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Master Toddy
03-06-2006, 10:49 PM
I have a multiplayer issue in that when I try logging on to play online it just boots me back to the main screen. I have a strong suspicion that its firewall related, there's a problem though...I can't unblock any ports that I might need to because I'm on a college campus, there's nothing that I can really do...Empire at War isn't the only game that gives me problems, other games to (especially games that run on gamespy) give me problems playing online...what's a college guy who wants to play games online to do?

03-07-2006, 06:42 AM
Theres alot of problems with online and petroglyph are working hard to get the next patch out which should overcome these problems. I would imagine seeing a patch before the month is over


03-09-2006, 08:30 AM
I heard (and this is just rumor) that Lucasarts/Petroglyph modified the Gamespy client code in some way and now Gamespy will not support it. It is "as is".

This had us discussing all the patch possibilities in some detail- and we all came up with the worst possible scenerio... They are going to release a patch as an add-on! Yes, this is some new marketing ploy to make a few extra bucks- as we all love the game and are now sooo frustrated with it that we might actually pay a few extra bucks to make the game playable online! OH NOS!!!!

Seriously, I am some what dissappointed. We had the first 2 patches almost immediately after release. I remember that first night not even being able to connect to the Gamespy host... But they did fix it, and fixed it fast!!! I thought "Wow!!! These guys are on top of it! They see a problem and they patch it immediately!!!" Now I keep hopeing that they will release the next patch to make the multiplayer side smooth, but no patch last week... And so far, no patch this week... It's Thursday, one more day this week (fingers crossed) then we have another "not likely to patch during the weekend". With the first two patches so prompt, why is it taking so long to fix the multiplayer connectivity issues?

Could it be that they shot themselves in the foot by tinkering with the Gamespy code? Not that Gamespy is a choice I would make to begin with, but it is a bit more stable than this- just look at Dawn of War!

Could it be that they don't know how to make good net code? I think with Red Alert 2 and most of the Command and Conquer series we KNOW that can't be the case. Those games connect online just fine WITHOUT gamespy. No, they know what they are doing...

So what is it? When will the next patch be? We have high hopes, high expectations from the former Westwood guys, and I for one want them to succeed. But they need to produce! The multiplayer needs to be fixed- like sometime last week!

03-09-2006, 09:07 AM
The next patch will NOT be an 'add-on' - no question of that. The reason for the delay is simple and has been explained at least 20,000 times. With so many different firewall set-ups out there, games wouldnt simply not launch if just 1 person had the incorrect settings. This is something that is being worked on and will take time - sit back and think about the thousands of different set ups out there.

The guys are working on a code that should be able to detect the settings and then make the adjustment so the game can launch. Dawn of War is far from perfect online and although doesnt have the same problems in terms of connections but it had alot of problems early on.

Gamespy should really make publishers sit up and think 'hey. this place sucks' but its a cheaper way for them to allow multiplayer gaming. And lets end this chatter about 'out to make a quick buck' in some of these posts as that is simply not the case.