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Sith at Peace
03-21-2006, 12:36 PM
The rebel victories on Endor and the 2nd Death star shocked the entire galaxy. With no leader, the dying Empire went into hiding. The New Republic conquered Yavin, Kashyyk, Naboo, Utapu, and even Corruscaunt. ( sp may be way off) But as it started to look peacful for the galaxy, the newly elected leader of the republic was assasinated. As the Jedi knights Grewt and Hermasto went to trace the blaster, they discovered that it belonged to Boba Fett! They discovered that he was still alive, and the Jedi Master Kumba Okuma sensed his presence and laocated him. A squad of republic troops went to bring him to justice but were ambushed by legions of Imperial Troopers. The empire, under the leader ship of Lord Antonka, had grown stronger than ever before.

Rules: 1 we aren't following cannon. Bobba Fett survived, the emperor didn't. Everyone else who died is dead.
2.No clones of any characters other than the Stormtroopers
3. No being HUGE characters like Luke, Han, Leia, Bobba Fett, Chewie, ect.
4. No killing off people without permission.
5. If I do decide your main charater died, be a stormtrooper or Republic soldier for the rest of the game.

My Character: Lord Antonka
species: Human
Homeworld: Jaznafar
alliance: Empire/ sith
Position: soon-to-be- emperor
Description:Served under Palpatine by conquering Outer rim world's for the Empire. Was 3rd in command when Vader and Sidious died. Rebuilt the Empire by drafting many Outer-rimmers.

Please use my Jedi characters or else create your own. We'll need about ten. Have fun with it!

03-21-2006, 08:38 PM
((Boba Fett survived in canon. Or do you read?))

Sith at Peace
03-22-2006, 11:19 AM
No, dude. I meant, while Bobba Fett survived the Emperor is dead. This is unlike cannon because in the books they both survived.
Now if anyone would like to join just say so. If not, tell me it's crappy and I'll go away. :beam2:

03-22-2006, 12:21 PM
Actually wasn't that a clone of the Emperor still alive or are you referring to that specific moment where Boba is knocked into the sarlacc pit?

PS: I know it's your RP but Rule 5 I have a problem with. I like my characters to die on my own terms. In my first RP, I gave the rule that they could do anything they wanted and even kill eachother but they have to ask permission. I'm well aware how people are volatile when it comes to this kind of thing. If it were a play that somebody else had written then yeah that is different. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just giving my thoughts. In my stories there is death.

Sith at Peace
03-22-2006, 12:39 PM
Yeah, I just came to this board and started a thread. Maybe I should Play around first before creating one. THREAD POSTPONED BY CREATOR.