View Full Version : What about a battle ARENA??

03-07-2006, 01:32 PM

In Episode II , there was a fight in A arena with Jedi's and Republic against CIS. Anakin and obi wan did fight against some creatures like Ackala's. I thought perhaps can someone make a map over that chapter from Episode II. the CIS has count dooku, and the Republic has some more jedi's and in the middle of the fight walks some Ackalay's. isn't that not great. the map looks like a arena with three poles in the middle just like the movie, than you can walk over the tribunes with a Ackalay behind ya, haha. I thought it was a great idee and i hope someone can makes it too, a map with a tribune and a sand terrain. with Ackalays in it. I want really make my own map but I cant modding sow I really hope some one can make a map like that.
thanks in advance