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03-23-2006, 05:14 AM
I've discovered a strange glitch I think it has happened because I mistakenly hit Dantooine as the destination prior to being hauled onto the Leviathan. Though it might be something else. I never did that before, as I know you can't go back there after the 4th Star Map.

After completeing the Leviathan the ship was shown landing on Dantooine, which of course is now not possible. When I exited the ship it was obviously on Manaan.

XOR and his thugs were outside and there was the message "this man is looking for someone etc" so I got Juhani and tried to talk to him but the him and the two selkath just stand there and do not respond.

When I go back to the Galaxy map it says Manaan. So I left and went to Tatooine and came back again. He was still there but again no response with or without Juhani in my party.

I gave up and started Manaan anyway. The rest seems to work fine at the moment. But XOR just stays in the Hangar.

Additional: XOR spawns NPCs

I did notice when I used Carth on Manaan he was not equipped as he had been on Leviathan and I have an extra unmodified Carth blaster.

I finally spoke to Juhani and she said something about Revan and she won't fall to the dark side again.

Now, I still haven't gotten the star map but decided to go raid some merchants for their medpacs on other planets. So off to Korriban, where with Juhani we are attacked by XOR and two Rodians after he says "leave her alive". The Rodians die and XOR is left standing with little health but he will not talk. So we leave him there and off to Tatooine I talk to Juhani and she talks about wanting to kill Xor.

Then back to Manaan. Upon arriving at Manaan again the PC and nearly all the NPCs are in the main area of the ship(minus Juhani and of course Bastila), as if you had just left the Leviathan. Somehow instead of just being on my own I have Zaalbar in my party. When I goto the map screen it says Ebon Hawke but clearly shows a different map, I think the sith base on Taris but not sure. When i goto my party screen there are two Zalbaar one in place of T3. I detach from Zalbar and there are two Zalbaar in the room. I go back to party screen and choose Juhani and Carth. There are now two Carth in the room. The one in my party is again equiped as he had left the Leviathan. Out in the docking bay where this time we are attacked by XOR and his Selkath but he says nothing beforehand. Again his sidekicks die and he is left standing but won't utter a word.

My party screen only shows one Carth but still two Zalbaars and no T3. I haven't gone back on the ship to see how many people I have now. It's quite funny in a way and all the times I've played before I've never experienced any glitches like these.

03-23-2006, 03:10 PM
Try the fix posted by Darth333 in the this (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=154296) thread. You'll have to go back to an earlier save to get it to work.

03-23-2006, 06:10 PM
ah, can't cause it's XBOX :) Even though I've played Manaan about halfway I think I'll just have to go back to before Leviathan and choose Manaan instead of Dantooine and do all over again. Unfortunately Juhani triggered on Korriban which I did before Tatooine as the planet before Leviathan. I'm not going all the way back there so we'll see if redoing just prior to Leviathan helps.