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03-02-2006, 10:48 AM
Hey everyone and thanks for helping in advance I have a few questions about mapping for you. Hereís a list.

1.) I need help with a problem SV_SetBrush: NULL ent. 2 or something like that. I have researched this problem and found that walls need to be at least 2 grids units thick but it still doesnít work if the map is complex at all, anything other than a hollow box.

2.) I found out how to make a door work but I cant find out how to make it open to an area I can walk through because my maps have to be a hollow enclosed box not six brushes for walls or it will SV_setBrush me.

3.) How do I make an enclosed cylinder sort of like a launch pad, I donít want just a hollow tube.

4.) I use GtkRadiant is there another way to map or mapping program that is easier than Gtk.

5.) I am around 15 years old, am I in over my head?

6.) If you canít respond by forum e-mail me please.

Thanks again for all the help and I will prob. Have more questions soon.

06-05-2006, 09:37 PM
1 - The thickness issue....could there possibly be a model in your map that could be missing in the files you need for your map? I had that problem once and it was because of a missing model. So hit L on the keyboard and look in the entity list for a misc_model and see if someting looks outta place.

2 - The door thing. Kinda confusing from what you said but both hollowing our or using 6 brushes will work. Hit the n key to bring up the entity window and click on an angle for the door to open. If you are in the top view in GTK.....left is 180, open right is 360...up (north) is 90. It's possible your door isn't opening the right direction.

3 - not sure what you are talking about....more detal please....

4 - Make sure you are using GTk 1.4 1.5 have bugs but does have some functionality 1.4 dosent. I find 1.4 easier to use. You could find JK2Radiant at jk2files.com but I don't recommend it.

You are not over your head. It takes a little time and some nuckle grease to learn mapping sometimes. Once you get the hang ot it you can make anything.