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Star Wars: Legacy of Heroes
Episode One: Relations

Feeling flourish. Anger grows. Darkness Waits.
As the Mandalorians wait on the edge of space, a group of padawans, perhaps the final generation of Jedi, are in the process of completing their trials. Among their ranks are two hold the fate of the galaxy in their hands: the man known as Revan, destined to lead the galaxy into war, and Kira Starr, destined to be exiled for crimes she had to commit. As tensions mount in the galaxy, the Council see the fate of these two stretched out before them, clouded and at the same time all too clear. Together, with four of their most trusted friends, the two prepare to face the destinies the Force has allotted them... and the darkness that is to come...

Chapter One

“Concentrate, Kira,” she heard her master, Kavar, say quietly. She had her eyes closed in an effort to shut out distractions as the young padawan was fighting for control over her thoughts and fighting gravity. Her exercise today: levitate every object in the room that wasn’t nailed down, including herself and her master. It wasn’t all that hard... had Kavar not been working against her by increasing the gravity in the room. It was now two Gs above the normal levels. Not her idea of fun.
Kira’s shapely eyebrows knitted together as her brow furrowed and she concentrated harder, pulling in and pushing the Force out as fast as she could, concentrating all her efforts on keeping herself, her master, and the furniture aloft.
Don’t drop anything!
As the message passed through her mind, it shocked Kira out of her concentration... and everything crashed to the ground. Including her. She landed in an undignified pile of robes and limbs on the ground, a chair coming dangerously close to landing on top of her.
I’m going to kill you, Revan! She yelled back.
“Kira, you have to learn to focus your thoughts!” Kavar said scoldingly. He has sensed her concentration slip, and was ready for it - landing perfectly in a sitting position, his legs folded, facing her.
“I’m sorry, Master,” she said, sitting up and rubbing the back of her head. “I’ll work on that in the future.”
“Your trials are coming soon, apprentice. You can’t afford any distraction from your training if you wish to pass your them and become a Knight.”
“I understand, Master.”
The man sighed and stood, shaking his head. “No, you don’t,” he murmured. “You’re dismissed for now. Goodnight.”
“Thank you Master. Goodnight. May the Force be with you,” she said, bowing. He bowed in response, and she turned and left the room. As she stepped out into the corridor, she was a familiar, cocky face, it’s body leaning casually against the wall opposite her. “What was that for?” she asked Revan, walking towards him, a cold fury burning in her eyes.
“What?” he asked innocently. “Oh, calm down,” he said, seeing the look in her eye - he knew that look well. “It was just a little joke.”
“I have one word for you, Revan: trials!” she said, punching him on the arm lightly.
“Relax, you’ll do fine,” he responded. “Just... don’t drop anything.” He dodged another fist coming his way.
“I can’t believe you!” she said, half smiling now. “You’re such a dork!” She swept at him again, even though she knew the chances of her missing were higher than those of her hitting him.
“Hey now,” a voice scolded, as Alynna approached the pair. “We’re allies; no fighting.” She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “And on that note...” she slapped Revan on the back of the head.
“Hey!” he said, not expecting the blow. “You don’t even know what I did! How do you know I deserve it?!”
“You always deserve it,” she retorted. She turned to Kira. “He deserves it, I know that much. But I want to know what he did,” she said.
“It was nothing!” said Revan quickly, before Kira could answer. “It was just a little joke, that’s all!” he said innocently. “It’s not my fault she dropped everything. I told her not to. I was helping.”
“Helping?!” Kira yelled, mock angrily. “What were you trying to help me do? Learn how to dodge flying objects?”
Revan made a dismissive gesture. “Bah, you girls have no sense of humour. Where’s Malak when I need ‘im?”
“Probably in class, preparing for the Trials, like normal people,” Kira said, a small smile still hovering on her face.
“Pfff. Malak, normal? I wouldn’t go that far,” said Revan. “That behemoth is weirder than I am.
“I resent that, you know,” said Malak, coming up behind Revan. Revan jumped about a foot in the air.
“Holy mother of.... you have to stop doing that! And you,” he said, pointing to Kira. “Warn me he’s about to do that!”
“But it’s so much more fun to see your reaction to it,” she said, smiling. “So, Malak, where’ve you been? You and flyboy here are usually inseparable.”
“I was talking to Dorak,” he said dismissively. “And what about you?” he asked. “You look as if Revan has just tried to ‘help’ you with something?”
“He tried to ‘help’ me levitate a few items with Master Kavar,” she answered, rubbing the back of her head. “And I have the bump to prove it...”
“Look, if I’ll get you off my back, then I’ll say it. I’m sorry. Now, can we just go get something to eat?” he asked impatiently. “I lost ten pounds waiting for you to finish in there.”
“And you'll gain twenty if we look for food,” Alynna teased. “But I'm hungry too, so perhaps we'll go.” She glanced at Kira and said, “Surely you're hungry, Kira... after all that concentration Revan broke.”
“Not to mention Master Kavar could stand to loose a few pounds...” Kira said, quietly, “C'mon, I guess we had better go find something...”
Jack came up quietly behind them all, using the Force to dampen the sound. “Speaking of food, Malak, you could lose a few pounds yourself.” He said, smiling devilishly.
“Hello, Jack,” said Malak, unimpressed. “You may be able to shield us from hearing you, but we can still sense you.”
“Oh yeah, gotta watch out for those tremendous senses of your's.” Jack replied. “What are you all hanging around here for?”
“Not much. We were just going to get a bite to eat. Care to join?” Kira asked, moving off down the hallway and leaving the others to follow.
“Yeah, c'mon. It's boring with just Malak and these two to talk to,” said Revan. “Malak and I are running out of things to say behind Kira's back.”
“Oh you are, are you?” Kira asked, turning around and walking backwards, so as to face them fully. “What kind of things are you looking for? How talented and beautiful I am--“ Revan burst out laughing.
“I should think they're whispering lies and rumors, Kira,” Alynna chuckled. “And for that...” She slapped both of them. “There!” she said with a smile. “That was fun!”
“Hey!” said Kira angrily. “That's my job!” She slipped between the two and quickly raped her knuckles against the back of their heads.
“Don't get jealous, Kira,” Alynna laughed. “I should have some fun too, shouldn't I?”
“But having fun is so easy when these two are around to pick on.” Kira said lightly, putting an arm around either guy's shoulders.
“We don't have to take that kind of abuse!” said Malak, mock angrily.
“Yes we do, Malak,” said Revan sadly. “If we didn't, then they would be bored, and not
talk to us. And my grades aren't good enough to lose these two as friends.”
“Maybe if you actually did the work...”
“Revan, Malak, you guys are nuts.” Jack said, laughing. “C'mon, I'm hungry. An hour-long sparring session isn't a picnic - especially when you are learning a rather boring form like Niman, and even more especially when you're learning it from a sourpuss like Vrook.”
“A ‘sourpuss’?” said a gruff voice from behind the group. Master Kilo Lowe glared at the group of young padawans with steely grey eyes. He hardly ever smiled, mostly just scowled a lot. He and Vrook were friends, although he had a reputation for being a lot harder on his padawans than Vrook ever was. “I’m sure Master Vrook will appreciate your characterisation of him, Padawan,” he said to Jack with a hint of sarcasm. “Perhaps even enough to assign you and the rest of your conspirators to additional training sessions in the Archives.” His padawan Lake was behind him, and she peered sheepishly around her master at the group of friends. She knew them all, of course. But Master Lowe frowned upon her socialising with them much. Master Lowe turned to her. “You see? This is what I was talking about,” he said grumpily. “No discipline.” He motioned for her to follow, then pushed his way past them. Lake gave Revan and the rest of the group a weak smile and a shrug, before sighing and following her Master through to the dining area. Perhaps she would have time to talk with them then.
“Maybe we need a nickname for him, too...” said Revan darkly..”The yelt spawn.”
“Watch it,” said Malak. “Master Lowe does not take kindly to that kind of 'humour'.”
Lake had heard Revan's comment. She stifled a laugh, pausing enough to cast an amused glance at Revan over her shoulder. Unfortunately for Revan, Master Lowe had heard it as well. He paused for a brief moment, as if considering a response, then continued on. “Lake!” he called, to hurry her up. Still biting her lip, Lake hurried to catch up with him. She knew that it was pointless for Master Lowe to complain to Revan's Master Zhar - the two hardly ever saw eye to eye.
Jack made a face after Lowe's retreating back. “Well, I look on the bright side. My Master isn't at all similar to either of them.” He paused. “But I'd have to agree with Malak. We just have to face the truth - some people just can't operate on the same mental level as you. Just look at Malak.” He added mock thoughtfully.
“Hey!” said Revan, cuffing him on the head. “Don't make fun of Malak!” he turned away and continued into the mess hall. “That's my job.”
They entered the mess hall. It was early, so there were still plenty of tables left. “Look, why don't you girls go check out what Goloo is calling food tonight. We'll go get a table, before the herd gets here.”
“Fine. C'mon, Alynna,” said Kira. “Let the guys go get a place to sit. It's always so much more fun to slip something in their food...”
Alynna laughed and followed. As they left, Alynna spoke just loud enough for the boys to hear, “So, what should we give them this time?”
“Uh-Oh.” Jack said. “We'd better start trying those anti-poison Jedi techniques...”
“Nah. Kira wouldn't know the difference between a poison and a yelt liver,” said Revan. “Besides, Goloo will have done a good enough job of making it toxic on his own.”
Exiting the queue carrying her tray of food, Lake passed by Revan on her way to the table her Master had selected for her and him. “If you're worried about toxic substances, then avoid Goloo's 'blue' soup,” she said to Revan in passing. “Very scary.” She gave him a quick glance over her shoulder, then went to sit with her Master. She nearly always ate with Lowe - he liked to keep her away from 'undesirable influences' as he called Revan and his friends. But deep down inside, she wished she could join them every once in a while. Revan was strong in the Force, and same age as she was, and he was preparing for his trials. She, on the other hand, had been told by her master that she wasn't ready for trials, even though she felt her skills were as least as good as the other Padawans’.
“No blue soup?” Master Lowe frowned at her choices of food.
“No, Master,” she replied. “I'm not all that hungry and didn't think it wise to waste food that I couldn't eat.”
“I'm the Master,” he snapped. “I decide what's wise and what's not.” He took a spoonful of the steaming blue liquid. A queer expression came over his face, then he swallowed slowly. “It's...it's not bad,” he said, trying to save face. “But definitely too rich to eat before any rigorous training session.” He pushed the bowl aside.
“Yes, Master,” she replied, and quickly averted her eyes as she stifled a grin.
“Take your pick, boys.” Kira said, coming back over to the table, with Alynna not far behind. Both women carried a large platter full of food in their hands. “Goloo decided to give us a...fair selection today. Though...” she took a quick sniff of the bubbling blue concoction in one of the dishes, “I think this one is gonna eat you before you eat it...”
“Look's like he's used his beloved kitala root...” said Revan, sniffing the blue stuff. “God, I hate that stuff...” he said. “It smells like Kira after a sparring match.” Jack and Kira both backed away from Revan and Kira as fast as they could.
Kira stood indignantly above Revan, “It does, does it?” with that, she bopped him smack dab in the center of his head, “Say that again and I'll hit you so hard in the jaw, it'll wake up your dentist!”
Revan rubbed the spot where she had hit him. “Calm down,” he said. “You're too sensitive, you know that?”
“Hey, if me and Alynna don't toughen you up now, They'll rip through you like tissue paper later.” Kira said, sitting down next to him, and picking up a sandwich. “Just watch that thing of blue goop. I don't trust it.”
“Looks like Goloo vomited in the soup or something,” speculated Revan. “And that's bad, considering he eats his own cooking.” He looked around the table at everyone in turn. “So, anybody else hear about Cathar? The Mandalorians wiped it out. Over ten million Cathar were killed.”
The table grew quiet at Revan's mention of the Mandalorians. “I did.” Kira said in a quiet voice, “Kavar mentioned it before training started. I heard him discussing it with Master Atris.” she shivered, “They were speaking so heatedly...”
“Master Zhar's been pretty distant since, too,” said Revan. “All the Masters have been, I'll bet. I mean, think about it. Ten million people?”
“They seemed disturbed...angry, even. A lot of them...I don't know what they think or what side they're on. Kavar is against the war, but he doesn't seem to be able to tolerate what's been going on. Master Atris, from what I overheard, is dead-set against the Jedi joining.” Kira said, “As far as I know, the Council has yet to decide.”
“Master Vol wouldn't tell me, even when I asked him,” Alynna said slowly. She looked around at the group of friends. “What do you all think the Council should decide?”
Revan gave a sarcastic chuckle. “What kind of question is that?” he asked. “No offense, but it's obvious. We should go. Innocent people are suffering out there. Aren't the Jedi supposed to be the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy?”
“Exactly.” Kira said, “It isn't right. We shouldn't just sit around and wait for the Republic
to die. Does the Council honestly think that if they stay out of the war, the Mandalorians are going to leave them alone?”
“Talking about the Mandalorian Wars, are we?”
Kira turned with the others to see a young, fifteen year old girl with brown hair stood just
in front of the table, a tray of food in her hands. Her ice-blue eyes were sharp as she looked on
the faces of each of them. “Yeah,” she said, her tone slightly harder than normal, “We are.”
“You know as well as I that the Masters have forbidden speculation on the topic.” she
said, in a tattle-tale tone.
Revan rolled his eyes as the girl looked on at them. “Big words for a scrawny yelt runt,”
he said. She turned and began walking away. “Oh, and Bastila,” he said, turning to face
her. She stopped and looked at him. “If you talk to me in that condescending tone one more time, I'll tie you to the ceiling by the back of your robes.”
She stalked off, blushing slightly.
“Big words for such an immature yelt rat like you, Revan.” Kira heard Bastila murmur as
she turned on her heels and stalked off.
“God, I hate her. I can't wait until I pass my trials, if only to get away from her.
“Oh, believe me,” Kira said, “I'm pretty sure the feeling's mutual.”
Although sitting away from Revan's group, Lake was concentrating on listening to the conversation. She agreed, for the most part, that the Mandalorian threat needed to be quelled as quickly as possible. From her studies, she knew the Mandalorians would never surrender until they were bested at their own game. They were bred for war, reveled in it, and would never cease until someone came along with a bigger stick than they had. Or a bigger lightsaber. From the reports she had read, the Republic's forces were inconsistent in their dealings with the Mandalorians. They needed a plan. They needed continuity. They needed strong leaders. They needed the Jedi. They had asked for them and had been told to wait while the Council debated the issue. But the longer the Republic waited, the weaker they became. In Lake's opinion, if the
Jedi did not help them soon, the Republic would lose - and so would the Jedi. In fact, she
had overheard the Council discussing that very same thing - the fate of the Jedi.
But Revan's group talking so brazenly about their opinions on the Mandalorian conflict so
openly in the common dining room was only going to cause conflict with their Masters.
She gave a cautious look at Master Lowe sitting across from her. If he was picking up her
thoughts he certainly didn't show it. “Master?” she said to him. “I think I could do with
some more practice with a quarterstaff.” She knew he would refuse. He hated sparring
with staffs.
“Oh? Well, I... I have some things to discuss with Master Vrook,” he lied. “You'll have to
find someone else to spar with you. Although, I am glad to see that you are taking your need for
additional training seriously,” he added. “Perhaps you'll be able to take the trials next
“Yes, Master,” she replied. He'd been saying that for the past two years now. “Perhaps.” Excusing herself, she rose from the table. Walking purposefully close to Revan's table, she dropped a napkin on the floor near Kira. She couldn't risk talking with them openly with her Master watching her so closely. “I'm looking for someone to spar with in the outer courtyard,” she said as she picked it up from the floor. “Quarterstaffs. Anyone up for it?”
“I think we could all use a bit of training.” Kira said, standing, “Considering that some were interrupted during their session with their masters,” she added, throwing Revan a contemptuous glance.
“Great,” Lake responded, smiling. “Meet you out there in twenty minutes.” She gave a casual glance over her shoulder at Master Lowe. He was watching her, but didn't seem overly concerned at the moment. She put her tray away and went to get her quarterstaff.
Revan looked at Kira suspiciously. “You're going to hold that over my head for years... aren't you...?”
“If I fail the trials...” Kira answered, standing, “You’d better believe it.”

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Nice. It sounds like a school setting with a group of friends and the one who longs to join. It has nice flow, some grammmatical error though but overall, a good story. I'd like to read more.

The Doctor
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Chapter Two

Lake flourished her staff. Of course, she was more than proficient with a lightsaber and sword, but the staff was her favourite. She liked how the simple weapon felt in her hands--heavy, but perfectly balanced - and she liked the sound that it made when it cut through the air. The sound of power behind skill.
Master Lowe made her practice some form of martial art at least three times a day. This made her strong, but it also made her lonely. There wasn't ever much time for her to socialise in between meditations, lectures, meals and training. And deep down, she resented Master Lowe for this. She knew she shouldn’t... but she couldn’t help it. She wanted just a little more freedom...
She was looking forward to sparring with Kira. She liked Kira. Everyone did. She had a sort of natural magnetism that caused people to gravitate towards her. If there was ever one who could motivate people to do something, it was Kira. She readied herself, practicing some warm up moves while she waited in the mostly deserted outer courtyard for Kira to arrive.

* * * * *

Kira pusher her plate away from her, unable to pretend to like Goloo’s herkasa bread any longer. “That’s it...” she said, standing. “I can’t eat this. Lake’s waiting for me anyway.” She turned away from the table. Revan stood as well, an eager smile spreading across his face.
“I want to see this,” he said happily. “Anyone want to place any bets?” he asked. “My money’s on Lake to win in less than ten minutes.”
Kira smirked at him. “If you weren’t taller than me,” she said. “You wouldn’t be able to see anything through my headlock.”
Staff, not a vibroblade. Kira thought to herself, reaching to the collapsible Force-pike she had resting at her belt. She usually trained with the vibroblade she had gotten as an heirloom before leaving for the Jedi, which was currently sitting against a wall in her room.
Seeing as I want a Saberstaff... she thought, taking the pike in her hand as she left the cafeteria. I should probably start using this more often...

* * * * *

While in the middle of one of her warm-up routines, Lake sensed Kira's arrival. She
stopped in mid-lunge and turned to greet her, seeing Revan, Alynna, Malak, and Jack close behind her.
“Glad you could come,” Lake said, smiling. Her gaze traveled to over and behind Kira's shoulders. She raised her eyebrows. “And I see you've brought an audience,” she added, nodding to Revan and crew approaching. “Good. We can get feedback and critique on our styles while we spar.” She flourished her staff. It wasn't a Force Pike, merely a cortosis strengthened staff, but it could still hold its own up against either a lightsabre or any other weapon. “So, are you ready?”
“I wouldn't expect much critique out of these guys,” Kira said jokingly, “Least of all from him.” she jerked her head slightly, indicating Revan, who gave her an mock indignant stare.
“It’s not my fault you-“
”Anyway...” she said loudly, flourishing her force pike and sliding into a stepping-back defensive stance. “It's your move.”
“So, should we stick with the basics?” Lake asked, settling her feet into position similar to a Shii-Cho form. She went on the offensive. She lunged forward, only to have Kira parry. The clash of staff against pike echoed through the courtyard as her blows were evenly matched by Kira. After a couple of minutes, Lake whirled, blocking Kira's thrust, with one end of her staff, then swinging it low going for Kira's legs. Kira jumped and they clashed together again. Lake spoke. “So, now that you're warmed up, should we step it up a notch?”
“Just for the record, she said it, not me,” Kira said jokingly, looking to the others on the sidelines, particularly Revan and Malak, as she ducked Lake's sweep at her head.
Kira returned her sweep with one of her own at Lake's feet, which she easily jumped. Just what Kira was planning. She rolled beneath Lake while she was still in the air, using the Force to speed her momentum up. She came to her feet, standing into a crouch, and swept around at the girl who was still in the air with her pike.
“Try this!” she yelled.
Using the Force, Lake twisted in mid air. Releasing one of her hands, she reached out for and grabbed the shaft of Kira's pike. Landing, she pulled, and the Pike, with Kira attached, jolted forward. Now face-to-face with Kira, she grinned. “Do you suppose a Mandalorian could do that?” She tapped Kira on the shoulder with the end of her staff, then released her and stepped back ready for another round. “Nice move, by the way,” she complimented. “One of Master Kavar's?”
“That one is patented by myself actually.” Kira said, regulating her breathing as she prepared for another round, “And don't worry, I'm just getting started.”
This time, Kira flew forward, using the Force to once again increase her speed beyond what any human could maintain on their own. She exchanged a hurried set of blows with Lake, both women being sure to keep up with the other. At one point, Kira did a handspring backward, putting distance between herself and Lake, and creating a lull in the fighting. “Not bad. Lowe’s got you working hard, I see.”
“Is it wrong to be incredibly bored right now?” asked Revan jokingly. “Man... I never knew either of them could... well, they're not bad. For girls.”
Alynna rolled her eyes and smacked Revan. “You're a better fighter than me,” she told him, “but may the Force help me if I'm not tempted to go Dark Side on your ass!” She teased, daring him to challenge her to a sparring match she knew she'd loose.
“I'd like to see you try, Lyn,” said Revan, laughing.
“I bet you would,” Alynna laughed. “Give you something else to gloat about, wouldn't it?”
Lake heard Revan’s comment, but chose to ignore it, too busy trying to keep up with Kira. Dodge, parry, block, thrust, parry, dodge...
“Master Lowe works me hard everyday,” Lake replied to Kira as they sparred. Block, jump, parry, roll, thrust, swing, jump, swing, parry... “He doesn't give me much time for anything else. Weave, spin, parry, spin, block, parry, dodge... “You would think with all this training he would let me take the trials,” she said, intensifying her attack. “But he says I'm not ready for them.” Parry, thrust, parry, spin, swing... “To be honest, I think he's afraid of me taking them.” There was a break in their battling, and Lake used the time to give Revan a slight, but unexpected Force Push, causing him to flounder and fall on his backside. “Think you'll find Revan's ass easier to go Dark Side on when it's closer to the ground, Alynna.” She turned to Kira, who looked just as tired as she felt. “Thanks, Kira. I needed that. You’re good - you’ll pass your trials for sure.”
“Thanks,” Kira said, standing straight again and closing her pike, regulating her breathing again. “As I said, you're not that bad yourself. Though, about the trials...” she used a Force push to subtly push Revan's hand out from under him as he tried to stand again, “If a certain someone has his way, I don't think I'll ever see my saber...”
Revan, irritated, knocked both of them to the floor, their weapons clattering to the floor.
“What, you think I'm trying to make you fail your trials?” he asked. “Why would I do that?”
“Maybe because you're jealous of Kira?” Lake suggested, as she stood and brushed herself off. “To protect your reputation as the most promising Jedi Knight? Or perhaps you don't want Kira to become a Knight in case the Jedi ever do get around to dealing with the Mandalorians? To protect her.”
Revan stared at her. “Kira can take care of herself - she's been one of my best friends for almost fourteen years, so she’d have to,” he said. “I think she could stand up to a few platoons of Mandalorian soldiers.”
“Guys, relax will you? I was just kidding.” Kira said, stepping between the two. Revan was getting worked up - she knew that look in his eye. “Besides,” she whispered, “Master alert.”
Lake looked in the direction Kira was looking, then rolled her eyes. Great, she thought. She knew what was coming.
“Just what do you think you are doing?!” Master Lowe growled at the group.
Lake inhaled a breath, waiting for the barrage about why she shouldn't be training with padawans who were ready to take their trials.
“Master Vrook has been looking for you,” Master Lowe said to Revan, Kira, and the others. “He has a mission for you. He's waiting for you in the Council Chambers.” He stood with his arms crossed, frowning, and tapping his foot. “And as for you...” he scowled at Lake. “I've been asked by the Council to give you a mission as well. Come with me.”
Kira glanced at Revan, giving him a look as if to say: Ok... what’s going on? He shrugged, and followed Lowe towards the Council chambers.
“Nuts. I was just about to challenge Malak.” Jack muttered as he left with the rest of them. Oh well, get some action. As long as it isn't a diplomacy mission...
* * * * *

Revan entered the Council chambers right behind Lowe, who took his seat along the wall.
There were 5 Jedi Masters present - Zhar, Vrook, Dorak, Kavar, and now Lowe. Revan and the others stood before them in a line, side by side, Kira standing beside him, and Malak on his other side, the far left of the line. He stare at the Masters for a moment, They waited for the others to gather, then a low, gravelly voice spoke.
“Welcome, Padawans,” it said. Revan had to look down to see the speaker - it was Master Vandar. Standing only 2 and a half feet from the floor, Revan hadn't seen him there. Vandar looked up at them, and despite his size, commanded a powerful respect from the
Padawans, simply by standing in front of them. Zhar spoke next, getting right to the point. “As you well know, there are a number of ancient ruins outside the enclave. For many years, these ruins have been a source of great curiosity among the local populace, and numerous archaeologists.”
“Recently, the Enclave has received word that Mandalorians were found nearby on the plains. The group of raiders were chased into one of these sets of ruins.” Kavar continued, “However, now there is a need to investigate these ruins, and keep track of the Mandalorian movement.”
“Consider this mission as part of your trials,” said Master Dorak. Master Lowe suddenly and loudly cleared his throat.
“Except for you, Lake,” Master Dorak added. “You are to go along as an observer. They will need someone with archaeological knowledge to accompany them, in case they uncover any artefacts worthy of additional study. Master Lowe has told us that you have excelled in this skill during your studies.”
Lake slightly raised an eyebrow. Master Lowe had praised her in front of the other Masters? Ha! Was blackmailed by Kavar, more like.
“Yes, Master,” she said respectfully. “I will do what I can to aid them.”
“You will not aid them,” Master Lowe said sharply. “You will retrieve and keep safe any worthy artifacts and bring them back here to Master Dorak for further study and archiving. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Master.” Lake bowed her head, and took a step backwards from the rest of the group. Oooh! I'd like to slam his head against the floor right now! she thought. She took a deep, calming breath, then began to recite the Jedi Code in her head to keep her cool. There is no emotion...
“We have already sent a Knight to investigate.” Kavar explained, “However, contact was lost several days ago. At first, we suspected that it was no more than a malfunction, but now we believe something has gone wrong. In response, we are sending you. The Knight we sent carried a datapad with him that he recorded the data he learned on. We need you to retrieve the datapad, and bring it back here.”
“More expendable than another Knight or two,” Alynna muttered. Her master, Ennao Vol cleared his throat.
“If you have something to say, Alynna, allow us to hear it,” he said. Alynna shook her head.
“I have nothing to say, Master,” she said, bowing slightly.
“I sense your negative feelings, Padawan,” he told her sternly. “You feel you and your companions are being sent because you are expendable?”
Realizing he would not let it go, Alynna sighed. “More expendable than Knights,” she admitted. “Is this not the reason you send us, instead of another Knight?”
“Do you doubt your abilities, Padawan?” Vol demanded. “I do not. You and your friends are highly skilled. Where one Knight seems to have failed, we do not doubt that you will succeed.”
“Of course, Master,” Alynna nodded. “I am sorry for my doubt.” She wasn't, but in her life before the Jedi, she'd gotten very good at masking her true feelings. Only her master and her closest friends could accurately read her feelings. This time, Master Vol nodded, satisfied with her bluff.
Revan listened to the Masters speak without saying a word. He cleared his throat, and stepped forward slightly. “If we happen to find any Mandalorians, what would you have us to with them?”
“You will bring them here,” replied Dorak. “To ensure that they can harm no one. If they attack you, you have authority to take them by... Force.”
Vandar spoke next. “Remember that your mission is not to slay the Mandalorians hidden in the ruins. You are representing not only the Jedi Order, but the Republic itself. Do not do anything to further diminish either the Order or the Republic in their eyes.”
“Should you do anything to disobey these orders,” Kavar said, “The punishment will be quite severe. Now, you have an hour to prepare, and after that time, a speeder will be waiting at the back of the enclave for you. Keep in touch with the Enclave. May the Force be with you.”
The line of Padawans bowed to the Council, and exited the room, the doors closing behind them.” Well, we get to see some action after all.” Kira murmured.
Revan rolled his eyes. “Anyway. What do you think we're going to find there?” he asked.
“Who knows...” Kira murmured, “But I hope that we'll find at least one Mandalorian. I'm tired of just sparring and practicing with training droids...”
“If I find any of those Mandalorian sons of bitches, I'm going to cut his arm off and make him swallow it,” said Revan bitterly.
Kira nearly took a step back. She wasn't used to seeing Revan this...passionate...about something. “Hell knows they deserve it. After what they've done to all those innocent people...”
Revan sighed. He noticed Kira look at him with an odd expression on her face, but he ignored her. “Well, we have an hour to get ready. I say we all have a quick shower, then meet at the armory. I’m going for a shower.” With that, he walked off, without waiting for a response.
Kira waited a moment, watching after Revan. After a moment of indecision, she said, “You know guys, I have to take care of something. I'll see you later.” and with that, went off after him. “Revan!” she called, catching up with him just as he slid his dorm room door open. “Wait!”
Revan stopped and turned to her. “Yeah?” She could tell that he was trying to be friendly, but was suddenly in a bad mood.
Kira frowned slightly at his answer, but shook it off. “Look...” she said, “I...I just wanted to make sure that you were alright. I've never really seen you act like that.”
He sighed again, rubbing his eyes. “Yeah, I'm fine,” he said, a little more gently. “I just... I don't know what happened... I just... I can't... it's frustrating, you know? We have the power to stop the Mandalorians once and for all, and the Council won't do a damn thing!”
Kira placed a calming hand on his shoulder. “I know, it's frustrating, but we have to deal with it. At least for now.” her voice fading into a slight whisper.
Revan placed his hand on hers, and gently squeezed it. “I know,” he said quietly. “I just... hard to accept that we're not allowed to do anything. It's like... being tied to a chair when someone you care about is suffering - you know you could do something to save them, but you're being held back.”
“I know...” Kira said quietly, “It's like torture...” she clutched his shoulder slightly, cringing at the thought. Then she realized just what she was doing. An embarrassed smile on her face, she quickly pulled her hand away from him, stepping back. “Er...we should get ready. I still have to grab my vibrosword and things...”
Revan blushed slightly. “Yeah, right,” he said quickly. “I, uhm... I gotta grab my stuff, too. See you out there,” he said, disappearing into his room, closing the door behind him. What the hell was that?

03-22-2006, 06:32 PM
A little school boy love methinks. Nice that you are tying in the ruins from KOTOR to the story. I'm curious to see how it plays out for the Revan before the darkside.

The Doctor
03-22-2006, 07:37 PM
Chapter Three

Jack looked up and down the hallway. “Where did Revan and Kira go, anyways? I think we'd better start getting ready.”
“I believe Revan and Kira are...co-ordinating their plans,” Lake said tongue-in-cheek. “They've become rather close friends over the years, according to Master Lowe. Another reason why he's not letting me take the trials with the rest of you.” She gave the others a sardonic grin. “'Corruptive influences,'” she added. She turned to Jack. “And, yes, my master is rather annoying at times. Most times, in fact. Although he views his harshness as 'training.' Says that it’s better to be aloof and distant, rather than friendly and attached. Keeps a Jedi more objective, he says.” She snorted. “But he'll get his in the end. As will the Mandalorians.” She winked at Jack. “I have faith in the Force.”
“We'd better get suited up,” she said to the others. “C'mon, let’s get down to the armory. I may not be allowed to ‘assist’ you, but I still need protection from Kath hounds and any renegade Mandalorians out there. And if your plan is to incapacitate them, it wouldn't hurt to bring along a few stun grenades.”
“Yeah, let's head over. And,” he added, smiling, “If you just happen to arm yourself a little on the 'offensive' side, I won't say anything.” He headed out to the armory, muttering “corruptive influences” and something else under his breath.
Lake grinned as she followed Jack to the armory. She was glad that she wasn't the only one sick of Master Lowe. “So, what constitutes as 'offensive' in your book, Jack?” she asked him. “You know...me being so unskilled that my master won't let me take the trials,” she said sarcastically. “I might pick and choose the wrong things.”
“Well, let's see.” Jack said, pretending to think. “'Offensive' would probably be around the order of Baragwin heavy repeaters, or some thermies, perhaps some tremor swords... Take what you want, 'padawan Lake', even if you took a anti-armor grenade launcher out there no one would see you. In fact, that might not be a bad idea... Shame the armory doesn't have one.”
Just outside the armory door, Lake groaned as she hoisted the knapsack of explosives, extra blasters, grenades, and mines over her shoulder. “Well, I can't exactly be 'offensive' when I'm carrying this lot,” she said to Jack. “Unless I want to hit someone over the head with it...” she trailed off, helping Jack load supplies into the packs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kira began to walk away as she heard the hiss of Revan's dorm-room door slide shut, and she clutched her hand self-consciously. What...what was that? she wondered, intently studying the floor as she proceeded down the hall. It was...it was like I couldn't control myself...
“Interesting.” Kira looked up, startled, to see who had spoken. It was Bastila, and the younger girl was leaning cockily against a door frame, the all-knowing look ever-present in her eyes. “I'd have to say that little encounter was rather...amusing.”
“Bastila!” Kira hissed, “You were spying on us!”
“I didn't have to. Your thoughts and emotions were so loud once you realized what you were doing, it was like a beacon. With one so strong in the Force as myself, it was pretty hard to ignore.” Bastila's blue eyes turned to chips of freezing ice, her shapely eyebrows knitting together as she approached Kira. “Listen to me.” she hissed, “You stay away from him. I know what happens to a man and a woman who stay close friends for too long, and I can see it is happening to you. It's all too easy to see. So let me tell you, Kira Starr, if the Masters find out or you do anything to screw up Revan's chances of becoming a Knight, you will pay.”
Kira stepped back at the venom seething from the smaller woman. “And might I ask why you care so much about his chances?”
Now it was Bastila's turn to step back. Apparently, she hadn't been ready to answer that question. She paused a moment, lost for an answer. However, when she did speak, it was with what Kira discerned as sincere worry. “He's the strongest of us all, we both know that. Knights like him are needed now, when there's so much trouble in the galaxy. If and when the Jedi enter the Mandalorian Wars, they're going to need generals and leaders like him to help the Republic forces stay together. I will not sit by and watch the galaxy fall apart because Revan got caught with some girl.”And with that, she stalked off, leaving a fuming Kira behind her.

'Some girl' indeed! Kira thought indignantly as she pulled her robes back on. She had just showered and put on a set of thin fiber armor, which she was currently putting her robes around. Ruin Revan's chances. Ha! As if! She pulled her boots on with perhaps a bit more strength than necessary. That little schutta doesn't know A THING about what she's saying. Damn know-it-all! However, as she moodily tied her blonde hair back into her signature pony-tail and slid the decorated sheath of her vibro-sword into her belt, she slowed, her thoughts turning back to Revan himself. But...something did happen then...I just wish I knew what.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan closed his closet door, straightening his billowing black robes, which he was wearing over a light battle armor, the shiny gold crest of the Jedi Order gleaming on a badge over his left breast. He turned, and took his long sword down from the wall. He watched it gleam in the unnatural indoor light, his thoughts straying back to Kira...
What the hell is wrong with me? he asked himself, sheathing his sword and turning to the mirror. His reflection stared back at him, the handsome face dark and serious, as opposed to his usual devilish grin. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, reciting the Jedi code in his mind. There is no emotion, there is peace. He meditated briefly, then turned back to the door. He glanced at his reflection one more time, and left the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kira swung a cloak around her shoulders, finished getting her stuff together, and slid her door open, stepping into the corridor. I wonder where the others are...
She walked to a wall terminal, activating it. She spoke into its mic clearly: “Locate Padawans Ketenno, Jack and Kiel, Lake.” Two blips showed up on the screen, placing the two in the armory. After a moment, she half murmured, “Padawan Revan.” She hadn't expected the terminal to react, but it did. A blip much like the last two popped up on the screen, showing Revan on the move to the armory as well. “Well, armory it is...” she muttered. She shut down the terminal, and headed off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan turned the corner into the armoury to find Jack and Lake already there. “Hey guys,” he said. Already having his sword and battle armour, he didn't really need anything. He grabbed a few stims, just in case someone needed to avoid unconsciousness, and clipped them to his belt. He also grabbed a beam light - again, just in case. “You two almost ready to go?”
“Ready when you are.” Jack answered. He was busy putting his dark colored robes back over a light set of Echani armor, along with fitting a small blaster to his belt next to his long vibro-blade. “Although we might need to take some of Lake's equipment right now. It looks like she's in more danger of being crushed than being attacked by Mandalorians. Where are Kira and Malak?”
“Well...” said Revan, glancing at the terminal. He activated it with the Force. “Kira’s right...”
“All ready?” asked Kira, coming around the corner and jogging up to them. “Our hour’s almost up.”
“There...” Revan continued, as if she hadn’t said anything. “And Malak’s still in his room. I’ll go get him... I have no idea what could be taking him so long - it’s not like it takes him an hour to shower, being bald and everything. I’ll go find him. Be right back.” He deactivated the terminal on his way past, and headed for Malak’s room. Just as he approached the door, Malak stepped through it, ducking slightly so as not to crack his head on the door frame. “There you are,” said Revan. “C’mon, we have to go - the girls are getting wrinkly with age waiting for us.”
“Sorry,” said Malak apologetically. “I couldn’t find my...” the he noticed that Revan wasn’t listening, but staring at the floor as they walked, apparently lost in shielded thought. “Revan? Are you alright?”
Revan started slightly, his thoughts jerking back to reality. “What? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking about Lake,” he lied quickly. “It’s a shame she can’t take the trials with us...”
“Yes, it is unfortunate,” agreed Malak. “Perhaps this mission will convince Master Lowe that she is indeed ready to take the trials this year.”
“I doubt it,” spat Revan bitterly. “Once a Master makes up their mind about something, it’s hard to change it.”
They turned the corner to the armory, and walked up to the others. “Everyone here?” asked Revan.
Kira glanced around. “Wait, where's Alynna? I had figured she was with you guys.”
“Behind you,” came Alynna’s voice. “Sorry I'm late...” She grinned slightly. “Vol had more of a problem with what I said before the Council than he admitted,”
Kira turned around, slightly startled at Alynna's voice. “Right. Now that everyone is here, there should be a speeder outside waiting for us...”
Revan clipped his cape, which had been draped over his shoulder, to the shoulders of his robe, the hood falling over head a little bit, covering his eyes. He pushed it back around his shoulders. “C'mon. Let's get going. Those ruins aren't going to bore us to death while we stand around here.”
“And I am so looking forward to it.” Kira said, moving off to the Enclave's back entrance. As she stepped through the automated double doors, she glanced around before spotting a man with a speeder just over the bridge that led off the grounds and into the untamed plains of Dantooine. As she approached him, the man called out to them.
“You must be the Padawans the Council sent out to scope out the Mandalorians.” he said.
“Yes. Is this the speeder we were promised?”
“The newest model from Czerka, all gassed up and ready to go on your command.” he glanced at the sun, which was far past its zenith by now, “Though I suggest not flying in the dark. It's a tricky thing, even for the most experienced drivers.”
“Thanks, we'll keep that in mind.” Kira said, and with that, the man walked off. She stepped up to the speeder, examining the transport. “So, who's driving?”
“I will,” said Lake, heaving her pack in the back of the speeder. “Master Lowe never lets me drive when he's with me.” She paused thoughtfully. “Although that might be for good reason.” She grinned. “I have a tendency to take the 'speed' part of 'landspeeder' too much to heart.”
“I wonder if that could turn out to be a problem...” Kira joked, jumping into the back. “But you heard the guy, we should get going before its dark.”
“Right.” Lake hopped into the driver's seat. “All aboard,” she said to the others, mimicking a transport driver. “All passengers please fasten yourselves in securely with the safety equipment provided, and keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Except if you're engaging any Mandalorian raiders we may encounter along the way. There are no courtesy services on this journey, however please feel free to help yourself to the weapons cache located in the pack behind you. Next stop, Ancient and Creepy Dantooine Ruins. Estimated journey time: four hours. Enjoy the ride and thank you for traveling with Jedi Enclave Transport Services.” She fired up the engines, revved them, and then grinned devilishly. “I've always wanted to say something like that.”
“Well, if you're done yapping let's get go-“ But Revan never got to finish his sentence. Lake put her foot down, and he was thrown against the back of his seat. “Holy mother of... Lake, where did you learn to drive?”
Lake laughed as the wind rushed across her face and through her hair, causing little strands to slip free from her braid. “Master Lowe taught me, of course,” she replied to Revan. “I'm told he used to be a pretty good pilot in his day. Of course, I'm sure that was before hyperspace was discovered,” she added. She glanced back at Revan, then frowned slightly. “Why do you ask? You're not feeling sick are you?” She shook her head. “I told you to stay away from that blue stuff.”
“The Revan? I'm sure that the Council's most prized Padawan isn't motion sick.” Kira said with a laugh, smiling at Revan who was beginning to right himself.
“Hey, maybe if Lake weren't driving like a mad woman, I wouldn't be forced to regurgitate Goloo's soup all over your lap,” said Revan, going slightly green. “I think Malak should have been driver... the 6 day trip at 5 clicks would be worth arriving alive.” Malak reached behind Kira and smacked Revan sharply on the head.
“Now settle down, boys!” Kira said, mimicking Master Atris and rapping both their hands sharply, “Two nearly grown men fighting like three year olds, honestly!” Finishing making fun of the silver-haired master, Kira noticed Revan's green complection. “Alright, if you're going to barf it up, barf all over him, not me.” she said, pointing at Malak.
“Sorry, Kira, but you're in the way. You don't wanna get barfed on, you're gonna have to move. And that won't be easy with Lake speeding across the plains like a yelt rat running from a al'hayat.”
“What is it with you and yelt rats?” Kira murmured, sliding over none too gracefully until she was on the other side of Revan. “There, perfect shot for ya.”
Alynna laughed. “What's with the complaints? Compared to what I'm used to, this is child’s play.” She shook her head. “Seriously, none of you've ever been around with Vol driving, have you?”
The Dantooine sun was just setting on the horizon. “You know, even with my speed demon ways,” said Lake, “we're not going to make it to the ruins before nightfall. Anyone have any objections if we camp out for the night and continue on in the morning?”
“I've no objections.” Kira said, watching the orange sun set over the plains of Dantooine. “I've been cooped up in that Enclave for weeks on end for training. A little extra fresh air won't hurt.”
“No, but the trill fly bites will,” said Revan with a smile. “Nah, I don't have a problem with it. As long as we get a fire going - the nights are getting colder, and it should repel most of the bugs.
“Yeah, who needs those hundreds of dollars worth of high-tech camping equipment when we can be cavemen!” Kira joked, “While we're at it, let's forget about our lightsabers. We could use clubs instead! It would be fun!”
“Hey, you'd be surprised,” said Revan seriously. “Kavar took me out here for a week so I could learn how to survive without camping equipment. It was the time of my life. Besides...” he grabbed the hilt of her sword and pulled it out of it's sheath. “We don't have lightsabers yet.”
He examined her sword for a moment, flipped it over so he was holding it by the blade, and passed it to her, Malak shooting him an apprehensive look - he had almost lost his nose to the blade. She took it back from him, bringing it close to his chin as she flipped it round and slid it back into its sheath. “Kiono siña.” she said, thanking him in smooth Twi'lek.
“That looks like a good place to spend the night.” said Alynna, pointing to a flat area next to a small stream.
“Alright,” said Lake. “Hold on,” she added, bringing the speeder around in a wide arch, guiding it towards the site Alynna had indicated.
“Oh trust me...,” said Revan, grabbing hold of his armrest. “I will.”

The Doctor
03-22-2006, 07:41 PM
Chapter Four

Kira kicked her legs over the edge of the speeder, perching on the edge of it and crossing her legs. She closed her eyes a moment. “It's so peaceful here...” she murmured.
Looking over to the grove Lake had indicated, she said, “It hasn't rained in a while, so the wood should be dry enough...”
Lake hopped out of the speeder and stretched her arms over her head as she surveyed the area. “Looks like a fine spot to me. And there's some trees over there,” she pointed to a small grove a few hundred metres away. “Should be some dead wood over there to gather for firewood. Anyone want to join me?”
“I'll help,” Alynna offered, heading after Lake toward the trees.
“Great!” Lake said, smiling. “You and I can gather the wood, and Malak and Jack can carry it back.” She looked at the two guys, then nodded to them to follow her. “We'll need a fair amount,” she explained, so they wouldn't back out of the chore. “It'll get really cold once the sun goes down and I don't want to have to go out foraging for more fuel in the middle of the night. And while we're away, Kira and Revan can get the rest of the gear out and get a fire pit ready. Is that okay with you?” she asked Revan and Kira.
“I've no problem with it.” Kira said, sliding from her perch and moving to the back of the speeder. “Though the light's fading soon, and it isn't exactly summer here anymore. I'd hurry.”
“Right. We'll be back soon then,” said Lake, gathering the others and leaving Revan alone with Kira.
Revan sighed, then swung himself out over the door of the speeder - landing ungracefully on his backside on the ground. Kira couldn't help but let out a giggle. “Not exactly the smoothest move you’ve ever made, Rev.” she said, walking over to where he sat on the ground, “Though I'm sure that it was just the prospect of being alone with me that made you trip up.”
“Yeah...” said Revan, embarrassed. “Well... I wouldn't say that. It's more to do with the fact that I'm an idiot. As you so kindly point out on numerous occasions.”
“Aw, but it's just so easy to.” she joked offering him a hand, “Besides, someone's got to make sure your head doesn't get too big to fit through the Enclave's doors.”
Revan took her hand, allowing her to help him up. He looked around the camp. “We're gonna need to clear out some space for the fire, and I can use the tarps Lake brought to build some makeshift tents. Unless of course you have your heart set on the state-of-the-art shelter unit. I'd need Malak's help to set that up - I can't get the ceiling up on my own. The tents will be easier.”
“I'd sooner sleep under the stars than under anything at all.” Kira said, beginning to kick some stones and twigs away as she cleared an area for the fire. The area was a spot that was mostly dirt, and just needed a few large stones or the like around it to mark it off as a fire pit.
“During all the years I've known you,” Kira said as she worked, “I've never had the chance to figure out if you were an 'outdoor-sy' sort of person.” her lips cocked upward slightly, “Kinda stupid if you ask me.”
“Well, I didn't,” said Revan. “Besides, it took me almost ten years to learn that you cooked. Now that's stupid. I mean, cooking? Just doesn't suit you.”
“Well, would you rather eat a meal of nutrition bars tonight?” she asked, returning to the speeder and grabbing one of the tarps, “Because that could just as easily happen...Oh wait, I think they sent us some of Goloo's blue goup! Even better!”
“Alright alright, you win. I'm stupid and worthless, and you're the queen of everything,” said Revan. “Now, can we just get this thing set up before it gets dark?”
“Well, I wouldn't go as far as to call you worthless...” Kira said, as they set to work putting up the 'tents', “Though the queen of everything does seem to fit me quite nicely, doesn't it?” she smiled jokingly at him from across the tarp.
It wasn't long before the tents were nearly set up. All that was left was a single knot to tie to secure the top. Problem was, Kira couldn't reach it without stepping on the tent, so she struggled with it on tip-toe.
Stupid thing... she thought, as she fought with the strings to form the shape she wanted.
A moment later, she felt someone press against her back, and arms reach over her shoulders.
“R-Revan?” she muttered, her face growing hot. Are we supposed to be this close?
Revan didn't realize what he was doing until it was too late. He felt Kira tense, and he could swear her body temperature rose. He felt his heart race, and his breath quickened. This isn't right... He backed away from her, moving to the other side of the tent to reach the string. You're an idiot, Revan...
Hidden from his view, Kira bit her gloved finger nervously, and willed her heart to stop ramming against her ribs. They weren't so close any more, couldn't even see each other for the moment...but why couldn't she breath?
Revan fumbled with the knot, his fingers trembling. C'mon, Revan... she's not even near you anymore... he told himself, trying to control his breathing. He managed to tie the knot, and fell into a Jedi calming trance. There is no emotion...
“There's the wood!” Lake said, as she dropped an armful of wood next to the fire pit. “Good job on the tents,” she said to Revan, patting his back, as the rest of the wood foragers returned and piled their respective armfuls in a heap near the edge of the campsite. She began arranging the wood and kindling in the pit. She checked her pockets for a fire-starter, then frowned. Checking first to see if anyone was really paying attention to her, she grinned softly, and then her eyes narrowed in concentration. A small bolt of Force Lightning streamed out from one of her fingertips, catching the kindling alight, and starting the fire burning. Dark Side power, indeed, she silently scoffed. It's useful. “There.” She stood up, brushed off her hands, and went to sit on nearby rock.
“Nice work, guys,” Kira said, trying to sound laid-back, as if nothing had happened. “Now we can have hot food made over a real fire.”
Moving over to the speeder, she grabbed the pack that was filled with food and water, coming over to the fire that was quickly growing.
“I love fires,” said Lake, leaning forward to rub her hands in the heat. “It's like they fill some sort of primal need.” She looked over at Kira. “Don't you think?”
“Absolutely,” Kira answered, kneeling near the flames, “A true fire always seems to warm me so much quicker than any heater in the Enclave. Plus, food seems to taste so much better when cooked over open flames.”
“So, what's for dinner?” Lake asked. “And please don't tell me you brought anything that Goloo made.” She shivered. “How and why the Order ever made him a cook is beyond me. Unless they figured that it's part of our survival training.”
“Onderonian egg rolls.” Kira said, setting the items needed out on the grass. “I've been wanting to try my hand at them, but I've never had time to make them. And with Goloo poisoning everyone with his own...'creations', I wouldn't have anyone to test them for me.”
She set to work, and it wasn't long before the group each had a steaming egg roll in hand.
Kira had taken a seat next to Revan and Lake, and she nibbled distractedly at her food as she discreetly watched the others for their reactions. “So?”
Lake swallowed. “They're great,” she said, then took another bite. She waved a hand in front of her mouth. “Hot though! But a welcome change from Goloo's food.” She paused. “What's it filled with?” she asked. “Or, am I better off not knowing?”
“Well...If you're a vegetarian, then no, you don't want to know.” Kira said with a smile. After a moment, she said, “Hey Lake, you're awfully talkative. We can hardly get you to say two words at the Enclave.”
“That's because Master Lowe isn't here to reprimand me,” she said to Kira. She lowered her eyes, suddenly aware that she might get in trouble with Master Lowe, if he noticed that Kira and the others acted too friendly to her upon their return. “He doesn't like it when I socialise with others too much. Says it interferes with my studies. Makes me lose focus.” Her expression darkened for a moment, and she looked like she was about to add something, but then it looked as if she had changed her mind. She took another bite of egg roll instead.
Kira peered at Lake a moment. She had never really liked Lowe, much like she had never really liked Vrook. Both old crones were far too strict and nothing you could do would ever please them. She had had Vrook as a trainer when she was just beginning to learn the basics at the Academy when she was younger. He was downright evil, in her opinion.
When it was apparent that Lake wasn't going to continue, Kira said, “He can't really be that bad, can he? Everyone needs friends. At least once in a while.”
Lake snorted. “He's that bad,” she said. She paused for a long moment, as if deciding whether or not to expand on her statement. “Once,” she began, although sounding hesitant, “he took me to Coruscant, to visit the archives there. Some research he was doing on Force Forms, or something of the sort,” she added dismissively. “He left me in the training room while he went to the library. Set me up with a sparring partner. Devon.” She smiled reminiscently. “She was nice. Fun to spar with and easy to talk to.” She glanced at Kira. “Like you. But after a few bouts, she said she was tired. She took me to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, to relax a bit. We ended up talking...you know, about things like what we wanted to study, what places we wanted to visit... Innocuous chit chat sort of talk.” She paused a bit, and shifted uncomfortably. “Then Master Lowe showed up. He'd been looking for me and was furious that I had disobeyed him and left the training room. Said that such conversations were meaningless, and that they contributed absolutely nothing in the making of a Jedi.” She smirked, and her eyes darkened. “As punishment, he made me hold heavy weights on outstretched arms in the middle of the training room for three hours, and told me if I uttered a word that he would start the clock over again.” She paused again. “It was humiliating and embarrassing say the least. But I learned to be very careful about who I spoke to in the future.” Her eyes flicked up to meet Kira's. “So, yes. He's that bad.”
Kira paused a moment after Lake had finished. Such venom had come from her words, it had surprised the other padawans.
“Look, Lake...I realize I probably sound a lot like a Master right now, but it's not a good thing to harbor those kinds of feelings. I understand why you hate him, but you can't have those kinds of thoughts about Lowe. It's dangerous.”
“Dangerous?” Lake eyed Kira curiously. “Only for him,” she said quietly. Feeling suddenly uncomfortable about the topic, she rose abruptly, setting down her plate. “I need to stretch my legs a bit. Been sitting for too long.” She began to walk away, stopping just short of where the glow of the campfire met the darkness of the night. What did Kira know about her feelings? she thought to herself. Master Vrook wasn't nearly as bad as Master Lowe. And what was worse, was that Vrook was probably the only Master that could curb Lowe's harsh tendencies. But Vrook's judgement was clouded by the fact that the two were friends. He would never pull up Lowe for anything he did. Caution him, perhaps, but never with any lasting effects. Lake stared out onto the plains, then closed her eyes and let herself feel the life that was out there. Predators stalking prey. That's what it was all about, wasn't it? The struggle to survive, no matter what. She felt a tear run down her cheek, and she hurriedly brushed it away. Control, she cautioned herself. Master Lowe was right about that one. Control was the key. Keep control... and wait until the right moment to strike out.
Kira hesitated about whether or not to go after Lake. She was angry, and could probably use some support, but she could also need some alone time. With a sigh, she stood. “I'll be right back.” she told the others, and went after Lake.
She reached the edge of the firelight, where her friend stood, taking in deep breaths of the sweet night air. Not saying a word, Kira sat down next to her feet, and gave Lake some time to speak. She didn't.
Kira too took a deep whiff of night air, shivering as it played on her senses. The cool wind blew, but it wasn't late enough for it to be a discomfort yet, and rather she listened as it sighed and whispered over the hills and grasses, sensing the wildlife as it thrived in the area.
“It's nice out here, isn't it? It's always so calming to just sit out on the plains for a while...”
Lake didn't respond, so Kira changed tack and got right to the point. “Look...I've had my share of bad times with the masters. Even with Kavar. They're always finding something that I have to work on, something that needs to change. It used to be so frustrating, having Master Kavar on my case all day, every day. It was always 'concentrate, Kira!' or 'Be mindful of your feelings!' or 'Block out this, Stop doing that'...
“The point is, the Master's have to be hard on us. Pointing out our faults is the only way we learn. You'd be surprised how hard it was to convince Kavar that I was ready to take these trials. I remember the one time, there was this one move, this one single step of a flurry, that I could never seem to get right. Every time I would try it, I would go off balance, or my arm would seize up and I'd miss my target. Kavar had me working on it day and night. Literally. Every session of melee training he put me through, he made sure it started earlier in the morning. He'd make me do the move over and over again, and wouldn't let me go to lunch or take a breather until I had executed it perfectly. Then, later at night, he did the same thing, keeping me up far past curfew, if he had to. I still remember the way Revan would pick on me for it.” she shook her head, a smile playing across her lips. “The point is: everyone has a hard master, it just depends on how you look at things.”
Lake sighed. For a moment, she stood silent, letting the wind caress her face, then she sat down next to Kira. “I suppose you're right,” she said drawing her knees into her chest and hugging them. “But why does Master Lowe feel the need to be so...controlling. He never lets me make any decisions on my own. He tells me what to eat, when to sleep, who to talk to....” She sighed. “It's frustrating!” She bowed her head. “I suppose he's right to not let me take the trials. I'm not ready for them.”
“No, having sparred you earlier, and having spent time with you, I think that you're more than ready to make the trials,” Kira encouraged, “As for Master Lowe, all he’s just an old fart, so forget him.” she joked, trying to lighten the mood.
Lake giggled, realising that she'd been acting a bit foolish by being so sensitive about the subject. “He is at that,” she agreed. She looked up at Kira. “Do you really think I'm a good enough Jedi to take the trials to be a Knight?”
“You'd make a better Knight than me, that's all I have to say.” Kira said, throwing her hands up and shaking her head. “Personally, I just think that Kavar and I have gotten so close that he just wants me to become a Knight, so we could work as partners rather than teacher and student.” She gazed off into the night scenery, her eyes glazing over as she recalled days passed. “He was the one who found me, you know.” she said, “He was still just a young Knight, but he and a few of his comrades had been sent to help create a compromise between two warring fractions of my homeworld.”
“Really? I didn't know that.” She snorted. “I just figured that your parents had given you to the Order like mine had.” She paused for a moment. “I can't even remember them. In fact, I can't even remember anything but being in the Order.” She turned to Kira. “So, what was he like?” she asked. “Kavar. What did you think when you first saw him?”
Kira chuckled. “You really want to know?” When Lake nodded, her lips broke into a wide smile. “I thought he was my Prince Charming.”
As both women laughed, Kira continued. “I'm serious! Keep in mind I was still young then, but he was so noble and strong...handsome too...and when he had spotted me, he simply stared at me, and I stared back, captivated by his eyes...later that week, he showed up at my parent's house, asking if he could take me for training with the Jedi.”
“I can't imagine Master Lowe, or Master Vrook for that matter, being anyone's 'Prince Charming,'” Lake said with a grin. “So, how old were you then?”
“I was four.” she answered, “Though I had turned five within the few days it took to make the transaction legal, and file the paper work and all that. It really only took a week or two. But before I knew it, my parents had the few belongings I was allowed to take packed up, and Kavar had taken me to the star port. I remember looking back at my parents as he led me away from the house, and I saw them crying. I couldn't understand what they were crying about... of course, I didn't understand what was happening at the time. I also remember that Kavar held me in his lap when the ship took off. I was so scarred, I buried my whole face in his robes, and realized just how much he smelled like my dad. Kinda like a mix of Tarisian cologne and sweat.”
“That's a nice memory to have,” said Lake. “I don't remember even coming to the Jedi Enclave. It's like...like I've always been here.” She frowned slightly. “Guess that's why I find it so hard to deal with Master Lowe. Before he chose me, I was pretty happy being in the Raptor Clan. But afterwards....” She sighed. “I just can't imagine being anyplace else.” She bit her lip. “Kira, do you ever question any of Master Kavar's decisions? I mean, does he ever let you discuss them with him?”
Kira hesitated a moment before answering. “Sometimes...” she said slowly, “It really depends on what the topic is. Like...like the Mandalorian wars.” she said, “I had tried to get him to talk about it before we sat down to start training today, but...he kept dodging my questions, or not answering at all. I pressed him about it, and he nearly bit my head off.”
She smiled, “But then there are other times when we can really just sit and chat like friends. It's really a nice feeling, to be able to talk to someone like that...especially if their you Master. Almost like I'm talking to you now.”
Lake smiled weakly. “I could never talk to Master Lowe like that. It's always 'Yes, Master,' 'No, Master,' 'As you say, Master.' If I ever disagree with him, he....” She looked up at the stars. “Sometimes, when he's angry like that, I wish I could just...leave. Go someplace far away. Out there. Among the stars.” She took a deep breath. “Maybe, go help the fight against the Mandalorians.”
“Don't we all.” Kira whispered. She lay back in the grass, and studied the skies, sorting planets from stars. “I think...” she said, a hand hesitantly pointing at a bright speck, slightly larger than the stars around it, “I think that's Onderon, over there. I heard that the Republic's watching that system really closely. They think it'll be the next to fall under the attack of the Mandalorians. Suspicious movements in the area. Coded transmissions with no apparent origination site. That sort of thing.”
Lake nodded, and muttered a thoughtful, “Hmm.” A moment of silence passed between them. “I wonder what they would do if we did just leave?” she asked pensively. “Our Masters, I mean. If we left on our own and just... went to Onderon to help them against the Mandalorians.”
“I know for one that Kavar would probably be hurt...Master Atris...I don't think she'd ever forgive me if I abandoned the Order and fought against their wishes...but...would it be worth it, I wonder? Would leaving the Order and earning the resentment of the Council be worth the fighting? I mean, it isn't totally certain that so many would be saved...especially with only a few of us...would the lives we were able to save be worth dismissal from the Order? Maybe even be worth our lives?”
“Suppose we'll never know,” Lake said thoughtfully. “Still, one can't help but wonder what will happen.” She turned to Kira. “I think the Republic will lose against the Mandalorians, the way they are now, that is. They're too loosely organised, each planet commanding their own defense forces.” She looked back at the stars. “They'll have to work together more before they make even a dent in Mandalore's forces. They need leaders.”
“Exactly what everyone else in the galaxy seems to think except the Council.
Kira continued to star up into the sky, imagining herself aboard a star-fighter or on the surface of some exotic planet, a lightsaber in hand, and standing at the head of a column of troops, ready to charge into battle and decimate the Madalorian lines. But they can't just have any leaders. Their leaders can't back down against the infinite odds that are against them, and they have to have some idea about strategising. We can't be running around like gizka with their heads cut off.”
“Of course not,” Lake agreed. She turned to look over her shoulder. “Revan's a good strategist,” she said. “He tries to hide it, but I've been watching how his mind operates. He'd make a good leader. He has a charisma about him that... he’s just the kind of man you trust your life with - you know everything will be ok.” She turned back to Kira. “You’d make a great leader too, for that matter. You've got a natural ability to draw people to you. They listen to you.” She grinned shyly. “I mean, look at me? I've never talked this much to anyone before.” She grinned. “It's nice.”
Kira smiled at the compliment, not really having anything to say. “You would easily be an easy choice as a front-liner.” Kira said, smiling. “What with having that old guy as a Master, you’d have to have nerves of steel.”

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Nice. Girl talk to loosen the tongue. You give a nice insight through the actions. Keep it up.

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Thanks for the support, JM! I just hope FFWM has no problems with the way I ended the chapters... I didn't really discuss those with her... that would have been the right thing to do, wouldn't it?

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Doc, you went totally crazy adding these chapters :xp: Anyway, I see no problems with them...thought spaces in the paragraphs would be nice :xp:

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No problem Doc. I know how it is when you ask others to critique your work. My freelance editor is my mom and she can be merciless. I hope your RP is going well. Maybe mine will too, once I get the main characters. :D
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Chapter Five

Almost an hour later, Kira watched as Jack stood from his seat by the fire, and began to move about, practicing steps with his blade. His steps were skillful, and flowed easily, one into the next. Then, he tripped and fell flat on his face, causing Kira to chuckle lightly.
“Not exactly Mr. Fancyfootwork, eh Jack?”
“Er, apparently not.” Jack spat out dirt and got up. “A fact which Master Vrook revealed quite a bit. At least we aren't in the enclave. You try falling flat on your face on concrete with several grouchy Masters all watching.” Jack put his blade away, deciding not to chance any more moves, and moved over toward the two.
“You'd be surprised how many times I've done...almost the same thing.” Kira laughed, giggling and casting a glance at Lake. “Now come over here and sit down before you throw up that egg roll I put so much work into.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan rested his elbows on his knees as he finished off what was left of his dinner, popping the last corner of the egg roll in his mouth. Rubbing his hands together, he warmed them as he stared at Kira. He had overheard Lake a moment ago, and it was true. She did have that charismatic pull to her. Everyone seemed to love her...and who couldn't? She was funny, if a bit sassy, kind-hearted, beautiful...
Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute!! He thought to himself, shaking his head roughly as if to clear it of those forbidden thoughts. As he looked up, he noticed Kira's eyes on him. They held a certain...look to them...but he couldn't quite place it. Though the way the firelight danced in her eyes...his face heated slightly. She looked more seductive than anything else. As she turned away from him, he let out the breath he didn’t know he had been holding.
“You okay, Rev?”
He jumped a mile high as Malak's voice spoke up. “You know what, Mal?” he said, his
tone annoyed. In a flash, the side of his fist had landed in Malak's gut, “I'm fine. Just peachy.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lake had merely smiled at Kira's remarks. “So, Kira, do you think that between Jack's 'fancy footwork', my 'nerves of steel,' and your cooking abilities, we actually stand a chance against a real Mandalorian if we happen to meet one?”
Suddenly, she heard a dull thud, and craned her neck over Jack's shoulder to catch a glimpse of Malak doubling over, clutching his stomach.
“Hmph! And I thought your eggrolls were good,” Lake said to Kira. “What's with Malak?”
“He's being a looser, that's what.” Revan murmured.
“A loser, huh?” Lake said to Kira with a grin. “I've seen Malak fight. He's not bad. Not bad at all.” She looked away for a moment. “But he's no leader,” she added quietly. “And neither does he do much to inspire such in others.” She rose, stretching her arms over her head. “I don't know about you, but I'm tired. Think I'll turn in for the night.” She stood for a moment, looking at the tents. She cast a glance over to Jack, and then grinned. “Tell you one thing though. I'm glad I don't have to sleep in the same tent as Malak. My room at the enclave is across the hall from his, and even in there I can hear him snore. So, Kira, which one is the girls' tent?”
“I think we'll take...this one.” she said, moving to stand next to one of the two tents.
“But that's the bigger one!” Revan pointed out.
“Exactly.” she responded, a devilish smile on her face.
“But that's supposed to be for the guys. I mean, have you seen Malak? The guy's
like...6'9"! There's no way the guys could fit in the smaller tent.”
“Well,” Kira said, moving over to stand in front of him, “You did call me the Queen of Everything...doesn't that mean I get to choose?” she prodded him in the chest playfully.
As she began to withdraw her hand, he gripped her wrist and spun her round, locking her arm around her back, causing her to be drawn up against his chest. The move was casual enough, but it still caused Kira to blush slightly. Get yourself together, girl!
“Only if you agree to make us a big breakfast tomorrow.” he said in her ear.
“It's a deal.” she managed to choke out, a smile on her lips. With that, he released her.
“Big tent's yours, oh rulers of mortals.” Revan said, bowing to the women jokingly.
“Ah the power of quick wits,” Alynna said, grinning as she entered the tent. Turning to Lake, she said, “Your room's across from Malak's?” She glanced at Malak. “I'm so sorry...” Dropping her things in a corner, she went on. “But in an open place like this, I'm afraid his snoring will wake the kath hounds from here to the Enclave!”
Lake nodded at Alynna's comment about Malak. “You have no idea,” she said quietly. “Suppose we'll be alright out here tonight? Or should someone stand guard, just in case the kath hounds think we're ready made meals in these tents?”
“Leaving a guard would probably be a good idea.” Revan answered, “Just so that we don't become fast food. I'm really not all that tired, so I guess I can take first watch.”
Jack stretched and yawned, retiring to the guys' tent. He said something similar to goodnight to everyone as he pushed his way through the tent. Kira, Alynna and Lake said goodnight to Revan and Malak, leaving the two of them standing by the fire alone. Revan sat on the ground, playing with a piece of tree bark. Malak walked up and stood behind him. “I really wanted to know: what's up? Are you sure you're alright?”
Revan sighed heavily, “Yeah. Sorry about that... I just...” he trailed off.
“You just... what? It looked to me like you were trying to set Kira's hair on fire through the Force.”
“I don't know what you mean,” said Revan monotonously.
“Kath dung. What's going on, Revan?”
“Nothing,” said Revan, this time at least telling a half truth. “Why?”
Malak shook his head slightly. “It's a bad idea, Rev,” he muttered. “A very bad idea.”
Revan threw the piece of bark into the fire. “Goodnight,” he said shortly.
“Goodnight,” sighed Malak, turning and walking into the tent.
Revan stared into the fire. He could still envision her eyes gleaming in the fire, her hair glistening in the moonlight...
STOP! he thought sternly to himself, beginning to pace around the fire. He glanced over at the girls' tent. You're a Jedi. Hell, so is she. He turned his gaze from her tent and stared at the fire again. What the hell is wrong with me...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kira's eyes snapped open, and she found herself fighting for breath as she lay in her sleeping roll. She had dreamed...she had dreamed something horrible...but now, as she tried to recall what it was, all details seemed to just flit away. Even so, she was still shaking, and was now wide awake. Figuring she wasn't going to get back to sleep any time soon, she sat up, and looked cautiously at the others, afraid her sudden movements had awoken them. Lake and Alynna were still sleeping peacefully. Breathing a sigh of relief, she carefully extricated herself from the blankets, and treaded over to the tent flap, which she pushed open and stepped through.
Quickly gauging her surroundings, she found that it was pretty late at night, or quite early in the morning. The cinders of the fire were dying, and Revan was apparently sleeping at the edge of the faint light they produced. She gazed up at the moon, and decided by its position that it was somewhere around 3 a.m. With a sigh, she moved wordlessly over to where Revan sat, and gracefully sat down next to him. After a moment, she turned to him and said, “I'm glad that our watchman is so...watchful.”
Revan's eyes snapped open, and he looked over at her. “What? Oh... sorry. I was reading Malak's dreams to pass the time... not very interesting, if you ask me, but...”
Before answering, Kira pulled her legs in, wrapping her arms around her knees. “What? Dreaming about food? He dreams about food all the time. I'd say...at least four times a week. They're boring dreams, even if they don't last very long...though when Goloo's soup is the special of the day...then things get interesting...”
When Revan gave her a quizzical look, a smile came to her face and she stared back into the dying fire embers. “I'm afraid that I'm a terrible insomniac. I would read, but those holobooks are always so boring...the only ones that Master Kavar allow me to take out from the library are lectures and speeches, sometimes even lessons from 'some of the greats' to use his words. Needless to say, those get rather dull after a while.” she said, adding emphasis to the word with a roll of her eyes. “And with the curfew enforced by the masters, I can't get up and wander the halls. So, I read people's dreams. I never actually enter their mind or interfere with the dream somehow; I just...kinda...watch.” she finished lamely. After a moment, she met his eyes, her smile morphed to a sly grin. “Sometimes I even watch your dreams, Rev.”
Revan looked back at her quickly. “Oh you do, do you?” he asked. “At least I have the decency to stay out of the dreams of people from the opposite gender.”
“Well,” she said, looking back into the fire, her expression indifferent, “I was going to say that it wasn't healthy to go over battle strategies, though now it seems you have something to hide.” she looked back to him, her eyebrows raised.
They laughed lightly, and fell silent. As the faint sounds of the 'nightlife' of Dantooine reached her in the comfortable silence, Kira stared up at the sky, her expression distant for several minutes, before she spoke again.
“Everything's changing...” she said quietly, turning to look at him, “Between us. Between the Jedi. Between the Republic...” she turned away again, looking at the stars. “I...I can't help but think that we're on the verge of something big...and that we're going to be in the middle of all of it.” she hugged her knees closer as she shivered against the night air.
“Yeah...” he agreed, staring at the stars. “The galaxy is poised on the brink of something... something big. Something that will have lasting repercussions for years to come.”Kira shivered again. Revan stood, removed his cloak from around his shoulders, and wrapped it around her. “There. You should have brought more than just your robes.”
She smiled. “Thanks, I guess I should have...” she said as she pulled it tighter around her. “But what about you? It's freezing out here. You sure you're alright?”
“I'm fine,” he said dismissively, sitting back on the ground next to her. “So what do you think is going on with the Mandalorians? Do you think the Council will go to war, or continue to sit in their big chairs and twiddle their thumbs?”
“I'd go with the second option.” she answered rather disappointedly. “There are some I know that would definitely decide to go to war...” she said, thinking of her own Master, “Though, there are others...far more others that would rather just sit there and 'see how things play out'. Atris, Vrook, Vandar,” she ticked them off on her fingers. “It's hopeless. Sometimes, I figure we're just better off leaving.”
He chuckled. “Can you imagine how much trouble we'd get into if we just left the Order?” he asked incredulously. Even I'm not crazy enough to do something like that. Besides, we'd need someone to lead us - even Jedi can't function without someone to lead them.”
“We already have a leader,” Kira pointed out, “And I'm looking right at him.”
When Revan shook his head, she continued, “C'mon, Rev. You know just as well as I do that you're the Masters' favorite student, and the strongest of us all. You've outmaneuvered some of the best strategic minds, and... people like you, Revan. It's like they're...drawn to you.” She repositioned herself slightly closer to him as the wind blew again, sending another shiver down her spine. She continued once she was warmer. “I'm sure that anyone under your command would follow you to the end of the galaxy and back.” She paused before adding, “I know I would.”
Revan shook his head again, glad it was dark - he could feel his face go red. She was so close to him he could hear her breathing... “Well... I don't know about the end of the galaxy, but...” he trailed off. “What will you do if... if the Council decides to stay out?”
Kira was silent for a long moment as she thought about this. Finally, she said, “I guess...I guess I'd stay out as well. I mean, what can a single Jedi do? I can hardly see the Republic giving a seventeen or nineteen-year-old complete control of the fleet...with only one of us, its more likely that we would die before we were even able to do any good...”
Revan frowned slightly. “I think I'd... I think I'd stay here as well. I wouldn't be able to stand the look on Zhar's face if I left the Order against the Council's... no... against his wishes. He's the closest thing I've ever had to a father... and Mistress Kae... she'd be disappointed, too. I dunno... I couldn't stand disappointing the people who care about me the most.”
“I know...” she said, scuffing the ground with a toe as she huddled beneath Revan's cloak, “What Master Kavar would think...and Atris...Atris would hate me if I ever left...When Kavar brought me here, I had the hardest time adjusting and getting used to the idea of being a Jedi. She was the one who helped me to fit in...get into the routine. Without either of them...I don't think I'd have survived this long.”
Her head swung around to look to the darkness at her right as the sound of a stick snapping in half reached her ears. Her heart racing, she quickly swept the area for any signs of life, and found only a young iriaz grazing somewhere nearby. After a moment, she sighed and hung her head.“I don't think I'll be getting back to sleep for a while. I'll take the watch for now, Rev. You can go get some rest; you'll need it for tomorrow.”
Revan rubbed his eyes, trying to keep them open. “You sure?” he asked, in a lame effort to be a gentlemen. “I could stay up all... ah, what's the point?”
He stood, grunting slightly. He stoked the fire to get it burning again, then turned to Kira.
“Alright. You sure you'll be ok?” he asked.
“Yes,” she said impatiently. “You just get some rest. I'll be fine.”
“Alright...” he said, yawning and stretching. “'night.”

Curled up in his sleeping bag, Malak's snores filling the tent, Revan rolled over on his side, reaching out with the Force to touch Malak's mind...
Food. Again.
He sighed, closing his eyes. He could feel Kira's mind faintly a few meters away. Not unusual - he could usually sense her, no matter how far apart they were. He sensed a small herd of iriaz sleeping not far off, and even the trill flies attempting to eat them alive. Using the Force to create an anti-bug barrier around the tent, he allowed his mind to go blank, and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Kira faintly sensed Revan's mind sweeping over the area before his brain and breathing patterns settled and announced he had fallen asleep. The young woman stood, wrapped the cloak tighter around her, then sat again, her legs folded Indian-style beneath her. As she looked into the fire, the image of Revan's face was, for some reason, planted firmly in her mind. She shook her head, as if she could knock away her thoughts of him. She succeeded...for a few moments, before she once again began to think of him. She sighed, resting her elbow on her knee and her head in her hand. This was going to be a long night...

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Sweet. It's neat how all the thoughts of those who went to war are coming into play.

"Kath dung?" I would have thought bantha poodoo would have been better considering that's what everyone says when frustrated or, in Mission's case, telling you your breathe is like poodoo. :D

Anyway. Good as always. The relationships between the Jedi seem alot like what you see in HP:TPoA. They get along and yet play jokes on each other.

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The next chapter might not be up for a while. Rob refuses to post in the thread, for some reason...*grumbles incoherently*
We'll try to get on without him, but it's not easy.

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Sorry folks, but I think we're putting the conversion on hold. Stay tuned for updates, but don't get too excited.

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Alright, we're underway again. Here's the sixth chapter.

Chapter Six

Lake awoke early, just before the sun was about to rise. She stretched and looked around. Alynna was still asleep, but Kira's sleeping bag was empty. Curious, she rose and ventured outside.
She found Kira asleep by the glowing embers of the fire, covered with Revan’s cloak. She grinned. Kira must have nodded off while taking the last watch. Quietly, so as not to wake her, she laid a few small sticks on the fire to rekindle it into flame.
She sat down by the growing fire, and watched the sky lighten, waiting for the sun to rise and a new day to begin. She felt relaxed here, a lot more relaxed than at the Jedi Enclave. Perhaps Master Lowe had sent her here for just that very reason? She was a fool to think that he didn't know how she felt sometimes. Maybe this was his way of apologising for being so hard on her.
The first rays of the sun streaked across the plains. She snorted. Who was she kidding? Master Lowe had probably been forced by Master Vrook to let her come with the others. She sighed. Even so it was good to be away from him, if only for a short while. She pulled her knees in close, hugging them with her arms as she watched the world awaken before her eyes.
Alynna came out of the tent quietly. “Early riser, I see,” she said, stretching.
“Always,” Lake replied quietly. She looked over at Kira. “But let them all sleep for the moment. It's not often any one of us gets the luxury of sleeping in.” Alynna walked over and sat down next to her and looked briefly at Kira. Shrugging slightly, she looked around the camp. The guys' tent was still motionless.
“Sleeping in?” the 'sleeping' form of Kira said. “With those three around and Malak snoring all night? Ha, you wish.” She sat up and looked at the other two surprised women. “I've been up for a while now. Malak started to get on my nerves, so I took a quick jog around the plains, and came back here to try and get some sleep. Obviously, it didn't exactly work.”
She smiled. “Some kind of bird woke me up an hour ago... tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't... someone should tell Malak there are surgeries that can help his snoring,” she teased.
“It would probably help.” Kira said, as she reached back, pulled the band from her wrist, and put her hair up into a ponytail, as usual. “So ladies, breakfast sound good to you?”
“Sounds good to me,” came Revan’s voice from behind them. He approached the camp fire slowly, yawning. “Any chance of more of those egg rolls, Kira?” he asked hopefully. “Those were amazing.”
“Thanks, but I used up most of the ingredients last night... I brought along enough for making only one meal, figuring we weren't going to be out here for too long.” She stood, and strolled over to the speeder, where she once again retrieved her pack, and moved back to the fire, which she began to bring back to flaming life. “I was thinking something more like Coruscant breakfast cakes?”
Revan arched an eyebrow. “Only if you can cook them without telka root, or Rodian spices,” he said. “Remember when Goloo tried making breakfast cakes?”
“Aww, are Revvy's wittle taste buds too sensitive for those nasty Rodian spices?” Kira joked, beginning to pull things out of her pack. “Though that telka root of his... eww. I can do without that.” And with that, she set about making breakfast. “Think the two sleeping beauties in there will wake up any time soon?” she asked, jabbing a finger at the tent Revan had come from. “Or should I just leave their breakfast for the kath hounds?”
“Oh, Malak will wake up at the smell of food - he's like a cat that way,” Revan answered, sitting down next to her. “Besides, if we fed the Kath hounds, they might start following us around. And I don't know about you, but I have enough pets to take care of. Between you and Malak....”
“Oh, I bet we're such a chore for the almighty Revan.” she joked, pushing him playfully.
Revan glanced over at the guy's tent for a moment, then turned back to the girls. “So...” he said, after the silence had stretched on for almost two minutes. “How far do you think we are from the ruins?” he asked.
“Not far,” Lake said. She pointed to a group of low rolling hills in the distance. “The ruins should be just on the other side of those hills. An hour, maybe two in the speeder.”
“Should be sometimes isn't,” Alynna observed. She glanced over to the guys' tent. “So Revan says Malak will be up for the food... how long before we wake Jack?”
“Jack's awake,” said Jack’s voice from the tent. After a moment, he came out, his hair sticking up on one side. “And can’t wait for breakfast,” he added, grinning.
“Keep your shirt on,” joked Kira, mock irritably. “Breakfast will be done in a few minutes. Just wait for the dough to rise a little bit, or they’ll be breakfast crackers... ah, they’re fine.” She looked over at the guys’ tent again. “Hey Jack, go wake up Malak. He’ll want to eat these while they’re hot.”
As Jack went to obey, Kira handed each of them a couple of breakfast cakes. They ate in relative silence Jack returning a few seconds later, Malak at his heals.
“Hey Malak,” said Kate warmly. “We were getting worried. Thought you might have gone into a coma or something.”
Malak took the breakfast cakes she handed him and stuffed one into his mouth whole without saying a word. “We should get the tents packed up and get moving,” he said, swallowing. “We’re not out here to have fun.”
Alynna chuckled and pretended to pout. “What? No fun camp outs? What kind of place is this?” She sighed. “But you’re right, we should get going. C’mon. Shove that in your mouth and help me take down the girls’ tent.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As Revan lifted the last of the bags into the speeder, he ran to the drivers door before Lake could get to it. “Sorry, Lake, but I'm driving. I liked the breakfast cakes, but not enough to eat them again.”
“Aw, where's your sense of adventure, Revan?” Lake joked, as she hopped in the back of the speeder. She leaned back and linked her hands comfortably behind her head. “On second thought, it might be kind of nice having a chauffeur other than Master Lowe for a change. On you go, Revan,” she said, grinning.
Alynna hopped in the back seat next to Lake. “I was sorta hoping to get the chance to drive,” she said. With a grin, she added, “But I think my driving would be worse on our dear friend Revan than yours!”
Kira slung her back into the front seat and jumped in, putting her feet up on the dash and leaning back. “Well, hopefully Revan isn't too much of a speed demon. I'd like to get a bit of sleep before we get there.” at her words, her eyelids drooped, “Considering I got hardly any sleep after taking watch. Wouldn't like to go charging into a Mandalorian encampment without any energy.”
Revan started the engine. “Alright boys and girls, let's get going.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The ruins loomed ahead of them as Revan slowed the speeder to a stop. He jumped out, looking up at them. “Sith's blood.... I've never seen these things up close before...”
A shiver ran through Kira's body as she climbed from the speeder, her eyes glued to the ruins that lay before them, just down a hill and a few yards away. “This place gives me the creeps,” she said. “It's swimming with Dark Side energies...” She paused a moment, and her eyes darted around as she reached out with her senses and did a quick sweep of the area. “Any ideas where the Mandalorians are?”
“No idea,” said Revan absently. “They might be inside, but...” he stopped. “Do you feel that?” he asked. “Like... a beacon of some sort...”
Kira looked at him, a questioning look in her eyes. “Beacon? No...I don't feel it. Anyone else?” There was a collective shaking of heads, all of them looking at Revan curiously. Kira put a hand on his shoulder. “You alright, Rev?”
Revan stared into space for a moment, then shook his head as if trying to get rid of an annoying fly, looking at her as if only now realizing she were there.
“Yeah...” he said slowly. “Yeah, I'm fine.” He forced a small smile. “Let's get going.”
Kira returned the smile, even if it was only half-hearted. “Right. We won't get this thing done any faster if we stand here chatting. So...into the ruins we go!”. She hung back a moment as Revan started ahead, watching the back of his head, still slightly worried. After a moment she began after them.
The door loomed ahead of them, almost a full head taller than even Malak. “Is this wise?” he asked, looking down at Revan. “We don't know what's beyond this door. Perhaps we should arm ourselves, first?”
“Yeah...” said Revan absently, pulling his sword out of it's sheath. He examined the locking mechanism on the door. He reached out to it, and waved his hand in front of it, the Force flowing through him. The door unlocked with a snap, and the stone doors slowly moved to the side. He looked back at the others for a moment, his eyes lingering on Kira for a fraction of a second. She felt her heart skip a beat as a subtle understanding seemed to pass between them. She nodded to show that she understood the silent order, and they proceeded through the doors into the darkness of the ruins.
Kira shivered again as they entered the darkness, her eyes taking a moment to adjust to the sudden absence of light, and the sudden lack of warmth. “Damn,” she murmured, moving her cloak so that it covered her better. Revan removed his own and threw it to her, not looking at her. He continued to gaze around the ruins. There was something calling him... and it was getting stronger...
“We should split up,” he heard himself saying. “Look for any Mandalorian soldiers in the area. Kira, Lake, you take the passage to the left. Jack, Alynna, to the right. Malak, you and I will go... ahead.”
“Er...right.” said Kira, looking to Lake. The two women started off to the left. “Just...be careful, Rev. Everyone be sure to keep in contact... in case something happens.” Jack and Alynna nodded, and started off to the right.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I hate going left,” Lake said to Kira nervously. “Right, I don't mind so much, but left just rubs me the wrong way.” She tightened her grip on her Force Pike. “Left just feels...wrong. Or maybe that's something else I feel that's wrong.”
Kira stared off into space as they moved, her entire body tensed. Something definitely did not feel right here. The walls, the floor...even the air had a dark, foreboding taste to it. She heard Lake murmur something about hating left, and she said, “Yeah...I know...” rather absently.
The temperature seemed to continue to drop the further in they moved, and there was now a strange fog that covered the floor. She watched the floor carefully, afraid to trip over something. She really didn't feel like finding out what the fog hid, especially by lying in it. As she scanned the ground, she saw a dark lump on the ground, and stopped dead in her tracks, another involuntary shiver going down her spine.
“I think we've found the missing Jedi.” she whispered, her face pale.
Lake grimaced. “Is he...is he dead?” she asked stupidly. “Well, Kira, you're in front. Poke him or something and see if he moves.”
“Me?” Kira asked, her voice an urgent whisper, “Why me??”
Though after a moment of grimacing at the lump of clothing, she unsheathed her vibrosword and stepped forward, her nose wrinkled. “I don't think anything living could smell like that.” she said, but nudged it anyway. Nothing. She fought back the phlegm that rose in her throat as she knelt next to the body. “C'mon, we have to find that datapad.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan and Malak approached another large door, this one slightly smaller than the first. Revan reached out to it - and pulled his hand back as a sharp blue force-field appeared out of nowhere, then disappeared as he removed his hand. A small droid on 4 spindly looking legs activated, and began emitting strange noises. Revan and Malak both fell into defensive postures.
“It's... trying to communicate,” said Revan after a moment.
“It's gibberish, Revan,” said Malak dismissively. “Let's find the others. You go with Kira and Lake, I'll-“
But Revan wasn't listening. He was trying to figure out what the droid was saying. “Builders..... Empire....”
“Revan!” said Malak loudly “Let's go!”
Revan shook his head again as the droid fell silent. After a moment, it shut down again.
He turned to Malak as if nothing had happened. “We should find the others,” he said distantly. “Uhm... you go find Alynna and... and Jack. I'll find Lake and Kira.”
“Alright...” said Malak, looking concerned, as he moved off to find Jack and Alynna. Revan stared at the door for a moment, the turned away from it. He had to find Kira and Lake. He went towards the direction he had sent them in. He could sense something wrong with both of them. He saw two figures shrouded in the fog, and walked up to them.
“Oh, gross,” Lake said, swallowing back bile. “You mean to say we have to turn it... him over?” She let out a sigh of disgust as she knelt down beside Kira. “I told you left was bad.” She helped Kira turn the body over, and both of them were knocked back by the smell of rotting flesh. Lake coughed. “Maybe we should get Revan to do this. Or better yet, Malak. He tends to gravitate to all things disgusting and vile.”
“Found anything?” asked Revan, coming up behind them.
“I though you'd be able to tell by the smell.” Kira said, resisting the urge to put her hand over her face. She knew that would only make it worse. Besides, the stench was so bad that eventually the nerves in her nose would go numb, and so she wouldn't be able to smell anything. “We found our John Deer, if that's what you're asking, but so far no datapad. We just got...him rolled over so we could search.”
“So, you could search,” Lake corrected, elbowing Kira for emphasis.
Revan bent down and examined the corpse, ignoring the smell. “Multiple blaster shots to the chest... looks like something's been eating away at the corpse... but I'm no entomologist...”
he reached gingerly into the cloak and pulled out a small datapad. It was offline, it's power pack damaged. “It looks like I could get this running again once we get back to the enclave,” he said, examining it.
“Well, I'm glad.” Kira said, standing, “Now, let's get-“ There were several ‘whooshes’, and her muscles tensed, yet another shiver wracking her body. She knew that noise. “Oh ****.” she whispered. She turned around, her right hand tight around the hilt of her vibrosword. Sure enough, standing before them, were several Mandalorians, blasters at the ready.
“Drop it, little girl,” said the leader, his red armour shining slightly in the dim lighting. “Or we'll blow a whole in your pretty little face.”
“Hey,” said Revan, stepping in front of Kira and Lake, brandishing his sword. “Watch it, pal, or I'll make sure you never have children.”
The Mandalorian fired at Revan, who held out a hand, palm forwards. The blaster shots rebounded towards the wall, cracking the stone. Revan threw a pocket of Force energy at the leader, throwing him off balance.
“Now we've done it.” Kira said, and she jumped back, activating a band around her wrist. A humming blue shield sparked to life around her form, and she drew her sword. “This could be a bit more complicated than training droids.” she murmured, and launched herself at the nearest Mandalorian.
“Crap!” Lake said, and without even thinking, she whirled her Force Pike into the gut of the Mandalorian standing closest to her. Momentarily off balance, his blaster fired into the wall, missing its intended target.
Kira used the Force to knock her opponent off balance as he began to fire a shot, sending the bolt flying far off target. She jumped in the air, using a bit of the Ataru form, and slammed her blade down on the man's armoured body. His gun currently too far off to be of use, the Mandalorian threw his arm up, and stopped her blow from reaching his chest. She leapt back again, and saw that she had ripped through his armour. There was blood.
Revan grabbed the leader's gun with the Force and threw it to the side. “Fight me like a man, Mandalorian scum,” he said, flourishing his blade. He leapt through the air at him, his sword gleaming. He met his assailant's blade, and swung around in an arch to break the lock. He parried another blow and met it with a strike to the chest. The Mandalorian flicked the attack back and swung at Revan's face, barely missing his nose. Revan flipped over him and landed behind him, digging his sword into the man's back. He roared in pain, spinning around, bringing his sword around and slashing at his chest. The fight continued, neither man giving the other any ground.
Now fully aware of what was happening, Lake began to calculate her moves. The first Mandalorian was aiming his blaster at her, so she used the Force to turn his arm and had him aim it at one of his compatriots instead. As his compatriot went down, she shoved the first one away with a Force Push, directly into the one that Revan was assailing.
“Everybody out!” called Revan, as loud as he could. He waited until Kira and Lake were out before following them, collapsing a section of he roof into the archway. “That won't hold them for long,” he said. “Let's find the others and get out of here.”
Kira jammed her vibrosword back in the sheath at her belt. “Where are they? Off to the right?”
“But right's the way out now,” Lake said. “The others should be straight ahead.” She looked towards the left, the direction that Revan and Malak had first gone. “You find anything interesting that way, Rev?”
“A locked door, and an insane droid. Nothing special. C'mon, let's find the others.”
He led the way to the other end of the ruins, Malak and the others swimming into view.
“Oi! Let's get the hell outta here. Mandalorians, at least four of them. Probably more. We need to leave. Now.”
There was a crash, and then a second and third afterwards. Kira shuddered at each of the booming noises. “C'mon, they're breaking through!”

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Sweet! The action is intense and it conveys a padawan who loses concentration on what to do. In other words, panic but at least they get a grip on themselves. Nice going Doc but I still think you should space the paragraphs a bit so it is easier on the eyes.

04-23-2006, 06:23 PM
2 :saberr: up waiting for the rest :P

The Doctor
04-23-2006, 08:44 PM
Well, this is a conversion of an RP that's still in progress, so... chapters may be sparce.

04-23-2006, 10:34 PM
Is this going all the way to the war and when he lost his memory and things?

The Doctor
04-23-2006, 10:56 PM
Episode One? No. Episode two.... ;)

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Finished reading, cute how reven and kiara are faling in love very very good!! I love it when is the new chapter gooing to come out.

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Well, I have it converted already... I just don't want to post everything all at once... if I do, Kira will kick my butt... I'll give you one or two more, then you'll have to wait. I can only take so many beatings :D

Chapter Seven

Revan forced the front doors opened, and waited for the others to get through, taking a quick head-count as they rushed past him. Malak brought up the year, deflecting blaster bolts just as Revan had earlier. After they were all out, Malak helped Revan seal the doors again, buying them at least a few minutes to get out of the area. They arrived at the speeder to find Kira, Alynna, Jack, and Lake already in it, Kira in the driver's seat.
“Get us out of here!” said Revan, leaping into the front passenger side seat, Malak getting in the back.
“No need to tell me twice.” Kira said, and gunned it the second Revan's butt touched the seat. She wheeled them around in a crazy U-turn, before skidding across the grasslands. She dodged around several clefts and packs of kath hounds before finally slowing down and coming to a stop, allowing them time to catch their breath. She sagged back against the seat, breathing a sigh of relief. “Please, please, please tell me we still have that datapad.”
Revan pulled it out of his pocket and threw it in her lap. “Right there,” he panted. “Once we get back to the enclave, I can repair the power pack.”
“And we're all alright, right?” she asked, fighting to catch her breath as she looked over the rag-tag band. No limbs were missing, and there was no blood. They were all there, too. That was a plus. She picked up the datapad in trembling fingers, looking it over. “I sure as hell hope this thing was worth it.” she breathed.
Revan looked back at the rest for a moment. “I say we keep moving. We should get closer to the enclave before stopping - that way, the Council can send up help faster, if we need it. I don’t think those Mandalorians are going to give up that easy.”
“I don't think they followed us...” Kira said, finally having caught her breath and looking over her shoulder, scanning the plains. “I'm not sure they could have...it's not like I was observing many speed or traffic laws on our get-away.” But she put the speeder in gear anyway, and hit the accelerator, this time taking them on a considerably slower and smoother ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The enclave was a blissful haven after the hell that was the ruins. As they got out of the
speeder, Revan saw Master Kavar standing by the doors, presumably awaiting their return.
“Welcome home, padawans. I assume that the mission was a success?”
“Yes Master,” said Revan. “We found the datapad. It's heavily damaged, but not beyond repair. The data core is salvageable, at the very least.”
“Excellent,” he said, taking the pad from Revan. “The Council has decided to give you three hours before being de-briefed. Take some time to shower, get changed, and get something to eat.”
“Thank you Master,” said Revan, bowing. The others bowed as well, and they proceeded into the enclave to their rooms.

As the girls moved off to their rooms to the left of the entrance, the guys turned right. They were getting curious looks from the padawans as they went - word of their mission must have travelled fast. Revan said goodbye to Jack and Malak as they turned down a side hallway to get to their rooms. He groaned audibly as Bastila came up behind him, seeing that he was now alone. “How did the mission go?” she asked innocently.
“What do you want, Bastila?” asked Revan irritably. “No offense, but I don't have the time nor the patience to deal with much right now.”
“Alright then, I'll get right to the point. The High Council on Coruscant has responded to the Republic's call for help.”
Revan stopped. “And?” he asked, after a moment's silence.
“They've... they've refused.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Three hours later, the Masters awaited them in the Council Chambers. Revan walked in first, followed by Malak, Kira, Jack, Alynna, and Lake taking up the rear.
“Welcome home, Padawans,” said Zhar, smiling slightly. “We would like to congratulate you on the success of your mission.”
“The Council has had a chance to examine the datapad you recovered,” said Vrook. “It contains vital information on the nature of the ruins.”
“Did you encounter any Mandalorian opposition in the area?” asked Kavar.
“Yes Master,” said Revan, stepping forward. “We encountered a small group of soldiers in the ruins, attempting to ambush us. We were forced to do battle.”
“You were unable to come to a diplomatic solution to the confrontation?” asked Atris.
“That’s correct, Mistress,” said Kira, also stepping forward. “We did not kill them, however. We escaped with no casualties - on either side.”
Master Vrook arched an eyebrow, apparently impressed. “Indeed? You are to be congratulated, then.” The Padawans bowed again.
“This mission has marked the official beginning of trials, for all of you,” said Vandar proudly. Lowe cleared his throat loudly. “Except for padawan Lake,” he added. “Now, there has been recent... developments in the Mandalorian Wars that you must be made aware of.” Revan looked up, ceasing his bored examination of the floor.
“As you know, several days ago, the Republic requested aid from the Jedi Order in the war against the Mandalorians,” said Lowe, his voice grave.
“We are aware that members of the Order have mixed opinions about the war,” continued Vrook, his brow furrowed. “But the final decision has been made by the High Council on Coruscant.”
“The Council has decided that it is not the time to join the war,” finished Vandar. “For now, the Order, shall remain neutral in the conflict.”
Revan felt a burst of anger and resentment rush through his body. “They're wrong,” he blurted out, unable to control himself.
There was a moment's silence, in which Revan could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on him. “Revan?” hissed Lake. “What are you doing?!”
Revan ignored her. “The Republic is on the verge of collapse. Without help from the Order-“
”We are aware of the severity of the Republic's need,” said Atris irritably.
“Are you?” asked Revan sharply. “The Republic needs us!”
“The decision is not yours to make,” snapped Vrook. “The High Council has made their decision, and-“
”It's the wrong one!”
“Do not interrupt me!” said Vrook loudly. “You will show proper respect!”
“How can I respect men and women who refuse to live up to their status as Jedi? We're supposed to be the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy! We can't just-“
”Enough!” barked Atris. Both Vrook and Revan fell silent, the latter gritting his teeth and glaring at Vrook. “You will both show each other proper respect.”
Vrook took a deep, calming breath. “My apologies,” he Vrook, tilting his head apologetically. “Of course, your opinion is valued, Revan,” he said calmly. “But the decision is not yours - nor mine - to make.”
Revan nodded and looked down at the floor. “Yes Master,” was all he said.
“You all require rest,” said Vandar. “I suggest you all retire to the recreation wing. You are dismissed.” The padawans bowed, and exited one by one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Revan!” Kira said, catching up to him as he stormed down the corridor. “What exactly do you call that display? Are you trying to get exiled??”
He ignored her, walking towards his quarters determinedly. She struggled to keep up, but she did. After a moment, they were in a rather secluded hallway, and he turned to her.
“They have no right abandoning the Republic like that!” he yelled. “Innocent people are dying out there, and we have the power to stop it!”
“What, you don't think I know that?” she said, stepping in front of him to prevent the chance of him continuing down the hall, “It's not like I'm very happy with it either, Revan, but... you're close to taking the Trials. You should be able to control your emotions by now! It's expected of you! You can't just go flying off the handle like that!”
He tried pushing her out of the way, but she stood her ground. “Look, you may be able to just flick some switch and turn off all your emotions, but I can't! Not when it comes to the meaningless deaths of billions of innocent people!” He stopped, closing his eyes. After a moment, he opened them, most of the dark fire that had been burning behind them gone. Now he just looked tired. Very tired. He rubbed his eyes. “Look, Kira... I'm sorry... you're right, I...”
“Please, Revan.” she said, her voice hardly above a whisper, “You have to try to keep calm. There will be other times to fight, but that time is not now. You must control yourself. If not for anything else, then for me. I can't...I won't let you loose your chance at completing the Trials because you can't keep a civil tongue in your head.” she smiled lightly, her hand brushing his.
She jumped as voices echoed down the hallway. “Oh no,” she murmured, “Kavar and Atris! Get to you dorm, quickly!”
He darted one way down the nearby four-way intersection, and she went the other, jogging quickly to her dorm and sliding inside, the door shutting just as she saw the shadows of the masters approaching the corner. She stood at the door, and pressed her ear against the cold metal in an effort to hear their conversation. As they grew nearer, it was easier to hear with the harsh and loud tones they were using with each other.
“We shouldn't have rejected them.” she heard Kavar say, “We shouldn't have denied the call of the Republic. It was a mistake, I know it was.”
“Don't tell me you're letting the ideas of a simple Padawan cloud your judgment, Kavar!” came Master Atris'.
“No. But in my opinion, Revan's thoughts were well based. Just look how many people are out there dying at the hands of the Mandalorians because the Republic can't unite itself on its own!”
Kira braced herself against the wall as she continued to listen in.
“But the Council has seen that entering now would have even worse ripples of effect than if we didn't enter. You were there during the deliberations, Kavar, don't act as if you weren't.”
“You can't possibly think allowing a thousand deaths to occur because of a few 'ripples'?”
“I trust in the Masters. Perhaps you should learn to do the same.”
“I have half a mind to disobey the Council and join the Wars myself!”
“You wouldn't dare. In my opinion, any Jedi who joins the war effort is a traitor to the entire Order, and should be-“
Kira shifted her arm on the wall, and accidentally keyed the door open. As it slid open, she tried to look casual and surprised to see the Masters standing just outside her door.
“Oh, Master Kavar - Mistress Atris - I hope I wasn't interrupting-“
”No, Kira, it's alright.” Kavar said, giving Atris a meaningful look, “Master Atris and I are finished. You really should get some rest, you've had a long few days.”
“Of course, Master.” she said, and withdrew into her dorm again, shutting the door and sagging against it as the pair moved on down the hall.
That was strange...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan moved away from the door. He thought he heard Kira speaking to Atris and Kavar, but ignored it - she probably knew what she was doing. He walked to the mirror, and a tired face looked back at him, bags forming under his eyes, aging him by at least 10 years. He rubbed his eyes, and looked away from his reflection.
So Kavar felt as he did. He knew that the Mandalorians had to be stopped. But abandoning the Order? He could never do that.
Or could he? He turned the idea around in his mind. No, he thought. No, I could never betray the Masters. He looked out his window, the noon sun shining brightly in the sky. A flock of birds were flying west - preparing for the area's wet season. He turned away from the window, his mind restless. He felt another rush of anger and bitterness threaten to engulf him. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply. Kira was right. He had to control himself. If he didn't he'd never pass the trials. He walked over to his bed, and fell onto it, not bothering to get changed. Sleep pulled him in, and before long, he fell into a restless slumber.

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Yes females are the masters and don't forget it :D
Another great chapter Doc. I wonder how you are able to turn an RP into a fic; it's nothing short of amazing. My talent with words involves poetry. Still I like where it is heading and it keeps consistent with what is known of Revan.

The Doctor
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Yes, both Kira and Jasra have me insanely pussy whipped. But they're the only ones. Well... no, not really... I'm too submissive for my own good...

It's not that hard to convert an RP into a fan fiction. It involves some editing and re-ordering of posts, but it's pretty easy. It's tedious. It's dull. It's frustrating. But it's not hard.

It would be easier if Kira was helping me, like she was supposed to be. Hint hint, Kira :xp:
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Alright, I've decided that the beatings are worth posting another chapter. So, here it is. This will be the last one for a while, though.

Chapter Eight

While the other padawans were allowed to rest and recuperate, Master Lowe had ordered Lake to come with him to the training room to spar.
She was tired, and time after time, Master Lowe bested her with the training sabers. For the seventh time in a row, Lowe knocked her to the ground and her sabre out of her hand.
“Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to try and teach you,” he said, looking down his nose at her. He circled around her, ready to go at it again. “Pick it up,” he ordered, looking at her training saber on the floor near her.
Lake just glared up at him. “No.”
“No?” Master Lowe scowled.
“I've had enough.”
“You've had enough?” He snorted. “You are not only clumsy and inattentive, but insolent, too. I'm your Master, and I say when you've had enough. And if you ever want to become a Jedi Knight, you'll have to learn obedience and-“
Lake stood abruptly, her eyes never leaving his. Then, without a word, she turned and left the room.
“Lake! Come here!” Master Lowe called after her. “I'm not finished!”
“I am,” Lake said through gritted teeth. Furious, she headed down the corridor towards her dormitory room. Just outside the door, she paused, then backtracked, and went and knocked on Revan's door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan awoke with a start. There was someone knocking on his door. Sitting up, he looked at the door. “Come,” he said.
Lake entered his room, looking flustered. For a moment, she said nothing, merely stared at him. “Were you serious about going to help the Republic,” she asked frankly. “I mean, really serious?”
He stood and walked to his bathroom. He ran the tap, splashing cold water in his face. Drying off, he looked her right I the eye.
“To be honest... I don't know. Yes, I think we should help, but... there's nothing we can do, really. The High Council has made it decision. And, as much as I hate to say it... I don't think there's anything we can do about it.”
“Oh.” She said, nodding. “So, no matter what the Council says, you're in agreement with them. I see.” She turned to leave, but pensively paused at the threshold. “I'm leaving, Revan,” she said abruptly. “Just thought if you were serious, that maybe I'd wait and go with you. But I guess I'll have to go alone.” She looked over her shoulder at him, then started down the corridor.
He grabbed her by the shoulder. “What?!” he asked, turning her around. “Are you insane?!”
The look she gave him could have melted cortosis. “Insane?” she said, calmly. “No. Tired of being berated? Yes. Sick of being humiliated? Definitely. Frustrated at watching everyone around me progress while I'm held back? Most certainly. And if I stay here any longer, I will do something I’ll regret.” She gave Revan a hard stare. “I want to kill him,” she said slowly. “And not metaphorically, Revan. For real. And I can't stay here feeling like this.”
He held her firmly in place, not letting her walk away from him. “Lake, calm down. What's he done now? Walk me through it.”
“What he always does,” she seethed. “He enjoys humiliating me. Relishes it!” She gritted her teeth. “I don't see your Master subjecting you to 'additional training' after our mission. Then berating you when you failed to perform to your optimum level. And yet, you're still allowed to take the trials?” She scoffed. “If that's how the Order operates, then I want no part of it. I'd rather join the Republic as a common soldier.”
“No,” said Revan simply. “No, you don't. Lake... look... I know he's a pain in the ass, but... he's trying to make sure you're ready. He's... he's like a father to you. At least from his perspective. He doesn't want you rushing into anything you're not ready for.”
Lake gave him a curious look. “Perhaps,” she said. She paused for a moment. “I've been here ever since I can remember. 'Father' is just a word. It means nothing to me.
“Lowe wants to control me. To keep me submissive. Being out with you and Kira and... I realised what I've been missing. I... I can't take it anymore - the criticism, the constant complaints and insults... Nothing I do is ever good enough for him. Nothing. And I've had enough. I'm either going to kill him, or I have to leave. I can't see any other choice.”
She looked at Revan's hand on her arm. “Let me go.” Then she said, grinning slightly. “I'm not leaving tonight. I'll wait. Wait until the time is right.”
Revan stared at her for a moment, then let go slowly. “Lake... please. Don't leave. Look... I can talk to Lowe. Just... wait, ok? Before you do something you'll regret.”
She didn't say anything. Still smiling slightly, she walked off towards her room. Revan walked over to the terminal on the wall. He told her he would speak to Lowe...
“Computer. Locate Master Lowe,” he said quietly A small dot appeared on the map, indicating Lowe's position. Keying off the terminal, he headed off in the direction of the training room.

He entered the training room to find Lowe still there. He looked up as Revan entered the room.
“Is there something you need, Padawan?” he asked politely - not at all like usual.
“Uhm... Well, I was planning on training on one of the droids, but... would you mind, sir?”
“Not at all,” said Lowe. He took a training saber from the case. Revan force grabbed one - his favourite, one with a bright green blade. He ignited it, and stepped into the duelling area.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I know what you're thinking about, Alynna,” Master Vol said quietly when he found his padawan in a small garden area. “And I knew I'd find you here.”
“Of course you knew you'd find me here,” Alynna replied, her voice barely above a whisper. “You knew I'd want to think and you know this is where I do it.”
“You want to leave the Jedi and fight with the Republic,” he sighed. “I can see it in your posture. Sense it in your voice, your mind.”
“The High Council made the wrong decision, Master,” she said boldly. “We cannot leave the Republic to fight this war alone.”
“So you would run off, abandoning your training, to help the Republic?” he asked. “Deny yourself the chance to be what you've wanted to be from the time you knew you could?”
“You know me,” Alynna said wryly. “Always up for a challenge.”
He chuckled dryly. “Even the challenge of convincing Ennao Vol, Jedi Knight, to train you. A dare, wasn't it?”
She smiled. “It was.”
“If you leave now, I'll fail that promise I made you,” he said sadly. “You won't do that to me... will you, Alynna?”
She said nothing for a long time.
“I don't want to fail you, Master,” she finally said. He shook his head slowly.
“Don't lie to me, Alynna,” he pleaded. “Not now. We both know what you want to do. What will you do?”
“Don't ask me that,” she answered, her tone sharp, but laced with pain.
“You need time to think,” he said quietly. “I will honour that.” With that, he retreated, leaving Alynna to the silent tears now flowing down her face. She was torn, unwilling to fail her Master, but feeling as though staying would be failing to act when action was needed. And she had no idea what she wanted to do...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kira sat on her bed, her back pressed up against the corner where two of her dorm's walls met. One arm was wrapped around her legs, which were pulled up to her chest, the other had its thumb pressed against her lips. She had tried to get to sleep several times now, but the voices of Atris and Kavar kept entering her head every time she came close to drifting off. With an exasperated sigh, she threw her pillow against the wall, and left her dorm in search of Master Kavar.
She found him, as she figured she would, in one of the observatory rooms that winged off from the library. At the moment, he was studying a holomap that looked as if it had been copied from the Net. As she watched, little red dots moved in groups across the holo-galaxy, stopped, and then reset themselves and began the movements again.
“Master?” she said, knocking on the door and entering tentatively.
He looked up at her for a moment, startled, then switched off the map. “Yes Kira? Are you alright? You seem a bit...distraught.”
“Master Kavar...there's something I need to ask you.” she said, lacking the patience for small talk. “I heard you arguing with Master Atris earlier-“
”We were debating, not arguing.” he corrected her, but she pressed on.
“And I was just wondering...do you really believe what you said? Do you really think the Council made the wrong decision?”
Kavar looked hard at her, showing no sign that he had even heard you besides the grim expression on his face. After a moment, he turned and reactivated the map. “Tell me, Kira.” he said, beginning to walk around the holo, “If you were in command of a military unit in a war zone, and you had two enemy units, both with far greater numbers than yours, and they were moving in on you from both sides in a pincer movement, with a third unit waiting in the wings, what would you do?”
Kira looked at him strangely for a moment, put off by how he avoided the question, but she soon put her mind to work finding a solution. “Well...there's a lot of variables...including the exact number, what types of weapons, terrain, intelligence and such, but... Perhaps a decoy would be the best solution? Take a small portion of your forces and put them up at a heavily fortified position, while the rest escape out the back until reinforcements can arrive?”
Kavar said nothing, but nodded, biting his lower lip. He switched the map off again, thanked her, and began to walk out.
“Um, Sir?” she asked, following after him a few steps, “You never answered my question.”
The master stopped in his tracks, looking at her over his shoulder. “Yes, Kira. I do,” he said darkly. He turned and walked off, leaving a satisfied Padawan in his wake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan brought the lightsaber around in a swift uppercut at Lowe, who parried the blow and jabbed at Revan's torso. Revan blocked it close to the hilt of his blade, then flicked Lowe's blade up and around. He lashed at Lowe's head, releasing a little bit of the anger he felt coursing through him. Lowed ducked, then kicked at Revan's knees. Revan collapsed to the ground, and felt a mild shock as Lowe's saber came down on his neck. The lights along the edge of the ring went out, and the computer's voice filled his head.
“Final round, Lowe. Winner, Lowe.”
“You almost had me,” said Lowe, smiling, helping Revan to his feet. “Where did you learn the Hirashi form? I didn't think Master Zhar would have taught you that one?”
Revan shrugged. “Picked it up somewhere,” he said, wiping his forehead with his towel. “Computer, begin another game.”
“Belay that,” said Lowe. “It's getting late, Revan.”
“You scared?” he asked, semi-jokingly. “Master?” he added, in an effort to sound more polite.
Lowe smiled. “Alright. One more game. Computer, begin.”
The lights around the edge of the ring flashed for a second, then stayed lit. Both men ignited their sabers.
“Master, there's something I wanted to talk to you about.”
Lowe made an attack on his arm, which he parried easily. “Go ahead,” said Lowe, somewhat suspiciously.
“It's.... it's Lake, sir,” he said. He dodged another attack, and met it with one of his own, bringing his lightsaber around and slashing at him. He blocked, and fell into a defensive position.
“What about her?”
“Sir... she's ready for the trials. If it weren't for her, I probably would have been killed in those ruins.”
They clashed again, resulting in a saber lock, which Revan broke by Force pushing Lowe back to the floor. The lights on the floor flashed.
“First round, Revan.”
Revan reached out a hand to help the Master to his feet. “That's admirable. But I'm her master, not you,” Lowe said sternly. “I decide when she's ready.”
The computer began the next round, and Lowe jabbed at Revan's saber arm, was blocked, attacked his left leg, was blocked, and aimed for his chest, and was blocked. “With all due respect, master... She's more ready to be a Jedi than anyone else. I don't see why you-“
Lowe slashed upwards with his lightsaber and knocked Revan's blade from his hand. The lights flashed again. “Second round, Lowe.”
“The matter is not up for debate,” he growled.
Revan threw out his hand, and the lightsaber flew back to him. The third round began, and the men circled each other, blades ready. Revan twirled his blade in his hand, then swung it around to meet Lowe's. Lowe pulled back, then swung forward in a dangerous Mitala attack. Revan was forced into a Shii-Tala block, taking a step backwards. Lowe came at him with a swift attack to the chest. Revan ducked, rolled under Lowe's legs, and elbowed him in the back. He fell face forward, the lights flashing.
“Third round, Revan.” Lowe got to his feet with a grunt.
“Master, if you just considered it... she could-“
The fourth round started, and Lowe began on the offensive. “The decision-“ he swung at Revan from the side, and Revan barely blocked. “-has been made!” He attacked again, this time from the other side. Revan couldn't block the second one, and both blades shut down as the lights flashed for the fourth time.
“Fourth round, Lowe.”
Revan jumped over Lowe, the fifth round starting as he was in the air. He dropped down on him, his green blade tearing through the air. Lowe blocked, and pushed Revan back.
“Master, it's frustrating her. If you're worried about-”
“Enough!” said Lowe, as they circled each other. “You are just a padawan. You know nothing of what you speak. You are in no position to judge my choice! She is not ready!”
Revan snapped. Releasing his anger and frustration, he lunged at Lowe, his training blade colliding with Lowe's, sending it flying into the air. He brought his blade down on Lowe's face, and the lights flashed and went out.
“Final round, Revan. Winner, Revan.”
Lowe shook his now numb head, trying to stand. Revan threw the training saber to the floor, turned to the door, and left without another word.

04-26-2006, 01:26 AM
Anger rules Revan I see. Again an excellent chapter Doc. I will wait until the ladies decide another chapter be written, unless you are tough enough to stand one more round :D

The Doctor
04-26-2006, 01:04 PM
Well, I think they'd only yell at me if I posted a chapter that's too close to where the RP is. I think I could post... two more. But that's it. Then I really, really need to stop. This next chapter is... well, it's not that great. I wish I could have expanded the recruiting time, but... ideas just wouldn't come.

Chapter Nine

Revan awoke the next morning to the sound of his comm unit going off. He glanced at the chronometer - it was barely 8 in the morning. Groaning, he got up, walked over to the unit, and accepted the call. It was Atris.
“Mistress,” he said, surprised. “I... what can I do for you, ma'am?”
“Get dressed, and report to the Council chambers immediately,” she ordered. “The Council wishes to speak to you.”
His stomach leaped into his chest. Oh, crap...
“Understood, Mistress,” he said. “I'll be there in ten minutes.”
Atris nodded, and closed the channel.

Two minutes later, Revan left his room and headed to the Council chamber. When he arrived, Atris was awaiting him. She opened the door, and moved aside. “Enter,” she said. Revan gave her a curious look, but obeyed. He looked around at the Masters gathered there. All of them looked more serious than usual. Even Dorak, usually in a friendly mood, merely nodded to him as he passed.
Boy am I in trouble... he thought.
He stood in the centre of the room, the Masters staring at him intently. Lowe looked angry, and would not make eye contact with him.
As Atris took her seat, Vandar spoke. “We sense your anxiety, Padawan,” he said. “We did not call you here to punish you.”
Revan relaxed slightly, his curiosity rising. “If I may ask, Master... Why am I here?”
Lowe gave him a condescending look. “Because we have called you before us,” he snapped. Anger rose in Revan's chest, but he forced it down. He fought the urge to retort, and merely nodded.
“We have disturbing news for you, Revan,” said Zhar darkly. “Onderon, a Republic planet on the Outer Rim, was attacked by the Mandalorians late last night. Three million civilians were killed, as well as a million military personnel.”
Feeling like someone had punched him in the gut, Revan cleared his throat. “... Why... why tell...”
“We have a mission for you,” said Vrook. “You are very close to your trials. We believe that through this mission, you will be prepared to become a Jedi in full.”
“As I'm sure you can imagine, the damage to both the planetary economy and the morale of the citizens has suffered greatly. We believe that the presence of Jedi to aid them will go a long way to restoring morale, at the very least.”
“You have... displayed an interest in aiding in the Mandalorain Wars. Although we cannot allow you to join the was as a soldier, we can send you as a diplomat and peace keeper.”
“Due to the danger of this mission, you are not permitted to leave alone,” said Dorak. “You will select no more than seven other padawans to accompany you.”
“Padawans ready for their trials,” said Lowe pointedly.
Revan stared at him defiantly. “Of course, Master,” he said. “I assumed as much.” Lowe narrowed his eyes, but said nothing more.
“You have 24 hours to select your team,” said Zhar. “You are to be the leader of this mission, Revan. We will not be sending a Knight along with you.”
“One of the individuals you select will be your 'second in command', so to speak,” said Lowe. “Choose carefully.”
“Once you have selected your team, report back to the Council,” said Vandar. “May the Force be with you.”
“Thank you, master,” said Revan, bowing. He gave Lowe one more glance, then turned on his heel, and left the Council chambers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Revan walked up behind Kira in the library. She was sitting alone at the back of the room, her head bent over a datapad, her back to him. “Hey, Kira,” he said, sitting beside her and pulling a holo disc towards him.
She didn't respond at first, as she finished off the bit of information she was reading from her datapad. After she read the last line, she put the pad down, kneading her forehead and rubbing her eyes.
“I've been here since...what...5 am?” she said, her face half covered. “Sometimes I wish I could sleep like a normal person...”
Finished mumbling to herself, she looked up at him. “So what's up? Zhar didn't try and get you into a training session this early, did he?”
“Atris woke me,” he said. “The Council wanted to speak to me. Alone.”
This news brought her full attention to him. She leaned closer to him so they wouldn’t be overheard. “Oh? What about? Not your outburst yesterday?” she hissed. “Please tell me that wasn't it!”
He shook his head. “No. That's what I thought at first, too, but...” he looked around. “They're sending me on a mission.”
She gave him a curious look, and he continued. “Onderon was attacked last night. Four million killed.” She stared at him, her mouth open in horror. “They want me to go keep the peace. I don't know why they need peace keepers, but... I assume they'll brief me later.”
“So... when do you leave?” she asked.
“Well, I have to pick a team of seven other padawans. Ones... ready for their trials.”
“Oh. They're not sending a Knight with you?”
“No,” he answered. “I'm in command of the team... and... I need a second in command.”
She leaned back in her chair. “Well,” she said thoughtfully. “Kytono would be a good choice, I think... And Malak would be more than happy to-“
”I was thinking about you, Kira,” he said.
She stopped in mid-sentence. “Oh...” she said, caught off guard. “Well, sure,” she continued, recovering. “I'd be glad to,” came the answer, a smiling gracing her features.
Revan smiled back. “Great. Alright, I was thinking... Malak is coming, that's obvious. Alynna's the only half decent pilot here. No offense. And I want to bring Jack, too. That leaves two people.”
She stared at the table thoughtfully, biting her lower lip.
“What about Lake?” he asked suddenly.
She sighed impatiently. “That would be great, but Lowe would never-“
”I don't care,” he said sharply. “He's wrong. She's ready. Besides... she needs to get out of here. I... I stopped her from making a big mistake last night...” She opened her mouth as if to ask what had happened, but he stopped her. “Ask her, not me,” he said. “Anyway, she's coming. That leaves one more person. Any thoughts?”
“Well...Actually...” Kira said, looking at him as if to say “I'm sorry”.
He knew what she was thinking. He shook his head firmly. “No. No way in hell.”
“Look, Rev, I don't like her all that much either, but she could be useful. Her extensive knowledge of the Force might be the key to solving some unforseen problem or another...she's an expert healer, too, and Onderon being a war zone, we may need someone with that skill...”
Revan stood quickly, and began pacing impatiently behind his chair.
“Look, Rev, think about it! She-“
”But... it's Bastila,” he said, exasperated. “She's... she's...”
She simply looked at him.
He sighed. He wasn’t going to win this. “Alright, alright,” he said. “I give up... I'll... I'll talk to the Council. And her.”
“So it's decided, then.” she said, standing as well. “Strange, isn't it? The Council sends us to help a recovery effort, but we can't participate in the war itself.”
“Don't get me started,” he said, glaring at her. “C'mon,” he continued, heading to the door. “Let's find them. Unless you're enjoying reading up on...” he grabbed the pad she had been examining. “My god... Stand up. I'm getting you out of here before you bore yourself to death.”
“Well, I'd be lying if I said that I was a little interested in-“ but she was cut off as Revan grabbed her by the shoulder and steered her out of the library.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So you're fine about coming?”
Kira and Revan had just finished explaining the situation to Jack moments before, and the man was eager to join them.
“Of course, why wouldn't I be?” he said enthusiastically.
“Alright then, Revan still needs to talk to the Masters, but we should be leaving-“
”Going somewhere?”
Kira looked up to see Bastila striding down the hall towards them. “Oh, Force.” she said, seeing Revan's expression.
The younger woman sidled up to them, her arms crossed and her expression, as always, all-knowing. “I heard through the grapevine that you were called to a private audience with the Masters.”she said, cocking an eyebrow at Revan, “What about?”
“None of your business, you little...” he began, but stopped himself. “Wait... wait. I'm sorry. To be honest, it is your business for once.”
Her eyebrow arched even more.
“The Council are sending me on a mission to Onderon, to deal with the victims of the Mandalorian attack. I'm supposed to take a team of eight - myself included - with me.” He stopped, as if bracing himself. “And... I want you to come,” he said, as if it killed him to admit it.
Her lips cracked into a small, smug smile. “Oh? And why would you want that?”
He sighed, giving Kira a desperate look, as if begging for help. She turned away, hiding a smile, trying as hard as she could not to laugh. He turned back to Bastila.
“Look... you're... you're a talented young... woman...” he said, as if every word tore him apart inside. “And... if it's alright with your master, I... I think you could...” he gritted his teeth. “...greatly benefit the team.”
Her smile became wider, but no less smug. “Indeed. I will speak with the Masters, but I would not mind joining you.” With that, she turned and disappeared down the hall.
Kira couldn't hold it any longer, and burst out laughing. “I think Revan's got a new girlfriend!” she said through boughts of giggles.
He put an arm around her, smiling. “I don't need a new one,” he said. “Not until the one I got gets old.”
“And what's that supposed to mean?” she asked jokingly, but she couldn't stop from blushing at the remark He simply smiled deviously.
. After a moment, she got her colour under control again. “So, where to next?”
“We should gather everyone together,” he said, removing his arm awkwardly. “The Council told me to see them before we left. I assume they'll want to brief us. Let's find them all, and meet them at the Council chambers.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two hours later, Revan arrived outside the Council chambers to see Kira, Malak, Bastila, Alynna, Lake, and Jack already there, all of them but looking slightly nervous. Malak was eyeing Bastila with disdain. He gave Revan a look as if to say “Why in the name of the Force are we taking here?” He ignored him.
“Alright,” he said. “We should-“
The door shot open, and Atris stepped out. She looked at each of them in turn, then looked to Revan. “The Council is ready for you and your team, Revan,” she said.
Revan nodded, and led the others into the Council chambers.

As Atris took her seat, Revan stepped forward to address the Council. “Masters, I have selected my team. I-“
”Padawan Lake is not permitted to accompany you!” said Lowe sternly.
“I was told to bring those who were ready for their trials. Not those deemed worthy by the Council to take the trials. In my opinion, Lake fulfills the requirements set before me.”
Lowe glared at him. “I request that the Council discuss this matter in private.”
“That will not be necessary,” said Vandar. “Padawan Lake will be permitted to accompany you. However,” he added, cutting off Lowe. “She will not be permitted to take the trials upon her return, unless Master Lowe says otherwise. Is that clear?”
Revan stared darkly Lowe, gritting his teeth. “Understood.”
Vandar continued. “The Council has something... special, in store for you,” he said, smiling slightly. “All of you.”
“The Council has decided that this mission will be the first of your trials,” said Vrook. “No, I stand corrected. The second.”
“The first, will be the construction of your lightsabers,” explained Dorak.
Lowe cleared his throat. “Lake... I have decided that this is something you are prepared for,” he said. “I will allow you to construct your lightsaber, as you will most likely need it on this... mission.”
Lake smiled happily. “Thank you, Master,” she said.

“I congratulate you, Padawans.” Zhar said, as each of them fingered their new sabers. Kira had chosen a new, double-bladed saber with a blue focussing crystal. She twirled the hilt experimentally, coming close to dropping it. Afterwards, she held it tightly in both hands, looking attentively at the Masters.
“You have completed the first task of the Trials.” Vrook said, almost grudgingly, “Know now that you will be recognized as Jedi wherever you go. The Lightsaber is a symbol of our Order and all that it stands for. Do not abuse it.”
“Now that you are fully prepared,” Kavar continued, “We wish you luck on your next task. A shuttle will be waiting for you in the Enclave's docking bay. It will be set to leave in one hour, so gather what you must and bored the shuttle. We warn you now that we're not sure when you will be returning to the Enclave. It could be next week, or six months from now. However, when the Council calls for you, you must be ready to leave immediately. Is that clear?”
“Crystal, sir.” Revan said.
“Very good. Padawan Revan, you and your team are dismissed. Best of luck, and may the Force be with you.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Everyone to their rooms,” ordered Revan, as they left the Council chambers. “Grab your bags, and get to the landing pad. I want to be ready for take off in one hour.” The others nodded, and broke away from the group as they reached the hallways to their rooms.

Twenty minutes later, Jack arrived at the landing pad, completing the group.
“Shuttle Three has been assigned to us,” said Revan, as Jack came within earshot. “Everyone to their stations.
“I'm beginning to think Revan's having too much fun being the 'team leader'.” Kira murmured to Lake, as she watched Revan with a smile, “He's getting that military touch to him.”
Lake nodded. “I think it’s funny how he thinks he’s going to be able to keep ordering us around like that,” she said, smiling “But I'm used to it,” she said quietly, as she stepped aboard the ship. “I'm just grateful that I got to come along.” She said nothing more, but gave Revan a grateful but quick grin. “Weapons station for me?” she asked him.
He smiled, and waved an arm in the general direction of tactical. “Be my guest,” he said. He gave Kira a meaningful glance, then boarded the ship himself.
Once they were all aboard, he sat in the command chair of the small craft. He looked around uncomfortably for a moment, then looked ahead of him. A voice broke over the comm system. “Shuttle Three, you are cleared for take off.”
“Understood,” said Revan, smiling. “Alynna: take us up. Let's get this show on the road.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Twelve hours later, they dropped out of hyperspace in orbit of Onderon. Revan stood from his chair and looked at Kira, still sitting in her own. “I'm going to contact the local authorities, and notify them of our arrival,” he said. He stopped on his way to the comm station in the back. “I think this ship needs a name,” he said suddenly. “Somehow, 'Shuttle-pod Three' just doesn't sound right.”
“How about... Justice?” Kira suggested, “After all, isn't that what we all want to give to these people?”
“Justice it is then,” he said, smiling slightly. He accessed the comm panel and hailed the authorities.
“This is Revan of the Jedi Order,” he said. “I trust that Master Vandar Tokare informed you of our arrival?”
A rough male voice broke over the speakers. “He did. Welcome to Onderon. You are cleared for landing at Iziz Space-port. You will be required to submit to an inspection before leaving the docks.”
“Understood,” he said. “Revan out.”
“I think I'd go more for something along the lines of the Vindicator,” Lake quietly suggested as the ship landed in Iziz space-port. She moved to open up the embarkation ramp. “These people need more than just simple justice. They need arbitration and defence as well.” She pushed the button, and the ramp opened up. “We all do,” she added under her breath, and she headed down the ramp towards the inspectors station, lightsaber secured at her side.
Revan and Kira shared a look before Kira started off down the loading ramp after Lake.
“Lake, wait up!” she called. When she had caught up with her, she asked, “Are you alright? You've been acting kind of...strangely.”
When Lake didn't answer, she added on quietly, “Revan told me about the meeting the two of you had, though he wouldn't tell me what it was about. I was hoping you would.”
Lake stared blankly at Kira for a moment. “You really don't want to know,” she said to her, in a voice void of any emotion. “Let's just say I was having... dark thoughts. Very dark thoughts.” She smiled, a sort of strange, wry smile. “I don't know what Revan said to Master Lowe, but whatever it was, I'm glad that I was able to leave.” She paused a moment. “And... so is Lowe. Even though he might not know it,” she added.
“We wouldn't have let them keep you there, anyways. You're ready, even if Master Lowe was too blind to see it.” Kira paused a moment, “The reason you're acting this way...is it because of those dark thoughts?”
Lake snorted with amusement. “You're just not going to let this drop, are you?” she said, more of a statement than a question. She stared at the ground for a few seconds, then looked up.
“I was going to leave the Enclave. Leave the Order. Revan convinced me to wait. If I hadn't come with you now, I would have left on my own.” She looked Kira directly in the eye. “I wanted to kill him, Kira. Lowe, I mean. And not just figuratively. Really kill him. And if Revan hadn't taken me with him, I....” She paused, frowning worriedly. “C'mon,” she said, heading towards the inspection station. “The inspectors are waiting.”
Kira watched after her in slight distress. She couldn't truly have been driven to such an extent...? It doesn't matter now. There are other matters to take care of.
“Hey guys, let's go!” she called back to the others. “We won't get anything done if we stand around here all day!”
Revan exited the craft, looking around as he did so. There landing pad was heavily damaged, and, judging by the disorganized manner in which the personnel operated, heavily understaffed.
“Let's get to the inspections office,” he said, leading the way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The inspections office was a heavily damaged building just off the landing ring. They were met by a rather dirty soldier, who saluted Revan as he approached.
"We are honoured to have you here, Master Jedi," he said.
Revan rolled his eyes and returned the salute. "At ease, before you sprain something," he said sharply. "I'm Revan, and these are my associates." He indicated Kira. "This is my second in command, Kira Starr."
The soldier relaxed a little. "I'm under orders to take you to see Commander Hykes," he said. "He asked me to bring only the leader."
Revan glared at him. "Anything Mr. Hykes has to say to me, he can say to my team," he said sharply.
The soldier looked as if he were about to argue, but thought better of it. "Understood," he said. "This way."
He led them through the inspection, which they passed through quickly. Once their lightsabers were returned to them, they were led out of the building to a small military installation. A crippled Basilisk droid lay smoking a couple dozen metres away, a scavenging team working the craft.
He led them into a field tent, where a man looking to be in his late thirties sat at a desk at the far end, a map of the area laid out in front of him. He looked up as they entered.
"Ah, you've arrived. You must be Revan," he said, standing and reaching out his hand. "I'm Commander Hykes."
"Revan, of the Jedi Order," said Revan, shaking his hand. "This is my number one, Kira Starr."
He greeted Kira somewhat less enthusiastically, merely nodding. He indicated a large map on his desk.
"You will be assigned to this area," he said, indicating a small area of the capital city. "Most of the refugees seem to be gathering here, and will greatly benefit from the presence of Jedi."
"Understood," said Revan. "It doesn't look like that area is in good shape. We'll probably need extra security personnel, in addition to what's already there."
"I'll send what I can," agreed Hykes.
Revan nodded. “Alright. We’ll be on our way then.”
“Excellent. I will have Major Connor show you to your rooms."

04-26-2006, 04:13 PM
Excellent. We get to see Revan in action. I like where this is going. I will exhibit payience for the next chapter.

04-26-2006, 07:30 PM

... you got a fan lol but good luck with Kira and Jesra.
dont let them ki.. you.

Is everyone doing homework or somting 3 or more days have passed and no words from enywon.

Doctor are you dead kira killled you hu lol.

The Doctor
06-03-2006, 11:04 AM
Sorry. Lote of homework. Here's chapter ten. It's the last one for a while - the RP has hit a dead end for now. Kira and I are trying to work things out, but we've both got writers block. Anyway, here it is.

Chapter Ten

As they strode from the building, Kira shuddered. Now that they were further into the city, the infinate waves of pain and destruction practically drowned her. She put a hand to her head, noticed what she was doing, then masked the movement by pushing a loose hair behind her ear. How could this happen? I've never felt anything like it before... she gazed around at the city - or the wreckage that was left. Buildings had collapsed, streets were decimated with craters, towers and poles had fallen over or were shorn clean from their bases. While no bodies were evident, if she looked closely, there were stains of blood on the streets, buildings, and debris. The very scene caused her to close her eyes or else risk throwing up what little she had eaten on the journey there.
Revan saw that she was uncomfortable, and slowed down to walk beside her. “You feel it to,” he said. It wasn't a question.
“How could you not?” she asked, her voice quiet; pained. “I knew what to expect -- I knew it would feel like this...but I had no idea that it could be this bad...” she hugged her arms tightly around herself, suddenly feeling cold. “This is terrible...how could Mandalorians...how could anyone do something like this?”
After a moment, she looked up and met his eyes, seeing the worry that shone in them. Unwilling to seem weak, she put on a reassuring smile. “I'll be fine.” she said. He stared at her for a moment after she looked away, his eyebrows knitted with concern. After a moment, he slowly looked away.
After a few more minutes of walking, they entered the zone they had been assigned to. They were greeted by another soldier, this one a young marine armed with an assault blaster rifle.
“Revan, I presume?” he said. “I'm major Connor.”
“Yes, I'm Revan,” he said, then turning to introduce the others. “This is my team - my number one: Kira Starr, my pilot: Alynna, my tactical officer: Lake, my Operations officer: Jack, and my loyal henchmen: Malak.”
Connor nodded to each of them as their name was said. “I'm to show you to your quarters first, then give you a tour of the zone.”
“Understood. Lead on.

He led them to a dilapidated looking building, “These will be your rooms,” said Connor. “We have three rooms to spare for you.”
“That means two to a room...” said Jack.
“We'll take two of them,” said Revan. “Guys in one, girls in the other.”
“Should we get settled in the rooms now, or did you have an assignment for us?” Kira asked.
“The General won't be back for another hour, at least. Take some time to get settled. I'll page you when he returns.”
“Understood,” said Revan, nodding. “Alright boys and girls,” he said, smiling, his authoritative aura dropping instantly. “What say we rest up a bit? I don't know about you guys, but I have a killer case of jet lag.”
“You sure it's the jet lag? Because I saw you tipping back quiet a few on the way...” Kira yelled playfully as she ducked inside the room, dodging Revan's hand. Safely out of his reach, the second-in-command dropped her bag in the corner of the room and leaned against the wall for a minute. Maybe the jet lag caught up with her, too.

Without saying a word to any of the others, Lake slung her bag on the top of one of the bunks, and then climbed up and laid down. She was tired, too, but for a different reason. She'd been struggling all day with her feelings toward Master Lowe, and now she was feeling very guilty and ashamed about letting her temper and frustration get out of control. Master Lowe was right. If she couldn't control her emotions, she was not ready to take the trials to become a Jedi Knight.
I shouldn't be here... she thought to herself.
She let out a sigh, then turned towards the wall and closed her eyes, thinking that things might be clearer after a good sleep.
“You know, you might feel better if you tried to meditate and settle yourself, rather than sleep.” Kira said, leaning against the short ladder that lead up to the bunk that Lake currently lay on.
“I can't clear my head in this place,” Lake said quietly to Kira. “There's too much...” She paused, wanting to say the words 'death,' 'pain,' 'sadness,' or 'despair', but finding them too difficult to utter. “Just too much,” she ended up saying instead.
“I see...” Kira murmured. So, Lake had felt it as well. This planet...it felt hardly like a planet anymore. More like a crater, or an echo...
“Forget I said anything.” she said, and left the room. If she was going to get settled here, she would have to try and get used to this feeling, or at least figure out some way to shut it out. Acting on impulse, she headed down the corridor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They entered their room, and Jack headed straight for the bed. “I'm exhausted, guys...” he said. “Wake me in an hour, will you?”
He didn't wait for a response, and closed his eyes. Within seconds, he was fast asleep.
Revan shook his head, smiling slightly. He sat at the computer terminal in the room, and activated it. He pulled up a map of the region, and began examining the results. But only half-heartedly.
Malak sensed that he was distracted. “Revan? Are you alright?”
Revan rubbed his eyes. “Yeah,” he lied. “Just tired, is all.”
“You're a terrible liar, Rev.”
He didn't know what to say, so he remained silent. Malak wouldn't give up that easy.
“It too risky, Revan. You're Jedi. It's not allowed.”
“You're starting to sound like Vrook,” spat Revan.
“I take that as a compliment,” said Malak. “Vrook is a wise-“
”Vrook is an old man with a superiority complex.”
“Revan... I'm trying to help you. These feelings... they're forbidden to the Jedi.”
“You don't think I know that?” he asked, shutting down the terminal. “You don't think that the threat of being exiled from the Order means anything to me? Of course it does! But... so does she.”
Malak looked at him helplessly. “Revan... You can't-“
Revan stood, ignoring him now. “I'm going for a walk,” he said, to nobody in particular. “If I'm not back in an hour, wake up Jack, then call me on the comm link.”
”I'll talk to you later.”
With that, he left the room, the door hissing shut behind him.
Kira's ears picked up the hiss of a door, and she looked back. Revan was striding down the hallway toward her, his head down and hands jammed in his pockets.
“Have something on your mind, Commander?” she asked playfully, and his head shot up. She paused, and waited for him to catch up. “C'mon, walk with me.”
“If you don't mind,” he said, falling into step beside her. “I prefer Captain.”
“My apologies, Captain.” she said, 'bowing'. They entered the main lobby of the building, then exited out the front entrance and out onto the street.
For several moments they went on in silence as they examined the devastation around them. Then, in a quiet voice, Kira asked, “What would you have done? If you were here during the attack, would you have fought back? Or would you have sat out, according to the Council's wishes?” She already knew the answer, but for some reason, she needed to hear him say it. Perhaps to know that she wasn't alone in her way of thinking? The ease of mind to know he was on her side?
Revan sighed. “To be honest... I'm not sure. I... I'd like to think that I could have obeyed the Council, and stayed out of it. But...”
He trailed off, thinking. “I think that... if I had to choose between the Council's orders and saving lives... I'd face exile any day.”
She smiled. Just what she had wanted to hear. “Good to know I'm not the only one.” she said, looking at the ground.
He looked at her suddenly. “There's something... something bothering you, isn't there?”
She didn't say anything. “C'mon, Kira... you can't hide it. Not from me.”
Kira's face turned a startled red. “What? Oh, it's nothing.” when he cocked an eyebrow at her, she added, “Honest!”
How the hell would he have known that? She had been shielding her thoughts and emotions from others nearby, and she would have felt him enter her mind...
He arched an eyebrow in disbelieve. “Alright...” he said slowly.
“Look, I'd just rather not talk about it right now.” she said, looking away from him. After a moment, she asked, “How long have we been gone?”
“I don't know for sure,” he said. “Probably about twenty minutes. We should get back, wake the others, and wait for Major Connor to page us.”
“Sounds good to me...” Kira said, glad Revan had taken the hint. “Though...you're the one who's waking everyone up, right, Captain?”
Revan rolled his eyes. “You do know I was kidding about the captain thing, right?” he asked. He turned around to head back to the rooms. “Commander is fine.”
“Really?” she said, touching her shoulder with his and leaning on him for a moment, “I think I like Revan the best.”
He pushed her playfully as they entered the building. “Actually, I've been thinking. I don't get enough respect from you people. Maybe the title 'your majesty' would help?”
“Oh, I'm flattered you think I'm royalty, Revan.” Kira joked, striking a pose and fluttering her eyelashes. “I would make a good Miss Universe, wouldn't I?”
“That depends,” he said, as they walked up to the guy's room door. “Which universe?”
“What if I said...yours?” Kira asked, moving to stand in front of him. Her expression was playful, but the question was serious.
Revan stared at her, not sure what she meant. He coughed. “Uhm... well...”
He fell silent, starring into her eyes. She was getting closer. He could have counted her eye lashes, had he been so inclined.
The door opened, and Malak stood framed in it. Kira pulled away quickly, blushing slightly. “Jack's awake,” he said to Revan, giving him a pointed look.
Revan gulped, then nodded. “Good. Major Connor will be paging us any moment. I'll be right in.”
Malak gave him a dark look, then retreated into the room.
As Malak withdrew, Revan looked back to her. She tried to control her heartbeat as she blushed furiously. “You should...You should probably go in. The uh...they guys'll be waiting for you. I'll...I'll go get the girls.”
He nodded, gulping again. “Understood. I'll, uhm... I'll talk to you later.”
“Right. Of course.” She answered, and disappeared into the girl's room.
“Up and at 'em.” she said as she entered, checking in the mirror to make sure she had gotten her color under control. “Revan wants us all ready when the General arrives.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Malak stood on the other side of the room, his arms folded across his chest, starring intently at Revan. Jack was nowhere to be found.
“C'mon, Malak,” said Revan jokingly. “I know you're hungry, man, but Jack-“
Malak was not in the mood to joke. “You have to stop this, Revan,” he said seriously.
Revan looked to the floor. “Find Jack. I want to arrive at the briefing room together. Bring him back here. I have work to do.” He went to the terminal and activated it, and immersed himself in the data.
Malak gave him another dark look, then left the room to find Jack.

Joss Kanubi
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May be the best one I have read.. keep up the good work

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Long it is

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06-19-2006, 07:52 AM
Wow, now that was a really long story to read!

I found it very entertaining, I've always wanted to read a good Kotor story which takes places during Revan's days at the academy, right before he enters the war.

However, is Kira the future jedi exile? Strange that she falls in love with Revan ... but interesting too! Right now, you seem to focus your story on 3 Characters, Revan, Kira and Lake. I wonder what role Lake will play in your story later on...
One thing though, why do you leave Bastila out on the mission on oderon, afer all she's part of the team, but she never gets to say or do anything - that wouldn't really fit her character would it? Or am I dumb, and the didn'T go with the team?

Can't wait for the next chapter to come out, great story!

The Doctor
06-19-2006, 02:45 PM
Bastila is a minor character in this part of the story. Remember, this story is an in progress RP, and the characters that post most are the ones who get the most focus, for now. Jack will begin to play a much more prominent role, I can assure you, as will Alynna. This is assuming, of course, that the RP gets moving again. If it doesn't, I'll probably take it on as one of my many writing projects...

06-19-2006, 02:57 PM
The next chapter might not be up for a while. Rob refuses to post in the thread, for some reason...*grumbles incoherently*
We'll try to get on without him, but it's not easy.

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Anyways, sorry for the time I was gone, but now I'll be able to continue in the RP thread... and in any other threads that I have missed countless pages in...

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I was screwing around, Rob. :xp: Good to see you back.

I want to talk to you about Jack, actually. I've had an idea that I think will make the story even more 'uber'. Send me a PM, and I'll get you my MSN.

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Am I missing something? Are you writing this story together with other people or all alone Doctor?

Anway keep up the good work! This is my favourite story on this website. The length of the story is also amazing.. makes me almost think I read a novel.

06-21-2006, 02:00 PM
I guess you could say it was a collab fic...it's based off the Legacy of Heroes RPG on another site. However, the Doc went in and edited what we had written. Perhaps it's both...

Speaking of what we have written, Doc...any ideas? :xp:

The Doctor
06-21-2006, 07:33 PM
One - the idea concerning Jack. I told you about that one, no? We must speak...

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Love this.

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Seems to be abandoned though. :(

The Doctor
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The RP is dead at the moment, actually.

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