View Full Version : Male Alien Heads For TSL

03-06-2006, 12:42 PM
Hello everybody as this is a request thread and not a thread for telling people how to do it themselves. I have a Request for any or all of our budding Graphic artists at the forum.

I would like some young 16-20 looking appearance heads of the following:

Iridonian/Zabraks(Aka. Bao-Dur)--Tan/Gray to Brown/Green
Devaronians--Purple/Red to Gray/Brown most definetley Reddish tinged ones as true Devaronians have Red coloration to there skin which is what helped earned there name is because of there devilish appearance. It might be of note that Female Devaronians have only sharp pointed teeth and no horns.

I would like a variety of different colors if possible as listed beside each race.

Preferably each of these will have there own Models with vert coords moved to add to the younger appearance. However I realize that can be difficult so skins will be fine.

I will be addding more heads in the near future with concept/sample art for all of the above in the next few days.