View Full Version : Missing Texture Problem

Max Outrider
02-17-2006, 12:26 PM
I've had a major problem with Empire at War game, and demo, to do with all ground based units, buildings, foliage and others not having their textures show up. I haven't always had this problem. During the first few weeks of owning the demo everything ran fine, textures were all there and everything. One day I installed Bryant and Ghost's mod 2.5G, also installed Sims 2 the same day, and the textures all vanished on the ground units.

Before you go saying anything about drivers, direct X or minimum specs I have EVERYTHING up to date on my laptop in terms of drivers and direct X.
I have a laptop with a Mobile AMD Sempron 3000+ which is equal to 1.8GHz. I have 1.256 Gig of RAM, Realtek AC97 Audio, SIS M760GX internal graphics with 64MB memory.
Yes the graphics memory is a bit low but it is more than the 32MB required to run the game AND the game ran perfectly fine for the first few weeks I had the demo. The game ran fine even before I increased my RAM by 1GB.
I have no idea what the hell is going on with this problem as space runs perfectly while ground does not.