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This is my first fic, +&- comments are always welcome. Well here goes, this story will be told from the viewpoint of 3 people on Taris, Zelka Forn, Matrik and an Outcast.
Chapter 1

Zelka stepped out of his medical bay to see what was making the screaming sound. As the first shells hit Taris Zelka dove back into his medical office. "Run for you life Gurney!"He yelled, but he was too late, as he grabbed medical supplies the floor fell out from underneath him. As he spiraled down he thought,"I always knew the sith would destroy us." He then hit permacrete and blacked out.

In the Lower City Matrik was puzzled as to why the whole area around him was shaking and materials were falling. "Oh no, the sith are shelling Taris."Matrik thought to himself. He immediatly began to climb down towards the undercity. "I should be safe there."

As the Outcasts made their way towards the "Promised Land" a chunk off the roof fell crushing three outcasts. Rukil yelled,"Take cover!, everyone scrambled for cover, some in the sewers and some in the hole in the support pillars. Great chunks of permacrete and durasteel fell to the ground.

Chapter 2
As Zelka came back to his senses he looked around, the shelling had ceased. He saw the twisted broken body of his assistant ,Gurney, under a slab of permacrete. There were bodies every where, but there were suvivors. Making his way over to what had been the apartment southeast of his medical bay. As he treated a young womans injuries he noticed people around him digging through the rubble, looking for survivors and anything unbroken.

Matrik never made it to the undercity. As he was climbing down towards it he got pinned aginst the wall by the destroyed city. "This is just great"He thought,"As soon as the bounty on my head gets taken care of i get stuck to a wall,guess this is what you get for messing with the exchange." "Oh well, at least I'm still alive,thats a start."

As the falling of debris stopped for the most part, outcasts began to climb through the rubble. For the first time in their lives the outcasts saw the sunlight of Taris, they could feel clear air. But as the oucasts saw the destruction around them their moods quickly changed. "We must try and find as many survivors as possible."Said Rukil,''Why said several outcasts, the damn upworlders never helped us, they threw us down into the undercity to rot!'' ''No, it is because of an upworlder that I am here"Said Hendar "In this destruction if theres to be any hope of survival we'll all have to work together,outcast and Upworlder alike."

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Heres part 3
4 days after the bombing
Zelka was getting desperate for medical supplies, he had heard that a bombed out whare house was found containing medical supplies. He went to go see about getting some. There were so many injured who needed help. If only the republic could send aid, but they were still very busy fighting a losing battle with the sith. Well he'd have to make do with what he could for now. He was surprised at another sight, Outcasts, Lower City citizens and Upper City citizens were working together to clear away rubble and find survivors and useable supplies.

As Matrik was treated for his stab wound he looked around, he realized that he was free, from the exchange, their branch on Taris was gone and the rest of them would figure he died on Taris. He was happy for the fist time in many months.

As survivors and dead corpses were pulled out of the rubble Kihn(The name of the outcast) he was surprised at how well the three diffenent classes of Taris managed to work together. There were fights but for the most part they worked together. It seemed that the destruction managed to destroy the social barriers as well as the city.

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