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03-12-2006, 10:30 PM
I just received this email from a fan named Gregory...

Hello, guys! My name is Gregory and would like to give some feedback about the wonderfull job you all are doing!
I tried the ojp_enhanced_002b6 on my PC after a long time waiting to buy my new video card, and when I played it I
just LOVED the "parry/block button" idea, and it works perfectly in all saber types, except in single saber red
stance, because the attacker goes through the block and the defender perform a "should-have-blocked-it" dodge roll.
1)If you could improve the defense when pressing the "parry/block button", making it block even stronger swings...
Well, I see that in ojp_enhanced_008 you canceled that awesome feature!

1)Why did you preferred canceling the "parry/block button"??

2)I also see the character's auto defense is very accurate in release 008, but it drains a lot of DP,
and a single saber user is NO MATCH for a dual saber or double saber user as the former was in enhanced_002b6,
besides, the fight takes too long(bots are almost invincible), too many broken parries cuts out
the action seen in my 002b6 release. (Send me a reply about those comments)

3)Talk about the saber attack, it was better when you just HELD DOWN the attack button and the character performed
automatically differents swings, 'til he began a chain of quick strikes, like in SP!
The "too manual" saber attack result in poor fighting quality.
To get the real feeling of what I'm saying, please create a "ojpenhanced" folder with the following files in it:
-ojp_enhancedstuff_006 (because of the flare clashes, i think)
-The dll's from version 008
Set the saberInterpolation 2, sv_fps 50 and saberanimspeed .7
Now use a single saber blue stance to face Morgan katarn bot... The BEST battle ever!!!
3)Please, report in! Send me replies! :)

4)I really loved the ledgegrab, the holtered weapons, the COOP, replacing the dodge roll for a simple dodge,
the new clash effects(flares), the new DFA's and I miss that stuff in my enhanced_002b6.
4)Can I have all that stuff with the same saber fighting system(with a little improved parry/block button, SP saber attack system)
presented in the enhanced_002b6??

I'm expecting some replies about the topics I showed, ok?
Keep up the outstanding work, and if you need me for anything, just send me an e-mail to ______
Please keep in touch!! :) see ya

03-12-2006, 10:44 PM
1. The parry/block button was removed because I wasn't happy with it after playtesting. The main problem with it was the same problem that any sort of manual dodging system. Simply put, if players are reacting fast enough to be able to press a button to block/parry, they could have just avoided the hit in the first place. That's when I came up with the movement parrying system, which made it much less encomberancing and fast paced.

2. We're still balancing the dual/staff sabers vs the single sabers. There was also a bug in the bounce system that was allowing staffs/duals to cause way more DP damage than they should have been.

3. Actually we tried reenabling that automatic swing comboing during the current 0.0.9 beta seasons and it oversimplified the saber system. It's difficult to explain without playing 0.0.9 but basically swing combos are a much bigger part of the saber system now since we're dramatically cut back on the random mishaps.

4. Unfortunately, we can't customize the mod for every individual's tastes so you're going to have to either just use the old version or upgrade to the newer versions of the mod. We've made a TON of positive changes and I hope they'll convince you that the newer system is indeed much better than the older betas. Hopefully, 0.0.9 will be out soon as we finish cleaning up some bugs/balancing issues.

And, finally, thanks for taking the time to send in some feedback. Please provide any additional feedback to these forums so that everyone can proticipation. :)

Secondly, the parrying never felt right in that system. There just wasn't enough player feedback to make it feel like pressing the button at the right time was actually causing parries.

03-13-2006, 11:26 AM
You're trying to get a block button going? Sorry for my ignorance as I haven't been following up on the OJP. I know it's somehow worked into JA+. In some servers theres what is know as autoblock. Where Form II aka makashi aka parryign comes into effect. Whereby once you are in a stance equal or higher than your enemy once their blade strikes yours and you see the sparks you tap attack and you parry. Why go manual now?

03-13-2006, 01:20 PM
and who says that using that auto feature in ja+ is any good? that makes it more like an rpg.

03-13-2006, 02:00 PM
He's referring to the very old 0.0.2b6 version of OJP enhanced. We've experimented with several different kinds of blocking systems before arriving at the current one.