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02-16-2006, 10:10 PM
Dear Everyone,

I need a Dark Lord of the True Sith for the next chapter in my
Forgotten Empire series: Darth Strakh's Assault. This thread is
a contest, and you can post entries if you want to be Strakh.
Keep in mind that strakh, in Russian, means 'terror' or 'fear.'

Here are my rules/requests:

1. Create a picture of Strakh. Post it here, or provide a link to it! :)
2. Make a character sheet for Strakh (gender, race, class, age, etc.)
3. Write Darth Strakh's bio. In it, I'd like you to answer this question:

"What did Darth Strakh do to put himself or herself beyond all hope
of redemption?" The scariest and most wicked deeds will impress me! :)

Let the games begin!

Tysy Dvukh

The Doctor
02-16-2006, 11:01 PM
I can't make a picture, as I don't have any decent art skills whatsoever - anything I draw would siply make my chances of winning drop significantly. I can, however, draw up a character sheet, with a detailed description, and a biography.

Name: Darth Strakh
Gender: Male
Species: Unkown
Age: Unkown
Appearance: Nobody has seen his face in decades. There is a runour amongst the Sith that there is nothing there anymore - his physical body devoured by the evil of his soul. He wears large robes, that match his large physique - he's about 6"4' tall, qith broad shoulders and chest. His robes are covered by blood stained black battle armour, with ornate, dark gold trim.
Lightsaber: He wields a single bladed lightsaber, the blade a deep crison red. The hilt is ornately decorated with black markings. The following words are inscribed on it, in the text of the ancient Sith. "For he who walks in darkness will know nothing but evil."
Biography: The galaxy knows very little about Darth Strakh (but I'm going to write a biography anyway).
Born on Tal Alpha C as Dershon Hulat. He was discovered to be Force sensative by a Jedi Master named Master Jertel. Jertel took Strakh as her apprentice, taking him to Dantooine for training. Strakh was never well liked among the other students, and he lived a life of solitude. When he was 14, his Master, his only real friend, was killed - gunned down by a group of mercenaries trying to attack a woman and her child. He witnessed his Master's murder, and barely escaped himself. He swore to avenge his Master, and began hunting the man who had killed her, known to him only as Crentl.
For eighteen years, Strakh hunted Crentl, allowing his hatred to conume him. He finally avenged his master on the surface of Korriban, tearing out Crentl's heart and feeding it to the Tukata of the Valley of the Dark Lords. While on Korriban, Strakh discovered the lost tomb of the ancient Sith Lord known as Darth Morticus, Dark Lord of the Sith millenia ago. Here, he discovered the teachings of the Sith, and was consumed by their promises of power - power enough to rule the galaxy. He studied the Sith teachings for decades, learning all he could about the power of the Dark Side.
Almost 60 years later, Strakh emerged from the ruins of the Valley of the Dark Lords, claiming the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. He began ruthlessly hunting the Jedi, believeing them to have betrayed him and his Master, allowing her to die an honourless death at the hands of a band of thugs. He personally has killed almost three hundred Jedi, literally devouring their hearts, believing that each one increases his power.

~I'll post more on my version of Strakh later.

02-17-2006, 07:05 AM
Name: Darth Strakh
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Uknown
Appearance: Darth Strakh's appearance is hard to tell because he nevertakes off his armor. He has a helmet, a black chestplate, a red cape with silver streaks down it. HE is also wearing a black robe from one of the first Sith Lord's ever. In one hand he holds one black lightsaber. In the other hand he always has a black glove on that whenever he lifts that hand up, anyone who knows him would want to run for their lives.
Bio: Ever since Strakh was born, he was found to have a special power that on his left hand, there was a mark. His parents hated the mark so they always made him where a glove. When the medical droids took his glove off to see the mark, the suddenly exploded and the whole medical center started to catch on flames. His parents were frightened and ran away, abandoning the child because of his frightening power. So there he was, crying on a table while everyone was running away from the med center. But then suddenly, a hand was on his shoulder. "Let's get out of here." He said. He caught hold of the baby and ran out of the medical center. When Strakh looked up, he saw his parents, the hospital pateints, and all the mdical droids stuck in one room. Strakh lifted up his hand to say good bye to his parents, one final time. Suddenly, his mom caught on fire. The flames slowly divoured her flesh until all that remained were her charred bones. The fire soon caught on to his dad and the other patients and they all burnedwith the bloodthirsty flames stripping down their skins, leaving behind a bleeding, charred flesh that was stinging terribly. Soon, nobody had skin at all and finally, the whole medical center burnt down, ending the lives of everybody who was in it. AS he watched the death of his parents, he soon lost the value of others lives. The person who led him out of the hospital led him to his planet of Korriban, where he trained the infant, and called him Darth Strakh. When he was four, he learned total control of his power. He looked at a Jedi who was 2 miles away, who was going to negotiate with Strakhs master for a peace treaty. HE smoothly pulled off his left glove andaimed it at the Jedi. Suddenly he caught on fire and slowly, painfully died. By the time he was seven he learned how to instantly light over 200 people at a time on fire, and the would all die slowly. HE tried it on a theatre in Coroscaunt once and managed to escape with a scorch on the left side of his face. It was horrible, but he lived with it. Until the age of 14, he learned a moe so destructive in the force, that he called it 'Force Chaos'. To test it, his master told him to go to Coroscuant again, and burn down the Jedi Temple from the outside instantly. He tried his new power, but the Force back-fired on him and lit his face on fire. Suddenly he put on his glove again and the fire stopped. He left to go back to Korriban, where his master got a helmet and a set of armor to put on him, even though he failed. The helmet was to cover the scorch, and the armor was to match it. When he was eighteen, he and his master went to Kashyyk on a mission. There, his master met up with a Jedi master and they dueled. They kept on fighting until finally, the Jedi's lightsaber sliced off Strakh's master's head. It was a horrible moment for Strakh. 'How dare the Jedi be so merciless.' He thought he turned to the jedi master, and slowly lifted up his hand. The Jedi lit on fire and fell down to Kashyyk's surface, where teh area started to burn on fire. Strakh put on his glove again, and slowly trudged bak to the ship, where he was to become the new Sith Lord of th Galaxy, and take the vengeance of his master against the whole galaxy. And to make every Jedi in the galaxy suffer. AFter many years, on Korriban, studying and training, learning new ways to harness the force, he soon became a power far greater than anyone before him. And his power wouldn't stop growing. And then, suddenly, he disapeeared, only to be found 50 years later, and he had a powerful Sith ARmy at his hands, ready to destroy every Jedi.

02-17-2006, 08:43 AM
Name: Darth Strakh
Gender: Male
Species: Gen'Dai
Age: Millions of years old
Appearance: http://starwars.wikicities.com/wiki/Image:Gen%5C%27daiface.jpg

Many people have seen his face. Only 1 has lived to bring us this information. His Master.(killed soon after)

Bio: Millions of Years ago, before the start of the Old Republic, Strakh ruled over many Sith. His master, Darth Sephiroth, taught him almost everything he knew. The one thing he didn't tell Strakh was how to survive for ages using the Force. Strakh demanded to learn this power, but Sephiroth wouldn't let him. They dualed. At the climax, Darth Sephiroth escaped. Strakh, when he was a child, was implanted with a remote thermal detonater. By the time Darth Strakh found out, it was too late. When Strakh was put back together, he swore revenge on his old Master, but also learned he didn't need the power. He commanded his Sith to invade other planets. When the war was over, Darth Strakh went into hiding on Dagobah. Currently, he is there. Biding his time.......

02-17-2006, 09:50 AM
Alright....I always loved coming up with dark characters :dev10:

Name: Darth Strakh
Gender: Male
Species: UNKNOWN
Appearence: Last recorded as: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y9/ralphlauren83/Inuyasha/Inuyasha/IY010.jpg
Bio: Known in legend as the King of the Damned, Strakh remembers no past. The only thing known to him, was the way he became the way his is.
An unknown number of years ago, Strakh remembers being called Derick. He remembers the murders of two people, presumably his parents, and lives off the rage. He tried to hunt the murderers down, but found he hadn't enough strength. And so, he went to an unknown planet of the darkest orgins, to an altar of extreme power, and sold his soul to the demons the now possess him, in return for their strength. With the transformation, Derick's eyes changed red, his hair flowed a silvery-white, and claws sprang from his hand. His blood ran black, and his mind clouded. For the next several years, the demon now known as Strakh ravaged planets, killing anyone who crossed his path, and eating their souls, until his power litterally fed off of the lifeforces of the dead. Several times in his madness, he suffered what would normally be thought of as life-threatening wounds, but the healed within the day. Seen as a monster, it wasn't until what he thought was ten years of this ravaging and destroying the Strakh regained his mind, and control of the body, demons, and their powers. Still the most hated and feared figure in the galaxy, the Lord of the Damned can seemingly not die, but rathered pulled all in his path to the depths of hell, feeding off their dying breaths. He had left the galaxy for an estimated century, and no one had seen or heard of him since, allowing him to fade into myth and legend. But now, he has returned in full strength, at the head of a deadly band of Sith, prepared to purge the galaxy of all who stand before him, and devour the souls of the most delicious sort--those of Force sensatives, and Jedi...

02-17-2006, 04:25 PM
Name: #456 A-2 AKA- Darth Strakh

Gender: Male

Species: N/A

Age: N/A


Appearance: He has dark brown dreadlocks, tied in the braids of fallen padawans. The bottom part of his face, from the crown of his nose to the end of his chin, is covered by a breath stabilizer mask, for the species that he is cannot breath the atmospheric air of most planets. His clothing consists of light grey cloth with ancient markings and transmutation symbols. It seems like he was a creation. Most of the time, he wears a baggy, long jet-black dark jedi robe.

Lightsaber: He wields a red lightsaber and a purple lightsaber. Each with ornate markings on the hilt and an elongated blade (around a foot and a half of pure energy). Little is known about these blades, but it is a theory that the red lightsaber was from the infamous Sith lord 'Naga Sadow' and the second was found during a search of an unknown tomb on Korriban.

Biography: Born and bred in a breeding facitility on an ancient Korriban. He was born to kill. Darth Strakh was trained under the Sith Lord 'Lurs Trioborne', rightfully named for his three linked lightsabers. He worked Darth Strakh down to the bone, training him almost every day of his life. Finally, the time came when he faced his master in combat. He was to construct his own lightsaber. Thus, he made a dark purple lightsaber, with an elongated blade crystal. He fought his master and won without using the Force even once.

He was a skilled lightsaber duellist, one of a kind, second only to Naga Sadow himself. He does not control the Force, but manipulates it, much like the legend himself, Exar Kun. He soon raided Naga Sadow's tomb and found his infamous saber. The blade was gone, as if eroded by time into dust. He trained himself to use both sabers simultaneously, and also added an elongated crystal to Naga Sadow's saber, adding even more difficulty to the already tough training with his long and short sabers. He soon mastered the art of the saber and learned three out of the seven styles within a year, and learned them all within 5. He was ready.

He raided the Sith headquarters on Korriban, slaughtered any Sith who wouldn't swear loyalty to him and only him. He finally met the Sith Lord himself. Darth Groban. He dueled for what seemed like hours, until finally wearing the old man down. He decaptitated the man and threw his body into the garbage compactor underneath the ship, along with the bodies of the other Sith soldiers. He kept the eyes and hair of the man. The head, along with the rest of the broken bodies, was jettisoned off into space near the Yavin IV planet, never to be seen again.

He put the hair into a braid and tied his first dreadlock with it, using the eyes as decoration, he put them onto a small wristband, covered with a black paint with Sith markings around it.

For Darth Strakh, this was only the beginning to his reign as the true Sith Lord.