View Full Version : laptop help

02-18-2006, 05:10 PM
anyone know what i should do if my laptop dont want to read disks no more? its awful when you need the cd just to start up the game.

02-18-2006, 05:15 PM
i dont now i tried it on my labtop and the game was too slow too play, so you might not even be able to play on a labtop

02-18-2006, 05:19 PM
i have played it, yes its slow, but my dvd drive is not working well today

ill try to clean the lens with a lens cloth

worked, hope it stays working

02-19-2006, 12:08 PM
On the read error; worst case secario is to replace the drive if the discs do read in other systems, a cheaper way is to get an external drive that is USB2 and a PCMCIA USB2 card if your laptop does not have USB2. If the discs do not work in another system then replace them.

As far as laptops, I'm running it on a Toshiba 5205-S705 wich is an old Pentium 4-M 2.4GHz (not the newer Petiumn Mobile chip) with 1 Gig on memory and a NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5600 with 64MB - the game is playable with all detail turned to max (a bit on the slow side) and when you take everything down one notch it is rather smooth; this being done at 1024x768 at 1600x1200 the game is just a tab bit slower but not that noticeable.

The key to playing on a laptop is having a dedicated GPU (NVIDIA or ATI, not Intel), shared memory will slow it greatly.

My next laptop, between a Dell or Sager right now, will have 256MB Nvidia 7800gtx so I should be able to play the game maxed out with no slow down at all.