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02-10-2006, 11:17 AM
I cant seem to stay alive long enough to become a gunslinger and get the precision blaster can any body help me

02-10-2006, 04:08 PM
well, read the "frenzy-ing" post. Same thing generally applies to pistol leveling. I prefer shooting at the turrets in Kamino, headshots makes things so much easier.

It helps if you get your War Hero first, though its not necessary.

Oh, another good map is Polis Messa, as CIS.

1) PLAY AS HEAVY TROOPER!!!! First you make sure your team controls the tank ground, which ishould be easy. Make sure you don't take the clonetrooper tank spawn point (take your own and the middle one, but not lone's original one).

Then you walk out there(only CIS can do this) and stand right by the Clonetrooper tank spawn, outside the forcefield. Place mines to take care of their tanks, if they move one out. One mine should kill a tank. While the clones are waiting for tank spawn, you poke only your head inside the forcefield, take a shot(aim for head) and hop out of the field again. You should be able to avoid any damage. One shot may not kill, but since the clones will be there all day you can shoot until they die. You may want to throw in a nade to soften them first. DOn't worry about ammo, and don't go in the hanger for ammo cause its suicide. Ammo will come your way, read on!

3) get your demolition award also!!! When the Clone controlled AAT tank moves out, run under its belly (don't move inside the forcefield for this). You should be at point blank of the tank's critical point. Just open fire point blank. You should get 1-2 critical shots per tank. DOn't worry about really killing it. If you follow my guide and have been throwing mines around, the tank should be killed shortly. Even if you don't the outside would should be filled with CIS controlled tanks by now. You won't get shot by the tank since you are under it, and the damage you get for doing it point blank is minimal. Pick up the dropped health and ammo, rinse and recycle.

BECAREFUl of stupid clone drivers bailing out fo the tank. If you don't think you can pistol them to death, wait a bit first, hiding behind the abandoned tank will do. They will die from suffocation outside anyways. So wait a bit and get the free kills with minimal shots, as their life is almost done. And if you can't kill them? no loss either. Enough clones idleing in the tank spawn hanger.

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02-17-2006, 11:13 PM
do the training
when u get to be jet trooper, kill 8 or how evermany it is
rinse lather and repeat

03-06-2006, 05:10 PM
Another good way to do this is play a space map as the republic. Land in the enemy hangar and stick around the med droid. Pick off individual pilot droids. Piece of cake.

The precision pistol is actually very nice, but it seems pretty tough to get it to legendary.

03-10-2006, 12:10 AM
Most missions I get the Gunslinger award out of the way first. It seems that when just starting out, the enemy hasn't set up teams or a good camp spot, so they're easier kills with the pistol. It's a pain any way you look at it with the weapon overheating before you get legendary status but you can kill one guy before it overheats (thus my theory on using it first before they start clumping together).

03-10-2006, 02:06 PM
Gunslinger is ridiculously easy to get on space missions. Get yourself into the opposing ship and go through the hangar door on the left. Then immediately make a hard right into the corner of that little niche. Even though there's a wall separating you from the medical droid, you'll be close enough to it for it to heal you. Then you can surprise enemy pilots as they come around the corner, and if you aim for the head you can usually take them out without significant damage.

On ground missions, I strangely seem to have an easier time getting gunslinger with the Super Battle Droid than most others. You can also go with the Dark Trooper whose high mobility can get you out of rough spots and back to a med droid.

03-17-2006, 08:08 AM
once again, mos eisley 500% reinforcements no heroes will rule all. or kashyyyk. sniper on the shipyard, frenzy,endurance,gunslinger,guardian,regulator,war hero are all gained by running around like a headless chicken. once you've got them all, have fun as a jet trooper or respawn and go again. it also gets your points per life and kill death ratio up loads. and it doesnt seem to get boring.

03-31-2006, 11:34 AM
Legenday status are generally easy.
War Hero: space maps with bombers (thats easy if you arent bored)
Gunslingers: Space again...hunting in hangers. Or shoot anyone while as a jet trooper.
Frenzy: Shooting anyone in sight while behind some kind of cover (I prefer doing it in some corridors or pathway, u can do many headshots in one clip. Kamino for example is a good trainning ground)
regulator: Run around with that one-shot kill weapon. (and heal yourself)
endurance,guardian: You'll get those anyway.
Technician: Go slicing in enemy hanger right before they take off (which is extremely boring so I didnt do this)

I think the demolision one is the most difficult becasue there arent that many vehicles and those critical poinst are not always that easy.
I am avoiding doing headshots with the sniper because the award sniper rifile seems to be weak. Anyone tell me wt they're good for?

03-31-2006, 11:57 AM
well, i used to share your view on the sniper rifle, but times have changed. it's actually glitched so it can't get head shots! noooo! also, the demolitions medal is soooooo worth it. it took me ages to get, but being able to fly a rocket around the map like a starfighter is truly worth it.

armagon's fury
04-01-2006, 10:47 PM
well, what i do for gunslinger is i goto kamino, join the droids,and be some unit such as the heavy trooper or the sniper. then i wait by the plateform with the 3-way enterance mound, the one between the clones ramp going down, then, wait for the units to come and just toss thermal detonators to the ramp. with most of the clones killed, just wait for them to come up then blast 'em from the mound top. i got tons of gunslinger awards that way.