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03-05-2006, 11:07 PM
It is a time of relative peace. Due to the actions of Revan, and later the Exile, the Old Republic has been stabilized. The Jedi Order has been re-established in the 200 years since the events of KOTOR II, and the tenets of the order have been examined, the flaws eliminated. Members swell the rebuilt order, and it seems Revan and the Exile had indeed eliminated the True Sith. New mandalorian jedi specialize in a new form of battle, and few can stand against their might. All seems to be as it should. Until one day, a cloaked man appears in the Cauterized Sith and begins spouting madness.

Use new characters, or I suppose HK and T3 could be reused, but there is no chance of anyone else surviving the 200 years since KOTOR II. A different sort of roleplay than the ones I've seen, one that intends to set the RPers not against each other, but against NPCs made by the Threadmaster (In this case, me). No controlling multiple characters without approval.

Character Sheet:

Other Equipment:
Special Abilities (if any):
Modus Transporti (If any):

The Special Abilities slot doesn't include basic force powers everybody knows about, but does include any new ones you make up.
My main character:

Name: Exerkis
Age: 32
Species: Human
Weapons: Blaster Rifle
Armour: None
Other Equipment: Stealth Field Generator
Special Abilites: Superior Aim: Exerkis, using his blaster rifle, can hit any target within 1 mile, given at least 5 minutes to aim, any target within 200 feet given at least 1 minute to aim. His shots like this are also extremely hard to deflect. Targets still get normal dodge attempts against his aimed shots.
Modus Transporti: N/A
Occupation: Jack-of-all-Trades
Disposition: Slightly Darkside, generally lighthearted
Bio: Born to a poor family on Nar Shadaa, Exerkis was orphaned at a young age, left only his father's blaster rifle, which he still carries. He was taken in by the Bounty Hunter's Guild for reasons currently unknown to him, where he learned how to stay alive in the every man for himself world of Nar Shadaa. He became very good with the blaster rifle, hitting targets others said were impossible to hit. He moved on to the richer grounds of Coruscant, living off of the Exchange's fueds with Hutts and other crimelords. He has become rather well-off, and now hunts only for the thrill of the hunt.

03-05-2006, 11:44 PM
Name: Terrance O'Kari
Age: 19
Species: Zabrak
Weapons: Double-bladed lightsaber, nicknamed 'Yin & Yang', one side is white with a black core and one side is black with a white core.
Armour: A flowing black Jedi/Sith Robe with a black obsidian-formed chest, shoulder, and forearm pads. Light, black leather boots.
Other Equipment: His left leg is completely light Durasteel and bionic.
Special Abilities (if any): Force Sprint. Currently, the fastest Sith in the Galaxy, this ability was passed down from his grandfather, to his father, to him.
Modus Transporti (If any): (I'm guessing that means transport) Jet-black Speeder Bike.
Occupation: Mercenary.
Appearance: He has an intricate horn design, as all Zabrak do. The horns on his head spike out in a cross-like fashion, with one spike on each four sections. (The rest is explained in Armor.)
Disposition: Darksided.
Bio: Born on Iridonia, but soon migrated to Coruscant to train to be a Jedi. After being knighted to a Jedi Knight, he found that following the Light soon got annoying, so he left the Enclave in the middle of the night and soon chose his own path, and soon traveled down the path of the Dark Side. He stayed in a Sith Academy for some time before once again, leaving them, killing off a few as he left (Because you can't leave the Sith alive). He soon began traveling around the galaxy in stolen ships, before finally combining his two constructed lightsabers (As a Jedi, a white one. As a Sith, a black one) into a doublesaber. He soon began to take contracts to kill scum off the galaxy. Some weren't scum, but he killed them for credits anyway. He now wanders the galaxy, taking credits for kills he did with freightening speed.

03-06-2006, 12:01 AM
Name: Morbo the Hutt
Age: 502 (Hutts live for a long time)
Armour: None
Other Equipment: Loads of credits
Special Abilities: Morbo has numerous goons, mercenaries, and bounty hunters at his disposal. He is also very well financed. And "negotiating"
Modus Transport: None
Occupation: Nar Shadaa Crimelord
Dispostion: Whatever earns him more profits
Bio: Morbo was alive during the time of the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil War, but was just a petty arms dealer then. Now he is one of the reigning crimelords of Nar Shadaa. Like most successful Hutts, Morbo is fat, slimly, powerful, rich, and doesn't do much physical activity. He engages in most activities crimelords do, such as spice dealing, slavery, prostitution, gambling circuits, extortion, protection, bounties and finances illegal operations throughout the galaxy. Morbo currently resides in a suite on top of a skyscrapper on Nar Shadaa. The facility is well guarded by his Gamorrean goons, security droids, and some of his special bodyguards.

I'll have another character if that's alright. Cuz common...a hutt?

Name: Ferrille Drexis
Age: 34
Species: Human
Armour: Medium cuirass
Other Equipment: Dual repeater blasters, Mandalorian assualt rifle, flamethrower, various grenades, vibro dagger, Nar Shadaa cigarretties, liquor flask, pazaak deck.
Special Abilities: Melee combat, shooting, computer slicing, stealth assassination, aggressive negotiation, drinking, gambling, playing\cheating at pazaak
Modus Transport: A small junker cargo freighter
Occupation: Is Morbo the Hutt's best enforcer\bounty hunter\assassin\mercenary\negotiator.
Disposition: Grey
Bio: A while ago... a highly populated but unrecognized outer-rim world called Hedros that isn't part of the Republic, erupted in a catastrophic civil war which ravaged the planet for decade. Ferrille was an elite commando in the civil war, fighting on the loyalist side. For he believed in loyalty to the state. The government was soon defeated by the vicious rebels, and they took control. All loyalist soldiers were executed but Ferrille manged to escape. He soon found himself on Nar Shadaa with his talents being employed by Morbo the Hutt. Ferrille is paid very handsomely, and is skilled in many fields. If he isn't on a mission for Morbo, Ferrille spends his time in one of Morbo's many cantinas wasting away.

03-06-2006, 12:06 AM
We should have like.. conflicting characters CountVerilucas. Since my character is a Mercenary, he can be one of the best, aside from Ferrille,and the two compete for the most kills-and credits from Morbo.

03-06-2006, 12:08 AM
CountVericulas, the second char is fine.

03-06-2006, 12:10 AM
I guess thats cool xbx, i changed up my char a bit.

03-06-2006, 01:01 AM
Ok here she is:
Name: Lila Darklighter
Age: 17
Species: Human
Weapons: a special melee that seems to sing with the power of heart and courage; a small silver stick that is an oddity that she has carried around on her belt for years, the hilt has etchings of a language of long ago
Armour: tunic of the Bushida warriors
Other Equipment: small toolkit that is good for many things, comlink, an astromech called Two-ie
Special Abilities (if any): Can make herself disappear into crowds, a gift from her people
Modus Transporti (If any): a starfighter that goes by the name Rogue One
Occupation: no known occupation
Disposition: neutral with light side leanings
Bio: Born on the remote system Utapu, Lila was orphaned at a young age and raised by a stranger she called Baba. She grew up learning how to fight and excelled in melee combat and became an exceptional pilot. Her language skills allowed her to move across systems to aid those who needed help. As a result, she developed an understanding of the galaxy and a caring heart for children. Baba gave her her silver stick and instructed in its use that it was "who she was meant to be." She later hooked up with Exerkis on Coruscant keeping her true nature hidden and helping when she could, when he wasn't looking. Baba kept in contact but left her to discover who she was.

03-06-2006, 10:54 PM
Name:Karl Vome
Weapons:My own custom blaster pistol and whatever I find and need
Armour:Just my clothing, Black Boots, Blue pants, Black Shirt
Other Equipment:My comlink, my toolkit(not always with me) small knife
Special Abilities (if any):When I'm get truly angry he'll go kinda berserk and fight till his anger wears off.
Modus Transporti (If any):Whatever I can find
Occupation:"Odd Job Jack"I'll do a little bit of anything,
Disposition:Quick to help others but can become very angry toward people who bully others.
Bio:Born on Telos Karl had a good childhood, learning how to hack, fix things and heal injurys. Eventually he just wanted to explore the galxy so he left home.

If anyone wants a crewmember for a ship just ask, I'll come.

03-07-2006, 06:48 PM
Alrighty, I think we have enough characters to get this roleplay started! Let's try to move the plot at a decent pace, not too fast and not too slow, and keep the characters involved. We can use this thread to talk about the roleplay out of character, if we have big complaints that would start a discussion and couldn't be put into OOC comments.

03-07-2006, 09:31 PM
Name: Vash Vao
Age: 30
Species: Mandalorian
Weapons: White Longsaber, Blue Curved Saber
Armour: Jedi Knight Robes, Guardian Armor
Other Equipment: Heavy Pistol
Special Abilities (if any): Battle Meditation, Mandalorian Battle Technique
Modus Transporti (If any): n/a
Occupation: Jedi Guardiam
Disposition: Neutral
Bio: Mandalorian strong in the Force, he was trained by Mandalore, then the Jedi

03-07-2006, 10:05 PM
Name: Galidraan Kaltas
Age: 23
Species: Human
Weapons: single-bladed lightsaber(green)
Armour: Jedi Robe
Other Equipment: Tracking device, grappling hook
Special Abilities (if any): Master of all lightsaber forms
Modus Transporti (If any): 200 year-old Sith Starfighter
Occupation: Jedi Knight, Jedi Weapon Master
Disposition: Lightsided with a small dark streak
Bio: Ancestor of the great Alkonium Kaltas, Galidraan was born on Coruscant, and soon went to the Jedi Enclave for training. There, he quickly mastered the lightsaber, but had difficulty using the Force. When this new threat appeared, he felt it was his duty to stop it.

03-08-2006, 07:55 AM
Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 21
Species: Human
Weapons: a sword called the 'Buster Sword' and a belt of Thermal Detonators
Armour: Just his clothes.
Other Equipment: Toolkit
Special Abilities (if any): Cloud has the ability to fix anything faster and better then any Jawa in the galaxy. He also has sword skills that could make any Jedi green with envy.
Modus Transporti (If any): If that means starship: A ship called the BEW Undertaker. Also has a high speed swoop.
Occupation: Mercenary(takes only certain jobs)/mechanic
Disposition: All light side
Bio: As a young boy, Cloud dreamed of becoming a Jedi, but couldn't. He also dreamed of exploring space. He soon found a great skill in mechanics when he toook apart a hyperdrive and put it back together in under 5 mins. After he turned 18, he left his homeworld, Alderaan, to become a mercenary. During a mission, he fell in love with a flower girl named Aerith Gainsborough. Soon after, she is killed by a Sith named Darth Sephiroth. Cloud has sworn revenge on the Sephiroth for killing innocent people. He soon found himself in the Black Eagle Warrior Squadren(BEW), a guild of neutral pilots who help Cloud search for Darth Sephiroth. They gave him a Republic Cruiser that was called the BEW Undertaker. Cloud is currently searching Nar Shaddaa.

03-08-2006, 06:01 PM
Name: Qui Redart
Age: 19
Species: human
Weapons: Purple lightsaber
Armour: armor similar to Darth Revan's armor(scheck out my sig)
Other Equipment: medical equipment, life signs scanner in his visor
Special Abilities (if any): Qui has the ability to basically copy anyone's forcepowers and use them, until the original user is dead.(sorry if it's too powerful, if so i'll change it)
Modus Transporti (If any): Enhanced jedi starfighter (we're talking diamond shaped ones from AOTC)
Occupation: Jedi Knight, jedi medic...
Disposition: mainly lightside but partially neutral
Bio:Not much is known of Qui. Only that he has been with the jedi since birth, as all apprentice's are. He was once suspended from the order for using darkside force powers in a war situation. He was let back in when he proved to his masts that he had what it takes to be a jedi.