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02-13-2006, 05:16 PM
You know, after reading some the dialouge for cut content it now makes sense in the scene between Goto and Remote. I always wondered WHY it was that Goto went to the remote and told him/it that they would wait together for the Exile’s last command and yet he said he (Goto) would be the only one to get the order. After reading the dialogue for the cut content it made complete sense that HK-47 came to “save” the remote by destroying Goto.

It also made more sense that HK-50, who was hired by Goto to also show up and mimic what happened between Visquis and those assassins that ended up killing him. For those who haven’t read the cut content/scene I’ll post it below.

G0T0 and the Remote face off on Malachor V... HK-47 intercedes - posted by bob_the_kitty_hunter. bob_the_kitty_hunter's notes are enclosed by <>'s.

[from the end of Goto and Remote's conversation, when HK steps in]
Goto: So, let us wait here, you and I, for the General's orders, and the fate of the galaxy shall wait with us.
HK-47: Correction: One could rust listening to your speeches fat one. Perhaps it is the large, unwieldy vocabulator in your moon-sized frame that prevents your calculations from taking me into account.
Goto: Unfortunately for you, I have arranged for friends to meet me here. And you seem to have brought none of your own.
[HK-50s enter, I suppose]
HK-47: Statement: As always, fat one, you have miscalculated. And while I find this small droid annoying to the extreme, I find my urge to shoot you takes a higher priority.
[HK-47 approaches Goto]
Goto: Stop him.
HK-50: Unexpected Correction: We cannot harm that unit. It is a violation of our self-preservation programming.
Goto: Stop him.
HK-50: Unexpected Correction: We are not here to aid you. We are here because our predecessor unit summoned.
Goto: Aha, an unfortunate oversight. All I wished, was to fulfill my programming. Either way... *voice begins to die* the Republic... is... doomed...
HK-47: Observation: I thought he would never die.

[some other scene that is included in this folder]
HK-47: Statement: I hear and obey.
Goto: Hmmm. This HK unit is old, but it has its certain charm, in its obedience to. I shall have to remember some of his traits when I build future generations from his schematics.
HK-47: Query: What am I doing here? What has happened?
HK-47: Statement: I understand, assassination protocols activated. Let us see what you have in your arsenal fat one.
HK-47: Statement: Come out little one. I promise I will let you quickly without a single lingering charge remaining in your behavior core.
HK-47: Statement: Hiding from me is useless, I will find you eventually. You only delay the inevitable.
< Conclusion: I'm guessing that the second part was when Goto came across HK the first time, who activated his assassin protocols and tried to kill Goto, who escaped. After some time, HK saw Goto again and decided that he is to die, just not at that moment. On Malachor V, he saw his chance. >

02-14-2006, 04:36 PM
That doesn't make sense considering that HK's assaination protocols were deactivated by a previous master as indicated in KOTOR.

02-14-2006, 04:57 PM
We'll see how all that actually looks like when team gizka's Sith Lords Restoration Project is finished.

02-14-2006, 05:07 PM
That doesn't make sense considering that HK's assaination protocols were deactivated by a previous master as indicated in KOTOR.

It could be that Revan reinstated the assassination protocols into HK-47 sometime between the end of the last game and the time Revan disappeared.

02-15-2006, 05:09 PM
Possibly but HK mentioned that they were beyond repair because the previous master punctured the actuator with those protocols killing himself in the process. One killed by HK and that was an accident.

02-16-2006, 05:45 PM
Is there more cut content? I would like to know the site or where I go in the folder to find it, then hear it or read it...