View Full Version : i need to sort out this\apology

03-02-2006, 05:35 PM
i dont really know where i should put this so i thought i should put it where it had all started

hi every one i just relized last night i got banned! if any one saw the 2 advertisment post that were post underneath EAWFAN i need to clarify this a little. my bro is tryin to sell his psp and xbox so he can save up for his car. when the post where made i never closed lucasforums on my aol. he then put those post on there because he thought he could sell it that way. i relized this last night and i said "your gonna die tomorrow" to him so at 2:00 am i got up and gave him what he deserved. i am very sorry for all the trouble this has caused and i personnoly give you an apology for this mix up. i will assure you that this will never happen again. i dont care if this thread gets locked i just wanted to get out the truth. deepest apology, EAWFAN