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02-18-2006, 03:54 PM

I really wish you programmers would use complete floor plans even if it meant using hidden levels behind doors that required loading. The original Dark Forces, was better than most of the existing Starwars labeled games in that it did maintain a high standard for complete floor plans. When Kyle, sabbottaged a ship, there were level loads for different areas of the ship, and that was realism. When a director directs a movie, realism has to do with what you see and how natural it appears. In a video game that is represented only by space, levels and complete floor plans. Even when a game is carved out around a story line, or book, you must remember that a book, or even a person's life is only highlights of the excitement, milestones, and so it must be understood in game creation, that books are written minus the hundreds of details that make a game realistic from a player's perspective. Doom, has the level loads from room to room you might need on a battle cruiser, and the older Dark Forces was also that way. At some point all of your successes and kills should be marked down in the single player mode, that way when you back track through levels the work you've done, is done. Likewise, when ships arrive they arrive at docking bays, and landing zones. So, if more troops are going to arrive, they'll most likely show up there, or maybe drop in from ships. But, they will never appear in front of your face. That's really bad game physics. What makes a game lack realizm? A lack of an absolute number of enemies. What else makes a game lack realizm, being on the Death Star, but not being able to get lost. I'm not asking you to build what wouldn't be repetitive posting of frames, and stansions that are numbered. If you've ever been on a real battle ship, they always number the frames in order to keep you from getting lost on the ship, especially, the aircraft carriers. That simple numbering system, and a simple file of kills, stations, and posts, the centeral post, and total number of occupants/enemies on the ship are all a part of realizm. But, infinit enemies, is fictional. It's good in a game like Jak, or Tak, but not starwars. I am really pissed about the floor plans, and really think that the last several games have been more defamation, or graffitti than any true representation of quality under the Starwars name. It's more like you programmers take advantage of it to make money, and slap it together, and it is junk in my book. Halo, is better, Halo 2 is better, at graphics, story, floorplan, etc. But, right now you need to think about what you label a level because, next time, I will demand my money back. I'm not buying a dam game for the wrapper and to pay a bunch of lazy programmers.

02-18-2006, 06:25 PM
Pardon? I don't think i completely understood your concern.
Are you sure you posted it in the right forum!?

Regarding the DF and DF2/JK mods...

First thing, we are not making at all money of it. It is all free.
We will never never buy - or completely program - a new game engine
just for something that is entirely done for free in our leasure time.

For now, we are simply using JA. But only the engine, not the original JA maps.
JO/JA is currently the "best" moddable engine suited for SW game purposes
since most of the SW stuff is already there and licensed,
either by Raven Games and by those who are buying the game.

No one is forcing you to buy anything, though :p
So please don't blame us just for a choice that only you can't support ;)

But if you want to play DF mod once it is finished or we released the next bunch of maps,
you will just have to find someone who did buy JA - if he/she ever lets you play :D

02-19-2006, 07:53 AM
JA is like 5 bucks now anyway, a great buy if you ask me.

02-19-2006, 12:18 PM
Well, right now its no cost unless you dont have the game, which ive gotten pretty cheap (5 to 10 bucks), and we arent doing it for the money. About slop, personally everythings fine for me. Bad physics i have no clue since we havent edited the engine itself, and i doubt weve edited the gravity even. Abotu having troops everywhere compared to DF and other SW games, these were pretty much the same exact enemy placements from the original DF, and really if its an Imperial ship, base, or point of invasion, of course theres gonna be a ton of stormies. Stormtroopers are thought to be in endless supply anyways. And the troops are only in your face if you walked in front of them or they walked there from being somewhere else, they dont just appear.

I think your confused about a lot of stuff.

I think this is my personal favorite fan post :D

Zemmurk "Confused at your point" Trooper

02-23-2006, 06:51 PM
This... Is... One of the dumbest posts I have ever read. First of all. It's a game. And that's all. Second of all, this is a project based on fun, not money. What LucasArts does has nothing to do with the DFMOD team. Third of all, have you checked what forum you're on? I might have misunderstood what you are implying, and if so, please do correct me, but if not, please don't go berserk over not getting lost in a game.

02-25-2006, 11:00 AM
If this post was "aimed" at this mod then what are you ON ABOUT?! This is a mod which means itís free and the DFMOD team doesn't owe us anything. They are very generous in giving up part of their free time to give us a top notch mod. I played the original Dark forces and I believe they have done a pretty good job. They haven't just taken the original layout in most places but also have enhanced it to look far more detailed than before and the 2nd level is my favourite level by far. I don't see anything wrong with the way they have positioned the imps in these levels. The only thing I could see thatís wrong is in the 3rd level. I'm sure in the original DF water would force you through the sewers; you couldn't stand at the edge of one of its waterfalls for e.g. like now you can. But personally Iím glad it doesn't do what the original DF did on that level as it was extremely annoying. Iíll be glad when the next installment comes out. Keep up the good work guys

02-25-2006, 01:35 PM
@Chrisweasel: thanks :)
And yes, the "water pushing you forward" is something we could not yet do with sufficient effect. There are some pushing elements, but there is nothing like this for constant pushing effect, like for the water or conveyor belts :(

02-28-2006, 12:11 PM
I don't mean to be a pest with this question. I just wondered if any of you guys have any idea when the next installment will be. What i mean is, as it says on your flash sometime this year, but does that mean summer to Autumn, or Winter. I dont want to sound impatient I was just curious to see if you had any idea. Now especially since the DFMOD team and DF2 team are going to help each other. BTW those pictures on the Blood Moon look pretty impressive, can't wait to play that level.

02-28-2006, 01:58 PM
Suprise, surprise... ;)
No, just kidding. We really don't know ourselves since it was very difficult to work on the mod the past few months.
Now it is going better again, i think Gromas will be finished in 2 or 3 months.
But the other maps, i can't tell, sorry :oops:
Especially because the higher the map number gets,
the more special functions (e.g. AI, weapon code, scripting) is required,
which we have not done yet since we are just about to switch to MP engine.

So we don't make promises, but we are reconsidering our "release policies" internally, too.