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Two thousand years ago, folk legends originated about an all powerful Sith Lord named Darth Revan, and the terrifying power he wielded. Most Jedi dismiss this legend as standard dogmatic propaganda from which all truth had decayed. Let this be known that, I Gadden Nomi, the keeper of the archives at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant have discovered something horrifying in the archives, a holocron of the notorious Sith Lord with a pregnant woman named Bastilla. Let it be known that not only did Darth Revan exist, every bit as powerful as the legends say, but he may have descendants that are living in our time…..

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Chapter 1:
Gadden Nomi rushed through the Jedi Temple Halls, rudely shoving his fellow Jedi from his path. Meanwhile the High Jedi Council resided inside the council chamber, awaiting to learn why their beloved archive keeper had called for this emergency meeting. The doors bursted open, startling some of the council members.
“Why have you called this meeting, Gadden?” asked Grand Master Arme.
Saying nothing, Gadden reached inside his cloak and pulled out an old holocron, he fiddled with its ancient and complex controls for a few moments until he finally got it to work in front of a curious yet frustrated council. Within moments two figures appeared over the holocron, a young man and a beautiful pregnant woman whom the man addressed as “Bastilla”, shock and horror filled the room when Bastilla addressed the man as “Revan”. The holocron ended and an awkward silence hung over the council.
“How do we even have proof that his bloodline didn’t end?” proposed Jedi Master Hame.
“This is true, if there was a descendant of Revan alive today, we would have sensed it” said Master Otno, supporting Master Hame’s suggestion.
“Whether what Master Hame says is true or not, this is an urgent matter that we must investigate” commanded Grand Master Arme “Gadden, you search the archives for more clues, we will need to gather multiple scout parties, composed of republic soldiers and Jedi, led by someone in this room”
“I will lead the parties” said Jedi Master Dajron, a man of normal stature with long black hair, medium skin tone, and brown eyes.
“All in favor say aye” Arme sternly commanded”
A unanimous vote gave Dajron the mission.
(one week later….)
Dajron sat inside the nameless Republic cruiser thinking about the dire importance of his mission. Through the past week he read about Darth Revan, his assignment was to trace the course of Revan’s family history through the past two thousand years. Six other Jedi followed by a squad of republic troopers boarded the ship.
“Master, how do you intend on finding Revan’s descendant?” asked one of the young Jedi Knights.
“There are five other squads of Republic troops, one will assume command of this squad, and five others will assume command of the others boarded on five other cruisers in this hangar. I have read all of the limited information that we have about Darth Revan, after coming back to the light, he lived the rest of his life in peace after destroying the Star Forge. The records say his death and funeral both took place in Theed, Naboo. Which is where we will begin our search, I can only pray that Gadden will find more information on the archives.” responded Dajron. The six Jedi bowed and all but one of them left to board the other cruisers.
After many long, silent hours Dajron landed upon the grand city of Theed and greeted by the Queen of Naboo herself. The Jedi Master asked to see the head librarian of Naboo immediately. The Queen granted permission, Dajron bowed and began to walk to the library, gesturing for the six Jedi to follow. One of the Jedi walked up beside Dajron and asked:
“Master Dajron, isn’t it against the Jedi Code to bring troops on a peaceful planet?”
“It is, but if there is a descendant of Revan alive today, the Sith most likely are looking for him too, these troops are here to combat the Sith troops if they cross our path.” Dajron responded.
The Seven Jedi halted, Dajron looked and saw that they were at their destination. He signaled for the six Jedi to remain outside the library as he conducted business with the head librarian.

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comments and constructive criticism welcome. it will pick up. once again sry for the double post.

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Chapter 2:

Dajron was cordially greeted by the head librarian named Arthana, then he was ushered into the head librarians chamber.
“Sit down, Master Jedi,” Arthana requested.
“Thank you, but I am afraid I am here solely on business” Dajron said while taking his seat.
“What is it you wish to know Master Jedi?” Arthana asked in a friendly tone.
“What do you know about Darth Revan and his offspring?”
A more solemn tone filled the room, Arthana’s eyes widened.
“Ah, you seek information on Revan, by coming here I take it you know he died here, in this very city?”
“Yes, what became of his child?”
“His son’s name was Xyvion Revan, Revan trained him in the arts of the force all by himself, without the council’s knowledge, Xyvion was a powerful Jedi. He was last seen on this planet when he departed for Alderaan. There were some reports from citizens on Alderaan of seeing him with a woman but it was nothing official.”
“This is all you know?” Dajron asked.
“Unfortunately, yes. People with extensive knowledge of Revan are hard to find, you must search selectively”
“I see, thank you” Dajron said politely.
They both stood, they bowed and Dajron exited the room. Once out of the library, the six Jedi followed him back to the ship. Dajron was flustered because he traveled such a far distance for such a small amount of information. Once they reached the starport Dajron was greeted by the colonel of the republic troops who were left in the hangar to stand guard.
“Sir, in your absence we received an urgent message from head archivist Gadden, he said it relates to Revan” reported the colonel. A rush of excitement burst into the somewhat demoralized Dajron. He ran into the ship and contacted the awaiting archivist.
“Gadden, it is Master Dajron, what did you wish to report?” asked Dajron.
“Master, during my thorough investigations I’ve seemed to have come across a second holocron that will aid you in your effort” responded Gadden.
“Tell me”
“This holocron is precisely eight hundred years old, so it saves you one thousand two hundred years of information to look for” Gadden boasted “Okay so since, Revan, all of his descendants were all powerful force users, most were jedi up until his family was found to having lovers, apparently a secret continuation of Revan’s line had been going on without our knowledge Until eight hundred years ago, when we discovered about their secrets and expelled them from the order. Supposedly the descendant expelled was a woman named Marina Revan, after her expulsion she and her lover spent the rest of their lives on Correlia”
“This is very helpful, I deeply thank you.”
Dajron switched off his communicator, he was ecstatic about Gadden’s discovery. He found it simply astounding that Revan’s family was so powerful that they made their dealings and very existence undetectable by the Jedi. Dajron walked out of his ship back into the starport where his Jedi and troopers stood conversing with one another, awaiting his orders.
“Teams 3 and 5 will accompany mine to Correlia. Teams 2, 4 and 6 will remain here and look for more information on Revan’s family history.” Dajron commanded “ To the teams remaining here, always have someone standing by on the communicator to receive further orders”

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Two first great Chapters. I've never had a thought that Revan would have a kid. Looking foward to seeing more.

Please check out any of my Fanfics.

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Looks good so far. I had the same idea in mind but slightly different. Welcome to the forums.

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thanks guys. ill have more up later today so stay tuned.

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Good stuff so far Sciex. Welcome to the forums :) Though you may want to consider an extra paragraph or two. Makes it a bit easier on the eyes for reading. :)

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here 'tis.

Chapter 3:
Dajron was overwhelmed by the fact that he was closer than anybody to solving the mystery behind Revan’s elusive family history. He sat next to his fellow Jedi Knight on the spacious cruiser that was en route to Correlia.
“It is quite possible that this planet will be where our target is” Dajron commented “Which means the Sith are either one short step ahead or one short step behind, either way we have to hurry”
The young Jedi said nothing; he was contemplating what his first encounter with a real Sith Lord would be like. The ship shot out of hyperspace, they were at their destination. The young Jedi stood up:
“When we land I want this team split in two, half will go with Master Dajron and half will go with me, we will scan the city of coronet for clues, the person we are searching for could very well be on this planet” The Jedi Kinght commanded.
Dajron was amazed by the young Jedi’s leadership, he leaned over and asked:
“What is your name?”
Flattered, the young Jedi responded “My name is Keron Ali-Tibben” answered the Jedi.
The ship halted, Dajron and Keron pulled the the hoods to their cloaks over their heads. When they exited the spacecraft they found that their other two teams were already waiting for them in the hangar. The second Dajron stepped into the hangar he felt a massive power on this planet. Once he felt this almost divine power he knew that the person he was seeking was on this planet. He proceeded to give orders:
“Jedi, do you feel that? It’s unlike anything I have felt before, it seems Revan’s descendant is standing on the same planet that we stand upon, Keron, you contact Grand Master Arme and report that we are on Correlia, the planet where Revan’s descendant resides. All teams are now under my command. We will stick together until we find this person” Dajron commanded.
Soon he felt another power appear on the planet, it was less powerful but more mature, the darkness behind this second power sent a shiver down his spine. As predicted the Sith were in persuit of Revan’s descendant. When Keron emerged from the ship the look on his face told Dajron that he was aware of a Sith Lord’s presence. The squads followed Dajron out of the hangar and then halted when he did.
“On second thought, everybody but Keron stay here. We needn’t draw attention to ourselves. Keron and I shall go alone” Dajron stated.
Keron and Dajron exited the hangar silently side by side.
“How will we learn of his whereabouts?” Keron curiously asked.
“This power is large enough to track down ourselves, we simply follow it.” Dajron responded. After hours of searching; their sleuthing brought them to a slum just outside Coronet.
“This is a rather odd place for a powerful force user to live” Keron commented,
“Shhh.” Dajron commanded “I sense that the Sith Lord is close too. We need to move with haste”
The two Jedi silently sprinted until they came upon a back alley. The enormous force power they sensed was radiating from that dark alley.
“Keron, stay here and stand guard, I am going in alone. If the person is hostile we should try not to upset it” Dajron commanded.
Entering the back alley gave Dajron an adrenaline rush like he never felt before. It was so dark that he couldn’t see the hand that he held out in front of him. The next thing he knew he was suspended in mid air.
“Who are you” echoed a youthful voice from deeper in the back alley.
“My name is Jedi Master Lio Dajron, I mean you no harm, and who are you?” Dajron responded.
“My name is Ayro Revan” echoed the voice.
A smirk appeared on Dajron face, he had finally found the descendant of a man powerful enough to destroy an entire army, a man intelligent enough to defeat the Mandalorians. He was in the presence of the Great Revan’s posterity. Dajron heard the hiss of lightsabers coming from behind him, the Sith Lord had arrived.
“Listen Ayro, please let me go, a terrible person is coming, I need to defend you” Dajron requested.
To his surprise, Ayro granted his request and he dropped to the ground. Dajron sprinted out from the back alley. When light returned to his eyes he saw Keron impaled on a red lightsaber. Then he dropped to the ground, dead. Wielding the red lightsaber was a figure cloaked in black, with piercing yellow eyes glowing from his haggard face.
Dajron activated his lightsaber and assumed his battle stance.
“Before you die, my name is Darth Vailosis” boasted the Sith Lord.
“Arrogance is a sign of weakness” Dajron swiftly retorted.
The two warriors began to duel. Dajron used The Force to push Darth Vailosis backwards, Vailosis gracefully landed on his feet; he cut at Dajron’s feet. Vailosis’ attack failed when Dajron lept in the air.
“I’ve won this match, Jedi!” Vailosis proclaimed. Vailosis shot Force Lighting at the airborne Jedi. Without panicking, Dajron held his lightsaber out in front of him absorbing the lightning.
“The boy’s destiny is with the Sith, as was his ancestor, The Great Darth Revan.” Vailosis argued.
“No, Revan saw the error of his ways and his wife and all of his descendants were Jedi” Dajron responded.
“Don’t be so sure” Vailosis said. Before he had a chance to explain himself Force Lightning shot out from the back alley. A young boy wearing tattered, dirty and worn garments; he looked unusual with his crimson red hair and black rectangular markings on his chin and both cheeks. Dajron felt a sense of awe and humiliation when he discovered a small boy was powerful enough to suspend him in mid air and bring a Sith Lord to his knees with such an advanced Force technique.
“Boy, don’t resist the inevitable, you will be Darth Revan II.” Vailosis said.
“Apparently he has no desire to join you, Darth.” Dajron said.
“Your kind killed my parents.” Ayro said angrily.
Dajron felt Ayro’s power rising, though he was powerful, he had little control over his gifts.He felt controlling Ayro’s rising anger would be a problem, he hoped he would overcome it.
“That’s it, release your anger” Vailosis said seductively. He walked over to Ayro and prepared to lift him up. Dajron held his lightsaber parallel to Ayro, in front of the Sith Lords path,
“Don’t try it” Dajron said sternly.
Vailosis ignored Dajron’s warning and with a quick flick of Dajron’s lightsasber, off came Vailosis’ hands. Vailosis shrieked in pain,
“This isn’t over, Jedi scum!” Vailosis threatened. Vailosis levitated his cloak, he dropped his cloak over his body and the cloak collapsed, he had vanished into thin air. Dajron deactivated his lightsaber and muffled Ayro’s hair.
“When did you learn to do that?” Dajron asked.
“I learned myself. These powers just popped up.” Ayro responded.
Dajrons eyes widened in amazement “How long have you been an orphan?”
“3 years, Sith appeared in my house one day and killed my parents, they tried to take me but I ran away.”
“Ah, well would you like to come with me to Coruscant and become a Jedi?” Dajron asked.
“Like my daddy wanted? Yes, I do.” Ayro happily responded.
Dajron held out his hand, Ayro grasped it and they walked back to the starport in Coronet.

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Revan II. It has a nice ring to it. He didn't make the same mistake as his Father luckily. I look forward to reading more.

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hey ill prolly have chap 4 up by tonight but dont hold me to it.

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Revan's Bloodline is a good concept however your story feels very rushed. Another thing is that the Jedi are known to "love their secrets" and by having so many Jedi on the search for Revan's decendants it really feels out of place.

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Revan's Bloodline is a good concept however your story feels very rushed. Another thing is that the Jedi are known to "love their secrets" and by having so many Jedi on the search for Revan's decendants it really feels out of place.

yea i was worried about it being rushed but its better than just wording around and not going anywhere with it, i mean if he had to go to another planet i was afraid that the reader might lose interest. as for it being out of place, they also weren't sure of his whereabouts, so they wanted to cover more ground in the form of search parties, cliche but it works. and to the people it IS a secret nobody held up a sign saying "HEY WE ARE SEARCHING FOR DARTH REVAN"S DESCENDANT!" so it is a secret. but thanks for your two cents, i appreciate it.

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another thing i was thinking about with the search parties and all is that the Jedi are also known to break the code and their traditions during times of emergency, and when there is a powerful force user that could be a Sith, id say that falls under the category of emergency.

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i like pretty cool!!! it's pretty cool how you describe revan descendants. i also like the fact that you explain them so clearly. if i were one to judge a story your rating would 100%. can't wait to read your next chapter

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ahh here we go again

Chapter 4:

Back at the starport the floor was littered with dead bodies.
“It seems Vailosis’ platoon found mine” Dajron observed. Ayro stood silent looking around at the corpses. Dajron proceeded to speak:
“I am-”
“That Jedi isn’t dead” Ayro interrupted.
“How do you know?” Dajron asked
“That Jedi’s heart is still beating, I can hear it”
Dajron walked over and felt the Jedi’s pulse, as Ayro stated, he was alive. Dajron struggled to lift the Jedi off of the ground and placed him in the medical bay of the republic cruiser. Then he quickly ushered Ayro into the ship. Before lift off, Dajron contacted Grand Jedi Master Arme:
“Master Arme, I have Revan’s descendant, I am on my way back to Coruscant.” Dajron reported.
“How powerful is the child?” asked Arme.
“Like nothing I’ve ever seen, he is a small boy yet he managed to bring a strong, fully trained Sith Lord to his knees”
“Hmmm…Bring him back here, he’s going to appear before before the council. While we are on this matter what Sith Lord did you encounter?”
“One I have never seen before, his name is Darth Vailosis.”
“Bring the boy back to the temple, he will be safe from the Sith here, we will discuss what is to become of him”
“Yes, Master”
Dajron turned off the communicator and set a course for Courscant. The vessel lifted from the hangar and vanished into hyperspace. During the hours in transit, Ayro turned out to be quiet but friendly boy. When they landed on Coruscant, Dajron was welcomed as a hero. The wounded Jedi was in stable condition upon their arrival and was rushed to the medical clinic in the temple. Dajron and Ayro were escorted to the council chamber. The Jedi council was unsure about how to deal with this situation; everyone in Revan’s line had been exposed as defiant and arrogant. Dajron and Ayro entered the council’s chamber. They walked into the middle of the circular room, surrounded by the great Jedi Masters.
“Masters, this is Ayro Revan, the direct descendant of Revan whom I was dispatched to seek. “Dajron announced. The council looked at his unusual appearance. His dirty, blood-stained clothes, untamed crimson hair, and peculiar markings made him stand out from all the other people in the room. Finally silence broke after many uneasy moments.
“Where did you find him?” asked Grand Master Arme.
“In a slum on the outskirts on Coronet, Correlia, his abilities amazed me” responded Dajron as Ayro stood in front of him, silent and nearly trembling in the presence of the High Jedi Council.
“What did you witness?”
“When I first met him he lifted me in the air using the force, and he managed to hold me there. I couldn’t move” said Dajron with a subtle one of embarrassment. “Then this new Sith, Darth Vailosis was struck by his Force Lightning, which turned the battle in my favor. He has the ability to harness both Light and Dark side powers regardless of his allegiance. Then upon our return to the starport, all of our troops had met demise. The Sith brought troops with them as we predicted. He heard one of the wounded Jedi’s hearbeat, if it weren’t for him one of our comrades would have died”
“Hmmm.” Arme grunted “He is still young enough to be trained, but there still are a few things we must discuss. Please exit, we will summon you when we’ve reached a verdict.”
Arme used the Force to slide the door open and gestured for the two to exit. The wait seemed like an eternity but boredom broke when Dajron caught word that the three search parties landed safely on Coruscant and the leading Jedi had important information for him. Dajron asked the messenger to look after Ayro as he received this crucial piece of information. The Jedi he was looking for sat inside the library of the temple telling Gadden of his find.
“Ah, Dajron, you are here, good” said the Jedi.
“You called for me?” Dajron asked.
“Yes, after hours of diligent searching the library on Naboo, I came across a datapad written by Xyvion Revan. According to him he wasn’t an only child.”
“He had a sibling, isn’t that irrelevant?”
“Ah, that is what I thought too, until I searched deeper for works about his brother, Ugauco Revan. The reason why Xyvion left Naboo was to take their sibling conflicts away from Naboo to let the elderly Revan live the remainder of this life in peace.”
“Describe this conflict”
“Master, Xyvion’s brother, Ugauco was a Sith Lord. Revan’s line became divided by Xyvion and Ugauco, Xyvion’s line followed the ways of the Jedi, for the most part and Ugauco’s line has the teachings of the Sith passed down through it.”
“Is that it?” asked Dajron.
“Almost, Xyvion also wrote about a distant descendant who would resolve this conflict and reunite the Revan family. From how Ayro has been described to me, I have reason to believe Ayro is the boy in the prophecy.” responded the Jedi.
“Has Gadden told the council of this development?” Dajron asked.
“He is currently on his way to do so.” responded the Jedi.
The messenger entered the library with Ayro at his side.
“Master Dajron, the council has reached a verdict, they will see you now” said the messenger.

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darth traya_321
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that's it. what would happen with aryo. and what will the counsil verdict be? will aryo be train in the the ways of the jedi? or somewhere in the trainning will he fall to the teaching's of the sith??? you left me clueless but hey, so good so far. love the story 2 thumbs upp

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the point was to leave u on a cliffhanger, thats what keeps u coming back.

no thats not the end.

new post will be coming probably tommorrow night. once again dont hold me to it.

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Another great Chapter. Keep posting.

02-22-2006, 12:16 PM
Sounds good so far. I would suggest spacing between paragraphs, makes it easier on me eyes. Still it sounds good. Keep posting

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I know someone said this already but you do need to really slow it down a bit. It would make your story much better. I think it is pretty good so far but if you slowed it down that would make it alot better.

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relax, u forget that this is only the beginning of the story, i had to rush it a bit to get to the main part of the story which i am getting close to. so dont say its rushed until i get to the main part of the story.

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Chapter 5:
Dajron and Ayro walked side by side through the halls of the Jedi temple, they were seconds away from learning the judgment that the council would pass on Ayro Revan. The doors to the council chambers slid open, the Jedi Masters all had poker faces.
Ayro looked up at Dajron and then around the room, his heart beat was on a steady incline.

“As you know we have come to a decision” stated Arme.
“Yes, what will become of Ayro?” asked Dajron.
“As you know Ayro’s family has been known to be defiant due to their natural power in the Force. But, not admitting him as a Jedi would be making a powerful Sith, for if we do not accept him, the Sith certainly will. With Gadden’s piece of information that was just delivered; we believe the only wise decision would be to have him trained”

Ayro’s face brightened with a rarely seen smile, Dajron sighed in relief. Ayro had finally begun to realize his dream.

“Since Ayro will not be an ordinary Jedi, he cannot receive ordinary training. He shall not be instated as a youngling as this would merely hold him back, rather, he will be assigned a master immediately. The boy seems to be fond of you, Dajron. Are you up to the challenge?”

The Jedi Master looked Arme straight in the eye and nodded.

“Very good, now get this boy in his proper robes; this is no way for a young apprentice to look.” Arme declared.

Ayro and Dajron bowed, they exited the room.

“Come, Ayro we must get you in your apprentice robes, and while we are it, get you a bath.” Dajron chuckled.

Ayro smiled and said “I guess from now on I’m going to call you Master?”
“Indeed, your training begins tomorrow, don’t expect it to be easy” Dajron responded.

The Master and Apprentice chuckled and engaged in friendly conversation as they walked down the hall.

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there it is, sry, its short.

Preview for the next chapter:
13 years later.............

Diego Varen
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Another great Chapter. I'm sure Ayro will be the next Chosen One.

02-23-2006, 12:04 PM
we shall see

new chapter coming this weekend at the very latest

02-23-2006, 03:42 PM
I see. You were giving a sort of prequel type story before the main plot. Can't wait to see more.

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ahh writer's block!!!!!

that and i was busy practicing with my band. so bear with me, either tonight or sunday morning.

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Chapter 6: (13 Years Later…….)

Ayro stood alone in a bright yet limitless void. He was all alone; whenever he reached out he simply touched the limitless void that surrounded him. A vague figure appeared in the distance, as the figure drew closer to him he saw that it was a young woman, no older than him. The woman walked up to Ayro and wrapped her arms around him, she and Ayro collapsed to the ground.

“You again?” Ayro asked “You said your name is Bastilla, my anscestor, right?”
“Yes” responded Bastilla.
“Why do you visit me?”
“Because you’ve lost your mother at such an early age, I will not have one of my children walk through the world alone without a mother.”

The two sat together when another person walked up to them, cloaked in black. Ayro shook in fear of being in his presence. Bastilla released Ayro and rose to her feet.

“Ugauco, why are you here?” Bastilla asked just before Ugauco inserted his lightsaber into her chest.

Ayro quickly sat up in his bed and looked around his apartment. While in his slumber, he was using his powers which made a mess of his apartment. For many nights he had that same dream, everyday he searched the archives but found nothing relating to his dream. His neighbor and Master Dajron walked in, stepping over the rubble. He stood at Ayro’s bedside looking down on him as Ayro gasped for breath.

“You saw her again?” Dajron asked
“Yes, Bastilla Shan, though something different happened this time, she was killed by a Sith named Ugauco.”

Being an expert on Ayro’s family history, Dajron knew who both people were but was far too tired to try and analyze an already complex dream.

The next morning there was little discussion between Dajron and Ayro. Dajron simply sat and watched Ayro do standard training drills while Dajron sat aside, deep in thought. He looked at Ayro and observed how skilled with a lightsaber he was for a mere Eighteen year old. Ayro deactivated his lightsaber when Grand Jedi Master Arme entered the room. The three Jedi exchanged bows.
“Dajron, young Ayro, I’m assigning you both a mission that has been requested by the Supreme Chancellor himself.” said Arme.
“What mission is this?” asked Dajron.
“Republic intelligence has reported highly suspicious activity on the planet of Manaan in the city of Ahto. Your assignment is to go and investigate.”
“With all due respect Master” Ayro said “Aren’t the Selkath neutral? If they catch us we will certainly be banned from ever returning”
“True, young Revan, upon your arrival you must avoid conflict as much as possible, only fight in self defense.” Arme commanded “now you must leave immediately, your transport awaits in the hangar.”

The Jedi exchanged bows again and Ayro and Dajron proceeded to board their transport. Upon arrival the Selkath greeted them with much distrust and reluctance. Though they were neutral it appeared that they barely tolerated outsiders.

“I sense a dark presence” Ayro stated.
“As do I, be wary and never let your guard down.” Dajron replied.

The two Jedi entered the main part of the city, to find it was crawling with Sith soldiers, Ayro reached for his lightsaber but Dajron stopped him.

“Ayro, don’t, the authorities will not tolerate it here only fight to defend on this planet” Dajron whispered.

Ayro slowly put his lightsaber on his belt. The two Jedi walked among the Sith, the only thing to protect them was the Selkath authority.

“We must find a way into the Sith embassy.” Dajron whispered.
“Yes, but how?” Ayro said pondering “we could Force Sprint into the embassy.”
“Ah, yes you are right.”

The Jedi both cast force speed which allowed them to speed by the Sith and enter the administrator’s office unnoticed. They were faced with a second obstacle, the Sith administrator. She stood at the desk pointing a Sith assassin pistol at Ayro and Dajron.

“Stop now and leave before I sound the alarm.” The young woman said.

Ayro slowly walked toward the administrator while Dajron stayed where he was and watched Ayro carefully. Ayro pulled the blaster from the woman’s hands using the Force. She grew nervous.

“Stop now or I’ll sound the alarm” The Administrator threatened.
“You don’t wish to sound the alarm, you may trust us” Ayro force persuaded.

The woman’s arms dropped to her sides and he eyes widened. “I don’t wish to sound the alarm, I may trust you” obeyed the woman.

“You wish to tell me what the Sith are doing on Manaan”
Still helplessly under Ayro’s control, the Administrator replied “I wish to tell you what the Sith are doing on Manaan. Nothing, the Sith are doing nothing on Manaan, my lord Darth Vailosis simply wished to lure a man named Ayro Revan into a trap.”

Ayro looked back at Dajron , who had a stern look on his face.
“You know Darth Vailosis is evil” Ayro force persuaded.
“I know Darth Vailosis is evil” the woman responded.
“You wish to desert the Sith and rethink your life”
“I wish to go home and rethink my life”

Ayro released the woman from his grasp, the woman shook her head and looked at Ayro and Dajron in a confused manner. She ran out of the Sith Embassy with her hand on her head.

“You know manipulation of peoples free will is not highly advocated” Dajron scolded.
“We needed information and to get her out of the way, and I couldn’t kill her” Ayro argued, his tone shifted “Well now that we know that this is a trap what shall we do?”
“Spring it.” Dajron smiled.

Ayro and Dajron opened the door and saw the room was filled with Sith soldiers. Without hesitation the soldiers fired upon the Jedi. The Jedi ignited their lightsabers and deflected the shots. Ayro flew forward and began to cut through the horde of soldiers. Once they were all dead the Jedi heard applause from a distance.

“Well done, well done,” applauded Darth Vailosis.

Ayro turned his head to see the Sith Lord that attacked him thirteen years ago. Ayro removed his cloak and faced the Sith. Another Dark Jedi walked from the opposite corridor towards Dajron.

“I applaud your resolve, Darth Revan II.” Vailosis smirked.
“My name is Ayro Revan” Ayro retorted swiftly.

The Dark Jedi force pushed Dajron back into the administrators’ office and locked the door behind him.

“Very well, I see you wish to have a repeat of last time.” Ayro boasted.
“We’ll see how far you get this time without your Master to help you”

Vailosis’ bionic hands spun his lightsaber and thrusted at Ayro, gracefully dodging the attack, Ayro got behind him and pushed him against the wall. Wasting no time Ayro leapt at the Sith and prepared to strike him down. The Sith parried the attack and rolled out of the way. Vailosis regained his footing and firmly stood in his stance.

“Why have you set this trap?” Ayro asked.
“Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?” Darth Vailosis responded.

Dajron slashed the door open and ran in to assist Ayro. Vailosis saw he was outmatched and vanished.

“Why would Vailosis set this trap and how did he know the council would choose us to go on this mission?” Ayro asked.
“Darkness surrounds this entire situation, we must report to the council” Dajron commanded.

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Some links to KOTOR and AOTC. I'm sure that the Administrator wasn't weak-minded. Also when Ayro is talking to her, he says lines from AOTC. I like this, keep posting.

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Chapter 7:

Darth Vailosis’ dark shadow stalked him down the corridor of the Embassy. A smirk appeared on his face as he pulled a small chip out of his robe. He entered his space vessel and vanished into the limtless vacuum of space. Sitting in the pilots chair he punched the communicator.

“Master,” Vailosis submitted.
“Ah, Lord Vailosis, you have succeeded?” answered an unnamed Sith.
“Indeed, upon my arrival we may achieve what we having been working so hard to accomplish for thirteen long years.”
“Good” the insidious Sith chuckled “bring it to me immediately.”
“Very good, my Lord” Vailosis said.

Meanwhile, back at the embassy, Ayro and Dajron rushed to erase the security recordings and make a narrow yet nimble escape from certain arrest. When the Selkath police arrived all they found were dead Sith and no trace of the Jedi. Ayro followed Dajron back to their ship with the uncomfortable feeling of bitter sweet victory crawling around his stomach. They entered their cruiser to find an uninvited visitor.

“You though you could brainwash me that easily?” the Sith administrator from before said angrily.
“Impressive, how did you manage to get onto our ship, and how did you break free from my Force Control?” Ayro asked.
“I realized that I had been taken control of when your Force Powers became sidetracked by another task. Then I decided I would hack into the Selkath hangar’s database and find your ship. I got the codes to it right here” the Sith soldier boasted as she removed a datapad from her pocket.
“Well it’s a good thing you managed to break free, I was planning on making you act like a crazed bantha, but I feel sympathetic for someone who has been robbed of independent thought.”

The Administrator grew furious and pulled out yet another Sith Assassin pistol and fired at Ayro, with a smooth wave of his lightsaber, the shot had been deflected.

“This is getting dull” Ayro stated and pulled the blaster from the woman’s hands. He deactivated his lightsaber and Dajron reached for the handcuffs inside the cabinet. The woman’s arms were restrained behind her and she was escorted to the cargo hold, the doors were locked to prevent all hope of her escape.

“It appears that my powers of persuasion have been overestimated” Ayro chuckled.

“This is no laughing matter, Ayro. This could be apart of an elaborate Sith plot. I want you to go into the cargo hold and keep a close eye on her, if she shows the slightest bit of Force knowledge…. Kill her.” Dajron commanded.
Ayro jumped back in shock but saw Dajron was serious, he went back into the cargo hold and kept a close eye on her. They didn’t speak for a while until the woman finally spoke out.

“Are you the one named Ayro Revan?”
Ayro looked at her and nodded.
“You don’t look as powerful as Vailoisis says you are”
“Perhaps I’m not, but looks can be deceiving” Ayro responded “What is your name?”
“I have no reason to tell some Jedi trash like you”
“Hmmm…. Angry and blind, I guess that’s why I couldn’t completely control you, the Sith got to you first.”
She gritted her teeth and took a deep breath.
“My name is Faye, Faye Daveis”
“Why did you join the Sith?”
“Don’t get too cozy, Jedi” said Faye “You are lucky enough you got my name, let alone my past”
“Very well”

The ship exited hyperspace and they made a safe touchdown inside the temple hangar. Ayro was holding Faye’s restrained arms as Dajron closely followed. The Jedi responded in shock at the appearance of a Sith soldier inside their sacred temple. Arme quickly approached them.

“A prisoner?” Arme asked.
“Yes, a Sith administrator” Dajron responded.
“Good, the council will question her later, did you find out what the Sith were up to?”
“Yes master, it was a mere trap set for Ayro, nothing else. My guess is that Darth Vailosis was either trying to kill or capture him”
“Possible, but I think this plot runs deeper than a mere assassination attempt.”

Arme looked at Ayro and saw his right arm was cut.

“This is new, a wound on you, Ayro” Arme observed.
“Carelessness, nothing more” Ayro replied.

The Jedi Master escorted Ayro, Dajron and Faye into the temple and put Faye into confinement.

Vailosis arrived on the Sith mother ship. He walked into the throne room and dropped to his knees.

“Good, now we may begin” said the Sith Master.
“Yes, Lord Turmoin” replied Vailosis.

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A great Chapter. I knew that the Sith Woman would eventually break out of that Force persuade. What are the Sith doing? I can't wait to see more.

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I just have to say you hooked me with "...a pregnant woman named Bastila" OMG I can't even imagine her being someone's mother LS or DS ha, I bet she couldn't believe it herself.

Good work :)

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Chapter 8: Ayro walked through the cells of the republic prison. His life was fairly mundane after his mysterious mission that took place on Manaan three months ago. The only relatively exciting thing he had to do was to question Faye, as assigned by the council. He walked down the corridor and came upon Faye’s cell.

“Eat Kath Hound fodder, Ayro, I am not answering anything” Faye scoffed.
“Nice to see you too Faye, this is my luck, the only person I can talk to that’s my age is a prisoner.” Ayro chuckled sarcastically.
“Why do you always come and ask me these questions when I’ve told you I’m not answering, you Jedi are too lenient in your methods of interrogation”
“Ah, I see, you’d rather be tortured, as the Sith do things?”

Faye bit her lip and tears filled her eyes/

“Strike a nerve, did I?” Ayro asked “its okay you can tell me.”

Faye tried to resist telling him but succumbed to her sorrow.

“My father was a senator in the Republic, he lost faith and became a Sith officer, when my mother, my brother, and I refused to join the Sith tortured us into submission”
Faye cried.
“They brainwashed you, didn’t they?” Ayro asked.
“You don’t know, so stop acting like you do.”
“Very well”

Ayro looked around the room and then sat down on the bench behind him and grazed his thumb along the marking on his let cheek.
“It’s not your fault, Faye” Ayro told her.
“Why do you have those markings?” Faye said, desperate to change the subject.
“I’m not sure, nobody in my family had them” Ayro responded “Who was your father?”

Faye sat down beside him and said:

“Bemidect Daveis, he was senator until two years ago.”
“What happened in your torturing sessions?” Ayro asked.
“Why are you asking such personal questions?”
“Don’t take it personally, I am simply asking what Dajron told me to ask.”
“No, I will not tell you” Faye stated, then her voice changed into a scratchy insidious, bone chilling tone. “She will not tell you”

Ayro noticed a change in her voice and looked at her to see her pupils had vanished from her eyes.

“Ayro Revan” said the ominous voice.
“I was growing tired of waiting, so I am borrowing one of my soldier’s bodies for a brief time.”
“Who are you?”
“I am the person who was always right behind you and miles away at the same time, I am the one person who understands who you are, and the monster inside of you.
My name is Darth Turmoin, I’m sure you’ve met my apprentice, Darth Vailosis.”
Ayro ignited his lightsaber and stood up to face his nemesis. Turmoin stood up and smacked Ayro.
“That was for thinking I’d fight you, no this is a warning to you. Know that every person in the Sith army could be me. Fear me, respect me, we will meet face to face soon enough.”
Fayes green pupils returned as well control of her body, tears once again filled her eyes and she grabbed her head.
“He won’t leave me alone!” Faye yelled.
Ayro put his hands on Faye’s shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“I believe there is something that you forgot to tell me?” Ayro asked.

Faye looked down at Ayro’s feet then up at his face, torn allegiance and confusion tormented her already tortured mind.

“Who is Darth Turmoin?” Ayro asked “If you seek help it would be wise to tell me”
“Turmoin is the Dark Lord of the Sith, two years ago when I joined the Sith, rather when my father did, after my will had been broken from countless hours of torture. They gave me a shot, it sent a chip into my bloodstream that they said went up to my brian, ever since then I would blank out and then when I regained consciousness, I’d find that I committed the most horrible acts imaginable. I don’t know what happens to me!”

Faye dropped to the ground; Ayro knelt and held her up to his chest. Then he found himself in the white void that he was in during so many of his nightmares.

Wait, what am I doing? This is forbidden, but I can’t just let her suffer. Ayro thought. He looked at Faye to realize that he was no longer holding her; he was holding his ancestor, Bastilla Shan. Ayro quickly let go of her and shot up onto his feet. Bastilla looked Ayro straight in the eye and said

“It’s alright; don’t be afraid, love is what saved me from the Dark Side”
“But, the code” Ayro bumbled back.
“Don’t be afraid, love isn’t the path to the Dark Side, it’s what saved me from it.”

Ayro’s acute hearing picked up the hum of a lightsaber and then snapped back into consciousness, now his dream was beginning to make sense. He looked up to where the hum was coming from.

“Assassin, the Sith are getting clever” Ayro whispered to himself.
“What?” Faye sniffled.
“Listen to me, I’m going to release you” Ayro stated.

Faye simply nodded and Ayro rose to his feet and shot Force Lightning up into the top right corner of the cell, out of the dark corner fell a man dressed in an all black suit wielding a short red lightsaber. Ayro ignited his lightsaber and raised it above his head, preparing to deal the final blow just as the assassin sprang back on his feet and parried the attack.

“I’m not after you!” the assassin said “Let me go, and no harm will be dealt to you, it’s the girl that I’m after”
“I don’t think that I’m the one who needs to worry about getting harm dealt to” Ayro boasted.

Ayro lunged at the assassin, the assassin parried but to far near the hilt of his blade. Ayro stroked his lightsaber upwards and he cut the lightsaber in half. In a desperate attempt to finish his assignment, the Sith assassin fired Force Lightning around Ayro and at Faye. In a flash Ayro deactived his lightsaber and Force pushed the lightning into the walls. The assassin cowered in fear.

“You, you aren’t mortal!” the assassin shrieked. Ayro activated his lightsaber and struck the final blow to the Sith.

Darth Turmoin erupted in anger when he learned the assassin failed.

“D**n it all! That was my best assassin!” Turmoin shouted.
“M’Lord what would you have me do?” Vailosis responded.
“Send out a squad of assassins, with our finished product inside of them, the prototype must be destroyed.” Turmoin commanded.

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A dark Chapter. I like it. Keep posting.

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since i was bored stiff today i decided to crack out another chapter, up later tonight!!!!

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Chapter 9:

The stars lit up the darkness of the night in the infinite city of the republic capital. The Chancellor had been pondering whether or not to declare total war upon the Sith. Ayro walked through the walls of the capitol building, the chancellor sat inside his office when Ayro walked in.

“Ayro Revan” said the Chancellor in a friendly, up beat tone “this is a rare honor.”
“May I?” Ayro asked, pointing to a comfortable chair beside him.
“Oh, Please”
“So what affair brings you here?” The Chancellor asked.
“Well, sir there is a prisoner that I think should be pardoned”
“Hmm… well which one?”
“There is a prisoner named Faye Daveis who should be released.”
“The Sith?” the Chancellor asked “Ayro, be reasonable, who knows what she has seen or heard, if we release her-.”
“I will keep her under close surveillance” Ayro interrupted.
“What makes you think that we will benefit from this?”
“Well, the Sith are up to something, the current Dark Lord, Darth Turmoin is starting some sort of project that implants these tiny, chip-like devices into his soldiers brains, it gives him complete control of their bodies and minds whenever he sees fit”
“I’m not sure, but if you allow her release, I can figure it out. She holds the prototype.”

The chancellor scratched his head. This whole subject was messy. No matter what his decision was, he would lose. He reached inside his desk and pulled out a blank datapad. Ayro sat in the cozy chair wondering what the Chancellor was doing. Once the Chancellor was done typing he signed it.

“Give this to the guards and you may release her.” The Chancellor stated “but if something happens because of this I’m holding you personally responsible”

“Thank you sir” Ayro grabbed the datapad and ran out of the Chancellor’s office. Outside of the office, Dajron stood eavesdropping on Ayro and the Chancellor’s conversation.

“What the devil do you think you are doing?” Dajron queried.
“Nothing, Master” Ayro responded.
“It seems the Revan gene of defiance has surfaced at last”
“What do you mean?”
“Ayro, nothing good can come of her release!”
“I want to help her”
“You will put yourself in even more danger if you do”
“The Dark Lord of the Sith is already after me, that won’t change whether I leave her to rot in jail or have her released”
“Think, she’ll murder you in your sleep!” Dajron said, and then he saw a look in Ayro’s eyes that disturbed him.
“Oh God, you are in love with her aren’t you!?” Dajron exclaimed.

Ayro was speechless.

“Do you wish to get expelled from the order?!” Dajron continued.
“No I-.” Ayro stopped, he heard something approaching from outside, it sounded like the hum of a destroyer engine.

A destroyer? We aren’t at…… war… Ayro thought.

“Master, call the troops to arms” Ayro said.
“What?” Dajron responded.
“Do it, a Sith destroyer just entered our atmosphere”

In a panic, Ayro ran back into the Chancellor’s office. But the only person he had to report to was a corpse, the Chancellor was dead. A shiver shot down his spine, the same feeling worked its twisted magic on Dajron when he followed Ayro into the office. The datapad dropped to the ground and shattered. Following the shatter was the hiss of Ayro and Dajron’s blue lightsabers igniting. There backs touched and they stood together, knowing that in the poorly lit room, that they weren’t alone. Ayro closed his eyes but his hearing couldn’t pick up any movement. These assassins were special. A blaster shot came out from one of the corners of the room, shattering the remaining lights. Six red beams punched through the darkness.

“Ayro, we’ll run out into the corridor, we’ll fight there, where we can see” Dajron whispered.
“Right” Ayro responded.

It was too late, one of the assassins had blocked there only means of escape. The Jedi were out of ideas as the six assassins had surrounded them and were tightening the noose. Then Ayro heard the assassins speak with the same bone chilling voice that Faye spoke with when she was being controlled by Turmoin.

“Master” Ayro whispered “these assassins have the same chip implanted in their brains as Faye. We aren’t fighting six assassins, we are fighting six Dark Lords.”

Light shined into the room as the doors to the Chancellors office opened. In the light stood Faye with her eyes rolled back into her head. She was once again being controlled by Darth Turmoin as the assassins were. She assumed a cross like position, as if submitting to a blow. One of the assassins slowly approached her.

“If you try to save her, Revan, my other five assassins will kill you and your master, you are outmatched this time, not even someone of your magnitude of power can stop this.” Turmoin said through Faye.

Ayro’s love for Faye triggered an act of desperation. Without thinking he cast stasis on the six assassins. Dajron leapt behind Faye and Force Pushed her against the wall. Knocking her out, Ayro couldn’t hold the stasis for long, the assassins broke free and Ayro flipped back into the hallway.

“Light, much better” Dajron said.

Then the capital building shook, the Sith destroyer had arrived and was in firing range. Ayro’s keen ears picked up the hum of hundreds of other destroyers. The Sith Fleet had arrived. Alarms sounded in every room. Two of the assassins took each of Ayro’s sides and they both swung at his feet, coming nowhere near his fatal areas. Ayro jumped into the air and pushed off the ceiling, the blade of his lightsaber receded into the hilt and he spun out of control in mid air, a storm of Force Lightning shot out of both of his hands as he careened towards the ground.

“Ayro, have you gone mad?!” Dajron yelled as he activated his other lightsaber to absorb the lightning that surrounded him. Ayro managed to fry three of the assassins during his spasm. Two of the remaining assassins went after Ayro and one went after Dajron. Ayro was surrounded on both sides again, he thrusted at one of them, leaving himself open for an attack by the other one, he kicked the other assassin, dazing him for a few moments.

“Ayro, circle up now!” Dajron commanded.
“Well I’d say this time we are outmatched” Ayro said “I don’t get it, these soldiers, they fight a lot like I do”

One of the three assassins that were channeling Turmoin bolted for Faye. In front of the assassin appeared Grand Master Arme, Master Otno soon followed him. Arme activated his lightsaber and cut the assassin’s head off. Otno rushed over to Ayro and Dajron to assist.

“Good, you’re still alive” Otno sighed with relief.
“I wish I could say the same thing about the Chancellor” Dajron said.
“D**n!” the Turmoin assassins yelled in unison.

Even with the assassins channeling Turmoin and a large portion of his power, they were no match for four Jedi. They were soon overpowered and killed. Ayro rushed over to Faye and lifted her unconscious body off the ground.

“Where is a safe place I can leave her?” Ayro asked.

“Leave her in the council chamber, there are seven Jedi masters in there, she will be safe with them. Then report to the armory to get suited up for battle!” Arme commanded with a tone of excitement.

Diego Varen
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A great Chapter. Creppy how the Chancellor was dead.

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Chapter 10:

Coruscant was set ablaze by the clash of lightsabers, the exchange of blaster shots, and the firing of plasma cannons. Ayro gambled and took Faye to the Jedi council chambers, hoping that Darth Turmoin would find no use for her for the time being. Around him Jedi were running out to battle, younglings running into the chamber, and other disorderly actions that fed to the chaos that the Sith started. In the chaos Ayro saw Dajron standing next to the entrance of the archives. He quickly ran over to his teacher.

“Master, we have to go get ready for battle!” Ayro shouted.
“Follow me,” Dajron said “There’s something you must have before we report to the armory”

Dajron’s mysterious behavior confused Ayro, but he did as he said and followed him into the archives. Dajron led Ayro into a part of the archives that he had never visited, old artifacts filled this cellar. Ayro stood looking at all of the fascinating objects as Dajron rummaged through drawers, Ayro saw Dajron pull out a black loin cloth dangling off of a golden ring that was attached to dark colth that served as the belt.

“This was Darth Revan’s, it would only be fitting that you would wear it in battle” Dajron said.

Ayro smiled and quickly grabbed it from Dajron’s hands; he put it on in front of him.

“Thank you master” Ayro smiled.

The cloth rested loosly on his hips; it gave him a sense of family pride. Ayro and Dajron ran out of the cellar, back into the chaotic temple. They took the nearest shuttle back to the capital building, where Arme waited impatiently at the armory.

“You’re late” Arme scolded.
“Forgive me, Master” Dajron apologized.

Ayro and Dajron entered the armory and removed their cloaks and the top part of their robes. They put on a form fitting black shirt, after that white armor that covered the torso, arms, shoulders, and hands. The last piece was his armored boots. Ayro tied his long red braids back and walked out of the armory.

“I will be in the chancellor’s office, overseeing the battle with the generals” Arme said.
“Right” Ayro and Dajron said in synchronous.

Large plasma shots shattered a large part of the building and sent Ayro flying out of the building, Dajron was able to stay in. Ayro was dazed for a few moments but then he landed on a speeder, then he hopped onto a lower one, eventually he safely landed in front of the Jedi Temple, where the battle was taking place. Coming at him was a platoon of Sith, he cut through them.

This is easy Ayro thought. These soldiers were weak compared to him. Then a Force Push shoved him into the air. Then another sent him away from the battlefield, and then the next sent him to the ground. Ayro felt at least seven bones in his body break, he opened his eyed and saw three red lightsabers at this throat. One was held by Darth Vailosis, the other two Sith were being controlled by Turmoin.

“Excellent work, Vailosis. It appears even Ayro Revan can be beaten when caught off guard” Turmoin said through one of the Sith.

Vailosis shocked Ayro with small amounts Force Lightning, knocking him out, one of the Sith stabbed him in the shoulder and the other in the leg, this would ensure physical immobility when he awoke.

Ayro woke up in a jail cell in the Sith head Star Destroyer. He had no armor on and there were bandages on his shoulder and leg. He felt powerless; the Force Power that once pumped through his veins was gone. Then he saw devices on his wrists, these were draining his power.

The Sith sure come up with twisted devices Ayro thought.

His cell door opened and five soldiers entered. They jerked Ayro off of the ground and carried him forcefully up to the throne room, Vailosis and Turmoin stood side by side.

“Welcome, Ayro” Turmoin said, stepping forward.
“Darth Turmoin” Ayro said.
“Would you mind telling me why you’d bombard the republic capitol just to get me?”
“Because you are a great threat to us”
“I know, I am a descendant of Revan”
“Oh, that’s not all, if that was the case I would have just sent one of my assassins to kill you, no, you are special”
“How so?”
“Our anscestor, Revan had two children, Ugauco and Xyvion. My family, Ugauco’s family are a line of Sith. Xyvion’s line, your line, is a Jedi line.”
“You are a descendant of Revan also? That’s why you fight like me, but why would you care if I was a Jedi?”
“If you were any other descendant of Revan I wouldn’t, but you are the one who is supposed to unite the two feuding lines. Now I knew I had to capture you, but I knew I was the only one capable of standing a chance against you. Enter the chip project; each one has a blood sample of yours on it that was collected by Vailosis on Manaan.” Turmoin explained, “Now you will unify our family the way I want you to, or I will fool destiny!”
“I will never become a Sith!” Ayro shouted.
“Very well” Turmoin said “Vailosis, get ready”

Darth Vailosis walked over to the computers and hacked into the galactic communications database. Turmoin and Ayro appeared on every screen, and comm in the galaxy. Turmoin ignited his lightsaber,the soldiers forced Ayro down to the ground, he knelt powerless.

“Hello, my dear citizens of the Republic, my name is Darth Turmoin, your new ruler. With me you can see I have your beloved Ayro Revan. My rule will begin with his death!”

Turmoin raised his lightsaber and struck Ayro in the chest. Turmoin went to the escape pods and sent Ayro in an escape pod to Coruscant to strike fear into the citizens. Turmoin's rule began.

03-23-2006, 04:53 PM
this isnt the end, fear not.

Diego Varen
03-24-2006, 01:15 AM
Ayro's dead? What's going to happen now? This is one of the greatest cliffhangers I've seen.

03-24-2006, 10:51 AM
Chapter 11:

The escape pod crash landed on Coruscant. Ayro’s dead body rolled out of the pod. As soon as Dajron got word he rushed over to the crash site where gawkers stood around him, recording his dead body on holocrons. This kind of disrespect towards such a great Jedi infuriated Dajron. He lifted all of the holocrons up into the air and crushed them then he shoved through the crowd and lifted Ayro’s body off the ground, he had him carried back to his apartment, where he laid him down on his bed. Dajron sat at his bedside and spoke to his corpse, hoping for a response even if he knew it was impossible.
Arme and the rest of the council walked in to pay their respects, Faye following them. Then followed a man that Dajron had never seen before, his accent was odd and long since outdated, and his face was hidden inside the hood of his baggy black cloak.

“May I pay my respects?” the man asked.

Dajron nodded reluctantly and kept a close eye on this suspicious man, what disturbed him the most wasn’t his cloak, but his voice, he knew he had heard this man’s voice somewhere, but he didn’t know where he had heard it from. The man’s hand reached outside his cloak and touched Ayro’s forehead.

“I suppose all hope is lost now” Dajron said.

“No, it isn’t, I came here to suggest that you take the boy’s body to Dxun. There is a temple built near the ruins of the old Mandalorian camp. You should leave immediately, there isn’t much time until Darth Turmoin arrives to assume command of the Republic” the man responded.

“Why, what will I find there?”

“Go there now!” the man yelled. “All questions will be answered upon your arrival to the temple. If you wish to have the Jedi live to fight another day, do as I say”

Dajron nodded and said “I’ll do it”


Dajron lifted Ayro’s body off of his bed. He boarded his cruiser and made his way to Dxun.

Ayro stood in the void that he saw himself in so many times before. This time he wasn’t dreaming, he was dead. The pain from his fatal blow still stung his chest even though he was no longer in contact with his body. He continued to stand in his solitude, then he felt a tap on the shoulder, he quickly turned around to find a man in a black cloak, his physical features were shrouded by the shadow cast by his baggy black cloak.

“Who are you?” Ayro asked.
“Nobody that you must fear” said the man.

“I have just visited your Master Dajron, he is taking your body to a temple on Dxun, if you wish to fight again, I suggest you come with me”

“Why? Who are you?”

“Everything shall be answered when you meet your Master at the temple. Now grab my hand”

The cloaked man extended his hand. Ayro grabbed it and they vanished from the void.

They reappeared inside the temple, it was barren and rather gloomy, as burial chambers typically are. He noticed an urn over in the corner.

“You were a Jedi?” Ayro asked.

“How did you know?” the man responded.

“There is the urn with your ashes in it, only Jedi cremate bodies.”

“You are very observant, young Revan”

Ayro knelt and took a closer look at the urn. He looked for a name on the urn. He tried to grab it but hadn’t gotten used to the fact that he was one with the Force. Either the urn had no name or the name side was facing the wall.

“When’s Dajron getting here with my body?” Ayro asked.

“Relax, once you die you will find that limitations aren’t as strict as the world of the living, especially for Force users.” The man revealed.

The man’s voice danced around in Ayro’s head, he knew that he had heard it from somewhere but he couldn’t place it. Then it donned on him, he remembered his voice from old holocrons, the ones that Dajron him as a young boy. The ones with Revan.

“You know your wife is a nice lady” Ayro said.

“What do you mean?” the man responded.

“Don’t play dumb” Ayro said “I know that you are Darth Revan”

“You are wrong; Darth Revan was a Sith Lord that was killed by his apprentice Darth Malak two thousand years ago. My name is simply Revan. A long dead Jedi, who finds that he cannot quietly rest in his grave” the man responded “It’s good to finally meet you, Ayro Revan, my son”

“Thank you”

Footsteps echoed from the end of the dark corridor. Dajron entered the burial chamber, carrying Ayro’s body. A sense of peace came over him when he saw Ayro, even if not in his body. Revan removed his cloak, showing himself.

“Now, Lio Dajron and Ayro Revan. I will tell you what I plan on doing” Revan announced.

Diego Varen
03-24-2006, 11:59 AM
Great Chapter, I wasn't expecting to see Ayro speak again.

03-24-2006, 12:12 PM
well hey, i couldnt just leave Ayro out, hes the main character.

04-09-2006, 06:52 PM
new chapter coming soon, sorry been really busy as of late.

04-11-2006, 10:07 PM
Chapter 12:

3 years later….

Darth Turmoin, now Darth Revan II stood in his throne room inside the capital building on Coruscant. It had been three long years since that fateful day on his star destroyer where he struck down Ayro Revan. The Republic, now a Sith Empire was devoid of all freedom and rights. Those who spoke out against him were soon dealt with. His agents were everywhere. Though for the past three years, there had been something on his mind, a fear that he had been having. Every time he began to worry he soon dismissed this fear as impossible.

Meanwhile, a traumatized Sith soldier was running about the streets of Coruscant. His platoon was on a mission when they were all greeted and slaughtered by a man wielding a blue lightsaber. He was the sole survivor; it was a rare site for the civilians seeing one of their oppressors running in fear, they enjoyed watching it, but they dare didn’t show their joy. The doors to the capital building opened and the politicians and soldiers made way for him so he could report this catastrophe to the Dark Lord.

“My Lord!” the soldier yelled as he dropped to his knees.
“What business do you have with me? Speak quickly; you know someone of your lowly rank shouldn’t be speaking to me.” Darth Revan II said.
“My squad was killed in the streets.”
“Did you see the perpetrator?”
“No, but his weapon of choice is a blue lightsaber.”

This made Revan II sit down in his throne and think.

A Jedi on Coruscant? That’s rather bold of those exiled fools.

“Thank you for reporting this, I will forgive you for speaking to me if you leave right now.” Revan II said.

The soldier scrambled to his feet, saluted and sprinted out of the throne room. Revan II was in a sticky situation; if a Jedi was on Coruscant without his knowledge he must be powerful. He punched his comm.

“Lord Vailosis?” Revan II said.
“Yes, Master” Vailoisis responded.
“Return to Coruscant, we have a problem.”
“Yes Master, right away”

The next morning Vailosis arrived on Coruscant, the matter seemed urgent so he rushed to see what was troubling his master. He knelt as he entered his master’s presence.

“Darth Vailosis, I want you to take three of our most elite Dark Jedi to the streets of Coruscant, we have a Jedi who enjoys playing the rebel in our midst.” Revan II commanded.
“It will be done, I will bring you the Jedi’s head” Vailosis promised.
“Good, leave now and don’t return until you have his head in your possession.”

Vailosis conjured the best Sith he could find and they entered the city. The terrified civilians bowed in their wake, none of them dared to speak when they were in their presence. Night fell and they still saw no trace of any other force activity besides theirs. Vailosis remembered his promise he made to his master and urged his fellow Sith to resume their search. The night turned into the early morning and he commanded his party to give up, regardless of what Revan II’s reaction would withhold. He turned his back when he heard a lightsaber activate, followed by another. It was dark so all he could see was a blue beam and multiple red beams. The red beams diminished quickly until Vailosis was the only one alive. He activated his lightsaber and prepared for battle, the Jedi began to run in the opposite direction of Vailosis’.

“You aren’t getting away, coward!” Vailosis yelled, he cast Force Speed and pursued him. He chased his target into the basement of an abandoned building. The room was dark but Vailosis could sense that he was in the same room as the Jedi was.

“I’ve chased you down here, you are cornered, and there is no way out!” Vailosis yelled.
“Now the question you should be asking is: did you chase me down here? Or were you led down here?” the Jedi responded.
“Stop acting like you are in control and give in, coward! Show yourself!”

The light flicked on in the room, the sudden change in light blinded Vailosis for a few moments but once he regained his vision he looked down to see a cast aside Jedi cloak. He looked up and all strength had left his knees when he realized who it was. His target had long crimson braids, bronzed skin, and three black markings along his cheeks and chin. His target was Ayro Revan.

“You… I saw you die, this is a trick, an imposter!” Vailosis yelled.

Ayro pulled the top part of his robes, exposing the stab wound on his chest. Ayro stood against the wall calmly; his power had vastly increased after training with Revan when he was dead. Vailosis fired Force Lightning at him; Ayro held one hand out as Vailosis’ lightning and gathered it in a ball. Vailosis kept firing in a steady wave for many minutes but he did not penetrate Ayro. Finally he gave in, he bent over in exhaustion.

“It isn’t wise to lower your eyes to an enemy!” Ayro yelled as he shot the ball of lightning at him. Quickly Vailosis blocked the ball with his lightsaber and it fizzled out when it hit the wall. Ayro pulled out his lightsaber and charged at Vailosis, slashing at him, Vailosis parried.
“Too slow” Ayro said as he caught Vailosis off guard and he cut off his mechanical hands and stabbed his leg. The Sith fell on his back.
“Déjà vu” Ayro chuckled, He rested his foot on Vailosis’ torso and pointed his lightsaber at his chest.

“How? How did you come back?” Vailosis asked.

“I wouldn’t tell that to a mere servant like you” Ayro said as he delivered the fatal blow to Vailosis’ chest. Ayro walked into the streets of Coruscant and got into his spacecraft, vanishing into space.

Diego Varen
04-12-2006, 04:11 AM
A bit dark for a Jedi to kill. I thought he would at least show some mercy. Good as always. I'm wondering why Ayro is alive. Has he become one with the Force?

12-11-2008, 02:41 PM