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02-11-2006, 05:00 PM
The History of the Kaleesh
During the Huk War, the Republic sided with the Huk army and destroyed the Kaleesh's trade, deepening the hard times already hurting their homeworld of Kalee. The Intergalactic Banking Clan, headed by San Hill, later came in and helped them out of their depression through a deal for the Kaleesh to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. One Kaleesh cyborg, General Grievous became the feared military leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Clone Wars.

Prior to The Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic sided with the Huks against the Kaleesh in the Huk Wars, defeating the Kaleesh. During the Wars, the Kaleesh were winning under the leadership of General Grievous until he was incapacitated in a shuttle crash arranged by the InterGalactic Banking Clan Banking Clan leader San Hill paid for a cybernetic suit to be built by the Geonosians for Grievous, who became leader of the Separatist military forces. In return for Grievous's services, the InterGalactic Banking Clan financed the economic recovery of the presumeably ruined Kalee and helped the planet out of depression after the Huk War.
The Role-play story
During the Huk war, the Kaleesh army was suffering major casualities, and losing the war slowly. General Grievous is in the process of helping them, pre-shuttle crash, and the Republic was helping the Huks (http://starwars.wikicities.com/wiki/Huks) , an insectoid race much like the Geonosians, win the war against the Kaleesh. This was when the cloning began. You get to either choose the Kaleesh side, and be a Kaleesh, or the Republic side, and be a clone soldier. I need a male and a female for each side,there can be as many as you want. Except the Huk, since no one really wants to be a praying mantis.. General Grievous will be controlled by me or someone else I designate, because I don't want any power characters.

Here is my character.

Name: (Given for his accuracy and speed) Scooter
Sex: Male
Hair color/style: Red, silky and curly, somewhat long.
Race: Human
Rank: Elite Commando
Appearance: Tight-fitted Prototype Durapower Republic Armor, polished white and red by the blood of many Kaleesh. No helmet, as it was destroyed when his shuttle crashed. He and a woman were the only survivors of the crash.
Weapons: B-25 Assault Blaster Rifle, standard issue. B-26 Blaster Pistol, standard issue. Wrist-mounted vibro-blade, spring loaded.
Bio: Born on Deralia and drafted into the Republic at a young age, he was trained and quickly rose in rank by completing many mission with little or no casualties on varied planets. He was promoted to Elite Commando and had a choice to choose who he wanted with his crew on a mission to Kalee to fight against the Nomadic, evil race 'Kaleesh' (which they aren't but they chose too). He chose several of the best female and male soldiers. But when their shuttle crash landed on the Planet, many of them lost their lives. He and a female soldier managed to survive the landing in the desert of Kalee, surrounded by nothing but sand and death. Many dead bodies of Huk and Kaleesh lined the area, but no actual live beings were around, except the two soldiers, that is.


No god-modding, as in, being all powerful and making an automatic hit, at least let the other person respond to being attacked. But shoves and pushes can be allowed without another person's consent.

No side-stories that affect the main story. No other planets except Kalee or a homeworld, coming to Kalee. This is the Huk war storyline, stick with it.

Any characters are fine, just no Jedi's or Sith. Maybe one or two Jedi, but those will come in Chapter II.

If you die, there's a respawn wait of 5 posts. Then you can make another character. It is possible to die. Not everyone can dodge blaster fire..