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02-10-2006, 08:14 PM
Cannot believe the game comes out this next week! WOOOHOOO...

Using Bryant's and Grey Ghost's mod (though I think all the modders have created interesting games from a DEMO :)...don't see any mods out there for BFME2 even though their demo has been out for several days...says a lot about our group ;)).

The AI has proven very intelligent and I like that a lot. But I had been fighting the AI as if I were playing a real life player. And that made me realize that I wasn't using the clock effectively. So here's what I've found as evened the odds (<--love that pun): at the start of every imperial day, I pause the game and go from planet to planet (that I own) and plan out my development for the day (what ground and space units I will build that day). I'll also move my troops from ground to space, etc. Once I've done that, I then unpause the game.

Same thing with space and land battles. I'll pause the game intermittently for very brief periods to assign each of my units their attack run. The benefit is I get to then watch the battle play out almost entirely on cinema mode. Additionally, it is very difficult to selectively click on a single group of a-wings or TIE scouts since they are very fast moving. With pause I can make sure I don't accidentally select the wrong unit or engage a capital ship I'm not ready to attack yet.

Mind you, I think this strategy is fitting against AI since the AI makes very precise and rapid decisions similar to this, and much faster than we do (naturally). This makes for a very nice strategic battle. Obviously, not only could you not do this against a human opponent, but the tables are even.

Last of all, of course, I know that you can assign units to groups and use hotkeys. The problem is that I often need to adjust my battle groups to account for losses, changes in battle conditions, etc. And it's way too difficult to do this as rapidly as the AI does.

I've found that the battles I'm playing now are amazing and even.

Hope this helps those who feel overwhelmed on the hardest setting available (i.e., the default mode once you start the mod). The benefit is that the easy setting is way boring.

Thanks again to all the modders. Cannot wait to see what you guys do with the real game. :)

02-10-2006, 09:15 PM
Hehe this may help in single player, though in multiplayer there will be no pausing... :D Good Luck!

02-10-2006, 11:20 PM
Hehe this may help in single player, though in multiplayer there will be no pausing... :D Good Luck!
yep gonna have to move quick in multiplayer

02-11-2006, 11:05 AM
Yes, yes, I know that this won't work in PvP. But in PvP you and your opponent are limited to being "human" and the limitations in speed that this involves. This technique accounts for the 1.8 GHz (on my comp ;)) speed with which the AI is fighting in PvE....And while I've never been clocked, I'm certain I can't think that fast.