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02-17-2006, 04:11 PM
Im looking to upgrade my Anti-Viruse Program, but ive never used Norton before, ive been to there main web site http://www.symantecstore.com/ and the 2006 verson sounds good.

But it sounds to me that if i do get it that after either 12 months or 2 years i have to start paying to use it monthly.

Have i Understood this right?


02-17-2006, 04:48 PM
Or use AVG. It's totally free and does a pretty good job.


02-17-2006, 05:02 PM
OK thanks lukeiamyourdad.

But im I right in thinking that with norton 2006, after a 12 month or 2 year "Trial" i would need to start paying a monthly subscribtion?

02-17-2006, 11:18 PM
AVG...he he he... dont bother.

I use Norton IS 2005, as it really does handle script blocking very well, and other highly customisable features which I need. I didnt really liike 2006, too much going on that I didnt need.

If you buy Norton(or any similar proggie), you usually get 12 months subscription. This means you can update program content, virus defs etc online autiomatically. After teh 12 months is over you can either - update to the next version, or renew the 12 months subscription(which is of course cheaper)/

If you really want a GOOD free AV proggie, go with AVAST (http://www.avast.com)

and whatever you get, make sure you also run

*Ad-Aware (http://www.lavasoft.de/)
*An Anti-Spyware program, like Spybot (http://www.spybot.com/)
*A registry cleaner. A decent free one is TweakNow (http://www.tweaknow.com/RegCleaner.html)...keeping a clean registry is very important - not only for weeding out entries associated with spyware/adware/malware(even if theyve been removed elsewhere) but keeps your startup time nice and trim. TweakNow is OK, but for a little $$$ you can get Registry Mechanic which has an awesome deepscan mode, dregding up things you think you'd gotten rid of months/years ago. eg. old game installation entries for games that have been long uninstalled.

good luck :)