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03-21-2006, 08:10 PM
Most of you have no idea who I am, but that is not important. I usually go by the alias of Brendo. If any of you would know me, it would be from playing with me online, on Republic Commando. I have been known to go under other alias'. Verdugo, and Mr_Homicidal.

Over the past few days I have been in a time of extreme stress. For my computer is a target of cyber terrorism.

The story begins a long time ago. I joined a Republic Commando clan known as the International Space Defence Force. Or as more know it as, the ISDF. A long while I was a member, and our team had come a long way. We were having tons of fun, but infortunately a bad reputation caught up to us. This was partially our fault. We had not controlled our team, and they had gone around running there mouths. And the leaders did not set much better of an example.

So along came another clan. Some know it as (-SR-), others as SotR. But their formal name is the Sovereignty of the Republic. This clan came and began to harrass the ISDF to an extent that our community fell apart. They harrassed our members so much that they could no longer stay in our clan. And so with no members, and the clan in a ruin, the ISDF died away.

But soon after the death of the ISDF, the Counter Terrorist Legion was created. Or as a few may have seen, the [-CTL-].
I co founded this clan, and it quickly became a huge success. We had members flowing in, and our new strict rules and regulations kept our comrades in line. And for the most part all of the CTL was on good behaviour. With the exceptions of the few that were relieved of duty from the CTL, for disregarding our new life style.
We had started a new. The CTL was created at first for fun. But we then decided that it would be suiting if we combated terrorism in Republic Commando. And so it was agreed. The CTL was prospering.
But once again along came SotR. And they once again persisted in harrassing us. The CTL had done nothing against anyone. And for the 3 members that did, they had been dealt with. And for a long time, the CTL had gone quite well. We did nothing to deserve to be harrassed. And we especially did nothing to SotR's clan. But sure enough, the harrassment became more severe. Until finally things seemed to die down. But the silence was not reassuring.

Our forums were infiltrated by the leader of SotR. His online alias is Sev. "(-SR-)XSA.FGen-Sev", or "(-SR-)XSA.FGen-Sev" are his tags. Sev managed to find a way to access all of our Internet Protocol Addresses. Or for most people, our IP Addresses. However he managed to gain this knowledge remains unknown to this day. But what is for certain is the threat that we caught wind of.

We had learned that Sev was planning a direct attack on every member of the Counter Terrorist Legion's computers. It was said that on Saturday, March 25th, 2006, Sev would hack into each of our computers, and attempt to damage them severely.

We obtained his Sev's IP Address through our own forums, and took the necessary precautions to avoid him.

Since this whole affair has gone public though, countless attacks have been made on my computer alone. One of the IP Addresses Sev was using attempted to access my computer today at 4:09 Pm, and soon after at 4:16 Pm. Since that time I have had numerous attempts to access several areas of my computer. And even as I type this, two trojan viruses have been sent to my computer, both of which have been stopped. In total, I have been attacked approximately 18 times today. The source coming from XFire, an online gaming chat program where Sev is known to be online as these attacks persist. My computer is on high alert, and I am guarding it tightly. But I cannot say the same for my comrades.

You all know how much an expensive computer can get. Now put several hundred important, classified and invaluable flies on it. Think that with one hit my family will lose much important information. Pertaining to all of our jobs, and school. The damage can be of catastrophic proportions.

I am not writing this seeking advice, or for any of you to get involved. I write this to warn all those of the threat.

This is a community. We are supposed to support eachother, and aid eachother when we are lost. This is not a warzone. These games are meant to be fun. To let players around the world interact. Not to destroy eachother. What kind of a community is this, that some of our people are to live in fear of others? How can something as simple as an online game escalate into a serious matter, of such high concern?

For every one in the Republic Commando community, and for everybody in the Star Wars community in general. Be very weary of this one, known as Sev. He is among us. And he is a threat.

Flowing Force
03-29-2006, 08:55 AM
I must say, that I was intrigued at your story... No offense intended. Thanks for the warning. That definitely is disheartening to know.

I felt the same way on a MUCH smaller scale, as it pertains to some other message forums where I was seeking and offering knowledge and help as I've begun PC gaming only a few months ago, and have only devoted to Star Wars Battlefront, thus far (besides obsessing on the demo fror 'Republic Commando', which I completely loved). Though the risks were only to my ego and not to my family's security, I was amazed to find just HOW MANY people are nasty and obsessed at perpetuating nastiness towards other gamers, and on many different levels.

All I can offer you and anyone reading these words is my Blessing.

Thank you again, for posting this.

p.s. P.M. me to tell me if you're still playing 'Republic Commando', and what it's like in multiplayer. Like Battlefont? With AI's? Only the Delta Squad as teammates?

Det. Bart Lasiter
03-29-2006, 03:30 PM

Just lock down your computer and report him to the police. Hell, you're handling it better then I would, I probably would have used last measures on him and locked all his ports down with garbage data.

Still sucks about what happened to those files though :(

03-30-2006, 08:02 PM


No seriously, just report him and hopefully the FBI/CIA will be kickin' down his door sooner or later...

Det. Bart Lasiter
03-30-2006, 08:11 PM

No seriously, just report him and hopefully the FBI/CIA will be kickin' down his door sooner or later...
Read the rest of my post :)

03-31-2006, 07:35 AM
this is what baseball bats were really for...

04-11-2006, 11:23 PM
I have a friend who is a fomer government hitman and he is good at making people disapper....