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zelda 41
02-18-2006, 08:59 PM
YAY!!! Chapter 2 is here!!(well, part 1 at least)

Chapter 2:The Arrival

Lili stared out the window of her father's limo,annoyed and bored. She was never with her father anymore so, she wasn't disapointed when she learned he wasn't coming to the Annual Father-Daugther Festival at the circus. She didn't mind him canceling at last minute... even if it was the 4th time he'd canceled.It was a long trip to the circus, and Lili hadn't gotten any sleep, so she took a small nap.....

"Ms. Zanotto?"
Lili woke up to her driver, Jeeves, shaking her to wake up.

"Ms. Zanotto, please com on.We're at the circus."

Lili sighed.
Shaking, Lili got out of the limo.

A sudden, yet familer voice called Lili's name. It was Milla!! Wait,what the heck?Lili thought.

Lili asked, stunned.

TO BE CONTIUED!!! Not End of Chapter 2

02-18-2006, 10:42 PM
If we all made a new topic for each chapter of our fanfics, this forum would be flooded. It's not really yay, either, honestly.

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It all joins... evetialy(crap,spelled that wrong) :(