View Full Version : I would like to join a squad or wing or something of the sort.

Lt. Horn
08-01-2001, 12:26 AM
Ok here it is.

I beat single-player twice.
I have yet to play multi-player.
I have more experience with clans and clubs then you could ever wish for.
I can train to get better.
I am on-line everyday so I will be a dedicated member.
I fly Rebel ships and sometimes Imperial but I prefer Rebel.

Lt. Horn
08-01-2001, 12:41 AM
Also I haven't played in a while because I went throught about 3 computers in a short time and never had time to install it and play it.

General Taskeen
08-01-2001, 01:11 AM
Try TIE corps (http://www.tiecorps.org/)

They will except anybody.

Or you could try NRN (http://www.nrnr.net/)

I'll do virtually anything to ensure that the Alliance topples the Empire.

Lt. Horn
08-01-2001, 02:36 PM
Ok, I'll try TIE Corps but not NRN. I have a friend that was in NRN so I'd rather not join it.

Lt. Horn
08-01-2001, 11:03 PM
No the TIE Corps isn't for me either. Any others?

08-01-2001, 11:30 PM
RSF, TFA, ... a bunch

Lt. Horn
09-01-2001, 10:55 PM
Any urls for those clans?