View Full Version : Multiplayer strategy thread (space)

02-26-2006, 05:33 PM
No one's got one of these (or past the first page, I'll admit I'm lazy and not going back any further.) But these are some things I've learned to help you win.

1. Keep some reinforcements off the map. Most maps you'll be struggling for resources anyway, but keep a few ships off the map so your opponent doesn't know all of what you have. This way, if they launch a massive attack at your base, and you show up with several ships as defense, your opponent may go, "Oh crap!" and beat it and giving you a tactical chance.This is especially important if you are the imperials, leading up into point #2.

2. If you are the Rebels, use the ion cannon. If you are the imperials, get ready to defend against it by doing #1. I attacked a level 5 space station after using an ion cannon with Home 1, A mon cal, and an assault frigate, and the falcon and beat the station with little difficulty. Most of it came from a hypervelocity gun.

3. If you can pick any location to hyper in your forces to fight an enemy, where do you send them in? Answer: behind them a little bit. This way, you can attack from the rear and the enemy ship will have trouble fighting back. This leads into point #4.

4. Hit the engines/shield generators first. Especially if you are behind a capital ship and bringing others in, they can't turn around and get you. Especially good on the larger capital ships.

5. Don't line your ships up. It's a bad idea. All it takes is a fighter to come behind your forces, and a large force to hyper in from the rear and wouldn't you know most of your fleet's going to be at least partially totalled? Keep them close to support each other, but stagger them so they can help each other out in a pinch and you can do it quickly.

6. Do not play this revolutionary-war style. By that, I mean lining up both sides of your men and pounding away. Defenders want this. When you attack, do not do this. You want to split their concentrated fire and knock theirs out. Best way to do this is #7.

7. Get enemies on both sides of your ships. When you attack a station, for example, send your capital ships in to stretch across the enemy fleet and between the sation. This way, you get both broadsides firing away.

8. Stretch your forces. Bring your ships across others with broadsides going. If you are fighting a lined up defender, bring a few larger capital ships across the fronts or rears, and watch the fireworks. Pretty soon, you'll have scraps of metal for enemy ships.

9. If rebels, don't forget your fighters. You'll need them. Some of the heroes such as red squadron or Chewie help, but keep a few handy.

10. Bombers are really effective if you don't see fighters around. Keep those in mind also if you want a faster, more deadly attacking fleet to hit and fade, such as a shield generator.

I hope these help. Feel free to critique my tactics and tips. So far, they've been really helpful. Please realize, nothing can really counteract overwhelming force, but if you are slightly outnumbered these can really help.