View Full Version : Can't connect to multiplayer

02-26-2006, 07:39 PM
Here's my fun problem:

I enter in all the account information, click connect, and it tries, but to no avail. (meanwhile freezing everything so i can't even click cancel until it's over).

I thought it might have been something wrong with my account, so I made a new one through the game. However, even though I made the accout from the game, I can't access it from the game. And I even verified the account was created by logging in from the gamespy website.

Finally, I thought the problem was something with the school network not allowing me to connect, or something, or maybe even my firewall. BUT, I can connect just fine to my gamespy account in battlefield 2.

So, it seems this problem is isolated only to EaW. Any suggestions?

edit: fixed a typo that caused a censor