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02-20-2006, 01:35 PM
As my name says, I'm an XBox KOTOR 2 modder. Since there is no XBox KOTOR 2 mod thread, i'll post here. I'm wanting someone to at least make me two or one of each kind of saber, not models. Strangely though, curved hilt models work, just not long saber or saber models of any kind. Textures work perfect. Also, i'm in the process of making a 'Jedi Hunter' padawan robe mod, I have the textures, all I need is the actual tags of the Jedi Padawan robe item..(whatever.uti) If anyone can help, it would be unbelievable how happy I would be, i've been looking for mods like this for some time. Hopefully someone will add me to msn messenger or aim ( Edit:PM me - do not post your e-mail address on the boards- to help me out.