View Full Version : Pazaak enhancements

03-06-2006, 08:03 AM
Hi, I haven't seen this posted before so hopefully it is not redundant.

I respectfully request, if possible, enhancements to playing Pazaak in both games.

In TSL I would like to have some sort of interaction between you and Atton when you play Pazaak. Maybe some text dialogue? or perhaps certain exclimations when you have certain types of hand for instance...

If you get three deck cards in a row to make 20 and win the hand you get hear the famous "Pure Pazaak!" line (I have a whole range of ideas of what different card combinations should be called and might be helpful if someone is interested in pursuing this type of mod). What's the point of playing pazaak in your head if you can't hear Atton?

It would be nice to see your opponents name instead of just opponent!

Specialty Pazaak cards like personal armbands for instance a plus/minus 10 (in a spiffy colour) card called Atton's reversibility that only the PC or Atton can use.

Maybe a special prize in either game where when you've beaten a certain opponent (would work well in TSL with Pazaak theme) a certain amount of times you get a special feature called Pazaak Champion which give's you extra charisma and inellegince or something along those lines.

These are just some ideas, because I love to pazaak in the game and sometimes just play pazaak for hours and not the game. I would also love it if someone would make a real pazaak set but I don't expect that here.

Thank you for reading.