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03-17-2006, 04:24 AM
I have always liked the Mandalorians, and am glad they take a more major role in TSL. But I still wand more! What I would like, is for someone to make a mod that spawns more Mandalorians on Dxun, for each clan Mandalore recruits to his cause. There are several reskins of Mandalorians for K1 and TSL that could be used to spice things up a bit, I can remember a green outfit and a black one. So if I can track down whover made them and get their permission, this would give a wider variety of mandalorians on the planet.
But why stop there? As some of you may remember I started a thread a while ago trying to get female mandalorians in the game. Well it never really went anywhere, as it required modeling. Since noone seemed interested, I took it upon myself to try. I even actually managed to get somewhere. I have a gmax file of my mod that just needs to have a skin mesh made, to be recompiled, and then a Mandalorian skin made. (OK say I didn't get that far. But I did do all the fiddley vertex moving to give the head -n_dkjh02.mdl- a smoother appearance.) Anywho, once thats all done (and this is just a secondary concern, although would be very nice) and a reskin of the class9 armor, or multiple reskins to get various colours (alright now Im just being greedy) Umm what was I saying? Oh yes once thats all done there could be female Mandalorians on Dxun as well. Just think of it 100+ Mandalorians standing around doing nothing except look cool. Thats my idea of heaven!
So, if anyone is interested in undertaking some part of this mod please say so. If you want this mod to be made say so also, and we might just get enough interest to get someone interested in making part of this mod. Heh, thats all, finally.

04-19-2006, 10:03 PM
so how's this cool mod coming along? Perhaps you could do something when Mandalore recruits mandalorians from Dantooine and Nar Shaada

DarthMaul v.1/2
04-20-2006, 12:24 AM
Oy! G'day mate! A mandalorian MOD would be right impressive. Somebody should get to work on this 'bugga' straight away!

Crikes! A massive mandalorian assault on the beast-riders or the Sith on Dxun would make for a smashingly sensational 'side quest'! I can hear the mandalorian battle-cry even now! I think it would go something like this:

" I come from the land down unda! Where the women glow and the men 'chunda'!"

" Can't you hear, can't you hear that thunda? You betta run, you betta take cova!"

I keed, I keed! Seriously, a MOD like this would be cool, but probably alot of work. I personally am just a wee baby when it comes to MODding, but one of the Jedi masters or Sith lords around here, one strong in the Force, could probably pull this off --- let's hope one of them likes mandalorians as much as we do, my croc - huntin' mate!