View Full Version : game doesnt load

02-22-2006, 08:39 PM
well,every time i try to play bfII on ps2 it plays the PLAYSTATION 2 message,then goes to a black screen and doesnt load.it just sits there.i only got to play it one time,and my friend thought i couldnt play becouse its a store-bought version and i had a chipped ps2 and that its a non-chip ps2 version only,but that only made the ps2 louder and doesnt work anymore and i still cant get the stupid thing to load.anyone else had this problem happen?if so, HOW CAN I PLAY BATTLEFRONT 2?!?!......................and its still not loading.

edit:ok its been a while..can anybody help?

edit again: come on,25 views and no ones posted?will somone PLEASE help?

edit again:will somone atleast post a suggestion?PLEASE?