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Revan Skywalker
03-20-2006, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone! This is my first fic and I know that there are some plot holes or continuity errors in it, and some of the chaps are a bit short bu tremember, this is my first. Here goes...







Daren Nider walked to Kreia’s old meditation chamber. Or, the dormitory she spent most of her time in when she was not out on missions with him before her “turning”. Daren sat down, and began to meditate. He recalled one of her lessons, about seeing through the force.

“ Strip away the metal, and feel the minds and spirits aboard this ship”, she had said.

Kreia had been very criticisive of Daren’s point of view with the Force, and very wise at the same time. She had known that she would have to die to make her student powerful enough to fight whatever Revan was fighting. Daren had been afraid that when Kreia died, he would die as well. But his suspicions were proved wrong when all he felt was a tremor in the Force as her spirit, Dark or Light, passed into the netherworld. She had told him the future of his companions, and the plantets that they had traveled to. She could only not see what would happen to Bao-Dur and the Droids.

“ I am glad you are reviewing everything that has happened apprentice. You have learned well.”

Daren’s eyes snapped open and his head shot up. Standing in front of him was a shimmering blue form of his old master.

“ Kreia?”,

Daren said. There was a knock at the door and Atton entered.

“ Hey I just wanted to know where we wer- oh, sorry, you were meditating”, he said. “ Are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost”.

“ Yeah, I’ll be fine”.

“ Alright, well come meet me in the cockpit after your done and we can plot our next course”, and Atton left the room.

Daren turned his attention back to where he had seen Kreia. But the old woman was gone.


Atton Rand sat in the pilots chair of what was left of the Ebon Hawk. They had crashed on Malachor V and Daren had fallen out of a hole in the garage. Daren had been trying to convert power from the engines to the shields. How Mira had fallen out, he didn’t know. And he didn’t dare try and read her mind with the Force. She said it was her personal space and when Atton had done it, she had pushed back with her own mind and sent a picture of a huge rancor through his head. That scared the heck out of him. So he left her alone. After they had fallen out, Bao-Dur had been able to set up a force field over the hole. The Hawk began to fall about two seconds later. Bao-Dur still had to fix the engines, so T-3 had stepped up. Atton didn’t know how the little trash compactor had done it, but at the last moment T-3 had gotten the engines to work and they had flown away. The Handmaiden, or as Daren now called her, Brianna, had sensed a disturbance in the Force. She had said to go to the Trayus Core and Atton had objected saying that it was a crazy idea and he didn’t know where to go anyway. But then “SuperDroid” T-3 beeped in that he had found the location of Daren. And so with everyone else against him, he had flown to the core as it came crashing down. Daren had jumped onto the ship’s ramp and they had flown away from Malachor as the so called planet separated into three pieces. There was no sign of GO-TO or Bao-Dur’s remote. Atton didn’t care. Didn’t like either of them. He was still a Jedi initiate, and so was Mira, Bao-Dur, and Handmaiden. Nobody was saying much, but Atton thought something big was about to happen.


Daren was still in the dormitory. He was thinking about when he had seen Kreia. It had seemed so real. And yet, at the back of his mind he remembered what she had said about not taking anyone he loved with him. His thoughts immediately turned to Brianna. He knew that somewhere, deep inside of him he had feelings for her. He didn’t know how he would leave her or anyone else. The Ebon Hawk had become his home, it’s inhabitants, his family. But he did not want them to get hurt or killed either.

“ It is not your decision to make young one”.

Daren looked up. Kreia’s blue shimmering form of her spirit stood before him.

“ Forgive me but I cannot be seen by the others” she said.

“ Kreia?” Daren asked. She shook her head no.

“ I am not the person who trained you, I am the spirit of the person who trained you. I have no name, for I am the Force in your eyes. But you may call me Kreia if you like”.

“ Kreia, what did you mean when you said I could take no one with me?”.

“ I know of your feelings toward the last of the Handmaidens and the others who travel with you”.

“ How did you know?”

“ I was your master. I got to know you when we traveled. It is no surprise. Such things often occur between master and apprentice”, she answered.

“ If you bring them with you, you will be putting them in mortal danger. And I know you don’t want that”.

“ No I don’t, but”

“ There is no question in it or anything else. You must not take them until you find Revan”.

She began to fade away.

“ Kreia wait”,

Daren called. The image continued to fade until Daren was looking at nothing but air.

Kreia’s voice sounded in his head, “ If you need me I will come to you”.

Kreia was right. He had made the decision when he allowed his companions to join him. He began to pack a few things and thought that he should tell them. But then the idea of them forcefully going with him made him change his mind. When he had finished packing his supplies and hiding them in one of the smuggling compartments, he walked down the hall to the cockpit where Atton was waiting.


Atton turned around as Daren came to the cockpit.

“ About time you got here, where to?” he asked.

“ Take us to Telos, and keep her in orbit”, Daren answered.

“ Why Telos?”

“ Admiral Onasi wants to speak with me again”.

“ Alright. We should be there in about an hour”.

Daren felt the familiar jerk somewhere behind his naval and the Ebon Hawk zoomed into hyperspace. Daren felt a twinge of guilt due to lying to Atton, but knew it was for the best. Everyone else was asleep later that night and Daren had volunteered to take the ship out of hyperspace. His things were packed and by the escape pod. He planned to take the escape pod down to Citadel Station and ask Chodo Habat for a ship, for Daren had heard that their restoration zones had been working out nicely. He took the Hawk out of hyperspace and walked back to the escape pod. It was hidden in the back of the ship behind a wall, and you could open it by knocking on it three times. Daren did so and watched as the secret door hissed open. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around. Brianna stood there, looking at him wearing a normal expression.

“ What are you doing here?” he asked her.

“ Your thoughts are easily read when distressed or troubled”.

“ She’s right, she was the one who told us what you were going to do”, Atton said as he came from behind her.

“ General, your going to need us to find Revan and you know it”, Bao-Dur added as he and Mandalore turned off stealth field generators.

“ You have led me into many great battles like Revan did, and it would be an honor to fight alongside you and he once more”, Mandalore said.

“Statement : You are my master, and I must serve you”.

“ Beep do bweep”.

Mira came from behind Bao-Dur and said to Daren,

“ You taught me that there is more to the life I led. I’ll come to”.

Daren looked at all seven of his remaining friends and said,

“ This is something I need to do alone. I can’t take any of you with me”.

“ Look at it this way, your not taking us, were coming with you”, Atton said.

Daren sighed. He walked away from the escape pod.


HK-47 was in the middle of a rest cycle the next day when Daren switched him on.

“Statement : Ready to serve master”.

“ HK, I need you to unlock the navicomputer”.

“Objection: Master, did I not state that I do not remember who my former master’s voice was?”.

“ No you didn’t”.

“Statement: Very well then, you know now”.

“ What happened to your memory unit?”.

“Statement: Master I was blown to pieces and scattered to all four corners of the galaxy. We cannot possibly find the rest of my memory unit is”.

Daren was silent for a moment, then said,

“ Revan would need the reinforcements, or us, to be able to find him. So it’s probably on the Ebon Hawk”.

“Statement: I conclude master. A brilliant idea. But now where do we look?”

“ I have an idea, come with me”.

HK followed, as Daren led them to the main hold. He tapped a few buttons on the holographic display panel and a flashing light came up on Citadel Station marking the location of Admiral Carth Onasi.

“Query: Master, why do you want to meet with the republic admiral?”

“ Because if anybody knows about any more secret compartments, it’s him. He helped Revan in his quest to destroy the Star Forge”.

HK was silent as he observed the map with Daren.

“ Revan wouldn’t have voice locked the navi computer with his own voice if no one could find him. So my guess is that he voice locked it with the voice of the ship’s pilot. The admiral used to fly this ship.”.

“Statement: I must ask you something master”.

“ Then ask”.

“Statement: I have noticed a peculiar behavior you have when around the Echani woman. Why do you suddenly become nervous and other forms of emotion”.

Daren was silent for a moment.

“ It’s, difficult to explain HK”.

“Query: Is it fear master? Do you wish her eliminated?”.

“ No HK”.

Daren laughed. He wondered if HK would ever stop suggesting that his work was the answer to a problem on a daily bases. He would have to wait and see.


Daren walked back to the port dormitory and began meditating. It would be another fifteen hours until they reached Telos.

“ Fool”. Daren did not look up.

“ They are coming by their own choices if that’s what your upset about”. Kreia snorted.

“ Ignorance. You always had plenty of it”.

“ It was their decision, not mine.”

“ Fool. We do not have time for your allies. They will only slow you down.”

“ I doubt it. They haven’t slowed us down before have they?”

Very well, bask in your narrow point of view. I shall leave you to your clumsy choices.”

Daren looked up. The old master was gone yet again.




The Ebon Hawk flew towards Citadel Station and landed in one of the hangars. Daren and Mandalore walked down the boarding ramp. Daren had a small hand held computer in his hand that had the entire layout of Citadel Station.

“We should head for the Sojourn’s docking bay. We can wait for the Admiral there”, Daren said. Mandalore nodded. They took the shuttle to the entertainment module and then took another to the docking bay. They waited by the entrance for Onasi and when he began his check in, he saw them and walked over.

“What are you still doing here Daren?” he asked.

“Sir, we need your help to find Revan”, Daren answered.


Admiral Carth Onasi, Supreme Commander of the Republic fleet, in all his adventures, had never as excited as he was now. His brain seemed to have frozen and was oblivious to everything except the fact that this was his chance! This was the chance to find out exactly what happened to Revan!

“Admiral, are you all right?”. That snapped Carth back to reality.

“Yes I’m fine. Ill meet you at the Ebon Hawk in half an hour”. Then he went sprinting down the hallway to the Sojourn, leaving a stunned Daren and Mandalore behind.

“Well I guess it’s settled then. Come on Mandalore”, Daren said.

“ I never liked him”, the chief mandalorian said under his breath.


Carth ran. He ran even as the Republic soliders gave him curious looks. When he finally stopped at the crew quarters, he was barely able to contain himself. He raised a hand to open the door, but it was shaking to badly. As he tried to compose himself, the door opened revealing a 20 year old woman wearing Jedi Robes and a double-bladed lightsaber at her belt. Her hair was tight, and two ponytails were sticking down from the back.

“What is it Carth?” Bastila Shan asked.

“Bastila, you need to come with me. We’re going to find Revan”, he said. Bastila was out the door the first second after he said that. Her pace was extremely fast, and Carth had to run to catch up to her.

“Bastila wait”, he called. She stopped slowly. Turning quickly, he approached an officer. “Tell Captain Solo that he is now in control of this fleet until further notice”. The soldier nodded. “Very good”, Carth said and he looked around. Bastila was already walking down the corridor again, forcing Carth to again run to meet her stride. “I haven’t seen him in two years Carth”, she said. “Now I have hope”. Carth noted that she did seem more alive than usual. “I have hope too Bastila”, he answered. As they rounded the last corner, Carth’s vision was filled with the Ebon Hawk. He looked at bastila. She had tears in her eyes and Carth knew that she was thinking the same thing as he. They were home.


“Hey, their here!” Atton’s voice echoed throughout the Ebon Hawk. Daren walked down the ramp and saw Carth and another figure approaching and went out to greet them. He shook hands with Carth and looked at his companion. Only then did he recognize the face.

“Bastila?” he asked. She nodded. Daren gave a big grin and ebraced her with a hug saying, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to help you find Revan”, Bastila answered.

Daren smiled and said “ Well then welcome aboard.”


As they walked up the ramp, Carth’s mind spun. His legs felt like jello, but he kept moving. As the ramp rose up, T3-M4 rolled into view.

“ T3, glad to see your ok”, Carth said. The utility droid beeped an affirmative.

“It is good to see you T3”, Bastila added.

“Well, since you know T3, you probably know HK as well?” Daren asked and pointed to a red combat droid lurking in a corner. It had a blaster rifle in its hand.

“ Exclamation: Die intruder meatbags!” it said, and fired two blaster bolts at the heads of Carth and Bastila. A glowing blue blade intercepted them.

“ Stand down HK”, Daren commanded.

“ Objection: Master, I was only ridding the ship of intruders.”

“They are friends and not to be harmed. Do you understand?”

“Weary resignation: Very well Master.” AS Daren switched off his lightsaber, Carth asked, “You’re its master?”

“Yes. It was damaged when I found it, and now I’ its master, or so it says.” Carth was silent. “Come on, you should meet the rest of my crew.” As they walked out to the main hold, Carth saw a Zabrak working on the main computer. “ Carth, Bastila, meet Bao-Dur.”


The Zabrak technician Bao-Dur walked up to the main computer and began reading the status of the Ebon Hawk. “Shields 10, hull integrity, 60, engine speed 76. Not good”, he thought. The ship had been through a lot in the past few months, being chased by cruisers, traveling to many planets, and hunted by what Atton called, “ A Sith Lord who sleeps with vibroblades.” “Computer systems 69. He frowned. “I’ll have to tell the General that we’ll need to stay here for a while getting repairs.

“Bastila, Carth, meet Bao-Dur. The Zabrak turned around and saw the General and two others coming towards him. He turned off the screen.


“I worked with him in the Mandalorian Wars”, Daren said.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Bao-Dur”, Bastila told him. She bowed and Carth shook hands with the chief engineer of the Ebon Hawk. The Zabrak then returned to his work.

“Now meet the rest of the crew”, Daren said. “ that’s Mira, Atton, Brianna, and Mandalore. They said they’re hellos (even though Carth and Mandalore didn’t go near each other) and Daren continued. “ Now follow me.” Carth and Bastila exchanged curious looks, then obeyed. “Revan wouldn’t have voice-locked the navi-computer with his own voice: no one would be able to find him”, Daren went on. “ I believe that it is voice-locked by someone else.” They arrived in the security room and Daren looked at them. “ I believe he voice-locked it with one of your voices. I didn’t know your location Bastila, so I decided to try the next best bet.” He motioned to Carth.

“That’s a good theory, but we didn’t voice-lock it”, Carth objected.

“I know, not on purpose”, Daren said. He turned around and picked up a recorder from the security desk. “ This thing was broken when I found it in one of the secret compartments. But its possible that he recorded your voices and broke it on purpose. Carth, why don’t you give it a try.” Carth looked at Bastila, who nodded. Carth stepped up to the navi-computer: a monitor and keyboard.

He said “ Open.” Nothing happened. Then a female voice behind him said,

“Open.” A beeping sound came from the computer. Starcharts and maps came up.




One week later, the Ebon Hawk was at 100 working efficiency. With the navi-computer unlocked, Daren had studied it and discovered that it focused around a planet called Abridon. They were preparing to head there soon and in the mean time, Carth and Bastila began helping in any way they could. They were often found around the ship, either repairing the numerous small dents the Telosian repair team didn’t bother to fix, or unscrambling the computer systems. When the day that they were scheduled for departure finally came, Carth almost constanly running about the ship, unable to contain her excitement. He didn’t blame her either. He was feeling the same way. When he had seen the cockpit, it had immediately reminded him of all their adventures together. He had sat in the chair and thought about what had happened in the last few days, often wondering why Revan had left. The ship’s pilot, an Atton Rand, was what he heard a good flyer, and Carth felt old, even though he was only 43. After they had taken off, Daren would brief everybody on what he had found. Carth only hoped that it was good news.


The Ebon Hawk flew out of Citadel Station at full speeds and everyone strapped in. Atton was in the pilot’s seat, Carth his co-pilot. Daren and Bastila sat at the chairs behind them respectively as the fastest ship in the galaxy went to 0.2 past lightspeed. When the ship was steady, Daren unstrapped and went to the main hold. Atton put the Hawk in auto-pilot mode and followed along with Bastila and Carth. The entire crew was in the chairs surrounding the main computer, Daren standing at the console. As Atton, Carth and Bastila took their seats, the exiled Jedi began to speak.

“ After I defeated Kreia not to long ago, before she died, she told me that I would need to follow Revan’s path. I intend to heed her wisdom. I have traced the signal from the navi-computer to the remote planet of Abridon.” Daren brought up a holographic image of Abridon.

“As you can see, there doesn’t seem to be any ships within the area. However, I have recently discovered that the remnant of the Sith fleet is on Abridon’s moon. We will need to fly fast, to keep them from spotting us. May the Force be with us.


“ How many Sith do you think are there?” Bao-Dur asked.

“ I’d guess a few cruisers and fighters, probably”, Atton responded. Bao-Dur nodded.

“ You’re right. I’m just nervous somehow. Like a quesy feeling in my stomach.”

“ I know what you mean.” As the Ebon Hawk neared their destination, Atton approached the Ebon Hawk’s chief tech and said, “ Why are they there though?”


Daren was working on the hyperdrive when they were less than a parsec away from Abridon. Brianna appeared when he almost had finished.

“I-”, she hesitated. “ Is there anything I can do to help?”

Daren smiled at her and said, “ Mira could use some help with getting supplies ready.”

“ Oh” was all she said. “ I will go help her then.” She turned away and began waling out of the small area.

“ Brianna wait”, Daren said. She stopped and turned around. She had tears in her eyes. Daren walked a bit closer until they were face to face. “ What’s wrong?” “ Daren, I can’t, it’s just-” He held up a hand. “ Let me say something first.” And without thinking about what he was doing, he kissed her. And as he kissed her, he was overwhelmed at the new feeling inside him. When they finally pulled apart, Daren Nider felt whole again.


Bastila Shan smiled as she sensed the emotions coursing through both Daren and Brianna. As she lifted her head, Atton yelled, “We’re here, but we’ve got company!”




The Ebon Hawk pulled out of a snap roll as blaster bolts screamed towards it. Carth pulled himself into his chair, followed by Daren and Bastila. As the freighter rocked violently, Carth saw that Atton was trying everything he could do to out run their enemies. But he knew it wasn’t enough.

“ How many are tailing us?” Carth asked.

“ Twelve, at the least, and a capital”, Atton answered, just as another jolt threw the Ebon Hawk spinning.

“ Someone, get in the turret!” Carth shouted.

Daren unstrapped and ran down the hall. A few seconds later, laser bolts began to fire on the Sith. The Ebon Hawk pulled an immelman and Atton put the on the brakes. The fighters soared past and the Hawk turned around as Atton slammed the engines to full and the ship zoomed forward. The Sith quickly caught on though, and they began firing once again, but could not hit the elusive freighter.

One broke off and Atton said, “ Looks like one of them is scared. Well, he makes an easy target.”

As the Ebon Hawk came around and began following the fighter, it turned around and fired a round of blaster bolts at the Hawk’s cockpit. When they hit, the pilot’s console erupted with electricity. Atton was thrown out of the chair, and fell back against the wall, unconscious. Carth, using co-pilot overrun techniques, took the joystick ( in case you didn’t know, co-pilots have joysticks for situations just like this). The Hawk jolted forward again, this time toward the Sith cruiser.

“ Carth, why are you heading towards them?” Bastila asked.

“ They don’t expect it”, he replied simply.

The Ebon Hawk came closer until the hangar came into view.

Carth spoke over the intercom, “ Daren, fire your cannon at the hanger force fields.”

“ Is Atton alright?” Daren responded.

“ I don’t know, but we will if you take the force fields down and fast, otherwise we might not live to talk about it.”

Daren did as Carth said, and the bolts slammed into the force field generators and the wall went down. Carth prepared to fire the Hawk’s few torpedoes. The capital ship finally noticed them and began to return fire. The Ebon Hawk did a snap roll and missed the enemy bolts by inches. That was when Carth pulled the trigger. All three torpedoes were released at once, and headed straight for the hanger. The impact created a huge explosion, and simultaneously, smaller explosions began around the capital. Then, in a final moment, it became a glowing ball of fire. The shockwave it sent out hit the Ebon Hawk and the Sith fighters plummeting towards the planet. When the red and white freighter stopped, gravity began to pull it down, to the surface.

“ Well this seems oddly familiar”, Carth said sarcastically. “ HK, come and get Atton and strap him in.”

As the droid came walking as if there was no problem at all, they entered the troposphere.

“HK, faster!” Carth yelled.

When the droid had finally gotten Atton to his seat, Carth looked at his options. Not many. He had no control over the ship, so all he could do was wait, or try to get main power back. He chose the second. He entered an override code, that didn’t work, and he tried the old fashioned way. He banged his fist on a space between buttons, and the power seemingly magically came on. Carth looked behind him and saw that Bastila had her eyes closed. He silently thanked her, and looked forward to see the ground racing to meet them. He quickly extended the landing gear and leveled the ship. Then he held his breath. The Ebon Hawk hit the ground with a mighty thud, in the middle of a jungle.


Daren awoke with a pain in his arm. He looked down to see it in a mangled position. As he tried to move it, the pain came more intensely. “ A broken arm”, he thought. “ Not good.” As he began to look at his surroundings, he saw that the Ebon Hawk was badly damaged. Again. He sighed, and got up from the ground. He entered the main hold, and saw that T3-M4 was already up and about, repairing the ship.

“ Beep dwoo beep!” he “said”.

“ Yes, I know, you have to keep repairing because of us. I’ll try to help later. Is everyone alright?” Daren said.

“ Wooo, ooo, bweep!”

“ That’s good to here. I’ll go check on the cockpit. Keep up the good work T3.”

“ Dweep!”

Daren entered the cockpit to find it a mess. There were wires hanging everywhere, and Daren didn’t see how T3 had repaired the Hawk the first time, on Peragus. Bastila was slumped against the wall, still, but breathing. Carth was in the pilot’s chair, also breathing. Daren sighed with relief and walked to the medlab, to see if there was anything that he could use for his arm and his companions. The rest of them were scattered across the hold, but T3 had told him that they were alive. Daren found a stimpack, and five medpacks. Now he would determine who needed it most. First, he injected the first medpack into his arm, and relaxed as the fast-healing kolto stitched his arm back together. Then he went to Mira, and felt her pulse, as well as scanning her with the force for serious injuries. She had none and Daren moved on to Mandalore, and then Atton, who was burned badly. Daren gave him a medpack, and went back to the cockpit, giving one to Carth and Bastila, who had broken legs. “ One left”, he thought, and then shock shot through him like a bullet. He hadn’t seen Brianna! He ran now to the main hold, and then to both dormitories. He checked the hyperdrive room, then the Cargo hold. There was a hole in the middle of it, and a shred of grey robe was on the floor.


Brianna ran. She reached out with the Force and sensed the presences of the people on the Ebon Hawk. Five Sith troopers chased her through the thick jungle, blaster rifles firing. Brianna’s own lightsaber was out, and its violet blades halted some of the energy being fired at her. She ran until she saw the Hawk, but it was at the bottom of a cliff, and Brianna was at the top. As the Sith closed in on her, she swung at one, then another and all were dead within the next five seconds. Then a dark robed figure approached, and drew a blood red lightsaber. Brianna gritted her teeth. The figure attacked with a slash to Brainna’a right, which she blocked easily, but the red blade came up and the hilt slammed into her chin. Then the blade came down, and bit into her leg. Brianna screamed in agony, and fell to the ground, defeated.

The figure smiled and said, “ If this is the best the Jedi can offer, our war will be relatively easy.

Then he raised his saber for the final blow. Another figure, brown robed, came flying up from the bottom of the cliff and ignited a blue blade. The lightsaber landed in front of the other, and the two locked. Brianna closed her eyes and passed out.


Daren came on in full force, breaking the lock and he pushed forward. He made a slash at his opponents leg, then spun and made a lunge. “ This is a Sith, no doubt”, he thought. The Sith blocked Daren’s blow as if they were flies to be batted away. Then he stuck out his right hand, and Daren fell forward, taking the brunt of the Force push. His lightsaber tumbled away, off the cliff.

The Sith smiled and said, “ You were both too easy.”

Daren froze stiff then. This was a True Sith.

Daren didn’t have time to think about it then. He swung his leg around, knocking the Sith off balance. Daren then slammed his fist in to the Sith’s evil face, now contorted with anger. In rage, he charged. Daren sidestepped and the Sith stopped moving as Daren held him with the Force. The Sith threw his saber, and Daren used his other hand to hold that as well. Then he closed his eyes, and threw his left hand forward. The Sith was blasted away, into oblivian. Daren opened his eyes again and drew the Sith lightsaber to his hand. He looked at it, and tossed it over the cliff. Then he picked up Brianna and jumped down.


Carth awoke to see Daren approaching with Brianna. He looked around and saw the Hawk in pieces. The crew was scattered around the main hold, and Daren sat Brianna in a chair, and administered a medpack to her leg. Carth rubbed his head and sighed. They had just gotten the ship fixed, and now it was rubble again!

“ I know what you mean”, Daren said.

Carth looked at him. “ Hey now, none of that Jedi mind reading, OK?”

Daren smiled. “ Sure. I lost my saber, so I’ll have to make a new one.”

“ Whoa. Daren, dare I ask, what happened?”

“ I’ll tell you later. Right now we need to find a bed for the most injured here. You and Bastila had broken legs, but I was lucky enough to find some medpacks.”

“ I’ll try and get some cots from the dormitories.”

As Carth left, Daren looked at Brianna. “ She seems not to be fatally wounded, but she could use a bed for a day or so”, he thought. “ She’s dehydrated, probably from running.” Carth returned with a cot and a pillow. While Brianna rested, Daren and Carth looked at the Ebon Hawk.

“ It looks like the hyperdrive is busted, and life support is at 10” Daren said.

Carth nodded. “ Now I guess we just have to wait for the others to wake up.”

Daren agreed silently.

“ So you wanted to know what happened?”

Carth nodded a yes.

“ I found Brianna at the mercy of a dark robed figure: I went looking for her when I didn’t see her on the Hawk”, Daren began. “ I fought him, and he took away my lightsaber very quickly. It was then that I realized he was a True Sith.”

“ A True Sith?” Carth asked.

Daren said, “ It’s what Revan went to go looking for, they were planning to attack the Republic. He thought he could do it on his own and stop them before they could wage their war. Now we have to find out if he did or did not succeed. Anyway, I was able to anger him just enough to make him charge at me. That may be how we can defeat them, they are too embodied in their emotions. I sidestepped and picked him up with the Force, then threw him off the edge of the cliff. I would have spared him, but he threw his lightsaber at me, a sign he wouldn’t surrender. I just hope I don’t have to do it again.”

He let that sink in before continuing.

“ I grabbed Brianna and jumped down the cliff, and that’s where you saw me.”

Carth was silent for a moment, then said, “ So there may be more out there wait to attack at any time?”

Daren nodded. It was then when the capital ship was spotted. It was black.


Brianna opened her eyes to see the crew of the Ebon Hawk grabbing supplies and food.

Daren approached and said, “We have to leave, now!”

Brianna stepped outside and saw a black capital ship blocking out the sun: fighters roared overhead and dropped bombs randomly. Mira grabbed her hand and began to run. They ran farther until Brianna saw a cave. Everyone entered it as a bomb hit the mountain above them. Rocks fell and the crew rushed inside. Just as Daren entered, rubble piled up and blocked the entrance. Everyone quieted down and Atton ignited his orange blade to cut a hole for air. It worked, and a fresh breeze came. But there was no sky to see. If you looked through, all you saw was a dark tunnel.




Daren breathed slowly, feeling as if his lungs were about to explode. As he looked around him, he saw that the crew was in no better condition. Bastila had a large gash to her knee, and Bao-Dur was bleeding heavily near the arm. Bastila treated her injuries, and Daren handed Bao-Dur a medpack. They had gotten the worst of it, and everyone else seemed to be alright. He went to the airhole and looked up it again. Why would there be a tunnel in a cave, and a very small tunnel?

Revan gritted his teeth beneath his mask, as the slow computer transferred all the files he needed into a datapad. The True Sith were almost through the door. His hand found his lightsaber, polished and smooth, his finger hovering over the switch. Then the door burst open. Yanking the datapad out of the slot, Revan began to run towards he only exit he knew of; the front exit. Leaping down the stairs, more and more Sith were catching up. As he saw the doorway, he pulled a small smoke grenade from his belt, pushed the switch, and threw it behind him. He opened the door, to find nine people there.

Carth’s eyes widened in surprise as he saw a masked man come running into the cave through, what had looked like the walls. ( All will be explained soon. After this looooong battle of course.) Then he saw ten, black robed figures enter the cave as well. Then Bastila charged. She attacked with more ferocity than Carth had ever seen her before.The masked man ( this sounds a lot like Zoro for some reason.) then pulled an orange and red blade from his belt. Bao-Dur, Atton, Daren, and Brianna activate their lightsabers, ( Daren, one blue, Brianna, double purple, Atton, two, green and blue, Bao-Dur, one yellow.) and they attacked. Carth pulled out his blasters and began firing, along with T3 and HK. The masked man’s saber spun perfectly, and Carth got a good look at the mask. Only then, did he realize, that this was Revan.

Daren’s new , a single green, blade with an opponent’s, and they clashed. The Sith made a down cut to Daren’s leg, which he blocked, then countered with a sweep to the Sith’s head. It was ducked, and the Sith leapt up behind Daren, throwing a lunge at his back. Daren sidestepped, and threw his lightsaber at his opponent, then reached out with the Force, an invisible hand holding the lightsaber. The lightsaber, to the Sith, now had a mind of its own. It attacked incredibly fast, and the Sith knocked it down finally. The Sith made a chop at its handle, but Daren called it back to his hand, only to throw it again, this time at his opponents unguarded back. The Sith let out a kind of inhuman howl as the lightsaber ripped through its spinal cord. It fell back and did not move.

Bastila doged another attack from the Sith’s blade, double, like her own. He attacked again, and she made another dodge, only infuriating the Sith more.

“You can’t run forever pretty”, the Sith snarled.

“Very well” Bastila attacked. She swung the right end of her lightsaber to the Sith’s left, which it countered appropriately. Bastila continued these small beginner moves, until the Sith let out a roar of pure fury. It charged at her, and she dived and rolled at the same time, cutting off the Sith’s knees. Then she plunged her saber into the heart of the Sith.

Daren looked around him as the Sith were slowly defeated. One by one they fell to lightsabers everywhere. Then the masked man slowly took off his helmet. Underneath it was the face of a man Daren had once known, with little difference except he had a scar on his right eye. (Anakin Skywalker’s scar was just to cool to resist.)

Before talking to anyone else, he said, “ Hello Bastila.”


Hope you like!

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i liked this story....and i have wondered what ever happened to revan after KOTOR and then him being mentioned very slighty in KOTOR 2....good way to tie it altogether....cant wait for chapter two....if possibly email me at removed as per forum rules when you get it done...later

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The Doctor
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It would be easier to read if you put more space between each chapter. Possibly even make each one a separate post. Other than that, it's pretty good.

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