View Full Version : modifications caused serious system crash/failure

03-21-2006, 09:13 PM
i was editing the snowspeeder, i only switched the model of the snowspeeder for the models of the z-95 (headhunter) and the pirate fighter... the game was running fine, i was engaged in battle with the units in question for at least 10 minutes and then suddenly my screen locked up showing me a repeating array of varied colors... the system no longer responded, i had no choice but a hard reboot, and no sooner then the famous blue xp pro loading bar screen went away then it had froze again, showing me a few different colors...

ive tried safe mode (which works fine but you cant do anything), last known (also froze)... everything... i tried logged boot but i cant seem to find the file becuase after it freezes i have to hard restart it again and into safe mode to view the log, but i dont know where it is or what its named...

i just trying re-installing xp pro, and when it reboots to finish the installation it hangs again... im about rdy to nuke it but i dont want too cuase ive got way too much crap to reinstall and too many drivers to locate/install/download etc....

i was wondering if anyone has run into anything like this or might know how to fix it or what might have actually cuased it... my best guess is that something cuased the game to become unstable (probably the modification/switching of the models, though i dont see why that would crash it) and when it froze it cuaght the system in the middle of something important...

ill take a few more hours to figure out whats going on but after that im going to nuke it cuase im on spring break and that last thing i need is a comp that wont load... of course you could also say the last thing i need is to spend a few days reinstalling but if thats what it takes then thats what ill do....

03-21-2006, 09:19 PM
Maybe you've got a virus, or a corrupt video driver. Try re-installing your video driver, make sure the refresh rate is compatible with your monitor, and see if you can get to one of the free online virus scans, like Panda. Here's a link to the panda free scan:


Sounds like a driver/monitor problem, but it's worth a try rather than full nuke.

One more thought, although one you've probably tried already. Make sure you try a full power-down and restart, rather than just a restart, and let it rest for a minute before powering back up.

One more one more thought: Try running scandisk, here's the path:

Double-click My Computer
Highlight a local hard disk drive by clicking on it once.
Right click the highlighted local drive
Click properties
Click the tools tab and click check now to check the drive for errors.
The computer will need to restart in order to run scandisk in a safe mode.

03-21-2006, 09:59 PM
ya, thats the only way i could reboot without it freezing right away, and i couldnt get to the video drivers unless i was in safe mode, and i couldnt run safe mode after attempting to repair the installation cuase setup wont run in safe mode and it kept crashing when it kept trying to run setup, right after i started running setup to fix it i had the tought that it was probably video related becuase of the screen

slowly but surely it kept making progress and it finally made it all the way through setup without crashing, ive updated the video drivers and im going to reinstall eaw...

and no, its not a virus, i dont get them, im better then they are... i go to a handful of websites and dont make myself vulnerable in the first place, you probably wont believe me but ive never had virus protection, except once a few years back but it expired and i dont want to renue it, and in all these years ive only had 1 virus problem, and that was becuase of how my network was setup... but ive never had a real problem with them and never will

03-22-2006, 10:32 AM
Cool. Glad to hear that you've got it fixed. You're really lucky about the virus thing. My girlfriend uses my machine, and she's not entirely computer litterate, so I have to have threat protection and limited-user windows account for her. She doesn't know it, but I have her on restricted internet access also. hehehe She had a version of MyDoom on her machine a couple of months ago and I had to nuke her drive. She uses my machine because it's faster, but I cringe when she does. I can only imagine where she got MyDoom from. I'm glad it wasn't my computer.

Kind of getting off-topic, but I have a feeling she got mydoom from a trojan called new.net that basically just installs other viruses and trojans. Nasty stuff. I've never seen a machine so messed up before.