View Full Version : Skirmish Mod

02-19-2006, 04:33 AM
Hello all, almost done with Galactic Conquest and looking for some skirmish mode fun. As it is though, its way too slow and boring, so a mod request that I think is very simple and alot of people will probably want is:

- Start with Tech 5 space station.
- Have the credit scroller in the advanced options go up to 100,000 (instead of measly 10,000).
- Push the unit cap to 100 or at the very least 50. Right now its waaaay too limited, you can barely get an Imperial SD in there!

I'd really like to see a simple mod like that, but one that doesn't affect ANY other modes except skirmish. Can anyone do it please? If not, advice on how to modify the skirmish mode will be appreciated, thanks.