know what I would find there but I hoped I would at least find him.

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Good Chapter as always.

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Chapter 13: The Diaries of the Jedi
The following are journal entries that I have recovered from that time after I left the Avalon system. Actually some were recovered and others were given to me to tell this tale.


We had found the academy after being attacked by the enemy. Jacen collapsed after we arrived from being in pain and was out for a day or two. I sat waiting for him to wake up and thought about the comments he shouted at me before. It was as if he knew what I was feeling or something. It had to take a master of the academy to explain why.

The grounds were quite beautiful, much like what I remembered at Dantooine. I stayed with Jacen for reasons that I could guess at. It wasn’t as if I had feelings for him, well I did but not the kind that I still hold for my Carth. I miss him so; the way he used to hold me at night, the kisses. I realize that my feelings must have been driving him crazy though he is too much of a gentleman to say so, except for that night he had that nightmare. Then that attack, he leaped into battle as if it were an old friend and the fact that he had suffered through that rake to the ribs. He is extraordinary and I can see why Michaela loves him and why she asked me to watch out for him.

These last two months have been settling and made me realize that I wasn’t alone. At least I could point that out to Jacen. When we were talking, he seemed more at peace. I guess that work that Master Tulre did with him helped. We joked a bit and I think he was embarrassed when he called me ‘Pretty Girl.’ I admit at that moment I was reminded of Carth when he used to tease me and call me his pet names. I also felt a strange attachment, as if we were family or something. I guess it had to do with the emotional bond that he formed after that incident after conclave. That night, he sounded desperate or something, kind of like how I used to have my dreams and wouldn’t tell Carth about them. I had been chasing those dreams and nightmares for four years and end up meeting someone at the end of the road. Truth be told, I came upon a person who is starting down this same path I came down. I wanted to tell him straight out but there are some things one must find out for themselves…


I admit I was impressed with the academy but I was more peeved with Jacen. He never takes claim for anything unless it is disaster but prefers to sit back and let others take the credit. It makes me so damned ashamed in that he is so selfless and so caring. He took in the boy Caelos against the possibility of danger and now the boy is being trained. He gives out kindness as if it were candy. I hope to be able to understand how his people think.

I admit that I was rather annoyed that Revan seemed to have feelings for him but I was mistaken. They seem to be alike in many ways that it is disturbing. I don’t know why he doesn’t trust us because he never goes into much detail about his past. Then again I never told my friends much either. Not even her. Did she ever go back to Katarr or did she stay with the others? It was only a few months ago that we were aboard the Ravager trying to destroy her former master and save Telos. I still think of her and it seemed that Jacen seemed to know but he never said anything. Tomorrow we’ll be heading out with VERY large contingent of Jedi Knights. Jacen was right. There were more Jedi than what I had known before my exile.


Looked for Jacen but he was not here. His bed wasn’t even slept in. I touched my cheek and had a sudden flash of him pecking my cheek and saying something like, “Hold the line.” I don’t what that means but I feel as if I let Michaela down. Worse I feel that he has started down the same route I had as I remembered our conversation last night. Kapu was not there either and I assumed that he went with his master. Wherever Jacen is surely Kapu will be there.

We started out after having breakfast and headed back. We had just received a transmission that the Rashikians were again attacking and trying to lay siege to Tyan-yu. I knew right away that was bad but something wasn’t right. The line was holding almost as if it were a distraction of some sort. I don’t like this. Maybe what Jacen said is right.

We were able to arrive just in time to drive away the Rashikians. They were the same thugs that had attacked us on the way to the academy. I noticed that our new Jedi friends fought like they did, with equal power and strength but I could sense the use of the Force as well. The battle was rather short and we won but our forces were exhausted. The men were huddled around the campfires tired and almost dispirited as I walked by to Michaela’s tent to tell her.

She took the news of Jacen’s departure fairly well but I sensed a change in her or maybe it was there before and I didn’t notice. I wouldn’t doubt it if she were trying to hide something from everyone. Also it was obvious that she was extremely emotional and I wondered if that was how Carth felt when I left without saying anything four years ago. Does he forgive me? I almost started to cry myself and apologize but she just put a finger to her lips. I remained quiet as she motioned for me to follow her to the herder queen’s tent. There she told me something that brought out a different side of me. I hope that Jacen will come back soon. He so needs to hear this.

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That must be the shortest Chapter you've ever wrote. Good though.

06-02-2006, 08:13 PM
The diaries are always short because they are certain points in time. :D
Glad you liked it though.

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As always I'm enjoying the reading.
I got lost momentarily when you switched to 2 months later at the academy--I put a few asterisks in when I'm doing a scene or time break so that people know I'm moving on to something else (which I think is the convention but I'm not 100% sure).
The relationship between JC and Revan was interesting--I was beginning to wonder about those 2, you know.
Of course, now I have to hear Michaela's news, though I have my suspicions. :)

06-03-2006, 03:07 AM
Of course. Wait and see. ;)

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Chapter 14: Old Wounds and Memories
Republic space. I never thought I would see the sights again. Telos was just ahead with Citadel Station hovering above it. I sat back in my seat and just gazed at the planet as we approached. T3 beeped to bring me out of my reverie. I answered, “You know where to land?”


“Alright then guide the ship in,” I replied.

T3 was a resourceful little guy and he seemed to know where to go. If I didn’t know any better he had been there before. I had no idea what to expect so I pulled my hood over. It didn’t look like traditional Jedi robes so I thought that I might be able to get away with it. I ejected T3 and opened the cargo hold for Kapu and got out of the fighter. I decided to leave my lightsaber in the fighter to prevent any unnecessary unpleasantness. We left the hangar bay and headed for the shuttle to take us to the entertainment module.

The cantina was loud and full of people. I left T3 and Kapu outside since I didn’t know how people would react to a wolf and a droid inside a cantina. I left my hood up for I wanted to be left alone while I conducted my search. I passed the pazaak tables and watched a bit as the players played for high stakes. I passed these guys and headed straight for the bar. I stood at the counter and ordered a gentle alcohol drink. I stood there and just sipped my drink when a young punk came up and asked, “You wanna buy some spice sticks?”

I used my Jedi mind trick, “You don’t want to sell me spice sticks.”

Almost mechanically he replied, “I don’t wanna sell ya spice sticks.”

“You want to go home and think about your life.”

“I wanna go home and think about my life,” and he took off. I smiled and continued to sip my drink. I could sense through the drunkenness that many people came here to drown out their sorrows and pain. A typical thing I guess. Getting drunk always seemed to stop the pain even if it was only temporary.

I was minding my business when a female Twi’lek tapped my shoulder and asked in a seductive voice, “Hey handsome. What’s a fellow like you doin’ in a place like this all alone?”

“Just mindin’ my business,” I replied. I could smell powerful alcohol on her and I didn’t want to get into any entanglements.

Apparently she wasn’t satisfied with my answer and she leaned in close. She made her lips turn into a pout and said, “Come on handsome. Surely we could have a little fun?” and she placed her arms around my neck.

I took her hands and was trying to unclasp them from my neck when I received a rude shove from my left. We both tripped and she fell and I gripped the counter to keep from falling over. I heard a gruff voice say, “Talkin’ to my girl?”

I straightened my hood and looked to find a rather angry and slightly drunk human staring at me and holding a blaster pointed at me. I stood up slowly and tried to calm him down, “I was just having a drink here and I told her I didn’t want company.”

“Did ya? It looked like you wanted something,” and he poked his blaster at my middle.

“Sir, you don’t want to do that.” A crowd had started to form around us and I had the unpleasant feeling that this was not going to go down well. I silently wanted to curse myself for leaving my lightsaber behind but I was convinced that it was for the best. From what I had learned from Darius, Jedi were not very welcome at this point. I forced my self to remain calm and maintained my strong posture. The Twi’lek woman who had fallen had stood up and had moved away slightly.

The bully grabbed her by the arm and pulled her viciously to him. He sneered at me and said, “Don’t do what? You afraid to get a little down and dirty?” He again jabbed the weapon at me.

Maintaining my calm, I spoke, “Sir, I don’t want to cause a problem. This incident is not worth the effort. Let me get you another drink,” and I made a motion to summon the bartender. What happened next probably was somewhat for the best.

The human then grabbed me and threw me across the room and into a table. He aimed his blaster at me. I made a charge to disarm him using the hand-to-hand maneuvers that Cronus taught me in addition to lightsaber forms. Once I managed to wrench the blaster away from his hand, I was greeted with a punch across the face that sent me to the floor. The angry human jumped on top of me and began to punch me wherever he could make a contact. I blocked most of his blows but he managed to get a few in.

We managed to get to our feet and he pushed me away. Somehow he managed grab a hold of a few bottles and began to throw them at me. I managed to duck and my hood came off in the process. He then grabbed something heavier, a chair and ran at me swinging. I tried ducking but he gave me a good clout at my ribs. I then grabbed it and flung it away but he gave me another good punch. I fell and landed on the ground. He jumped on me and tried to strangle me.

At that moment, the authorities came in and began trying to break it up. At that instant, Kapu came running in, as always to my rescue and gave the guy a huge bite on his rear. The drunk stood up and tried to make a swipe, but Kapu growled at him and bared his teeth. The TSF pointed their guns at us and told us to stand down and that we were being arrested for disturbing the peace. I was still on the ground trying to get up while my ribs burned like fire. I guessed that they may have been broken but I guess that was nothing compared to my face, which was starting to welt where he hit me.

The lieutenant of the TSF told the both of us to put our hands up. Kapu was growling. I said softly, “Kahae, washte washte,” and he calmed down and laid down. He still gave a low growl in his throat. I winced slightly as I raised my hands and indicated that I had nothing in my hands. One of the officers slapped some cuffs on my wrists and led us both out. Kapu submitted to a collar and followed. As we were leaving, I noticed T3 hiding and waiting to follow. I had no idea what was going to happen. I thought to my self, Great. Your first day here and already you are going to prison.

“You will stay here until we can sort out the mess in the cantina,” the lieutenant known as Dol Grenn said to us as he activated the force cages. A chain in the wall restrained Kapu and I could tell he didn’t like it. He laid down with his head on his forepaws and just gazed at the door. I winced as I sat on the ground of my cell and replaced my hood on my head. I noticed a small cut on the top of my wrist, which I healed quietly using Force Heal. I painfully drew my knees up and wrapped my arms around my legs and placed my head down on my knees.

The drunk was mad and was saying, “Grrr. When I get out of here I’m gonna rip your head off.”

I ignored him and just closed my eyes to try and sleep my pain off. As I dozed I began to hear whispers through the Force. Mostly they were lessons that Tergis taught me growing up. They were more of a comfort as I sat there in that position for what seemed like hours than staring at the wall. Gradually the pain dulled to a bearable level but it was still there. I didn’t say anything about it. In fact I remained silent the entire time.

It must have been a whole day or something when Lieutenant Grenn came back in the room. Kapu lifted his head but didn’t move. I just raised my head and placed my chin on my knees so I could hear what he had to say. He deactivated my cage and said, “Due to the security recordings that we recovered we discovered that you did not throw the first punch nor start the fight. Therefore, you are to be released and placed under house arrest until you can be summoned to the Telosian government council and your identity confirmed.”

I just looked at the lieutenant and motioned my head towards Kapu. He apparently caught my meaning and replied, “Yes, he will be released too but he is to be kept tethered at all times. If you just come with me, we will get your paperwork sorted out.”

I slowly lifted myself to a standing position. I must have winced from my ribs for the lieutenant said, “Why don’t we do that later and get you to the medbay.”

I never made it to where he was standing. I woke up on a bed hearing a voice talk to the lieutenant. It was more of a scolding as to why I wasn’t given any medical treatment sooner. It gave me a headache and I think my moaning distracted them. I sat up only to be restrained and told that I needed to be examined. I resisted because I was getting tired of being manhandled and touched. I voiced out, “Just leave me alone. I want to leave.”

“Calm down there,” the doctor said.

I jumped to my feet and made way for the door. I turned to the lieutenant and said, “Just show me where to go so I can get this mess over with.”

Seeing that I was that insistent, the lieutenant summoned one of his officers and instructed them to take me to the apartment. I didn’t see the officer in the shadows watching me nor did I sense his emotions for I was thoroughly annoyed. Kapu was waiting outside the apartment along with T3. How he managed to find me, I had no idea. I got the feeling that this little droid was capable of a lot of things. The officer left me alone in the apartment with my companions.

The apartment was simply furnished, almost as if it were a rest point. Along the wall was a communicator for the most part being silent. I ran my fingers along the furniture and the communicator. I got a sudden vision of Darius, a fool and an old woman resting in here. I realized that Darius must have come here and stayed here before. I removed my hand from the surface of the comm and moved towards the window. I slowly sat in the same position as I had in the cell and fell asleep and hoped that this would be over soon. Kapu nestled next to me and T3 took position near the comm and all was quiet.

“Hmm. I thought you’d be a little more older up close and personal,” a gruff voice sounded.

I woke up and looked up to see an old bald man with kind eyes and a gray-white beard standing and staring down at me. I cocked my left eyebrow but didn’t say anything. I could sense that he meant no harm and apparently Kapu didn’t either for he was still snoozing by me. I didn’t move but gazed into those eyes that looked as if he were judging me. When I didn’t say anything he said, “I see you are not a talkative thing judging by how still you are. Heck a tach would have eaten you by now. Maybe it will make you a willing listener. I never thought I’d see the day when a Jedi would get himself involved in a bar fight. Yes, yes I know you are a Jedi. You send it out like a viper kinrath tail gland.”

An amused grin spread across my face as I listened to him. I had a sudden flash of this same old man five years earlier telling someone that he was old and allowed to be enigmatic. I guess it annoyed him slightly for he said, “So now I am amusing to you. You’re just as bad as someone I knew,” and his voice drifted. I removed my grin and sat up straighter to show that I was willing to listen. He continued, “I don’t know why you are here or where you came from but I am guessing that is not happy news.”

The old man talked some more but I was getting drowsy. I guess he could see that for he muttered, “Inconsiderate little…” I feel back asleep. I don’t know if it was a dream or something but I do remember feeling exhausted and I just couldn’t take the rambling anymore. So I slept, for how long? I don’t know but I do remember waking up or something.

A fool was approaching an old woman. He said, “Explain something to me.”

“I do not have the years required nor the desire to entertain you.”

“He’s a Jedi right? I thought they were supposed to be tough, capable.”

“Yes and what are they without the Force? Take the greatest Jedi Knight and strip away the Force. They rely on it depend on it more than they know. Watch as one tries to hold a blaster or a lightsaber and you see nothing more than a man, a woman or a child”

“But to lose so much…”

“He has been gone from war for quite some time. It is conflict that strengthens us and isolation that erodes us. Add that he turned away from war, did everything to forget it and the last piece clicks into place. But we have spoken enough of this and we do a great disservice to him by not speaking of it when he is present.”

The image faded and I heard a noise and a voice…

Lt. Grenn had entered just as I opened my eyes. I stood slowly allowing my stiff muscles to stretch. I adjusted my hood as he said, “We have further investigated and you are not to be charged. You are free to leave when you wish. Your ship is waiting in the hangar and will be released as soon as you fill out the paperwork.”

I gave no response and he didn’t expect any so he turned and left. I stifled a slight yawn and tied a rope to Kapu’s collar, courtesy of the TSF. T3 warbled that he was ready to go. We left the apartment and headed to the TSF headquarters to pick up my ship. For some reason I wanted to get off that planet, mainly because of that dream/vision I had. The other was that there was a constant haze of uneasiness throughout the station. It looked and felt thick.

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This must be about the Exile. I liked that time you used the line from AotC. Can't wait for more.

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Oh yeah. Jacen finds out quite a bit. Will post the next chapter soon.

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Jolee's his own man, and I have no doubt that lots of people have fun things for him to say. :D

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Chapter 15: Diaries of the Jedi Part II
Some more journal entries that I had been able to recover. These were all in regard to my ‘imprisonment.’

It has been a month since Jacen had left and the war is going poorly for us. We have had as many as six battles but they have left our forces drained and in despair. We were lucky that there were no space battles yet. I can’t imagine the fact of facing another bombardment like the one that rained down on us after conclave nor do I look forward to the prospect of fighting as I did during the Mandalorian Wars and the war against Malak.

The battles themselves perplex me to some degree, actually a great deal. Every time we have engaged the Rashikians, they attack, fighting fiercely as if with the intent to conquer but then they pull back but not without inflicting heavy casualties to our troops. Looking at these battles in hindsight, I think this is a deliberate attempt to weaken us for a final battle. I can’t help but wonder if Jacen was right about what he said before he left, that it was coming for him, whatever it was. I asked Master Tulre what he meant by it but the master just shook his head and said that there are some things that never truly leave us. That they were always one step behind us and if we didn’t confront them, they would come after us. This I cannot understand and yet I do. I there are some things that I remember doing when I was a Sith Lord that haunt me still but I can’t imagine them physically hunting me. It is disturbing…

During our last battle, Darius was wounded but not too bad. Naomi has a remarkable skill at healing as well as those from the other tribes. Darius will have a slight scar on his shoulder but other than that he will be fine. Others were not so lucky. Not a day goes by when I walk past the tents that I heard the soft songs of death coming from the people. How they still manage to sing the soul to the netherworld in a time like this is beyond rational thought. I personally think that it is a great strength within. Then again, they have been fighting for years before I came and they know what to expect, death. I know this must be hard on Darius considering that he too had changed but since Malachor V. This war will change all of us. Even if we do defeat the great evil, it will still come. If one thing that I learned from Tulre it was that everything needs to be in balance. You can’t have one without the other. Funny how the Jedi on Dantooine and Coruscant viewed things in a similar fashion.

Today was another drill for the soldiers and a day of meditating for the Jedi. It was annoying to do but the warriors place a great emphasis on being prepared and ready to fight. Huh, just like Canderous and my bloodthirsty droid. I wonder how they are faring considering that Darius had left them behind along with the Ebon Hawk. That ship has so many memories in it now. A cruel thought entered my head as to what would happen if Jacen should set foot in that ship but I chastised myself. That was not a kind thing but I thought it slightly amusing when he was angry or did something funny because he couldn’t distinguish the difference. It made him less reserved and more open. Golly he was just as bad as Carth when I first tried to open up with him. Just the mere thought of our fights then can make me mad and laugh.

Michaela is doing fine. She has been working hard for the past month helping when she can and caring for the wounded. I get the feeling that she would rather be out there fighting alongside the men but she took it with such grace. I often had to scold her along with Nayana and Naomi about watching what she was doing and to take it easy. It makes me wonder if I was ever that bad with Carth. I don’t know but I grow more worried not just for Michaela but for the others who couldn’t fight. They were the most vulnerable and I wonder how we would be ever able to protect them.

I could sense the boy right before I even met him. He was like a beacon crying out through the Force and yet such a strange beacon. Hmm, I don’t know if he is too clever or too dumb especially the way he got into that bar fight. I shouldn’t be too hard on the boy. At least he’s got a backbone when standing up to a challenge.

When I first met him, he looked like a brown covered lump huddled by the wall with his pet beside him. At first I thought the thing was going to bite me but all it did was just acknowledge my presence, much like the inattentive youth sitting on the ground. When I finally managed to get him to wake up he looked at me with a set of green eyes with flecks of gold dancing near the pupils. I admit that I was stunned by the look of them. He never removed his hood but I could see a faint scar on his left eyebrow that was noticeable when he cocked it at me. He was brown haired with two stray locks. I wanted to chuckle a bit as that reminded me of Carth. Bah, enough with the sentiments. I had enough when he told us that she had left.

I just talked to him trying to draw some sort of response from the boy but he remained silent. Personally I thought he would be a mouthy little thing like she was when I first met her. He just gazed at me with them eyes. He didn’t even flinch when I mentioned that I knew he was a Jedi though he did have the nerve to chuckle at me. I could see that he knew something; it was in his eyes. For a minute I thought that I saw his thoughts or a vision, bah. What do I know? More likely it was something that I was hoping for. Anyway, I could tell he was not a Jedi in the traditional sense of the word and I made a mention note to mention it to Carth. At least I won’t go half senile about this.

When I saw that he was getting sleepy and yawning at me, I wrapped it up. I spent a good twenty minutes talking to him and he yawns at me! Funny thing was he didn’t even move from his position. He had his knees drawn up and his arms wrapped around them and his head on his knees. That would have my old limbs cry out for a stretch. Young people. I sighed and left his apartment, making sure that the guards didn’t remember me. I went directly to Carth and told him what I found out. I could tell that he would have barged in and done and interrogation but I was more cautious. I told the sonny to hold on and just watch him. Somehow I had a feeling that he was here for a reason and I wanted to be certain of it.

After speaking to Carth I went to the docks. I had a feeling that the lad would have wanted to leave as soon as he could. Who could blame him? I will say this though, when I saw him fight in the cantina, he was really something. I had never seen such a good fight, except for maybe Canderous. Hehe. Now I have a good memory of the brute even though I never saw eye to eye with him.

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I quote Jolee here by saying, "Bah enough of my ramblings, I can't wait for the next Chapter."

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I had fun reading Jolee's little comments. :)

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Thanks Jae. We'll see what I can do. I try to think about it. I guess what I was tryin get at was that they all seem to understand one another and yet they don't. Let's see what else pops up.

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Chapter 16: Meetings and Distrust
As soon as I was able, I took off and decided to head for NarShadaa. I don’t know why but I had remembered that Darius mentioned NarShadaa when he had arrived. I figured that might be a good place to refuel and get some provisions considering that it is the smuggler’s moon. T3 warbled that it would be a good place. I think the little guy knew something that I didn’t about this place.

When we approached the smuggler’s moon, T3 beeped in excitement. He had located a landing pad with a ship and was telling me to set down there. I saw that there was plenty of room for the both of us so I brought the fighter down. I was perfectly willing to let T3 call a few shots here in the Outer Rim since I hadn’t been here in years. I landed without so much as a hitch and released the hatch for Kapu and T3. I stood up and jumped out. This time I was going to play it smart and take my lightsaber.

I had just locked the cockpit and started walking towards the main part of the sector when I was stopped by a, “Hey you!”

I turned to see a dark haired man that I instantly recognized as the fool in my dream on Telos. He was wearing grey Jedi robes and was holding a hydrospanner as if he were trying to make repairs. I was going to say something when a droid came out wielding a huge blaster and said, “Query: Is there someone that needs to be killed Fool Meatbag?”

When I heard the word ‘meatbag’ I busted out with a laugh that clearly started to annoy the dark haired fool. T3 bleeped from behind me and the droid with the blaster stood down not without saying, “Statement: The Handsome Meatbag is a friend. Apparently a friend of the Master.”

I didn’t miss the ‘handsome’ part and thought that this psycho droid had a sense of humor but just how much was something that I would find out later. I was still chuckling when the dark haired man said, “All right stop. What in space are you doing with that T3 unit? Who are you?”

I knew better than to tease but I couldn’t resist, “I found him. He led me to a fool and a psycho droid.”

“Statement: The Handsome Meatbag has a sense of humor. An admirable quality. Much like my Master,” and the thing sighed.

“Thank you,” I said with a mock serious look. Then being gentle I answered his question, “I’m Jacen Credo and the wolf is Kapu. As to the T3 unit, he came with my ship. What’s it to you?”

“Well I’m Atton. Atton Rand and I have been trying to fix this bucket of bolts ever since Darius left. Now that you brought our T3 unit back, we can get this rust bucket space worthy and burn sky.”

T3 began to shrilly beep. Apparently he didn’t want to leave me, or something. Half of the beeps were protest and others were cussing that had me shocked. I stopped it by saying, “Alright T3. You’re not going anywhere. I’m sure we can work something out.”

“Hey something wrong?” a voice sounded from the ramp.

“Statement: An altercation was about to happen between the Fool Meatbag and the Handsome Meatbag though sadly it did not get bloody.”

“Stay out of it Mira.”

“Ya know Atton if you were a little more nicer someone would dump you out of an airlock,” the woman, Mira replied.

I could see that this could be an awkward situation so I tried to calm everyone down by saying, “Look I don’t want any trouble. My T3 unit…”

“Your T3 unit? That’s our T3 unit,” the dark haired man known as Atton interrupted.

I responded, “My T3 unit indicated that this was the landing pad to land on. If I intruded on your space, then I’ll move my ship elsewhere. Either that or I could probably help you fix the ship and earn my spot.”

“No dice,” Atton said. Apparently he was trying to square me up and see what I was going to do. Damn Darius. You never told me how tender hooked your friends were.

Mira by now had made her way down the ramp of the freighter looking at me. She was rather petite but I could tell that looks could be deceiving. She was well built and physically fit as if she may have been a warrior or a bounty hunter or something. Her orange red hair was like the crystals used for the unique lightsabers and her eyes and interesting shade of brown. She interrupted my thoughts when she said, “Well one thing is for certain, HK knows a good man when he sees one.” She then looked at me as if to size me up. She then asked, “Just what are you doing here, Handsome?”

To be honest I was rather taken aback by the coming on by various women. I didn’t want to get into another mess like on Telos so I just backed away slowly as if I wanted to bolt. When I was what a sure safe distance away, I said, “I am looking for someone. Maybe you can help?”

“Sure but why did you move away? Afraid I’m gonna jab ya with a Bothan stunner?” Mira asked a bit playfully. I could tell then that she used her beauty to capture her targets. It was actually quite amusing.

Atton was actually impatient and tried to make a move for T3. Needless to say, Kapu broke the ice by giving a lunge that had Atton fall backwards and into a can of grease that he had been working with. Kapu was still growling and barking. Apparently he thought that little droid was his and he aimed to defend it. Mira was laughing at Atton covered in grease and T3 was beeping doing what I think was laughing as well. While they were laughing, they didn’t notice the shadows creeping up on us. The presence was familiar, like what happened on the mountain trail.

I think I startled them when I made a huge Force Jump, igniting my lightsaber in the process and started swinging at the air. When I struck one of our attackers on the arm, he reappeared. I recognized him as a Rashikian and proceeded to make the other four appear. By the time this occurred, Atton and Mira had their lightsabers out and were swinging them at their attackers. The stench of burnt flesh and grease penetrated my nose like a bad stink of Bantha poodoo. This group was a lot tougher to beat as they dodged our strikes and laid down powerful ones of their own. I remember growing tired as I locked my blade with the Rashikian’s sword. With were both pressing hard against each other and our blades were crossed at an angle allowing us to look at each other’s face.

The Rashikian gave a menacing, evil smile and said in the corrupted language, “He was right. You are strong. You have fear, anger, hate and yet you don’t use them. They are buried deep.” Then in Avalonian he said, “You don’t think you can defeat us and what is to come,” and with a hard shove he pushed me back onto the ground. With a flip, I jumped up and twirled my double bladed saber and got into position. He was amused that I was persistent and came at me swinging hard. I played it smart and he played into my hands. With deft twists, I had cut the arm off wielding the sword and he fell to the ground. I stood there looking at him and shut my blade off and kneeled to look him in the eye.

By this time, Atton, Mira, and to some extent the psycho killer droid managed to down the other three. I think Kapu helped for he was growling but whimpering at some point. They joined me as I was kneeling next to the Rashikian. I demanded that he tell me who was the he and why was he following me in Avalonian. All he did was laugh and say in Basic, “No matter where you run it will find you. We are everywhere; we are watching you. He is watching you,” and he injected himself with a poison I didn’t see and he died.

I stood up slowly and looked at the body. All that came out of my mouth was, “They are here.”

The common room of the Ebon Hawk, as the stock freighter was called, was a little cozy in that ship way. I was sitting at the table with Kapu at my feet. His shoulder was stitched up and on the mend, nothing serious. T3 was going about making repairs. I was actually thinking about what the Rashikian had said. It couldn’t be true. Could they have infiltrated the Republic without them knowing? Why are they showing themselves now? Why?

“I told you he’s mental,” Atton was saying. I broke out of my reverie to hear him say, “Mental.”

“Shut up Atton. He probably knows what that thing was and what it was saying,” Mira was saying.

I turned to see the two of them arguing. I rolled my eyes and stood up. Softly I said, “Yes I do know. He is from where I am from.”

“Really. Why should we even trust you? After all you talk like them, you stole our T3 unit…”

“He knows where Darius is,” a sultry voice sounded. A woman with a veil over her eyes approached us. She came right up to me and turned her head to look at my face. She spoke again, “He knows where he is and,” she touched my cheek, “he knows that the enemy is here.”

There was actually a dumbfounded silence from everyone. I was slightly mesmerized by this woman dressed in dark magenta clothing and her veil was something of a mystery. I had closed my eyes when she touched my cheek and I reached out with my senses. I then saw her as she was. I opened my eyes and saw that I was getting a strange look from everyone. I just said, “What? I never met a Miraluka before nor did I meet someone attached to Darius.”

Apparently that broke the ice and I answered questions as to the whereabouts of Darius and what not. They seemed sad that I couldn’t just give them the coordinates to my home. I couldn’t because a matter needed to get settled and the sooner that I found Carth or whoever was in charge of the fleet, the better. I made apologies and explained that I had to warn the Republic with Atton snickering at me. I started to head to my fighter and T3 started to beep sadly. I could tell that he was torn between staying and going. I swear the little droid had more of an attachment issue than me. I told him he could stay and I couldn’t help but make the snide comment at Atton, “At least you’ll get the Hawk working better than the fool.”

“Statement: I have the desire to travel with the Handsome Meatbag. If he knows where the Exile Meatbag has gone then he surely knows where my Master has gone as well.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. The last thing I wanted was a psycho killer machine following me and threatening to shoot everything that moved. I said, “Thanks, but I’ll pass.”

“Yeah and maybe when your done playing politics you can come back and fight like a real Jedi,” Atton said, “or at least tell us where to go.”

“Go with the Force,” the Miraluka said, “we will wait until you give the word.”

I merely nodded and opened the hatch for Kapu who settled in. I jumped in the cockpit and sat pinching the bridge of my nose and sighing relief. Man Darius. Where did you pick up this crew?

I took off not noticing that they were watching me leave or that the same balding, wrinkly Jedi that I listened to on Telos approached them.

I had fun figuring out HK's dialogue considering his bloody and violent nature. I tried to convey the characters that I mentioned as best that I could.

Diego Varen
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Nice to see Atton and the others. Good Chapter as always and it's nice to see J.C. again. Will we see Revan, Jolee and the Exile again?

06-12-2006, 08:39 PM
Just wait and see. Patience for the Jedi it is time to eat as well. :lol:

Diego Varen
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... And sleep... :lol:

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Chapter 17: Lights and Sights
I admit that I was glad to get away from them especially Mira and the Miraluka. It was disturbing that Mira hit on me and I didn’t end up in a bar fight and it was even more disturbing when the Miraluka touched me as if she were trying to see my soul. I was reluctant to leave T3 behind but I figured that if the Hawk was in better shape, they could meet up with Darius later.

I wasn’t stupid and I made it to Coruscant without any problems, except for the demanding of an ID signature. I had a sheer second of terror that they might fire upon me because the fighter’s ID signature was not in any of the databanks. I forced myself to remain calm and I sent it. My fears were unfounded as I was allowed to land on a docking platform, at least that is what I thought it was. I was feeling sleepy from the long travel and envied Kapu. At least he got to sleep during the long flight to Coruscant.

I was so sleepy I wasn’t paying attention to what kind of platform it was or where it was. I just let Kapu out and let myself out but failed to put my hood on. I just stood and gazed at the lights and sights. I had nearly forgotten. A funny feeling came to mind but I heard that psycho droid’s voice in my head as he said, “Very pretty.” I shrugged my shoulders overcome with tiredness and tried to stifle a yawn. Damn, that psycho droid grows on you, in a way.

I was leaning against the fighter and watching the sun go down. Kapu had circled the fighter twice and then laid down to watch as well. He hardly limped which was a good sign, as that little slash didn’t cause too much damage. I glanced down and made sure that he was fine and then continued to watch the sunset. I began to doze off leaning against the fighter and feeling the warm sun on my face. I must have been exhausted for I did not sense nor see someone come up behind me.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” a little voice was saying.

I felt a push on my left shoulder. Someone was trying to wake me up. I reluctantly surrendered my slumber and slowly opened my eyes. My eyes didn’t focus properly but I got a hint of a blue face and a kid-like expression. For some reason I blurted out, “Mission do you have any idea what time it is?”

My eyes focused and I instantly recognized the blue Twi’lek that I had a brief image of when I was on the trail to the academy. She looked frightened at me but she drew a modified blaster and pointed it at me. Her voice came firm, “Look, I don’t know how you know my name but I am not gonna ask ya this again, what are you doing here?”

I gazed around and realized that I was on a private landing pad. I thought to
myself, Why did they tell me to land here? Why did I call her Mission? I just looked at the young Twi’lek woman and looked even more at the blaster she was holding, pointed now directly at my head. I slowly raised my hands and spoke as calmly as I could, “Look, I was told to land here. I didn’t know that this belonged to someone.”

“Who are you?”

“Jacen. Jacen Cirrus.” Slowly I moved my robe aside to reveal my lightsaber hanging from my belt. “See. I’m a Jedi.”

She lowered her weapon and asked, “Then why aren’t ya at the Temple? They got a new council there, trying to rebuild.”

“I have been away for quite a time.”

I guess Mission seemed to trust me for she holstered her blasters. I lowered my hands. She said, “Yeah. Probably been hidin’ huh? I mean…”

“Well…I have been near the Outer Rim for awhile…and beyond that,” I said. Something told me that this little Twi’lek was special, at least to Revan, almost like sisters. I smiled at the thought for that fit the Revan that I had met when she crash-landed on my world.

“Did you see Revan?” The question shocked me.


“Well, if you went beyond the Outer Rim, then maybe you might have seen Revan. She left a little over four years ago and didn’t say why. At least she could have left a note or something,” and Mission’s voice trailed off a bit.

“She didn’t say anything?”

“No. It was hard especially for Carth. I bet it was even worse for her. They fancied each other.”

It wasn’t how I would put it considering I had a front row seat foray into her feelings about three months ago. Still I could see that this was hard on the kid and I was tired of keeping secrets. So I gently said, “Yeah I know. I met her and she’s fine. Sad but fine.”

Her little face looked at me with a shocked expression. She could barely string her words together, “You… know? Where is she?”

I could see that in spite of her tough façade, she was still just a kid. I saw some tears brimming to her eyes and in a reaction I reached out to hug her. I whispered softly, “She’s alive on my homeworld. Possibly close to twelve parsecs from Rakata Prime.”

The little Twi’lek looked at me and gave a strange look. She stepped back and studied my face as if she were trying to believe it. I didn’t have to read her thoughts to see that she could hardly believe that there was another planet besides the one she crash-landed on five years ago. It must have been about two minutes before she asked, “Why are you here?”

Personally I was amazed at how people could think one thing but keep attention focused on business. Then again, Avalonians did a lot of double talk and multiple meanings when keeping secrets. I replied with a question, “Would you believe me if I said that I came to stop a great evil that has already infiltrated the Outer Rim?”

“I wouldn’t have a hard time believing that sonny. I was wondering when you’d finally work up a nerve to talk,” a voice came to my left.

I turned to see the wrinkled old man that I had seen on Telos looking at me. Behind him were two others, Jedi. One looked like a cat and the other was a human. I began to get an uncomfortable feeling that they might gain up on me. I started to back away slowly and pressed my back against my ship. I couldn’t sense anything from the old man but the two Jedi behind him had a plethora of emotions that flooded my senses and caused apprehensions.

I guess Jolee noticed that for he said, “Calm down sonny. We’re not going to attack you. I wouldn’t considering how well you fought those creatures on NarShadaa. Heh, just like when I used to fight only against smugglers and the like.”

I merely kept a wide-eyed expression looking at them. I was still pressing my back into the ship. I briefly closed my eyes and sifted through my thoughts. I opened my eyes and looked at the three of them. I slowly started to speak, “Look if I landed here on your landing pad, it is a mistake. I’ll move it and everything can just blow over.”

“Hey, don’t leave,” Mission said, “Jolee’s too old to be fighting a young guy like you. Besides I think they’d want to hear what you have to say.” She gave me a reassuring smile. I guess she trusted me, or something.

I stayed there but was less pressed against the fighter as I started to relax. Four pairs of eyes were looking at me. Kapu by this time had woken up and surveyed the scene. His pronounced judgment was that they were not a threat so I relaxed. I asked, “What would you like to know?”

They asked me questions about Revan and if I knew where she was and the like. I told the truth of how we met and what was going on my homeworld. When I got to the part of my suspicion that the creatures that Jolee saw me fight had already invaded Republic space in the Outer Rim, they became quiet. I knew that they didn’t want to fight another war, the Republic was trying to heal. I did say that it could have been that they are trying to draw the Republic into fighting and that I could be wrong about everything. Jolee, who had been the deepest of listeners said, “No, you are not. You came here for a reason and your basis is a solid one. They are here to conquer.”

“That is why I came to Coruscant to talk to whoever is in charge of the Fleet. This may be the beginning of a long war I’ll admit that but I get the feeling that it will be closer to my home,” I said. “So, if you could direct me to the right place, I’ll just go there…”

“Sonny, don’t tell us these things and expect us to just accept them. We are Jedi, or at least I was. It is the duty of the Jedi to protect the galaxy. We’ll come with you and I suspect your ‘friends’ on NarShadaa will too. Besides you don’t need to go anywhere. The person you need to talk to lives here,” and with a deft motion, the old man shooed Mission and the other two out to leave me there on the platform.

I watched them leave and then turning around to gaze at the lights. Night had fallen and it was a sight to see. A voice then sounded behind me, “Beautiful isn’t it. Not like Telos however.”

I spun around to face…


Three hours later I had finished telling my tale and my true reasons for coming here. Carth’s face didn’t try hard to hide the tears that were threatening to fall. He was so relieved that Revan was alive and his emotions were overpowering mine. I had let down the blocks that Tulre had been teaching me. I guess I felt that if I absorbed his pain, it would become less. I could feel the same feelings that Revan felt and I understood better why she was full of regret. I admit I had the crude thoughts of the young since he was graying slightly at the temples but just looking at him, it made sense.

When Carth controlled himself he smiled and said, “Well I guess the only thing to do is to give help.”

“I know we are not members of the Republic but…” I started.

“I know and I saw in the records that the Jedi helped your world on numerous occasions and you did the same,” Carth replied when the comm beeped. He left to go answer it and I went to stare out the windows. I could see memories dancing in my mind, mostly of kisses and love phrases. I shook my head and started walking towards where Carth had left. I was about to pass a room when I heard a conversation going on between Carth and one of his officers.

“Admiral, one of our convoys has just been ambushed near Tatooine and we are taking heavy losses.”

“Can you get an ID on the attackers?”

“No sir, the ships are nothing like what we have encountered before. They don’t even register as Sith ships.”

“Do what you can captain, I’ll send reinforcements. Admiral Onasi out.”

I had slipped away so he wouldn’t find me there. I guess he figured that I knew for he said after coming out of the room, “Well, I guess the enemy is here. Let’s go.”

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Good Chapter. It was nice to see Mission again. Bring on more KOTOR or TSL Party Members.

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Chapter 18: Confrontations and Plans
Three months after meeting Admiral Onasi and we are still stuck here in the Outer Rim fighting the Rashikians. They were quite tactical in their maneuvers and they drove the battles hard. Right now the fleet is massing near Yavin IV for another round and I despair. It seemed as if we were getting nowhere with this battles. True we have pushed the Rashikians back further away from Republic space but they are stubborn as a mynock when attached to power cables and it is frustrating. I also miss my wife and my home, well I just wanted to be wherever she was and I was not alone there.

Carth and I became good friends though I probably wouldn’t say the best of friends. Maybe it was brought on by a slight bit of jealousy when I admitted that Revan kissed me and I her. He did get over it when I explained that it was simply etiquette for my people and he was more agreeable after that. He held me a bit at arms length until I saved his butt from being blasted into space dust. He made it up to me by putting me in charge of red group. At least I had T3 back.

It was a reunion and yet a standoff when the Ebon Hawk joined us after we arrived at Tatooine. It took all the diplomatic skills in my arsenal to prevent Atton and Carth from getting into a kerfuffle. I could have done without HK spouting out statements such as, “Statement: The Republic Meatbag will surely beat the Fool Meatbag,” and, “Statement: Handsome Meatbag please let me enjoy the potential for hostilities.” That last comment had Carth laughing at me and me pinching the bridge of my nose and shaking my head.

T3 was a happy little droid after ‘dancing’ around Carth and then me. I still think he has attachment issues. Right away he wanted to be my astromech in my fighter. The Miraluka, whom I learned was called Visas Marr had gone to her home Katarr and back and she was there. In fact, everyone was there that had some connection to Revan or Darius. Mission was a stubborn kid and insisted on coming even though the parent in Carth told her it was too dangerous. I sided with her after making her promise to follow all orders to the letter. I guess we were just one big happy family, well almost.

Truth be told I was highly agitated and I ruled it out that it was nobody else’s feelings but my own. I was agitated that the Rashikians were toying with us, like they had the upper edge. For the past few weeks I had been toying with an idea that may have profound effects but it would push the Rashikians back to Avalon space and we could round them up. I also toyed with the possibility that it was exactly what they wanted. I guess I was becoming paranoid over the whole thing. I could see what Revan meant when she once told me that Carth was paranoid when she first met him and why she made the comment that I was just like him. It didn’t help that I never admitted to anyone what that Rashikian had told me when we fought on NarShadaa.

I guess Jolee must have sensed my agitation and he tried to get me to talk about it. When I didn’t, he called me an ‘ungrateful whippersnapper’ and a bunch of other things. I responded that I just didn’t feel ready to talk yet. After that it seemed like everyone tried to get me to talk about what was bothering me. The only ones who didn’t were the droids, Visas and Carth being that I guess that they had an idea of my feelings at one point and were content to leave me alone. At one point I exploded at everyone telling them to mind their own business and that I was turning in. I felt bad but my blood was up and I was getting a headache that threatened to split my head in two. I decided that a shower would help.

I sat on my bunk in my quarters and looked out the window for the longest time. The stars were hypnotizing as they held my gaze and a calm washed over me. I felt bad that I had shouted at everyone. I couldn’t brush them aside as I went to sleep.

There they were in a ring, like the dueling circles. Blast I hated that sport. I stood in the center and opposite was a hooded figure and next to him was…not Tvark. I was confused as the hooded figure lowered his hood to reveal Eómeros but he had turned to the dark side. He gave me a menacing smile and announced that this was the moment I had been waiting for.

Then it was mystery man and I locked close in battle. He laughed at me as I defended myself and attempted to strike him down. He said, “Schutta, you seriously cannot hope to win. Release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.”

I gave a hard punch that connected and sent him flying. Eómeros raised his lightsaber at me and said, “The Sith creates the Blood King,” and he swung.

I sat up feeling the sweat pour down my chest as I breathed heavily. I was slightly disoriented and looked around. I had knocked the lamp off the stand it was on when I punched in my sleep. I got off my bunk and put my tunic shirt on and tied it securely. Kapu was still asleep when I was semi presentable to walk down the ship’s halls though I was only dressed in my sleeping pants and my tunic. I left my quarters and wandered down the halls of the ship, heading towards the mess hall, well at least to the kitchens.

No one was there when I arrived and I had the fortune to not meet anyone in the halls, as I didn’t want to talk to anyone. There was a limited selection of non-alcoholic so I settled for Dantooine milk. Personally I prefer kataran milk but it was the best around. I heated it and sat at one of the tables nursing it. I rested my head on my right hand and used my left to stir the heated milk rather absent minded. I spent the time not being there. It was a rather old technique of disengaging the mind from the present and seeking out a place where you and your bondmate can meet. Tergis taught it to me but I had never used it until after he died. Mostly it was a childish attempt to find him and I never did ‘hear’ him. I did manage to go to a spot that I always had felt safe, Tergis’ gardens at the old enclave on Mikkado.

I was just sitting there at the table lost in my secure place when none other than Jolee joined me. He must have been talking to me for five minutes before my mind actually returned to where I was for he was again muttering about ‘inattentive youth.’ Seeing that he was there I immediately apologized, “Sorry, Jolee. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Huh, the way you were staring I thought you saw me. But all I could get out of you was your inattentive self,” and he sat down with his own mug of warmed milk.

“Nah, not inattentive Jolee. I was well…somewhere else,” I replied rather lamely.

“I could see that. Where?”

“The gardens where I grew up with. My master, Master Tergis planted it in between his Jedi duties and I helped. I could actually smell the flowers and hear the clear water and see the footpaths.”

“I knew Tergis. Good Jedi. Tough fighter though you probably couldn’t judge that by the way he encouraged diplomacy. I kind of knew that you knew him by the way you were trying to keep Atton and Carth from fighting.”

I smiled. For some reason Jolee was easy to talk with even if he was blunt in his comments. I took a sip of my milk and continued to listen to Jolee as he continued, “I especially liked that part where that assassin trash can called you a Handsome Meatbag.”

I snorted in my milk. Jolee noticed and chuckled with me. I made a mental note to ‘fix’ HK when I had the chance. Kidding aside, I sobered immediately and sighed. I guess I should tell someone. I sighed again and said, “I had a nightmare.”

“Not the first I think,” was the reply.

I smiled sheepishly, “No. I have been having nightmares for the last year and six months. Always the same and yet so different.” I went into detail on the variations of the same dream. Jolee just sat and listened with a slight frown on his brow. I had never really gone into detail concerning my dreams except to old Petronius so I gave consideration to Jolee. When I finished, Jolee just fingered his beard in silence. Both of our milk was forgotten as we sat there. Finally Jolee said, “So this is why you are here and yet not the entire reason. Are you afraid?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was afraid, for my family, my friends and my home. I admitted to what the Rashikian had said to me and was quiet after that. I noticed someone else was coming in. Before giving Jolee a chance to speak, I picked up my mug of milk and left to go back to my quarters. No way did I want to reveal that I had been ruled and was still ruled then by fear and hate. I was raised on it and yet I couldn’t use it against anyone. I brushed by none other than Carth rather abruptly and I went back to my quarters and finished my milk. I buried myself on my bunk and tried to sleep though it wasn’t easy.

The next morning I was shuffling through the hangar making adjustments to my fighter. Kapu was just dozing having become adjusted to the mundane life in space. I suspect he was bored. If there were womprats running around, it would have alleviated his boredom. Instead he just dozed and ate the bare minimum. T3 was helping me so I didn’t have to talk much in Basic except to issue an order. For the most part, I was singing softly the old tribal songs of the medicine healers. I was actually singing the song of Kirabaros when Jolee came in saying, “You have a fine voice. Better than mine at that age for I sounded, and still do, sound like an angry mynock.”

I didn’t respond except to acknowledge his presence and I continued singing. I was still feeling uncomfortable about last night and not ready to talk. Looking back I think Tergis never addressed this issue because he didn’t quite know how. I never held it against him because saw the same cruelties throughout the galaxy much later. Just that I was becoming so transparent to others, especially Jedi, was disturbing. I feared that if I were to face head on a Rashikian or Eómeros they would use it against me. When I finished singing I turned and asked, “Something you need Jolee?”

“Just seeing if you needed a friend. I understand that you are uncomfortable sharing your thoughts.”

“It’s not that Jolee. I think I am losing it. I used to be able to hide my feelings and myself but now I am becoming transparent, like a ghost.” Then looking at him in the eye, I said, “I am afraid. Afraid that I made a mistake in coming here. Afraid that this transparency could be used against my friends and my family. I had known since I left that this threat is directed against me and I fear it dragged Revan into it because she touched once the power of the dark side.” I turned away to look at the stars through the open door. “She is strong but she can’t do this, be involved. I should have never asked her to stay.”

“If you know Revan as you claim, you would know that she is stubborn, more so than you,” Jolee responded. “It seems that your past and the dark side have formed an alliance. The ‘true Sith’ may be influencing these Rashikians and those that have been corrupted and because they were once part of your people, they feel it too.”

Jolee’s words made sense. I had heard enough of the Sith Lords lore to know of the power they once possessed. It wasn’t impossible for them to take hold. If they took Avalon, the balance of the Force would for ages be tipped in favor of the dark side. I shuddered at the thought and I think Jolee did too. How could I do anything? I was a nobody.

Almost as if he heard my thoughts, Jolee said through the Force, You are somebody. You have to look past what everyone sees.

I closed my eyes and thought back to my initial training with Tergis. For a moment I thought I felt the breeze of the plains on my cheeks. It was talking to me. Not a word was spoken as I stood there listening to it. I then slowly opened my eyes and turned to face Jolee. I said, “You are right and I know how,” and walked away feeling more assured and calm than I had in a long time.

I found Carth and explained how I knew how to find the Rashikians and how to drive them back. He gave me a raised eyebrow but I returned the look with my own. I had never felt this bold before and to be honest, it felt good not to be afraid constantly. Carth was hesitant to let me go ahead with the plan, which called for heavy covert operations and need to know basis and the fact that I would require the use of an old friend that really irked Carth to the bone.

After what seemed like hours of reasoning, I finally won him over with the stipulation that red squad would be back up. I nodded agreement and said nothing. It was risky but it the only way I could see to make the Rashikians play by Republic rules. I headed for the hangar bay to my fighter. T3 was ready to go and beeping in his spot. Kapu stepped into his cargo space and settled in. After a slight roll of my eyes and settling in the cockpit, I gave the call, “Red Squad confirm liftoff and attack plan alpha.”

“Red squad confirm.”

“See you at Duxn,” and we headed off into space.

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I sense the Blood King will make his first introduction. Good Chapter.

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You'll be surprised. I am slow posting the individual chapters but I did finish Book 2 and I am beginning on Book 3. To be honest I am cruel about introductions especially my baddie but this was how I Rp'd it to myself when first conceived of the story just after TSL came out. I hope you like it when I stop being lazy about posting. :D

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Chapter 19: Journals of the Front
Some more journal entries. Boy, looking back I feel bad I made people feel this way about my actions. I guess that’s why I tell this story.


Jacen is an enigma and is in some ways more like Revan. He feels that he has to shoulder everything himself and take every burden that comes our way. I don’t deny that he is a good tactician even though he claims that there are others that are better. Jolee mentioned this when we met up at Tatooine. In fact he told me what he saw before even talking to Jacen completely and after their talk that night in the mess. I can’t imagine someone living their whole life being hated for being someone from a different place. Jolee mentioned that he would probably get over it when he stopped running. I never knew he was running from something by the way that he gave the impression that he was in control. So much like my Revan yet lately he had been showing less and less. Last night I walked into what apparently a midnight conversation between him and Jolee. I guess it was too much for he was out of the mess quicker than when Revan hid from me aboard the Ebon Hawk after our fight over her being Revan. Jolee told me everything about his dreams and made me wonder if he and Revan were from the same place as far as memories and dreams go.

At least he has a sense of humor. He would crack an occasional joke that would make Mission laugh. He had good sense when it came to kids, well young people in general. Mission wouldn’t have liked it if I kept calling her a kid. He is also good at diplomacy. When the Exile’s crew showed up on the Ebon Hawk, it was a tense moment, at least with the pilot, Atton Rand. I don’t understand how a drunk like him could be so tactless. Jacen played the diplomat in trying to make sure that no punches were thrown. For once I was actually amused by HK-47. I tried to hold it in when he called Jacen a ‘Handsome Meatbag,’ a compliment in my vocabulary when he usually insulted people, but I couldn’t resist the chuckle nor the laughter when he blushed. He’s a good kid and I hope things go well for him.


I was in the debriefing room when Jacen came in looking like he had been through hell’s kitchen and back. He laid down a plan that I would have outright rejected. Mostly it was because I was afraid of losing my chance at getting to Revan. I had heard of Avalon and that few people could find it on their own, some protection by the Force thing even Jolee had trouble understanding it. It wouldn’t surprise me considering that there are numerous Jedi-like people within the system. I can’t lose Revan and I wasn’t about to lose the one chance to find her.

Jacen must have sensed my apprehension for he explained it better. It involved him hooking up with Canderous, now Mandalore and his group of Mandalorians. I wasn’t anxious to be working with Canderous again since we had never seen eye to eye and he always managed the most perverse comments about me and Revan. I do admit that he is a good warrior and he is loyal if he respects you in battle. Jacen also mentioned that the operation would be successful because the same evil that controlled the Rashikians once drove the heart of the Mandalorian wars. Jacen volunteered to lead the group by his own insistence that he knew the tendencies of the enemy, as he put it. I agreed to his conditions but laid down my own that his squad was to be involved. I wanted to be kept in the loop. He readily agreed which was surprising but I guess I should be used to the ways of the Jedi but then again he is no ordinary Jedi.

I only hope that Jacen knows what he is doing. I can’t lose him, especially if he knows where Revan is. Somehow I can’t help but worry, even with Jolee’s assurances that everything will be alright. Jacen has courage and strength but I feel that something may be holding him back. He may show this new confidence but I feel that there may be something bigger behind his mask. It almost seems as if he knows something that he is not willing to share with anyone.


Two standard days after Jacen left and have heard no word. I wonder if he made contact with Canderous. I worry and I hope. I find often that my thoughts drift to the moment when I may see Revan again. Jacen described how she looked and it seems that she had barely changed except for maybe the length of her hair, which is longer. Huh, I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. Four years and I still love her and from what Jacen told me, she still loves me. He described it as a massive headache to hear. I guess he means that he was tired of hearing it. He’s a strange chap and yet you can’t help but like him.

Right now we are mobilizing and heading towards Duxn as planned. I hate being kept out of the loop but I guess Jacen will inform me when the time is right. I don’t pretend to understand the Jedi even though Revan is one. The Jedi do their own thing and decide when they want to tell anyone anything and it is really annoying. I guess I shouldn’t be hard on him. He is trying to help the Republic and in the only way he knew how.


The young whippersnapper surprises me at every turn. At least he’s not a mouthy little thing. He’s too damn quiet. That talking to I gave him this morning seemed to really turn him around though I am not entirely certain that it was me that helped. At one point he stared into space and I could have sworn that a breeze flew through the ship. He then turned tail and left. Later, after speaking to Carth, he came out and started heading to the hangar bay. I was pacing in the hall when he came out. Jacen was in a hurry but he stopped to talk to me.

He told me what was going to happen and I suspected that his plan was something that Carth wouldn’t readily agree to without serious reasoning. I admit I thought he was a fine lad myself and was worried about losing him. He explained that I was…bah I shouldn’t be writing this. Who knows who may come across this. He did say that everyone else has their orders and that everything would come together when the time is right.

A strange thing happened. That furry hairball that helped when we were after the Star Forge showed up. What’s his name? Chun…nah oh it was Zaalbar. Mission threw a happy dance to see him again. I was surprised that the Wookiee came here. He said that he had come because someone sent a transmission saying that he was needed. No one really said anything but I suspected that Jacen had been doing a lot that we didn’t know. How he did it, if he did it, is a mystery.

I talked to Zaalbar and he admitted in not too few words that it was not a transmission but it was like a calling. It reminded him of his life debt to Revan and thought that maybe it was Revan calling to him. I didn’t say my thoughts about it to Zaalbar but welcomed him there as well as Carth and everyone else who knew him. Strange turn of events but I think it was the boy. He has tremendous talent and yet hides it to a surprising degree. I was most interested when I heard that Revan’s regrets were like a massive headache. It had me thinking. I tried looking for him in the archives. I only came up with the information that he had been in Republic space for about a year before returning back to his home.

I am having second thoughts about what is going on. Maybe this is something that we can’t handle and yet Jacen seemed to have the confidence that we could push this threat back. Well, I can only hope that he isn’t over his head in this.


No pazaak and no juma. What do ya expect with Republics? Well I guess I better give these datapads to their respective persons. Jacen’s riding a lot on this. Still think he’s really crazy but I admit he’s pretty good to have in a fight after seeing what he can do in a fighter and how he took down those Dark Jedi or whatever they were. Definitely crazy and definitely really brave.


Three more months and twice as many battles. I relayed my suspicions to the Council and they agreed. We currently hold the line on Avalon and her sister planets. We have had reports of a massive fleet massing near the Rakata world and a cluster of space known to the Avalonians as the Forbidden Stars. We are massing all the fleets into one but if the numbers are correct, we are greatly outnumbered. Darius and I have been working on a plan for best defense. If we were in the Outer Rim, those strongholds that I had left in place during the Mandalorian wars would have been helpful. Seeing as there is great risk to even the smallest of ships to get out of the system, most trade has been shut off. There are rumors that there is a hyperspace route called The Back Door. Very original but it makes sense. Few know the route. We are working on a way to run in supplies that way from neighboring systems.

Michaela is doing fine. She was stubborn and didn’t leave when we moved the refugee tribes to one of the moons of Belos. She insisted on staying and it made me wonder if it was her or someone else talking. I admit my heart is tender towards her and I am slightly jealous or her. Carth and I have talked a few times about our future but I always evaded the issue. I fear that what I did may have turned him away. I love him but I understand if he found someone else; I just want him to be happy.


Another day and another battle and I am weary of it all. I regretted my decision to go to war when the Mandalorians attacked and I regret coming out here now. I understand why I had to come but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Each day reminds me more and more of the battles I have fought, even the ones that threatened my life. I still blame myself for the master’s demise at the hands of Kreia. I wonder why I couldn’t see her what she was. Makes me doubt myself.

The death that I have encountered makes the void feel wider and at times unbearable. After every battle you can hear the songs for the dead and it is haunting. That’s what reminds me of the Mandalorian wars. I don’t hear of feel the dying screams of these warriors. They are different. They never cry in death but accept it. I feel the songs. Strange, well everything about this place is strange.

The fronts have been established. Revan insisted on it and insisted that I head the armada. I was willing to follow her before and out of a sense of loyalty I was willing to do it again. So here I am on the bridge of the command ship. We are waiting…

Diego Varen
06-18-2006, 01:26 PM
Excellent Journal Enteries from my favourite KOTOR Characters. You've captured their personalities rather well, the best being Atton and Jolee's. The only problem was that Atton's was too short and everyone else's was long. I think Atton's should have been longer. Good Chapter as always.

06-19-2006, 11:03 AM
Well, it was hard to figure out what else to say and he didn't really like JC in the first place. Thinks he's mental. :D Glad you liked it.

06-19-2006, 12:39 PM
Chapter 20: Duxn and Mandalorians
Golly! How hard is it to gain respect or even notice around here! Here I am stuck in the abysmal jungle trying to convince Mandalore to believe me or even see me. Apparently he has had enough of betrayals to write a book about it. I have been here for two weeks trying to gain rapport with the Mandalorians here. I did succeed to some degree with the young ones and a few of the elder warriors. It was so frustrating! At least T3 wasn’t here to listen to me. I had left him on the Sojourn with Carth. It was for the best.

I was doing my usual pacing and exploring throughout the compound, Kapu chasing whatever caught his fancy, when I saw Mandalore starting to head for the hangar bays. I followed him all the way ignoring the dueling circles and some stares I had gotten as I walked by. Mandalore was obviously planning a trip or something, possibly to Iziz. I followed him until he got to one side of the ship before I said, “You know, if you would at least to me, I would be able to tell you why I am here.”

If I could have seen under Mandalore’s mask, I would have probably seen the look of frustration and annoyance. I didn’t have to considering he was broadcasting it loud and clear. He turned to look at me and asked, “What do you want?”

It was a start and it was better than nothing. I began by introducing myself. He made a snort that I took to mean that he didn’t care. I decided to come out right to the point and said, “I am here to ask for your help in meeting a threat. An old friend, Carth Onasi sent me.”

“So Republic sent someone out looking for me, and a Jedi no less. Maybe I should have you do something to prove that you are not lying to me. Maybe the dueling circle, no too merciful…”

I became aware that something was stirring where I was. I began to draw heavily on the Force to identify it. I began to speak in a voice that was clearly not my own, “Do you wonder where she wanders now? Why she gave you your orders and left you?”

Mandalore stopped. He seemed to peer at me and asked, “What did you say?”

“Show the same loyalty you have shown in the past,” I responded. I then snapped out of it only to be staring directly at a blaster rifle pointed at me.

“Did you know that Jedi witch?” was the question.

I had no clue as to whom he was talking about and I just shook my head to show my confusion. I had no idea why I said what I did but I had a hint that it may have been a powerful Force imprint. I could sense a darkness, the lies, deceit; it was bone chilling. I decided a different approach to get out of this mess. I said, “I don’t know who you are talking about but I do know that the Exile and Revan are alive. I am here because they sent me…”

“You know where Revan is? What does she want me to do?” Mandalore asked.

It was an odd question. I cursed myself for not having asked everything of Revan and Darius when I had the chance but it was too late now. I decided to come clean, “She didn’t tell me anything. I came of my own volition to halt the invasion that has already begun here in the Republic. I came here to ask for your help.” I paused slightly and drew on the Force. I knew this could probably get me killed but I said it anyway, “I know you admired her. She is grateful for that, Canderous.”

That did it. Mandalore put his blaster down and questioned me more. I was surprised that he didn’t shoot me. Most people would have shot at me for knowing something that no one should know and I wouldn’t blame them. It got me into trouble as a kid; I shudder at the memory of it. It seemed like hours before Mandalore was done grilling me about everything. I think he was convinced of what I said though I had a nagging suspicion that he wasn’t entirely convinced. I would actually turn out to be right later.

Nighttime on Duxn was not bad except for the occasional creature that would attempt to eat you if you weren’t careful. I was sitting with Mandalore and some of the older warriors around a fire. I was again going over what I was asking them to do. They were all amused by me or they didn’t like me and were doing a pretty good job of hiding it. I had just finished when Mandalore pulled a dirty trick. He said something along the lines that I had to prove my intentions by fighting against the top warriors in the dueling circle. I was flabbergasted and upset but I hid it as well as I could. I glanced at Kapu and he flicked his ears like it was my own fault and had to suffer through it.

I was thoroughly annoyed when I went to my tent near my ship in the compound. I did not ever want to set foot in a dueling circle again ever since Mikkado but I sighed realizing that I had no choice. To be honest, part of me wanted to fight, and it frightened me. I had never experienced that feeling before and I didn’t know what to make of it. I could only hope that it was just a side effect from being around Mandalorians. I went to bed inventing hundreds of names to call Mandalore and most of them in Avalonian. I slept rather well, very well and for the first time in months.

The next morning I awoke early and I was standing facing the east with my eyes closed and my hands behind my back. I was breathing in deeply and allowing the Force to wash over me. It was actually quite refreshing to hear the smallest of life making its own distinct noise as it went about its business. Mandalore caught me doing this but I had him in my sights long before that so I kept him waiting. It was the least I could do considering that he had backstabbed me the night before. I wonder if that was how Darius felt when he had to run around the compound doing Force knows what. When I was finished, I kept my eyes closed and asked, “Is it time?”

“Just seeing if you want something to eat. A warrior needs to keep up their strength,” was the reply.

“And a good warrior knows better than to backstab an ally,” I calmly retorted, still not turning around. I was hoping to get out the real reason for this. He took the bait.

“You are not an ally yet. You come here claiming you know Revan and then you say things that no one else knows and you expect me to believe you? Huh, you must not be the smartest Jedi there is.”

“Maybe and maybe not. At least I have shou,” I retorted. The word just popped out of my mouth for some reason. I had used the Avalonian word for honor and respect. I was frustrated and it came out with me using Avalonian. At least Mandalore wasn’t a Jedi. He would have probably shot me for all the vile names that I had been calling him in my mind.

“You speak of honor? What honor do you have if you don’t show it? I have no time or patience for cowardice.”

I was surprised that Mandalore knew the meaning of the word but I did not show it for I was still turned around. I shot back, “The way of the Jedi seems like cowardice to you and yet you respect Revan and the Exile.”

“That was different. They were worthy adversaries in battle. Something you wouldn’t understand, though I admit that for you to survive the jungles of Duxn was attention worthy of yourself.’

“Duxn is nothing, child’s play.” Then I replied more softly but still in the firm tones I had been using, “I understand battle. The thrill, the exhilaration and the death; I know it well. It’s not easy trying to defend against a band of cutthroats intent on laying siege to an entire city.”

“So you know battle yet I don’t remember you from the Mandalorian wars nor the war with Malak.”

“Too young and on Mikkado,” I replied.


“Mikkado, the third planet in the Avalonian system. Twelve parsecs from Rakata Prime.”

I think Mandalore’s jaw may have dropped but who can tell with a helmet on. I was still facing the east and had my eyes closed. Mandalore replied, “Maybe I misjudged you. I haven’t met very many of your kind that have dared to venture from their home. One I met was rather quiet but in a fight, he was fierce.”

“Tergis,” I said. I remember Tergis telling of his scrapes with Mandalorians before the Mandalorian wars and the early part before he came for me. I remember observing him when he sparred. You would never guess how skilled he was with the blade just by watching him tend to his gardens.

“That’s right. You know him?”

“He was my master.”

“Huh. Who knew?” I thought I heard Mandalore clear his throat before continuing, “Still you have to make a reputation here. Time to go to the dueling circle.”

I didn’t move but I did make a smirk on my face. I opened my eyes and gazed out towards the east. I didn’t respond or make a move. Some things I guess are true and others aren’t, one being that Tergis was right in Mandalorians being brutes. I was actually dead set on making Mandalore angry. I just had a sudden desire to do so and I derived pleasure from making him mad which I was succeeding at by not moving. When I was certain that he was angry enough, I said, “Why should I?”

It was a rhetorical and stupid question, but that did it. Mandalore exploded at me and I turned around to face him with a rather expectant look on my face. Mandalore almost shouted, “Have you no respect? I am Mandalore!”

Coolly I replied, “And I am a Jedi. That doesn’t mean you have earned respect from me. It is clear that I have not from you. Perhaps I’ll leave and seek aid elsewhere.” Then I shrugged my shoulder as if it didn’t matter and said, “Eh, at least I tried.” I made a move to pick up my stuff and put it back in the hold.

I was just bending over to pick up my sleeping blanket when a vibroblade struck the ground. It was followed by, “You want respect? You have to earn it and we will do it NOW! Pick it up!”

It was more of an order but I was not easily intimidated. I had faced worse during the Belosian sieges. I stood up calmly and just looked at Mandalore with a defiant look that dared him to make me. I placed my hands behind my back at an at ease position, one that I used when I was contemplating my next move. It tended to throw an opponent off edge. In this case, I was intending to show defiance and a plus was that I was getting mad. Something about Mandalore made me feel I had to push his buttons.

I did not have to stand there long for Mandalore gave me a huge shove that sent me to the ground about two feet from the stuck vibroblade. Mandalore had another in his hand and he had it raised to strike at me. I was still looking at him while summoning the stuck blade by the Force. When I felt it in my hand I brought it up to deflect the blow, which I gave a shove of my own to give me space. With an arching of my back, I flipped to get up. I brandished the blade with the deftness and skill that Cronus had taught me before settling on a start position.

“Very impressive. Give it all you got,” Mandalore responded. He then came at me hard.

I responded defensively, laying no attacks of my own. I was trying to get a feel for his style and movement. At this time the Mandalorian named Kex had spotted us fighting. He must have sounded the alert for soon after there were Mandalorians vying for a seat to watch. I was too busy concentrating on Mandalore who was very good at what he did though I think he had a better reputation as a good marksman. That was according to Carth. I defended myself until I saw an opening and I took it. I started attacking.

Mandalore was caught off guard for a moment having gotten used to me defending. We continued to exchange blows narrowly missing each other. At one point he gave me a backhand that spun me around. He grabbed me in a neck hold. I responded by grabbing his arm with my left and with the right I brought it up and hit him square on the head with the butt of the vibroblade. I turned back around and swung the blade. He deflected.

At one point he managed to kick my legs out from beneath me. My muscles had been growing sore from the fighting but I was determined to beat this Mandalorian. My blood was up but I wasn’t going to give up. I was on my back and breathing slightly heavily but controlled. I did a forward flip to get back on my feet and I made a movement to fix in on the three cuts form, a swordsman maneuver of the Bushida warriors. I think Mandalore was getting as tired as I was but equally stubborn. We kept at it much to the jeering and the calm watching of the others. Even Kapu was watching with an amused look on his face.

We had been fighting for quite a time when I began to do a run with him chasing me. I jumped on the side of my ship and flipped over Mandalore’s head and landed as if I were back on Avalon and dancing on the tree branches. I took my opportunity while Mandalore was off guard and knocked his blade out of his hand. He responded by grabbing my arms. With the last bit of strength I could muster I flipped him over hard onto his back. I got on top and held my blade close and just stared, still breathing heavily. It took a moment for me to realize my position and I got up and dropped the blade and stepped back.

It was an awkward silence for the Mandalorians were watching me. I was breathing more easily and just watching Mandalore. For some reason, I was having a sense of déjà vu of the time when I fought Manda in an attempt to try and get rid of the legend of Kirabaros. The silence was the same and all the faces watching me gave me a familiar sight. I watched as Mandalore got up and dusted himself off. He walked towards me. His intentions and emotions were hard to read and I was wondering on whether or not if I should bolt.

My fears were unfounded as Mandalore placed a hand on my shoulder. Taking a breath he said, “You fight better than Tergis ever did. A worthy opponent. A shame we didn’t meet during the Mandalorian wars. You would have been Mandalore for besting me. You have earned my respect.”

It took a while for it to register through my dull brain. I nodded respectfully. I was still trying to catch my breath to say something. The other Mandalorians murmured in agreement. I still wasn’t sure of what to do. When I could manage to say something I said, “You going to help or not? “

Mandalore replied, “We will help.”

Diego Varen
06-20-2006, 01:37 AM
Why did J.C. start saying Kreia's lines? Good Chapter.

06-20-2006, 04:02 AM
Part of his ability. Most Avalonian people are a bit more sensitive to their surroundings. Often they can sense areas that have held significant meaning and sometimes it can be a little much. All part of his grand role near the end of the entire story. Ten more Chapters for Book 2. I have a real nice twist to it. Will post Ch 21 soon.

06-20-2006, 11:11 AM
Chapter 21: Ambush
Rakata Prime. Nice place to visit and a place for a romantic tropical evening. Maybe that’s what Carth thought five years ago. I certainly thought so at the moment as I was hiding out with my squad, and members of the Ebon Hawk in the old settlement of the One that had been broken up by Revan five years ago. We managed to sneak onto the planet to mobilize as part of an ambush to drive back the Rashikians. Mandalore and his clans successfully ‘joined’ with them. How he did it, well all he said to me was, “I took care of it.” At least he believed me when we hooked up with Carth and the fleet.

It had taken us two months to get to Rakata Prime and lay low. Mandalore, called Canderous by Carth, supplied us Intel about mobilization and plans. I asked no questions and I received none and I preferred it that way. To be honest I didn’t want to know and frankly I didn’t care. I was on full alert and everything had me ready to jump into my fighter and take off. My patience held me in check. I think my squad and ‘friends’ noticed the change for they voiced it in subtle ways. HK-47 kept saying that his gears were quivering with anticipation just like mine. He was the most obvious and frankly I found it funny. I had forgotten my previous mental note to ‘fix’ him and left him alone. The only thing I asked was that he not shoot the gizkas.

We were waiting for any word of movement towards the Republic or Avalon. Then per our plans, rather the ones I came up with, we would begin attacking. It was a bold move on my part, as I preferred to get a gist of a person’s intentions by defense. I think Canderous was surprised that I had it in me when I filled him in on the details. I shrugged it off and jus walked away. Most of the time my attention was to the stars at night. Often I could be seen sitting on one of the huge boulders just looking up at the stars. Navel gazing as I called it but it was something I couldn’t shake not even after spending eight months with Republics.

I was doing this when Mission came up and sat by me. After much begging on her part, I agreed to let her be here. I admire her courage in one so small and I often wanted to chuckle at the amusing thought that she could push even Canderous around. We were just sitting there on the boulder side by side looking up when she asked, “What do the stars say tonight?”

My gaze never left the stars but I replied, “The same as always, unusually bright especially the Morning Star cluster. Battle and death, the usual.”

“The same as every night?”

“Yep yet there is a change in brightness. It is almost time.”

“Can you see anything else besides the war?”

This was a usual occurrence between us. Ever since she first saw me gaze at the stars she wanted to know more about it. Looking back, I think she missed the closeness she shared with Revan. Sitting there was a time well spent in between waiting and more waiting. As I was sitting there, I responded, “Just the usual stories and the future.’

“What kind of future?”

“Different from yesterday and the day before that and it’ll change by tomorrow.” I always said that because the future can change with every single action.

Mission just sat there and gazed up with me. She was trying to identify planets from stars. The air felt different that night and it was said so in the stars. We just sat there gazing up at the stars and listened to the waves wash upon the shore. At one point I began to sing gently. I was interrupted by Mission, who asked, “Whatcha singing?”

“Just a song. One about the jasilyn blossom. It was named for the Morning Star and because it was pure white.”

“Can you sing it?”

“Well, it is sung in Avalonian…”

“Can you sing it in Basic?” she interrupted.

“I think I can translate it. Just give me a moment to think.” I was surprised that she wanted to know and it pleased me. I thought about it for a moment while I was watching the stars. Then slowly but surely I began:

Jasilyn, Jasilyn
Every morning you greet me
Pure and white
Shining bright
You bring joy here to greet me
Blossom of love
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Jasilyn, Jasilyn
Bless the morning forever

It was quiet after I let the last note die upon the waves. I had broken my gaze from the stars and was gazing at the ocean. Mission broke the silence by saying, “That is so pretty. I can’t imagine what it would be like in your language.”

“Maybe you will be able to learn it,” I replied and looked at her and smiled.

She returned it and we both continued to look at the sky. Upon looking close at the specific cluster I was looking at, I saw a change. I made a move to pull out my comm just as it beeped. I couldn’t answer it as we were interrupted by blaster fire.

I pushed Mission off the rock and shouted for her to run back to camp and get to the Ebon Hawk. I saw Rashikians trying to make their way to the encampment and I went to head them off. I had traded my double bladed lightsaber for two single blades, which proved to be more efficient for me to keep them back. Atton and Mira had ran to help me and we managed to succeed in holding them off.

After about half an hour of fighting, I made my way to my fighter where T3 was waiting and ready to go. I jumped in and issued command, “Red Group initiate attack pattern delta. Engage.”

The Ebon Hawk was already in the air and heading up to meet the ships with the rest of the fleet. My squad and made a run on the deck to scan for more of the Rashikians. We then made a break for space and were instantly greeted by a fleet of command ships and fighters. I shouted, “Fighters coming in.” Then to no one in particular I said, “This is where the fun begins.”

We immediately engaged in a firefight. I was expecting them to ambush us at one point. My squad was to be bait for the rest of the fleet. Our job was to hold off as much as we can until the main fleet arrived. I directed as well as I can trying to hold the line. My blood was charged with a fire as I flew in and out of the command ships, firing at the fighters. A couple of times I caught glimpses of the Ebon Hawk and I thought to myself that whoever was in the turrets was having fun. They were showing no mercy to the enemy. I was caught up in this when T3 let out of string of beeps.

Out of the corner of my eye, the rest of the Republic fleet came into view and commenced firing. Using the Force I managed to tune into the emotions of the Rashikians. They rang of anger and frustration. I saw more enemy ships appear and start firing. I thought that they were countering our move and had anticipated our attack. Still following the charge in my blood I charged into battle firing and destroying any enemy in my path. I had become aware that I had been changing over the past few months. I was feeling more of the urge to fight but I also found myself detaching myself from everything except during downtime. It was more noticeable when I came home but that was much later.

I was leading a charge at the main ship when the fighters began to reverse course and call retreat. They were heading back towards Avalon but in full force. We had managed to drive them off but we had to chase them. I called for my squad to follow. We entered hyperspace followed by the Ebon Hawk. We were heading home.

Diego Varen
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Good Chapter JM12. If this Book will be about 30 Chapters, then this will be about 22 Chapters longer than Book 1. Any ideas what Book 3 is called and will it be the last one?

06-20-2006, 04:14 PM
I decline to comment on Book 3 but I will say that it will be the last one for this. I have minifics in mind for various plots that were never fully explained because it was from a first person view. Just wait and see.

Diego Varen
06-20-2006, 04:43 PM
I decline to comment on Book 3 but I will say that it will be the last one for this. I have minifics in mind for various plots that were never fully explained because it was from a first person view. Just wait and see.

I quote the Kinks here.

So tired. Tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for you...

:lol: I'll be patient.

06-21-2006, 11:32 AM
I have something for you to think about. As you know I like to write diddies for KOTOR and Star Wars in general. The words of the song in this last chapter are written to a song. I'll give 200 cool points to the person who can guess what song they are written to. The only hint that I will give is that it is from a musical and you have to be able to sing do-re-mi.
Other than that, I'll post the next chapter soon.

Jae Onasi
06-21-2006, 05:46 PM
I _finally_ got caught up on some of my work after vacation so I could get to do some fun reading....

Edelweiss. :D I read through about 5 or 6 lines of the Jasilyn song when the tune popped into my head.

Loved chapter 20--you got Canderous and the Mandalorians down perfect. The fight with him was very cool.

06-21-2006, 09:04 PM
Jae, You get 200 cool points for the correct tune. When I was writing that chapter and Rping in my head the story that tune popped up. I figured why not use it? I couldn't use Edelweiss because it was too Indo-European and not original. Hence I created the jasilyn, another made up word but it fit with the kind of people that I am writing about. I have an idea of what it looks like but I can tell you right now, Jacen will not describe them. What can you expect from a guy?

Thanks for the comment about the Mandalorians. I knew I had to think agressive. That fight scene I wrote I actually got the idea from watching the Mummy Returns. That was an awesome scene and the flips and showing off seemed to fit.
Stay tuned another chapter will be posted soon.

06-22-2006, 08:58 PM
Chapter 22: Diaries of the Jedi Part III
These were entries I found that occurred during the battle and the moments leading up to Red Squadron’s appearance into Avalonian space.


We have engaged the Rashikians at the plains of Jasilyn with the fleet above us. The field is covered with thousands of Rashikians that it looks like a darkened sea of death. Darius and I are on draigons on the northern hill watching and waiting for attack. This is nothing like the Mandalorian wars. Both sides engaged with the blade and few use blasters of any kind. If anything they are bound by this sense of honor in battle. It makes me wonder if they took a leaf out of the Mandalorians’ book.

The troops have been gathering and the medicine healers are on standby at the medevac camp. Petronius said that this may be the day of reckoning; that this may be the day that our enemy may finally be revealed. I’m not so sure but I sense that something is coming and many of the Bushida Jedi sense it as well. At least they are holding together in spite of the losses we took in the last battle.

That battle, Tulre died. I admit that it created a void in my heart for he was the one who helped me to better understand the Avalonian people better. At least he will live on in memory thanks to Michaela. I think Jacen will be pleased when he gets back. Eight months and we have seen many changes and not all of them good. Now we make ready for the fight. Off in the distance I can see Sigara’s old fortress. He was driven out when he resisted. He was lucky that he didn’t get so much as a scratch. I could tell from the way Naomi fussed over him that she cared for him and he did to by the way he would smile at her. Another thing to remind me of Carth and myself. I see a lot of reminders as I call forth the troops and sometimes it depresses me.

There is the blast to the east. The enemy is here. Now we fight…


War. A dismal time and a time that causes many regrets. Over and over I am reminded of the decisions I made to join the Mandalorian wars. At least I don’t feel the void anymore. It has become a dulled sensation because so many have died and the screams are never heard for there are none.

Revan has a determined look about her face. The same one I saw her with when she would lead her troops to battle. Heh, Tulre was right. You never do lose what you have learned. Revan assumed her mantle with courage and I was reminded again why I followed her willingly the first time. I also remember that Malak followed her like a lost kith pup. She took pity on him and so did the other students. Who knew that he would become a Sith Lord?

I find myself often looking at the sky as if expecting any moment that Jacen would come barreling out of the sky or something. I think back to when Kreia told me that Revan would need warriors. I wonder if she knew that the warriors were the ones that were our allies but I remember she said that they would be Sith and Jedi. It doesn’t seem possible but maybe the Rashikians are the Sith that are supposed to fight but they are fighting against us. Nah, always in motion the future is.

There is the sound. Again we go into battle and again we cause death and destruction…


I am taking a risk but I must fight because everything depends on it. Nayana, Naomi and I have gathered what Handmaidens we could and have made our way to the plains of Jasilyn, the field of the Morning Star. A shame that blood has to defile such a pure and white place. I remember Mikkado more often now especially that night in the township. In war, the innocent die along with the guilty parties. Strange thoughts to be thinking but this shows weakness. We must not show weakness!

We are hiding in the thickets bordering the plains. The Rashikians make a seemingly endless blackened sea of hate. The stench of death hangs on them like the armor that they wear and their blades gleam in the morning sun. We are joined by a small band of Haida women from Belos. The rest are amongst the troops. I can see them from here. They look magnificient. Every muscle is finely toned and poised like a straif cat ready to strike.

I hope Jacen is alright. I haven’t been able to sense anything distressing through our special bond but I have my concerns. He has always been running from his past, hiding from who he is, a warrior under the mantle of the Jedi. Still he will find his way even if he tries everything he can to hold it at bay. He has so much to look forward to when he comes back.

There’s a sound coming from our side of the field. I can hear it rising distinctly as the morning sun starts to climb. It is the jasilyn song. I could hear the murmuring calm of all the warriors singing it. Of all the times I have heard it sung, this is the most moving. It is like saying a farewell to the purity of the field. Nayana and the others wanted to sing with them but it would give away our position if we made a sound. Instead, we each sang it silently to ourselves. It was like a revitalization of our spirits.

From the enemy side of the field, the Rashikians broke out in their signature war cry and began to charge. Our side responded and charged as well. Some were on draigons but most were on foot. At the front I saw Revan lead the charge with her yellow lightsaber gleaming in the sun. She was followed close behind by Darius who brandished his silver lightsaber with equal strength. Now all we have to do is wait. Wait until the word is given.


The cry sounded and the charge sounded. I turned my draigon towards the center and charged. We clashed like two opposing waves in an ocean. The fighting was fierce and there was blood in the air. I led a small squad through that sea of death to try and take Sigara’s fortress. If we could get there, we could push them back.

I lost track of Darius after the initial clash and at one point we got separated but we continued on. As much as I didn’t want to be the Revan that I was, I found myself settling into a battle readiness that was disturbingly familiar. I brushed the feelings aside as I fought on, clashing and killing Rashikians that were in my way.

We made it to Sigara’s fortress but were in for a surprise. Behind the hill there were reinforcements and more firepower than we had. Apparently whoever was pulling the strings of these creatures was really disregarding the code of honor that is inherent by these peoples. At one point, a blaster shot from a cannon hit the dirt in front of my draigon that sent me flying. I fell hard next to a downed speeder and sought refuge to try and collect my thoughts and give some aid. It was at that moment a new wave of Rashikians started charging. It was then I heard a high pitched call and hundreds of Handmaidens came out of nowhere and started charging. For a moment the Rashikians froze as if they didn’t know how to face the oncoming wave of fearless women who were said to be better than the men and something to be feared.

A new barrage of blaster fire started to rain down on them. At one point I thought I caught a glimpse of Michaela. Blast the woman! But I can’t blame her. I would do the same for my future, if I still have one with Carth. The barrage was coming down harder. I looked up in time to catch a Rashikian coming at me with a blade that was raked. I managed to dodge it but I wasn’t quick enough. The tip caught my right side causing intense pain. Now I know how Jacen felt that night when we were trying to get to the Academy.

After disposing of the Rashikian, I quickly used Force Heal to press on. The fire was getting more intense but it wasn’t directed at us. It was directed up…


Revan and I got separated after the initial clash. Still I had my orders, to press forward and hold the line. That seemed to be the hidden drive for Revan. I had no idea that Jacen whispered that to her the night he left. I hope he changed for the better.

I didn’t miss the call that gave rise to the hidden Handmaidens. It was a good element of surprise. Even that didn’t stop the Rashikians for they just kept coming harder and faster. At one point the barrage fire directed the cannons not towards us but to the sky. I took a moment to look up and through the atmosphere shot a single fighter. Then behind it came more. The lead fighter began to fire. I could sense that it was Jacen but a different Jacen and yet it was a familiar presence. It was like being back in the Mandalorian wars and again on the Ravager. I could also sense something else. He was not alone.

Diego Varen
06-23-2006, 01:46 AM
Good Diary Enteries. Again Revan and the Exile's personalities suit them.

06-24-2006, 04:08 AM
Chapter 23: Holding the Line and Surprises
We came out of hyperspace just after the retreating enemy. We followed them down to the surface of Avalon, with my fighter in the lead. From the looks of things, the retreating enemy had take refuge with the rest of the their reinforcements behind the knoll that was behind Sigara’s fortress. Close behind us was our reinforcements, the Republic. I entered the atmosphere and brought my fighter down to the deck and commenced firing. Red Squadron followed suit and we took out the cannon fire as best as we could. It increased our odds.

Skimming the surface, I caught a glimpse of Revan who flagged me down. I brought my ship low and opened the cockpit. I shouted out, “How are we doing?”

“Holding the line,” she replied with a smile.

I noticed that her lightsaber was damaged and I tossed her one of mine. She took it without question. The look was enough to tell me that she was glad that I was back. I also caught a whiff of something that was hidden, secretive. I didn’t have long to wonder about it for my comm beeped to tell me that they needed reinforcements near the south end of the field. I quickly popped the hatch and let an energetic Kapu out. He quickly ran up to Revan and T3 and I took off.

Along the way while trying to clear a path, T3 beeped. Some of it wasn’t approval or helpful hints. I responded, “What do mean that wasn’t nice?”

T3 beeped. I replied, “And what would she have done had I told her? She’ll find out soon enough T3. We have a job to do now.”

T3 agreed. He was upset that I didn’t say anything o Revan about Carth being there. We were in the middle of a battle and we had a job to do. Plus I found it to be a bit romantic if they met under slightly better circumstances.

Brushing that brief stint aside, I focused my attention on the line and holding it. I noticed that the main thing that seemed to be standing in the way of forcing the Rashikians to retreat was the huge cannon on the knoll itself. The armor was too strong for blasters and to use one of the turrets from a Republic capitol ship would be stupid. Besides laying a huge crater in the middle of the plains, it would kill a lot of our people. There had to be another way. I was listening to reports of the space battle ahead. It sounded like things were going well and the ships were retreating to Belos where they had taken over, for now.

All of a sudden my fighter got hit by something and my controls became disabled. I called to my wingman, “Foley, I’ve been hit,” as my ship began a long descent to the ground. I braced for impact and T3 was screaming out his fear. It’s a wonder he didn’t blow his voice box. The fighter hit a small hill and bounced off then we hit into something hard.

I had hit my head on the control panel and blood was coming from a small gash near my hairline. I ignored it and checked where I was. I was crashed near the huge cannon where I could see about a hundred thousand Rashikians priming up. I opened the cockpit by pushing it open. T3 let out a deflated warble. I turned and saw that he was not in a good condition. I popped the release mechanism and struggled to pull him out.

After finally managing to get him out, I pulled him behind some boulders and went back to my fighter to retrieve my survival pack that I had found during my stay on Duxn. In it were a couple of surprises waiting for that huge cannon and the Rashikians, a stealth generator and a spare comlink. I made my way back to T3 and gave him a repair kit for him to repair himself enough to be able to follow. I made a quick inventory of my pack and found what I needed, a special thermal detonator. Thank the Force for Mira teaching me how to work with explosives.

I slung the pack over my shoulder and made my way as close as I can to the cannon and away from the fighter. T3 followed behind not beeping. I guess he knew the seriousness of the situation and followed my lead. I motioned for him to stay put and activated the stealth field. I approached as carefully as I could past the Rashikians. It was slow work but worth the effort. I managed to make it to the power supply panel without fuss and proceeded to carefully slice into the power system and set up the detonator. I had just finished when I was pushed hard by someone or rather by a Force push. I deactivated my stealth generator and turned to face who it was who shoved me.

Eómeros looked at me with a darkened grin that was sadistic. In his right he had the unmistakable hilt of a lightsaber. He activated it and it glowed a deep crimson red. I had a sudden wave come over me and I closed my eyes briefly and opened them. We were standing in the middle of a dueling circle but it was just us two. I stood up slowly to look at him. The vision faded and we were back on the battlefield. He continued to smile at me and he said in an inquisitive tone, “Hello Kirabaros.” The rest of the Rashikians didn’t move. They were attentive to the battle and not the two of us.

I replied slowly, “Hello Eómeros.”

“Aren’t you slow on the upkeep. It’s Lorien now. You didn’t think I’d let you get the upper hand so easily. I admit though your tactics caught us off guard with your profound change in personality. Besides I had to see for myself the great Kirabaros and see if he really is worthy of his name.”

“It is just a name,” I began but I guess I wasn’t convinced, “I…”

“Oh please. You who can call thousands to battle with more fervor than the Exile and Revan combined. You who can lead men of all races towards a single goal. Surely you aren’t going to feed that poodoo you have spat at everyone else.”

“True courage comes from those that follow the advice of the one that gives it.”

“Don’t spew your Jedi ramblings and Tergis lessons at me. I have seen a new light. One of power and strength. Something I had dreamed of long before I was named heir apparent. Eómeros is dead my friend. Lorien is born and I have a master. One powerful and an old friend of yours,” and he made a quick slash with his lightsaber at me.

He missed chopping my head off but he did manage to open the scar on my left eye. The heat burned as I cried out. He laughed at me as I clutched where he got me. He was still laughing when he said, “I thought you were stronger than this,” and he moved to the right, “Come on. Let us end this in a traditional battle of the Sith even though we were not master and apprentice.”

I slowly got back to my feet. My left brow was still burning and my head gash was aching and bleeding. I managed to pull my saber off my belt and activated it. The brilliant bronzium blade contrasted sharply with his. I had to fight him off in order to activate the detonator. I flourished my blade and started in the Shi-Cho form, the simplest. Lorien came at me waving his blade.

Fighting Lorien was detrimental to my strength as I was losing blood from the gash on my head and the pain was intense on my face. Still I found it in me to keep up the defense. Eventually I switched to the Makashi form and took the attack to him. At one point I again experienced déjà vu where we locked blades and our faces were about inches apart. He grinned at me and said, “Use your hate. You know you want to unless you are a coward.”

That made me angry but I didn’t let it fuel me. He gave me a shove like the one the Rashikian gave me on NarShadaa but instead of me falling, I back stepped and with a deft twist of my lightsaber, I cut off the hand holding the lightsaber and gave a Force Wave that sent him flying into a busted speeder. I then turned and activated the detonator and then yelled into the comlink to T3 to get a move on it. I then took off running. I knew this wasn’t over between Lorien and I but for now, it was done.

I was running towards our side trying to shout at the line to stay there. Behind me were a few straggling Rashikians trying to catch me. T3 was rolling as fast as he could. We were almost to the safe zone when the cannon exploded taking the Rashikian reinforcements with them. The remaining ones sounded retreat and fell back. I stood watching them go after I picked myself up from where the blast had carried me. I heard Carth on my comm that the enemy fleet was retreating as well. I responded with, “We held the line. Well done. I suggest you come in for a landing Admiral.”

Gazing at the retreating figures, I used my senses to search out Lorien. I was able to get a faint sign and a single emotion but that was all. He was still alive after all that. He was alive and out for revenge now. He would go back to his master. His master. That had me thinking. He said that it was an old friend of mine. I was taught better than to put stock in the half truths that people who fell to the darkside spewed out. I couldn’t help it though. The only feeling I got from my dreams when I saw the faceless man beside him was the extreme fear and shame that I had felt during my time at boarding school. Something wasn’t right and I knew it. This battle was only the beginning of a long campaign against an enemy that may be nothing more than a memory.

I sighed briefly and scanned the cheering faces. I saw Revan amongst them and then spotted Darius. They made their way towards me smiling. Revan gave me a hug to show her happiness that I had returned. I responded with a polite peck on the cheek. I then turned to Darius and we shook hands. He said, “So I guess this means the tide may turn?”

I responded, “For now. Always in motion the future is.”

They both grinned slightly at me for reminding them a lesson of the Jedi. T3 beeped and Kapu gave a slight woof. We were safe for a moment as we stood there on the battlefield strewn with corpses and bloody jasilyn blossoms. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed one jasilyn blossom that was still pure and white. I went over to pluck it from the ground. I gazed at the delicate white petals as I held it gently in my hand. Thoughtfully I took off towards the medical tents with Revan and Darius following me close behind with T3 and Kapu. If it looked strange that I was gazing off into space, they didn’t say anything. Who would?

Diego Varen
06-24-2006, 07:03 AM
Good Chapter. J.C. sounded like Yoda near the end of the Chapter.

06-24-2006, 02:46 PM
Chapter 24: Reunions
My home had been rebuilt after the Takashi Forest had been cleared and I found out that Michaela had been busy moving our things back in while in between helping the wounded and fighting. I felt the familiar feeling of home when I approached with T3 and Kapu in tow. Revan and Darius were coming to celebrate but I could sense they were there for something else. There was a tension about that had me suspicious but my desire to see Michaela threw that out the window.

I approached the staircase leading to the stoep when Michaela opened the door and came out. She stopped and looked at me with a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She was beautiful. Her hair had grown longer and I noticed that she had added highlights, the traditional mark of a handmaiden or a female warrior. Revan had done the same thing with her hair and I noticed this when we were being treated by the healers for our injuries. Michaela had her hair down and was smiling at me. She said, “I see you decided to become more manly. I thought I told you not to get any more scars.”

I smiled in reply and said, “And I see that you have become a warrior woman.”

She responded, “Shut up and kiss me you fool,” and she pulled me into an embrace.

I responded by kissing her deeply and hugging her tightly and telling her that I had missed her. She was hanging on my neck and kissing my back. It seemed like eternity that we were standing there when she broke the embrace and said, “I guess you want to see what I have done with the place.”

I followed her inside and glanced about our home. It had changed and there was a change in the air too. I was so busy scanning the room that I didn’t see Michaela walk into our room and come back carrying a small bundle. I was looking at the ceiling and reaching out with my senses when she said in a teasing voice, “You may be a Jedi but you sure are clueless to things around you.”

I turned to see her holding a tiny infant wrapped in a soft blanket. She came towards me smiling and placed the bundle in my arms. As she did she said softly, “This is Tulre, your son.”

For that moment, it seemed as if time had stopped. I was literally rendered speechless. I had known that before I had left that Michaela had been slightly emotional but she had kept it hidden so well and I had been too busy bothering with my nightmares to notice. I felt ashamed and yet she was so patient with me. I didn’t deserve her but I loved her deeply. I found it hard to say anything. I did manage to find my voice when Revan said, “For someone trained in diplomacy, he sure is quiet. I thought guys like you loved to talk.”

I grinned and asked, “You two knew didn’t you?”

“Of course,” Darius responded, “Michaela told us after you left to play hero in the Outer Rim.”

I turned my gaze down to the little boy in my arms. He seemed to know that I was his father by the way that he stared at me and smiled occasionally. I could feel my love for him pour into him. This would later create a special bond between us as he grew up. I turned to Michaela with a question on my tongue. She answered, “He’s a month old.” She then continued, “I named him Tulre for your friend at the Academy.”

I was well aware of the meaning of namesakes and I couldn’t be more happier that my son was named after a mentor and a friend. I teased Michaela and said, “And he will become a stuffy chronicler or worse. He could be like Master Vrook.”

Revan and Darius groaned and I began to laugh. Little Tulre began to giggle and coo with all the laughter. Michaela joined in as well as Revan and Darius. I admit that it was a pretty good joke that they pulled on me about my son. Little did they know that I had a couple of tricks up my sleeves.


That evening was a feast to celebrate the first true victory of our people. Everyone was invited including our new friends from the Republic. Darius I had a good laugh when I reunited him with Visas the Miraluka. It was nothing like the scene they witnessed me give with my wife Michaela who was now by my side holding my son.

Everyone of the Zherron tribe wanted to see him and hold him especially Nayana and Naomi. Those two fussed over him worse than a pair of grandmothers yet it was a pleasant sight to see. Sigara finally worked up the courage to tell Naomi that he loved her and he popped the question that same night. Both crews of the Ebon Hawk were there, cheering though I did not see Revan anywhere. I think she had decided to just wander next to the Chinooka River and think. I think it was the general good feeling everyone was feeling that made people who were afraid to say things say them and mean them. There was also some sadness as well.

I had worked up the courage to tell Trystan what had happened to his eldest son Eómeros. Being the brave warrior, he tried to hold it in but he couldn’t hold back the tears. He let them fall down his cheeks and allowed me to pull him into a comforting embrace. He was grateful for it for when he composed himself he said, “Thank you.” He also asked, “There is still a chance that he can return to the light?”

I responded as best that I could, “There is always a chance. He has to take the first step.”

I think Lord Trystan was more comforted by that. I think he had hope that the good character that he son exhibited before becoming Lorien would influence his choice to be redeemed. Redemption is a hard thing to come by but the rewards are great no matter how big or small.

After I had left Lord Trystan with his wife Nayana to discuss the situation, I ran into Carth while carrying my son. I could sense that Carth was anxious to find Revan and I wanted to see what was going to happen. I agreed to help him find her and we took off walking down one of the many paths that ran along the Chinooka. We could hear Zaalbar and Mission talking rather loudly as they hugged everyone they had known but we didn’t let that bother us. Carth was silent for the most part but he took a look at my son and said, “Congratulations.”

I responded by allowing him to hold him. I think it reminded him of how he used to hold his own boy Dustil, whom I met later. Tulre seemed to sense that the man holding him was a friend and he smiled at him and grabbed at his Admiral’s uniform with joy. Carth smiled softly and stopped walking to gaze into his little face. He then handed Tulre back to me and we continued to walk. We passed by many couples that had come to enjoy the moonlight by the Chinooka. I decided to strike up a conversation and asked Carth, “So, what do you plan on saying to her?”

“You don’t beat around the bush do you? Well, I hadn’t really thought about it. I guess I would just come up, call her name and kiss her.”

My scar was more noticeable now as I cocked my brow. I guess I conveyed the expression, ‘You have to be kidding,’ for Carth switched tactics and pulled something out of his pocket. He then said, “I was intending on giving her this.”

It was a perfect silver pendant replica of the Morning Star and it was on an equally stunning silver chain that had an antique look to it. I looked at it and I voiced that it was very nice. I was surprised by it but then again it may be called something different on Telos. I then said, “The Morning Star is said to be the lovers star. Legend says that there were two families who hated each other to such an extreme that a bloody feud resulted. One day however, the son of one family and the daughter of the other met and fell in love. They tried to get their families to stop the fighting but alas they died together during a bloody exchange that claimed both their lives. The families were remorseful and erected a tomb to house them both. In the sky above the tomb a single star formed that was brighter than any of the other stars around. Since then it has appeared in the early morning when it is said that the two lovers cast their spell upon the earth. They watch and guide young lovers towards their destiny.” The longest speech I had ever made in one sitting but I was having too much fun with this. I was enjoying the fact that I was involved with this reunion. Another fact was that I could sense through our bond that Revan was going to need a lot for something great to happen.

Carth listened and said, “That is similar to the story we have on Telos.” He then motioned to the pendant. He then said, “I gave this to my wife Morgana when I told her that I loved her. I bought and gave it to a woman I loved and I was thinking of giving to the woman that I love.”

I asked a stupid question, “How does Revan feel about it?”

“Well, we talked. She said she understood that I would always love Morgana. She also said that she would love me no matter what.”

“Of course she will. The heart is something that even when broken keeps on working. You just have to find a way to repair the pieces that have been broken and take it from there.” I felt kind of silly saying that since I never had heard that from anyone before, or did I? I was starting to sound like a philosopher but I didn’t let that bother me, for now.

We actually came across Revan as she was walking along the footpath towards the bridge. Discarding her Jedi robes, she opted for the Haida woman clothes. Personally I thought it suited her though I think maybe that she was trying to change for reasons other than herself. I nudged Carth in the arm with my free hand and pointed up ahead. I could sense part of him wanted to just run up there and start kissing her but the rational part which is slightly smaller than his paranoia took over and he just stood there and watched her.

The moonlight was reflecting off her highlights creating a sheen that matched that of the river. The weaver birds were softly singing their night songs and the Chinooka ran its gentle course creating a gentle rhythm that added to the majestic beauty of the scene. Her life stone given to her by Lord Trystan gleamed it’s turquoise blue in a mesmerizing way that it reminded me of the colors I tended to see in the mornings. I gave Carth the go-ahead sign and fell back to watch the scene. I was joined by Michaela who said very softly, “There you are. I have been looking all over so as to put this little one down for a nap.” She then noticed Carth slowly approaching Revan who gave no indication that she knew he was there. I helped in that I masked his presence and had been concentrating hard when Michaela came that I barely heard her.

After Carth spoke his entrance line, “You look even more beautiful than when I last saw you Gorgeous,” I spoke my reply, “I decided to take a walk.”

Revan had turned around. The look on her face was priceless as the tears began to form down her face. She said something that I couldn’t hear but that didn’t matter, as the emotions I was getting were enough to tell me that she was surprised and happy. Carth cupped her left cheek and gently used his thumb to wipe away the tears. Michaela was watching too when she responded, “I see and you didn’t invite me to this little scene?” She had said it in her teasing voice so I knew she wasn’t mad.

They were still talking. Carth drew her in close and hugged her in a tight embrace and responded the same way. Tears were still coming down her face and they brimmed on Carth’s face. They were still hugging and talking to each other when I responded, “Well you’re here now and you have a front row seat to one of the greatest reunions of all time.”

“Oh and ours wasn’t that great?” She enjoyed teasing me and it felt good that I could the same without feeling like a cynic or brooding over a nightmare. Right now I just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Carth was using his forefinger and chin to lift Revan’s face so that her honey colored eyes could gaze into his soft brown ones. He said something and kissed her on the lips. Score! Love conquers all again! I had wrapped my right arm around Michaela’s shoulders and held her close and we held Tulre together. We watched the kiss turn into a long one and I said softly, “Ours was great but this is time going backwards to when we first kissed,” and I bent my head and kissed her forehead gently. Tulre had fallen asleep in our arms as we watched.

Carth and Revan kissed once more and hugged each other. It was as if neither of them wanted to let go for fear of losing each other again. I watched as Carth pulled the pendant of the Morning Star out of his pocket. The silver gleamed in the moonlight making it seem as if he were holding the real star in his hand. He unclasped the ends and, while still facing Revan, he fastened it around her neck. He then straightened it on her neck so it hung perfectly in his opinion. She was just gazing still with a gentle smile and the tears again forming in her eyes. She then reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and said loud enough for us to hear, “I love you flyboy,” and she kissed him.

It was a priceless moment. She had been separated for almost five years and now she had been reunited with her love. Tergis was right when he said that love itself can save you. I would later learn that Jolee said the same thing to Revan five years earlier during their mission to find the Star Forge. Michaela and I just stood here watching as two people in love were reunited after five long years. I turned my head up to look at the sky and saw that just above them, the real Morning Star was shining down brighter than ever upon them.


This one It think was the best one I wrote. I put alot of thought into it. It also helps that I am a sap for romance. If you read the little story J.C tells, it is a very familiar story. 20 cool point for the one who can tell me.

Diego Varen
06-24-2006, 03:35 PM
Reunions, I had a Chapter called that in one of my Fics. No matter. Anyway good Chapter. I liked how Michaela used Bastila's line to J.C. Tulre, a good name for a son. Let's hope he becomes a Jedi like J.C.

Can't wait for the next Chapter.

Jae Onasi
06-25-2006, 12:18 AM
Heh, I _knew_ Michaela was pregnant....
I liked this last chapter.

06-25-2006, 02:40 AM
Chapter 25: Special Days and the Call to Arms
Time does fly by and yet it seems to drag when you are in a state of war. Still these past three months have seen bad days and yet equally good days. Governor Heros was dead. No fault of his own as he was trying to rally troops on Mikkado. So much death just to gain liberty. His eldest was the heir apparent until the next election. Mara, his daughter took her new responsibilities well and struggled to hold the fragile leadership together. I had no fear that her confidence and her strength would see her through.

On a more happier note, there was a special day that occurred. After five years, well Carth and Revan tied the knot. Such a happy occasion and yet very few were invited, for the sake of privacy. A decision that was respected by everyone. Of course their friends from their Star Forge mission were there. Darius and his friends were spending their time elsewhere, a surprise considering that he and Revan served together during the Mandalorian wars. What surprised me the most was that I was asked to stand up with Carth but it was an honor that I took graciously. Old Petronius did the honors by tradition of our people since he considered Revan one of us since Lord Trystan gave her that honor.

The ceremony was under the Judan trees in the orchards near the Chinooka. The blossoms had just started blooming and falling down, creating a pretty picture. I could sense the plethora of emotions, all of happiness and caring coming from everyone. Carth looked rather posh with his Admiral’s uniform all polished and such that I couldn’t resist teasing him saying that Revan would have preferred the orange jacket. The only thing that stood out with him were those two stubborn locks of his. Who am I to talk since I have the same problem. We had become good friends. I think it was because I made the effort to make him understand things that Revan couldn’t voice before. Either that or he felt a sense of gratitude for me bringing him and Revan back together. Revan on the other hand, well she turned heads.

I thought that she would be dressed as a Haida woman as she didn’t have a dress to wear. Later I found out that Michaela had made it for her and she didn’t tell me until I saw the fabric. I swear she was getting as bad as me about hiding things. All she told me was that I wasn’t a woman and didn’t understand. So that became a moot point. Still when I saw Revan standing there, she was a sight. The white silk and lace stood out with the Judan blossoms. Her shoulders were bare except for the silver pendant Carth had out around her neck and her life stone. The sleeves began right at the upper arm where an armband would have been. The skirt was simple and the lace flowed with the breeze. Her hair was done up in a bun which had a delicate wreath of flowers. I had managed to find jasilyn blossoms for her to hold and that completed the pretty picture before me and I was there in brand new robes again from the Academy.

The ceremony went without a hitch unless you count HK’s brief interruption of, “Such human pheromone responses sent electric chills through my processing unit and makes me wish to press a blaster pistol to my behavior core and pull the trigger.”

I had to pinch the bridge of my nose and put my head down to keep from laughing. I noticed that everyone else seemed to do the same thing, with the exception of Michaela, Revan and Carth. I think Revan and Carth were too happy to care much and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I started chuckling and was followed by Revan, Carth and Michaela. Little Tulre was laughing as well as only babies could do. Other than that, the ceremony itself was memorable. It was after during the dinner that put a dampener on things, at least for me.

I met Dustil and he was polite during the whole ceremony and even smiled. When I saw him, he looked like a much younger version of his father but his eyes. The eyes belonged to his mother. We got to talking when I noticed that he had a dark cloud about him. I asked him why the long face. He responded, “I’d rather that be my mother.”

I looked at him and slightly frowned. I asked, “Why?”

I guess he figured I misunderstood his meaning for he started to explain. Seeing that it would be bad manners to speak of this in front of everyone so I motioned him to follow me. When we were a safe distance away, he continued, “Look, it’s not that I’m not glad that Father is happy. It’s just…well…”

“You feel that she will replace you mother,” and I rubbed his shoulder. I felt compelled to say something else but I didn’t know what. It came to me and I continued, “Revan will never replace her but she cares for you all the same. You know I never knew my mother. There isn’t a day that goes by that I wonder what it would have been like if she had lived. At least you had your mother and now you have someone who cares about what you do now. No one will replace her. She lives in you,” and I walked away. I did not stop to see the look at his face nor did I say anything about that conversation to Revan or Carth. It was one secret that I kept.


I never thought that I would return back to Mikkado after all that had happened the last three months. The reason that we are here at the ruins of the plains is that we had to relocate our base of operations. Also we had learned that while on a mission to Belos, Mara, the Lady Governor of Avalon was captured by Lorien. We were mobilizing to mount a rescue and to face a force that was threatening to conquer Mikkado.

As I stood on the plains of Argon, I surveyed the town nearby. A lot of memories came back, of when I was a boy and first learning of the Force. Also were the memories of the hate towards the tribes and those were harder to push away. I managed to find the dorp that I had lived in and still found everything as I had left it. I even found the fighter I had taken to get here right where I left it. I was running my hand along the weather beaten hull when I was interrupted by a cantankerous old man, “Hmm, not much like the rust bucket I crash-landed on Kashyyyk.”

I turned to face Jolee with a teasing manner, “At least I didn’t crash. I landed.”

That produced a chuckle. I had grown fond of Jolee and could see right past the gruff manner. I knew he would defend Revan and Carth’s relationship if they ever faced the Jedi Council on Coruscant. I also knew that he was a softie as I had seen him once hold Tulre. Of course I never said anything. I was chuckling myself when he said, “Now you need to learn to respect your elders sonny.”

Kidding aside I replied, “So they send the Old Man to fetch me?” We started walking towards the rear where the gardens were.

“Yes, yes Jolee Bindo now the gofer for the Republic. Can’t say that I envy you. I’m an old man as you so eloquently put it.”

“To be honest Jolee, I have my doubts about the plan. Mostly they stem from my dreams.”

“Still the same?”

“Yep and more intense. Often I wake up and I have thrown something or done something in my sleep. I guess that means no more late nights.” That last comment was an attempt at lightening the gravity of the situation. I had the strange feeling that something was going to happen at this mission. I couldn’t deny it and at the moment, I was glad that my wife and son were at home on Avalon. They were safe there.

Jolee saw through my humor and replied, “Then I suggest you be extra careful.”

I nodded but didn’t say anything as we had reached the debriefing area. As soon as I stepped in, the conversation turned serious. Carth was the one who asked if I was ready. I said that I was. The mission called for myself and another Jedi to infiltrate the detention area while the battle would be a diversion. Darius would head the main forces and two other Bushida warriors would be second in command. Carth was to direct the artillery. There was no need for the fleet as the last battle decimated the enemy fleet for now. A lot was riding on this.

I had seated myself on a broken stone bench and was surveying the people who had come to fight. All of Revan’s old crew and the Exile’s crew were there, with the exception of the Handmaiden and a tech specialist called Bao-Dur. Apparently they had returned to Telos to help in the recovery effort. I became lost in thought thinking of the mission and how I was going to try and rescue Lady Mara. I was alert enough to hear that the forces were ready to go. I was absent mindedly fingering my life stone, given to me by Lady Mara herself for my actions when I returned home when I was broken out of this when HK said, “Observation: It appears the Handsome Meatbag has not heard a single word. Shall I blast him now to get his attention?”

I rolled my eyes and briefly wondered what had possessed my mind to let HK be here. I had the distinct feeling that he would get an enjoyment of bloodshed in the coming battle. Revan saved me from more embarrassment by saying, “No HK. He knows what’s going on.” I felt a reassurance through our bond and it lightened my mood considerably. She continued, “Now the detention block has high security. We’re going to need a big distraction to get them away to allow us to slip in.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Canderous said, “I’ve got a plan to take care of them.”

“Then it’s settled,” I found myself voicing. I was anxious to get underway and everyone else noticed it too. I started to walk to the area where the speeder bikes were kept.

“Hey J.C!” I turned and saw Mission running towards me waving something in her hand. She caught up to me and handed me a small toolkit. She said, “Just in case.”

She had been teaching me slicing skills the past three months and claimed that I was more adept at it than when she first taught Revan. Nice compliment, if I was to be a smuggler or worse. I could tell she was concerned but I gave her a reassuring smile and said, “Hey, at least I’ll have the upper hand when it comes to a lock.” I placed the kit into my belt.

She smiled and then ran back to the foyer to get ready to man a turret. She had put up a fuss when she insisted on being in the thick of the fighting. She admitted that it was she who manned the turrets on the Ebon Hawk when I came back. I managed to make a compromise to let her man defense for our operations building, much to the chagrin of Carth and to some extent Revan. If anything, I learned that a strong will is hard to force to do anything and a compromise must be made. That was another one of Tergis’ lessons when he taught me about diplomacy.

I was waiting on my bike when Revan joined me followed by Carth. I could sense the worry and fear in Carth. He did not want to lose her but this was a time of war and everyone was needed to help who could fight. Before Revan mounted her speeder, Carth pulled her into a gentle embrace and hugged her, which she returned with equal love. She started to give him a kiss on the cheek when his lips brushed against hers. I had no problem with it except that it made me wish Michaela were there to do the same to me. They kissed for a bit and I just busied myself with the systems. Canderous later asked me how I could stand it to see the two of them sucking their faces off.

When they finally parted, Revan climbed on her speeder and activated the engine. She glanced behind her and I followed her gaze, not to Carth, but to Dustil, just watching as we made our departure. I had the distinct feeling that he was still struggling over what I said to him at the wedding. I could only hope that he could see the wisdom in those words. Revan must have sensed my thoughts or something for she asked, “Hey, you awake? These speeders can’t drive themselves ya know.”

I chuckled slightly and readied my engines. A couple of warriors opened the gates and we sped out of the old enclave and headed across the plains of Argon. That was a close move. During the time that we had been at the enclave, our bond strengthened. Due to its unique nature, Revan was never completely able to hide anything from me but I could hide things from her. I had thought that the memory of that conversation had surfaced and she caught a glimpse. I brushed it aside however as we headed into the west towards the detention block at the old space port of Garanga where the Rashikians were holding Lady Mara. It was an old port that was located near the crystal caves, a place where many things could happen.

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Revan and Carth got married. Bring on the Exile and Handmaiden's marriage. Good Chapter as usual and how do you post Chapters that fast?

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Like I said, I finished Book 2. They are all lined up and ready to go. Oh and it is Exile/Visas match. I liked her better. Well, here is the next chapter for your entertainment.

Chapter 26: Guards and Jailbreak
I was holding my breath as we approached the base entrance on the cave side of the port. I could literally feel an adrenaline rush as we approached the door and spotted two guards. I hid behind a huge mound of crystals and continued to watch and wait. I felt for sure that I might hyperventilate but I forced myself to calm down by concentrating on a memory, any memory that brought a calming sensation. When calmed, my senses became more in tuned and I could sense Revan’s apprehension. To reassure her I dropped my hand back and took hers and squeezed it gently.

Watching the two guards I began to wonder when Canderous would come through with his distraction. We didn’t have long to wait for the two guards were called to the front. I thought it must have been one helluva distraction and I decided then I didn’t want to find out later. Knowing Canderous, it might have involved more than cracking a few skulls. We made our way through the door after the guards had left and made our way down the hall.

Remembering the layout of the port’s main building, I immediately directed Revan through the southern passages towards the cargo holds. In debriefing, we determined that one of these could be used as a holding cell. I stopped at a main console and sliced into the terminal to check the security cameras. It took a total of three minutes to slice in and examine all the cameras one by one and at the back of my mind, I was wondering if we would be caught. Revan watched my back and I could sense her alertness.

After finally determining which cargo hold Lady Mara was in, we made our way to the detention block. We narrowly avoided being caught by a patrol who had been directed towards the northern end of the compound. I passed a stealth field generator to Revan and equipped a second one. As soon as we reached the corridor leading to the prison block, I saw a few guards around the cargo hold. I nodded to Revan and I started down the corridor alone. They pointed their weapons towards me and told me to halt. Without moving, I sent their weapons flying from their hands and continued walking. Given their orders, they came at me with hand and foot. I blocked as best as I could and with a few well-placed punches, I sent them flying into the walls where they fell unconscious.

The lock was another matter. I had to use every thing I knew from what Mission told me about opening locks. Revan was about to tell me to step back so she could use her lightsaber when it popped open. Lady Mara was standing there looking at us with surprise. I unclipped my stealth field generator and clipped it onto her just in case. I handed her a katana blade that I had brought and I led the way back down the corridor. We were almost to the bulkhead that led back to the crystal cave entrance when an explosion sounded and the corridor caved in.

Seeing that it was hopeless, I turned to lead the others to another way out. We made our way towards the entrance that opened to the top of the gully. We encountered a few Rashikians who put up a fight. I noticed that at every occasion we had fought, the Rashikians seemed to have gotten stronger. It made me wonder about this. I didn’t have long to wonder for as we made our way to the bulkhead, the way out, it opened to reveal someone that made my eyes open wide with fear.

The tall, muscular figure was a carbon copy of none other than Tvark Sigun, the one that I had sent a lightsaber through the chest. He was different from Tvark in that his eyes burned with an intense hatred and for a moment I thought I saw something else. He looked at the three of us but his eyes fixed on me. He said in a voice that sounded like pain, “You actually think you can escape from my grasp sangtahut?”

All I could manage to get out was, “Tvark?”

The result was a deep chuckle that brought a flash memory of a tall man with a metal mouth laughing. I didn’t realize that was one of Revan’s memories until he stopped laughing and the image vanished. He said, “You wish. Surely you realize that you killed him over three years ago.”

I used my senses to seek out the answer. At once my nightmares flashed quickly through my mind and focused on my memory of the Judge. I made the connection and responded, “You are his son.”

“Very good. You can’t imagine how long I have dreamed of this moment. I even made a pact with an ancient power and have taken control of the Rashikians.”

“So you are the one creating the evil presence,” Revan replied much to my dismay.

“How quaint. A former Sith Lord and the Heart of the Guardian. I am going to surely enjoy killing the both of you,” and he drew out a blood red lightsaber.

That sent a disturbing shiver up my spine as I drew one of my bronzium bladed sabers. I sent through the bond for Revan to get out. She seemed to protest but she understood that I had to fight him off. I was actually determined and gave the impression that if she didn’t move and escape, then I would run her through. I didn’t mean it but we came there to get Lady Mara out and now it was up to Revan to get her out. I removed my outer robes and I responded, “No. Your quarrel is with me,” and I twirled my saber.

By that time Revan dragged Lady Mara away and headed towards one of the other exits leaving me to face the son of Tvark. We seemed to circle each other as we eyed each other warily. I could sense the dark side pour from him like a gushing river. I drew on the light of the Force and brought up my saber to guard. He responded by saying, “Still afraid to attack first? You are weak and you cannot stand against my power, the power of the Blood King.”

“We’ll just have to see about that,” I responded and swung in a combination of parries and slashes.

He defended with amazing speed and his strikes were incredibly strong. It took every ounce of knowledge I had from Tergis and Cronus to avoid getting my head chopped off which seemed to be his goal. I continued my line of defense while laying a few attacks of my own as we pushed our way to the cliff overhanging the river that flowed from the caves. I could see that he was drawing heavily upon the essence that screamed Sith to all my senses. It was so thick that I could a dark shadow that was thick as smoke hanging in a cloud over him.

As I was fighting him, I could sense that Revan was having to fight her way to the entrance. However because of the distraction of the battle going on in the valley, the Rashikian concentration was worse than that of a first year padawan. Besides she had Lady Mara helping her. Mara was not one to back down easily. Since she is the daughter of a Jedi, well former Jedi, she had a heightened sense of alertness about her and she was trained by her father in combat. I once had the opportunity to watch her practice and saw her take down one of her most skilled warriors, one of those that guarded the palace. In short, she was worthy of the elitist warrior classes.

One emotion had me worried though. I was trying to hold off the Blood King when I felt a familiar presence. Even though I was in combat, I concentrated on that to discern what it was that was hindering the jailbreak. Upon closer inspection, I realized that Lady Mara was making her escape and that Revan was taking on Lorien. That realization made me pause and that pause nearly cost me dearly.

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Chapter 27: Journals of the Front Part II
That battle was a hectic one, each with their own account. I have decided to let the journals tell this section.


Mandalore created his distraction to buy time for Jacen and Revan to get in and rescue Mara, the Governor of Avalon. It was rather crude but effective in that he played the whole ‘I got lost’ routine and then we ambushed them with cannon fire. That woke up the rest of the compound and sent the Rashikians running to the front lines.

We charged behind a barrage of cover fire and began to fight long and hard. The Rashikians fought back with equal determination. At one point a stray shot from one of our cannons struck the main building close to the caves. I could sense the exit blocked and realized that Revan and Jacen would need another way out. I sent some troops to the backup exit near the northern side of the compound while the main troops held the line. Atton, Mira, and the Cathar Juhani were holding that line. My Visas was with Bastilla and they led the clearing of the exit. I could see them by the bright glare of their lightsabers in the midst of the blaster fire and the glint of the swords. The Bushida warriors were charging like bull kath hounds but twice the energy and were swinging their blades. They were fighting like Wookiees, I think.

The field was riddled with holes from blaster fire and dirt was flying everywhere. It made a thick cloud that was like the morning mists that came that morning. The stench of death was like a sickness. It was terrible but we pressed on. I became aware that the dirt and sweat was clinging to my skin, adding to the sickly feeling. My second in command, Galados, one from the Academy kept in constant communication with all troops. The going was hard for the Rashikians fought equally hard swinging their own blades with equal ferocity. I just hope that the retreat will go much smoother.


The battle was like the others I have fought in but it took some getting used to. These people don’t really like to use blasters but rather fight in melee combat. They are a bit like the Jedi but not always the pacifists for they fight like any Republic soldier. After much arguing with Revan, I agreed to let her go with Jacen to rescue the Lady Governor. I had just gotten her back and I didn’t want to lose her again but she’s stubborn, more than me. I agreed to man the artillery line and reinforcements with Jolee helping the healers. I think Jacen put him up to making sure I didn’t chain Revan to a chair or something.

We created a barrage fire in front of the advancing lines to provide cover fire. Early on we found that it was quite effective and used it in most major engagements and few minor ones. We switched so it didn’t give the Rashikians a chance to counter. I was directing a change in direction per our plans when a stray shot hit the side that Revan and Jacen were supposed to exit the compound. I immediately wanted to panic but I relaxed when I saw Darius direct troops to an area and figured that they may be clearing another way out.

Mission was having way too much fun in the turrets but I agreed to let her be there, after Jacen interceded on her behalf. I swear he can be a sweet talker when he wants to. Other times he takes the attitude of a soldier, the tender part of him disappears and out comes this warrior that would make Canderous proud, if he let it dominate him. I was surveying the landscape when another explosion sounded near the cliffs above the caves. It looked like someone blew a hatch or something. I couldn’t really tell until I saw two figures emerge at the top fighting. I recognized one being Jacen by the color of his lightsaber. The other was someone else as the blade was red. I immediately began to worry about Revan.


Jacen and I had to separate after meeting the Blood King. I didn’t know who he was but through our bond, I could sense an intense fear, one that seemed as if it were buried. That feeling quickly changed to outright anger and hate but then they dissipated. I gathered that this person was reminiscent of a memory that was not pleasant. I noticed that Jacen adopted a semi aggressive state and his voice was strangely deep when he told me, “Go.” When I didn’t move, he said, with a little more force, “Go or I’ll run you through myself.”

I knew he didn’t mean it but it put my mind on the mission: get Lady Mara out. I grabbed her hand and we took off running for the northern end of the compound, the last available exit. We headed through the maze of streets within the compound; fighting off any Rashikians we came across. Lady Mara watched my back as I did hers and was a very good swordsman. I could tell that she may have been trained a bit in the Jedi arts. It made sense because her father was one.

At last we were home free towards the main bulkhead when a dark hooded person stepped in front of it and asked, “Where do you think you are going?” He lifted his head to reveal a face I only saw once but Mara recognized right off the bat. Her stunned expression was enough along with her voicing, “Eómeros?”

The figure laughed. It sounded familiar to the way how Malak laughed when I confronted him on the Leviathan and it sent a slight chill down my spine. He replied, “Not any more my love. Lorien is the name now.” His eyes glowed a strange and familiar gleam. I could see the evil in them, the familiar evil I once felt myself.
I forced the feeling from my mind. I looked at him square in the eye and said, “What do you want?”

“My love. My bride. And to hurt Jacen.”

Mara began to show tears in her eyes. Apparently she cared for Eómeros and it pained her to see him succumbed to the darkside. He had been missing since the initial attack at conclave. It was evident that he had been taken prisoner and turned to the darkside. It made me wonder if he was tortured as Bastilla had been over five years ago. The revenge part was more confusing. He had no quarrel with Jacen unless it was a single mindset from that Blood King. There was little time to wonder this for Lorien spoke gruffly, “If I don’t get what I am after then I will have to take what I must. I have no qualms about killing someone close to Jacen either,” and he drew a lightsaber that was a violent shade of purple.

My instinctive reaction was to draw mine. The orange blade glowed as I twirled it into position in front of me. Mara had gotten over her sadness and twirled her vibroblade as well. She knew that Lorien was not the one she fancied. It amazed me how well the Avalonian people could put their personal feelings aside and walk into battle. Lorien didn’t expect that she would fight him but he recovered from it well. He responded by coming at the both of us and juggling blows between the two of us. At one point, he kicked me in the gut, knocking me down and he used the Force to send Mara flying into the bulkhead, knocking her unconscious. He then turned his full attention to me.

He and I came at each other like two colliding asteroids. He came fast and hard, trying to get a blow inside my defense. The extra training I had underwent with Jacen and Darius kicked in and blocked as best as I could. I was being driven through the actual bulkhead and into the thick of the battle and sparks were flying where our blades collided and the smoke mixed in with the air. The others ignored us as we fought on. Once I tripped on a hidden piece of metal and Lorien struck my shoulder but missed doing serious damage. It burned and I was in pain but I staggered back to my feet and continued. All the while I was becoming distinctly aware that Jacen was attracting attention from the Rashikians.


I saw the northern bulkhead open and out emerged Revan and a figure clad in black. I distinctly remembered that Jacen mentioned that the dark clothed figure was Lorien but he was reluctant to share much. I guess he knew him. I didn’t press and neither did Revan.

When I didn’t see Lady Mara emerge, I began to panic. I left my second in command in charge and ran at full speed to find her. I used my lightsaber to push through the masses of Rashikians trying to get there. I tripped once but I was back on my feet. I ran past Revan and Lorien and headed into the compound. It was surprisingly empty as I scanned around.

I found Lady Mara crumpled against the bulkhead and bleeding from a gash to the head. It looked like she had been struggling to get to her feet but was too exhausted from pain to properly orient herself. I was confused as to how to carry her, as I needed a free arm. This was war however and there was no time for propriety so with as much care I could muster, I slung her over my left shoulder and adjusted under her weight. Keeping my left to hold her body in place and my right free, I grabbed the vibroblade she had been using and headed out the exit and back into the thick of the fighting.

I ignored Revan yet again so I didn’t notice that her arm had been nicked by a lightsaber. I met up with Visas and Juhani midway back to the healer station. Juhani volunteered to help watch my back as we made our way back. As we ran, I occasionally heard a whimper come from Lady Mara. It wasn’t pain from her head but an emotional pain. Whatever happened in the compound must have been painful.


I saw Darius running with Juhani towards me carrying someone. I recognized her as the Governor we were supposed to rescue. I noticed the gash on her head, nothing that a little Force Healing can’t do. Bah, I’m getting too old for this.

The wounded are not serious. As soon as they are healed, the soldiers run back out and continue the fighting. Don’t they know that they have to rest after getting injured? Though I do admit that their zeal reminds me of my younger days when I was a strapping young lad with a full head of hair and smuggling supplies.

After healing the governor and leaving her on the gurney I turned to survey the fighting. I may be old but my senses aren’t dulled. I could sense that Jacen was facing what I suppose he is supposed to fight.

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Chapter 28: Battle of Fate
The smoke was thick in the air and the stench of death was on the winds. That didn’t matter as I fought the Blood King. We had managed to make our way up the stairs to the top of the cliffs overlooking the crystal caves. I could hear the waterfalls, the same ones that I had visited once before long ago. In front of me was the spitting image of Tvark, the Judge. He had been plotting since his father’s death to extract his revenge on me and he had been the one behind the war. I felt feelings of anger and hate but I pushed them deep down.

We had been fighting on precarious ground, as there were boulders and stones on the ground making an uneven ground. We had just clashed our blades together and pushing with equal force on both our ends. The Blood King decided to take the opportunity to try and bring out my hate. He said, “Use your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me and the very evil you seek.”

I felt my temper rising but didn’t give in. That seemed to make him mad for he broke the hold by freeing one of his hands and laid a punch that sent me flying into a boulder. I had let go of my lightsaber and it fell a few feet away. I slowly got to my feet and with all the strength I could muster, I sent a strong enough Force Wave to send him flying into his own boulder. I then summoned my lightsaber with the Force and came at him.

The Blood King was laughing as he got up and saw me coming. He had a few tricks up his sleeves and he used them against me. He just stood there but sent various sizes of stones and boulders flying at me. I managed to dodge a few of the large ones but a good sized one hit me in the side and broke a few of my ribs. I was lucky I had turned or I would have ended with a punctured lung. I tried not to cry out in pain but that hurt bloody hell and he knew it. I had to continue but I decided on a defensive stance.

Tired of throwing stuff at me, the Blood King came at me again with his lightsaber. I took my second one off my belt and activated it. I used both to try and drive him further away from me. He responded fairly well and managed to knock the second one out of my hand. I didn’t have the strength to summon it so I continued to fight with the one. At one point, I used the smoke through the Force to make it thick enough to allow me to hide amongst the huge boulders. I hid there to catch my breath and get a sense of my surroundings. I heard a taunting voice, “Come out, come out wherever you are.”

I was panting from fatigue as I glanced around. I looked down and noticed that Revan was fighting Lorien. She seemed to be doing all right, judging from what I could sense through the battle-induced fog of our bond. I sent a surge of encouragement through our bond before moving around and readying to continue.

I emerged from behind the structures to find no one in sight. It sent a warning through my brain and my senses became alert. I searched through the Force for him but it was to no avail. I didn’t let down but it didn’t do me good. He jumped behind me intending to run me through. I jumped away and landed a well-placed blow on his right arm. That made him mad for he growled and backhanded me in the chest that sent me staggering backwards and struck me in my shoulder. It wasn’t a serious strike and I got the distinct impression that he wanted to make me suffer.

The wound felt like when one got hit with a blaster bolt. I shrugged it off and stood up. I was exhausted but I wasn’t going to give up. The Blood King was waving his blade at me and smiling his evil grin. I just looked at him and breathed a heavy sigh. I distinctly began to hear voices from my childhood, from Zoran. In my mind I heard, Pride is keeping your head up when everyone else’s is down and courage is what makes you do it. I also began to hear the song of the Heart of the Guardian but it was too faint to be heard. My brain was slowly becoming muddied with weariness and distorted lessons from my childhood sounded through.

Then I recalled the vision that Inkosi Kanji sent me on. If anything, that image stuck with me and I felt a brief surge of strength. I was becoming aware that I was slowly opening my eyes to see a striking Blood King and in a sudden movement I brought my saber up to block it. I grabbed his wrists and we struggled that way with our eyes locked. He looked deep into mine and said, “You have strength, courage.”

It was more of a compliment than a means of attack to my character. It momentarily confused me but didn’t break my concentration. We continue to wrestle locked again when I gave him a knee to the chest and a punch that made him stagger back. The blood was up and we went at it again striking with our sabers. I landed one more strike to his right arm in the same spot. That made him overly mad and he came at me with a hard thrust.

I managed to avoid the brunt of it but he grazed me just under the ribcage and with a quick strike hit my right leg, making a deep cut. I couldn’t keep quiet about the pain and I fell to the ground. I thought it would be all over when he raised his blade to strike me down when an orange blade stopped it. I looked up and saw Revan with a grim look of determination on her pretty face. It was streaked with dirt and I noticed blood on her right arm.

“You are brave and foolish Jedi,” the Blood King said.

Revan responded, “Everyone says that about me.”

I took the opportunity to summon my lightsaber and I activated it. With a painful flip forward, I got back on my feet. I was a wreck but I wasn’t going to let Revan get herself killed. I had made a promise to myself to keep her safe and I was dead set on keeping it. I came out in front and took the lead, much to Revan’s chagrin. I said, “And you and I have business to finish.”

He laughed, taking in the pleasure that I was still on my feet and in pain. He responded, “It doesn’t matter. Two more in my book and two more bodies on my way to conquering this system.”

“I don’t think so,” I replied and I swung first. It shocked him slightly because I struck first and hard. Revan followed swinging when she could. At this point the barrage fire was dying down as Rashikians were retreating and firing at the same time. Ships were escaping to the main stronghold at Belos. That didn’t matter as we kept up the battle.

At one point I sent my own boulder flying at the Blood King even though I was near dead on my feet from loss of blood. He sent one in return but I stopped it. Revan stepped in and helped me get it spinning and together we sent it hurtling at him with astonishing speed. He jumped to avoid it and it shattered against the other boulders. The ground was littered with broken rocks and scattered pieces of metal from all the throwing around.

The last straw came when the Blood King backhanded Revan into a boulder where she fell semi conscious. I came at the Blood King with my blade swinging, letting my heart take over and not my head though I still had some sanity left. I ended up tackling him and we both fell on the ground extremely close to the cliff edge. He gave me a hard punch and then struck my injured leg, making me cry out and he pushed me to the side. I did a roll and used my arms to push me up while at the same time I summoned my lightsaber. All he did was grin at me and held up something dangling from a silver chain. He had taken my lifestone off in the process by ripping it off, causing a small gash on the back of my neck. He threw it to the ground and stepped on it, mashing it into the ground.

I was angry but I calmed down. It hurt that he insulted me by doing that but I wasn’t going to let it rule me. I just stood there and glared. I noticed Revan starting to stir as she was coming out of her grogginess and sent reassurance. Her eyes opened and she tried to take in the situation. Seeing that he wasn’t getting a rise out of me, the Blood King said, “Tis a pity that Tergis wasted his time on you. You are weak. You bring shame to the legacy of our people you sangtahut.”

I approached slowly, limping until I was within four feet of him and said, “I have shou, you don’t. You dishonor it.”

“We’ll see,” and he swung hard which I defended and attempted to punch me. I grabbed his wrist and struggled with the little strength I had left. We somehow got switched around till my back was facing the edge of the cliff. He kicked my shin on my bad leg sending a streak of pain through my leg. I nearly buckled over but I pushed hard and shoved him back and nearly lost my balance.

As I was regaining my balance, he sent a Force Shove that sent me flying off the edge of the cliff. I vaguely recall hearing a shriek or a scream as I plummeted down. I seemed to have hit every single jutted surface that projected out as I headed for the pool of water below. The last thing I remember was the flashing image of my wife and son. They were the last people I saw before I saw black.

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Chapter 29: Thoughts of the Aftermath

I don’t remember much after I hit the boulder but that battle was imprinted to a degree in my mind. I remember waking up and saw Jacen and the Blood King on the ground. It looked like he had tackled him. I also remember the protective nature he took when I showed up after defeating Lorien. The healers took him after I wounded him gravely. What would happen to him didn’t matter then to me and I knew that Darius had taken Mara to safety. My immediate concern was then finding Jacen. I had sensed that he was in danger.

I watched as the Blood King struck him in the leg where a deep gash was and saw Jacen roll over in pain. He recovered quickly and I could tell that he was using the Force to sustain himself even though he couldn’t do it physically. I saw him push himself up and he spun to a standing position and summoned his lightsaber. It was an amazing feat for I had never seen any Jedi do that before. He just then stopped and stood there with his lightsaber ignited. I turned my aching head to see why.

The Blood King was holding his lifestone, the one that Lady Mara gave him. It matched mine except it was more aquamarine. It looked as if he had ripped it from Jacen’s neck. I watched in horror as he flung it down and stomped on it and pressed it into the ground. Jacen didn’t do anything. If anything, he was unnervingly calm. I watched them and they conversed in Avalonian, I think. I recognized the word for ‘blood traitor’ and realized that the Blood King was trying to incite Jacen to attack. Jacen responded with words and the Blood King struck with his lightsaber first. Jacen countered and gripped hard and they struggled as they had before but within Jacen’s tiredness, I sensed a slight anger.

The whole incident leading to Jacen getting pushed off the edge of the cliff was like a blur in my mind. I do remember screaming, “Jacen!” as he fell. The look on his face was that of a stunned surprise mingled in with the pain he was already in. After he went over the edge, the Blood King just watched with grin on his face. He then turned and looked at me and smiled maliciously. I was struggling to get to my feet when he walked by. I felt overwhelmed by the power of the darkside when he walked by. I was bombarded by images of the terrible things I did during the wars and they swamped my senses and made me pass out.

I woke up when Carth picked me up and tried to wake me a gently as possible. Apparently they came into the compound to check and see where Jacen and I were since we didn’t come back to the meeting point. It took me a brief moment to survey my surroundings and I remembered that Jacen had gone over. I scrambled out of Carth’s arms and stumbled towards the edge of the cliff where I had seen him gone over. I scanned down trying to find him but I didn’t see him except for broken brush he may have hit on the way down. Tears brimmed in my eyes and I turned from the edge and I noticed it. Jacen’s lifestone was in the ground where the Blood King had ground it into the ground. It was still in tact as I picked it up from the ground, the chain dangling between my fingers, and I looked at it.

Carth came and sat beside me and held me in his arms as I sat there with tears coming down my face. I had come up there to help him and in the end I wasn’t able to keep him from going over. I hadn’t cried since the day I saw Carth again but this was one time I couldn’t hold it in. I sobbed lightly into Carth’s shoulder as he hugged me close and whispered soothingly into my ear. I was still gripping Jacen’s lifestone and was rubbing it with my thumb. I was in a state of shock and didn’t want to move. All I could think about was that it was possibly my fault that Jacen went over and I was trying to figure out what I was to say to Michaela. Everyone else that was there seemed to have realized that Jacen had gone over the edge and didn’t know what to say. I had no feeling in my legs so Carth ended up carrying me back to camp.

I was still sitting on the bunk where Carth had sat me so Jolee could patch up my arm. I hadn’t stopped rubbing the pendant with my thumb. Instead my thoughts were diverted to the bond that Jacen and I shared. I was searching, methodically; a technique that Bastilla taught me. I concentrated hard and I felt cold and wet. I felt pain and a cry for help. I hadn’t even heard Jolee say, “Dammit you know him better than anyone. You can find him.” I then jumped up and asked, “How far does the river go?”


For three days we had been searching for Jacen along the river that led from the waterfalls. I was so persistent that I pushed everything else aside. That image of him going over haunted my sleep and sometimes he was replaced by Carth and then I would wake up in the middle of the night breathing heavily. Poor Carth. He had to put up with it but he would just hold me tight and reassure me that we would find him. I could sense that he felt the same way I did. I never realized before how much he and Jacen had conversed. It seemed that he had touched all of us in different ways.

I wanted to send for Kapu but I didn’t want to worry Michaela. She had enough problems already and she had Tulre to take care of. I decided to make best use of my Jedi senses as we kept the search. I didn’t want to give up on him. He was still alive somewhere. Oh Force, I need to find him.

The other day I went back to the crystal caves just to think. I came across the column we hid behind and I noticed something. It was a strange crystal glowing. I examined it and saw that it was perfectly square cut and faceted and giving a distinct glow. I touched it and the glow brightened. I just looked at it for a moment longer and then smiled sadly. I then slowly walked out of the cave just looking all around. My eyes drifted to the river and I followed its flow. I absent-mindedly pulled out Jacen’s pendant and looked at it. We were close I just knew it.


The Rashikians began to retreat after Jacen and his quarry had reached the top of the cliff. They retreated firing and getting in last minute slashes. They cleared out so fast that it made me wonder if it was all a setup but I couldn’t sense anything out of place. I saw that one of the figures at the top of the cliff had disappeared and figured that it might have been Jacen since I could see that a red blade was still lit. I saw medics dragging a body and recognized it as one of the tribesmen I had met before the first bombardment but Revan didn’t come back. I went to the meeting point along with Carth, Jolee and the other Jedi. When they didn’t come back, worry started to set in. I noticed three lightsaber blades on top of the cliff and I motioned to everyone.

The jaunt to the compound was rather difficult as the ground was slick with blood and littered with shrapnel and holes the size of mini craters. With Carth, I had never seen anyone move so fast. I couldn’t blame him. His wife was up there and he would be damned before losing her. I upped my speed to match his as we made our way through that junkyard of a compound. It took us precious minutes to locate the right set of stairs that led to the cliff top. When we got to the top, all we saw was Revan lying unconscious.


I saw her lying there crumpled on the ground. The ground was spattered with broken rocks and blood. I ran to her and ran a cursory look over her. I was relieved that it was only her arm that was injured. I held her trying to get her to wake up and make sure that she was all right. I also looked around for Jacen but didn’t see him anything and a sick feeling came to my stomach. Revan finally woke up and she looked disoriented and I thought that maybe she had hit her head or something. The next thing I knew she was scrambling out of my arms and she half crawled and stumbled walked towards the edge of the cliff.

Just watching her gaze over and looking over the edge, it made me realize that Jacen wasn’t going to come out with a good joke or anything. I think everyone else realized the same thing when they just watched her. I noticed that Revan was looking at the ground and fingering it. She picked up something with a silver chain. I recognized it as the pendant that Jacen had been playing with before he and Revan went on their mission. She just sat there looking at it with a strange and blank look. I went and sat by her and she shed a few tears.

I carried her all the way back so Jolee could patch her up. She just continued to just stare blankly. Not even Jolee’s comments could snap her out of it. I recognized that look she used to get when she remembered something but there was something else, like she was searching. For what I don’t know and to be honest and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know. Then she jumped out of her reverie and asked about the river.

That night she confided to me that she knew that Jacen was alive. She described the cold and wet feeling she felt. I was willing to believe her. I had no doubt of her Jedi abilities but to search that many miles of river seemed near impossible. I didn’t say this but she must have sensed it for all she said was, “We have to try.” I was then willing to do what she asked.

We searched for three days and for three nights she had nightmares that often had her wake up gasping for air, in tears or screaming. I tried the best I could to comfort her and she welcomed it like her life depended upon it. I think she felt guilty about whatever happened up on that cliff but she wasn’t talking and I had learned my lesson the last time and didn’t ask her about it. For her sake, I hope we find him.

Diego Varen
07-03-2006, 12:40 PM
Good Journal Enteries once again. Is that the last Chapter or is there one more?

07-03-2006, 04:14 PM
Chapter 30: Dreams and Despair

At one point I felt ready to give up the search but that tugging through our bond kept me going. I was actually ready to abandon all the normalcy of eating and taking care of myself. Carth actually had to force me to do anything like eat. Thank the Force for his stubbornness. Bastilla, Juhani and Jolee would often join me for meditation so I could concentrate harder. One day I felt a change. Before there seemed to be a hovering near death but now there was more life. It was nightfall when the change was detected and I wanted to redouble my efforts but everyone convinced me to sleep.

That night as I lay close to Carth with my head resting on his shoulder and my left hand resting on his chest, I thought about the change. I was convinced that he was alive and well. It was just a matter of finding him. I slipped into an uneasy sleep and dreamed a different dream than the ones that I had before.

The people below looked small and unthreatening. They looked up expectantly though it was masked. Underneath was contempt and hatred in their faces. The adults had a murderous gleam in their eyes as well as a rebellious one. The children looked frightened, unable to say anything. They all continued to stare up.

The Rashikians entered the courtyard and forced the people away from the building to create a clearing. They were dressed in black, their armor sharp like the talons of the eagles and dripping in blood, fresh blood. Some of it was caked on as if they had never bothered to clean it in years. Their bodies stank of death and that mostly drove the people away. The other was that they brandished swords that were barbed with sharp points. The people responded with fear but with equal hatred. A gong sounded and they looked up.

There he stood at the summit of the palace. He was larger than the others and he wore an armor that gleamed in the brilliant sun. He was wearing a mask shaped as the head of an eagle and was decorated in blood and gold. He removed it to reveal his face. The Blood King stood looking at the people below with a look of sadistic pleasure and contempt. He waved his hand to one of his subordinates who disappeared back into the palace. He continued to look at the people below and he continued to smile but it was at the pleasure of a memory.

The subordinate returned dragged a half beaten person. It was the governor of the planet. The governor was caked with dirt and dry blood and sporting cuts all over. It was easy to see that there was no prejudice over where they had beaten him. The Blood King spoke to the people in Avalonian but I could easily understand it. He said, “You have chosen to resist and rebel against me. For that, there is a price.”

He then turned towards the governor and suspended him in mid air using the Force. He then looked deep into the governor’s eyes while smiling that evil smile. With a quick motion of his hand, he closed it into a fist. The end result was the crushing of the governor’s neck. Blood gurgled forth from his mouth as he remained suspended in mid air. The Blood King came forward and with two of his fingers, he wiped some of the blood gushing from the governor’s mouth and stuck them with extreme pleasure in his mouth. He looked almost hideous with that evil look of pleasure about him.

The governor looked like he was trying to speak but couldn’t, The Blood King just looked at him and then with a flip of his hand, he sent the governor over the edge and plummeting hard to the ground that had been cleared. No life issued from the governor but the blood flew freely. The people had a look of fear but the hatred was more intense than ever. They then looked up to where the Blood King stood looking at them grinning his sadistic smile. He then said in his booming voice, “That is what happened to your precious Kirabaros and your governor and it is the price you pay for disobedience. By right I will have what is mine.”

Then the image faded but continued to linger on the Blood King, he smile still on his face. Blood was coming down the side of his mouth but he licked it with his tongue. His presence was overpowering with evil, the very embodiment of evil.

Jae Onasi
07-04-2006, 12:15 AM
It was fun to see Carth and Revan married.
What an evil little Blood King, especially his actions with the governor. Whew.

Your battle scenes with Jacen and the Blood king are pretty intense (which I think is a good thing.).

Hope the digs are going well!

Diego Varen
07-04-2006, 01:39 AM
Battle scenes are better than what I write. Anyway that is a good Chapter.

07-04-2006, 03:35 PM
Yep. Jae: The Blood King was a name that I took based on the Scorpion King but this guy lives for bloodshed. He is worse than a war mongrel of a Mandalorian. His appearance I borrowed from the Aztecs with the warrior order of the Eagles.
Pottsie: I was surprised that my battle segments came out so intense. I was actually visualizing it as I was writing it. I was trying to live up to the ferocity of the Blood King as I originally saw him.
Well this segment I am posting is the last for Book 2. Book 3 will be posted when I return from another week at the digs. So here it goes:

They say that death is painful or painless. It is like a thousand knives stabbing throughout the entire body, at least that is what the icy cold water felt like after plummeting 300 feet into it. The darkness consumes you and drags you deeper into the abyss. You feel the Force flowing through you and its attempt to make one with it. You fall further and further away from the light that was life. You feel that you are free or that you are leaving business unfinished.

All of a sudden you are pulled out and thrust back into the light. You see white and the bright light. You are not sure if you are breathing or if anything is really real. You see faces staring at you and you struggle against it only to be met with an intense pain, as if every bone in your body is broken. The chaos becomes intense and you see images of death, memories, things that don’t seem real. Then you hear soothing words out of all the chaos. They become your anchor in a sea of torment as you struggle against the blinding currents of pain. Then you become calm and open your eyes and you see…life.

Diego Varen
07-04-2006, 03:59 PM
Nice Epilogue, although it felt kind of creepy. Makes me want to read the next Part. What is it called?

Jae Onasi
07-04-2006, 05:42 PM
I liked the Epilogue, though I think I would have liked to have you add in more about Michaela telling him to fight for his life--you kind of hint at it with the soothing words phrase (though it could have been Revan, too). You have a great opportunity to further develop his relationship with his wife that way. I'd like to know why he decided to live instead of letting go, too.
I did feel like I was tumbling through those feelings along with him, which was cool.

07-05-2006, 01:55 AM
The epilogue I was thinking in terms that he would be disoriented. You don't know if you are dead or alive. I was intending it to be ambiguous. To answer the question of why he came back, well, you can't finish the story without the main character. I'll I'll do is say wait and see. Book 3 should be up by Saturday. I'm about to embark on another adventure.

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Book Three: The Return of Kirabaros
It has been almost two years since the Blood King made his appearance with the death of Jacen Cirrus. He began a reign of terror beginning at Belos and attempted to conquer the people of Avalon and her sister planets. The Avalonians in turn resisted along with the aid of their new Republic friends under the command of Admiral Carth Onasi and the Jedi under the command of Revan Onasi.

Things were fairly dark for the Avalonians as they tried to keep their planets free. New plans of attack were developed some with success and others were not. Time seemed to be running out but hope was still there.

With the armies holding the line it seemed as if they were waiting for someone to pull them out of the pit of despair and lead them to victory. Our story continues as we take you to a villa estate near the plains of Jasilyn where a Jedi Knight is sitting on a bench with a small boy attempting to recover that which had been lost…

Chapter 1: Recovery
It had been almost two years since I fell into the river that flowed from the crystal caves on Mikkado near the old spaceport Garanga. I had suffered serious injuries and plummeted 300 feet hitting nearly everything jutting out of the cliffside. I was dragged down the river where I was fished out by none other than the Lordes tribe, Zoran’s tribe.

Near dead, I was brought back from that dark abyss through the combined efforts of the tribe’s healers and my Jedi friends. The one who kept a firm hold on me was none other than Revan Onasi, my Jedi sister and bondmate as she guided me back to my consciousness. The strongest anchor during my recovery was my wife Michaela. She was there right by me and it was her presence that kept me from going insane.

When I finally returned to a state that could comprehend my surroundings, I had undergone some serious Force Healing and a combination of herb treatments to repair my ribs and the various fractures I had received from the fall and my tumble down the river. My right leg was another matter. The gash from the lightsaber was deep and it looked as if it would seriously impede my ability to walk. I would have preferred being dumped in a kolto tank and sleep some more but I think they wanted my to stay alert, worry I guess. Jolee managed to do some amazing healing to relieve the pain and heal the damaged muscle and Revan and Michaela were by my side. It was mostly my wife. It was here that she would bring Tulre and we would sit together. It was here how I learned that Eómeros died and Lorien escaped and Lady Mara was taking things pretty well but she was still sad.

It took the better part of six months to recover my ability to be able to walk and even then, when I got too stressed, I suffered a slight limp. It took me even longer to regain a decent affinity to the Force. For some reason, I suffered a disconnection after I fell in the river and it disturbed me at first but at least one of my Jedi friends were there to help me. For the safety of my family and myself, Revan kept up the rumor that I was dead while I recovered. It bothered me that I wasn’t able to do anything to try and help but it gave me time to spend with my son Tulre. I think it bothered my wife greatly that she couldn’t find an easy way to explain to him why I couldn’t play rough with him but it didn’t seem to bother him. He was already calling me ‘Dada,’ something he would continue to call me even when he got older in terms of affection.

I was sitting with Tulre and telling him the story of the jasilyn blossoms on one of the cushioned stone benches at the villa that I was living at with my family and Revan’s family. T3 had stayed for company as well as Kapu who had missed me those three or four months and we were just enjoying each other’s company. Nothing made me happier than sitting there and being with my son. It’s ironic how my injuries cemented our bond. If I hadn’t been that seriously injured, I probably wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time with him. I just have to laugh at that.

During my two yearlong recovery, I noticed changes in my persona that disturbed me to a degree. I found myself becoming slightly more aggressive of late at least in terms of tactical advice. My temper was often short with people that seemed insistent on coddling me on everything and I had a propensity to start a shouting match over little things. Carth once compared my overreaction to his over when Revan found out that she was a dark lord of the Sith. I also felt something else. I had a surge of caring, love; the same emotions I had for my family that were at constant war with my aggressive nature. I felt I was myself but at the same time it wasn’t me.

My Jedi powers had changed as well. Jolee had been helping me through the basics that padawans go through when first learning about their abilities. Halfway through the initial training, I began to make things move uncontrollably and do things. At least that emotional thing that Tulre mentioned when I first met him at the Academy was not in overdrive and well under control. I had enough headaches with that. Often I would do strange things with the Force like create a ball of pure white light and just make it spin and gently float, much to the chagrin and worry of Jolee, Revan and Michaela but to great amusement to my son. This alone was rather up for debate.

I often despised myself for my current physical state but I couldn’t remember for the life of me who put me in that state. Often I dreamed of a man with the head of an eagle and blood dripping from his mouth but I could not remember who he was. That was how the other me felt. There are times that I do remember something but it was a base emotion, an extreme fear and hatred for that man and deeper lay a memory of a child crying, “You killed Manzibique!” I never said anything about it to anyone except my Tulre who just listened. It was comforting.

I was sitting there as I mentioned before spending time with my son when T3 beeped that someone was coming. I already knew who it was before he beeped. Another thing about being brought back was that it heightened my senses. I adjusted Tulre on my lap but didn’t turn around. As soon as the person was close enough I said, “What news from the front, sister?”

Revan didn’t flinch but instead sat beside me on my left. Tulre reached out to her and crawled into her lap and called her, “Reva.” I chuckled at his name for her. I stretched out my right leg to allow it to breathe while she smiled and adjusted Tulre. I noticed the way how she looked at him and smiled and thought that she would make a good mother some day. When I had settled into a comfortable position, she began, “The lines are still holding but we have taken heavy losses. If it weren’t for that tactical maneuver you suggested, we would have lost a whole division and the lines would have broken. Mira died at the last battle but she had no regrets helping the village that had been besieged. That is not why I wanted to talk to you though.”

“What is it then? I doubt it involves you asking me to join you on the front,” I replied.

“Actually that is what it is about. Jolee thinks you may be physically fit to begin sparring to get back into shape. Besides, your frustration at not being able to do anything except give tactical advice has been screaming through our bond lately. Besides I think Bastilla has been driven crazy by your moping around when she comes here,” she added with a chuckle.

I chuckled back. So nice of her to put it nicely. Lately I had taken to tease Bastilla every time she came to give a report. It helped relieve my boredom and frustration. Still smiling I replied, “Does the old man want me out of the way too?”

“You know Jolee. He is always complaining about how you plague him with your childish antics and he mentioned something about insulting his cooking.” She laughed at this. It was common knowledge that you never knew what Jolee was cooking. Mission once said that she was convinced one specialty was scampering around one of the storage holds and that put Jolee in a semi foul mood for the evening. It was a good laugh. Revan stopped it but had a hard time containing it as she said, “But he does think that you should be getting ready to get back into combat.”

“OK and I supposed he wants to teach me how to hold a lightsaber again?” I couldn’t resist the sarcasm.

It wasn’t lost on Revan and she replied, “Actually, he thought that a young ‘whippersnapper’ such as yourself didn’t need instructions on how to hold a lightsaber. He thought that maybe you should just jump right into it, after going through conditioning.”

“Just gotta stretch my old bones eh,” I said with a slight smirk.

“This is serious Jacen,” she replied in a voice that humbled me slightly. She continued, “We need more warriors on the front. It has been two years since the Lordes tribe brought you to us. More than ample time to recover. I kept it a fact that you were dead so you wouldn’t be hunted by the Rashikians or the Blood King.”

“I know, I know,” I replied and stood slowly and turned to face her. I said, “I am grateful Sister but I have my doubts about being able to keep up with everyone. I am afraid.”

She stood up and shifted Tulre to her left hip. She looked at me with her honey colored eyes and said, “You had another nightmare of falling of the cliff didn’t you?”

I had no desire to hide it from her. I replied, “Yes. I just can’t remember who pushed me off. Other times I remember feelings I used to have as a child. I feel like I am two different people.”

Her eyes bored right through me as if to see what I was thinking and see my very being. She had a look of concern about her face but chose not to say anything about it. She then said, “Maybe Petronius will have an answer. Right now I need to know if you want to start training again.”

I could tell that my revelation to her was a discussion for another time. In response I just nodded my head and said, “Yes.”

She smiled at me gently and her expression was a softened one. It was different from the other ones that I had seen her give. Something screamed at me in the back of my mind but I chose to ignore it at the moment. She used her free hand to give me a pat on my shoulder though she had to reach to do it. It was then I had a brief flash through my mind that made me understand everything. I said nothing but just smiled at her and accepted back Tulre. We turned to head back towards the house with T3 and Kapu following.

After giving Tulre to his mother, my wife Michaela, to be put down for a nap, I ambled towards the room that served as a meditation chamber and library. Jolee was there with Revan and Carth. Apparently they were discussing something pertaining to the war. They were so engrossed with their discussion that I chose to interrupt by saying, “Anything I should know or should I wait?”

All three looked at me standing in the door. I had on new Jedi robes that the Academy on Avalon had sent. I was comfortable in them and preferred them over the robes of the order on Coruscant. I walked in with an easygoing pace and stopped in front of them. I just stood there waiting for a response. Jolee spoke first, “I see you left your mouthy personality at the door. Revan told me that you were willing to start physical training. Are you certain that you are ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be. I’ll promise to be good and not make the semi aged Jedi cranky.” I had said this with such a straight face that it was comical. Even Jolee chuckled at my comment. Still maintaining my posture, I asked, “When do I start?”

“How about tomorrow? Bright and early,” Jolee responded.

I nodded my assent and mentioned that Michaela was cooking tonight. It was my hint that everyone was invited and not in danger of being poisoned by Jolee’s cooking. A giggle emanated from Revan who suppressed it as quickly as it came out. I started to walk out and was followed by Carth. I hadn’t seen him in a week and I was up for a good chat about everyone at the front. I wasn’t about to miss another opportunity to tease him about something. At least he could take a joke. I had the suspicion that Revan had played more practical jokes on him than I could count. I guess he knew what expect and took it with good humor. We headed towards the kitchens to plague Michaela and Mission, who happened to be there and was learning culinary skills. I led a banter on his frequent disappearances. We didn’t notice that Revan and Jolee had remained behind and locked in an intense conversation.

Jae Onasi
07-07-2006, 11:03 PM
Yay! He survived! I figured it would be that way, but it's good knowing just the same. He's got a lot of training to catch up on, being off for 2 years.

Diego Varen
07-08-2006, 04:58 AM
Ressurected two years later. Oh well. I hope they all stop the Blood King in this part.

07-08-2006, 01:41 PM
Chapter 2: Training
The next morning began my training and, for a change, I looked forward to it. I rose early as I usually did after having a nightmare. I dressed in a simple training tunic. I took a chance and glanced in the mirror. I looked at my face that bore the scars of battle, at least on my hairline and my left eye. I looked as if I were trying to see if I recognized the person staring back at me. My eyes drifted down to my lifestone. The stone was actually more polished than when I first received it. Revan had given it back to me after I had awakened from my deep slumber of death. I fingered it and looked at it briefly. I then looked again in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the person was me. I couldn’t bear it anymore and forced my gaze away. I grabbed my pack and kissed Michaela softly on the cheek, touched Tulre’s head while he was asleep in his crib and left.

The training courtyard was really a grassy field behind the house. It was actually and old enclosed paddock that used to house draigons. I made my way there with firm strides and listened to the morning sounds of the birds. Revan, Jolee and Juhani were there waiting for me. I climbed over the fence and headed right to where they were waiting. On the way there I froze. I heard something and stopped to listen. The three Jedi were just staring at me and wondered why I wasn’t coming.

I tuned out everything and concentrated on the sound I had just heard. I closed my eyes and let everything melt away. I could feel my muscles tense up as I reached out. After reaching out, I recognized the sound and smiled. I called out, “Mandalore, you need to be a bit more quiet. You too Naomi. You sound like a herd of stampeding banthas.”

They then appeared off to my right about six feet away. I wondered if Jolee had put them up to this. Jolee was always testing to see what new abilities I had. This was an old game, two years old to be exact. I continued towards Jolee and the others who looked at me with some pride. I smiled and teased, “I see you wished to start with a game early in the day Old Man”

“Just making sure nothing’s dulled your senses sonny. At least you never miss an opportunity to run your mouth in a joke,” Jolee replied trying to hide a smile. “Well, we will begin with basic conditioning and then progress in difficulty to sparring.”

I said nothing but willing obeyed. The first few days were hard on my legs, especially my right as I went through nothing but physical stretching and a lot of running to condition my body. In my spare time I worked my upper body redeveloping the muscles that I had conditioned before my fall. During those times, Tulre would watch me with an intent look in his little brown eyes. It was painful but it got better.

During my daily sessions, there was always a warm-up which was followed by a little jaunt through the forest or the plains. Then came the one on one sparring. I was surprised at how well I adjusted to wielding the lightsaber. My first opponent was actually Jolee himself. He threw more Force attacks on me than physical ones but underneath that, he was a formidable opponent. The duels were conducted in a controlled manner especially after the first battle with Jolee.

We were in the middle of a duel when I grew slightly more aggressive. We were supposed to be going half pace. I was complying when I accidentally lost control and gave more fierce and stronger attacks. I actually ended up singeing Jolee’s robes with my lightsaber. He took it rather good-natured but I could tell he was concerned. We continued and I kept my aggressive impulses in check so no one would get further hurt.

Juhani was next after about three weeks of conditioning. She showed no mercy when it came to sparring. It was here that I found the old lessons of Cronus useful and they fit perfectly. Where Jolee was straightforward and to the point, Juhani was lithe and graceful and she made battle seem like a dance at times. I could sense that she still struggled with her anger issues for she was exercising extreme control. I had never worked harder than when I was sparring with her for she had to make me think faster than she and react much faster. During one battle, she managed to knock me backwards onto my back. Without thinking except to react, I arched my back and did a forward flip and landed on both feet squarely and firmly. I felt a brief stint of pain but ignored it as I brought my bronze lightsaber up into a twirl and reposition myself. Afterwards I checked my leg out and saw that it was fine so I didn’t say anything to anyone.

After a month and a half from that first morning, Mandalore came to test me. I had been working extra hard on my body to make sure I could take pain to my leg. It actually made my legs a lot stronger and I no longer limped under stress. The duels with Mandalore I found particularly entertaining and I wondered why I had ever disliked them. In our last duel, it was my best and the most scariest. It reminded me of the first time I battled with Mandalore way back when on Duxn with the intensity and the heat of it. At one point he had kicked my legs out from beneath me and I fell flat on my chest. I then pushed myself up with my arms while drawing on the Force and I twisted in a circular manner and arcing my body I landed on my feet and held my saber in a front ready stance. I had done that move only once before and it came back in a flash as well as the memory of the Blood King, at least how he got me on the ground.

That produced an involuntary reaction of surprise from my audience. It didn’t matter as I had my eye on Mandalore. He came at me with a swing to my left. He had aimed for my head. My reaction was that I had bent backwards so far that it looked like I had bent myself in half. With my saber still lit, I placed my hands on the ground and brought my legs up and kicked at Mandalore’s hands. I followed through with a back flip that put me in a standing position. The vibroblade was sent flying towards my audience at a deadly manner. With my right hand I thrust it out and suspended it in midair when it was dangerously close. It was still spinning as I controlled it with my powers. I then directed it towards the post of the fence where it struck hard and quivered. I slowly lowered my hand and breathed deeply. I deactivated my lightsaber and just held it in my left. A noise broke the silence.

I had not noticed that Carth had come out to bring news that there was a message from the front until he said, “Uh, am I interrupting?” I could tell he was trying hard not to overreact as the vibroblade that I had sent flying had been heading towards his wife just moments ago.

He was waiting for an answer. I was too stunned to answer so Jolee answered instead, “No, we are finished here. Is there something you needed?”

Carth mentioned that a transmission had been received about mobilization of the Rashikians. I was half listening and my gaze was drawn to Revan. She looked slightly pale and I felt concern for her. Through our bond I used my own Force energy to restore the color in her face. It was subtle and I didn’t think anyone would have noticed. She gave me thanks with a smile but also she scrutinized me as if examining me like a sensor probe. I didn’t mind because I didn’t understand it myself. I had never before been capable of moves like that except for that one time. We said nothing as we went to the main house to view the transmission.

Diego Varen
07-08-2006, 03:22 PM
Good Chapter JediMaster12. Nice to see Juhani (I don't think I saw her last time).

07-08-2006, 04:23 PM
No not really. I knew the others would come in at different points. Juhani plays a bit of a part in this third segment near the end battle. That's all I will say until I post the next chapter. Maybe tomorrow will bring a new one. Who knows?

07-09-2006, 01:15 PM
Chapter 3: Debriefing and Concerns
The transmission was loud and clear: the governor of Belos was dead as well as most of the family, the civilian populace is being terrorized by the dead that littered the streets and the Blood King had a new warship that is equipped with immense firepower. The Forbidden Stars was bursting with activity. Everyone was silent as Darius gave the report and all had various degrees of sadness and morale decline. I stood near the back with an indifferent expression on my face, one that would please Mandalore himself, but across my vision all I saw was the Blood King with his eagle headdress and the blood. I saw him looking at me with a look that said, ‘Come out, come out wherever you are.’

I was so into what I was seeing, I became distinctly aware that I felt a surge of determination, a will to destroy this evil being. He kept staring at me as if he knew me with that evil grin. I took a closer look and saw something in his eyes that I thought was familiar, I think. He then drew out a blood red lightsaber and waved it menacingly in my direction. My memory then just seemed to pop into place from that day on the cliff. He struck and I physically drew my own lightsaber and ignited it but reacted with a Force push that sent datapads flying all over the place making everyone jump. I stood in a ready position until the vision faded and I became distinctly aware I was standing in the communication room but was still in a daze. I was broken out of it when Mandalore said, “If you can do that in battle then we should have no problem winning.”

HK said, “Observation: It appears the Handsome Meatbag has achieved a new level of violence that sends a buzz through my circuits. May I test him master?”

I looked around at everyone and noticed the datapads strewn all over the place and saw that my lightsaber was ignited. I deactivated it while still looking. I saw nothing but looks of shock on everyone except for the Jedi. My eyes lingered on Revan to make sure she was okay. She actually was looking at me intently but her eyes were full of concern. I briefly wondered if she had seen what I had seen but I was getting too uncomfortable with all the staring. I just said, “Sorry,” and turned around and walked out of there with powerful strides.

I headed towards the jutted rock that overhung the river that ran by the villa. I had found it before on one of my excursions with my son and came to it often when I wanted to be alone. I found just how I had left it and scrambled up the side to the spot where it had been worn smooth and sat there with me legs dangling over the edge. I just sat there in that position and stared at the river, following its flow occasionally with my eyes. Most people would have considered it crazy to be near a river after I fell 300 feet into one but I had always found the river comforting and nothing seemed to deter that love for it. I just sat there thinking about what I had just seen and some of the things that I had done that day. Mostly I concentrated on the eyes. I had seen something or someone and it felt like I had known or met it before. I closed my eyes to deepen my concentration and drew my left leg to my chest and held it with my arms. I didn’t know I had been followed until a gentle voice came to my ears, “That was impressive. Your reflexes I mean.”

I almost fell off when I heard the voice but I managed to steady myself. I turned to find Revan standing there looking at me. She had a slight smile but it was masking her concern and confusion. I adjusted my position so I could look at her clearly. I replied somberly, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“That’s what you said when you started making your little balls of light and when you singed Jolee’s robes about two months ago. You want to talk about it?”

“It’s nothing,” I replied rather brusque.

“Don’t shut me out like you did with everyone else except Michaela and Tulre,” she shot back. It was gentle but firm. “We, I want to know if something is wrong.”

I didn’t know what to say. Since I had noticed the changes in me, I had been keeping people at an arms length from me and our conversations bordered on politeness. I had not achieved that with Michaela, Tulre was too young to understand and with Revan, I couldn’t hide everything from my bondmate. I decided to let her in on what I had been telling Michaela. I sighed and slid off the rock to the ground. No way was I going to let her climb things. I motioned for her to follow me to the orchard and gardens. Once there I explained my suspicions and the feelings that I had experienced. When I got to the recent event I instead asked a question, “Who is Naga Sadow?”

I think that stunned her. She explained that he was an ancient Sith Lord and that he was the thing that she had released when she was Darth Revan. Every piece of information she told me added to the bigger picture. After she told me everything we had actually came to the water fountain in the middle of the gardens. I then asked, “Is this why you wanted me to get ready in my training? To go to the front again?”

“Yes mainly because you are a skilled warrior and,” she paused, “Jolee told me about your ‘revelations’ through the Force and I wanted to see if it affected your physical abilities.”

“Always watching out for me, my Sister,” I replied with a slight chuckle and we headed back towards the house.

Dinner was rather quiet due to the transmission and the little sideshow following that. Everyone was respecting my privacy and I guess it was out of fear that I would get angry and start doing strange things. I was quiet but I would reach under the table and squeeze Michaela’s hand. I had told her of my intentions and she gave me a worried look but she told me that she supported my decisions. I teased her about her cooking and gave her a kiss and left her to finish dinner. I was working up the guts to say something at the table when I noticed the occasional stares in my direction. I avoided it by keeping my head down and concentrated on my plate. Mission was visiting with Zaalbar and she started a conversation about some things she found strange and funny that the Bushida warriors were doing.

I slipped into a deep thought and tuned her out. I was weighing my options and responsibilities in my mind and missed a question. Mission asked again, “J.C., can you pass the salt?”

I snapped my head up and said, “Sure.” I looked at the saltshaker and it moved across the table towards Mission. I was oblivious to the looks from everyone.

Mission replied, “Thanks.”

I said, “No problem,” and went back to my plate. I continued pushing food around with my fork not looking at anyone. I finally broke the silence and said, “I’m going back to the front. I just need an update and not just my general tactical advice.’

I didn’t see Revan heave a sigh but I heard it and felt the relief. It was clear to me then her hidden reason for wanting me to be ready to fight. I sent a feeling of understanding but I think she was confused by it. There were things that I could keep remarkably hidden but when she tried to do the same I had the bad habit of breaking the barriers down. It became a joke between us but I tried to respect the barriers unless it was important. I was contemplating the range of emotions when I felt Michaela squeeze my hand and I returned it.

After that initial silence, Carth was the one that broke it by saying, “Alright. Uh, we were planning on leaving in two days. Can you be ready by then?”

“Yep.” I continued eating. I said nothing more but I could feel a wave of concern from Jolee and Juhani. I swear it seemed as if they were waiting for me to do something like a battle maneuver. Afterwards I went to my room and waited until Michaela came. We then had a long talk.

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Things look bad on Belos... Anyway good Chapter. How many Chapters will this Part be?

07-09-2006, 07:51 PM
good story

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I've got a little extra time on my hands, so I've decided to check out a few FanFics here and I've got to say this is very, VERY good. JM12, you might consider being a professional writer, if you aren't one already.

P.S. (Yeah I'm kinda gathering readers) If you have the time check out my first FanFic, ''Heir of Darkness''. Right now there's just the prologue, but the first chapter is coming tomorrow.

Jae Onasi
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Very interesting new powers.
One technical detail--when someone is badly injured, the medical folks start working on rehabilitation as soon as possible (and they'll even have someone come in and stretch out the hands and arms and legs--if uninjured--of the patient while the person is still unconscious. The longer you wait, the less you're able to get back.
I'm almost surprised that Carth isn't jealous of Revan's relationship with JC. And I look forward to JC whupping the Blood King. :)

07-14-2006, 09:36 PM
He's not jealous because JC won him over with his charming personality. I think Carth called him a sweet talker at one point. Oh and Jae, I guess I wasn't clear on his training. I assumed he was getting better but I have also heard that sometimes certain injuries continue to ache long after so I guess I got carried away. Still I'm glad you liked it and you'll see why Carth isn't jealous about their relationship.

@igyman: Thanks for your input. My family keeps telling me that I should get into professional writing.

@Pottsie: I haven't determined that amount yet but I can say that it may be at least 20.

Stay tuned. Another chapter will be up as soon as I can find my jump port.

Jae Onasi
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Oh yeah, injuries ache a long time, sometimes forever. I broke my foot 10 years ago, and I still will get a bad ache in it during bad weather. And all those little old ladies who were convinced they could predict the weather with their joints who I thought were nuts were actually right. :D

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Ok everyone. Here is a new chapter. I think it is a bit mushy and dumb but other people seemed to like it so I am running with it. Here are some interesting tidbits and we get to see some old friends.

Chapter 4: Last Words and Departure
Two days of catching up and final training eased my temper and boredom with everything. Every free opportunity I had, I spent with Michaela and Tulre. We often went out for picnics or exploration trips around the forest. Kapu accompanied us as well but I put my foot down for T3 with the excuse that he was coming anyway. Those were some better days but it filled me with apprehension.

To all of Avalon, I was dead. That posed a problem to me seeing as I would find it difficult to explain how I was dead and now alive. Michaela solved that problem. She had old Petronius come over and sit and talk with me. He said that my two selves were the same person but I had to bring them together. He said that it was the very core of Bushida. Every warrior has opposites. To be a good one, one had to bring all that was opposite into balance. That brought back a memory of when I used to teach the Zherron children basic moves. It helped some but it didn’t solve the problem of explaining why I was alive when I was supposed to be dead.

It was on the last night before I left with Carth, Mission, Jolee and Juhani on their return to the front. No one sent for him but he came. Inkosi Kanji came to see me after fourteen years and all the way from Mikkado. He spoke to me in his tribal language and I replied back. I was surprised that I hadn’t lost the knowledge of the language since I hadn’t spoken it for over three years. I inquired politely as to why he had come. He replied that it was to guide the new warrior to the other side. To be honest, I had a pretty good idea why. I just wanted to be able to hear the old wizard talk.

I was brought to the warm memory of when I first met him and he sent me on my vision quest to discover courage when we sat at the indaba that night around the fire. Instead of being just me and him, for some strange reason he allowed Tulre to stay with me and he specifically asked Revan to stay as well. I know that Revan had no clue as to what he was saying. After two years, she had learned Avalonian but the specific dialects were an enigma to her. I couldn’t translate for her, as it would interrupt Inkosi Kanji’s chanting and spoil things. I tried sending her meanings through our bond and she picked up on it and took it on alone.

Inkosi Kanji was saying that the boy of Kirabaros had died the day he plunged into the abyss. Somewhere along the way, the man had gotten lost and hid behind the boy. As with courage, I was to go and find the man and become him. I had the spirit of the great tribal warriors in me and I had to find the one that I was meant to be. It was pretty solemn stuff.

Revan was holding Tulre who was quiet throughout the whole thing. Inkosi Kanji motioned for her to just sit and look at me and listen. Inkosi Kanji began his chanting and rattled his pocky grub seed rattles and spread the twelve shinbones in front of me. He held my gaze as he continued chanting.

Everything began to melt away as I closed my eyes. I could still hear his voice as I slowly opened them. I was in the middle of a battlefield but it was of a long time ago, possibly from the time of the Great Hyperspace War. I could see my people, mostly as Jedi fighting against the Sith.

My gaze drifted towards the top of a small hill that seemed relatively clear. I saw off to my left, for a brief moment, what looked like Revan but different. She looked like one of my people, dressed in Jedi robes. Next to her was a man who, upon a closer look, was my son. They were leading the way, or rather clearing the way to the hill. I felt compelled to follow. I could distinctly hear the chanting get louder as I approached closer. When I got near the top, two figures appeared, each drawing their lightsabers.

The one with the red lightsaber was one that I had seen before. He was in the eyes of the Blood King. I breathed the name quietly, Naga Sadow, or rather it was him taking over someone, another person who claimed the title of the Blood King. He waved his blade menacingly at the second figure. He spoke in Basic but the words were like a razor sharp knife on my ears. He said, “I have chased and hounded you and will continue to do so until you are dead. You cannot stop the power of the Sith.”

The other figure came into the light. I let out a gasp. He looked, no, was me! He twirled a bronze and orange blade in response. His reply was, “There will always be a Kirabaros. I am the first but not the last.” He then looked at me, waiting.

Naga Sadow/Blood King started to swing with his blade. Kirabaros defended and ended up ramming his blade through that darkness. He continued to look at me. ‘Revan’ and ‘Tulre’ were looking at me expectantly. I slowly approached Kirabaros. We looked at each other in the eye. I extended my hand in the warrior grasp and he took it in the same manner.

The image began to fade and I saw that my wrist was gripped by Inkosi Kanji and I was gripping his. We were looking at each other in the eye and he was smiling. It looked at the sky and saw that it was late into the night. Revan and Tulre were standing and looking at me. The old wizard knew I needed a guide and used my bondmates to get me there.

He said that I had found myself but in order for me to be who I am I had to embrace it. I had no clue as to how the old wizard knew of my reluctance to accept the name that Zoran had given me so long ago but I could sense the wisdom in his words. I nodded my understanding. He continued but switched to an archaic form of his language, He told me that the warrior woman with the honey eyes was my sister and that I should watch over her. He hinted at other things such as young ones need a mother and a father, things I already knew but he was driving it deeper into my mind.

He then stopped and looked at Revan and Tulre. He stoked gently Tulre’s cheek and muttered something. Revan looked at me blankly and I spoke in Basic, “Inkosi Kanji just gave you your Mikkades tribal name. He called you Manzibique. It means ‘Mother Courage’ and Tulre he called Kanamoto, meaning ‘Little Warrior.’” I smiled at her as it dawned on her. The old wizard just smiled and left. He gave his last words, “He lives forever,” and disappeared into the darkness.

Revan and I walked to the house with me carrying Tulre. I sensed that she wanted to ask what I saw but respected my need for privacy. Instead of going in, she wanted me to go to the gardens with her. I said that I would join her after I put Tulre to bed. She merely nodded. I passed Carth on my way to my room and said that Revan was in the gardens. He left to go be with her.

Tulre was asleep by the time I put him in his crib. Michaela was awake, sitting in her favorite rocker and packing my survival pack. I came up behind her and put my arms around her shoulders and placed my head to the right of hers and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. She turned her head and returned it. She then got up and went to the table to put my pack down. I wrapped my arms around her waist and just held her close. She leaned into my body and I held her. We spent a good deal of time looking at the night sky in that position until she went to sleep and I went to the gardens.

Nighttime at the gardens could make for a romantic scene, if the occasion called for it. I was walking down the paths when I heard Carth and Revan talking. I hid amongst the brush and used the Force to conceal my presence as I watched Carth hold Revan in a similar manner I had held Michaela. There was much more contrast as Revan was rather short but it looked peaceful. Revan was saying something that Lady Mara needed her help on the political end and Carth was asking if that was all right with her. A little more conversation and a kiss, Carth left her alone.

I came out of my hiding spot after he left and said softly, “I thought I was the one that was supposed to be keeping secrets.”

She turned to see where I was and turned back to gaze at the fountain. She replied, “This was one that I figured I should keep especially since it could affect whether or not Carth will come home alive.”

“I think he has a right to know that he’s about to become a father,” I replied not beating around the bush.

“I know. Believe me I’ve tried coming up with ways and the right time to tell him but…”

“With this major engagement coming up, you are worried about him keeping his mind focused,” I finished for her. I had the distinct feeling this was why Michaela never told me about Tulre until after he was born. It was obvious that Revan was going to do the same. It then clicked about the tidbit I had heard about Lady Mara. I then said, “That is why you asked if I was ready to train. It was because you needed someone to go in your place and you would stay here and get involved with politics.”

It didn’t make me angry at all. It was obvious that she was afraid I’d be angry given my bad temper. She thought I would ‘pull a Carth’ as she once put it. She replied as carefully as she could, “That is part of it and it was true about what Jolee said about you and…”

I smiled as I said, “I know, I know. I’m not mad. I am happy for you. How far along?”

Shyly she replied, “Two months.” Her voice then got serious, “Please Jacen, don’t say anything to Carth yet. I just want him to concentrate on getting through the battle and coming home.”

“I’ll do one better. I’ll watch out for him. Just for you Pretty Girl.” I had used the nickname I had said to her once before. It had the desired effect: she smiled.

She knew I would keep my promise and she made a similar one, “I’ll make sure Tulre doesn’t drive Michaela crazy.”

I chuckled a bit. Tulre was not the kind of child to get into scrapes, at least not until he got older. We had always been able to talk like confidants but my feelings for her were that of a protective big brother nature. Knowing this, I said, “Fine but Kapu will stay here and keep you company. That is a must or I might accidentally let something slip.” The last bit was to tease her.

She saw that I was teasing and said, “Fine. I’ll tell Michaela about that comment you made about her omelets.”

That lightened the mood as we headed back to the house. Well lots of surprises await people. That little chat relieved some of my apprehension about returning to battle. I was calm when I went to bed after I kissed a sleeping Michaela.

The farewells were rather dry-eyed though it was easy to see that tears were threatening. The ones that would be left behind, Revan, my family, Mission, after some persuasion, and Kapu gave a good sendoff. I said my goodbyes and sent a reassurance to Revan that I would keep her promise though I didn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t say anything to Michaela. I boarded our transport that would take us to the main fleet massing near Aztlan and went to the window to watch. I was thinking about the vision that Inkosi Kanji had sent me on and thought about my name.

I watched as the people I cared for became small figures on the ground. I thought about what was to come to the inevitable confrontation with the Blood King.

Diego Varen
07-15-2006, 02:28 PM
I liked that Chapter. Naga Sadow and the Blood King part was very interesting and are the Zherron Children named after Zherron on TSL?

07-15-2006, 03:04 PM
Another great piece of work, JM12. I like how you go into details when it comes to describing the characters' thoughts and emotions. The name Zoran is also interesting to me, since it is a name used in my country.

07-15-2006, 03:34 PM
To answer your question Pottsie, I used the name Zherron because it seemed to fit. I honestly did not think about Zherron from TSL but in short, they are not related.
@igyman: Zoran I remembered from my book The Power of One and thought it to be a good name for his old friend. It kind of went with my theme of using different cultures of the world. As to descriptions, I tend to think that my audience is blind and I have to read the story to them. If I keep that in mind then I come out with good descriptions especially some of my fight scenes which are coupled by the fact that I watch a lot of war movies and martial arts and stuff.
Glad you guys liked it and I'll get the next chapter up soon.

Jae Onasi
07-16-2006, 07:03 PM
Enjoyed the latest chapter as always. Could Revan be involved in politics, since she's only been on the planet/in the culture a few years? I wasn't sure how much the people would accept her. I certainly could see her staying back to train the other Jedi and fighters, too.
Can't wait to see the look on Carth's face when she tells him.... :)

07-17-2006, 12:59 AM
That was the official reason. She could just be an advisor to Mara since she helped rescue her and knew her. Like Kirabaros would aske her that. Like he mentions, he only invades if it is urgent. Right now there are bigger issues.
OK enough of that and here is another chapter until the master returns.

Chapter 5: Transport and Dealings
“If you stare at that glass any longer, a tach would eat you,” a voice sounded through the thick cloud of my brain. I was not even listening to it. I was just staring at my reflection in the water glass and examining my face. Ever since we had left Avalon, I had been doing that more often. I had to look and be sure it really was me and if I was the person I should be. Mostly I looked at my eyes. Within them, I was certain I could see a fire, a light or a glimmer. My staring often made it look like I was being mental, as Atton once put it.

I felt a shake on my shoulder but was still in tuned to the glass I was looking at. It wasn’t until I heard ‘inattentive whippersnapper’ that I realized that I had been tuning someone out. I turned to find Jolee giving me one of his famous frowns. Blast it! The Old Man never let me out of sight. I immediately apologized. He said, “At least you respect your elders sonny,” and he took a seat opposite of me.

I smiled and chuckled a bit. I was still holding the glass I was looking at and I reverted my gaze back to it and just looked but more attentive to Jolee. I said, “I know that you have a low tolerance for mouthy little things.”

Jolee snickered slightly at my comeback. If anything during the last two years, I picked up the habit of teasing him with his own words. He continued to watch me and asked, “Are you trying to change the shape of that glass or are you going to drink that water?”

We were sitting in the mess of the transport. I had come for a glass of water, strange since I could have used the refresher. I preferred the kitchette water. I had gotten a glass and found myself staring at my reflection when Jolee found me. I replied, “Eventually drink it,” and I continued to stare at it.

“You trying to drink it through the Force?”

“Nope. Just looking at my reflection,” I said rather quietly.

“What for? Your face doesn’t change every two seconds.”

“Just trying to see who I am.”

“Does this have to do with that wrinkled old coot that had you out late the night before we left?”

“Yes, and he’s not a wrinkled coot,” I replied. Then with a devilish smirk I continued, “You are.”

“Don’t insult your elders boy and don’t get started on me. I’m old dammit and I’m allowed to be insulting.”

I just smiled and started rotating the glass. I was still looking at myself as I was rotating it. I thought briefly at what I had seen in the vision and other things that had happened over the last two years. I watched the liquid slosh around and I felt a sudden wave of nausea from when I tumbled down the river. I stopped looking at the water and looked at Jolee. I said, “I’m just trying to see how I would fit in here. It’s something that had been bothering long before Inkosi Kanji came.”

“Wanna talk about it or are you going to ignore me?” Jolee was looking at me like he did when I was trying to hide something.

“Nope because I have my answer,” and I downed the glass of water and left the table. I left Jolee grumbling about my pushiness or something. I once had the nerve to compare him to Vrook and he nearly exploded at me. It was about ten minutes before he realized that I was teasing. Ever since then, he tried to catch me before I started. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

I went to the observation deck of the transport. We were to dock with the main ship within the hour. I needed time alone to think about what I was going to say to the generals and the like. I stood looking out the window at the stars. I thought more about what I had seen in the vision and myself. I vaguely recalled something that Tergis, or was it Cronus, had said. It circled through my mind, Sometimes we have to look at ourselves to find our core. Our core holds all that we are and must be brought into balance. You are two people, what you are and what you are meant to be. One day, they will meet and make you who you are.

It was more Avalonian philosophy than Jedi teachings. I chuckled at the memories of when I would countermand a teaching of the Jedi Order in front of the masters on Coruscant by using philosophy. I think Vrook turned purple once at my blatant disregard for some things that were tenants of the order. In my opinion I figured that while the Jedi Code is a basis, it was flawed. If anything I figured that control of oneself was the most important. It was complicated then and is now as I rifled through my memories.

I kept cycling back to that vision of my facing the Blood King and concentrated on the emotions that were playing. There was courage, determination and a calm, like a calm before the storm. The fact that I saw myself millennia ago was startling in of itself but nowhere near the ease I had felt when I grasped his wrist. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn’t sense that Jolee had followed me. When I let go of everything I caught his presence and teased, “You never let up do you Old Man?”

“I know a thing or two sonny but a mouthy little thing like yourself won’t hear it unless you learn a bit of respect,” was the gruff reply.

“What do you want to know? That I look at myself in the mirror every morning just to see who I am in my eyes? To know that every time I do, I sometimes get confused? What then?” I replied calmly with as little edge in my voice as possible.

“Just want to know if there is anything you want to talk about.”

“A lot has happened Jolee. Some things I can explain, others I can’t. I sense a change in me. I think that is pretty evident considering that I once thought of my self as a nobody.”

“Who said you were a nobody?”

“I have. Every little thing that I have done, I always gave the credit to someone else. What do you expect when you have been tortured by your peers and called all sorts of vile names?” I turned to face him.

Jolee regarded me with a curious expression, as if he saw something. He then said, “I thought someone of your intelligence would have been able to move past that.”

“I thought I did. I guess falling into the river did me some good. I just had to let go. I know I can make a difference. Maybe that’s why I met up with you at Citadel and you bored me to sleep with your ramblings,” I finished with a smile.

“Hmm. Maybe. You do seem a bit off.” He was half teasing and half being serious. He continued, “I just noticed your eyes. They are not their usual green with dancing gold flecks. They look rather golden or something. What have you been doing, chewing on spice?”

I was perplexed. I frowned and my scar became noticeable. I said, “No. Never touch the stuff. All I have been doing was standing here and thinking about that business in the communication room back home and what I have seen in my dreams. Why?”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m an old man who doesn’t know anything anymore. What I can say is that things are going to happen and you seem to know what it is but it hasn’t come across your thick skull.”

I rolled my eyes slightly. Jolee’s manner could be unnerving if you weren’t used to it but I could sense the concern behind it. I said, “It’s the will of the Force.” What else could I say? I saw that it seemed to relax him a bit.

Deciding it was time for one of his little stories. He told me one concerning a serpent and a boy. He said something along the lines that the boy would help the snake by moving things out of his path all the way into the desert. The snake then struck the boy and as the boy was dying, the snake asked why he was following him and the boy replied that he thought he was leading him away from everyone else. I looked at him pondering a bit. A quick glance at the chronometer said that we would be docking soon with the ship. I said, “Well I could be the snake or the boy but that remains to be seen.” Jolee nodded rather impressed that I hadn’t asked what it meant.

I turned to head towards the door. I motioned for him to go first saying, “We’ll be docking in a few moments.”

Jolee looked at me and said, “Well, let’s hope things work out Jacen.”

As we were walking down the hall to the door where we would exit, I whispered in Avalonian, “Not Jacen, Jolee. Kirabaros is my name.”

07-17-2006, 05:48 AM
Another great display of your writing skills JM12. Other people said this before, but I'll repeat it anyway: the form of the narration is excellent. I beleive it is called the ''Ich'' form, (Ich=I, in German. I'm not sure if I've spelled it correctly, since I'm not German and I don't speak the language :) ).

Diego Varen
07-17-2006, 11:04 AM
Another good Chapter JediMaster12. And igyman, Ich is German for I. I know this because I'm doing German at School.

Jae Onasi
07-17-2006, 12:09 PM
So he's finally accepting his heritage, eh? Good for him. :)

You're weirding me out with the amber eyes thing. If he goes dark, I'll be so upset. :) But it's your story!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed the Jolee quips and JC's decision.

07-21-2006, 09:18 PM
Jae:That amber thing ties in with one of his descendants. Ashira from Broken Wounds- her eyes are amber. Other than that just keep reading.

The master returns once more. Here is the next chapter for your reading entertainment and I have something in there that sounds familiar. I'll give 10 cool points to see if anyone notices it. :)

Chapter 6: Announcements and Plans
Landing was uneventful except being met by those I had met when I ventured into Republic space. Darius greeted me with a hidden joy. He had rarely come during my two-year recovery as he was assigned to more dangerous fronts. Like Jolee, he looked at me peculiarly and with a puzzled look. I made a note to look and see what was so strange about me. I found comfort in talking to Zaalbar, the Wookiee who greeted me formally and I replied in his language, something I had picked up from Revan. I was getting uncomfortable with all the staring from everyone so I asked a stupid question, “Where’s the refresher?”

Seeing as I wasn’t going to get a response, I turned tail and headed for the nearest door that would take me anywhere but the hangar bay. I didn’t notice T3 had followed me until he beeped at me after I went through the door. I looked at the droid and asked a bit sharp, “What? Are you going to tell me that I look different like everyone else?”

I regretted what I said immediately after I said them but I did not like being looked at like I was a gizka in a zoo. T3 seemed to understand for he let out a series of beeps that sounded sad but a little firm. Imagine a little, top of the line astromech giving me advice. I think I began to understand why Revan liked droids and preferred them sometimes in place of sentient contact. I was the same way when it came to my talking with Kapu or any other animals. I apologized to T3 after his little speech. We then walked together down the corridors, me talking to him about nothing in particular until I finally found the refresher and was able to look at myself and find out what everyone was staring at.

Twenty-four hours later I was on a shuttle with Carth, Juhani, Jolee and Mandalore to touch down on the forest moon next to Aztlan. The droids were with us since I thought that we they would drive the fleet personnel crazy, especially HK. After apologizing for my behavior, everyone seemed a bit at ease. I was more understanding in that some had not seen me in two years, people thought me to be dead and on top of that, I looked slightly different. I sat in the co-pilot seat and was leaning back with my hands clasped behind my head and my eyes closed. I was thinking about what I saw in the refresher.

Everything looked as how I’ve seen myself before. The same scars, the same nose, the same mouth, the same stubborn locks but my brown hair seemed tinged with lighter streaks. If I were at the villa, I would have thought it as Mission’s idea of a joke. My eyes however were different. They had always been green with flecks of gold. My father once told me that they came from my mother. This time they did look different. The gold was more apparent. It didn’t drown out the green completely. If anything, it looked as if I had fire dancing in my eyes and it seemed to accentuate the green more. It looked unusual to me as I stared in my eyes. As I was looking I felt a subtle probing from the Force almost as if it were to nudge me in the direction I was to take, what I was to tell the people…

Carth was talking to me and I had not been paying attention. I snapped out of my thoughts and apologized. He just chuckled and said, “At least Jolee isn’t up here to tell you that you’re an inattentive youth.”

I chuckled and thought about my promise to Revan. When we were discussing the mobilization of the fleet, I suggested that Darius should direct the fleet or be in one of the fighter squadrons. Atton would pilot the Ebon Hawk and Visas could do, whatever a Miraluka could do. Bastilla was going to help with her Battle Meditation on the Sojourn. The rest would be coordinating ground forces with me. It was totally unorthodox of me to have an Admiral of the Republic fleet on ground forces but everyone trusted my judgment. No one really knew that it was because of a promise I had made. One that I was intending to keep.

I sat up and scanned the controls of the shuttle. I responded with a smirk, “Jolee’s never pleased with me. I insult his cooking too much.”

“I think everyone has done that.”

“Have you ever told him that you don’t want to mix salt with paprika if you are trying to not make your meat move?”

“No,” he was chuckling and trying to stifle the laugh, “I’ve never worked up the courage.”

“Not man enough?” I challenged.

“I’m too smart.”

I switched the subject when I saw the indicator light of the shuttle go on, “We’re coming up on the docking bay. Preparing for landing.”

The moon was bustling of life. It was originally a refugee moon for displaced tribes and the like after the initial attack but now is was a staging area for our plan of attack. The leaders of the tribes and the various warlords were gathered around as Mandalore was giving a run down of the plan. It was daring but it was the only way to end this war. We were going to attack Amshrey, the planet where the Blood King had established his fortress. The planet was in the region of space known as the Forbidden Stars. I wasn’t looking forward to it but I knew it had to be done, if not for me then for my wife, my son, my family. Before that, we were going to free Belos and restore the governorship.

I was surveying the leaders there. I saw Sigara but he didn’t recognize me. I think not one of them knew who I was. It didn’t bother me at first but after a few minutes, it began to hurt that no one I had helped and met even remembered me. I pushed these thoughts aside as Mandalore finished. One of the warlords questioned him by asking, “Just how are we going to get to Amshrey without the Rashikians turning on us and who will lead the armies?”

“Not a Mandalorian!” someone shouted.

“And you think you can?” someone else raised.

A shouting match began to ensure. It was just like conclave. I fought a headache that was starting to form. I heard Zaalbar growling about respect and Jolee and Juhani trying to bring order. I tuned it out slightly and found my way back to my vision. My mind focused on the warrior handshake and I kept that image. I raised my head and said loudly, “I’ll do it.” I had to repeat it louder and this time I spoke in Avalonian, “I’ll lead the forces to the fortress.”

Sigara managed to quiet everyone further by asking, “And who might you be?”

I closed my eyes and took a breath. Slowly I opened my eyes and I felt a slight charge. I replied, “I am Kirabaros.”

Everyone was looking at me in a stunned shock. I think they thought of Kirabaros as myself before the war. Here they were looking at a complete stranger who claimed to be Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian. I kept my eyes directed to the leaders not paying attention to the looks I was getting from my friends. The silence was broken by a warlord who responded, “You lie. Kirabaros was a boy. He’s dead now. How dare you claim his warrior name.”

I was going to respond when a young voice piped up, “He is Kirabaros. I know because he saved me when I was coming of age.”

I looked and saw a boy I hadn’t seen in two years or so. Caelos of the Zherron tribe and a padawan of the Academy was coming to my defense. He made his way to the front. He repeated himself, “He is Kirabaros.” He turned to look at me expectantly.

I spoke clearly, “What he says is true. Perhaps you remember the uprising of the tribes on the plains of Argon. I started a night school in the old enclave to teach what was necessary for the tribes to interact.” I then swallowed back the tears that threatened to surface. I then said, “The hunter named Zoran of the Lordes tribe gave me my name.”

That seemed to trigger a response. Sigara had come closer to peer at my face. He became convinced and shouted in Avalonian, “Heart of the Guardian! Kirabaros!”

I looked at Caelos and shot a look of thanks. He just came up and gave me a warrior handshake. I returned it in the midst of all the cheering of my warrior name, no my name.

“Why did you say you are Kirabaros, Jacen?” Juhani asked me around the campfire that night.

Everyone was still confused as to what happened except Jolee. I think he put everything together as far as my powers and my combat prowess went. Still I felt I owed it to them by explaining who Kirabaros was. Sigara and Caelos had joined us and were urging me to tell of the greatest of warrior among our people. I glossed a bit over his qualities and I told my story, the story of a boy growing up and helping people in spite of the hate that he felt for those that tormented him and his greatest accomplishment was aiding the tribes.

When I finished, they had a better understanding of it but I think they didn’t make the connection that I was the little boy in the story. Zaalbar surprised me though by saying [They were right in calling you Kirabaros. You have honor and you have courage. You stand against injustice].

I smiled a bit and allowed the silence to continue for a bit. The only noise was the occasional singing of the song of the Heart of the Guardian and it warmed my heart. It wasn’t pride but that feeling that I knew who I was. I had been debating how I was going to tell everyone my thoughts when Jolee interrupted by asking, “Look sonny, I’ll give you five credits if you stop opening and closing you mouth and tell us what’s on your mind.”

I chuckled a bit. I sighed and figured I might as well come out and say it. I began, “You know the rumors were true. Jacen did die in that fall two years ago. I had trouble these last two years coming to grips with myself. I would find myself looking at my reflection trying to look for someone I couldn’t find.

“Before we left Inkosi Kanji, that medicine man, came and sent me on a vision quest. It was to find who I was. Now I am here. I am Kirabaros. Jacen is dead.”

“I know Kirabaros,” Caelos responded. “My master told me that he knew that you would come back. You just had to find your way.”

“Look, uh, I may not understand much about your people, Ja-, er Kirabaros, but if that is what you want to call yourself, then, then I’ll respect that,” Carth replied.

I gave him a smile. One by one the others agreed saying that they will respect my wishes. I knew that my Republic friends couldn’t fully understand my words. I knew that they cared enough to respect my choices and they would voice their concerns if necessary but they weren’t Avalonians. In fact I had hard time myself believing it when I was younger but that was more from feelings of inadequacy. Seeing that my friends would support me, I turned discussion to the plans we had for Belos.

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Another good Chapter JediMaster12. Looking foward to more.

07-23-2006, 12:46 PM
OK here is the next chapter. Again I went off my eccentric streak and used another movie. Try to guess.

Chapter 7: Crash and Burn
Belos was in worse shape than I thought. When we arrived we had to stop short at one of the moons. My Republic friends and I and of course Caelos traveled on one of the few trade ships still allowed onto the surface. It was by some miracle of the Force that we were able to make it past the sensors at all. I was pretty sure that they had every single Force Adept attuned to any sign of the Jedi. I did my best to mask Caelos’ signature and mine since he didn’t know how to do that yet. I hid my relief as we touched down and disappeared into the crowds. Zaalbar was a problem since he was so tall and no one had seen a Wookiee before. They had to detain him and I thought he was going to bust out but I eyed him and he understood.

I kept Carth and Caelos by me as one of the tribesmen led our motley group to a safe house. Amazing what my name can do to people. Later I learned that it was going to create a problem for the people since they were harboring us. It was one of those things that would affect me profusely. At the safe house, I gave assignments according to everyone’s talents. My goal was to get outside the capital city Xao Lin and make contact with the tribes that had managed to evade the Rashikians. I took Carth, Caelos and T3 with me to scour the exit routes. HK I left with Jolee and Mandalore since I didn’t want to deal with his trying to shoot them.

It took me two months of wandering the grimy streets to gather the necessary information about Xao Lin. We had to get reconnaissance of all possible exits and the inner workings of the city. During those two months we had become acquainted with an underground resistance who gave us everything they knew about the security habits of the guards. Zaalbar went back with the ship and headed back towards the moon. Late at night when everyone else was asleep I would make plans for my escape from the city. I decided to send back some of my people and I had not heard the end of it so instead I made the painful decision that they remain in the city and coordinate the resistance. That and other things made me retch at night. I ended up losing my desire to eat for a while and would have ended up starving if Carth didn’t force me to eat. Mostly it stemmed from the fact that food sounded repulsive. That was nothing compared to the events that got me out of Xao Lin.

It happened one day when I was walking with my usual group through the market sector of the city. T3 was beeping me readings and the list of usual supplies we needed, which included food. I was glad at the moment that I was able to secure clothing for everyone that blended in. We were looking at a stall with fruit when a small boy was being dragged out by a small group of Rashikians. I could hear their language and they were saying that the penalty for thievery was death. The people in the square cleared a circle. They knew what was going to happen and they were powerless to stop them. I could sense Carth getting upset and he wanted to reach for his blasters but I stayed his hand. I muttered for him to tell T3 to get ready and I began to walk slowly towards the group.

The leader was muttering as saying, “Your people don’t play by the rules boy. Thieves don’t get caught. Perhaps he thinks he will get mercy you think?” The rest of the group began to laugh with the crowds looking on. He then said, “Hold him down.”

The one holding the blade had it raised when I said, “Halt.” Everyone turned to look in my direction. I guess they thought I was signing my death warrant since it meant death to contradict the local authority. I ignored the stares as I said, “What in the name of the Four Winds could make a creature so dangerous that it takes six men to kill it?”

“This doesn’t concern you Belosian trash. Be advised to keep moving,” was the response.

“Well have you captured a kataran beast? Let me see. Huh, a small boy, a truly dangerous animal,” I played with some humor.

“This boy stole from the caravan of the General.”

“You’re starving us. We needed the food,” the boy retorted.

“I advise you again core slime to move along or you risk imprisonment and eventually death.” The tensions were getting high. The Rashikians were getting angry.


“What did you say?”

“I said wrong. This is my home therefore you are out of line,” I said. I had such a straight face that if the situation weren’t so grave, it would have been funny. I had treaded into dangerous territory and I could fly or crash and burn.

The leader walked straight up to me and said, “You are the one out of line. I could have you disemboweled right here and now.” His eyes were burning. It looked like it was going to be a crash and burn.

I looked at him right in the eye. I said, “Oh I don’t think so.” With as much power I could muster, I used the Force to send him flying into one of the stands. I drew out the katana that I was carrying. I didn’t want to risk my lightsaber being seen. I twirled it and was ready when the rest of the group came at me. I used a series of blocks, strikes, punches and kicks to make my way to the boy. I yanked him off his feet and told him to run. I noticed a patrol coming down the alley. I took a run and a leap and ran up the walls and flipped behind them.

That move seemed to stun them and allowed for Carth to fire away. T3 let out an occasional stunner. I was glad that Caelos was back at the safe house that day instead of here. I led the fray with my blade as I made my way to a pair of draigons that were just waiting. I motioned to Carth who jumped on one and I jumped on the other and we took off running through the streets. T3 followed behind us as I led the way to the ruined portion of the city walls.

As we approached, I saw that T3 wasn’t going to make the jump so I slowed a bit and pulled alongside the little astromech. Using brute strength, adrenaline and the Force, I managed to lift the droid and held it at an awkward angle until we jumped the wall. I used the reins to tie the droid to the draigon as the thing kept running. I turned back to find a whole patrol following us. They were shooting arrows and an occasional blaster shot at us.

We ran across the plains and headed for the forest. We managed to hide in the Yanamoto Forest, one considered to be haunted. The Rashikians tried to tempt us out by calling us cowards and other vile names. I whispered to T3 to keep quiet as they kept taunting us until they realized that we were not going to come out. After they left, I let T3 down and examined the draigons, Carth and T3. Last I examined myself. I found bruises and blisters on my hands forming from the reins and from holding onto T3. My eyes traveled up my hands and I noticed on my shoulder a burn mark. I had been hit by a blaster bolt. I shrugged it off and went into a Force Heal. The pain was gone before I felt it. I spoke softly, “Well, I guess we found a way out of Xao Lin. Now we just need to find the tribes.”

“I’ll say. What were you thinking going up to that group and taking all six on? I thought the key was to lie low,” Carth responded.

“It was spur of the moment but it was a small boy Carth. I wasn’t going to stand by and watch,” I replied as I checked the lines on the draigons. “As I seem to recall, you weren’t going to stand by either.”

“That is true but do you have any idea what is going to happen to those people? They’ll be scouring the city trying to find more of us.”

I knew it was the truth and I discussed this with the resistance. They knew the risks. It overwhelmed my calm nature and I responded forcefully, “I know that and so does the resistance. They were willing to do what they needed to do. They want to take back their planet but in order to do that, we need to get the help of the tribes out here. It was a decision and I made it.” I straddled my draigon and held the reins of the second one out to Carth. “We now have but one choice, find a tribe. We have just crashed and burned.” I turned towards a snow-covered trail and started down it. T3 beeped and followed and then Carth.

It was a silent ride through the forest as we looked for signs of any of the free tribes that had settled around there. T3 would beep out any signs of animals and such but other than that, we were quiet. I could sense that Carth couldn’t believe at my decision or the outburst I had given him. I wanted to talk but I was being stubborn, too stubborn. My thoughts drifted off and my senses honed on my bond with Revan. It was faint considering the distance between us but I could sense her tiredness mingled with annoyance. I hoped Michaela was watching out for her. My thoughts were interrupted when Carth asked, “What did you mean by that we crashed and burned?”

Surprised that the stubborn man was going to talk to me, I didn’t respond right away. When I did I said, “What it means is that we are on our own. There is no way that we will be able to get back in Xao Lin or any of the other cities. They know what we look like.”

“I see. Did you even think about that when you calculated your plan?”

“Believe me, I didn’t intend on getting us locked out of the city. This was not according to plan.” My temper was starting to get the better of me and I struggled to keep it in check.

Carth tried a different track. “Since when has anything gone according to plan?”

“For Jolee it does,” I responded in a low voice.

“Jolee doesn’t conceive battle plans as well as the meatbag who is like a brother to my wife.”

“Taking vocabulary lessons from HK?”

“It grows on you.”

I chuckled, “Tell me about it.”

We both started to laugh. My temper smoldered and died out. I had a tendency to forget that Carth understood war. Heck he fought in two wars and fought in a battle over Citadel Station. He knew that some decisions never come easy. Some were clear and others were like a catch-22. I guess he realized that he had hit a nerve and he used his good humor to try and ease the tension in the air. It worked for I felt better.

A gentle breeze was beginning to blow as we continued down the trail and it was late in the afternoon. Nothing seemed to be turning up as we came to a river. It was a beautiful sight though I was hit with a slight wave of nausea. I forced it down as I slid off my draigon and went to the edge. I made my way across to find the shallow spots. I used my katana to poke down to the bottom. Carth was waiting while T3 was scanning the area around.

I had found the shallow end and risked frozen feet by stepping in it. The icy water came up mid shin making it suitable for the draigons to cross. I sheathed my blade and looked around. I heard T3 beeping something about a sentient or an animal nearby but I didn’t get a chance to process it through my brain. All of a sudden, my feet flew out from under and I landed hard on my back in the pool of water. For a brief moment, I felt a moment of terror from that memory of my fall but my anger took over as I struggled to get up.

Wet and cold I looked around until I heard a taunting voice from a woman. She was singing, “There was a rich man from Xao Lin who tried to cross the river. What a slug, he tripped on a rope. Now look at him shiver.” She smirked at me and called out, “Beg for mercy rich man!”

I rolled my eyes and started back towards the shore. I called back, “I am not a rich man.”

A general yell called out and a bunch of women and a few men came out of the trees and brush. They surrounded Carth, T3 and the draigons and grabbed a hold of them. I was still standing in the middle of the river and I was freezing my butt off. We had been searching for the tribesman and it looks like they found us and it looked like they weren’t happy to see us.

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Another good Chapter JediMaster12.

Jae Onasi
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Cool. I like both chapters. I had a little bit of trouble with his nausea thing--I wasn't sure if that was a force bond thing sharing Revan's 'morning sickness' or if it was something he was experiencing as an angsty response to his new role and his approaching battle with the Blood king, or if it was just stomach flu/food poisoning. :)

And now you have to write another chapter and get that boy out of the water soon before he gets hypothermia. :D

07-24-2006, 02:02 PM
Oh I have up until the last battle. I am almost finished writing this story. Teehee! as to the nausea, it's a bit of both but more likely from the bad memories of tumbling down the river near death.
Well here is the next chapter and again involves a movie. You guys are pretty slow to guess but nevertheless I am glad you guys enjoyed the story.

Chapter 8: Duels and Alliances
The woman who had been taunting me came out of hiding. She was quite pretty with dark brown hair streaked with red and dark brown eyes. She wore a huntress outfit with a warm hide as a cloak. She came to the river’s edge and smiled in a know it all way and said, “Well. This here is our river and any man who wishes to cross, must pay a tax.” There were cheers of agreement from the rest of the group.

I looked at her and said, “I’ll pay no tax. As you can see, I’ve got nothing. Not even a gold piece.” I smiled an apology at her.

“Bantha crap,” a voice sounded. It was more deep and sounded very regal. It demanded attention. The voice belonged to a dark, honey-skinned woman with black hair and green eyes. She wore wolf fur rimmed clothing indicating her status within her tribe. She was carrying a staff and walking towards me. She continued, “Any man who travels with an astromech and a servant,” I cocked my brow at this, “and claims he has no money or anything to trade, is either a fool or a liar.”

The woman who tripped me called out, “He’s a liar!”

I ignored the jabs at me. I eyed the regal woman slightly warily and asked, “And who might you be?”

“Serena Lightstar. Queen of the Haida tribe and leader of the Confederation of Tribes.” The crowd responded to her title with respect and cheer.

I gave a polite smile and replied, “Well milady, you lead this rabble?”

“Yes I do stranger. If you three want to travel through this forest it will cost you that pendant and katana.”

I didn’t care about my sword but the pendant, my lifestone was another matter. I picked it up and rubbed it. I looked at her and said, “This is sacred to me,” and I smiled politely.

“It’s sacred to us too, Stranger. That stone will fetch a fine price to feed our people for at least two months.”

If I had any money I would have given it freely. I had no idea what kind of stone there was in my lifestone but it obviously was of great monetary value here on Belos. However it had value in that a friend gave it to me and I wasn’t about to let it be taken without a fight. I responded, “You’ll have to fight me for it, milady.”

“Love to Stranger,” and she tossed me the staff she had been carrying. She gave her cape to the boy that I had rescued earlier. He told her that I gave a beating to twelve of the Rashikians. Her manner reflected one of pleasure. I guessed she liked her opponents to have backbone.

I rolled my eyes slightly and I turned to look at the shore and saw that Carth, the draigons and T3 were being led away down a bit to watch the show. I watched as they were taken while twirling the wooden staff in my hand. I gave a sigh and turned around to face Serena. I was just about to get into position when she hit my left hand hard. Everyone was laughing at me as I clenched it to try and ease the pain. I could tell that this was going to be a dirty fight.

We exchanged blows with our staffs. I could feel her strength through her strikes and I could tell that she had rightfully earned her position as a leader. She was rather sly with her attacks as she was trying to catch me off guard. Some I recognized as trick moves that Cronus taught me long ago. I knew that I could not just settle into plain defense, as was my habit. Funny how I had not handled a staff since Jasilyn or so and yet the maneuverability returned like an old friend.

T3 was whistling in the background and the crowd was cheering. I was freezing but my blood was being warmed by the confrontation with this woman. I was determined to stay on my feet but in a quick move of hers, she pinned one end of my staff to the ground and with the other end of hers, she hit my back. She then ran her staff along the length of mine and rammed both fists into me and sent me into the pool below.

I almost wanted to pass out as it brought memories of my fall but I forced myself to stay conscious. There were cheers going on from everyone. I briefly heard someone saying that I was drowning. I felt around my neck and me fingers had came back red. She had ripped my stone off. I heard her say, “Lost something?” and she was dangling it in front of me. I reached for it and she snatched it away and smiled coyly at me and said her thanks for the taxes.

I was mad and sick at the same time. The bad memories of my fall were running through my mind but my temper was rising. I felt a surge of energy and warmth, a charge that had not been there before. I got up and grabbed my staff. I ran to catch up with her with an added speed that was not Force induced. I used my staff to trip her. I said, “I’m not through yet,” and I moved into her line of sight.

She got to her feet and smiled. “Alright Stranger. You want another good beating? You’ll get one.” She swung but I reacted. I took the attack to her and I increased my speed. The ends of our staffs would meet creating a clunks that sounded like hollow sticks. I keep increasing my speed sensing that if I could move faster, she wouldn’t be able to get her attacks in. It was working for she was having a heck of a time trying to defend.

I did a spin move and butted the end into her gut. With a deft twist, I knocked her feet out from underneath, making her fall into the water. I stole a glace at Carth who was just watching with a look of interest. In a fit of humor, I booted Serena in the rear and said, “Seems that I’ve made it past the gate Lightstar. Or should I call you Rena?” That seemed to make her mad and she swung at me hard and fast.

I countered with my speed matching hers. She swung at my feet and I jumped up and flipped over her head and attempted to butt her in the gut again. She anticipated it and blocked with one end and with the other she smacked me on the side of my head. It was hard enough for me to trip into the water. I got up and was greeted with the salty taste of blood in my mouth and my nose felt sore. I wasn’t going to waste time trying to heal it so I got up breathing heavily. The water made me feel heavy and it felt like my movements were slow and cumbersome. Once I got to my feet I took a breath and swung again. I felt rather heavy and slowed as if carrying a heavy weight on my back. I missed the last strike and she pinned my staff. She then said, “Swimming time again Stranger,” and she backhanded me, sending me into the pool of water.

The flow carried me over the small falls and I rolled into the pool below. I was not finished yet. Forcing myself to remain conscious, I swam under the water, holding my breath to the center of the pool I was in. I managed to pull the device that I had to breathe underwater and put it in my mouth. I used my body to stay under the water and reached out with my Jedi senses to see where she was. Carth later told me that the group was shouting to each other to see if they could see me.

My cue had come when I saw the end of a staff enter the water. I still had my own in my right hand. With as much concentration I could muster, I used the Force to propel my body straight out of the water. In midair, I did a flip and landed in front of her in a crouched position. I stood quickly and did a spin and butted her with the end of my staff and sent her into the pool. I did a dive in after her and grabbed her by the shoulder straps of her tunic. We both came to the surface and I dunked her and shouted, “Do you yield?”

She fought back with her hands. She shouted something about not being able to swim well or something. I maintained my grip and dunked her again. Again I shouted, “Do you yield?”

Her response, “In the name of the Four Winds, yes.”

I replied, “Alright. Just put your feet down.” The water was chest deep as she stood up. I just continued to have my knees bent overcome with the cold and weariness. I didn’t show it as I slowly stood. I demanded, “My pendant.”

“Give me your name first,” she replied smiling at the clever way she had been bested.

Still breathing heavily as I replaced my breathing device in my belt, I responded, “Kirabaros.”

The crowd became silent but I distinctly heard whispers coming from all directions. They couldn’t believe it that Kirabaros had returned or something. I was too tired and cold to care. Serena replaced my pendant on my neck and said, “Well Kirabaros, you’ve just bested one of the Haida women. You’ve got some moves.”

The camp was like the tribal village that I had lived in before the war. There were a few tents from the refugee tribes that banded with the Haida women and lots of women and children. I sensed the fear mingled in with the courage of these people as we entered their camp. Serena led me to her hut and offered me some dry clothes, clothes that belonged to her husband. She left me alone while she went to change herself. The clothes fit rather well. I buckled the belt and hung my lightsaber and katana from it. I went to the mirror and looked at my mangled face. I used the Force to heal the break in my nose and heal the cuts I had sustained. I couldn’t do anything for the welt on my cheek so I just let it be. I went into the main room where Carth and T3 were waiting along with Caelos.

Caelos told me that he had managed to sneak out of the city though help of the resistance when he heard that there had been trouble caused in the market that I had gone to. He had been stopped by the tribes and brought for questioning. I just smiled as best as I could since the bruise was painful on my jaw. Carth was giving me a cursory glance and I could tell he wanted to talk about that last move I pulled in the river. I was still freezing from the cold that had settled in my bones and was looking for a fire to sit next to.

Serena came out of her room and led us to a fire outside where the leaders of all the tribes there were gathered. She took her spot and motioned to where we were to sit. Caelos opted to stay with T3 on the outside. I sat slightly wincing from my jaw. Serena began first, “You impressed me Kirabaros. Had I known who you were before we fought, I would have been more harder on you.”

I managed a smile and replied, “Harder? You gave me everything you got and you still sent me swimming.”

The group laughed at my joke. I settled back against the tree branch. Carth remained sitting upright being polite. Serena had a rich sultry laughter. She stopped long enough to talk. She said, “We know that you have come to free our planet from the scourge of our worlds. We have seen it in the stars and through the Force. Still we would like to hear in your own words why you are here.”

I slowly stood and gave my reason for being here. It was painful on my jaw but I kept it up. They listened intently with their attention focused on me. The one who taunted me looked at me with a slight contempt. Carth told me that if cannon fire had struck, they still would have been sitting there listening to me. When I finished, I sat back down and was offered a jug of cider. I drank a sip out of politeness and passed to the woman who had been taunting me who skipped Carth entirely and was about to hand it to a male tribal leader. I voiced without looking at her, “Has Belosian hospitality changed so much in two years and a friend of mine is not welcome at this indaba?”

The woman was giving me a scowl. She didn’t hide her disapproval as she said, “He is Republic core slime. Nothing but a savage.” She had spit that last word out like it was something distasteful.

I responded, “Maybe so, but no more than you or I. So you may call me savage if you want.”

Serena handed the jug to Carth, who politely declined. I could sense a tension building and I could sense the distrust forming from the young woman. I later told Carth that her distrust made his seem like a make out session. I keep my gaze on the fire and watched the flames dance as I answered question after question about the other people on the other worlds. They asked me about how I got my name. I gave a brief run down of Zoran and such. When I got to the phrase, “When my home was attacked, I became a warrior like you,” I was interrupted by the woman sitting next to me. She said in hateful tones, “You are nothing like the Bushida warriors,” and she got up and left.

Serena apologized, “That’s Kiara Druga, the last member of the governor’s family of Belos and a sister of the Haida tribe. Don’t be offended. It’s been a difficult time since she lost her family.”

I nodded and my thoughts turned to her. I could understand the pain of loss. I kept it in mind as the leaders and I discussed about aiding the resistance and arming the city dwellers to retake Belos.

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Shame you are ending this so soon, but at least it was longer than the first part. Has this been reviewed yet? Anyway it was a good Chapter and I'm looking foward to the remaining Chapter.

Also, there is a certain new Fic of mine, I would like you to take a look at, if it is alright with you.

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Pottsie: This is not the end. I am slow posting me chapters. There is at least 20 for this part. No it hasn't been reviewed yet because I keep adding to it. Well Here is another chapter since I am quite slow.

Chapter 9: Understandings
The next month brought in change, some seasonal and some organizational. We managed to get the people most vulnerable of the tribes into the trees. The communication network improved between the tribes and the resistance as we sought to rally more people to take back Belos. The snows were starting to fall indicating that winter was near for Belos. There were still some things that needed to be worked on; one was my relationship with Kiara.

After learning that she was the last surviving member of the governor’s family, I sought different ways to get her to talk to me about her pain. She always managed to avoid me or if we did talk, it became a shouting match on her end. I just took the brunt of her frustrations even when some of those verbal exchanges became violent. She would often take a swing at me and I would dodge them. I had no desire to have another sore jaw so I would dodge and on occasion block them.

Serena seemed to notice this and would beseech me to leave her alone. Carth knew of my stubborn tendencies and tried to explain that to her. Seeing as she was getting nowhere with her lectures, she started sending us out together on missions. More often it was to ambush the Rashikian patrols that dared to wander through the forest paths. It was on one of these such missions that I finally made a break through with Kiara.

We were hiding in the trees over a camp of Rashikians. I was closer and my hearing was better so I could catch what they were talking about. Aside from the distasteful banter in their cursed language, they were discussing about plans from the head man to seek out the last of the governor’s family and kill the resistance, the same stuff we had been hearing for awhile. The difference this time was that they were getting ready to mobilize and destroy the resistance within a few days.

After hearing all that was important, I gave the signal and I lightly landed a few feet behind the group. I said, “Hello there.” They turned to see me and drew their weapons. Then Kiara jumped down from behind and started slashing with her blade. I drew mine and again went into battle. Kiara did whatever she did when she was angry and that was give it all she had. I on the other hand, wanted one alive. I actually did manage to get one and had my blood soaked tip pointed at him. I said, “You go back and tell your people that we will be waiting.”

I spoke in the warrior dialect, one used in reference to war poetry and the like. The Rashikian I think was more scared of Kiara than me or something of that nature for he readily agreed and took off running. Kiara gave me a glare. I swear the woman didn’t approve of anything I did. I didn’t say anything and neither did she as we continued our trek back to camp. It was going to be a long trek since we had been going down one of the older trails that led towards Gao-Lin, a small town to the east of Xao Lin. Kiara finally broke the silence with a terse query, “Why did you let him go?”

Knowing that nothing I said would please her, I decided to be honest about it. I replied, “There has been enough bloodshed for now. There will be more later.”

“They deserve to die. They deserve no mercy!”

I stopped to look at her. He intense hatred was strong, too strong. “You say that with such…hatred.”

“No matter. A spoiled little rich boy like yourself would never understand,” was the retort.

“Will you stop calling me that?” I said it rather firmly. “I am not rich. I took a vow of poverty.” I meant it as a joke but I was also mad at her.

“Yeah right. The great Kirabaros took a vow of poverty and yet he still manages to dress finely.” It was a reference to my robes from the Academy, which still looked fairly nice considering that I had gotten into a fair amount of scrapes.

“You know you have been entirely hostile to me ever since I gave my name and I just want to know what your problem is.”

“Forget it,” she said and stomped forward through the snow. She wasn’t watching her footing for she stepped in a mound and it gave way. She slid down the embankment, rolling with the snow and some debris. She came to a hard stop when she rammed into a tree. I called down that I was coming but she said for me to shove off. Little did she know until she moved that she had startled a lone female wolf who bared her teeth at her and was growling.

I could sense her fear as I slid carefully down the embankment, trying not to scare the wolf any further and provoke her to attack. I came up to Kiara who was trembling with fear but too scared and in too much pain to move. I slowly approached the wolf, looking at her in the eyes. I put myself in between her and Kiara and crouched down. I kept looking at her. The wolf continued to growl and snarl. I was whispering phrases for her to calm down and such. I slowly reached in my belt and pulled out a piece of jerky and held it out to her. The female sniffed and her growls subsided. Her eyes never left me as she took steady steps closer towards my outreached hand. With a quick move, she had the piece of jerky and she took off back to the woods.

Kiara was still trembling when I turned back to her and checked her ankle, which had been sprained in the fall, but the contempt was no longer there. She regarded me curiously as I applied some kolto medpacs to her ankle and as I helped her back up the embankment. Once I got her on a draigon I was able to call by whistling did she speak. She said, “Thanks.”

“Your welcome,” I replied as I led the draigon down the trail. It was even slower considering that she was injured but I thought that it was a good thing since now she wouldn’t have to lash out at me.

“You’re a Jedi Knight aren’t you?” The question broke the silence.

“What makes you say so?” I asked.

“The way you looked at that she-wolf. Some Jedi I have met have that affinity for animals.”

“Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I live with the Zherron tribe,” I replied. It was wrong not to say anything but I wanted her to be comfortable talking to me without it becoming a shouting match.

“I don’t think so. That move you did when you fought Serena, only a Jedi could do that. Besides if that’s the case, I should be asking for your forgiveness seeing as you deserve better treatment than I have given you.”

Now comes the tricky part. “I’ve had worse. Believe me there are plenty of my own people that dislike the Jedi.”

“I used to think that they cared for nothing of the people. I always thought that they let my family die even though I am not recognized by the family.”

“What changed your mind?” I asked.

“You did, when you just helped me. I thank you again, Master Jedi.” She smiled at me.

I decided to risk it. I spoke, “I was orphaned too. When I was seven. I never knew my mother because she died giving birth to me. My father was trampled by a bull kataran. I had no one except Master Tergis but even that was not the relationship a child wants from a parent.”

It was silent after I said that. I just continued to trudge through the snow leading the draigon. I stopped often to check the trail and to use the Force to make sure that we were heading in the right direction. It was easy to get lost and to be lost meant death especially in the snow anywhere on the five planets. Kiara broke the silence by saying, “My family was killed by Rashikians, not the royal one.”

I merely nodded my head. My intention was to allow her to continue which she did. She said, “So we are both orphans but under different circumstances.”

That last statement was more of a thought. I could sense her confusion and humility. She had anger against the Jedi but more so at the fallen ones. She had carried it for so long that she didn’t know how to react when a Jedi saved her. Her emotions troubled me but I could sense that she had a lot to give and would do it well.

We had stopped at the top of a hill when I heard a low growl and a moan. The she-wolf had been following us with a lone pup. We turned to look at her as she traveled a distance behind us, watching us. I turned my attention back to the road and smiled. I had a feeling that we would arrive back at camp all right.

True to my instincts, we rendezvoused back at camp with no problems. The she-wolf stayed at the boundaries eying everything warily. I gave Kiara over to the hands of the healers and Serena and went to my tent to warm up. It had been a cold journey and I was feeling the effects of it. I sat in front of the fire and stared into it as I warmed myself with some of my favorite tea. I didn’t notice that the she-wolf had followed me with her pup until she came into the tent. She nuzzled her pup towards me and with a look into my eyes; she turned and left heading straight for the forest. The pup whimpered and I picked him up and held him. He was falling asleep when one of the maidens brought me a datapad.

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That Kiara seems to have an attitude problem. Good Chapter. I think there was Kiara in my Fic, The Sith Lord too. I'll have to take a look.

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OF course she does. Her family was murdered and the Avalonian Jedi or any Jedi weren't around to stop it. How else would you feel?

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Chapter 10: Reclaiming
We had tough times but after that ambush on the last raiding party, we had enough information about the guards and their routines to free Xao Lin. The day we had chosen was one of their ‘demonstration’ days. Some of the handmaidens were to enter as spectators and position themselves along the city walls. Carth had managed to sneak back in with Caelos to rally the resistance, something that I was in two minds of but I saw no other way. T3 was to remain in the back unless called for along with HK.

On that day I entered the city as one of the many peasants required to attend. I admit that my appearance underneath the cloak would have gotten me killed on sight but I made sure that all the guard at the gate got was a whiff. I disliked the smell myself but draigon dung can be very effective at least in not getting noticed. I made it through the gate with little problems though I was afraid I would have to use the Force to persuade them at first. Once inside, I met up with Serena who handed me a small bundle, which I hid under my cloak. Before I left she muttered, “Nice smell.”

I said nothing but hurried to my spot just before the call was made to bring out the prisoners. I saw Kiara take her place within the square to cut them loose. Originally it was to be me but she was persistent, a bad habit if you ask me. She told me that my aim was dangerous and that I would be a good cover from the walls and that wasn’t referring to blaster fire. My watchful eyes were scouring the walls and the surroundings noting where my men were positioning themselves.

The call sounded and the crowd below me began to murmur. Some people were throwing old vegetables, not because they wanted to but because they were forced to. I could sense the reluctance and it invaded my senses. I could see that they felt hopeless even with the knowledge that the resistance was nearby. I brushed it aside as I watched as the prisoners were being forced to the platform. It looked like a hanging platform but it was going to be an off with their head platform. I repressed a wave of nausea as I pulled out a long wooden stick from within the staff I was carrying. I was not expecting what happened next.

For some reason, Kiara had been found out. By whom, I didn’t know but a loud ruckus was being sounded as I was prepping my first shot. I looked and saw Kiara being dragged by two burly Rashikians to the viewing platform. My attention was diverted to the viewing platform where the main person, the one in charge was none other than Lorien. I was slightly shocked when I saw him and I wondered if our plan was blown. I was thinking about this as I honed my senses to try and hear clearly what Lorien was saying.

Kiara was struggling until the whole crowd became silent when Lorien held up his hand. He then spoke, “Who is this?”

One of the burly Rashikians replied, “A handmaiden. The one we’ve been looking for.”

“Oh, the last of the royal family. Where have you been little one?” he asked and smiled rather menacingly.

“None of you damn business!” she responded hotly.

“Careful. That temper of yours will get you nothing but the short end of a blade.”

“I’d rather die just make my people free of you, you traitor.” She had gritted her teeth when she said that.

“Too bad that will never happen since your precious champion is dead. Bring her up here.” Then turning to the executioner he said, “Prepare the prisoners.”

I was torn. Part of me wanted to abandon my job to rescue her but the other part, a more authoritative part, told me that I couldn’t rescue her unless I gave the word to attack. I decided to change my position and I moved to an area with a clear view. I saw that Kiara was up there with Lorien and I could sense that she didn’t like it. I wrenched my mind away from that view to the one at the executioner’s platform. The drums were announcing that the blade was getting ready for the ‘demonstration.’ I took aim and as the blade came down, I released.

A collective gasp came from the crowd as my arrow knocked the blade out of the Rashikian’s hand. All eyes turned towards me as I stood holding my bow. I was looking right at Lorien who looked at me with contempt. He didn’t see Kiara struggle out of the enemy’s grip as I shouted, “NOW!”

A huge explosion sounded along the western wall of the city and thousands of soldiers and handmaidens appeared out of the crowd with their weapons drawn. They immediately began to attack the Rashikians. The people of Xao Lin reacted by attacking with whatever they could get their hands on. I shot arrows wherever I could to help. I was so busy that I didn’t notice a Rashikian coming up from behind until Kiara screamed as she was being pulled inside the palace, “Kirabaros!”

I turned and shot with the arrow I had. It landed right between the Rashikian’s eyes. I had turned just in time to see Lorien drag Kiara inside the palace. I dropped my bow and ran towards the palace. When I got to the palace wall, I loaded a small ascension gun and aimed it over the wall. It pulled me up and over the wall. I landed on my feet and continued to run into the palace.

The palace was a maze of passageways that could get someone lost. I called to T3 and told him to open the main gate through the comlink. I pause to let the Force guide me to the tallest of the towers where I was met with a barrage of armed Rashikians. I drew my katana and brandished it with a ferocity that would rival that of the Blood King, if I were fighting him. My only thought was to make sure that Kiara made it out alive. I didn’t tell anyone but I foresaw that she was to lead a long line of governors that would keep order for centuries. Strange what one sees at the strangest of times.

Plummeting through the Rashikians brought me to a solid door. I drew my lightsaber and thrust it through the bulkhead door. Using the Force, I concentrated on directing the energy to a single spot as I twisted the handle of the blade. I was distracted by two more Rashikians and the slamming of the blast door on the bulkheads. I withdrew my saber and took out the Rashikians. I was met up with Carth and T3, whom both managed to make it through the palace. I motioned for T3 to try and override the access codes and went to try to find another way in.

The battle below was fierce but it was hard to tell from where I was standing. I had managed to find my way to the roof, after fighting more Rashikians. I glanced over the edge and noted the people fighting. I gave a smile as my attention was diverted to one of the many banners still left hanging from the palace roof. I pulled two of them up and tied them together. My plan was to swing down and through the window of the tower. It was rather clichéd but there was no other way in.

I glanced one more time in the direction of the battle below. I located the window, took a deep breath and jumped. It was nothing like when I got pushed over the cliff. In fact my mind was far from that incident as I fell, hanging onto my makeshift rope. I crashed through the window and slid on the floor right in front of a struggling Kiara and Lorien. They had stopped when I crashed through the window and landed.

I slowly got up while watching Lorien warily. He gave me the same look as he shoved Kiara hard into the wall. He looked worse for wear than the last time I had seen him. His hand had been replaced by a mechanical one and his face bore many scars from the last battle he had fought in against Revan. Dressed in black, he made an imposing figure. He gave this impression as he spoke to me, “Do you mind? You’ve interrupted the most important thing, the end of the royal family of Belos.”

I just stood there. I then replied, “That is something that I cannot allow you to do.”

“Yes I can when I’m finished with you. And you are?”

“Kirabaros,” I replied and drew my lightsaber.

“Well, well, well. The great Kirabaros has returned. I thought for sure you were dead,” and he drew his lightsaber. It was not the purple I thought I saw the last time but a bronze one. It was the one that I lost. He continued, “Recognize this? It once belonged to you. Appropriate in my mind that I now use it to end your life as my master did to you the last time.”

“I’ll never fear the blade that I had built,” I replied and I flourished my blade.

“Really?” and with a quick move he slashed at me and nicked my left arm.

My reaction was that of a back step. It had hurt but my adrenaline was pumping and I easily brushed it aside. He then took a quick swing and I countered and fought back. It was hard work trying to work around the stone statues within the room. Kiara was trying to find a weapon to get in the fight but more often she was pushed aside by our collisions. My concentration was on Lorien. As much as I wanted to kill him, I couldn’t because I still remembered that he was Lord Trystan’s son and he was Lady Mara’s love.

At one point I had backed Lorien into a corner without his lightsaber. I had him at my mercy and he knew it. He began taunting me about it saying, “Go on. You know you want to kill me. Give in to your anger.”

I was beginning to have a hard time breathing. I was feeling so conflicted within myself that it was suffocating. Part of me was so angry with Tvark, the war, myself and everything around me that I wanted to kill everything. The other part of me wanted to try to save what little left there was of Eómeros. I took a gasping breath and replied, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards facing my master will be near complete.”

I closed my eyes and opened them. “Eómeros you don’t have to do this. There is still good in you.”

“That name no longer has any meaning for me.”

“It is the name of your true self. There is still good in you. Remember Mara?”

“You pitiful fool,” and he summoned his lightsaber and brushed mine aside. “You think that by bringing up memories would change anything?” He then used the Force to send me into the wall. I still had a grip on my lightsaber when I landed but it hurt bloody hell.

I slowly stood up and began to circle him. “No one is unworthy of redemption.”

“A fool’s words.” He then swung hard and I countered. “You know that woman that fought me last time was a more worthy opponent. Maybe she would turn instead of you.”

That nearly undid me. I kept my head and channeled the light side of the Force. I concentrated on my love of my family and friends. I felt a renewed strength as I swung my lightsaber. We went at it with a blinding speed, his governed by passion, mine, well, I couldn’t tell but it was a surging need to protect my family and friends. I managed to knock him down eventually and I ended up chopping off the hand I had cut off before. He fell with a groan of pain and I stood over him. I became dimly aware of what I had done and my breathing felt constricted.

Lorien held up his hand in surrender. I think he knew that he was defeated and I had him at my mercy. He said, “Just kill me.”

I deactivated my lightsaber and dropped in on the ground. I replied, “No. I know you can be saved.”

“Fool. Don’t you see that as long as I live my master will live?”

“Impossible. He has no control over you. Come back to the light and sever your ties to him.”

“I…I can’t.” His breathing was rather labored.

I was exhausted myself and Kiara was just frozen where she stood. I said, “Yes you can. You once told me that the difference between a friend and an enemy is that a friend will stand by you no matter what and that friend will always be there to catch you when you fall. Well I am here now to catch you.” I opened my arms to show that I was unarmed and not going to do anything. I whispered in his tribal dialect, “She still loves you.”

What seemed like an hour or so he said, “He is waiting for you at the ancient planet of Amshrey.” I kneeled close to listen. “He cannot be defeated unless…unless you…release the thing he fears the most.” He then fell silent. I reached out with the Force to ease his suffering. I ended up feeling slightly lousy. In trying to reclaim a city and a planet I helped reclaim a friend, but at what price? Harder to answer in a time of war.

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Yeah. The movie the last few chapters reflected was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I would thiink the bow and some of the dialogue, especially my little tune would get ya. Next chapter tomorrow or whenever I feel like it.

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Chapter 11: Law and Order
After Lorien, no, Eómeros told me about the Blood King I looked at him with a tender look of brotherhood. I distinctly heard a slight whimper but it was very soft coming from the direction of Kiara. I think the whole ordeal unnerved her and with the decline of the adrenaline, it was releasing itself. I made Eómeros comfortable and looked at Kiara.

She had a look of relief on her face but it was mingled with a curious look. I walked towards her to check on her when a loud cry sounded forth. From a hidden staircase, a Rashikian came out with a huge vibroblade. With a deft move of my hand, I summoned my lightsaber and I ignited it and sent it flying at the Rashikian where it lodged itself in his chest. I summoned it back and deactivated it. I looked at the body and felt a brief stint of disgust. I then walked to the main door and opened it to a surprised Carth and T3.

Outside the dusts of battle were settling as the handmaidens were herding the surviving Rashikians into the center of the main square of the palace. We were surrounded by the Handmaidens and the people of the city all in various degrees of weariness and injury. Kiara, Carth, T3 and I were standing on the main steps of the palace surveying the scene. Everyone was facing us as I gently nudged Kiara forward.

She stepped forward and announced to the people that Belos was once again free. A huge cheer emanated from the crowd. I checked my comlink and the reports were coming in: the other cities were successful in fending off the Rashikians now that Lorien’s hold no longer existed upon Xao Lin. I slipped off when the warriors were shouting for a new governor. It was Serena who suggested that Kiara take over as governor. As usual, proof was asked for her legitimacy. I watched from the shadows as Kiara described her family lines. I sighed a breath of relief, as they seemed to accept it. It was easier for her than me to convince the people.

I slipped further into the shadows to return to Eómeros and get him the help he needed. After seeing him to the healers I disappeared to think. I needed time to think about what Eómeros told me about the Blood King. I went back to the tower and climbed to a spot on the roof and sat there staring at the night sky. I read the stars like I did before I came home. It was comforting along with the sounds of celebration as the people celebrated their freedom.

Law and order was established within a month. There were still a few of the Rashikians wandering about and trying to hold on but Serena led the Haida women and the handmaidens after them and rounded them up. They resisted of course and they ended up being destroyed. I had no part in those events for I was busy making plans for Amshrey. Kiara was adjusting to her role as governor of Belos and she was doing fairly well in my opinion.

Eómeros was in bad shape when I saw him to the healers and I did not and was not able to see him again. I didn’t know if he was alive or dead and I briefly wondered what I was going to say to Lord Trystan about his son. I did manage to have a holo sent to him with bits of the old lessons that he taught me when I came to live with the Zherron tribe. Often at night I would wander through the palace halls to a different part of the roof to sit and stare at the stars. Sometimes I would hoist the pup up with me but for the most part, he stayed with Kiara as I had been instructing him to do.

I was on one of my observations of the stars and watching as a gradual peace was overtaking the city when I was interrupted by a grunt of someone climbing onto the roof. I looked out of the corner of my eye, not moving my head, to find Carth climbing up to sit next to me. I moved over to allow him to sit and I adjusted the pup that was in my lap. I just continued to look at the sky as Carth settled next to me. He said, “I thought I was bad at staring into space.”

A smile toyed at the corners of my mouth. I replied, “Not staring, just thinking.”

“Looking at the stars?”

“Yep. That and just reading the stars.” My gaze never left the sky. My hand was absently petting Pup. We never called him by anything else so he just became named as Pup. His mother, whom I saw a few times, I personally called Aaka, which means ‘mother.’

“Mission told me that you could tell stories from the stars.”

I snickered slightly, “Stories eh? I guess I’m losing it. I’m supposed to say what the stars say.”

“I’m just joking. You’ve just been rather quiet ever since we met Serena. Something going on?”

I decided to be honest as far as my promises went. I replied, “Just everything that has happened within these past four months. Mostly I have apprehensions about meeting him again.”


“The one who pushed me off at Garanga.” It was the first time I addressed or even acknowledged what happened. For the most part, I evaded the question as best as I could. I found it then that it was easy to talk then. I continued, “He knows I’m still alive. He’s waiting for me. I have to face him, alone.”

Carth rubbed Pup’s head and replied, “That sounds familiar. I mean uh, Rev said the same thing about when she had to face Malak and when she left to come out here.”

“What, the fact that he knows I’m alive or the fact that I have to do this alone?”

“You know I mean the alone part. Revan thought she had to face her past alone and yet here we are helping her though why she is not here fighting is confusing to me. She never liked politics.”

He was dangerously close to wheedling out why Revan wasn’t here but he was trying to make a point. It didn’t dawn on me at first that he was making a comparison. My concern was that I had to cover myself in order to keep my word. I was a lot of things but one thing was for certain, I always keep my word. I responded, “Mara asked for her help. A woman thing I guess.”

“That’s not the point Kirabaros. The point is that you think you have to do everything on your own. You are keeping things from people, you keep your thoughts to yourself and it looks often that it eats you alive. You aren’t doing anyone a favor by keeping things a secret.” He looked he was upset but emotions spoke of his concern and his worry.

“You know,” I was being devious, “you can really go on a rant when you want to Onasi.” The point was made. I knew though that this was something that he couldn’t help me with. “I understand but this is something that I have to do. He has been seeking revenge on me ever since I killed his father for trying to kill me. His father was the Judge, my tormentor when I was a boy. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold and this is one dish that is five years cold.”

Carth just looked at me not knowing what to say. It was hard to look at his face because he was a good friend. I realized I had pushed him aside and shut him out within the last year when I started remembering that last battle. He replied, “At least you told me. Revan couldn’t do that at times. I guess it was too much for her to say anything.”

“She wanted to tell you but she didn’t know how. I guess it’s easier for men to share thoughts because we say it so bluntly.” I smiled to let him know that everything was all right. “I want to tell you that I have to go first alone. Everything will go according to plan but this is something I have to do.”

Carth looked like he wanted to argue but I guess something in my eyes told him not to argue. He just nodded. He added in a joking manner, “I guess someone should stay to keep some law and order.”

I grinned in agreement. “I guess we should get started.” I made a move and slid off the roof onto the platform with Pup in one arm. Carth followed rather slowly. “Man, Mission was right Onasi. You are an old geezer.” I grinned and turned tail at a quick pace. He just shook his head and followed.

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Chapter 12: Dangerous Living
Here I am on the forest moon of Amshrey, alone. I had left two days ago without saying anything to anyone. I was able to get past the Rashikian fleet without problems but that left a mark on my mind as I thought about why I was here. I was technically breaking my word to Revan but I knew she would understand. In my mind I was still keeping my word seeing as I was still watching Carth for her. I was a regular babysitter yet I held no rancor for it.

Amshrey is seductively beautiful, much like Duxn, except without all the malraas and cannocks. There were dangerous creatures but they mostly left you alone if you didn’t bother them and they liked to remain hidden within the forest. Still to play it safe, I kept to the branches of the trees, making my camps there as I scouted to look for safe landing zones for the fleet. I needed to be quick for the fleet would be arriving within two months at the very latest.

I was on one of my scouting trips when I met a strange little person. I was actually trying to evade capture by a patrol when the speeder I was on crashed, taking out my pursuers. I landed hard and fell unconscious. I awoke to find a strange and small creature looking at me. He was dressed like a warrior who had been living here a long time. He was rather hairy, almost like a Wookiee and looked like his full height was up to my waist. He had a spear pointed at me as I woke up and just stared at the thing. I sat up and instantly regretted it.

My head felt like it had split in two but my body felt worse. I propped myself up on one elbow and concentrated on healing a bit. I was greeted by a spear in my face and a slight growling. I slowly stood up, his eyes never leaving me and he muttered something in a strange language. I walked slowly saying, “I’m not gonna hurt you,” and sat on a tree log. I ran my fingers through my blonde tinged hair, my two stubborn locks falling back into place.

The little creature scampered onto the log and stood with his spear pointed at me. We just looked at each other. He spoke again and my ears picked up on his language. It was an interesting dialect. “Well I guess I had a hard landing though I’m not sure I know where here is. Maybe you can help me.”

The creature just looked at me obviously not understanding what I was saying. For once I was desperate for HK’s translation skills. At least he could put together a basic rudimentary vocabulary. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair again. I was hungry so I pulled my ration pack out of my belt and began to munch on some jerky. I noticed the creature was sniffing so I offered some to him. He put down his spear long enough to grab at the piece and munch on it as he sat next to me. Some progress.

Two hours later I was being chased through the forest by a huge beast that I had only read of in the archives. How in space did terenteks get on Amshrey? The thing was huge! I would have needed at least two other Jedi to help me bring it down. I kept a fairly good pace ahead but was distracted when the furry creature fell down. I made a reach and grabbed the thing and flung him into the trees. That cost me a few seconds and I was greeted with a sharp clout to my back that sent me flying into a brush.

That hurt like bloody hell. I felt a torrent of rage at that thing and I could feel it burning through my body. I gritted my teeth and I pulled out my lightsaber. With a rumble of the brush and a tremendous amount of power behind it, I gave a huge Force Leap out and ignited my blade. The terentek roared at me and I brought my blade up. Now was the time for battle.

The terentek swung at me with its deadly claws and I managed to duck them as best as I can. I would give a few good burning clouts with my lightsaber but it seemed to make the thing angrier. In its anger, it lashed out and nearly ripped my arm out of the socket and left a deep and bloody gash. I was getting angrier myself and ignored the pain and the blood loss. I swung hard and down and made a deep gash into the right arm of the terentek. It roared and I let out a roar that matched it exactly.

The thing stared at me as I lowered my blade and stared back. I was a mess with all my robes bloodied and ripped but I kept my stance. It looked at me and roared again. I roared right back at it while staring at it in the eye. It growled at me while continuing to stare at me. I cocked my left brow at it while maintaining my gaze. I had no clue at what I was doing but it was pure reaction and instinct. I was taking what I normally did to get animals to trust me to a different level.

After what took like minutes I heard a rustling and a war cry of some sort. Then it was raining furry creatures as more of the one that I had met this morning jumped out and landed on the terentek and began their attack. I was snapped out of it and was staring rather dumbfounded at the scene in front of me. Dangerous living I guess. I jumped in to help them with my lightsaber. It was a lot easier than going at it by myself.

We finally managed to take down the terentek and the furry things were cheering. I deactivated my lightsaber and attached it back to my belt. I was aware of the pain I was in and sat on a fallen log. I pulled out a medpac and injected it and held my breath until the healing effects took place. I was interrupted when I was surrounded by the fuzzy creatures and they began talking to themselves. They kept pointing at me and speaking in their strange dialect. I was too tired to use the Force to focus on their intentions so I just watched.

At one point one who was apparently a leader of some sorts said something. The others responded and a strange sound emitted. It was strange but it sounded almost like a chant. I didn’t know whether or not to bolt or just stay there. I was saved from either choice when the creature who found me pulled my hand and beckoned me to follow. I was led by the whole group up into the trees.

We walked through the trees along a platform. It distinctly reminded me of holos I had seen of Kashyyyk. I made a note to ask Zaalbar about his homeworld as I was led through the walkways. The pain had subsided from the clouts that the terentek had given me and there was nothing I could do for my robes as they were badly shredded. We continued until we came to this main square or platform. Either way it was the center of the village. Standing at the center was the actual leader of the group.

I wasn’t listening to their conversation as I was distracted by a several of the furry creatures carrying what was unmistakably a piece of terentek. They prepared to put it on a spit on an already blazing fire. I thought to myself, Boy, and I thought Jolee had a strange taste in food. I banished that thought when I realized that in order to survive on this world, you had to take what you could. It wasn’t going to change my mind about teasing Jolee about his cooking but it did put into mind the circumstances surrounding his meal choices.

I was brought back to the conversation when several of the creatures began pointing at me and jabbering in their language. I felt compelled to say something and I spoke in the warrior dialect and asked what was going on. They looked at me and they began to jabber excitedly. One pushed me into a seat and another shoved a plate of fruit in my face. I again asked what was going on and they continued jabbering. I realized that it was going to take a lot of work to try and communicate. I was going to explode when a female voice sounded in my left ear and said, “Don’t mind them. They are honoring you.”

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Another two good Chapters. Keep it up.

Jae Onasi
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The battles with Eomeros and Serena were exciting--loved the 'just put your feet down' line while she was in the water. It's very Star Wars to have a bunch of little guys cooperate to take out the Empire's soldiers, even if Ewoks were a little too cutesy for my taste in RotJ.

Let's see, in the last few chapters--2 scenes from RotJ, 1 from Wrath of Khan.... :)

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I can't say anything that hasn't been said already. Keep up the good work.

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Jae: What do you mean from the Wrath of Khan? It was my intention to foloow through with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Serena's fight scene and where he roara at the terentek comes from the Jungle Book. Yes I did take stuff from ROTJ, my fav of the OT. Well thanks for the reading and here is another chapter out of the kindness of my shovelbum heart. Just to let you guys know, it was very hard to think of how to write this and the last eight chapters. I had to erase so many things just to get it right. *Sigh* I should have stuck with poetry.

Chapter 13: Allies and Rendezvous
Two months went by rather quick yet I had twice as much information than when I did when I was scouting on my own. My interpreter was a female human named Sarna who had lived with the Shreyites, the furry little creatures that I met. She taught me their dialect which was roughly similar to the warrior dialect. That explained why they were so excited when I spoke to them like that when they showed me to their camp. I finally figured out why they were chanting at me. They believed me to be some sort of god or something. It made me chuckle when I found out because it was not what the Jedi stood for. I also laughed at the thought that Kirabaros was back at work, again.

Two months of being addressed with respect and dangerous living and dressing like a native warrior, I was ready to transmit my information to the fleet. It was nerve racking to send it with the possibility that it could be intercepted by the Rashikians but nothing happened. I did receive a transmission from my family which I downloaded onto my personal datapad with a smile. I relaxed once the message was away and I hoped that everything would work out. I went back to the village and sat to listen to the holovid of Michaela and Tulre telling me how much they missed me. There was even a blip of Revan with Mission. It was heartwarming and gave me strength though I was filled with apprehension about what had happened with that terentek. It had bothered me ever since that night and I desperately wanted to talk to Jolee about it.

Sarna came to my side and looked at the images of my wife and son. She smiled at my son and proclaimed him a ‘cute little sprat.’ She also voiced that my wife was beautiful. I just smiled at her comment. She was a companionable piece in that she was bluntly honest about her opinions and she had spunk. I learnt that she had been living on Amshrey for the last ten years after she crash-landed on the planet’s surface. She spoke of her time surviving on the planet and her friendship with the Shreyites. In return, I told her of myself and what I was doing in this war and what was my intention on the planet. I gave my name as Kirabaros and it struck me as a surprise that she didn’t recognize my name. It was because she was from Republic space and I guess sometime during the Mandalorian wars, her ship got separated from her squad and she wandered into the Forbidden Stars and crash-landed. It was familiar like Jolee’s story but then again he said the ship was a rust bucket.

Our talks included our friends who were agreeable to help us. They wanted to help. Apparently the Blood King had been killing them off and plundering their resources. We may not agree on things but our common goal was to depose the Blood King. They were allies but it was a matter of getting them to accept my friends. The confrontation with the Blood King had me in slight fear. I knew that the longer I stayed with the Shreyites; I would be endangering the mission. I was torn in two and it was disturbing. I decided to make the choice of getting my friends introduced and then I would head off to meet him.

Two weeks later I got my wish. I was away with Sarna and Gorky, the Shreyite who found me, and we were scouting out near the shield base that protected the Rashikian fleet and the fortress. An odd innovation but effective. The shielding was too strong for blasters and it needed to be taken down. It was a hideous thing tucked within the foliage of the forest but nevertheless it was there.

We were surveying the area when my attention was drawn to a landing platform on the far side of the compound. It was near the fortress of the Blood King. The fortress wasn’t what had my attention; it was the shuttle that had just landed on the platform. Emerging down the descending ramp was him. I recognized him by the eagle headdress from my dreams and his posture. The Blood King looked well, more bloody than the last time I saw him. My eyes were locked on his figure as he descended the ramp and headed for a speeder that was waiting for him.

At one point, his gaze turned towards my direction. We were too far away for him to see us but I had the distinct feeling that he knew I was there. It looked as if we locked our eyes in a gaze that could have melted carbonite. After he glanced in our direction for a while, he turned and headed to a speeder that was waiting for him. My gaze followed his speeder all the way to the fortress. Sarna had to bring me out of my gaze when she said that we had to go. I gave a backwards glance back at the fortress and then turned to head back into the forest.

There was a big commotion coming from the village when we were approaching. There was much cheering and jabbering about a big catch and that another god had approached them. One voice sounded above all of it. It was the unmistakable voice of a droid that two months ago I would have given my last credit to have. I had to suppress a chuckle when he said, “Statement: It appears Republic meatbag that you and the other meatbags are to be the main course of a banquet in mine and the Animal God’s honor.”

The response was that of a growl from a Wookiee. I also heard grumbling from Jolee and Juhani. Carth was saying, “HK do something.”

As we approached closer, the way was paved for us with welcoming murmurs from the Shreyites. I asked what was going on in their language. They confirmed HK’s statement that I heard before when we were approaching the village. I glanced to where Carth was being hung upside down over a pit that was being prepped to be lit. I thought fast and said to HK that they were to be set free. After he tried and failed he replied, “Observation: It appears that the furry meatbags don’t appear to listen very well. Shall I blast them now Handsome Meatbag?”

“You better do something kid or I’m gonna have to start busting some skulls soon,” Mandalore was saying.

I then spoke in their language. I said that if they didn’t do as I and HK wanted, we would become angry and use our magic. It was a spur of the moment thought but I figured it was worth a try. I hope some Jedi in the future or even a prissy sissy droid doesn’t use this. As soon as I said that, the whole village became silent. When I finished my declaration, they just turned back into their preparations. Mandalore said, “Somehow I get the feeling that didn’t help us very much.”

I ignored him and everything and began to concentrate on the Force. HK was sitting in some makeshift chair and I concentrated on lifting it. I also concentrated on myself. We both rose high into the air. I stood mid air with my arms crossed as I made HK in his chair spin. It was not my intention to frighten them so badly but it did the trick. They released everyone amidst the groaning of HK to be allowed to be put down so he could blast some meatbags. I slowly lowered myself and HK back down. I turned to see T3 chasing one of the Shreyites with one of his appendages, shocking him. I began to laugh.

“I see you haven’t lost your touch of playing tricks on an old man sonny,” a gruff voice sounded.

I turned to face Jolee and grinned. “I wasn’t the one who decided to get myself caught for dinner.”

“You have a Wookiee’s stomach to thank for that.”

“Oh and I’m sure they were just dying for some old man all nice and chewy.” I had a smirk on my face that sent Carth into chuckles.

“If you weren’t such a talented Jedi I would have sent you to detention.” Jolee was spluttering.

“Come off it old man at least he got us out of this mess,” Carth was saying.

“Nah, it’s all thanks to HK,” I replied.

We all turned to watch as HK was threatening to shoot the meatbag responsible for that ‘exhilarating’ ride through the air. I just shook my head in a bemused way. Finally I managed to get two groups together. Whether they would be allies or not was another story.

It was a late night as HK was telling the story of how we got here. I was slightly bemused that he never failed to mention his murdering tendencies and his various meatbag names and he never failed to embellish. He told of the war and his eventual involvement and reunion with his master Revan. He spoke that she was trying to end what she started during the Mandalorian Wars. I cocked my brow at his descriptions of Revan and everyone and wanted to laugh.

At one point the chieftain asked where Revan was. I quickly stepped in and explained that she was involved with the troops back home. It was hard to speak of politics. At first I thought HK was going to blow it when he said that his master was staying for other reasons. Lucky he said it in Basic but I knew that Carth would bug me later. So instead I said that it was the official line of business. That seemed to satisfy the leader and he asked for HK to continue.

The story was said and done and the Shreyites agreed to help by making us a part of the tribe, I think. I left when the music started and walked out into the cool night air. I walked to one of the main platforms and stood to gaze at the landscape. My mind drifted to the last night I spent with Michaela.

The stars were bright and warm as we gazed up at them. Michaela leaned against me with my arms wrapped around her waist and my head resting one her head. Her hands were placed over mine gently and she stroked my hand. She said to me, “What do you want in life?”

I just rested my cheek on her head and said, “Freedom. For you, for Tulre.”

“And you?”

“Just you,” and I turned her gently around. My eyes gazed into hers and I placed a kiss on her lips. She responded in her sweet way.

She broke the kiss and held up her arm. She said, “When we first fell in love we were already one.”

I gazed fondly at the draigon pearl bracelet and just pulled her into a hug.

I was interrupted when Sarna asked, “Anything wrong?”

I didn’t turn and continued to gaze out. I replied, “No. Just remembering before I go.”

“What do you mean?”

I turned to face Sarna. I looked at her and said, “To face the Blood King.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look as if she couldn’t understand. She then asked, “Why?”

I lowered my gaze. “I have to face him. I am the one he seeks.” Then I raised my eyes to hers.

“He seeks you?”

“Yes,” I replied with a downward nod. “He killed me before.”

She just looked at me with a confused look. She couldn’t comprehend it and I didn’t expect her to understand. She left without saying anything to return to the main hut. She passed Carth who came up to ask, “What’s going on?”

I sighed and replied, “She’s not taking it well that I have to go now.”


“He’s here and he’s come for me. I need you to lead the troops.”

“Wait a minute. You are leaving? Because of him?” Carth looked surprised but I could sense the subtle hints of betrayal in his emotions.

“Yes. As long as he lives he will continue to wreak havoc upon the worlds here and eventually into Republic space. I have to face him.”

Carth wanted to say something but he couldn’t. I could see in his mind the similar situation where Revan told him to stay behind and keep the Republic strong. The déjà vu was a reoccurring constant but you have to have those constants in order for the galaxy to flourish in its state off flux between the light and the dark. He then said, “Just come back Jacen,” and he held out his hand.

I took his hand in a warrior grasp. I knew that he knew that I went by the name Kirabaros. He just said my other name because he was putting forth all his concern and fear into that name. It was the caring part of him. I gave his wrist a firm shake and turned and walked down the walkways. Whether I or anyone else liked it of not, I was going to do what had to be done.

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Ah, you know I'm just dying to know if Carth makes it back in time to see his baby get born, almost as much as wanting to see what happens during the battle between Kirabaros and the Blood King. :D

Wrath of Khan line--Khan says to Kirk "Revenge is a dish best served cold, and it is very cold in space...." One of Ricardo Montalban's finest moments. I was watching it in the theater on a huge screen, and when he said it, I got chills.

Diego Varen
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Another good Chapter.

07-27-2006, 11:52 AM
Jae: I wasn't thinking about that. Thanks for pointing that out. 20 cool points for you!
As to Carth's little bundle of joy, well, just wait and see.

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Here is the next chapter. It took me forever to figure this chapter out so be gentle.

Chapter 14: Surrender
The night air was crisp and cool as I rode one of the wild beasts that the Shreyites used towards the imposing fortress of the Blood King. Along the way, I thought about my abandonment of those that I had led these last few months. I thought of a lot of things. I guess in the back of my mind, I figured that it was better if I gave myself freely. It was a foolish thought on my part but it was because I cared so much.

The weaverbirds were singing their nightly song. It was strange that such beautiful creatures were on a planet that reeked of darkness. It was neither the planet’s fault nor the natives that inhabited this place. Evil is present everywhere but this threat greatly threatens the delicate balance of good and evil. I understand why Revan wouldn’t want to be there but did it make sense for me to be there? It was hard to answer but the answer lay in that fortress. As I rode on, I continued to listen to the weaverbirds while my gaze kept to the fortress.

As I got nearer, the stallion that I was one got more agitated and I knew why. The shadows of the night became darker and did not dance playfully as they did near the Shreyite village. I could no longer hear the weaverbirds sing their sweet songs and instead I heard the wind whistling menacingly through the blackened trees, sending chills down my spine. I was brought back to the memories of the mental and physical tortures that I had been put through as a boy when I was an orphan. It also brought back the familiar emotions that I thought that I had long since buried.

I was blubbering quietly in my corner on my bed in the little kids dormitory when the Judge walked in with two of his mates behind him. It was an imposing trio, enough to scare any little kid. The other kids were lying in their bunks not saying anything but I could feel them watching me as the Judge approached me.

The Judge looked like a giant, as he was rather large for his sixteen-year-old self. He gazed at me with his cool, cruel blue eyes as he looked at me. He asked in the taal, his native dialect, “You know what J.C. stands for?”

I shook my head slowly in response. I was too scared to say anything. My face was tear stained.

He smiled and answered his question, “Jorscop,” then he switched to Avalonian, “Slop Head.”

I realized that he was making fun of me and insulting me. Being an innocent kid I wanted to correct him. I replied, “No it doesn’t. It stands for Jacen Credo Cirrus, that’s my name.”

The Judge just smirked at me. He suggested to his mates, “Let’s slop the Jorscop.” He chuckled slightly and picked me up. His mates were jeering at me as he carried me to a darkened corner of the schoolyard where there were three buckets waiting.

I was too scared to resist as he carried my little body. I didn’t move even when he placed me down in the corner. How could I resist? I was too little. The next thing I next I was covered in slops and I heard the cruel laughter of the Judge. He then spat on me and said not to worry that I would get some more tomorrow. I watched quietly as they left and the little kids who followed peered at me and whispered. I was ashamed and I was scared. It gave me a chill down my spine and I vowed that no one would make me cry.

The memory was still a raw scar on my mind as were many others, as I got closer to where the main fortress gates were. That was when I first developed my fear. It wasn’t when I heard about how my father had died. I was already afraid when I came home. My hatred arouse when he killed something that I loved dearly, my pet draigon Manzibique. Manzibique! That was Revan’s Mikkades name! It didn’t occur to me then that Inkosi Kanji had given her the name that I had given my pet draigon so long ago. I had a sudden bolt of fear that maybe Revan would suffer the same fate as my draigon but the rational side in me said that it wasn’t the same thing. I forced my thoughts and feelings of this deep down as I approached the guards.

The guard, a rather decrepit looking Rashikian, held up his rather look and razor sharp spear and barked, “Halt! Who goes there?”

I slowly dismounted my stallion and stepped into the light. I said, “In the name of the Four Winds, I surrender.”

He must have thought it a joke for he kept his spear jabbed at me. He barked, “What in the name of the Force are you?”

I stepped forward, more into the light so it shown on my face. I replied, “One of the Bushida warriors. I am Kirabaros.”

That seemed to get the ball rolling, I think. The Rashikian didn’t lower his weapon but gave me a rather sadistic grin. My heart went out to him in that he had fallen so far. I held no rancor for the Rashikians for I felt the same as they did, the pain, the loss, the anger, the fear, the hate; the same poisons that ran through every other sentient. I said nothing as he inched his way forward and seized my katana and my lightsabers. He said, “Well, my lord has been waiting for you. In fact he was actually expecting you.” He gave me a cursory glance and said, “Though you look nothing like what he described.”

I gave a hard steely smile. No doubt the Blood King had told of the scared boy I was. That I was weak and dishonored the spirit of the true warriors. I replied with a calm, “Times change as do seasons.”

The Rashikian had motioned to two others who came forward and slapped a pair of restraints on my wrists. I thought they might put a neural inhibitor to prevent me from summoning the Force but they just jabbed my back with the butt ends of their spears. The decrepit lead the way holding my lightsabers and my katana into the dark fortress. I reeled in my mind the calming exercises but they were not necessary. In fact I felt a peaceful calm as I walked forward, heading towards something I knew I had to finish.

Tvark had an intense hatred in his eyes as I fought him to keep him from harming Gulas and Michaela. It spouted like fire from his eyes as he told me that they only way he would stop was when he killed me. I threw everything I got into my punches. I fed my anger, my fear and hate into each strike. All I could think of was that he took from me and he was attempting to do it again. Then I remembered, ‘First with the head, then with the heart.’ It kept me calm as I struck methodically.

He was unconscious as I dragged in each step my body to my beloved wife and friend. But I wasn’t completely unawares. I sensed his hatred for me as he rose to strike me. I responded with a lightsaber throw that was thrown with defense in mind, no malice. I still felt restricted in my breathing. The first person I killed directly was my tormentor.

The viewing platform would have made a beautiful sight if it were for all the sharp and deadly figures decorating it. On it was one lone figure that was hard to forget. He still wore his headdress and stank of blood and death. I also sense a sadistic pleasure of reveling in it. I repressed a shudder as I was butted towards him while following the decrepit Rashikian. I said nothing as I stopped behind my lead captor. He was saying in the accursed dialect, “This is a Bushida warrior that surrendered to us. He denies that there are more of them.”

The Blood King turned to look at me. If he was amused, he hid it well. He responded, “He lies. There are more.”

“I request then milord a further search of the area. He was armed only with these,” and the decrepit Rashikian handed over my weapons to the Blood King who looked at them with a slightly interested look.

He glanced at me and replied, “Good work Commander. Leave us. Conduct your search and bring his companions to me.”

“As you wish milord,” and with a bow, the Rashikian turned and left followed by the two who butted me.

Not a word was spoken until the last guard left. The Blood King had the advantage since I was restrained so I didn’t harbor any thoughts of attack. I just followed him as he walked across. He said, “I have been expecting you.”

“I know Tvark.” I had replied with the calm that I had when I had first entered the fortress.

“So you know my name.”

“I know that you are the eldest and heir apparent son of Tvark Sigun, the one I call the Judge.”

A strange and sickly voice emanated from the Blood King that was sickly familiar but I didn’t flinch. He said, “That weakling name no longer has any meaning for me.”

I realized that two different people were fighting over the same body. Both were hell bent on revenge but it differed to certain degrees. I responded while looking into his eyes, “It is the name of your true self. You have only forgotten. You have allowed this ancient evil to feed off of you but you haven’t lost your humanity completely.” I then walked to the rail and placed my wrists on the rail and gazed out. I said, “That is why you couldn’t destroy me the last time we met though you did kill me. That is why you won’t take me to your master now.”

“I serve no one but me,” the same sickly voice sounded. It then paused as it looked at my lightsaber, the one that I had lost after my fall. He ignited it and said, “I see you have acquired a new lightsaber and a katana.”

I didn’t turn around but instead kept staring back out. It was a foolish gesture as he could have struck me down then and there. I think it was strange that I had come willingly into the beast’s lair. I heard the powering down and the comment that was as powerful as my predecessor. I then turned to look at him. I said, “Then let go of your hate.”

“Still spouting the wisdom of the Jedi I see,” and then he made a motion and two Rashikian guards came. He looked into my eyes and said, “I will show you the true meaning of the Force. Soon you will bow and call me master.”

I simply said, “That is something I will not do.”

“Take him away.”

I was led away to a dark and dank cell where I was thrown unceremoniously but not without have sensed the discord that that I had started in the Blood King. When the time came, it might give me the advantage.

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Another good Chapter. I liked the descriptions and the memories of J.C. Looking foward to more.

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Chapter 15: Battle and Meditation
While in the cell, I felt a strange sensation mostly in my stomach. I concentrated on it to find the source. Sitting there, gazing out the only window, it came to me. It was near time, she just didn’t know it. Funny how the Force works and I chuckled at the anticipation that awaited at home. I settled into the familiar sitting position I had sat in when I was a prisoner on Citadel Station. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the Force to talk to me.

The Ebon Hawk flew like a dream as it wove its way in between the Republic Capitol ships and the ships of Avalon. Behind it were hundreds of fighters, Republic and Avalonian. It looked like a graceful dance as they moved into position for the jump to lightspeed.

I was suddenly in the cockpit standing behind Atton with Visas sitting in the copilot’s seat. In the other seats were Avalonians monitoring the systems. Atton was saying into the comm, “Hey are we ready to go or not? All wings are accounted for.”

“Proceed with the countdown. All groups prepare attack coordinates.”

“Here goes nothing.”

“Hey Atton. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got you back,” Darius’ voice sounded through the comm.

“Don’t do anything crazy. Even the Mental Jedi isn’t that good.”

“It’ll all work out. There is no emotion…”

“There is peace. Alright this may be the shortest offensive ever known.”

“Just don’t have any rough landings or Revan will kill ya.”

“Crazy Jedi,” and Atton keyed the Hawk. He pulled the lever and the Hawk slipped into hyperspace. The fighter squadrons and the rest of the fleet followed it. The first phase was complete. The others will follow. It is the will of the Force.

I opened my eyes and placed my chin on my knees. The fleet was on its way. I could only hope that the ground forces would have a good mobilization. I decided to go into meditation and talk through the Force. There was only one person I truly wanted to talk to and I had taught her well. I unwound my body from its sitting position and did a slight stretch. I then moved the center of the room where I felt the most calm and kneeled in the meditative position. I gently pressed my hands together with just the tips touching and concentrated on the Force. I called to her all the way at the villa, Michaela.

No response but I felt a subtle probing within the Force. It wasn’t Michaela I knew but it was a familiar probing and my heart surged with pride at the response, Dada?

Tulre? What are you doing little sprat?

I want you Dada. Marmar busy. I miss you.

I miss you too my little warrior. You being good?

For you Dada.

Darling? A new presence entered. Apparently Michaela had sensed Tulre talking to me and decided to find out to whom.

My heart felt lighter than it had been. I responded, I am here my love. I called to you but our little sprat answered first. I couldn’t hide my pride. I had known that Tulre was Force Sensitive, just how much was a mystery until now.

He thinks he can be like you.

Marmar, I am like Dada!

Hey, since does when my Kanamoto argue with his mother?

Sorry Dada, Marmar.

Darling, why are you calling? Is something wrong?

No. I just needed to talk to you. I needed to hear your voice even if it is through the Force. I miss you.

I too. Things have been difficult but the alliances are holding. Revan is a good diplomat. I wonder where she picked that up from? There was a hint of humor in her voice.

I must have had a smile on my face as I took up her joke, I have no clue. After all they did teach us the formalities within the Jedi Order. We have some new friends and a possible new world that may become an ally.

Is the psycho droid teasing Dada?

No. He’s been a good droid. And are you teasing me?

No Dada.

Good. I want to be able to see how big my Kanamoto has grown when I come home.

When Dada?

Soon. You will know. Now you be a good boy and take care of your mother.

All right Dada. Good-bye, I love you and I’ll see ya soon.

His little presence gone I turned my full attention to Michaela. I let my love pour through our bond to her and she responded with love of her own. I spoke gently, I am afraid but I am not. I know that going to face him is right.

I know. We, the sisters, all know. I know this is old but it is your destiny, the destiny of Kirabaros.

I know and I am glad to know that you are safe and taking care of our son. He is strong but you are his anchor.

Liar. He worships you more than you know. Thank you for telling me the truth.

Always. I have to go soon.

All right. Though you didn’t ask, she is doing fine. Mission watches out for her.

I will keep my promise.

I love you.

And I you.

I opened my eyes slowly and reflected on the conversation that I just had with my family. I missed my wife but it was overpowered by the sheer joy I felt when I felt the strength of my son’s connection to the Force. I knew that soon the Jedi from Coruscant or Avalon will come for him but I won’t let them have him just yet. I had a feeling that someone else may be up to the task.

I looked around my cell and noticed that it was early morning on the planet. I again marveled how time could fly when one is elsewhere with the Force. I stood up slowly to stretch my stiffened muscles and my right kneecap popped. I ignored the sound and walked silently to the barred window and looked out. I could see the landing platform that was near the bunker that had to be disabled. I looked at the ground below and watched as the Rashikians were going through morning exercises. They were primed and ready for battle, primed for the kill. It was disturbing that there were so many here whereas I thought there would be more in the fleet guarding the planet. I focused back to the landing platform. I was focusing so hard that I could see what was going on.

Carth led the way in after one of the Bushida warriors took the armor off the Rashikian armor of the warrior that they killed and posed as the guard. He had his blaster out and was followed by Mandalore, Juhani, Jolee, Sarna, Zaalbar and a few warriors. I couldn’t see the Shreyites or the droids. They must be left behind.

They made it to the main control. They backed the technicians into the corner with Zaalbar guarding him. I hope he doesn’t kill them with his bad breath. Carth was moving towards the main panel while Juhani moved to another. She said, “Carth we must hurry. The fleet will be here any moment.”

“Ok. Hand me the charges,” Carth replied to one of the warriors who tossed him a bag. I knew that bag. They were the special thorium charges that I made with Mira’s help when I was recovering just before she died.

I was then transported to a view outside as if I were standing near HK and T3 with Gorky. I saw as a group of troops run in. HK raised his rifle and said, “Statement: Ready! Time to kill some meatbags!”

T3 was beeping but Gorky ran off into the brush. I just stood there watching. I gazed up at the sun and noticed that it was later in the morning. I was seeing the future.

I was broken out of my vision when the door to my cell opened. I turned with an indifferent gaze to face three Rashikians, including the decrepit one who took my weapons. Another held out a pair of restraints. I offered no resistance as they placed them on my wrists. I kept my gaze as the decrepit one said, “My lord wants a word with you. Personally I hope he guts your sorry carcass.” He walked out in front and the two guards shoved me from behind.

I said nothing as I followed the decrepit one who was obviously a commander now that I could see so clearly. I kept my face straight ahead but I allowed my eyes to wander and examine the gaudy and gauche décor that made the fortress what it was. Underneath all of it, I could see that original Avalonian design existed underneath. It made me wonder if the building became corrupted as the Blood King, the Judge’s son, took residence here. The darkside could warp a normal man into the very evil that he commands so why not a building? It made sense to me but I kept that thought to myself.

I noticed that the halls seemed designed to be constricting. It was almost as if they wanted those dedicated to the light to feel constricted as if they had no room to maneuver. It was a mental ploy and could be quite effective. In fact all the observations I made kept my mind occupied and would later serve as one of the many mind blocks that I would employ when I faced the Blood King. I also began one of the interesting ploys that Darius taught me. I began to play pazaak in my head. I had never liked the game before but it was strangely comforting as I felt two others playing as well, two good friends.

We made our way to the elevator that would take us to the top level. I took a deep breath, stepped in and watched as the doors closed.

Diego Varen
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Another good Chapter. War seperates family. You've portrayed that well.

07-27-2006, 03:50 PM
Yes war does separate family. I figured I might as well show it since his family is the key to his survival. Something worth fighting for.

Chapter 16: Traps and Wheedling
The elevator stopped at the topmost level of the fortress. I didn’t have to read the indicator on the panels to know that I was going to a place that was virtually off limits to everyone except those summoned at the Blood King’s request. I just stared straight ahead keeping calm and playing pazaak in my head. It wasn’t Darius playing with me but it was Atton. Apparently he was using it to keep cool himself while waiting to come out of hyperspace. I almost smiled but I resisted. I could hear him in my mind, You’re really crazy you know. Why would you be playing the +3 card? Bring it on. Mental, definitely mental.

That cheered my spirits as I continued to play while maintaining my stoic face. The doors opened to reveal a darkened room, I think. It was difficult to tell because so little of the morning light came in the room and the crude structures of support looked like the craggy crevices of the barren mountains of the east. I was led up to a series of stairs as the Blood King turned from his watch post at the one of the few windows. He waited until I was up to the same level as he was before he said again in that sickly voice I had heard before, “Welcome young Kirabaros. As I have said before, I have been expecting you. You no longer need those.” With a slight movement of his fingers he undid the restraints and they fell to the ground.

My response was the same stoic look that I had when I entered the elevator. One addition was that I cocked my left brow. I guess that gave him some measure of confidence or gave him the impression that I was confused. I was in truth wary of what he did. I didn’t dismiss the option that he wanted a fair fight like we had the last time. He would want to rightfully earn his prestige as the one who killed Kirabaros. I just kept my brow cocked at him as he dismissed the three that brought me. I didn’t move but just stood there. He said, “I look forward to making you turn. In time you will call me ‘master.’”

“You’re gravely mistaken. You won’t turn me as you turned Tvark or Eómeros,” I replied rather solemn.

The Blood King seemed to chuckle as he approached in a slow, methodical manner. It was an attempt to intimidate me but it didn’t work. He responded, “Oh no. I believe you are the one mistaken about a great many things.” He then produced my lightsaber, the main one that I used. He continued, “Your lightsaber. A Jedi’s weapon. So like the ones that I have taken from those that I have killed. By now you must know that you can never escape the clutches of Sith and the absolute power of this place. Soon will be the end of you, the last defense.”

I then blurted out, “Your overconfidence is your weakness.”

“Your faith in your friends is yours,” and he sat in the seat that was at the center of the platform. He said, “You will come to know my ways soon enough.”

I gave a maddeningly calm smile. I replied, “You’re wrong, soon I will be dead as will you with me.”

The way he laughed at me confirmed what I had seen before I was summoned to him from my cell. The sadistic, rich and sultry laughter that was common among Argonons nearly chilled my spine as he used the Force to bring me forward to the viewing platform where he sat in a rather uncomfortable looking chair. He said, “You must be referring to the eminent attack of your pitiful fleet. You know your friends out there in the forests are walking into a trap as well as your insignificant fleet.”

I knew then that I had to play act. I thought for sure that he didn’t know about Bastila so I had to tread carefully. My face contorted into one of surprise mingled with alarm. I didn’t have to say anything. The expression on my face was enough.

Seeing the look on my face, the Blood King leaned forward and said, “It was I who allowed you to gain a general survey and know the location of the shield generator. Believe me an entire legion of those dogs you call Rashikians are out there right now waiting for them.”

The view in front of me melted away as I had another vision. I knew that they were going into a trap but this seemed to be a continuation of the previous vision. I kept up my game of pazaak to remain calm. I swore that I could smell the outdoors of the forest and the odors of the various creatures as the scenery came into focus.

Carth and everyone were being led out into the clearing near the opening of the base. Surrounding it were hundreds or maybe thousands of Rashikians along with various forms of weaponry waiting out there. There was a huge beastie that two of the Rashikians were riding and heading into the forest to patrol. It would have been an amazing sight if those weapons hadn’t been pointed at everyone.

My friends moved forward when ordered and stood in the center with their hands raised. All the Jedi had been stripped of their lightsabers and everyone else had their weapons confiscated. They were clearly at the mercy of the Rashikians. The general proceedings were interrupted when none other than HK-47 came out of the brush weaponless shouting, “Statement: Come and get me you smelly meatbags.”

A small squad was sent to where he was at with T3 where they were waiting. HK by then had picked up his rifle and had it pointed at them. The commander said, “Freeze or you’re scrap.”

HK cocked his rifle, “Ready!”

Then dozens of furry Shreyites came out of the brush and jumped on the group of Rashikians. It was rather comical as two small Shreyites took on a full grown sentient and if I were there I would be laughing. HK and T3 moved away to a better position as the horns were sounded. Out of the brush popped up thousands of Shreyites and they opened fire upon the Rashikians.

I made a small grin. Apparently the Blood King noticed it and frowned. I could sense that he was trying to wheedle his way into my thoughts. All he came across was my pazaak game with Atton. Amazing how a person could keep afloat of two things at once. He got slightly angry yet bemused. I thought he was going to strike me. He did release me from the grip he had on me from using the Force. He spoke harshly, “You think that this is all some giant pazaak game?”

I gave a slight smile. It was going to get hard if he kept trying to probe into my emotions. “I do what I must. Life has always dealt me a bad hand. This way I can improve on my luck.”

That made him mad that I made everything seem like a big joke to me. He remembered me as someone who would fight, not a person who cracked jokes. He gave me a hard backhand that sent me flying into a bunch of crates. I hit them like a ball hitting a few cans and they collapsed around me. I had no clue if I agitated Tvark or the Sith spirit inhabiting him by my wisecrack. He spoke in that sickly voice of his, “Your luck has run out in and out of the pazaak den my young Jedi. As has it with your faith in the lightside of the Force.”

I managed to get the crates off of me and get up in a standing position. I was sporting a cut on my wrist where it had struck the sharp corner of one of the crates. I replied, “I don’t think my luck has run out. In fact I may have been dealt a good hand this time around.” I gave a smile that would have made anyone mad.

The Blood King growled at me but sat back in his chair. He just sat there as I stood there pondering what he was thinking of. I just looked at him from where I had fallen. I noticed that he had placed my lightsaber on the armrest of his seat. I wondered if it was a ploy to get me to lash out in anger. I weighed the possibilities as I stood there and decided to wait for the opportune moment.

I must have let on to what I was thinking for the Blood King said, “You think you can outsmart me. Don’t you?”

“Possibly. I know I have an ounce more of intelligence than your father did. Did you ever know what he did to get himself thrown out of school?” Now it was time for my fair share of wheedling. I had begun to sense that the fleet was about to come out of hyperspace. I could tell because Atton had begun to switch tactics during his game and a new player entered, Darius.

The Blood King sneered at me. It was the Tvark showing through when he said, “Shut up or I’ll change my mind about keeping you alive.”

“He was nothing but a blery coward. He strung me up and I was a seven-year-old boy who couldn’t defend himself. In fact you want to know what the headmistress called him when she demanded to have me released?”

“I said SHUT UP!” and with a huge surge of anger, he sent a powerful Force Wave towards me.

It caught me full force in the chest and sent me into the bulkhead. I hit it on my back, the back of my head hitting it the hardest. I slid to the ground and shook my head to clear the daze in my eyes. I looked at the Blood King who appeared to be talking to himself. He seemed distracted and I noticed the first ships appear out of hyperspace, the Ebon Hawk in the lead. I turned my attention to the Blood King who was arguing with himself. The Tvark part of him was saying, “He insulted my family. He murdered my father and he will pay for what he has done.” The Sith or Naga Sadow part of him responded, “Shut up fool. He is no use to us dead. He will turn for his friends are doomed.”

I watched this scene before me unable to comprehend what was going on. I had an idea but it seemed so different. I guess my own trap and wheedling finally did him over the edge.

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This Chapter reminds me of ROTJ when Palpatine is with Luke. Great Chapter. Is this the end?

Jae Onasi
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I liked the little Force conversation. Always nice to know the ones you love are supporting you.
I liked the weaverbird thing--made me feel like I was in a jungle, and then when it stopped singing because of the darkness there, I thought that was a cool image.
You're killing me with the suspense, you know. :)

07-27-2006, 04:57 PM
I know. Pottsie, so you stop cursing me if it's the end, this part has a grand total of 22 chapters and a nice little epilogue. I think I'll give another chapter just to keep the ball rolling.

Chapter 17: Space Battles and Anger
The Ebon Hawk had come out of hyperspace and headed towards the main command ship of the Rashikian fleet. Atton was peering at the ship and he said, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Visas replied, “You may be right. There appears to be a disturbance in the Force. It could be the shield generator.”

“Well we should be able to get a reading on that shield, up or down. The ship’s sensors are registering nothing.”

“It could be that they are jamming us Atton.”

“How could they be jamming us if they…” Atton looked at the scene, “…they don’t know if we’re coming.”

“What was that Atton?” Darius’ voice sounded over the comm.

“Darius break off the attack. The shield is still up.”

“Darius, Atton is right.”

“Alright, all craft pull up. The shields are still up.”

All the small fighters and the Hawk were able to pull up with amazing agility. They had to break formation to avoid becoming space dust. The larger vessels had a hard time doing the same but they managed to barely clear the shields. However they were waiting for a big surprise.

The Hawk was met by a formation of large cruiser vessels. From them tons of Rashikian and supposedly Sith fighters emerged and began firing upon the Avalonian fighters. Darius blazed right through them. He gave a general observation, “Fighters coming in heading for the med frigate.” He then turned to give pursuit.

The Hawk followed providing backup. Atton was doing a good job. I guess somebody was able to keep him sober enough to be able to pilot the Hawk without crashing it. I suspect some of the crew that traveled with Darius still teased him about that crash landing though I think he missed it coming from Mira.

The blaster fire painted the black void of space like a crazy painting. The different colors of energy bolts reflected the colors found in a person’s aura. It was almost mesmerizing as the various fighters weaved in and out of the large cruiser vessels. The Sojourn was holding up remarkably well. She should considering that she is one of the best vessels the Republic had to offer.

My eyes were drawn to the space battle in the sky. Even though it was light and the vessels were hard to see, I could make out several highlights of ships. Behind me a holo showed of the ongoing space battle. The Blood King, now back in control of the Sith spirit thing motioned while speaking to me in that sickly voice, “Come Jedi, see for yourself.”

Still sore from the Force Wave I resisted letting out a hiss of pain as I made my way to the image projector. There I saw clearly the space battle going on above us. I watched as the Avalonian fighters made their way, bobbing and weaving, often in perfect synchronization between the enemy vessels trying to draw fire away from the capitol ships. I saw as the Ebon Hawk made her graceful turns. I could tell that the turrets were firing and briefly wondered who was firing them. I gazed intently with my green and gold-flecked eyes.

The Blood King just smiled and adjusted the robe he was wearing. I hadn’t noticed it before but it was probably because the last time I saw him he was trying to kill me. He said, “From here you will witness the final destruction of the Jedi and the end of your insignificant Republic.”

I gazed hard at him. I felt a slight fire burn deep within my soul. I recognized it as the anger and hate that I harbored for so long for the Judge. Something else was mingled with it. It was a different kind of fire. It was weak but it looked as if that if released it could be a firestorm. It didn’t have the feelings of evil and the kinds of emotions that could lead to the darkside. It was familiar though. It was floundering against the raging torrent of hate I felt for the man before me. I desperately tried to think of something to distract it by searching with my eyes. My gaze fell upon my lightsaber as it lay near the Blood King’s hand. I felt a desperate need to grab it.

The Blood King had seen my gaze travel. He asked in a nonchalant voice, “You want this,” and he patted my lightsaber. “The hate is swelling in you like a raging firestorm. Go ahead, take you Jedi weapon. Use it. I am unarmed. Strike me down with it and give in to your anger.”

I hated that wheedling tone that he was using on me. Funny, playing pazaak in my head kept him from probing into my mind but that didn’t protect me from the jibes he was giving me. I had to turn my gaze from him and the holo image. I turned to gaze at the platform where I could see the smoke rising from the firing that was going on.

It was apparent that the Blood King thought it amusing that I was suffering. He continued on his wheedling, “With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.”

I turned my head to gaze intently at him. I had a flare of that dwindling fire shoot a spark. I felt it as I said firmly, “No.”

For a moment, the Blood King looked at me intently. It was as if he were trying to perceive who I was. He had no idea what he had done to me two years ago nor had any clue as to what I knew. As quickly as he paused, he continued, “It is unavoidable. It is your destiny.”

I wanted to laugh when I heard that. I was so sick and tired of hearing of my destiny or the destiny of the great Kirabaros. I heard it from Old Petronius, I once heard of it from Jolee, half a dozen other Jedi but lastly, I heard it from…I then calmed myself. The last person who told me of destiny was Michaela. She spoke of the sisters. It then clicked: she was speaking of the Bushida Handmaidens. I remembered that the sisters did nothing but made sure the Force’s will was carried out; at least that was what I thought. I reverted my gaze back out to the battle waging in the forest. I barely heard the Blood King say rather softly, “It is pointless to resist, young Jedi.”

I still felt the raging firestorm that the Blood King had mentioned. I knew he could sense the powerful surge of emotions since he made mention of it. I came to recite the Jedi Code even though I never followed it. Heck I fell in love and got married and had a son. It was comforting to recite it and produced the calm needed to hold the firestorm at bay. It also allowed that other side that I was so reluctant to release to breathe some.

“Is that the Jedi Code I hear spouting through your thoughts? You can be so pathetic at times.” The jibe nearly made my anger boil out of control once again.

With my gaze still riveted at the platform where all the smoke was rising, I replied, “Though flawed, it bears some truth. You may see it too if you let go of your hate and come back to the light.”

“And I thought I had you all figured out. First that surge of anger makes you as near as possible to the human condition and then you start spouting the wisdom of the Jedi like a broken holovid. I wonder if you really are the legendary Heart of the Guardian, Kirabaros…Jorscop.”

It looked like it was going to be a long and difficult road.

07-28-2006, 12:11 PM
Ok here is another chapter. This may be interesting for it leads up to big battle with the baddie.

Chapter 18: Victories and Losses
I was still gazing out of the glass window. I was catching glimpses of the battles on the ground and in the sky by using the Force. I realize that it could be extremely draining but I needed to know what was happening.

There was smoke everywhere, mostly from all the blaster and cannon fire that was going on. Carth was with Juhani who was trying to input the code for the bunker to open. They were pinned and taking heavy fire but with Carth’s deadly aim, he was able to keep the return fire down to a minimum. Juhani shouted above the noise, “The code’s been changed Carth. We need T3.”

Carth nodded and looked for the terminal. He opened it up and said, “Here’s the terminal.”

Juhani nodded and spoke into her comm, “T3. We need you at the bunker right away.” She had barely just finished talking when she saw a Rashikian fire his blaster. She used her bright blue lightsaber and deflected it right back at him just as Carth shot at another.

Elsewhere Jolee was with Caelos as they were chasing Rashikians through the forests. Other Bushida warriors were racing through giving chase as well. They had no problems except for an occasional blaster shot crashing into one of the huge trees near them. They were trying to clear the way for Zaalbar. They had the idea to try and commandeer one of the huge beasties with a huge cannon strapped to it. Zaalbar was going to take two of the Shreyites. If anything it was a job for a Wookiee and two Shreyites.

Mandalore was charging like a Mandalorian would. His Mandalorian warriors followed. It was interesting to watch these seemingly vicious brutes fight for in the end, they revealed that us Republics and Avalonians were no better than they were in battle. His gray helmet gleamed in the sun as they plunged deeper into the forest chasing Rashikians.

T3 managed to make it to the bunker without so much as a scratch. True to his orders, HK stayed with T3 or rather he was following him trying to protect him. The psycho droid had been unleashed. It would have been amusing to hear him say his various statements like, “Unnecessary Threat: Die smelly meatbag scum!” and “Eager Threat: My gears are quivering with the joy at killing meatbags!” T3 on the other hand was busy at the terminal. He managed to hack into the outer systems but it was complicated and the time he took wasn’t good for a flash sent Carth and Juhani crouching for covering and they didn’t see the blaster shot that had hit T3 and sent him spinning in a circle. They both watched as T3 sparked moaning and beeping.

I broke my gaze from the platform after witnessing what I had just seen. I knew that with T3 down, Carth or someone would have to hotwire the terminal to get in. I also could feel the deaths of the Shreyites, as they were not accustomed to having blasters. It disturbed me and yet I felt slightly proud that they kept fighting. Either that or it was Mandalore or something. I was distracted from this by a sharp pain to my abdomen.

It was a familiar pain that I had sensed earlier when I was in my cell. I felt it again only more sharper. Damn Force Bonds. They can take effect at even the most inopportune moments. I tried extremely hard to not let out gasps of pain but it felt like someone was running me through or beating me with a huge stick. It was distracting but I felt a surge of joy. It further fueled that dwindling fire and I knew that a sweetened victory would be won with that battle. When another sharp pang occurred, I decided that it was enough. I concentrated on dulling the pain and when that didn’t work, I forced my gazed to look at something, anything. It settled on the holo of the space battle. I concentrated, drawing on the Force.

Atton was having a heck of a time trying to avoid the heavy cannon fire coming from the ravenships. They were the equivalent of a Republic capitol ship. Atton was calling into the comm, “Watch out Darius! Three from above!”

“Got it!”

An Avalonian fighter drew fire and made many steep turns causing its pursuers to crash into their own ship’s shielding. Darius called again, “Three coming in point oh five.”

The Hawk followed suit and blasted away. As it emerged from underneath one of the Republic ships, it was nearly blindsided by a huge blast coming from a fighter. Atton’s frustration was beginning to break through and it was mingled with anger at what he called cheap and dirty tricks. He was voicing it by cussing it out in Huttese when he was brought out of it by Visas. Even though she was blind as her species was, she had amazing perceptions. She softly spoke, “Perhaps if you calmed down, we wouldn’t be hitting every single blaster bolt.”

“Right. When Banthas fly sister.”

“There is no emotion…”

Atton let out an annoyed sigh but he finished it, “There is peace.”

After that, the Hawk began to fly much more better and taking out more fighters. It is true what Davik once said of her. She is the fastest ship in the Outer Rim. Even with all the beatings she had taken, she was a tough little ship.

I was brought out of my gazing by the low menacing voice of the Blood King. He spoke, “Now you will witness the firepower of the most powerful starship in the galaxy.” I watched as he moved his hand to a button on the projector. He activated the comm and said, “Fire at will Admiral. Do what must be done. Do not hesitate and show no mercy.”

I watched the holo image with a sick feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t tell if it was the pain I had felt earlier but it was nauseating. I watched as the huge command ship powered up its main gun and fired upon some of the smaller vessels of the Avalonian fleet. I watched as the ships were burned into space dust. It was nothing compared to an atrocity that would be built millennia later but it was sickening. I was powerless to say anything thing and my eyes were glued to the images produced.

At one point I thought I could hear Atton speaking to Darius about the weapon and that we have to retreat. I resolved my will to be strong. All I was thinking of was that they had to hold the line. Carth would get the shield down and that he needed more time. I don’t know if that did anything but it made me feel slightly better as I watched as the command ship shifted course to maneuver for a different position. I saw as it again charged up the main gun and selected another target. I watched again as it fired and destroyed yet another Avalonian ship and damaging a Republic vessel nearby.

I was struggling against the sick feeling in my stomach. I tried hard not to let it show. I nearly missed the softly menacing voice of the Blood King. He said softly, “Your fleet is lost and your friends near the generator will not survive.”

I reverted my gaze to lock my eyes onto his. He seemed amused that I was being defiant in the wake of heavy losses. I composed a firm statement, “I see your fate and I sense that a change will come.”

He ended up chuckling. He then closed his eyes and said, “Good. I can feel your anger. It makes you focused. It makes you stronger. You will not stop me, not at your pathetic rate of power.” He then opened his eyes and looked at me. He continued, “Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the darkside would be complete.”

That last statement was firm. If he had used a bit of Force persuasion in it, it probably would have worked on a weak minded sentient. It was true that I had a lot of anger. It was so close to coming loose. I reverted my gaze quickly back to the holo image and I seemed to pause. With a quick movement I extended my hand to summon my lightsaber. I came quickly and I ignited it. I brought it down upon the Blood King who was equally quick and deflected it with his crimson one. He began cackling.

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Sorry about cursing, it's just this has been an enjoyable Fic for me, since I started (This was created a month after I joined) and I've been with it for this long.

Anyway two good Chapters and I'm looking foward to the remaining four Chapters and the Epilogue.

07-28-2006, 05:39 PM
Thanks a ton Pottsie. I know you have been a loyal member of the critic crew. Well just for you and all my other readers, here is another chapter.

Chapter 19: There Is No Conflict
I couldn’t take the jibes anymore so I reached out and summoned my saber. The bronze blade gleamed as I struck at the Blood King’s crimson one as I slipped into the Makashi lightsaber form. It was the best form to use against another Force wielder and it was one that allowed me the most freedom of movement in terms of my parries and strikes. Master Cronus had made sure that I had learned all of the lightsaber forms even those that were restricted to the Jedi guardians and Weaponsmasters. Being young and foolish at the time, I would actually combine the forms in different manners, experimenting with them and causing no end of frustration, especially with Master Vrook when I went to Coruscant.

I kept to the Makashi form as I parried and struck with my lightsaber. It was difficult because I was forced to battle on the stairs that led to the viewing platform. The smoke was rising from our incessant clashing and occasionally sparks would fly as we locked our sabers. I still felt the anger and hate for the Judge but surprisingly, it wasn’t as severe as before when he was taunting me. I controlled it and forced it deep down as I drew on the Force to guide my blade. At one point I saw an opening and I summoned my katana, which sailed effortlessly into my left and I twirled into attack position. All the Blood King said was, “Good. The Force is strong within you.” He swung from above.

I countered with my katana, which sparked on contact and spun and struck with my right. I looked at the Blood King with an inquisitive look that was mingled with a challenge to it. I replied to his comment, “The Force is my ally. It always has been.”

“Much like what your predecessor said. By now you must surely know that even the strongest of heroes eventually fall. It is inevitable.” The Blood King adjusted his position.

I just watched his movements with my eyes, my muscles tensed. I don’t think he knew about lightsaber forms but then again he was housing a Sith spirit, a former Jedi who probably knew them and much more. He then charged and I stepped to my left. I was next to one of the walls and I placed my right foot on the wall. I followed with my left and it looked as if I were stuck to the walls. I was moving quite fast as I used my feet to push off and sail over the Blood King’s head just as he swung. I landed with my back towards him but I managed to counter the strike by placing my katana behind my back. I then twisted my blade and lashed out with my lightsaber. The Blood King said, “Impressive. Most impressive.”

I was unprepared for the kick he delivered to my knees that sent me falling down the stairs. The falling hurt more than the kick did but I had little time to wonder if I had bruised my body on the way down. The Blood King swung hard towards the ground with the intent to sever my body in half. I reacted the same way I had done when Mandalore did the same move: I placed my hands on the ground like I was going to do a pushup and used my legs and feet to push off the ground. I spun in a tight circle as I arced my body away and landed in a standing position but I wasn’t done yet. Once I landed I pushed off again and gave a huge jump to land behind the Blood King who whirled around with his blade. I blocked and gave him a sidekick that sent him tumbling down the stairs.

I gazed down at him and took a moment to use the Force to heal any of the bruises. I felt a sharp pang in my abdomen but kept that in. The Blood King was slowly rising to his feet and was laughing at me. I figured that it was an attempt to get me angry so I didn’t rise to the bait. He said, “Good. Use your aggressive feelings. Let your hate flow through you.”

I looked at him confused. There was no hate flowing. It was more of a collective calm. True that I had to react quickly but it didn’t make sense. I checked my mind and realized I was still playing pazaak in my head with Atton and Darius. My mind was detached in a way that I wasn’t aware of it until I gave a cursory sweep of my mind. Amazing at what the power of the Force can do. I just continued to gaze at the Blood King at the bottom of the stairs. I deactivated my saber and held it limp in my hand.

I sensed the confusion from the Blood King but it wasn’t evident in his voice as he began a slow advance up the stairs. He said, “Tergis has taught you well.”

How he knew of Master Tergis, I had no idea but that was a moot point at the moment. I replied, “I will not fight you Tvark.” I had hoped that by using his real name that I would be able to make a connection with his true self.

The Blood King continued his slow advance with his lightsaber drawn. When he was close enough he said, “You are unwise to lower your defenses,” and he lashed out with his crimson blade.

The movement was quick as I countered with my katana while activating my bronze blade. I swung that in an arc towards the Blood King’s side. He was quick to block. He attempted to strike at my leg, the same one that he struck me in two years ago. Apparently the bastard remembered that battle as well as I did. I blocked and switched my stance so I could protect it better. I wasn’t about to let him have an advantage. I decided to change up my line of attack. I led off with the two-sword bite; the most difficult one to master and only a few of the Bushida masters can perform it without chopping off their fingers. I finished off with the five point thrust and nicked the Blood King on the arm.

I looked at him as grabbed his upper arm. He growled at me but smiled in that sly way of his. He said, “Impressive. A Jedi and yet you do not follow their ways of combat.” He rubbed his arm, the blood on his fingertips. He gave a shrug and raised his blade.

I was personally amazed that he could shrug it off but then again I have shrugged off worse. I didn’t reply but instead brought my blades up ready to attack. I took an involuntary step backwards and steadied my footing. I had a slight cramp in my abdomen yet again I brushed it aside but I sensed something in the background. I didn’t have time to dwell on it for long for the Blood King came at me with a hard strike. I began to notice that the Blood King was using familiar Jedi techniques yet he seemed to have trouble countering my Bushida moves. I spat out, “When one is in tune with the Force, anything is possible.”

He growled and swung hard. We clashed for ten seconds. We then became locked with our lightsabers crossed. He had me other wrist gripped tightly in his hand. I could smell distinctly the stench of death on him and could smell the thousands he had killed. I could actually hear their screams in my ears and their cries for justice. It hurt so much in my ears that I wanted to get away. I distinctly remember Darius once telling me about that feeling and I wondered if that was how bad it was. I also sensed a conflict within. True that there was hatred and anger but there was also someone who had some good in him.

I didn’t have time to dig deeper but it was enough for me to catch a glimpse. I gave a knee to the Blood King’s stomach and pushed away. I stepped back and gave a quick glance backwards to see what was behind me. He came at me with a swipe at my feet. I jumped up and back, landing on a stack of crates. He growled again and came with his blade raised. Using the Force, I gave a push off the crates and did a back flip to land on one of the many catwalks crisscrossing the upper ways. I sheathed my katana and deactivated my lightsaber and stood there. He stood there staring at me with his blade drawn. I gazed down at him. I said, “Your thoughts betray you Tvark. I feel the good in you, the conflict.”

“There is no conflict,” he replied. He twirled is blade and walked along the catwalk.

I followed still gazing at him intently. I replied firmly, “You couldn’t bring yourself to kill me and make sure I was dead before. I don’t believe you would destroy me now.” I had come to stop right next to one of the support beams that held the catwalk up. I was hoping that I had struck the right nerve with my comments. I knew that I wasn’t wrong in that there was still good in him. Heck if Eómeros could be saved after all he’d done, why couldn’t Tvark?

The Blood King continued to gaze at me. It was hard to read his emotions for he had started to block them from my sight. He replied, “You underestimate the power of the ancients and the darkside. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny,” and with a quick motion he threw his still lighted lightsaber at me towards my head. I ducked to the side and the saber struck the support I was next to and the one behind it. In a shower of sparks and the groaning of heavy metal, the catwalk collapsed and crashed into some crates and structures taking me with it. The last thing I heard was a chuckling or laughter that was not from the Blood King.

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Another good Chapter. I liked the duel between J.C. and the Blood King. Description is good once again.

07-28-2006, 05:55 PM
Thanks. Then maybe you will like this twist.

Chapter 20: The Return of Kirabaros
The shower of sparks and the crash of the catwalk sent me into one of the dark corners of the upper levels. I heard laughter and an oddly feminine voice saying, “Good. Good.” I also heard the hiss pop of a lightsaber being activated. I hid in one of the darkest corners and tried to collect my thoughts. I closed my eyes and for a moment I saw what was going on at the generator. I saw that they were close to blowing the whole thing up. When that happened, I wouldn’t have much time. I almost started to panic but forced a calm.

The Blood King was using his lightsaber to light the way in that darkened corner. I was calming myself when he said, “You cannot hide forever Jorscop.”

The name stung like nettles in my mind but I forced my voice to remain even. I replied, “I will not fight you.”

I could hear the menacing chuckles rumbling within his chest as he replied, “Give yourself to the darkside. You know it is the only way you can save your friends.” I heard a slight hiss and I concentrated fervently on my game of pazaak. He continued, “Yes, your thoughts have betrayed you. Your feelings for them are strong, especially for…”

I tried to vamp my feelings, thoughts, everything concerning my friends and family. I was struck with a pleasant image at that moment. The Judan trees were in full bloom and I saw a young woman with soft brown eyes tinged with gold and a young man under the tree. Dammit! Not now! I tried hard to repress the image deep within my mind. Then I heard him. He said, “Family, the future. So you are protecting your family and their future. Well your feelings have now betrayed them too. You were clever in trying to hide them from me. Now your failure is complete. If you will not turn to the darkside, then perhaps Tulre will.”

“NEVER!” I shouted and moved from my hiding spot with my bronze blade lit. I swung hard.

The Blood King grinned at me. He replied, “You are even a bigger fool than I imagined.”

I then realized that I had struck in anger and made a foolish move. I tried to concentrate but was hit full force with a Force Wave that sent me barreling into some grotesque statues. I groaned a bit in pain but I could sense his satisfaction in his being able to hurt me. I had a fleeting memory of his father beating me on Mikkado. I squeezed my eyes shut to block out all my negative feelings. I distinctly began to hear someone else in the room. It was that same feminine voice I had heard earlier. I suddenly recalled it from when I was on Duxn. She was saying, “Kill him and the balance will be tipped in our favor.”

I squeezed my eyes tighter shut and laid there on the ground. I forced my mind to recall the vision I had the night before I left for war.

I saw Kirabaros standing before me. He looked at me and I at him. He said, “The time is now. You know what you have to do.”

I nodded and knelt in front of him and closed my eyes. I saw the very core of my being. That small flame that I had felt trying to grow stronger was engulfed by everything that had bound it: my hate, my fear. I breathed methodically and let it go. The binding surrounding the flame grew weak. I tried harder and it broke free and the small flame took over. I heard the singing of the People. They were singing the song of the Heart of the Guardian. It began to resonate louder into a consistent pulse that began to beat through my heart. It grew stronger and stronger…

I opened my eyes wide and they narrowed. Though I didn’t know it at the time, my eyes had changed. They had become more gold, like fire. I was later told this by my friends when I saw them again but that was later. I heard the Blood King chuckling and getting ready to strike. He brought his blade down and I whipped mine up to block. He seemed surprised by my reaction. I used the Force and jumped to my feet.

Distinctly I heard the drums of my people and I assumed the Makashi stance. I swung hard and fast in a series of parries and strikes at the Blood King. He tried in vain to block them but I was driven by what had been buried since the day I was born. I kept swinging until I had backed the Blood King into one of the railings. I kept swinging until I struck right at his right wrist and made a deep cut in it almost as bad as the one he gave my leg. I then gave a stab into his side. His lightsaber fell with a clunk onto the floor along with him. I stood over him and gazed at him. It was then I heard laughter coming from the dark corner and a weakened chuckle from the Blood King.

I turned round to find no one behind me but when I turned back, I saw the Blood King still on the ground and standing next to him was an old woman. She looked blind with a dark hood on. It was she that spoke, “Good. You’re hate has made you powerful. Now take your enemy’s place. Finish him and I will guide you.”

My gaze reverted to the Blood King and his missing hand. I frowned and nearly had to gasp for breath. I sighed and powered down my lightsaber. I said, “Never. I will not turn. You have failed for I am Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian.”

The old woman gave me a murderous gleam. She spat with such disdain, “So be it, Kirabaros.”

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So J.C. is the Heart of the Guardian? Nice. Anyway, it was good Chapter and J.C. staying with the Light Side reminded me of Luke in ROTJ. I'm looking foward to more.

Also, if you're doing Broken Wounds Heal (It needs to be put in your Sig), will you finish The Lost Tales of Revan? Has Mach reviewed this yet or have you asked him not to until you've finished?

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I've been too lazy to put Broken Wounds Heal in my sig. Mach has reviewd the Lost Tales but I am going to rewrite the chapters I have already done. I have to do some heavy duty thinking about it. Well here is the next chapter.

Chapter 21: Confrontation
I could tell I made the old woman angry. I could sense that she wasn’t real, that she had been dead for some time. She was surprisingly familiar and I immediately recalled her from that time I zoned out on Duxn when I was trying to convince Mandalore to join us. She was staring at me with her eyes that were black pools and yet it looked as if she couldn’t see through them. I was gazing at them both. She spoke, “Always the sentimental fool. You turn away from such power yet you will not live.”

I was hit with a wave of lightening that sent me tumbling into one of the statues that had not been destroyed. The pain was intense as I gave a pained look at the Blood King who managed to stand and send that wave of lightening. I just groaned, much to my displeasure.

The old woman continued, “Your feeble attempts are no match for the darkness that rules to the farthest reaches of space.”

I was ready for the second bolt and it didn’t affect me as much. I somehow was able to bring my hands up to catch the bolt and absorb it into a ball of light, which I gently squeezed out. I stood slowly, regaining my footing and gave a long stare. I responded, “We are the true battleground and it is our choices that define us. You said that yourself before you died.”

I expected the lunge from the Blood King. Despite his injuries, he came at me with renewed energy, his crimson blade swinging. The old woman had disappeared as we clashed our lightsabers. He seemed to be fueled with a more intense fury than I had first seen. I allowed myself to be backed on the outdoor platform after we had smashed some of the control panels. We were oblivious to the shots that were raining down from the sky. Some of Darius’ fighters had penetrated through and were targeting the fortress.

I ignored my muscle fatigue and the pain of the lightening was wearing off as I fought back with a renewed energy. I felt an inner warmth that mostly stemmed from the strong love I had for my wife and son. I guided the fight to the eastern end of the platform, the one that had been hit at some point by one of the fighters. We were surrounded by debris and more was falling as I tried again at bringing back Tvark, “You can still be saved. Our people will welcome you back.”

“As a slave? I would rather die,” he growled back and swung. I missed one and he gave me a jab on my upper arm.

Surprisingly it didn’t hurt. I looked at him and said, “I have failed you if you refuse to change. I have failed you.”

“I should have known that you would try something pathetic as redemption.”

“What you have done to your own people…it’s evil.”

“Spare me your rants. To get to power, you have to take what you can and give nothing back.”

“A Sith would deal like that,” I said matter of factly.

“Much like she did,” he attempted a taunt at me.

I knew that he was referring to Revan but I never blew up over it. The reason being because that wasn’t her now. I knew about Darth Revan but heck that is a totally different person and I made that point after I had met Revan. I didn’t rise to the bait. I instead replied rather sadly, “Then you are lost.”

That made him mad and he began to swing wildly. I counterattacked with all the skill that I could muster. I could tell that he wasn’t going to return to the light so I tried to survive as best as I could. We were distracted from our battle when a large explosion sounded and the platform we were on shattered. I grabbed on to one of the railings that had bent and were dangling over the edge. My lightsaber had fallen off to the side and my katana had fallen right in front of me. I looked down to see a long drop into a deep pool. I looked up when I heard laughter.

Somehow the Blood King managed to avoid the blast. He was standing above me gazing at me with a look of cruel amusement his eyes. He nudged my katana over and I watched it drop. That brought the familiar sick feeling but it quickly dissipated with my will to live. I returned my gaze to the Blood King who continued to gaze at me with that sickly smile. He said, “This is familiar somewhat. Well it looks like I am in a position to kill you,” and he took a swing with his lightsaber.

I didn’t flinch as he swung. He created sparks by striking the grating that I was hanging off of. He was also weakening it and I realized that he was attempting to send me to the depths. I kept trying to adjust my grip so I could better try to get up. The sparks were showering over me as struggled. I finally caught a glimpse of my lightsaber in the corner. I looked up at the Blood King with an intense gaze. I clouded my mind with nonsense.

It must have worked for the Blood King looked confused. He also scowled at me. It was now my chance. With all the power I could muster, I pushed off of the grating that was hanging below me. Using the Force, I arced my body while summoning my lightsaber. I activated and swung. I heard a low groan and saw the spray of blood. The Blood King looked at me with a look of surprise and yet satisfaction. He fell backwards into the gully, split in half. I watched as he fell. I deactivated my saber and continued to gaze down. I had killed the Blood King.

“I never could see what Tergis saw in you but he must have done something right,” a familiar voice sounded beside me.

I didn’t have to look to see that it was the old woman from before. I replied, “You’re still trying to convince me. I’m afraid that you will hit nothing but a bulkhead, Darth Traya.”

“There must always be a Darth Traya just as there must always be a Kirabaros,” she replied.

“Just to keep everything in balance.”

“Yes and no. Jedi, Sith, merely titles. Titles are something one clings to.”

“Hmm. I suppose then that these titles are used to create the two extremes? Still for now the light will reign.”

That was one of many conversations I would have with the ghost of Darth Traya. I was a servant of the light but the years after that I developed an attitude much like Jolee’s. It would serve me well at times and it would become a gift and a curse to those of my family line that would come later

Talking to Darth Traya, I realized that this business about the True Sith was not just this fortress, it was within. The conscious is the battleground. It felt disconcertingly right and wrong at the same time but I couldn’t deny it. I heaved a sigh as I turned to go, feeling content that I was satisfied with who I was but saddened that I felt like I had failed. . For now, the confrontation that had been a long time in coming had come and been dealt with. I had tried to redeem him but he chose not to.

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I enjoyed the duelling scenes--that's some excitement. Interesting to see Traya show up there. Now to see how the rest of the battles are resolved, and get Kirabaros and Michaela, and Carth and Revan back together.... :)

Diego Varen
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I liked the duel scene. This time it reminded me of ROTS. As Jae said, it was interesting to see Darth Traya.

I'm sorry, I said my other question wrong. Has Mach reviewed the Heart of the Guardian?

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No he hasn't yet. He does have a copy of the first part. He probably won't review it until it gets bumped back to the top of his list.
Well here is the last chapter, unless you want to count the epilogue. Enjoy.

Chapter 22: Escape and Celebration
While the fleet was firing at the fortress, explosions were ringing from within. That loud explosion on the platform was a feedback from when the shield generator exploded. I could hear the fierce screams of anger of that ancient evil that took up residence as I passed the numerous Rashikians who were either running or trying to defend. The fleet was attacking and destroying what they could. In short, chaos was ensuing and I was the cause of it. I calmly strode by as the explosions rang about the various levels.

The elevator was not working so I had to take a different means to get down. I managed to get the door open. I attached a long rope and straddled down. It was something that soldiers learned to do but heck I found it dead useful. I made it down to the bottom without any problems but the chaos upon my opening the door was unprepared for.

There was more damage on the bottom level and I hadn’t been able to see which way I had been taken. I surveyed the scene and saw nothing but smoke, fire, explosions and plenty of blood. Seeing that I needed some guidance, I kneeled on the ground in a meditative position and concentrated with the Force. I distinctly heard a voice through the thick fog of battle. The little voice said, “Follow the sounds Dada.”

I opened my eyes and looked around. I was surprised to hear my little sprat’s voice in my head though I was expecting something else. The Force works as it wills, something that I have learned to a degree to accept. I fine-tuned my ears for the shots of blaster fire from the fighters. I followed it out. Some of the Rashikians caught sight of me and tried to stop me. I drew my lightsaber and used it for defense. I was near the exit when a large piece of debris fell in front of me, blocking the hole. I heard the distinct rumbling that sounded like the power generators were going to blow. I had very little time and it was futile to try and move the debris. Instead I looked for other means of escape.

I saw the window, the only one not blocked. I reached out with my senses and saw that the window led to the river. I had fallen into a blasted river and it looks like the only way out was to jump into a river. I didn’t think much more about it as I took a running start and charged out of the window and leaped out into the river just as the fortress exploded. I landed with a splash that nearly knocked the wind out of me and pulled myself out on the other shore. I stood up slowly to gaze at the burning ruins of the fortress until something caught my eye.

As evening came about the planet, I watched with the same intent look that I had given the Blood King. I reached out with my senses and I could feel the spirits of all those that had died at his hands be set free. The blaze of the pyre burned brightly as I saw what was left of the Blood King be consumed by the flames. Though he was evil, I gave him the respect of being cremated. Call it an act of compassion, something the Jedi Council would be proud of. I reached out to sense if anything was different but I still felt the same presence that he gave when I stood before him. The only exception was that the spirits of those that had died were no longer there.

My gaze drifted up to the stars as I watched as the fighters celebrate. My attention was attuned to the actual stars. It was truly a gift to be able to read the stars. I saw the change and how the balance had shifted. I smiled briefly when again I sensed her presence. I said, “Not now. Now is a time to celebrate. Even if they don’t see it, we all need our moments.” I said nothing else as she left me alone. It truly was a good day.

The Shreyite village was alive with music and everyone was dancing, even T3 and HK. It was strange but I guess his motive was that life would get back to normal for him. No one noticed me at first when I slipped into the village. I was enjoying the sight of cheering people as I approached.

Carth saw me before I saw him and came up to me to ask if I was ok. I was relieved to see that he was fine. I was more amused at what he would find when we went home than relieved that we were finished. Juhani then came up, wincing when I touched her shoulder. I realized that she had suffered some injuries but she was too stubborn to heal them. After a brief conversation with the two of them, I was approached by everyone with them asking how I was. It was a happy time even though I had some strange looks, mostly directed at my eyes when I greeted people. For some reason, I was not annoyed as I used to be. I was still like a gizka on display at a zoo but it was not important. I realized that things were going to change and that their concern was just another confirmation, much like when one reads the stars..

I managed to distance myself from the crowd so I could watch. I could see various groups dancing. Even HK was doing…something but it was nothing compared to what I saw when I rounded another corner. As I approached the area where I had gone to think the night that I had left, I noticed something that caused me no end to great amusement. I noticed that Mandalore was giving a rather tender hug to Sarna. It didn’t surprise me because I knew that she was a very capable warrior and that kind of thing appealed to Mandalore. I watched as they continued to hug and they walked down one of the walkways. I found it amusing and hoped that it would go somewhere.

I started walking to one of the railings when I was hit with a wave of familiarity. I turned to find the bluish shadows of Tergis and Cronus and it was now joined by Tulre. I smiled at them and walked towards them. I spoke, “I guess all those lessons managed to penetrate my thick skull.”

Tergis grinned, familiar with my jokes. He responded, “No. You were just merely becoming who I saw you would be.”

“What my usual charming self?” I replied.

Cronus chuckled. Tulre snorted, trying to hide his laughter. Tergis had a smile playing on his lips as he replied, “No. I was referring to your infamous temper.”

I chuckled. Force how I missed these conversations. I replied, “I don’t think so. My temper was never that bad.”

Cronus sobered up quickly as he said, “We are just proud that you finally realized you can be a Jedi and a Bushida warrior.”

“That you acknowledge your heritage,” Tulre had spoken softly.

I smiled as smile as I replied, “So you knew what I was to become and do in life? I wouldn’t expect anything less.” I then turned my gaze up to the stars.

Tergis asked, “What do you see?”

“I see a time of peace with the balance in favor of the light,” I replied.

“Do you know how long?” A new voice had entered. It was none other than Kreia whom I always called Traya.

I looked at the stars and answered, “Always in motion is the future. Nothing in life is certain and that is the fate of all things.”

We just stood there at the railing for about fifteen minutes until Carth, Jolee, Juhani and Bastila came and found me. I knew they couldn’t see the four spirits that I was talking to so I gave no indication. I let them lead me back to the party after I stole a backward glance at the ones I would continue to see. I would later be able to commune with them and others who have died before. It would be a gift to another Jedi years later, many years later.

We walked back to the party with Carth explaining how the brass of the Republic fleet would be arriving soon now that the war was over. I listened to my friends tell of what happened during this last battle that entrapped the ancient evils that existed. Had we truly defeated it? Not really. Wherever there is light there must be dark. Much like sun and rain, so different and yet both are needed in order for life to exist. I knew that the Republic will fall but that will be much later. Funny what one can see especially at my age, 23 years old. As I sat there celebrating with my friends for one of the greatest victories to be written into history, I drifted my thoughts back to that image I saw of the young woman with golden brown eyes and the young man who was unmistakably my little sprat grown up and I smiled.

Diego Varen
07-29-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Chapter. I liked the bit where it said HK was dancing. Also that last paragraph sounded like an Epilogue. It's a shame this Fic is almost over, but I'm still looking foward to the Epilogue.

Also JediMaster12, have you voted in the Entertainment Centre Awards 2006 or are you waiting for awhile?

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Waiting for awhile because well, My brain is clogged with trying to prepare my research for presentation.

Well here it is, the last part of my trilogy. In order to keep with Star Wars tradition, I figured that this part fit. I want to thank all my loyal readers for their input. I even appreciate the comments from the grammar police. Without further ado, I present to you:

The day was bright and joyous with the colored banners of all the planets of the Avalonian system. Two new banners were there as well, one for the Republic and one for Amshrey. The children were waving banners and the adults were at various degrees of attention and cheering. The troops stood at attention as I and the two others who began what would be one of the strongest alliances ever walked down the aisle up to where the Lady Governor of Avalon and the brass of the Republic stood.

Revan was positioned at my right and Darius at my left as we walked up the stairs. At the top were the various leaders of the tribes, the governors and the representatives of the Republic. I caught a glimpse of Michaela off to the side holding Tulre who wriggled, trying to wave at me. Next to her was Carth holding a small pink bundle in his large arms. His daughter, my goddaughter, Lilah. I smiled at the thought and especially at the happy look Dustil was giving as I glanced at both crews of the Ebon Hawk standing with them looking rather posh and happy. I noticed Mandalore squeezing Sarna’s hand and I almost snickered.

At the top of the stairs was Lady Mara standing with her new husband Eómeros, looking better than ever. She was trying hard to be proper but couldn’t help but smile as we stood before her. She gave a smile as she returned to receive from Lord Trystan what is considered the greatest of honors. She handed us each a katana forged by one of the most ancient of masters and spoke of our honor and our courage in uniting one people and our system to the Republic.

I listened to her speech and one given by Admiral Dodonna whom I had met after the kerfuffle died down. The people were cheering as they both proclaimed how this new relationship would usher in a new age for the Republic and the Avalonian people and that Kirabaros had returned. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the appearance of my former masters. I gave a slight nod just as the speeches were finished and we were presented to the people. I looked out at the smiling faces and I felt a wave of contentment but deep down I knew that one day Kirabaros will once again be called to defend the light. I wonder at times when it will happen and who will that be.

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Nice Epilogue. I could never imagine Mandalore with a girlfriend. What will you do now? Finish off your other Fics.

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I enjoyed the story very much. Hope you write more!

Hehe, I can just imagine Carth doting over a little girl. She'll have him wrapped around her little finger. :)

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That's the obvious Pottsie. When I have time, I'll submit this fic to the Jedi Archives. For now I will finish Broken Wounds and then The Lost Tales. I will have to find time for my super secret story that makes my gears quiver with anticipation. Thank you Pottsie for beign a loyal reader.

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