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Hey guys,
I've had this bouncing around in my head for a while, and I finally decided to write (or rather, type) it out and get it out of my head. Then I thought to myself, why be selfish like that and keep it all to yourself? :xp: So, I figured I'd start a thread and post it. Don't expect it to be continued. At least, not yet.

Enjoy! :D

Reviews are, as always, very welcome.


The rain drizzled down, blurring the sight of the dismal sky overhead. The lights of the Enclave provided a dull, yellow glow to those who were still up, despite the lateness of hour and the enforced curfew the Masters had placed for all under the age of fifteen.

One boy sat up still, in the library of the Enclave, his face illuminated by the blue light projecting off one of the several datapads scattered around him on the table. He half read the white lines of information, watching rather as the sheets of ice-cold rain pressed the green grasses of Dantooine flat against the dirt. In the corner of his vision was a smaller building of the complex, where most of the students resided. He had heard plans of the Masters having the buildings renovated and connecting the main building and the dorms once the winds and rains died down.


The boy looked up hurriedly at the woman approaching him. Her white hair gleamed in the faint light, and her matching robes glistened as she moved. The ice blue of her eyes locked with his emerald. “What are you still doing up?”

“Oh…I was just finishing up some research, Master Atris.” he said, making a show of organizing the mess of datapads. “I’ll be done soon, honest.”

“I would hope so, Revan. Master Zhar is worried about your apparent lack of sleep.” she turned from him, returning once more to the entrance of the library. “I’m putting the lights on timer,” she called to him, “Once they go out, I want you to go straight to your dorm, understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

As he heard the hiss of the door slide shut, the boy leaned forward, an elbow on the table and his head in his hand. He ran his fingers through the spiked, brown locks of hair as he picked up one of the datapads. What he was looking for had to be here somewhere.

The past couple of days, one of the more annoying padawans of the Enclave had taken ill, and neither the healers, nor the Masters could quite figure it out. She was stabilized, as of late. Either what she had was far from life-threatening, or she was a true fighter. Whatever the case, the padawan was still far from healthy, and Revan, though seeing her as more of a rival than a friend, worried for her. The disease was still unknown, which meant that anything at all could aggravate her condition.

He scanned the lines of text with a stronger determination and fervor, running through the unimportant details, searching for anything that might sound like it could be her illness. Earlier, several different infirmities had caught his attention, and he had copied the details onto a blank datapad for future reference.

Glancing out the window, the padawan noticed that her window was still yellow with light, meaning that she was still up. Good. Hopefully she would stay up until he was finished, and then his discoveries wouldn’t have to wait until morning. He bent back over the datapads, both elbows now firmly planted on the table, his fingers interlaced behind his neck. This was going to be a long night.

As the hours of the night dragged on, the rains increased and the winds picked up, as they often did. Every once in a while he’d copy some notes before moving on, but he was making slow progress. Noting the time on his datapad, he yawned extensively, stretching his cramped limbs. His elbows and fingers popped as he stretched, trying to work the pins-and-needles feeling out of his legs. No amount of the Force was going to help him finish this work, he mused before setting back to work.

While in its early stages, Dictliphia induces a strong feeling of nausea, enough to keep its host bedridden from most all activities. However, as the disease progresses, pain in the limbs may surface, followed by a feeling of weakness and deep weariness.

Revan leaned back in the chair, kicking his legs up on the table as he read. It was one of the most-fitting articles he had seen as of yet. Surely this is what he’d been looking for! It was a hard disease to detect and was hardly ever diagnosed anywhere in the galaxy, according to the data. It also appeared to be hereditary, though it surfaced more often in mature adults and the elderly than in younger children or teens. He was halfway through the long set of data when the lights of the room went out. Letting out an annoyed groan, he hit the LED light, and continued reading. He only stopped when he heard footsteps outside the door and sensed someone approaching ten minutes later.

“Oh shi--” the rest of his curse was lost as Revan grabbed his datapad, notes, and the one with the info on Dictliphia stored on it. He grabbed the others and quickly chucked them behind a bookcase that would have hidden from view. He too dodged behind a bookcase and fought to control his quickened breathing and to hide his presence in the Force. He figured that if Atris decided to scan the room for Force signatures, he’d be done for. However, if she didn’t see anyone and had noted that the lights hadn’t been activated since the time she had set them to do so, maybe she would leave without further investigating, believing him to have already returned to his dorm. He hoped.

A moment later, he heard the hiss of the library doors sliding open, and caught the light spilling out through the corner of his eye. He could see the Master’s figure silhouetted in the light. He hardly dared to breath as he watched the shadow of Atris’s head swing back and forth, probably searching the room for potential clues that he was still here. In the dark, he hoped she’d find none. He had flung the datapads safely behind one of the bookcases, which would hide them from her view, and she’d hopefully believe he’d put them away. He didn’t move or make a sound, and pleaded with the Force to mask his presence, so she shouldn’t suspect him to still be there…

After five, tense minutes for Revan, the doors hissed shut, and Atris left. He breathed a sigh of relief, starting forward as he felt as if his shaking limbs would give out on him. The wind howled loud and high outside, making him jump. He slowed his breathing, settling himself down as he bent down to retrieve the other datapads, which he quickly replaced in their original spaces. Then, checking the hallway for Force signatures, he darted out the door.

The rain was still falling as he stood at one of the permi-glass entrances of the Enclave’s main building. He looked across at the smaller building of dorms. His dorm was down the hall and up a flight of stairs from where he stood at the door. Problem was, his destination was in the adjacent building, which was locked down tight by now.

Watching the sheets of rain flash down warded off the prospect of stepping outside, but he wasn’t to be deterred. With a deep breath, he keyed the door open, and slipped outside.

Two seconds after he had first exited the building, his robes were soaked through, and the rain was driving the wind from his body. His hair was matted down to the top of his head as he pushed his way through the weather, determined not to be driven back.

Finally, he reached the shelter of a small group of trees that stood just below her window. Looking up, he blinked through the rain that fell on his face and spotted the faint, yellow light that gleamed through the shades over her window. He looked back to the trunks of the trees, discerning which one would best serve his interest. After a moment, he chose two standing near the base of the structure. Running a hand alone the knotty bark of one, he braced himself for a run. Taking in another deep breath, he ignored the water that flew from his drenched clothes and skin as he ran up along the trunk of one, using the Force to help him jump to the next, and then back again to the first, where he grabbed a branch and swung himself up. He was now just outside her window.

He peered through the thin fabric, and discerned a shadow inside as her. The silhouette showed an attractive figure, with curves that perhaps were too mature for her age, and hair cascading down her shoulders, a change from the normal triple ponytail she wore for training.

He tore his eyes away from her movements, and placed the datapad with the needed information on her windowsill, leaving it leaning against the glass. He then bounced from branch to branch back to the ground. Searching the ground, he grabbed a slick stone, and chucked it up at her window.

- - - -

Bastila sat back on her bed, a leg propped in the air. She had been trying to get some studying done, but she felt so blasted weak! And those foolish healers couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her! She pounded a fist on her blankets, sliding her other hand under her hair and behind her neck as she recited the Code. There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no chaos, there is harmony. These doctrines had been one of the few things that had allowed the young Padawan to retain her sanity over the past few weeks of being confined to her dorm.

She rolled on her side, her hands under her pillow and head, her legs folded close. She felt so tired, and yet couldn’t sleep. So hungry, but couldn’t eat. So bored, but couldn’t hold her attention on something for more than a few moments. She closed her eyes, thinking that, maybe, the sleep that had eluded her all day would finally come.


Her eyes shot open, and she propped herself up on her elbows, glancing around. What was that?


Now she stood, striding to the window, where two rocks lay on the sill outside. She opened the latch, and swung the pane out, searching the dark ground below. Though, after a moment, it was obvious that trying to discern someone from the shadows would be futile. It was too dark. She was about to pull her head back inside and shut the window again, when she noticed a datapad, its screen flashing, leaning on the glass. She cocked an eyebrow, and nabbed the pad, withdrawing back inside. She hit the blinking link that announced a personal message had been recorded, and quickly scanned the few words that were there.

Hey Bas,
Hope this helps.

She scanned the attached data quickly, and held the datapad against her chest. This would be her key to getting healthy again! She leaned against the window, smiling broadly. But, who was Rev? It couldn’t be Revan…could it?

- - - -

Back in the rain, Revan looked up at Bastila’s dorm window, a smile playing across his lips, even as his limbs were weighed down with what felt like gallons of water. His job done, he turned from the shelter of the trees, and returned to the main building, ready for a warm shower and his dry bed…

Mission Accomplished.

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Nice little vignette you have here! Like the part where he's hiding from Atris, too. Tense, but totally believable! Used to do something similar when reading in bed with a flashlight, then panicking when I heard my mom coming up the stairs. ;) No need to add to this. It's perfect just like it is!

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How interesting and how cute! :D Of course he doesn't have feelings for her but still. I like how you placed Revan and Bastilla as padawans. This should make for a good fanfic. I likeit. I would like to see more.

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Heheh, muchas gracias, guys :) I'm glad you like it. I doubt that this'll get turned into a fanfic, but you never do know...

Thanks again :D :D

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excellent beginning, FFWM12, though i think if you want to continue it, you had better give us the rest of the PoD....or else.....:p :D

Char Ell
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An excellent read, ForceFightWMe12! You used some powerful and believable structure in this short story and it really pulled me in. Thanks for sharing!

03-12-2006, 04:38 PM
Great little story!

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Thanks guys :D I'm glad you like it. Maybe this'll hold you out until I get the next chapter of Plight of Darkness out...and maybe not. :xp:

Steve-O Kreesh
03-13-2006, 06:36 PM
Nice little story ForceFight. I enjoyed it. :)

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dude.. you are amazing, im jealous of your skill.

Char Ell
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dude.. you are amazing, im jealous of your skill.:eyeraise: Umm 'kay, just as long as you realize you're jealous of a "dudette" as opposed to a "dude." ;)

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^Hai Wan, why'd you do that? We need a counter-LIAYD and here you are telling folks Forcefight's a she. :disaprove :lol:

Forcefight, this is a great fic, but I think there are other, more important things your need to focus on. Like a certain plight we all knows and loves. About darkness.
The 's' was put there on purpose

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:lol: Well, Hall, I got a custom title, and I don't think too many people will be mistakening me for a 'dude' anymore :xp:

Thanks, guys, I'm glad you liked it! I did actually have fun writting this...a bit of it was from my own experience :xp:

And don't worry, Hall, I haven't forgotten about PoD...I just wrote this to blow off a little steam and to help me work things out for the next chapter. So...yeah...

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:lol: Well, Hall, I got a custom title, and I don't think too many people will be mistaking me for a 'dude' anymore :xp:
You'd be surprised at what happens here, this is really close to Ahto.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Careful with that editing or I might deside to start work on another shortie fic rather than my next chapter...:dev10:

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^And I'll be there, pointing out all your spelling errors, like the word 'decide', which you just spelled 'deside'. ;)

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I outta hit you ;)

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You should because Hallucination misspells himself. As to your next shortie fic, I look forward to it.

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Sounds like someone has been wading through some old posts...

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I outta hit you ;)

Can I help? I've always wanted to give Hall the old smackdown :)

The Fic was nice, and I think that you should turn it into something bigger. Though, you might want to use a different screename, 'cause everyone would flock to it once they noticed the ForceFightWMe12 author thingy :)

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:lol: That and I think a certain reader above might kill me if he found out I started another fic without finishing Plight of Darkness...which is coming, by the way. I haven't forgotten about it...

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^I wouldn't kill you.
I'd lock you in a room with a laptop, and the only programs on the laptop would be Microsoft word and a dictionary. Every night I would go into the room, read what you wrote that day, and put enough food to last a day beside the door. Muahahaha!

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You sick, evil man ;)

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horny 14 year old, you mean :lol:

gotcha back, hall

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horny 14 year old, you mean :lol:

gotcha back, hall
No, you didn't. I turned 15 in February. Checkmate, you horny 13-year-old. :D

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horny 15 year old, you mean :lol:

gotcha back, hall

fixed :D

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I wish I was a mod so I could edit your posts..... But just to let you know, you only get one shot at burning people. But I'm not sure if that rule counts out of Canada.

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im at my moms hous and its....(put 8 hours to american time and see what time it is at estonia.now its....19:42....i write the story of padawans tommorw(mix of marong,revan and all the other jedi chars of K1.hehe),byas

Pj123 out!!!

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Alright guys, (Hall's going to kill me for this) I have another shortie fic! Yaaaay! :xp:

I did work on PoD whenever I didn't feel like writting this, it's short, and it didn't take me a whole long time to write, so I didn't waste too much of my 'very valuable time'. Heh, right. I'm almost done with the next Plight of Darkness chapter, so don't worry. It will be up. Slight problem...I'll be going away for the weekend. And I don't have a laptop. :D Oops. Don't worry, Hall, just building up the anticipation of the next chapter :xp:

Anyway, this is based on one of Tysyacha's RPGs, The Price of Power. The characters are mine and hers, and this is just something I thought up while daydreaming during one of the long, boring speaches of my weird Bio teacher. Enjoy.

- - - - -

The skies darkened overhead as the pair walked along the now deserted Nar Shadaa street. It was strange, Tysy thought, that any street on Nar Shadaa could be left empty for even a moment, though she suspected that the Net’s report of a severe storm warning had frightened most off to seek shelter from the potential downpour. She hardly ever cared what the Net predicted for the weather, but it wasn’t as if she and Senyo had had a choice. The information they were seeking was too valuable to just let sit around for a day or two while they hid from the weather. Besides, as a Padawan, she knew that there were far more dangerous things to worry about than getting a bit wet.

As he followed along side Tysy, Senyo’s eyes were glued to the ground as he stared at it with a dim look in his eyes. Far too many things were going through his mind to think about the weather, or even for conversation with the woman. And so he respected the comfortable silence as they walked, feeling the moisture in the air gather and thicken even as he did so.

What is my problem? he thought to himself. Moments ago, he and Tysy had been engaged in a scrap with one of the numerous gangs that ruled the streets in the area. While he fended off one of them, Tysy was surrounded by several gang members, each holding some form of weapon: anything from brass knuckles, to sections of piping, even broken bottles. She had called out his name, and when he had seen her in trouble…something…happened. He still, even now, wasn’t sure what. It must have been a rush of adrenaline or something. What else could account for the surface of that energy? Whatever it was, it allowed him to bring down two of the thugs with only one swipe of his vibrosword each. He was never able to do that before. But…the revelation that she was in very real danger…


He looked up to see her several steps ahead of him. Unnoticed by him, he had stopped walking. She didn’t say anything more, and neither did he. Rather, he began walking again, catching up to her, and continuing on.

Is he alright? the young Padawan wondered to herself as she looked at the ‘Parts Pirate’. He hasn’t said a thing since that fight…

The small battle replayed in her mind as her gaze continued to linger on the man. His hair had fallen in his eyes, casting a shadow and making it hard to discern the emotion reflected in them. The crystal-clear blue shown slightly out from the dark as he stared with little emotion at the ground. From Tysy’s perspective, he seemed to be walking simply as a preprogrammed task, like a secretary droid as it methodically sorted hundreds of files. He wasn’t really concentrating on what he was doing or where he was going. His mind was elsewhere.

She looked away from him as she felt the first raindrop land wetly on the top of her head. She glanced up at the sky, and it was far darker than it had been moments ago. Maybe they were right after all…

“Hey, Tysy…”

She turned to the Scoundrel, slightly surprised. He went on without waiting for a response.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

She stopped moving, and studied him. “Yes, of course. What is it?”

He moved closer to her. Perhaps closer than she should allow…but she didn’t step back. Even as the color rose slightly in her cheeks, she looked into his eyes, which stared right back at her.

“I’ve been thinking…for a while now…” he said, his gaze falling away from hers momentarily, “Ever since I met you, back at the Enclave on Dantooine…I’ve known there was something strange about you. You’re no ordinary woman…that much was evident even as I looked on you for the first time. Though now…even though I’ve only known you for a short time…You…You seem to have…I don’t know…” he stumbled for a moment as the words caught up in his throat. As the rain began to fall harder, she could tell by the look on his face that this wasn’t coming out quite as he had planned. “Something about you…just…I feel drawn to you. More so than anyone I’ve ever met before. All my life I’ve always felt like a misfit…like I’m always one step behind everyone else. When I’m with you…It’s like I belong.”

He stepped even closer so that now their bodies were nearly touching, his eyes never leaving hers. Even though the chilling rain poured down, drenching them both from head to foot, Tysy still felt her body heat rise as the gap between them narrowed. Her face pinked even more, and her breathing patterns changed. What exactly is he doing?

“I find myself thinking about you…and the reason why I feel pulled to you. It’s like…I can’t help myself. I’m not used to the feeling, and I didn’t like it. I saw it as a weakness; a hole in my defenses. But now…I…I think I know what it is. After that fight back there…” he brought his hand up and lightly touched her cheek. He could feel her trembling beneath his fingers. “I saw that the possibility of you getting hurt was very, very real. And it was that that forced me to realize what I was feeling for you…”

The touch on her cheek became firmer as his head bent towards hers, and their noses touched lightly. “I was afraid, Tysy…afraid I would loose you before…”

“Senyo?” his name slipped through her parted lips, her half-closed eyes watching his intently. She thought that, perhaps, he would realize what he was doing…that she was a Jedi, and Jedi could not have attachments…but as the rain fell, his free hand grabbed her shoulder roughly, and he pulled her to him, their lips meeting along the way.

He kissed her fiercely, the experience for him long forgotten, and completely new to her. His hand left her shoulder and instead locked around her waist, the other holding her face to his as her fingers snared up in his shirt. Water poured from the sky, dripping through their clothing and along their skin, plastering their hair to the tops of their heads, but neither cared.

Finally, the exertion, leaving them breathless, forced to come up for air. The two pulled apart slightly, so that their noses still touched. Senyo rested his forehead against hers, his eyes closed. “I love you, Tysy…I truly do…”

In response, she pressed her lips lightly against his for a moment before pulling away again. “And I love you.”

- - - - -

Several yards away from the embracing couple, in an obscure alley, Jedi Master Bastila Shan watched the two, a grin of true happiness on her face. She could remember when Revan and herself had been that way…like a couple of teenagers testing the waters before jumping in head first. Good for them, she thought, before her mood darkened slightly. If only they knew what was to come…

03-24-2006, 09:29 PM
Nice work. It fits with what's happening in the RP. You truly have a gift. Good job :D

03-24-2006, 10:04 PM

*reaches for butterfly net and chloroform*
Please post the PoD update soon. :)

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Well...I'm bored, so here's a fantasy Shortie-Fic :P

- - - - -

The Forbidden Forest was nearing, but Kira didn’t care. The image of her burning village was imprinted on her mind, and flashed behind her eyes every time she blinked. What was worse was that…that…thing she had seen. That demon. The sight of it, rising from the flames of her village, smoke entwining its arms and legs, its clothing flaying about it as if it were bits of ash…and…those eyes that glittered with pure energy, literally glowing white with the power of the creature.

She had to put as much distance between the creature from hell and herself as possible. Even if it meant getting lost in the Forest.

She stumbled through the darkness, a small glow on the horizon, marking the spot where her family and childhood home was burning to ashes. She tore her eyes from the dot, trying to force the tears out of her eyes. Half-blinded by the same tears, she crashed into the first trees of the forest, branches whipping her skin and tearing at her clothing.

Kira! Run! her brother had yelled to her, even as he brandished a burning stick at the advancing demon. Get out of the village! Warn the mayor at Drek about this thing! Escape while you still can!

She blinked hard, tears cascading down her cheeks. Why hadn’t he run? He could have escaped too! He could have still been with her! Mama and Papa too! They didn’t have to stay and try to scare off the thing!

The feeling of hard wood against her shin brought her to her senses as she tripped, sprawling hard on the ground. She looked down to see the leg of her pants torn, a trickle of blood wetting the rough fabric. Tired and depressed, Kira lay there, pulling her knees against her chest, wrapping her arms around them, and wept.

The blood of thousands has spattered.

No…I don’t want to listen…

The time of crisis has passed…

Stop, please!

Of all of the devils…


You are the last.

Kira clasped her hands over her ears. She didn’t want to listen to that ethereal voice whispering nightmares to her anymore. More would come, she knew. It always did. The same message, each month.


The girl’s head shot up as a twig snapped. Her breath quickened. There…there was something out there.

Despite the shock of pain from her leg, the girl stood and began running again. Only now did she realize the stupidity of running into the Forest. There were things that were in here that could swallow her whole and not bat an eyelash. Things…that weren’t meant for this earth. Perhaps that was where the devil had come from? Perhaps the gods allowed it to find its way from this forsaken forest to attack the heathens of her village?

A growl from a nearby bush caused her to scream and jump away, running harder than ever, the only thought on her mind was survival. Then came the heavy footfalls. The thing was almost right behind her. She saw a shadow move…and tripped for the second time that night. Cowering in the dirt, she flipped onto her back to see…a great, hulking beast come stalking out of the underbrush. The sight of it paralyzed Kira where she lay. She couldn’t move a muscle. The…beast…was a giant, black wolf, easily twice the size of a horse. Its deadly white teeth glistened in a patch of moonlight, sticky saliva slipping down its fangs. She scrambled on the ground, trying to get away from it…until her hands found roots and a trunk. She had cornered herself against a tree!

Shivering with fear, she pressed her back against the rough bark, her eyes frozen on the cold, steel-grey eyes of the thing. With a growl that shook the ground, it leapt into the air. Kira screamed at the top of her lungs, throwing an arm up over her face, as if it would stop the razor-sharp claws and teeth from tearing into her…but the sensation never came. Through quivering fingers, the girl peeked out to see the wolf-monster above her…but it wasn’t moving. She let her arm fall to see that time seemed to stop with the creature on three paws, one in the air as if beginning to spring…but it didn’t move. There was a breath of wind, and it fell over with a great crash to reveal an arrow protruding from the back of its neck…and the archer.

In the shadows behind where the beast had stood was now a man, dressed in black robes, a hood pulled far over his head, masking his features. In one hand was a bow, both arms still up as if he were holding an arrow against a taught bowstring.

Her breathing was still fast, and only quickened as the man stepped nearer to her.

“Are you alright?” he asked her. By the sound of his voice, he couldn’t have been much older than twenty. Five years older than she was.

“I…I think so.” she murmured. He extended a hand and she sheepishly took it as he helped her up. She looked up into his hood to thank him…and almost fell back down again. A small yelp escaped her lips and she pressed herself against the tree again. His eyes…his eyes weren’t normal…They were slitted like a cat’s and a bright amber.

“What’s amatter, girl?” he asked, coming closer, a sneer flitting across his lips, “Don’t you like my eyes?”

She tried to back further against the tree, but to no avail. She was trapped with this…man in front of her. He…he was human, wasn’t he?

The sneer on his lips faded to be replaced with a warm smile. “Don’t worry, you have nothing to fear from me.” he turned his back on her, strolling a few feet away, “By the way, may I ask you what your name is?”

“I…I’m Kira. Kira Irask.” she said uncertainly.

“Kira, eh?” the strange man said, turning back towards her, “I am Terrick. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kira Irask.”

The warmth of his voice lulled Kira’s apprehension. He couldn’t do her much harm, could he? Well, he had just taken down a monster wolf with a single arrow, but…

She came away from the tree, approaching him. “Terrick…” she said, trying the strange name. After a moment, she asked, “Exactly who are you?”

He turned his hooded head, as if unsure of what she meant. He decided to ignore her question. “Tell me, Kira, are you lost?”

“Er…yeah, I am.” she said, slightly deterred by the avoidance of her question.

He smiled. “Very well then. Come, I’ll show you the way out.”

04-09-2006, 05:49 PM
Don't go with him Kira, he's a pedophile! :xp:
This is interesting, but you know what I'd rather see. Keep up the good work! :)

04-09-2006, 06:07 PM
:lol: Nice one Hall. And don't worry, I'm working on PoD...

04-10-2006, 12:38 AM
Nice one. I enjoy your minfics though SOME people are impatient freaks :lol:

04-10-2006, 06:05 AM
anyway, thats a great minifig, FFWM12, KIU

04-18-2006, 01:34 PM
Thanks guys, I'm glad you all liked them.

Now, I have another shortie-fic for you, one I came up with after begining yet another game of KotOR II. Yes, it takes place in TSL with my Exile, Kira Starr. So, hope you all enjoy!
Hall or RC, if you tell me to get working on PoD, I'll just procrastinate and postpone the next chapter longer! :xp:

*Reader Warning: Just thought I should mention that this particular mini-fic has a bit of mature ideas, if you know what I mean...[PG-13]

- - - - -

The Scoundrel pilot dozing next to her, Kira Starr looked out at the swirling blue of hyperspace out the view screen of the Ebon Hawk. From her seat in the co-pilot’s chair, she crossed her legs and leaned back, her eyes falling on Atton. His face was peaceful as he slept in his usual spot: the pilot’s seat. His head shifted slightly, and he smiled in his sleep, causing something to leap in the Exile’s chest. Feeling the color rise in her face, she quickly tore her eyes from him, staring back out into space.

How had it happened? It was a question she asked herself many times before, and probably many times after. How had she allowed him to get to her so? She went over the time spent between now and Peragus, but no scene or time stood out to her. It was as if feelings for him had just always been there, ever since she had first seen him through the security feed on the deserted mining colony, but had never shown themselves until much later. If she could only find when it had happened, what he had done that caused her to fall for him so easily, she could defend against it. Even being a Jedi, she had fallen in love once before, and the memories were bitter with heart break. Ever since then, she had tried to guard her heart, never letting anyone get close enough to her for something like that to happen again. And yet, the ease with which he had broken through to her frightened her.

She did remember the first time the feelings had surfaced, however. It was one night, on Citadel Station…

”We’ll talk again, then, Beautiful.” Luxa had said, and Kira had just barely resisted the urge to punch the woman. Instead, she forced a smile, and left, Kreia and Atton trailing behind.

“How I hate that woman!” the Exile nearly screamed as the cantina doors slid shut behind them. “She’s just so…urgh!!”

“I don’t see what your problem is with her…” Atton said, his eyes glazed over, “She seemed nice enough to me.”

“Atton, she had less clothing on than even the dancers!”

“And that’s wrong because…?”

She had known exactly what he was thinking, and it made her cheeks burn pink. She was only just keeping her frustration in check. “Atton Rand, you’re a pig!”

But then, later on that night, had she not the intention to fulfill those thoughts, with herself in Luxa’s stead? Kira brushed a blonde bang from her eyes, resting her head in a hand as her eyes once again fell on the Scoundrel.

She remembered seeing her reflection in the permi-glass of the apartment’s window, her face flushed from juma. She figured she had already had too much, seeing how her mind began to work a bit slower than it should have, but she took another sip from the glass in her hand anyway. The room was empty, except for them, Kriea having disappeared earlier that night with no word as to where. The shuttle to fairy them down to Telos’ surface wouldn’t arrive until the next morning, giving them a night of rest before having to press on again. Her arm had curled itself around his as she leaned against him, not caring what her actions would imply. He seemed not to mind, at any rate.

She remembered the inside of her shin brushing against the inside of his, as they stood there, gazing out. His voice had sounded so sweet to her ears, hypnotizingly so, his touch soft and caring…that combined with the effects of the juma seemed to be a fast-acting poison in her veins, and she quickly succumbed to him, melting in his arms. She knew what he was thinking as he pulled the band from her ponytail, running his fingers through her shoulder-length hair, and she would have been happy to oblige to his desires, had the wall monitor not begun to beep rapidly.

Startling her from her near trance-like state, she pulled away from him and rushed to the console. It was the Ithorians. They were apparently being attacked, and pleaded for help. She had forced away the effects of the juma, clearing her mind, and began to pull on her armor, and that had been the end of that.

Her eyes had a glazed look when she came back to the present, her black-gloved finger drawing an imaginary circle on the dash several times over. He was a different type of man, that was for sure. She just wasn’t sure why he was so different…

At that moment, the ship dropped from hyperspace with a jolt, startling the Scoundrel awake. He blinked a few times before sitting up and running a hand through his hair. As he set to work bringing the ship back off auto-pilot, he saw the Exile watching him out of the corner of his eye.

“See anything you like?” he asked, the cocky tone in his voice never absent.

She smiled, “Nothing I haven’t seen before, Flyboy.”

No matter what she told herself, he was Atton Rand, ace pilot and the galaxy’s biggest pimp, and, damn it, she loved him.

Pic courtesy of Aimo Studios

04-18-2006, 02:21 PM
Nice work though I am not sure that they had "fairies" that flew them to the surface. :lol:
As always it was good. I can see what you mean with the thoughts being a little erotic. It thought they were Ithorians and Bao-dur was the Iridonian. I can see how easy it is to mix them up.
I like your shortie fics FWWM12 as they are a diversion to the long fan fics. SHort stories are always fun to read.

04-19-2006, 11:06 AM
Actually, you thought right. The Ithorians are the right guys, and Bao-Dur is the Iridorian. Fixed :D

And they're fun to write, as well. Gives me a break from writting PoD as well as the other fics I have that are currently works-in-progress. It's also a way for me to clear my head of useless scenes that I can't use :xp:

04-20-2006, 08:17 PM
Hall or RC, if you tell me to get working on PoD, I'll just procrastinate and postpone the next chapter longer!
I'm getting a lot of use out of that pic aren't I?
Keep up the good work, but it would be nice to see you work on something else that's well-known around here....

04-22-2006, 03:58 PM
It'd be nice if I could see it :xp:

And I warned you, Hall! Now I'll just have to procrastinate...:dev10:
I don't think I spelled that right...

The Doctor
04-22-2006, 04:19 PM
Yes, you got it right.

Anyway, good job as always.

04-22-2006, 08:19 PM
I said I'd rather see the next chapter of PoD, not get working on PoD. Therefore your reason to procrastinate isn't valid. ;P
P.S. Congrats on spelling 'procrastinate' right. :)

Edit: It's been proven that my loopholes are 10% loopier than anyone else's loopholes.

04-22-2006, 08:32 PM
Loopholes...evil little loopholes...

:darthx Go me, I actually spelled something right :xp:

05-16-2006, 07:34 PM
The setting sun splashed the sky of Manaan with blotches of all manners of reds and pinks and purples, turning the lapping waves of the sea to liquid gold and throwing the shadows of Ahto City and its inhabitants into sharp relief. The whole scene looked perfectly picturesque to Eric Jask as he stood at the sea wall, his hands pressed against the cool metal.

He had always loved to come out to a deserted courtyard on the city’s edge and just listen to the peace and marvel at the extravagance of the sea while he thought, the rhythmic ebbing of the waves lulling him into an almost trance-like state.

To see how much things have changed. he thought, moving to lean on his elbows. He had once began this mission as a lowly Republic soldier aboard the Endar Spire, under the command of the lovely Bastila Shan. Now look at him. A Jedi Padawan on a mission to save the galaxy and putting an end to the war. He shook his head. What a life.

“Of all the most frustrating challenges.”

Eric looked over his shoulder at the woman who was busy pacing behind him. Okay, so he wasn’t totally alone.

“Why do I feel that the Star Map is right beneath our noses?” she asked, pushing a bang behind her ear.

“What if it was?” Eric asked, turning back to stare out across the ocean.

“That’s completely absurd, and you know it.”

“I meant the ocean.” he said, a slight smile coming over his features, “The vision made it seem as if it were somewhere beneath the seas.”

“But why would someone build a Map on the seafloor? It makes no sense! And furthermore, how would Revan and Malak found it?”

“I wouldn’t underestimate their resourcefulness,” he said, “Especially considering who they are. Or were, at least. Besides, if this Map is as old as the one we found on Dantooine, we have no way of knowing whether or not the surface of Manaan was always covered by the sea. There is a chance that the site the Star Map is built on used to be dry land, but was swallowed by the sea millennia ago.”

“Ah, the all-consuming power of the sea.” Bastila said, ceasing her pacing and coming to stand next to him, resting her elbows on the sea wall. “I guess you could be right. Though locating it and reaching it could be potentially problematic.”

“Very true.” he said, his eyes following the sun as it continued to slowly sink into the horizon. His gaze flicked from the blazing path the dying sunrays cut through the water to the woman standing beside him, and there it stayed. Her eyes seem to be the very embodiment of the Light, her light brown hair fluttering in the wind. He couldn’t look away as he began to feel emotions that were forbidden to the Jedi…though he didn’t care. He suddenly had the impulse to reach out and touch the smooth, slightly-tanned skin of her face, but she felt his eyes on her and turned to him.

“What is it?” she asked, chuckling lightly.

“Nothing…It’s just…It’s strange to see you in the sunset. Just…never noticed the way you look…”

She looked away from him again, her face growing serious. “You’ll be a great Jedi one day. I know you will.” she said, her voice hardly above a whisper. She looked down at her hands as they twisted and knotted each other, “I…I need to confess something, Eric.”

He shifted so that he was facing her fully, resting on just his one elbow, though she stayed facing out to sea.

“It’s strange, really…” she began, uncertainly, “In some ways…you make me feel weak, like I’m caught up in the wake of our destiny. And yet…you also make me feel stronger; more alive!”

He felt the impulse to touch her again, and this time didn’t resist it. He reached out and brushed his hand across her cheekbone. “Bastila…” he murmured, but she didn’t turn to look at him. She instead took his hand in hers, and lightly pushed it away.

“Though now I see that these feelings, these ideas, they’re simply part of the bond we share. The Council surely knew this would happen, and…” she paused a moment, her mouth still open, as if choking on the words she was trying to form, “and, by overcoming my…feelings…for you, I have learned a very important lesson about controlling emotions.”

“So…what? I was just a stepping stone for you?” he asked, averting his eyes so she wouldn’t see the hurt shinning in them.

“I…I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but…I thought that you deserved to know…”

The hurt began to boil, and rise. “No. No, I won’t believe it. You have feelings for me, Bastila, I know you do. You’re just afraid of the truth, that’s all.”

“You’re the one who can’t face the truth, Eric. How am I supposed to focus on defeating Malak and destroying the Sith if I allow my feelings for you to blind me?”

“I’m going to defeat Malak, Bastila. Nothing will get in my way of accomplishing that. Nothing.” he said, finally calming, “But I want you…need you at my side.” he took her hand in his. “Please.”

She looked at him, and he could see the conflict waging inside her clearly as she fought to decide on what to do. “You…You really mean it, don’t you? Perhaps…maybe…” the battle of doctrine and feeling finally subdued and she tore her hand from his and backed away. Doctrine had won. “No. I can’t. I have to be strong. For the both of us.” she said, more to herself than to him.

“You know I’m right.” he said, advancing on her.

“I can’t…Malak would…”

His hands rested on her shoulders, holding her close to him. “Trust me.” his voice was a mere whisper as his lips closed in on hers. But as he drew closer, he felt her hand on his chest, gently but sternly pushing him away. She looked up into his eyes as she broke contact between them.

“Eric, we can’t. We’re Jedi.”

“Screw the Jedi! Screw the Code! I love you, and it’s not like I can just stop loving you like that!” he said, snapping his fingers for emphasis.

“I know what I’m asking sounds impossible, but you have to. If I could, I would leave the Ebon Hawk and its crew behind. Stay here, go to Dantooine, anywhere that’s far enough away from you. I have to destroy this bond, to weaken it, but I can’t. This mission is too important. I have to stay, and so we just have to forget about our feelings and each other.”

“This is all just a joke for you, isn’t it?” Eric asked heatedly, his voice rising slightly, “Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to even listen to you right now?”

“Hard for you?” she asked, loosing the fight to keep her voice level, “What about me? I’m the one who has to reject all your clumsy advances. We’re Jedi, Eric Jask, and you have to accept the fact that nothing can every happen between us. It is forbidden!”

He turned away from her, digging his hands in the pockets of the robe and trying to control his emotions and failing miserably. “It is forbidden.” he mimicked, “How can you even say that?”

“Because it’s true. And you know it.”

He wheeled around, ready to make a biting remark, but she had already turned her back on him and began to walk away. Rather than call after her and prolong the argument, he turned away from her receding form with a growl, staring icily at the durasteel ground.

What does she know? he asked himself, his temper boiling. Who cares about the damned Jedi or their stupid code? She can’t possibly believe that love was something of the Dark Side?

Why should he follow the Code anyway? It wasn’t as if he owed them much, and what he did he already repaid by the information on the Star Maps he’d already found. It wasn’t fair that they’d restrict him from such things! But the more he thought about it, the same question came to mind.

[i]What authority do they truly have over me?

The answer was: none. They couldn’t really control him. He still had free will. They only had power over him as long as he decided to follow what they told him to do. Well, no more. He wouldn’t listen to the foolish poison of the Council, he wouldn’t follow their instructions or put up with their scoldings. No. No more!

His hand went to a pack on his belt, and pulled out a coin imprinted with the Jedi crest. This was a symbol given to him the day he had become a Padawan to signify his accomplishment. It was also just another sign of his enslavement to them. With a yell, Eric cast it over the sea wall, using the Force to push it so far out to sea it nearly disappeared from vision as it spun into the now black sky, making a silent splash into the equally dark water.

05-16-2006, 10:26 PM
Interesting. I like it. It shows the inner turmoil of Eric and his possibly turning away from the light, unless he is going to pull a Bindo. Good job FWWM12 :D

06-07-2006, 10:08 PM
Songfic! Yay! :xp:

If you want, you can hear the song here:
(Ignore the vid if you want. I'm not sure if Evanescence made a music video for this song or not :xp: )

Anyway, try to figure out who's perspective this is from? (Hint Hint: Think KotOR I)

Enjoy :D


Please, please forgive me,

I’m not strong enough…I can’t hold out…

But I won't be home again.

The lightning struck her again.
I will die here.

Maybe someday you'll look up,
And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one:
"Isn't something missing?"

“He doesn’t care for you. He never has.”
He’s right. You never loved me.
“It was little more than a ploy, can you not see?”
I was a fool not to have seen it…
“The Jedi are using you as a puppet, and guess who’s the puppeteer?”
You’ve been using me…you never loved me…

You won't cry for my absence, I know -
You forgot me long ago.

It’s been so long…you haven’t come…

Am I that unimportant...?
Am I so insignificant...?

Could I have possibly meant so little to you?
You were my life…and yet you could cast me away as easily as a stone…

Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?

I’ve been here for so many days…
I wonder, do you even notice I’m gone?
Are you even looking for me?

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.

I’m too far gone…too far out of reach…
You won’t even try…you’ll leave me here…
To die for you.

Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't someone missing me?

I laid down my life for you.
I took your place.
I did it all so you can live.
I did it all because I couldn’t stand to see you hurt…
I couldn’t live without you…I just wanted to hear three words…those three, damnable words…
And look now, how you’ve repaid me…
I’ve called your name…I’ve begged you to come…
I’ve begged you to help me…to save me…
And you haven’t come.

Please, please forgive me,
But I won't be home again.
I know what you do to yourself,
I breathe deep and cry out,
"Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?"

I’m sorry that I was so weak…weak enough to give into a pointless emotion…
I won’t be returning to you…now that you’ve abandoned me…
The room sparked again, and energy surged through her body, causing her to scream, and wither in pain.
Do you even notice I’m gone??

And if I bleed, I'll bleed,
Knowing you don't care.

Do you care that I’m here?
Can you feel my pain?

And if I sleep just to dream of you
I'll wake without you there,
Isn't something missing?
Isn't something...


06-08-2006, 03:49 PM
Nice. this is from Bastilla's perspective right?

06-08-2006, 04:58 PM
Indeed. While she was being tortured by Malak, no less...:xp:

06-10-2006, 04:06 AM
good work, FFWM12, and you still owe me a response on my new fic :xp:

The Doctor
06-10-2006, 09:53 AM
I think she gets it by now, RC. ;)

Anyway, nice work, 'little girl'. :xp:

06-10-2006, 10:22 AM

RC: Yeah, yeah, yeah...:xp:

Thanks guys :D

Alright, now to make up for that junky songfic I made up in about 10 minutes...here's a fic I entered at the KotOR Fanmedia Site's Dueling Circle Challenge...


Fourth place, thankyaverymuch :xp:

- - - - - -

I straightened from my kneeling position, pulling the hood further over my head, my lightsaber still trapped firmly beneath my slender fingers. Malak was dead. There was no flicker in the Force near his body, nor was there a pulse in his wrist. My hands fell limply to my sides as I stared at his cold, pale body, as if waiting for something to happen. My mind was sluggish, and my limbs weak after the fight. He was stronger than I ever could have thought, and the fighting took more out of me than I had expected. Though now, the Star Forge and the Infinite Fleet of the new Sith Empire was completely under my control. I smiled to myself in the darkness.

My spite returning to me, I nudged the still form of my former apprentice, and spat near his hand. “Rest in pieces.” I murmured, before turning on my heel and stalking for the lift.

My hands clasped behind my back as the heavy, steel doors of the gravlift slid shut with a hiss before me, the smug smile replacing the snarl that had twisted my features as I looked down on Malak. He didn’t matter now. I could hardly remember the past anyway, which I found to be my advantage. I didn’t have to worry about that pesky voice of the Jedi whining in my head to remember what we had shared before all this had started. I couldn’t remember, and I didn’t want to. That was the end of it.

I mindlessly twirled my saber in my hand, thinking of what had still to be done to secure my position at the helm of the Sith. A victory against the Republic here and now, while their full fleet was at my doorstep, would defiantly help. With the aid of Bastila’s battle meditation, I hardly found that a problem. The limitless resources of the Sith would strike forward at an ailing Republic, and they would lack the resolve, experience, and strategy to survive long enough to even retreat. The Fleet would crumble, and the Republic would be defenseless.

Even with these almost guaranteed thoughts, something nagged at the back of my mind. I couldn’t quite grasp what it was…but as the doors of the gravlift slid open again, it clicked into place.

Carth Onasi, ace pilot and hero of the Republic, stood before me on the deck of the docks, apparently waiting for me. He would pose a great problem for me…and not just in his military expertise. Something much, much worse.

I faltered as I saw him there, standing so confident and defiant.

“I thought I’d find you here.” he said quietly, his eyes warm and soft on me then. My heart skipped a beat, and I could feel my face relax…but I quickly fixed that. I took a deep breath, steadying myself, before striding forward, a look of anger and confusion forced to my face.

“How the hell did you get here??” I spat, my lightsaber held dangerously relaxed in my hand.

“I flagged down a Republic cruiser, and they were kind enough to pick me up.” he said, that all-too-familiar crooked grin coming to his lips. How I hated that grin…it was all I could do to stop myself from melting on the spot.

“Let me rephrase that. Why the hell are you here?” I asked, my fingers now clutching so tight around the weapon in my hand that the metal pressed uncomfortably into my skin. Focus on that red beam. Remember who you are, Revan!

“I knew I couldn’t leave you behind.” he said, his face now becoming solemn, a light tint of hope playing in his eyes. “I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I gave up on you…if I didn’t give you another chance…if I didn’t see you at least one more time, face-to-face.”

I spread my legs further apart, my muscles tensed as I concentrated hard on standing straight and holding my place, my lightsaber becoming a stress reliever as I worked furiously to hold back the impulse to run to him. And still, the thought remained.

He came back to save…me?

I gulped hard. “Did you really think that you could persuade me to back to that pathetic coalition of planets? Open your eyes, Carth! It’s hardly a Republic anymore. Give one, maybe two years, at the most. The planets will break away, one-by-one. The systems will slip back into their own governments, and where will that leave you, Onasi?” I asked bitingly, forcing myself to use his surname. I couldn’t let any trace of what I felt for him leak through. If I did, I would be done for. “Look what I have before me. The power to destroy the conspiring bureaucracy that is the Republic, and the strength to build a new, stronger Empire upon the old, bringing peace and safety to all the galaxy.” my voice faded to little more than a whisper as I continued, “Isn’t that what you want Carth? Isn’t that why you joined the Fleet?”

I could see the pain he felt reflected in his eyes. My words cut through him, I could sense it…but I couldn’t feel him giving in. His eyes pleaded with me as much as mine pleaded with his.

“I…I wouldn’t be able to abandon them, Crystal.” he said, denying to use my true name. Judging by the way he continued, he had done it purposefully…and tactfully, I had to admit, as my own resolve to stay with the Sith began to weaken. Again. “You’re not…you’re not that person anymore, Crystal. Your not. I know who you were, and I know what that person was like. You’re…you’re completely different.” Seeing that I refused to move closer to him, he took the liberty of shortening the space between us. He placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, his voice dropping to a whisper. “I love you. No matter how much I try to deny it, I need you. You’re a part of me now, whether you like it or not…and I can’t go on without you.”

He suddenly pulled me close, his arms forming an inescapable cage around me, pressing me to his chest. I felt my hood fall back from the movement, and soon felt the press of his warm flesh against the top of my head.

“Please Crystal,” he breathed, “please.”

I was an unresponsive statue beneath him, my shoulders set and limbs rigid. I longed to burry my face in the hollow of his neck, trap my hands on his chest, and forget everything around me. But…I couldn’t. I had to stay strong…I…I had to…

I heard the doors of the gravitylift slide open behind me, and felt a flutter in the Force as my new apprentice entered. The air around me thrust forward, tearing Carth away from me as I stood my ground, my hood flying back up around my head.

“She has no need for something such as you, Onasi.” came the chilling voice of Bastila. I didn’t turn to look at her as she came to stand at my shoulder. “The Dark Lady has no need for anything anymore. She is the strongest person, man or woman, in the entire galaxy. She had no need for something such as you.” she repeated as the Captain stood.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, the sound coming from my mouth only a half-voice. “I thought ordered you to use your Battle Meditation to destroy the Republic Fleet.”

“Forgive me, Master.” Bastila responded in a quiet voice, and I could tell her eyes hadn’t left Carth for even a moment. “I sensed him enter the Star Forge, and came to tell you. We can’t pass up this chance! If we strike him down now, the Republic won’t have a chance against us.”

Now I turned to her. “‘Strike him down’?” I quoted, not quite sure if I was relieved or furious at the suggestion.

Her eyes were questioning, but her tone was even. “He must die, my Lady. There is no other option.”

No other option. The words rang in my head.

“Don’t listen to her lies, Crystal!” Carth warned, now back on his feet as he once again moved towards us. “There are other options! An entire galaxy full of them! There’s nothing we can’t accomplish together…” he said, his voice trailing off, his tone and stance begging.

“What can you accomplish with something as weak and vulnerable as the Republic holding you down?” Bastila retorted, “Think what you could do once the Sith Empire has taken control. The firm hold you have on the galaxy will be unshakeable, and nothing would stop you.”

“The Republic won’t give up so easily. Think, Crystal, think! The Sith will fight amongst themselves; it’s what they do. This so-called Empire will crumble beneath you, and you’ll go down with it! I can’t loose you, Crystal, I won’t!”

“And what has the Republic been doing lately? There have been threats flying left and right of retaliation, of severing ties! The only things holding the Republic together are the feeble ties of the Jedi. They’ll soon be gone as well, and the galaxy will fall into chaos. What would the people think, then, of the great Carth Onasi, hero of a forsaken Republic? My Master could save all the trouble of having the planets tear each other apart. Her rule will restore absolute peace to the galaxy, and make a sound foundation for the next several millennia!”

“You can’t honestly believe what she’s saying, Crystal! The Sith are evil! They’re worse than the Mandalorians that you risked it all to combat before all of this happened!”

“‘Evil’ is in the eye of the beholder. Is it evil for the Jedi to refuse to help the war effort when countless are dying? Is it evil for the Republic to procrastinate with ‘internal affairs’ while planets are burning? Is it evil for the Republic to abandon their people to slaughter?? What about replacing a weakening government with a stronger one, helping to restore order to the galaxy and protection to its people? What about—”

“‘Restore order’ and ‘protection’ to the galaxy?? That’s what you call this campaign? That’s the title you give to killing thousands—”

“Listen to him, Master! See the foolishness he speaks! Just like the rest of the Republic: ignorant and blind! He will stop us, Revan, and we can’t allow that to happen!”

“Crystal, don’t you see what she’s trying to do? She’s—”

“We can’t let your life’s work fall to ruin! He won’t join us, Revan! We must kill him, it is the only option!”

The only option…

“She’s wrong, Crystal. There are other options, you know there are.”

“The only other choice is to let the Star Forge be destroyed and the Empire be lost forever! Master, there’s no other choice!”

The only option…

“Please, Crystal…” Carth’s eyes were soft on her then, his voice merely a whisper, “Please…”

“There’s something out there, Revan, something that drove you to leave the Jedi, drove you to leave known space. Whatever is out there is going to find the galaxy, and you know it. Do you honestly think the Republic will be able to withstand such onslaughts??”

“Enough!” I bellowed. I was shaking, and tears were clouding my vision. Even so, I could feel the Force working through me, calling me, controlling me, guiding me…and my finger slid the length of my saber, activating its twin blades. I blinked hard as I slid back into a fighting stance, hot tears of anger now spilling down my face. I looked up, my steely eyes meeting Carth’s.


I felt air rush past me, my feet leaving the ground as I leapt forward. My eyes crushed shut, a scream erupting from my lips, and my lightsaber drove forward of its own accord. I felt hot blood slide down the cool metal of my weapon, and spilling over my gloved hand. I opened my tear-filled eyes, only to find my blade had sunk hilt-deep into the side of the man I loved most in the galaxy.

Force! What have I done??

I felt his body slump against me, as he gasped in surprise and pain. I deactivated my saber, allowing the cylinder to roll away from me as I dropped it.

“Carth…” my voice came out as a choked whisper as I lowered him to the ground, cradling him in my arms. I blinked, and my tears fell, spilling across his shirt.

I watched as he reached up, his calloused fingers brushing a tear from my face. Then, surprisingly, he smiled.

“Don’t cry...” his voice was weak, and I could see the pain in his eyes, even through his careful façade. “You know I can’t stand to see you cry…”

I could hardly force myself to speak. “Carth…oh Carth…” I shut my eyes, trying to force away the sight of his blood-stained shirt, and that damnable smile of his. “I’m sorry…I didn’t…didn’t mean to…”

“It’s alright, Beautiful…I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself anyway…if I had lost you…if I had given up on you…”

I felt his thumb sweep lightly across my cheekbone, and opened my eyes. He was still inexplicably smiling up at me.

I killed him! I murdered him! And yet, he’s smiling as if nothing happened! I thought angrily, the emotion a mystery even to me.

“Stay strong, Beautiful…” he said, and I could hardly hear him, “Stay…strong…”
His hand fell from my face, his eyes closing softly as a breath whispered through his lips.

The tears came uncontrollably now, and I pulled him to me, holding him against me, my fingers tangled in his hair. His skin was pale, and I felt no rhythm in his chest.

Stay strong, Beautiful, stay strong.

The Doctor
06-10-2006, 11:33 AM
Ah yes, I liked this one. One of my favourites out of what you've written. Nice work :D

[insert sarcastic friendly insult here]

06-10-2006, 01:30 PM
Meh...I liked the way it turned out...but I'm not sure it was my best...

Thanks, though :D

The Doctor
06-10-2006, 05:26 PM
I never said it was one of your best. I said it was one of my favourites. There's a difference. Silly little girl...

06-10-2006, 09:49 PM
Very good, 'little girl' (I'm going to have to keep calling you that). One little thing: you 'pulled a JK707'. You used the word 'defiantly' instead of 'definitely';)

06-11-2006, 08:52 AM
You guys have no right to call me little girl. I'm only one or two years younger than both of you :xp:

Heheh...typo...I despise typos...

06-11-2006, 02:22 PM
Actually, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says Any Canadian has the right to address a younger person as 'little girl,' regardless of gender, provided that the person is younger by 20 minutes or more.

06-11-2006, 04:40 PM
Good one Hall. Anyway, nice job.

The Doctor
06-11-2006, 05:37 PM
You guys have no right to call me little girl. I'm only one or two years younger than both of you :xp:

Heheh...typo...I despise typos...
Then you shouldn't have the right to use things I said against me after seven days. Even stuff about giving Revan and Kira heart attacks. >P

06-23-2006, 03:04 PM
Fine, fine, whatever...>P

Alright guys, I have a change of pace for you. The following is what comes when Kira has to test for her Red Belt at 7:30 pm, doesn't get out until 9:45, rents Final Fantasy: Advent Children at 10:00, gets home at 10:10, and then stays up until 3:30 in the morning writting, watching the movie, and watching music videos when the movie's over.

Insomnia is a beautiful thing. <.<

Anyway, here's a little Final Fantasy VII for ya. It's Cloud&Tifa, so those of you who can't stand to see Cloud with anyone but Aerith, move along :xp:


“Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away.”

Cloud shot straight up, fighting for breath.

“A-Argh!” he gasped, his hand flying to his right shoulder.

“Cloud! Are you alright?”

Warm hands came to his shoulders, a comforting presence somewhere behind him.


“Ehn…” he groaned, his fingers now biting into the skin of his shoulder, “I can still feel his blade…”

He felt the bed bounce softly as the presence sat down behind him. A hand covered his, rubbing it softly.

“He’s gone now. There’s nothing you need to worry about…”

He reached up and took the hand in his, his thumb rubbing soft circles into it.


“I’m here.”

“I know.” he looked over his shoulder at her, and as their eyes met, he noted the worry that shone in them. He smiled reassuringly, “You always are.”

She smiled coyly back at him, batting those lovely eyelashes of hers. “Would you rather I wasn’t?”

“What? No, no, of course not! I need you here…” his sentence drifted off as he looked to the window, his eyes following the jagged skyline before alighting on the shinning moon. “It’s just…these dreams…they won’t leave me alone…”

Her hands slipped down his shoulders and began to run up and down his arms, from shoulder to elbow and back again. His muscles tightened at the contact, but began to loosen again as she continued, massaging his skin until his hand dropped back to his side and his entire body couldn’t help but relax.

“It’s alright…that’s all they are: dreams. He’s not coming back. You made sure of that.”

“Even so…” his hand involuntarily went to his shoulder again.

Catching the movement, Tifa laid her chin on his shoulder, preventing him from touching the spot.

“Relax…” she whispered, her movements on his arms slowing, her fingers working harder into his skin.

“I am relaxed.” he was able to groan out.

She giggled, and lightly touched her nose to the skin beneath his ear, allowing her breath to play across his skin. “Hmm…I’m not so sure. You still seem too up tight…”

By now it was too much. He wheeled on her, rolling onto his side. He put his hands on either side of her head and moved closer to her, pressing her further back onto the bed. She paused when she was propped up on her elbows. His nose dragged lightly across hers, his eyes darting quickly from hers to her lips and back again.

“You want me to prove it?” he asked, a half-smile slightly curling his lips.

“I won’t believe you if you don’t.” she answered, her lips shaping to match his smile. Her right arm lifted from beneath her, and curled around the back of his neck as he drew closer. His eyes slid slowly closed as their noses pressed against each other.

The only thought that could penetrate the heat of his mind was this: Damn her lips taste good.

What had begun as a light touch to her lips soon escalated to something much more fiery. Her arm tightened around his neck, pulling him closer. His hand moved to the side of her face, his thumb caressing her skin and suddenly, he couldn’t get enough of her. His lips moving furiously across hers, he felt her fingers snare in his hair. He came up for air for hardly half a second before setting back atop of her. Her elbows gave way and she collapsed fully onto the bed. He moved his free hand to her neck, working his way slowly to her shoulder. With his hands no longer supporting him, he lay across her. Their bodies tensed momentarily as they pressed against each other, and then they were going again. The fingers of her left hand danced across his muscled chest, as if intent on exploring every contour of muscle as his lips worked against hers, and slowly began to pull them apart—


Startled, he tore away from Tifa, rolling over quickly to the door. Denzel stood silhouetted in the doorway.

“Cloud? Is that you?” came the voice of the boy in the hallway.

“Er, yeah.” his voice was croaky, and he cleared it quickly. “Yeah, it’s me.”

“Oh, okay…I thought it was.” a pause, “Where’s Tifa?”

He felt a soft giggle shake the bed.

“She’s uh…she’s right here.” he said, a hand on her arm to stop her from sitting up or making any noise. “What’dyou need, Den?”

“I can’t get to sleep…I was wondering if you could come with me to get a glass of water?”

Cloud’s eyes searched the face of the woman beside him. Couldn’t a glass of water wait?

She smiled and glanced at the boy, her chin jerking discreetly towards him. A clear sign for ‘go on’.

He turned closer to her on his side, pressing his lips lightly to her forehead, moving lightly down to her eyebrow and across her eyelid as they fluttered closed.

“Cloud?” Denzel called again.

“Go.” Tifa whispered, a hand on his chest gently prying him away from her.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” he said, and eased himself off the bed, his feet landing silently on the cool floor. “C’mon,” he said, and offered his hand to the boy. He glanced at Tifa as he turned into the hallway and caught her wink. “Let’s go find some water.”

“” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

Two glasses of water and a bathroom break later, Denzel was once again tucked away in bed. As Cloud returned to the room, he paused in the doorway. It had hardly been ten minutes and already Tifa was rolled on her side, a hand beneath the pillow, the other draped across her stomach, and her sides moving as she breathed deeply.

In other words, asleep.

He allowed himself a quiet chuckle as he moved to the bed. Sliding onto the mattress, he tucked himself close to her, his arm wrapping around her waist as he pulled her up against him. He pressed his lips against the back of her head, taking a moment to breathe in the scent of her hair. Then, his lips next to her ear, he whispered the three words he thought he would never say again.

“I love you.”

Tifa’s breath escaped in a sort of sigh.

“I love you, too.” was her whispered response.

12-11-2008, 02:49 PM