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02-25-2006, 05:05 PM
Firstly I was just noticing two things while playing the game. (skirmish) As you all know when you lose your stormtroopers you will automatically get new ones. I lost the stormtroopers i originally got, and i never received reinforcements. This is the first time this has happened to me. Also i noticed that sometimes the information for units glitches. Sometimes it reveals half of the info. Also here is a bug i noticed with the AT-AT research. Finally, why is it when you go to tech level 2-3 there are only the previous tech lvl 1. For example: The turrent power upgrade. It's only for two tech levels? Should it be that way. And if it should why did i get the turrent upgrade lvl 1 in tech lvl 2, and lvl 2 in tech lvl 3?

Here is the AT-AT bug (minor but annoying still)


P.S Anyone think the hero descriptions could be better. Especially Vadars? EX: Why is Mara Jade a little backround info and Vadars is just a dark jedi. Blah blah blah. Take a look at the heroes info in skirmish to see what i mean.